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Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition 2.2 Database

1,000 Results
For Page 92

95749Here are 1,500 gold pieces.
95750I don't have the 1,500 gold pieces. Perhaps another time.
95751Actually, I've changed my mind.
95752Well, it's good to feel wanted despite one's advanced age. Uh—let's go kick some arses. We'll boot them all the way to Icewind Dale!
95753Well, I've never been good with money myself. Like you say, maybe another time.
95754Well, I understand. The gods know mine changes often enough! Maybe another time, then.
95755Wonderful, let—let me see. Yes, everything I need is there.
95756With that and the piece of Bannor's broken mirror, I have all I need to begin. I'll let you know when it's done.
95757Almost. Uh, have you an item belonging to Bannor?
95758I have this shard from the mirror in Bannor's room. Will it suffice?
95759I haven't found anything yet. I'll return when I do.
95760Well, that should work.
95761I've given this project some thought. I initially took it on as an activity to busy my mind, but there may be more use to it. An ally's mind could be transferred to the golem, bringing its might to our side.
95762But, given the complex magic involved, only one who is intimate with the Weave—a wizard or a sorcerer—will be able to make the transfer.
95763Well, you can see just how dangerous this scroll could be. Scribing is an immense commitment. I must be certain you are fully committed as well. To prove this, I'll need some substantial coin. 12,000 gold pieces.
9576412,000 gold pieces! Drink some more of your salve, old man. Make it 8,000.
95765That's a lot of gold. Fortunately, I have a lot of gold. Here it is.
95766That's a lot of gold. I just don't have that much right now.
95767Let me think on this.
9576812,000 gold pieces? I don't need the scroll that badly.
957698,000 gold pieces will suffice.
95770I have everything I need to begin. I'll let you know when I am finished.
95771Do you have the other components I requested?
95772Here they are.
95773Not yet. I'll be back when I do.
95774Well, excellent! Now I am confident of your commitment.
95775I'll begin work on the scroll nonetheless. But you'll not get it till I get the gold.
95776When you change your mind, let me know.
95777Let me know when you make your decision.
95778Well, this magic takes time. I'll come to you when the scroll is ready.
95779Trading Places
95780Dulf Ebonbeard wants to scribe a scroll that will make it possible to transfer Bannor's mind to another being. He asked if I would help him assemble the components he needs.
95781To prepare the scroll, Dulf Ebonbeard asked me to get him a wyrm tooth, a carrion crawler egg, and a sheet of parchment made from the skin of an ettin, as well as an item belonging to Bannor.
95782Gerrold Darkfellow says he can scribe a scroll of spirit transference, but he cannot fully guarantee its effects. I need to get him an item belonging to Bannor. He also asked for 4,000 gold pieces.
95783I have acquired the wyrm tooth, the carrion crawler egg, and the sheet of parchment made from the skin of an ettin for Dulf's scroll.
95784I have found an item belonging to Bannor: a piece of a broken mirror. Perhaps it will do for completing the spirit transference scroll.
95785Dulf Ebonbeard believes we could use his scroll to our advantage. He asked me to give him a large amount of gold to demonstrate my commitment to this endeavor.
95786Dulf Ebonbeard has started working on the scroll. He mentioned that only a spellcaster will be able to use it.
95787Gerrold Darkfellow has started working on the scroll. He mentioned that only a spellcaster will be able to use it.
95788Dulf Ebonbeard has finally delivered the scroll to me. We can use it when we face Bannor.
95789Gerrold Darkfellow has finally delivered the scroll to me. We can use it when we face Bannor.
95790The spirit transference scroll has been used on Bannor.
95791Eh? Talking instead of training? Typical amateur. You newcomers are always wasting time talking, eating, sleeping... plotting. Take a lesson from a professional—spend your time honing your combat skills. You'll live longer that way.
95792Who are you?
95793Amateur? What do you mean by that?
95794What do you mean, plotting?
95795Never mind. I must be going.
95796You sure are arrogant. It's a wonder Dennaton could find a helmet to fit your enormous head.
95797Do what you will. I must return to training.
95798I will remember your words when we meet in the arena. You will find that my blade is much sharper than your tongue.
95799I am Symm Haximus, though I'd bet you already knew that. A gladiator of my fame can hardly go anywhere without being noticed. Such is the price of greatness.
95800Don't think it came easily, though. I've spent every day of my life training for battle. That's why I'm here talking to you instead of rotting in an unmarked grave. You and the other amateurs here would do well to follow my example.
95801Do you have any advice for me regarding the arena?
95802You spent every day of your life training? I find that hard to believe.
95803I would like to ask you something else.
95804Never mind. I must be going.
95805When you swing your axe, does your enormous ego get in the way?
95806Try not to get hit. You'll live longer.
95807That seems sort of... obvious.
95808Very... enlightening. I must be going.
95809Symm Haximus, master of the obvious! Thanks for nothing.
95810You would think so, wouldn't you? I can't tell you the number of new gladiators I've battled who pay little attention to their own defense. They think that a strong sword arm will save them. Sometimes it does for a few fights. But eventually, they fall.
95811Pay attention to your defenses. If your enemy cannot strike you, it is just a matter of time before you defeat them. The more cautious gladiator usually wins. Remember that and you might walk out of here alive. That is, if you do not have to face me.
95812Thank you for the information. Can I ask you something else?
95813I must be going.
95814Yes, if I faced you, I would be instantly crushed by your overwhelming ego.
95815You and the other newcomers. You've never been gladiators before. You haven't spent your lives training to battle before the crowd. You lack the discipline and determination of a true master of the arena.
95816If you were a true professional, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. We would both be training in the gym, but since you are an amateur here, we stand talking and wasting valuable training time.
95817Oh, I understand. May I ask you something else?
95818I must be going.
95819Talking to you is definitely a waste of time.
95820Ha. What do I mean by "plotting"? Please. I spend almost all of my time training in the gym, and even I have heard the rumors of your plans to escape. It is the mark of an amateur to let your plans be so widely known.
95821Be assured, I have made Dennaton aware of your intentions, and he has taken the necessary precautions to keep you in your place. You would be wise to cease your futile planning and focus on training for the arena.
95822But... why are you helping Dennaton? You are his slave too.
95823Never mind. I must be going.
95824Dennaton certainly has you on a short leash. Do you ever think for yourself?
95825SLAVE? I am no slave! I am a master gladiator. Crowds of thousands gather to watch me fight. I am desired by women and envied by men. I am more free than those who watch me in the arena to escape their boring lives. Now leave me. I must train.
95826A typical attitude... for an amateur. You have no concept of the amount of work that is required to become a master of the arena. Many believe that strength of arm is all that is required to become a great gladiator.
95827Nothing could be further from the truth. Battles are won in the training room, not the arena. To be great, you must dedicate your life to training. Determination is the key to victory.
95828Thank you for the information. Can I ask you something else?
95829Gladiators are just slaves, Symm. It's not a glorious profession.
95830I must be going.
95831I would think that carrying your giant ego around would be enough training.
95832What is it? I suppose I can take a short break from training. Make it quick, though. I did not become the master of the arena by talking. Training is the key to success, and I am the greatest there has ever been.
95833Who are you again?
95834I would like to ask you about something else.
95835I am planning an escape. Can I count on your help?
95836Will you assist me in my next arena fight?
95837Never mind. I must be going.
95838Typical amateur. Always thinking of talking instead of training. I'll answer your questions, but then it's back to the training room!
95839Tell me a little about yourself.
95840How did you end up here?
95841Could you give me some tips on winning in the arena?
95842Am I to spend the whole day standing around talking and losing valuable training time? Very well. As you probably already know, I am Symm Haximus, professional gladiator and master of the arena.
95843I have been a gladiator from my childhood, and I am undefeated! I have fought in countless cities and nations. My fame has spread across the face of Faerûn.
95844You would be wise to follow my example and train regularly. If you wish to master the arena, spend less time talking and more time training.
95845Thank you for the information. Can I ask you something else?
95846Gladiators are just slaves, Symm. It's not a glorious profession.
95847I must be going.
95848I would think that carrying your giant ego around would be enough training.
95849It was inevitable. Dennaton has created the greatest arena fights of all Faerûn. Obviously, he needed the greatest gladiator in all of Faerûn. He contacted my former employer and hired my talents for use here.
95850I must say that I am impressed. The accommodations are superior to any other arena I've fought in. Dennaton runs the shows expertly. The opponents are challenging. You can imagine a professional such as myself is easily bored by the usual arena fodder.
95851Thank you for the information. Can I ask you something else?
95852You sound like you like it here. Aren't you tired of being a slave?
95853I must be going.
95854And you can imagine that I am getting bored with your bragging.
95855I don't share my secrets with amateurs. Prove yourself. Fight at my side. If you're worthy, I'll share some of my techniques with you.
95856Very well. Can I ask you something else?
95857I must be going.
95858Forget it. I'm not fighting next to an egomaniac.
95859Very well. You've proven yourself to be a proficient warrior. I would be happy to share some of my secrets with you.
95860If you face a group of enemies, always look for the wizards or priests. Those who wield magic are very dangerous and can incapacitate you, putting you at the mercy of the other combatants.
95861There are some monsters that can attack your mind. Umber hulks and illithids are two such creatures. If you face them in the arena, be sure to protect your mind from them or the battle will be very difficult.
95862If you face an assassin or rogue, take care that they're not able to get behind you. They can inflict serious damage if they catch you unaware. That is all I will share with you. The rest you must figure out for yourself, like I did.
95863Thank you for the information. Can I ask you something else?
95864I must be going.
95865Have any more common knowledge to share with me? Thanks for nothing.
95866Of course, I already know of your plans. Like a typical amateur, you've let rumors of your plans circulate among the other performers.
95867I have already notified Dennaton of your plans, and he has taken the necessary measures to prevent your escape. Accept your new profession. Spend your time training, not plotting.
95868But... why are you helping Dennaton? You are his slave too.
95869Never mind. I must be going.
95870Dennaton certainly has you on a short leash. Do you ever think for yourself?
95871Assist you? Certainly. I never miss an opportunity for more training or to study the combat style of my fellow gladiators. You never know when we will be facing each other. I will meet you in the arena for your next fight.
95872Symm Haximus
95873I have met Symm Haximus. He claims to be a professional gladiator and seems to think very highly of himself.
95874I told Symm Haximus that he was a slave, and he became very upset. Perhaps I could use this information to my advantage in the future.
95875Symm Haximus said he will share some of his secrets with me if I fight with him in the arena.
95876Don't touch me! Stay back!
95877Relax, friend. I mean you no harm.
95878What's wrong?
95879Would you like me to come back later?
95880Okaaay. Sure thing, I'll leave you alone.
95881That would be for the best. I don't want to hurt you.
95882Is there anything I can do to help you?
95883You won't hurt me, I assure you.
95884Goodbye, then.
95885Sometimes I hurt people without meaning to. They said they'd help. "Come with us; we can help you," they said. Lies, all lies.
95886They said they'd help me. Lies. There is no one here who can help me. Here or anywhere.
95887Gerrold's talking about the Planar Hunters.
95888They tricked me. The Winged said she knew someone who could teach me to control the fire, the explosions, all the magic that comes out of me.
95889I've burned down villages, killed hundreds of innocent people, turned flocks of sheep into rattlesnakes and farmers into chickens.
95890I've had enough of it. Nobody—
95891It's all right, Gerrold, Tymora loves you. Your unpredictability is beautiful in her eyes.
95892Thank you, Molzahn. I do hope she smiles upon me. Someone's got to, surely.
95893Why did the Hunters bring you here?
95894I was thinking I'd ask you to join me in the arena.
95895Are you able to prepare scrolls, by any chance?
95896Good luck.
95897Certainly not to help me. I suspect they or Dennaton thought it would be entertaining to have a wild mage in the arena.
95898I was thinking I'd ask you to join me in my next battle.
95899Are you able to prepare scrolls, by any chance?
95900You're mad, <PRO_MANWOMAN>. Why would you want that?
95901Dennaton wouldn't have brought you here if he thought you posed a real threat.
95902What can I say? I'm a risk-taker.
95903I love the idea that everything could blow up at any time. It's exciting.
95904Well, if that's what you believe, all right, I'll join you for your next fight.
95905Well, as long as you realize what you're getting into. All right, I'll join you for your next fight in the arena.
95906I used to think that too. It's less amusing after you've accidentally wiped out an entire bloodline. But, all right, I'll join you in the arena if you truly want me to.
95907Given the risk you're taking, I don't feel right asking you for the going rate for allies. How about we say 500 gold pieces?
95908Sounds good to me.
95909It's a good offer, but I don't have that much gold on me.
95910Come to think of it, maybe it's not such a great idea.
95911Great, this is great. I'll try not to disappoint you, <CHARNAME>.
95912Don't worry about it, then. I'll join you for free this time. You're doing me a favor. I'm just happy someone wants me on their side.
95914On second thought, I think I'd rather go it alone.
95915Hmm... I did join you last time for free. Don't get me wrong, I thought we worked very well together. But I'd like the gold this time. Ask me again when you have enough.
95916Oh... Okay. That's okay. I understand.
95917Sometimes...? Why do you ask?
95918I need a scroll to heal me and my teammates.
95919I need something to increase my and my teammates' strength.
95920I want to swap the minds of two beings.
95921I really want to turn Tartle into a chicken.
95922No reason. Excuse me.
95923I don't know anything about healing. Ask Molzahn; I'm sure she can help you.
95924All right. What about a scroll to give me and my teammates more strength?
95925I need a scroll to swap the minds of two beings.
95926I need a scroll to turn Tartle into a chicken.
95927Never mind.
95928I've never cast such a spell, intentionally or otherwise. Sorry.
95929I need a scroll to heal me and my teammates.
95930I need a scroll to swap the minds of two beings.
95931Could you make a scroll that'd turn Tartle into a chicken?
95932I thought as much, but I had to ask. Good <DAYNIGHTALL>.
95933Spirit transference. I've dabbled in it in the past.
95934I think I could do it. Probably. But, you know, my scrolls are no more reliable than my spells. They generally work as intended... with some unexpected consequences.
95935If you're game to try, I'll need an item belonging to the being the caster intends to switch bodies with. This is powerful magic. Only skilled spellcasters will be able to use the scroll.
95936Given that I cannot guarantee its effectiveness, I'll only charge you 4,000 gold pieces. You can pay me when you bring me that item.
95937I already have such an item. Here.
95938Very well. I'll be back.
95939I need to think about this.
95940Yeah, I'd love to see that. Unfortunately, chicken-shifting for me has only ever been an unintended outcome. I couldn't possibly scribe it onto a scroll.
95941Could you make a scroll to heal me and my teammates?
95942What about a scroll to give me and my teammates more strength. Could you do that?
95943I need a scroll to swap the minds of two beings.
95944Never mind.
95945Gerrold Darkfellow
95946I have met Gerrold "The Herald" Darkfellow, a wild mage known for extremely violent surges. He may be a useful ally in the future... or a complete disaster.
95947Keep your distance, <CHARNAME>! I say that to be safe. There's very little chance I'll go off without casting a spell.
95948Are you able to prepare scrolls, by any chance?
95949I brought you this. It belongs to the one I want to change bodies with.
95950I have the 4,000 gold pieces for the scroll.
95951How's the scroll coming?
95952I'd like you to cast a spell—when you fight next to me in the arena.
95953I've got to ask: Why did the Hunters bring you here?
95954Better safe than sorry. I'll go now.
95955A piece of broken mirror. Interesting. I expected something more personal, but this should do the trick.
95956Now for the matter of the payment...
95957Here are your 4,000 gold pieces.
95958I don't have enough gold on me. I will be back.
95959On second thought, I'd rather keep my money than risk it on the skills of someone as erratic as you.
95960Great. I'll get right on it. I'll let you know when it's ready.
95961I'll be around. Unless I've been brutally slaughtered in the arena.
95962I am surprised. You seemed pretty keen, and you did bring me that piece of broken mirror. But as you wish. I'll be here if you change your mind.
95963I've only just started. Give me time.
95964It's a complex incantation. It takes time. Don't worry, I'll get it done.
95965Are you sure about that?
95966Absolutely. We made a fine team last time.
95967Of course.
95968I was. Now I'm not.
95969I don't feel right asking you for the going rate, given the risks. How does 500 gold pieces sound to you?
95970Sounds good. Here you go.
95971It'd sound better if I had that much gold.
95972Come to think of it, maybe it's not such a great idea.
95973I'll try not to disappoint you, <CHARNAME>. See you in the arena!
95974Well... don't worry about it, then. I'll join you for free this time. You're doing me a favor, really. It's nice to feel wanted for something other than crimes against humanity and elves and that one goblin lair.
95976Actually, I'd rather not.
95977These ones are doing a reasonable job so far. Farewell.
95978Hort Il-D'rth
95979Hort Il-D'rth Hort Il-D'rth, First of the Bone Scars, looks to be a proud, powerful warrior. He'd be a useful ally in the arena... if I could trust him not to cut me down in his bloodlust.
95980Not all, surely. Where are you from?
95981How did the scarred warrior of the Bone Scars clan end up in this place?
95982What do you think of Dennaton's arena?
95983If you say so. Farewell.
95984I see. Then how did you end up here?
95985I do indeed. What do you make of this place?
95986All too well. Farewell, Hort Il-D'rth. We may speak again.
95987That may happen yet. What do you make of this place?
95988I've heard enough for now. Thank you.
95989That is something I would like to see. What do you make of this place?
95990Good luck with that. You'll need it.
95991An interesting perspective. Thank you.
95992A grotesque practice. Farewell.
95993I must speak with you, <CHARNAME>. It involves business.
95994My business. While you were busy I made... contact with my old employer. He has instructed me to await orders.
95995I am free to do as I please. Eventually, however, I will be approached by an agent of L. They will have work for me. You can decide then if you're interested.
95996What would please me right now is to get moving. Shall we?
95997Very well. I shall speak with you tomorrow.
95998Pits Merchants
95999What sort of business?
96000Can it wait, Hexxat? I'm busy at the moment.
96001So what happens now?
96002I have met Hue Greenleaf, the armor vendor, in the merchant area. I should see him for any armor or shields.
96003Very well.
96004I have met a surly dwarf who refused to give me his name in the merchant area. He is the only one selling weapons.
96005I have met a frail older man in the merchant area. He was mute, but the scrolls he sold were powerful enough.
96006There is an illithid in the merchant area that sells all manner of magical trinkets.
96007Mercy Whitedove
96008I'm looking. Let me see your selection.
96009Thanks, but I'm not looking for scrolls right now.
96010No thanks. I'm not looking for scrolls at the moment.
96011Sounds good. Let me see what you've got.
96012Perhaps I will, another time.
96013I'm not sure. Let me look at your selection.
96014Maybe. Let me see your selection.
96015Not right now. Another time, perhaps.
96016I've no time for this.
96017Stay out of my mind, illithid.
96018Good. I'll be leaving, now.
96019Then let me see something that does have value to me. Show me your wares.
96020Having something you want is reward enough for me.
96021Here. Now hand over the rune.
96022We will—when I choose to make it.
96023We're done. Thank you.
96024Sounds good to me. Let's see what you've got.
96025Maybe later. I need to go now.
96026The Hunters' Lounge Key
96027The illithid merchant has agreed to give me his runestone in exchange for Stannel Eibor's ring. Now to find a way to get the ring off the imperious scribe...
96028I have exchanged Stannel Eibor's ring for the illithid's runestone. Now I need to exchange the stone with Brother Ellraish for the key to the Hunters' Lounge.
96029Come on, I'm bored. I bet you've seen all sorts of interesting things 'round here. Tell me some of them, please.
96030As you wish.
96031But you're so much more pleasant than him! But I'll go if that's what you want.
96032Very well.
96033Arzol and Beryl
96034I have met Arzol and Beryl, Tartle's two bodyguards. They have made it very clear they do not wish to interact with me.
96035I'm always ready to fight.
96036If I must, but I'd rather talk awhile, if that's all right with you.
96037Almost, but not quite.
96039Soon. I need more time to prepare.
96040No, of course not. Excuse me.
96041Well, I wouldn't want to do that. Excuse me.
96042No, then I'll think you're irritating and irrelevant. Excuse me.
96043I'm not sure how far one can go in this place. The walls are pretty solid. Excuse me.
96044Less beside than behind, I suspect. Excuse me.
96045I shan't. Please excuse me.
96046My performers are victorious!
96047The champions of Baeloth's Pits have won!
96048A victory worthy of the epics!
96049Feather from a Planetar's Wing
96050Found in the quarters of the Winged, this appears to be a normal feather until one looks closely at it. Only then does the shimmering, unearthly light within it become apparent. Those who deal in unusual artifacts would surely pay a substantial sum to possess such an item. Alternatively, a skilled magician might be able to use the feather as a spell component. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
96051Disintegrated Item
96052This is a pile of dust, most likely the end result of an item being destroyed. STATISTICS: Weight: 3
96053Full Plate Mail +1
96054Dagger +2
96055Halberd +2
96056Long Sword +2
96057Written in the surprisingly sloppy hand of the ex-autharch Vicross, leader of the defunct Order of Eight Staves, this diary contains a wealth of information to peruse at a later date. A passage related to Neera stands out: "Gross day. Wind and dust storms. Izer, the messenger, brought bad news: Ekandor's quarry, the half-elf Neera, eludes him still. The way the letter describes her terrifies me. It's not that she's particularly dangerous. There are more powerful wild mages, and while she has taken up with what Ekandor describes as an 'impressive' band of adventurers, I'm confident the Order will bring her to heel. No, dear diary, that's not what scares me about Neera. It's that I hear what Ekandor tells me, read the transcriptions of what Neera says, and know a terrifying truth with absolute, dreadful certainty. If I'd been born in the High Forest and not Thay—if I'd been banished and forced to scrape by—if I'd sought to live with my wild magic instead of learning to control it, as I've almost, almost, ALMOST done, well—I could have been her. P.S. I need to hire a new messenger. One of my surges got Izer."
96058Diary of Vicross
96059Wand of Whips
96060A wand of whips is usable only by wizards. When activated, it sends forth a whip-shaped field of white, shimmering, magical force to a maximum range of 25 feet. The wielder names, looks at, or concentrates upon a single target creature. The force-whip then attacks this creature, striking once per round, inflicting 1d6+1 points of slashing damage per strike and binding its opponent fast if a successful Save vs. Spell at -2 is not made after each hit. A bound opponent suffers no further damage, but may not move or perform any other action. STATISTICS: Charge abilities: – Force whip strikes the target for 1d6+1 magical damage each round until the victim fails a Save vs. Spell at -4 and becomes held for the remaining duration. Each charge lasts 4 rounds, after which the whip dissipates. Range: 25 ft. Duration: 4 rounds Area of Effect: 1 creature Weight: 1
96061Robe of Invocation
96062Wizards specializing in the school of invocation know how dangerous their magic can be—even to the casters themselves. Some go to great lengths to ensure their own safety, wearing protective equipment to minimize damage from their own fireballs. This robe is such an item, providing its wearer with increased resistance to elemental energies. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Fire Resistance: +20% – Cold Resistance: +20% – Acid Resistance: +20% – Electrical Resistance: +20% Weight: 6
96063Tunic of Blindeye
96064Wild mage Nareth Blindeye was a wealthy scholar in the city of Baldur's Gate. Hearing rumors from across the country of Thayan Red Wizards abducting wild mages, Nareth concluded it would be best to face his enemies on his own terms. Before fleeing the city, he infused his travel clothes with strong wild magic. Though it would affect everyone in a given combat, he was more experienced controlling wild surges than his enemies. While effective, the tunic did not save Nareth from capture by the Order of Eight Staves. His current whereabouts are unknown. STATISTICS: Charge abilities: – Wildzone once per day All spells cast within a 30-ft. radius are treated as wild surges for 1 turn (Save vs. Spell negates) Equipped abilities: – Movement rate increased by 2 (base is 10) – Magic Damage Resistance: +25% Weight: 3
96065Collar Bell
96066The wild mage Barad Ding was fond of cats, surrounding himself with the yowling beasts. Feral and undomesticated, his pets would often wander off, disappearing for days and filling Barad with concern. After weeks of worry, he decided to affix leather collars with tiny, magical bells on his companions. Whenever Barad would utter the command word, all bells in a certain radius ring melodically, revealing their locations. While enchanting the bells, Barad's magic was sometimes warped by wild surges, some harmless, some less so. The surge that erupted when he crafted this particular bell amplified Barad's magic to the extreme—instead of a soft tinkling, it emits a deafening burst of sound, capable of instantly waking anyone even from their deepest slumber. STATISTICS: Charge abilities: – Three times a day, the bell can wake everyone from sleep in 30-ft. radius. Anyone who fails a Saving Throw vs. Spell becomes deaf for 1 turn. Weight: 1
96067As long as the iron rod remains in place, powerful magic prevents you from leaving the tomb.
96068Destroying the Order of Eight Staves Neera's heard from Telana that the Order of Eight Staves's leader, Vicross, is in Tethyr, very close to us. Neera suggests we set up a trap for her in a nearby clearing, attracting her attention using wild magic.
96069Destroying the Order of Eight Staves We're in the clearing. Neera will cast Nahal's Reckless Dweomer. After that, we'll set up camp and await Vicross and the other Red Wizards' arrival.
96070Destroying the Order of Eight Staves Vicross, leader of the Order of Eight Staves, is a wild mage! She teleported back to Thay, but a wild surge brought us with her. We've found ourselves in the middle of a gladiatorial battle.
96071Destroying the Order of Eight Staves We defeated our opponents in the gladiatorial fray. The announcer, Dennaton, has summoned us to the staging area—likely wanting to find out what the hell we're doing here.
96072Destroying the Order of Eight Staves Szass Tam, the legendary zulkir of necromancy in Thay, wants our help killing Vicross. We are to prepare ourselves and rest, and then he will teleport us into her estate.
96073Destroying the Order of Eight Staves We are inside Vicross's estate. Once we've killed her, we'll ring the Bell of Summoning to inform Szass Tam of our success. After that, he will teleport us back to Tethyr.
96074Destroying the Order of Eight Staves We have defeated Vicross. After we've thoroughly searched her quarters, we'll ring the Bell of Summoning to inform Szass Tam.
96075Destroying the Order of Eight Staves Szass Tam betrayed us! We were stronger adversaries than he guessed, though, and ultimately, he did teleport us back to Tethyr. It would have been nice to destroy Tam, but with Vicross dead, we can at least be satisfied the Order of Eight Staves is no more.
96076Destroying the Order of Eight Staves
96077I don't even know if you're joking.
96078So we agree. Great. That's great. Glad we got that cleared up.
96079IF it happened, I guess I wouldn't want solitude so much. Who knows what the Neera of tomorrow will think.
96080Not ringing any bells, I'm afraid. What else did it involve?
96081Ha ha. I'm trying to be serious here.
96082I can be serious, if I must. What did it mean to you?
96083All right then, seriously: I had a great time.
96084I can't believe it. All this time I've walked with someone who might become a god. It's—
96085Weird. Just weird. I can't tell if it's good weird or bad weird. That kind of depends on what happens next.
96086Just know that I'll always think of you as <CHARNAME>, the person I've been proud to call a friend.
96087Just so we're clear—I don't care what you did in there.
96088But I didn't do—
96089You don't? Why not?
96090Good, because I—
96091Don't care! Don't want to hear another word about it.
96092If I thought you were falling madly in love with the drow woman, it might be different. But until we—decide something else, we're free. Kind of free.
96093I understand, but I didn't—
96094Kind of free? Can you clarify?
96095Nope. Let's get moving.
96096LIKE I SAID, I don't want to know. Let's get moving.
96097Psst! <CHARNAME>! This is way, way too similar to what the Red Wizards want to do with us wild mages. We need to do something.
96098Take the half-elven wild mage there. I understand you've developed a relationship of sorts. It's so hard when something terrible befalls one's beloved, don't you agree?
96099We're NOT a "couple." It's complicated.
96100Regardless, half-elf, you're coming with me.
96101What? No way! You won't—
96103Cursed wild mages... Kill them!
96104And now I'll send you to them, fool!
96105Pray we don't meet again. You'll not like what happens if we do.
96106Peace, Viconia. We're all friends here.
96107Dorn's bloody path
96108Then you are fortunate—and wise—to stand at my side. But let's put philosophy aside. We've business to attend to.
96109Hah! We'll see, <CHARNAME>, we'll see. But enough philosophy. We've business to attend to.
96110You'll not be friends long if you present them with that shabby cloth.
96111There's really no talking to the guy.
96112If I'd just given Fil the crystals he desired, he might yet live. So no regrets on my part.
96113Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Fortunately, we have the skills necessary to raise an expendable sapient being—Vernus the druid. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96114Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. I chose Anomen Delryn. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96115Hexxat's request
96116Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Edwin Odesseiron was the obvious candidate. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96117Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Haer'Dalis met his end with the same air of resignation with which he lived his life. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96118Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. I shall miss my little childhood friend. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96119Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Jaheira should get the job done. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96120Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Physical stature not being a consideration, Jan Jansen should serve admirably. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96121Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Korgan qualifies as such, if only barely. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96122Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Mazzy Fentan will be missed. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96123Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. I considered Boo for a moment, but I knew Minsc would sooner die than see the hamster slain. And so it came to pass. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96124Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Nalia de'Arnise died as she lived, helping others achieve their dreams. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96125Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. It seems Valygar's distrust of magic was well founded after all. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96126Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. I decided Viconia would fill the role, though not without some reluctance. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96127Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. I take some comfort in knowing that Neera need struggle no more. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96128Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. Rasaad has finally made himself useful. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96129Dorn's summoning ritual requires the sacrifice of a sapient being. I chose Hexxat, who should be used to dying unexpectedly by this point. And Azothet, who sent Dorn to bind Ur-Gothoz, is about to receive an unpleasant shock...
96130The master has become the servant, and the servant serves no longer. Ur-Gothoz is bound to Dorn's abyssal blade.
96131Dorn succeeded in binding his patron Ur-Gothoz to his abyssal blade—only to find himself bound into the service of Azothet. The marilith manipulated Dorn into eliminating her enemy Ur-Gothoz and tried to take the glabrezu's servant as her own. With Ur-Gothoz's power his to command, the half-orc refused to kneel before her.
96132Ur-Gothoz is bound to Dorn's abyssal blade—but Dorn himself is now bound to Azothet. The marilith manipulated Dorn into eliminating her enemy Ur-Gothoz and has taken the glabrezu's servant as her own. She promises to be a more considerate patron than Ur-Gothoz... I have my doubts.
96133Flush with the power of his former master, Dorn demanded a sacrifice I was unwilling to make. He was... displeased with my decision. At that point, it was clear that one of us would not leave Resurrection Gorge alive.
96134A word in private, <CHARNAME>?
96135Of course, Viconia.
96136Is this really the time?
96137Not now.
96138We can talk now, or never again.
96139I guess we'll talk now, then.
96140Very well. What do you want?
96141I might live without your nagging? A tempting prospect...
96142This is no laughing matter!
96143You must realize this Twofold Heresy is nonsense. You do realize that, don't you?
96144Of course it's nonsense. All religion is.
96145You're too quick to discount alternative points of view.
96146Of course.
96147And you're too quick to consider them. Any fool can claim to speak for the gods.
96148If they don't actually speak for the gods, I trust the gods would deal with them in short order.
96149Too true. What makes you think Alorgoth speaks the truth while Collus Darathon does not? Is there any difference between them, really?
96150And some of them actually do so.
96151Perhaps, if and when they notice. And when they do, they might treat the servants as they do the master.
96152You are right. I don't want to attract the ire of the gods. I'll send Rasaad on his way immediately.
96153Bring them on. I have no fear of the gods.
96154Alorgoth is the Doom Bringer—a champion of Shar. By promoting his heresy, Collus Darathon also brings doom, though he may not realize it.
96155Rasaad is a broken man—you must see that. And you must abandon his idiot quest before it's too late.
96156Rasaad is a friend. I'll not abandon him.
96157I'm not ON his idiot quest.
96158Oh, Viconia. You think you're so very clever, and yet you're so, so blind.
96159I'm not the one walking toward destruction with their arms open to embrace it.
96160I seek only enlightenment.
96161I embrace the power this cult has to offer. Not its lunatic teachings.
96162Are you so naive? Do you truly think me so foolish?
96164I'm playing a game, Viconia. I want to see how far Rasaad will go in his quest for vengeance.
96165I don't believe the heresy. That doesn't mean I can't exploit it.
96166You seek to manipulate the cult...
96167Now you're getting it.
96168By the time this is over, they'll fetch my slippers.
96169Of course. What else could I be doing?
96170Oh... This I like.
96171I thought you might.
96172So you'll do this thing with me?
96173Good. I trust we'll not have to speak of this again?
96174If what you say is true, I am with you.
96175All right, <CHARNAME>. I am with you, for now.
96176Me or the monk, <CHARNAME>. Make your choice.
96177If I must choose, I choose you, of course.
96178Farewell, Viconia.
96179Then you would abandon me.
96180Not willingly.
96181Madness—! When you come to your senses—if you survive long enough to come to your senses—you know where to find me.
96182You've made the right move.
96183Then why do you invite our destruction by humoring the monk's foolishness?
96184Is that what you think I'm doing?
96185Every <PRO_GIRLBOY> needs a hobby.
96186Are you so naive? Do you truly think me so foolish?
96187It certainly appears that way.
96188I'm playing a game, Viconia. I want to see how far Rasaad will go in his quest for vengeance.
96189I don't believe the heresy. That doesn't mean I can't exploit it.
96190Appearances can be deceiving. It's my favorite thing about them.
96191But why would you— Oh. I think I understand.
96192Watch yourself, <CHARNAME>.
96193Forgive me, Viconia. I forgot who I was talking to.
96194Oh, loosen up. I was just trying to point out that I don't believe the heresy.
96195Don't take that tone with me, drow.
96196So you believe the heresy is foolishness.
96197Some. But not this Darathon.
96198Shar's teeth! You're as mad as the monk!
96199And you think you'll find it in this heresy? You're as mad as Rasaad!
96200You and Rasaad deserve each other, <CHARNAME>. You're both utterly mad.
96201Who are you, drow? Why are you here? I'd think you a spy, but no spy would call such attention to herself.
96202The only joke here is—
96203Forgive her, please. She has yet to learn the value of silence. Now, let us talk more of these trials. I promise you I will endure anything if it brings me to Collus Darathon.
96204I'll silence you—
96205Let it go, Viconia.
96207*whispered* We'll discuss it later.
96208*whispered* Not in front of the monks. PLEASE.
96209I said let it go.
96210This isn't over.
96211And if he has? He was the greatest among you—do you think he'd turn without good reason? You should consider the Twofold Truth, not condemn it.
96212Rasaad has committed no crime against you, Sixscar. Leave now and I'll do you the same courtesy.
96213Enough! I'll hear no more of this heresy!
96214I fear you'll hear much more if you're to continue forward with me.
96215One <PRO_MANWOMAN>'s heresy is another's truth, Viconia.
96216You cannot close yourself off from the world, much as you might wish to.
96217There is no truth in the Twofold. Renounce it now or you renounce me.
96218Very well. I renounce the Twofold. Are you satisfied?
96219You would make me choose?
96220I do not respond well to ultimatums, Viconia.
96221I am not satisfied. You said the Twofold might offer a way back into Selûne's grace.
96222I merely sought to open your eyes to possibilities you may not have considered.
96223And so it might.
96224I do not know that ISN'T true.
96225But you do not believe it to be true.
96226I don't know enough of it to know what I believe yet.
96227I do not. It's a nice idea, but I've seen little evidence to support it yet. Still, I advise keeping an open mind, in this and all things.
96228What I believe is of little consequence to the gods.
96229I know what I believe.
96230The Selûnite can keep an open mind. Let it be filled with foolish ideas and lies. I'll not be turned from my goddess.
96231Nor I from mine.
96232I do.
96233To lies that should never be considered.
96234There is no choice to make.
96235If there were, I would choose you, of course. I renounce the Twofold Trust and all its lies. Are you satisfied now?
96236Your presence in the group is causing more tension than it's worth. I'm afraid this is where we part ways, Viconia.
96237You are right. I am sorry, Rasaad, but if you intend to pursue the Twofold path—for vengeance or any other reason—then you will do so alone.
96238I understand. And I hope you will understand that I cannot turn back now.
96239Farewell, <CHARNAME>. I hope we will meet again, but if we do not, may Selûne's light shine always upon you.
96240You would dismiss me for calling lies what they are?
96241I dismiss you because I would see Rasaad's journey through to a safe end. Your presence makes that difficult, if not impossible.
96242The world is not so black and white as you would have it, Viconia. If you cannot see things in their full complexity, you have no place with me.
96243You should not have forced my hand, drow. Now you suffer the consequences of that decision.
96244Fine! Take Selûne's handmaiden and be off with you. I've better things to do than waste my time with fools and heretics.
96245I do not seek to close myself off to the world—just these damnable Twofold lies.
96246How can you be sure they are lies?
96247Fair enough. But you can't expect others to ignore them on your account.
96248Begone, then. I've no use for one who will not even consider new viewpoints.
96249<CHARNAME> is right, Viconia. It's important to keep an open mind.
96250Oh, please shut up.
96251I know the truth of Shar. I've felt it in my life and my works. And I tell you this: There is no truth in this heresy!
96252Not for you, perhaps.
96253Things aren't as black and white as you want them to be, Viconia.
96254One who doesn't seek the truth will never find it.
96255Not for anyone. Even the Moonmaiden's boy here must see the lies for what they are.
96256Though it is not something I admit happily, the drow is right.
96257A coward's words, spoken by one unwilling or afraid to accept reality.
96258If you want someone to pity, pity yourself!
96259There! That's <PRO_HIMHER>!
96260Excuse me, my friend. I must prepare myself for the tests.
96261I must prepare for the tests. Excuse me.
96262Have patience, Viconia. All is not as it seems.
96263It is a charade, but it's not so absurd.
96264Don't be silly, Viconia. Do you not see what I'm doing here?
96265You ask me to have patience?
96266You're embracing heresy on your pet monk's behalf—and you're calling me silly, which is possibly an even greater mistake.
96267You're right. Let's get out of here.
96268Fools have their uses.
96269Their fate remains to be seen.
96270What are you— Ah.
96271You clearly see something I don't—or perhaps you simply see what you want to.
96272These people have made a terrible mistake. But they are not beyond redemption.
96273Your devotion to the Dark Goddess blinds you to the potential this Twofold Order holds. These monks' faith is weak. They are willing to follow a strong leader. That leader doesn't have to be Darathon.
96274I see an opportunity for power. I'd think you'd be able to appreciate that.
96275I'm beginning to see now. You will use the Selûnite to gain a foothold in the Twofold Order...
96276And together, Rasaad and I will redeem the heretics.
96277All the better to destroy it.
96278And once I've got it, I will take it over.
96279A new order, serving the will of the Bhaalspawn...
96280Why didn't you tell me this from the beginning?
96281I don't owe you an explanation for my actions.
96282You understand the value of secrets.
96283I'd expect a fool like Rasaad not to understand what I was doing, but I thought it'd be obvious to you.
96284I do at that. Very well. I'll continue with you—for now.
96285You're too clever by half, <CHARNAME>. I halfway think you just made a justification for this nonsense up on the spot, just to satisfy me.
96286And are you satisfied?
96287For now.
96288Redemption. They are heretics to Shar and Selûne alike. They will pay for their sins—but I most certainly will not. I will leave this place now. Come with me now, before it's too late.
96289I cannot.
96290You are as wise as you are beautiful. Let's get the hell out of here.
96291I will see this through to the end. I owe Rasaad that much.
96292Then you are a fool. I'll not share your fate. Farewell.
96293Perhaps not. But not explaining your actions very nearly cost you a valuable ally.
96294<CHARNAME>? Where are you going?
96295Out of this place. Come with me.
96296Viconia's convinced me this is a fool's errand, Rasaad. We're leaving. Come with us, please.
96297I've indulged this silliness long enough. We will leave this place now.
96298You know I cannot do that.
96299I know, but I had to try. I'm afraid this is where we part ways.
96300Then you should know I cannot stay.
96301You are a fool. For your sake, I hope you are a lucky fool. Farewell.
96302I understand. Go now, while you are still able. If I survive the tests, perhaps we shall meet again.
96303You intrigue me, <CHARNAME>. I've waited a long time to find one such as you.
96304Patience is rewarded.
96305I don't remind you of your mother?
96306Wait longer, half-orc.
96307I trust my intentions here are clear.
96308My mother? She was a formidable woman.
96309You want to talk to me about your mother?
96310You compare me to your mother. That is... a little creepy.
96311She'd have had to be, I think.
96312You reject me?
96313I can't give you what you want, Dorn. I'm sorry.
96314We've more important things to attend to. What you suggest would do nothing but distract us from our goals.
96315Yes. Best you know where you stand now than make a fool of yourself later.
96316I'd not be a fool for you, or anyone.
96317Not now, at any rate.
96318I don't want to discuss my mother!
96319Then what would you discuss?
96320Hey, you're the one who compared me to her.
96321You think I do?
96322'Twas intended as a compliment.
96323I was joking, Dorn. If we're going to do this, you'll need to work on your sense of humor.
96324Your flattery skills will need some work if we're to proceed down this path.
96325Intentions are irrelevant. It's actions that count.
96326So you would proceed down this path?
96327For a time, at least.
96328You're a bloodthirsty half-orc whose heart and soul are shrouded in darkness. We're perfect for each other.
96329I would, but not with you.
96330This is no laughing matter, <CHARNAME>.
96331Can you never see the lighter side of things?
96332And that's why we can never be more than professional colleagues.
96333Me and you, romantically involved? You're wrong, Dorn—that is hilarious.
96334What the future holds—for us.
96335Much the same as the past, I suspect. You would have more?
96336Let's live in the present and see where that takes us, all right?
96337We have no future, Dorn. Our fates seem to be entwined—but that is all that will be entwined.
96338Not of this.
96339A pity. If you were willing to bend just a little, we might have had something great.
96340We are very different people, Dorn.
96341Then we've nothing more to discuss.
96342I don't bend, for you or anyone.
96343Those who don't bend will break.
96344I would have bent for you.
96345And that is why this can never happen.
96346The weak break. The strong stand triumphant over all that would see them broken—or bent.
96347Perhaps you will yet.
96349Oh, I'm certain I will—just not for you.
96350You'll never know.
96351But a pleasurable distraction it would be.
96352It would be that. I'll consider the matter.
96353We're too different, Dorn. And I doubt either of us is prepared to compromise much.
96354Aye, it would—but you'll never know.
96355I don't bend, for you or anyone.
96356Then we've nothing to discuss, do we?
96357We shall see, <CHARNAME>. I enjoy a challenge.
96358We'll see how much you enjoy it in the end.
96359I'll enjoy watching you take this one.
96360A challenge implies the possibility of success. You have no chance, Dorn. Whatever delusion has taken hold of your deranged mind, give it up now.
96361You will look back on this and regret your words, <CHARNAME>. You can be sure of it.
96362Don't apologize, <CHARNAME>. It is a hallmark of the weak. You have made your feelings clear. I respect that.
96363I could not agree more.
96364I look forward to seeing what you do next.
96365So what will you do now?
96366Then let us speak no more about this.
96367You'll like it, I assure you.
96368I hope you're right, Dorn—for your sake.
96369I'm sure I will.
96370We'll see. I am not easily impressed.
96371I've not decided yet.
96372Good. I enjoy a challenge.
96373I would.
96374Show me. Actions speak louder than words.
96375Then get ready for disappointment.
96376I wish you luck. You'll need it.
96377Too different?
96378Unless we're both willing to compromise a bit, I fear so.
96379Variety is the spice of life. And you are among the spiciest men I've ever met.
96380For what we're discussing? Yes.
96381I'm just getting started.
96382See that you do.
96383I have woken up in a strange mage's dungeon, and Imoen has released me from my cell. We must find a way to escape this place, although I suspect the exits might be barred by magic. We might be able to find a way to leave if we explore the area, although we'll need to be careful; who knows what traps this mage has laid or what guards he employs? I should keep an eye out for weapons and armor to equip myself with, too; likely some of my items are hidden somewhere in this complex if he hasn't destroyed or sold them already.
96384We escaped Irenicus's lair, but no sooner had we done so than Imoen and Irenicus were taken captive by an organization called the Cowled Wizards. I must find a way to discover where they went—if not in this area, then somewhere else in Athkatla.
96385To find Irenicus and Imoen, I must enlist the help of Gaelan Bayle's allies, but first I must raise the ridiculous sum of 20,000 gp. I don't know who these allies are or how they might help, but it seems I have no other choice. Gaelan suggested visiting the Copper Coronet and seeing if anyone needs the help of an adventurer. When I have the money, I am to return to Gaelan's house in the slums.
96386Someone named Valen has approached me with a counteroffer. If interested, I'm to meet her mistress in the Graveyard District. This might also be a good time to talk to Gaelan Bayle again at his house in the slums and see if he might be willing to sweeten the deal in light of this new information.
96387I have paid Bodhi's fee and been granted access to her lair beneath the Graveyard District. My first assignment is to intercept a shipment of goods in the Docks District. I will likely have to dispatch whoever has been sent to receive it, but that is nothing new to me.
96388I have retrieved the shipment and killed more than a few Shadow Thieves, and now I must return to Bodhi's lair to tell her what happened.
96389I must murder the merchant Senior Armagaran Vulova and leave items on the scene that link the murder to the Shadow Thieves. A satisfyingly clever plan, although I fail to see how it will help me find Imoen and Irenicus. I will find his house in the Government District. When he is dead, I am to place the cloak and dagger in the fountain in his house and return to the Graveyard District to report to Bodhi.
96390I have completed my task and must return to Bodhi to inform her of what happened.
96391The Shadow Thieves are holding a man, Palern Flynn, captive for interrogation. I must attempt to rescue him from their hideout in the Docks District, or at least see that he is not made to leak information to the Shadow Thieves about Bodhi's operation.
96392I have failed my task, but I still must report to Bodhi. She will likely not be pleased.
96393My final task is to kill the Shadowmaster of the Shadow Thieves, Aran Linvail. I will need a key to enter the inner sanctum; Bodhi suggested I pay Gaelan Bayle a visit and "convince" him to relinquish his key. She also suggested looking for Tizzak, another employee of hers, who may be able to offer more information about how to get inside Aran Linvail's private rooms.
96394It is good to be traveling with you once more, <CHARNAME>.
96395We are a formidable pair, you and I.
96396We are indeed.
96397Part of an excellent team.
96398Let me make this clear: We are not a pair.
96399I see you still have other... companions.
96400One can never have too many friends.
96401For the time being, yes.
96402You have a problem with that?
96404We battle together, we eat together, we defend one another. Like it or not, we ARE a pair.
96405You must know they will aid you only while it is convenient. You can trust no one but yourself.
96406My enemies are too numerous and too powerful to face alone.
96407You misunderstand. They are here only while it is convenient for ME. The moment their usefulness ends, so will they.
96408Yourself included?
96409Your enemies may walk beside you without you knowing.
96410What happened to you was regrettable, but it will not happen to me.
96411I'm well aware of that. You're one of the ones who walk beside me, after all.
96412Enemies or not, I have need of their skills.
96413Fine: Trust them and bear the consequences. They will cut your legs from under you, and I will laugh as they do so.
96414They will not betray me, Dorn.
96415And I will laugh as they prove you wrong time and time again.
96416We will see who laughs last, Dorn.
96417We will indeed.
96418Trust is for children and old women. Those with power have no need of it.
96419Need it? No. But I choose to have it, all the same.
96420You didn't have many friends as a child, did you?
96421Keep talking and you'll see my power firsthand, half-orc.
96422Aran Linvail is dead, and perhaps now Bodhi will make good on her promise to help me find Imoen and Irenicus. I must return to her lair in the Graveyard District at once.
96423A tempting offer. Or did you mean it as a threat?
96424You can't tell...? Your loss, half-orc.
96425When—IF I make you an offer, you'll know it.
96426It was definitely a threat.
96427So it was a threat.
96428Enjoy your childhood while it lasts.
96430I am glad to hear it. But watch them carefully. If you see so much as a hint of weakness or insubordination, destroy them before they destroy you.
96431Hah! No, you may trust me. Our goals align, and our relationship is one of mutual benefit. I will not betray you so long as you do not betray me.
96432Peace, <CHARNAME>. I was simply making conversation. I'd not see you die this <DAYNIGHTALL>.
96433Nor I you.
96434My death isn't the one you should be worried about.
96435Enough words. When you are ready to do more than talk, you know where to find me.
96436You have grown claws since we parted. Mind that those claws stay sheathed lest I am forced to remove them.
96437I have paid Gaelan's fee and learned that his allies are none other than the Shadow Thieves. I am to meet the Shadowmaster, Aran Linvail, in their headquarters, a large orange brick building in the Docks District. What will happen after that, only Tymora knows. Or Beshaba. But things are starting to look up, if only slightly.
96438When I joined you, I believed our goals were more closely aligned. I see now I was wrong. Your knees are so weak it's a wonder you don't lie face-down in the dirt.
96439Choosing a path other than violence is no weakness, Dorn.
96440Shall I show you just how "weak" I am, half-orc? Has the time come?
96441Explain yourself, Dorn. For your sake, I hope the explanation is a good one.
96442Your lack of ambition disgusts me. I should kill you where you stand and feed your soul to Ur-Gothoz.
96443Don't threaten me, half-orc. You won't like where that leads.
96444You don't like the way I handle things, Dorn? What would you have me do differently?
96445You should try. No, seriously. Try to kill me where I stand. See where it leads.
96446I tell you this, <CHARNAME>. My blade thirsts for blood, and soon. You had best act quickly to ensure it doesn't drink yours.
96447I will rip you limb from limb!
96448It is good to be traveling with one who knows <PRO_HISHER> bloody path, <CHARNAME>. My patron is pleased.
96449Likewise. Ours will be a fruitful alliance, I suspect.
96450I'm glad to hear it. Your patron's desires are my paramount concern.
96451So he should be. You have proved your value many times over, to him and me alike.
96452I am glad to hear it.
96453Yes, I believe it will.
96454Would that these others you surround yourself with could say the same. I am concerned with these others, however. Are you sure you can trust them?
96455With my life.
96456Who are you to question those I trust?
96457Trust them? No. But I need them, for now.
96458Then you are a fool.
96459Someone who's known betrayal.
96460Watch them carefully, <CHARNAME>. And when they are no longer of use, send them on their way, or better still, destroy them.
96461Is that how you'd have me treat you?
96462Do me a favor, Dorn. When I'm no longer of use to you, just cast me aside. I'd rather not fight you over it.
96463And if I said you were no longer of use?
96464Of course! But then, I know my own value. You will always find me of use.
96465You think highly of yourself, half-orc. Too highly.
96466I hope you're right, for your sake.
96467Keep thinking that way, Dorn. It'll make my life much easier.
96468You are wise, <CHARNAME>. But I'll make you no promises.
96469I am to meet Mook at the docks to help guard a shipment of goods coming in. What these goods are I don't know, but they seem vital enough that the Shadow Thieves cannot help me without them. When the shipment is secure, I am to return to Aran Linvail to tell him everything I observe.
96470Then strike me down—if you can.
96471But you won't. You won't even try. You would be a fool to cast me aside, and you are no fool.
96472But if the day comes that you would turn on me... woe be unto you, <CHARNAME>. That day will be your last.
96473We make a good team, you and I.
96474A good team of bad, bad people.
96475The one who does the least work usually thinks so.
96476Is that wit you're attempting, <CHARNAME>?
96477Because you shouldn't.
96478This mage you chase. How did he earn your ire?
96479He tortured and experimented on Imoen and me. He will pay for our pain a thousand times over with his own.
96480He did things to me no person should do to another.
96481I'd rather not speak of it.
96482How did you allow this to happen?
96483Some fights cannot be won.
96484Well, you know my love of cages and chains...
96485I don't want to talk about it.
96486No, please. Tell me of this mage who single-handedly overcame, captured, and tortured you.
96487He didn't do it single-handedly.
96488What part of "I'd rather not speak of it" do you not understand?
96489Shut your mouth lest you feel some of what I did firsthand.
96490So this wizard and his minions overcame you.
96491They would have done the same to you, believe me.
96492I don't like your tone, Dorn.
96493I didn't go down without a fight.
96494And I've waited a long time for such as you.
96495I don't remind you of your father?
96496My father? He was a fearsome warrior.
96497Your idiocy knows no bounds.
96498I would be embarrassed too.
96499I will speak to you as I see fit, <PRO_RACE>.
96500You want to talk to me about your father?
96501You compare me to your father. That is... a little creepy.
96502Then you are free to leave.
96503He'd have had to be, I think.
96504I hope you're ready to pay the price for it.
96505Hey, you're the one who compared me to him.
96506I would hope not.
96507I wasn't joking. We are perfect for one another.
96508I've wanted to ever since I first laid eyes on you.
96509Whenever you're ready to collect.
96510I don't want to discuss my father!
96512I am at that, and am glad to do so. If this is how you deal with harsh words, I'd hate to count on you in actual battle.
96513I'm sure it comforts you to think so.
96514Fair enough. I can understand that.
96515I look forward to where this might lead.
96516Good. I look forward to where this might lead.
96517I look forward to seeing what you do next.
96518So what will you do now?
96519Then let us speak no more about this.
96520You think I like it any better?
96521Mook is dead, and her killer has vanished into the night. I must report the event to Aran Linvail at the Shadow Thieves headquarters in the Docks District. It's too bad, really. Mook seemed like she might have made a good friend.
96522I must meet a recruiter for the rival thieves' guild at the Five Flagons to learn where their lair is. The Five Flagons is a tavern in the Bridge District; I'm likely to find this recruiter on the second floor in one of the private rooms.
96523Funny. It usually tires me out.
96524Your whining won't make it go any faster.
96525I've an idea. You and I will spar. To the victor, the glory!
96526Excellent idea! I could use an easy win.
96527Very well.
96528I have met and dealt with the recruiter and have found a note with more information about their operation in the graveyard. I must bring this information to Aran Linvail at the Shadow Thieves headquarters in the Docks District. (I should probably stop writing their location so explicitly lest some crafty thief steal my journal in the night…)
96529Let's finish walking first.
96530Ah... oh no, my leg really hurts. I'm going to have to pass.
96531Then you're about to be disappointed.
96532Irenicus's dungeon has left you weak, is that it? Or do you fear the might of the great Dorn Il-Khan?
96533I'll not be goaded into a pointless battle.
96534Whatever will shut you up, that's why I don't want to beat the living hells out of you. Let's keep moving.
96535I'll show you how much I fear you, half-orc.
96536No weapons, no armor, no magic. A true match of prowess.
96537Bah. You're an old <PRO_MANWOMAN>, <CHARNAME>.
96538Prepare yourself!
96540Your form is poor, and you hold back when you should strike. You have much to learn, <CHARNAME>.
96541You'll find me a fast learner.
96542Good gods. I think I need some healing.
96543Things will go differently the next time you face me.
96544After the beating you just took? Yes, I'd imagine so.
96545I look forward to it.
96546Hmm. You are more skilled in the art of battle than I'd thought.
96547Let this be a lesson to you. Never underestimate your opponent.
96548You're a formidable opponent, Dorn.
96549No surprise there. Thinking isn't your strong suit.
96550Yes, I am. And it takes a formidable warrior to match my strength.
96551You are an attractive <PRO_MANWOMAN>, <CHARNAME>.
96552Ah. I think you may have the wrong idea, Dorn. I'm not interested in you.
96553I must admit, you have a rugged... tusked allure yourself.
96554I must go to the Graveyard District to deal with this rival guild of vampires. A mage has been sent to help me open the door to their lair, but I must navigate the tomb corridors to get there first.
96555You're very observant.
96556A pity. You don't know what you're missing.
96557Next time, perhaps the sparring will be a little more intimate.
96558I'd like that.
96559In your dreams, half-orc. It certainly won't happen in this world.
96560Don't count on it.
96561A shame. You'd have enjoyed it.
96562I have dealt with the vampires in the Graveyard District and must return to Aran Linvail to inform him of my victory. Hopefully, now he will be more forthcoming with information and assistance regarding Imoen and Irenicus.
96563I have arrived in Brynnlaw, and it seems that I am once more on my own. I've been told to meet with someone named Sanik, who might know how to get into the asylum.
96564You feel it as strongly as I, do you not?
96565Uh... maybe? What are you talking about?
96566If you're thinking what I'm thinking, then most definitely.
96567We don't have time for this, Dorn.
96568I can see the hunger in your eyes.
96569I can wait no longer. I would have you as mine, <CHARNAME>.
96570I'm sorry?
96571Well, it's about damn time. This will be a night for the ages.
96572You will wait as long as I desire.
96573You think I serve your will, <PRO_RACE>?
96574Such strength—such power! You are everything I've ever wanted, <CHARNAME>!
96575I will give you pleasure as none have before.
96576My contact, Sanik, is dead; I must go to Lady Galvena's Festhall to speak to his fiancée, Claire, to see if she knows anything about what Sanik was about to tell me. There may be another way into the asylum, but without Sanik's help, I don't know what it might be.
96577You're going to have to work harder than that.
96578I'll hold you to that.
96579You presume too much.
96580Touch a hair on her head, half-orc, and I will gut you where you stand. The lady is not interested.
96581Let her speak for herself. What say you, <CHARNAME>? You want this as much as I, admit it.
96582I do want it. But you'll have to work harder than that.
96583It's true. Gods help me.
96584I'm not sure about that. You seem to want it very, very badly.
96585I admit nothing of the sort.
96586In order to get into Lady Galvena's Festhall, I need to obtain a medallion from Chremy, one of the crueler masters. I'll find him somewhere around town. I could also just fight my way inside, of course. That might be easier, albeit more dangerous.
96587You're not <CHARNAME>'s type, half-orc. He prefers a more tender embrace.
96588Let him speak for himself. What say you, <CHARNAME>? You want this as much as I, admit it.
96589I do. Gods help me.
96590I'm not sure about that. You seem to want it very, very badly.
96591I'll not be coerced into making a decision before I'm ready.
96592<CHARNAME>... you would spurn me for this—this monster?
96593Tell her you would. I know you want to.
96594Keep your distance, half-orc. <CHARNAME> is not interested in your disgusting advances.
96595What is he talking about, <CHARNAME>? Are you and he... Are you...?
96596I didn't realize your tastes ran in the half-orc's direction, <CHARNAME>. Perhaps I read you wrong.
96597What is this? You cannot consider this monster worthy of your affection.
96598You would spurn me for this monstrosity? I cannot believe it.
96599<CHARNAME>, please, I need you. Do not turn your back on me for—for THAT.
96600You are not serious, <CHARNAME>.
96601You can't go with him, <CHARNAME>. It's—it's just wrong. I may not be what you're looking for, but you can do better than him.
96602There's more going on with you than I realized, <CHARNAME>. It's... intriguing.
96603You want this as much as I.
96604I do want it. But you'll have to work harder than that.
96605I do. Gods help me.
96606I'm not sure about that. You seem to want it very, very badly.
96607So you want to believe.
96608And you do not?
96609Oh, I do. You have no idea.
96610I haven't decided yet.
96611With you? No. No, I don't.
96612What? You would spurn Dorn Il-Khan?
96613I'm not spurning anyone yet. I just need more time.
96614Patience, Dorn.
96615We do indeed.
96616Yes. Enthusiastically.
96617You cannot seriously mean to allow this brute into your bed.
96618You're in a dangerous territory, <CHARNAME>. I am not some plaything for you to toy with.
96619You can't go with him. You mustn't.
96620Anyone who would accept this beast's affections is not worthy of mine.
96621You're considering going with... him? I—I think I'm going to be sick. Well, no, I'm not, because I'm a lady of the world, but you and a half-orc, I'm telling you... that just isn't right.
96622Seriously? Bad enough you take this brute into your confidence, but into your bed as well? Unbelievable!
96623I cannot believe my ears. You would choose this over me? I'll enjoy watching as you come to realize the gravity of the error you've made this <DAYNIGHTALL>, <CHARNAME>.
96624Please don't do this, <CHARNAME>. You're making a terrible mistake.
96625I'll not stand in your way. Anyone who would accept this beast's affections is not worthy of mine.
96626And that is an end to that.
96627Let us not speak of this sorry chapter again.
96628I'm glad that's over with.
96629How that creature came to believe you could be attracted to him, I do not know. The half-orc's mind... it is not right, <CHARNAME>. Permitting him to remain among us is a mistake.
96630What a creep. I've known some creeps in my time, but I think that guy is the creepiest creep who ever crept. You know?
96631Well. That was an entertaining interlude.
96632Make up your mind, <CHARNAME>. I'll not be a slave to your whims.
96633You've made a grave error, <CHARNAME>. And by the time you realize that, it will be too late.
96634Yes... it will.
96635This will be a night to remember... I assure you.
96636I have made it inside Lady Galvena's Festhall; now I just need to find Claire and discover what she knows.
96637I managed to sneak inside Lady Galvena's Festhall; if I talk to the cook, she can prepare a sleeping potion that will knock out the guards. I can also fight my way through, but either way I need to find Claire and discover what she knows.
96638You go too far, <CHARNAME>. I refuse to be party to this any longer. You will not see me again.
96639Ula t'yin, wael. You disgust me.
96640<CHARNAME>, I can't... we are through. I can't even look at you. I feel sick.
96641You disappoint me more than I could ever say. I am glad Gorion is not around to see this.
96642I have two ways to get inside the asylum: I can obtain a wardstone from a retired Cowled Wizard named Perth, who lives somewhere in town, or I can visit the Pirate Lord Desharik and convince him that I am a deviant. Desharik's house is at the northwest side of town; Perth's home is… Come to think of it, I didn't ask.
96643I thought we had something. Obviously, I was wrong.
96644You surprise me, <CHARNAME>. I thought you had taste.
96645Your constant supervision tires me, Bhaalspawn.
96646What are you talking about?
96647Can I help you, Dorn?
96648Desharik has refused to help me; I must find Perth the Adept and convince him to give me his wardstone. I don't see this ending well.
96649I don't "supervise." I lead.
96650I have obtained Perth's wardstone and now must make my way inside the asylum. I must beware of any guardians or traps that might be waiting for me along the way.
96651Your leadership is laughable and your course folly. I refuse to bow down any longer!
96652As ever, you are free to do as you want. I wouldn't dream of trying to stop you.
96653What is this about?
96654Are you looking for a fight? Because that's what you're going to get if you don't shut the hells up!
96655I have made it into the asylum and must find a way to see Imoen and locate Irenicus. Perhaps I can learn something from the inmates imprisoned here.
96656My divine soul has been taken from me, as it was from Imoen. We have been deposited in yet another dungeon; we must find a way to escape.
96657Do not lie to me, <CHARNAME>.
96658I demand blood! I demand death! You give me naught but skirmishes and petty arguments!
96659I feel your frustration. There *will* be bloodshed, Dorn, but now is not the time.
96660Well, we can't go around killing every damned Jack and Sally the world has ever known!
96661If blood is what you want, Dorn, I can show you your own!
96662Then when? Tomorrow? Next week? No! Ur-Gothoz demands death, and he shall have it!
96663And why not? We are a force to be reckoned with, a power matched by few.
96664Try it, Bhaalspawn! You'll rue the day you laid eyes on Dorn Il-Khan!
96665From now on, we do things my way.
96666You think you can do a better job than I?
96667You WILL do as I say, half-orc. Do you understand?
96668Fine, then leave. I have no use for whining children.
96669A dumb, deaf halfwit could do a better job than you.
96670I will not!
96671If I cannot have my freedom, I will at LEAST kill when I please!
96672Why do I get the feeling this isn't about me at all?
96673You chose to join me of your own volition, Dorn. You are free to do as you please.
96674You will do as I say or you will leave! Now!
96675You want to fight? Fine! I'll give you a fight!
96676I'll show you the whining child here!
96677This is—
96678I know my own mind!
96679I think you regret your oath to Ur-Gothoz. You tire of following *his* orders, not mine.
96680Fine, then. If this is about me, why now? Why not a week ago? I'm no fool, and neither are you.
96681No more words! I will have blood!
96682Then I am free to do this!
96683You will die first!
96684ENOUGH! Enough.
96685I will listen. For now. But if you do not afford me the respect I am due, <PRO_RACE>, I swear I WILL have your head.
96686I have escaped the labyrinth; now I must confront Irenicus. I may be able to enlist the help of the other inmates, too; I'm sure every one of them has a score to settle with this mad mage.
96687I must follow Irenicus, although where he went I have no idea. Perhaps I can find some answers in his private rooms. I think I saw a door near the entrance to the asylum.
96688I must use the key I found in Irenicus's rooms to take the portal in the basement. Where it leads I do not know, but it seems to be the only option.
96689Your father was the Lord of Murder, was he not?
96690How do you intend to carry out his legacy?
96691Bhaal was a powerful god. You would be a fool not to embrace his power as your own.
96692I approve.
96693Many would kill for a taste of the power that is your birthright. Remember that.
96694Then you are a foolish <PRO_RACE>.
96695Bhaal was the god of murder, yes.
96696Yes. Family reunions were bleak affairs.
96697What of it?
96698Carry out his— Are you insane? Why would I want to do that?
96699By doing exactly what I'm doing.
96700*I* am his legacy, and I will do what I please.
96701Do not worry. I intend to do exactly that.
96702And what if I'm content without the power of a deranged god?
96703Power has a price. I don't know if I'm prepared to pay it.
96704Whatever the price, it is worth paying.
96705"<CHARNAME>, Butcher of the Sword Coast." Word of your passage has reached Amn. Your reputation earns you my respect.
96706Do you not hear it as we walk the streets? Do you not see the looks given you by the peasantry and nobility alike?
96708Your infamy may someday rival my own.
96709As do I. But stranger things have happened.
96710Tell me, Bhaalspawn. When you enter into the fray, stare your enemy in the eye, and attack, what is it you feel?
96711A <PRO_MANWOMAN> after my own heart.
96712A warrior born, without fear or hesitation. Interesting.
96713I have seen the wide-eyed fear, but also the set of your jaw. You have determination, if nothing else.
96714There is more to you than meets the eye.
96715There is. Some parts more pleasing than others.
96716Yes. I suppose you do.
96717Careful, <CHARNAME>. I'd hate to disappoint you.
96718Are they really calling me that?
96719Oh, gods. That is not a title to pull out in mixed company.
96720Soon it will be more than just reputation to the idiots here in Amn.
96721Somehow, I doubt it.
96722The idea fills my heart with joy. No, wait. Not joy. The opposite of that.
96723Yes. Someday soon.
96724Fury. Heat. Bloodlust.
96725Relaxed. I just let it happen.
96726Unreasoning panic, usually. I'm amazed I've made it this far.
96727But a fair amount of me that meets the eye too, right?
96728A <PRO_MANWOMAN> has to have <PRO_HISHER> secrets, Dorn.
96729I'm sure you have hidden depths as well. Very hidden.
96730I have cast off my chains and am free to do as I will, thanks to you.
96731For now, I will follow your lead. Doing so has served me well so far.
96732As you wish. There is something I'd ask of you.
96733Wait, I have something to say.
96734You are a powerful <PRO_MANWOMAN>, <CHARNAME>. You hold your own in battle and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and allies alike.
96735I have never known another like you.
96736My blood boils to look at you, god-child, and I can wait no longer.
96737Will you share my bedroll tonight? I assure you... you will not regret it.
96738And tomorrow, and the nights after, if that is what you wish.
96739I look forward to it.
96740Bah! I was wrong about you. You are no better than all the rest.
96741And I as well.
96742And I you.
96743<CHARNAME> and Dorn... I like the sound of that.
96744Share my bedroll once more. You know you will not regret it.
96745Power such as I have never known flows through my veins... and I have you to thank for it.
96746How fare you, <CHARNAME>?
96747You know me well enough to know that if I didn't care, I wouldn't ask.
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