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Cooking and Alchemy Testing Results, most recent results below.

1,000 Cooks or Alchemies should result in 980 total byproducts, 180 CP ones (~10% nerf) @10 CP-XP each. 50 CP-XP for 1 turn-in of 5.

When you use an Alchemy Tool you will get the following Byproducts:
Crude Crystal Fragment, Half Hardened Liquid, Shimmering Powder, Faded Metal Shard, * Weakened Reagent(CP), as well as Shining Powder(higher recipes)

Alchemy Test Results June~July 2018
January 2018 Test

When you use a Cooking Utensil you will get the following Byproducts:
Dish with more ingredients, Dish with wierd texture, Taken out food, Stronly seasoned dish, *Dish with Poorly Prepared Ingredients(CP).

COOKING Test July 9th 2018
January 2018 Test

How to get 350 or 400 CP mostly AFK? work on 1 seconds Cooking or Alchemy and spam it AFK.

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