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Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition 2.2 Database

1,000 Results
For Page 61

63680Energy Blades (Any School) Level: Quest Range: Special Duration: 4 turns Casting Time: 3 Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None An energy blade is a discus made of pure energy. The disc gives +10 to THAC0, and when thrown does 1d4+5 missile damage as well as 1d10 additional electrical damage. This spell creates 1 energy disc per level of the caster and sets the caster's attacks to 9 as long as the discs are held.
63681Excellent. I have access to a Spectral Brand and a scroll of wish, both rather impressive items. And there is the gem as well. What would you wish to play for?
63682I'm not ready to play just yet.
63683I will play for the Spectral Brand.
63684I will play for the scroll of wish.
63685I will play for the gem.
63687As you wish. All right, my friend... I shall allow you to draw from the deck first.
63688Ahhh... "Plague." A low card, and not a good draw, either. Such is the luck of the draw.
63689"Guile," is it? An interesting draw, although not a high suit. I expect you'll have a fight on your hands in a moment, <GABBER>.
63691"Strife"? A decent draw, although I wonder what the effect will be.
63692"High Priestess." An excellent draw. The plate depicts a scene of secrets, however.
63693Ahhh... the "Emperor"! A very good draw, my friend... and a beneficial card.
63694Bigby's Clenched Fist
63695"Strength." An extremely high suit. I wonder, though, whether this represents growing stronger... or a lack of strength? A curse, perhaps? Do you have a means of breaking curses, mortal?
63696Bigby's Crushing Hand
63698I shall spread out the cards for you like so. Choose a card as soon as you are ready.
63699I shall spread out the cards for you like so. Choose a card as soon as you are ready.
63700You turn and flee in terror, but not before the ghost brushes you with its bony finger, numbing your body with the chill touch of the grave.
63701Interesting, most interesting! The genasi was a genius, if you ask me.
63702Now, of course it is my turn. You may wish to step back... just in case.
63703Now, of course it is my turn. You may wish to step back... just in case.
63704"Triumph"? Ahhhh... I sense a fight oncoming. Give me a few moments, my friend.
63705"Defiance," is it? To defy the gods? I wonder what the effect is?
63706Ah. The "Empress." An excellent card with a high suit. Luck is with me today!
63707What's this? "Construct"? Another battle, is it?
63708So... that is it? A dangerous game, and yet it seems we have survived relatively unscathed, yes?
63709The card I drew is, however, of a higher suit than yours. I win the draw!
63710The card you drew is of a higher suit than mine, however. You have won the draw!
63711You wagered some of your vitality... I shall take my prize now. And no... you may not have it back. Return if you wish to play again.
63712You wagered some of your experience... I shall take my prize now. And no... you may not have it back. Return, if you wish to play again.
63713I have won my freedom! The way out of here is mine! You may have the gem regardless... it means nothing to me now. May I have my prize?
63714So long as I get it back, here you go.
63715Forget it! No doubt you'll leave me here, trapped!
63716Through mental commands, you instruct the spirit warrior to approach the desk and open the drawer.
63717Thank you! For a prime, you aren't so bad. Come, my minions... let us return to the planes before someone actually begins to miss us. Onwards!
63718*sigh* Then you leave me little choice. What a poor sport you are!
63719You desire the Spectral Brand, and here it is. If you wish to play again, I'd appreciate a chance to gain my freedom, friend.
63720You desire the scroll of wish, and here it is. If you wish to play again, I'd appreciate a chance to gain my freedom, friend.
63721And so the gem is yours, fair and square. It means little enough to me.
63722Hmm... Alas, this leaves me little choice. I hate being unsportsmanlike, but I also wish to get out of here. My apologies.
63723I'm willing to play another game, certainly. But this time I will only play for the way out of here... in exchange for the gem. What do you say?
63725Forget it. I won't take the risk.
63727I'd say I'd rather kill you here and now and get this over with.
63728I don't actually have that item with me right now.
63729I see. Well, I suppose I can wait until you retrieve it. I *would* like to get out of here at some point... and better sooner than later, eh?
63730I shall spread out the cards for you like so. Choose a card as soon as you are ready.
63731Now, of course it is my turn. You may wish to step back... just in case.
63732Oho! It is the "Wheel," one of the highest suits in the deck! Most fortuitous!
63733The gambling cambion I have encountered a cambion and his retinue inside of the maze. This one seems friendly enough and is mostly interested in gaming with me for a chance at his freedom from this place. In return for me putting up the holy symbol as stakes, he is willing to offer me a gem he has found... all based off of draws from a deck of many things.
63734The gambling cambion The cambion with an urge to play games of chance with his deck of many things wasn't about to let me walk out of here with Helm's holy symbol... his key to freedom. The matter ended in violence, as it usually does... a bad gamble on his part.
63735The gambling cambion A cambion with a penchant for playing games of chance with his deck of many things won his freedom from me by the luck of the draw. He not only returned the holy symbol as promised, but also gave me a gem he had found here that was now worthless to him.
63736The Blood War I have agreed to do a job for a tanar'ri balor named Tahazzar to find a baatezu pit fiend named Ka'rashur elsewhere in this maze and to destroy it... and then return to Tahazzar with its heart. He has promised me not only a material reward but also the goodwill of the tanar'ri.
63737The Blood War I have agreed to do a job for a baatezu pit fiend named Ka'rashur to find a tanar'ri balor named Tahazzar elsewhere in this maze and to destroy it... and then return to Ka'rashur with its heart. He has promised me not only a material reward but also the goodwill of the baatezu.
63738The Blood War I have destroyed a tanar'ri balor named Tahazzar and given its heart to a pit fiend, Ka'rashur, as requested. Surprisingly, the pit fiend seems to have lived up to its part of the bargain.
63739The Blood War I have destroyed a baatezu pit fiend named Ka'rashur and given its heart to a balor, Tahazzar, as requested. Surprisingly, the demon seems to have lived up to its part of the bargain.
63742Storm of Vengeance
63743Storm of Vengeance Level: Quest Range: 270 ft. Duration: 3 rounds Casting Time: 8 Area of Effect: 30-ft. radius Saving Throw: Special Casting this spell causes the earth to shake and the heavens to boil with blood and energy. All enemies of the caster are struck down by acidic rain, earthquakes, and lightning. All enemies of 8th level or lower are slain instantly. The survivors are struck by acidic, poisonous rain and lightning. The storm lasts for 3 rounds. Each round, the victims suffer 1d6 electrical damage, 1d6 fire damage, and 1d6 acid damage (Save vs. Spell for half damage). They also have a chance to be poisoned (Save vs. Death negates) in the first round.
63745Are you sure you want to permanently remove this spell from your spellbook?
63746Elemental Summoning
63747Elemental Summoning Level: Quest Range: 30 ft. Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None Drawing power from the environment, this spell summons 2 16-HD elementals randomly chosen from earth, air, or fire. The elementals stay for 1 turn and will obey the caster as long as they remain summoned. There is a 10% chance that a randomly chosen Elemental Prince will be summoned instead. The Elemental Princes rule over other elementals in their respective planes. The Elemental Prince of Air is Chan, the Elemental Prince of Earth is Sunnis, and the Elemental Prince of Fire is Zaaman Rul.
63750Built into the floor is a strange machine with four large, colored buttons. An inscription reads, "Those who serve must be worthy in mind, heart, and spirit. Only the worthy may unlock the final seal." A scroll lies beside the inscription.
63751In front of the machine are four colored containers which correspond to the colored buttons—one red, one blue, one green, and one purple. What do you wish to do now?
63752Ready for almost anything, you press the red button.
63753With a deep breath of anticipation, you reach out and press the blue button.
63754You press the green button, praying you have made the right choice.
63755Hoping for the best, you press the purple button.
63756This time, nothing happens when you press the button.
63757Push the red button.
63758Push the blue button.
63759Push the green button.
63760Push the purple button.
63761Leave the machine for now.
63762The machine clicks and whirs and produces a red globe, which you pick up. Suddenly, you hear strange sounds almost beyond your range of hearing. The sounds rapidly get louder as something approaches.
63763The machine clicks and whirs and produces a blue globe, which you pick up. Suddenly, you hear strange sounds almost beyond your range of hearing. The sounds rapidly get louder as something approaches.
63764The machine clicks and whirs and produces a green globe, which you pick up. Suddenly, you hear strange sounds almost beyond your range of hearing. The sounds rapidly get louder as something approaches.
63765The machine clicks and whirs and produces a purple globe, which you pick up. Suddenly, you hear strange sounds almost beyond your range of hearing. The sounds rapidly get louder as something approaches.
63766You leave the machine for the time being, even though you suspect that the path to the next level is somehow connected to the strange, colored containers.
63768Greater Elemental Summoning
63769Greater Elemental Summoning Level: Quest Range: 30 ft. Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None Druids, having a more powerful link to the elements, can cast a stronger version of Elemental Summoning. This spell can summon the Elemental Princes themselves, randomly chosen from earth, air, or fire. The Elemental Prince of Air is Chan, the Elemental Prince of Earth is Sunnis, and the Elemental Prince of Fire is Zaaman Rul. The Elemental Princes stay for 1 turn and will obey the caster as long as they remain summoned. Requires: Elemental Summoning
63770The deck seems to vibrate in expectation as you remove it from your pack. The immediate area grows warmer for a moment, magical energy invisibly radiating from the metal plaques.
63771Draw one of the cards.
63772Put the deck away for now.
63773You replace the deck of many things in your pack, relaxing as the air of suspense seems to dissipate.
63774Running your fingers along the edge of the metallic plaques, you finally make a decision and remove your chosen card from the deck...
63775Draw one of the cards.
63776Draw one of the cards.
63777Draw one of the cards.
63778Running your fingers along the edge of the metallic plaques, you finally make a decision and remove your chosen card from the deck...
63779Running your fingers along the edge of the metallic plaques, you finally make a decision and remove your chosen card from the deck...
63780Running your fingers along the edge of the metallic plaques, you finally make a decision and remove your chosen card from the deck...
63781The plaque depicts a scene filled with black runes and what appears to be a man screaming in terror inside of a cage. It is clearly labeled "DONJON."
63782A striking scene of a bolt of blue lightning striking and destroying a tall tower covers the plaque. From the tower, a horrified man falls to his death. The card is clearly labeled "RUIN."
63783The visage of a medusa upon this card seems almost alive, her gaze boring into you as her snakes writhe. The card is labeled "EURYALE."
63784The card's depiction of fire seems almost to flicker and writhe, laced with anger, jealousy, and envy. Written in charcoal black is the card's title: "FLAMES."
63785The plaque depicts a clear scene of a smiling man holding a diamond up to the light. The diamond is vividly real and seems to glitter with its own magic. The card is labeled "GEM."
63786The plaque depicts a strange scene of a smiling man hung upside down by one foot. Oddly, the card gives you a good feeling, almost a need to laugh. It is labeled "JESTER."
63787The entire card is black as midnight, with a depth that seems to suddenly reach out for you. You cannot see the word anywhere upon it, but you know the card's name... "VOID."
63788A single man is depicted on the card, seemingly young and intelligent. One hand points up at the sky, the other to the earth, an old sign for transformation. The card is ominously labeled "MAGICIAN."
63789The symbol of Helm carved into the floor appears to be some manner of seal, preventing exit or entry. There are three large pedestals with keyholes in them surrounding it.
63792Old Slippers
63793Old Slippers
63794Amidst the runes on the card, a warrior within a black suit of plate armor stares malevolently out at you. The card is labeled "KNIGHT."
63795The card is blood red, practically dripping with venom, and shows a smiling man stabbing another in the back with a sharp blade. The card is labeled "ROGUE."
63796The card is bright and immediately makes you smile, depicting a cherubic boy atop a white horse with the sun shining brilliantly in the sky behind them. The card is clearly labeled "SUN."
63797The card has a hushed sense about it, showing a wizened old man in a cowl. His eyes lock onto yours, and you know immediately that he possesses great secrets. The card is labeled "VIZIER."
63798The card depicts a great holy man in rich robes, with the penitent bowing before him. In his hands, he holds aloft a great golden key. The card is labeled "KEY."
63799The final lock has been opened. The wheel can now be turned to open the seal.
63800A scene of a young woman emerging from a still pond greets you, the woman smiling gently and the night sky so real and vast it startles you. The card is labeled "STAR."
63801Globe of Blades
63802Globe of Blades (Evocation) Level: Quest Sphere: Guardian, Creation Range: 0 Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: Special The priest employs this spell to set up a globe of razor-sharp blades. These whirl and flash around the caster, creating a dangerous barrier. Any creature attempting to pass through the blade barrier suffers 10d10 points of damage. Creatures within the area of the barrier when it is invoked are entitled to a Saving Throw vs. Spell at -2. If this is successful, the blades are avoided and no damage is suffered. The barrier remains for 1 turn.
63803A picture of a bone-white skull immediately greets you. As if animate, the skull grins and immediately fills you with fear. The card is labeled "SKULL."
63804The card shows an achingly beautiful woman half-hidden by a lantern held in front of her as she moves through the darkness. The night sky behind her is bright and vividly real. A label below reads "MOON."
63805The card shows a wicked, smiling woman with bright eyes who reaches out to you with a withered hand anointed with sharp, gleaming nails. It is labeled "TALONS."
63806The card's scene shows a young man admiring the sky as he obliviously walks towards a sharp precipice. The card is labeled "FOOL."
63807You are startled as the picture of a blazing, fiery rock seems to leap out at you from the card, its golden trail leading deep within the black background. The card is labeled "COMET."
63808Three women hold a single thread between them, all looking at you askance. One is young and beautiful, another middle-aged and matronly, the third a crone. The card is labeled "ERINYES."
63809The card depicts a man seated upon an iron throne, his countenance commanding and regal both. For a moment, you are sure the figure nods to you solemnly. The card is labeled "THRONE."
63810The card shows an old man with flaming-red hair and fiery eyes staring out at you. In his hands, he holds a scale, the small silver bowls evenly balanced. The card is clearly labeled "BALANCE."
63811Almost immediately, you realize that the man is the creator of the deck. The image both smiles slightly and nods to you, tapping the scale in his withered hands.
63812What remains of the deck of many things begins to fade suddenly... and within the space of a moment, it is gone forever.
63813Open the portal to the temple's lower levels It seems the way to get down to the next level is by performing some type of ritual. Since this is a temple, I imagine the altar would have something to do with this.
63814Cold, so very cold...
63815Open the portal to the temple's lower levels The ghost of the temple's archivist suggested I seek out the forgetful old priest—though I doubt he's even still alive.
63816Open the portal to the temple's lower levels Before I can complete the ritual which will open the passage to the next level, I must somehow learn the proper chapter and verse which must be read from the ritual book.
63817You may choose <number> abilities for your character.
63819Open the portal to the temple's lower levels Successfully performing the ritual activated the mirror portal in the center of the temple. I can now descend at my own convenience.
63821Implosion (Evocation) Level: Quest Range: 40 ft. Duration: 2 rounds Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: Special This spell creates a rift in the earth beneath the target which implodes and closes in upon itself, crushing and burning the target and holding it for 1 round. The spell does 10d10 fire damage and 10d10 blunt damage. The victim can save vs. Spell for half.
63822Gather the four scepter keys I have entered into a bargain with a chromatic demon, though I had little choice. I need to gather the four scepter keys to unlock his elemental cage. Only then will he give me access to the level below.
63823Gather the four scepter keys As I feared, the chromatic demon attacked me as soon as I released it from its cage. A high price to pay, but necessary if I wish to continue into the deeper depths of the dungeon.
63824Escaping Carston's level Much as I suspected, the key to getting off of this level is the Machine of Lum the Mad. I assume that by manipulating the levers, dials, and buttons I can figure out a way to activate the gate to the next level. But before I can experiment with the infernal machine, I'll have to get through that glass bubble of Carston's.
63825Escaping Carston's level Although the cost was great, I have managed to use the diabolical Machine of Lum the Mad to open the gate to the next level of the dungeon.
63826The scroll seems to have been written by a scholar who was researching the machine's purpose. You skim down to the conclusion:
63827Unlocking the final seal I will have to prove myself worthy in mind, heart, and spirit before I can unlock the final seal, which guards the stairs to the next level of the dungeon.
63828Summon Deva
63829Summon Deva (Conjuration/Summoning) Level: Quest Range: 120 ft. Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/level Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None This spell opens a celestial gate and calls forth an angelic deva to fight at the caster's side until the spell expires or the deva's earthly avatar is slain.
63830Summon Fallen Deva
63831Summon Fallen Deva (Conjuration/Summoning) Level: Quest Range: 120 ft. Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/level Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None This spell opens an abyssal gate and calls forth a demonic deva to fight at the caster's side until the spell expires or the deva's earthly avatar is slain.
63832Unlocking the final seal I have solved the puzzle of the colored globes and proved myself worthy in mind. However, I suspect I must possess all three keys—heart, mind, and spirit—before the final seal can be unlocked.
63833Unlocking the final seal By running the gauntlet, I have proven my perseverance, my courage, and the wisdom of my heart. However, I suspect I must possess all three keys—heart, mind, and spirit—before the final seal can be unlocked.
63834Atop this altar is a strange panel with directional arrows and a picture of a skull. There is also an inscription:
63835"The final seal may be unlocked only by one worthy in spirit, mind, and heart. The Eternal Warrior gave his light that another might prove the worth of their spirit."
63836Unlocking the final seal I have completed the challenge of the Eternal Warrior and have proven the worth of my spirit. However, I suspect I must possess all three keys—heart, mind, and spirit—before the final seal can be unlocked.
63837Unlocking the final seal With the heart, mind, and spirit, keys I have unlocked the final seal. The path to the crypt of the Imprisoned One is now open.
63840Fallen Deva
63841Fallen Deva
63842Aura of Flaming Death
63843Aura of Flaming Death (Evocation, Alteration) Level: Quest Range: 0 Duration: 1 round/2 levels Casting Time: 4 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None This spell causes the caster to be enveloped by an aura of intense flame that both injures opponents and protects the caster from damage. This shield not only grants the user 90% Fire Resistance and an AC bonus of 4, but also protects <PRO_HIMHER> from attacks made within a 5-ft. radius. An opponent that hits the caster with any weapons or spells within this radius suffers 2d10+2 fire damage. In addition, the intense heat protects the caster from all non-magical weapons, melee or missile.
63844Tattered Parchment
63845Tattered Parchment
63846Tattered Parchment
63847Tattered Parchment
63848Tattered Parchment
63849Tattered Parchment
63860History of the Imprisoned One
63861History of the Imprisoned One
63862Handwritten Note
63863Handwritten Note
63864Scribbled Note
63865Scribbled Note
63868The wheels of prophecy e'er turn; Gorion's ward hath come. Crossroad of past, present, and future: The one foreseen, the one foretold.
63873Fire Elemental Transformation
63874Fire Elemental Transformation Level: Quest Range: 0 Duration: 1 hour Casting Time: 1 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None Harnessing the power of fire, this powerful shapechange ability allows the Druid to become a 24-HD fire elemental of immense strength. The elemental form has an AC of -5, a THAC0 of 2, and does 1d10 normal and 1d10 fire damage with its attacks. When the Druid returns to human form, <PRO_HESHE> is also healed 3d10 Hit Points.
63882Earth Elemental Transformation
63883Earth Elemental Transformation Level: Quest Range: 0 Duration: 1 hour Casting Time: 1 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None Harnessing the power of the earth, this powerful shapechange ability allows the Druid to become a 24 HD earth elemental of immense strength. The elemental form has an AC of -5, a THAC0 of 2, and does 2d10 crushing damage with its attacks. When the Druid returns to human form, <PRO_HESHE> is also healed 3d10 Hit Points.
63902Whirlwind Attack
63904Greater Whirlwind Attack
63921Pocket Plane
63938Greater Deathblow
63939Resist Magic
63941Power Attack
63954War Cry
63955Cold, so very cold...
63956So... I have found you at last. It was an effort to track you down, <CHARNAME>, in these woods. Too many old wards for my liking... but here you are.
63957I suppose you are some bounty hunter after Bhaalspawn?
63958So you've found me. What do you want?
63959And just who are you?
63969All that you need to know is that I've been given the pleasure of ending your life. I may yet mount your head on the wall with all the other Bhaalspawn I've killed... I haven't decided.
63970I've no argument with you, whoever you are!
63971You can try, if you like. I am no ordinary Bhaalspawn.
63972You hunt Bhaalspawn?! Why?!
63977No? I rather think the source of our disagreement is obvious. I am Bhaalspawn... as are you.
63978I know. Neither am I.
63979Isn't it obvious? I am Bhaalspawn myself, dear <PRO_MANWOMAN>.
63981The time of Alaundo's prophecy has come, <CHARNAME>. These rhyming ghosts here should have told you that much. Great things are afoot... and your contribution will be your death.
63982It has already been decided, <CHARNAME>. I am Illasera the Quick, child of Bhaal, and I have been chosen to perform this deed. You cannot resist us.
63983Not all of us have been wandering Faerûn like witless cattle, like you and pathetic Imoen and so many others of Bhaal's blood. Some of us have far greater aspirations.
63984Enough talk, then! Let's see how tough you are!
63985So others have said. They're dead now.
63986I can... and you are a fool to think otherwise.
63987We shall see, <CHARNAME>.
63988Whom are you working with?! I shall stop whatever you plan!
63989Set Spike Trap
63990Set Time Trap
63991Set Exploding Trap
63993Greater Evasion
63995The army outside the city will surely kill us all! Your master cannot just turn his back on us!
63996We demand to see Gromnir—take us to Il-Khan!
63997Our food is almost gone—our children cry out in hunger! Your master must hear our pleas!
63998No, Melissan! We will not be bullied this time! We will stay right here until they take us to Gromnir.
63999It is too dark to clearly make out the statue before you. However, looking at it leaves you with the feeling that you are being watched.
64000The general is too busy to meet with the likes of these commoners. Move along and no one gets hurt.
64001Avoid Death
64002The plight of peasants is not Gromnir Il-Khan's concern. Stand aside, townsfolk!
64003Our orders are clear—move these peasants along or we'll move them along ourselves!
64004If you know what's good for you, you'll all head back to your homes.
64005Clear these gates—you won't get another warning!
64006I told you to clear these gates! You brought this on yourselves!
64007These people represent the concerns of the entire town. Please, good soldiers, hear their case.
64008Threats are not the answer here. Everyone, stay calm and we can work together to find a solution.
64009No one do anything rash. Uh, perhaps if we return later, when it is more convenient for Gromnir Il-Khan to see us...
64010NO! Put down your weapons! This is not necessary!
64011There's just no reasoning with you people—you only understand the edge of a sword!
64012What's this? A child of Bhaal appears from nowhere? Impossible! Unless...
64013Intruders! Spies! The walls have been breached!
64014Slay the invaders! Attack!
64015No! Hold your weapons! These might be allies, come to help!
64016Don't fall for their tricks! Kill them all, and let the gods sort them out!
64019I greet you, god-child, you who are of divine blood. I have awaited you.
64020And just who are you?
64021Where am I? Am I dreaming?
64022Why have you brought me here? Answer or feel my wrath!
64023I have existed since the first strand of fate was woven, a servant of the paths and the gods. I have watched your own path most carefully.
64024How would you define a dream? If as a fleeting path without true substance... then this is no dream. I have brought you to this place, and it is real.
64025Who are you?
64026Why did you bring me here?
64027Our own servant, who was the mortal Alaundo, spake the truths that became prophecy. It tells of your coming and of all the others who are the progeny of Bhaal.
64028The spark of the divine rests within all of Bhaal's children, and the time for their joining is nigh. I am here to aid you, god-child.
64029Aid me? How?
64030Elven Madman
64031What do you know of the prophecy, exactly?
64032Elven Madman
64033What is this place?
64034How do I know this isn't some sort of trick?!
64035The progeny of Bhaal are many... and now they are quickly being extinguished, their spark returning to its source. An Event unfolds of divine significance, god-child.
64036You are central to this Event. Many are the strings of fate that start or pass through you. The end I cannot see. I must shepherd you through this time as best I can.
64037What can you do to help me?
64038What is this place?
64039How do I know this isn't some sort of trick?!
64040I cannot interfere. I can only prepare you, god-child... aid in your education, you who are most unready to assume your destiny.
64041What do you mean by that?
64043You try to enter the temple, but are pushed back by some invisible force. It appears that you require something in order to pass.
64045This? This is the layer of the Abyss once ruled by your sire, Bhaal. You have been here before, although it was altered then by your own consciousness.
64051You mentioned helping me... how?
64052What do you know of the prophecy, exactly?
64053How do I know this all isn't some sort of trick?!
64054I am not here to fool or harm you, god-child. I may only teach, and you are free to consider my words and deem them false if you wish. There is no consequence.
64055So just how can you help me, exactly?
64056Tell me what you know of the prophecy.
64057Tell me what this place is.
64058I mean only that you are unready for the possibilities that await you. Your mortal mind does not readily comprehend the power in your blood.
64059When you were last in your sire's realm, god-child, it was altered by your own consciousness without you even forming the intent to do so. You are not ready for the power.
64060You must be ready. It is your presence which determines the outcome of the prophecy... although even I cannot see it yet. When the time comes, you will be ready... I will make certain.
64061Scepter of Radiance
64062Scepter of Radiance
64063What do you know about my power?
64064What is going to happen?
64065What if I don't want your help?
64066I demand to be sent back at once!
64067Power comes with knowledge, god-child. It shall come to you in time, as your destiny unfolds.
64068I shall see you soon. Until then, hold your heart close and know that you are not alone.
64069You would wish to stumble about, unknowing and blind? Even if this is so, you have no choice in the matter.
64070Your demand means little to me. Willing or not, you have no choice in my presence, just as you have no choice in your destiny.
64071So. You have finally arrived. I have been waiting for you.
64072Sarevok?! Didn't I kill you for the last time in Hell?
64073Scepter Gem
64074Where am I, Sarevok? Why have you brought me here?!
64076Tahazzar's Heart
64077Tahazzar's Heart
64078Ka'rashur's Heart
64079Ka'rashur's Heart
64080Madman's Journal
64081Madman's Journal
64082Adventurer's Scroll
64083Adventurer's Scroll
64084Deck of Many Things
64085Deck of Many Things
64086Air Scepter
64087Air Scepter
64088Fire Scepter
64089Fire Scepter
64090Slime Scepter
64091Slime Scepter
64092Ice Scepter
64093Ice Scepter
64094Air Library Note
64095Air Library Note
64096Fire Library Note
64097Fire Library Note
64098Slime Library Note
64099Slime Library Note
64100Ice Library Note
64101Ice Library Note
64102Chromatic Demon
64103Chromatic Demon
64104Diary of Carston's Apprentice
64105Diary of Carston's Apprentice
64106You try to leave the temple, but are pushed back by some invisible force. It appears that you require something in order to pass.
64107Blue Oil
64108Blue Oil
64109Red Oil
64110Red Oil
64111Purple Oil
64112Purple Oil
64113Flint and Tinder
64114Flint and Tinder
64115Crystal Mallet
64116Crystal Mallet
64117Warrior's Skull
64118Warrior's Skull
64119Heart Key
64120Heart Key
64121Mind Key
64122Mind Key
64123Spirit Key
64124This fragment of an ancient and tattered scroll is inscribed with ornate calligraphy which reads: "...Let the Bell be rung forth a second time, in honor of the Holy One As His name shall forever ring across the lands. Let the Ritual Candle be lit, in honor of the Holy One As His name shall forever be a glowing beacon to the faithful..."
64125Spirit Key
64126This fragment of an ancient and tattered scroll is inscribed with ornate calligraphy which reads: "...And the Sacred Book shall be placed open upon the Altar. Let the consecrated wisdom of the Holy Word bless the Faithful. Let the Bell ring forth a final time in joyous celebration of His name. Praised and triumphant to Eternity's end, the Ritual is complete."
64127Green Globe
64128This fragment of an ancient and tattered scroll is inscribed with ornate calligraphy which reads: "Place the Book, Bell, and Candle upon the Altar! Celebrate the Holy Name, forever praised and renowned! Summon the Faithful; gather at the Altar! Witness His glory and triumph; ring the Sacred Bell! As it is written, the Ritual has begun..."
64129Green Globe
64130Red Globe
64131Red Globe
64132Blue Globe
64133Blue Globe
64134This candle smells strongly of sandalwood. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
64135Purple Globe
64136Purple Globe
64137The tome in your hand contains passages numbered by chapter and verse, all in praise of a nameless, long-forgotten deity. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
64138This bell is rusted and tarnished, though it still makes a sound when rung. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
64139This particular work is obviously much newer than any of the other volumes contained within the temple library. History of the Imprisoned One: He also serves who stands and waits and watches carefully. Such is the lesson of the Great Guard, Helm of the Unsleeping Eyes. Let the events of this forgotten temple serve as an example to all who would follow the Vigilant One. Beneath this hallowed earth, the avatar of the Watcher confronted great evil, a Prince of the Underplanes. Through steadfast perseverance, Helm, Guardian of the Gods, fulfilled his sacred duty and bound the creature in the bowels of the temple that it might walk the world no more. Speak not the beast's name, ye Knights of the Vigil, but guard this place. Protect the wards which seal the Imprisoned One within, and remain ever watchful. Never betray your trust—such is the will of Helm.
64140This stone looks as if it has been split in half. There is an inscription on it: Two towers to ever guard the tomb, Two wards to now enter the room. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
64141This stone looks as if it has been split in half. There is a picture of a golem on it. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
64142The long handle attached to this flint and tinderbox leads you to believe it was specifically designed for lighting stoves, ovens, or hearth fireplaces. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
64143This note is written in the fine, flowing script of a professional scribe: Regrettably, the old priest could not remember the holy passage to be read during today's service. His noble soul is willing, yet his aging mind fails him in his hour of need. Perhaps the discreet embroidering of the appropriate chapter and verse into the sleeve of his ceremonial robe will alleviate future embarrassments.
64144This note is written in a trembling, shaky hand: The winter chill of this holy place seeps into the very marrow of my bones. Alas, I have misplaced the tinderbox for the hearth, and without it, I am unable to light the kitchen fires. The blizzard does not abate, and I fear I feel the cold touch of the grave upon my heart.
64145This key is particularly intricate and ornate in its design. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
64146It is a miracle that this moldy, misshapen footwear has not already dissolved into a pile of rancid dust. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Cold Resistance: +25% Weight: 1
64147This is the scroll provided by the Knights of the Vigil to reinforce the seals keeping the Imprisoned One in the dungeon.
64148This religious symbol of Helm allows you to pass through the wards guarding the entrance to the Imprisoned One's dungeon. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
64149The air feels unusually stale and heavy here. It's as if all of the energy and power has been sucked out of the room.
64150The ritual scroll you received from the apparition of the Vigil Knight closely resembles the scroll originally given to you by Odren—though this one tingles with greater power.
64153The air tingles with energy and power, making the very hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
64156Machine of Lum the Mad
64157Machine of Lum
64158Greetings, my <BROTHERSISTER>, and welcome to the House of Waukeen. I am Sister Farielle. How may I serve you?
64159Bell Jar
64161Bell Jar
64162Then may Waukeen watch over you, my <BROTHERSISTER>.
64163I would like to see your services.
64166Can you tell me anything about Gromnir Il-Khan?
64168Certainly, my <BROTHERSISTER>. We do not have much, due to this siege, but I will offer whatever aid I can.
64169What do you know about the Lady Melissan?
64171Is there still more I may do to aid you, <BROTHERSISTER>?
64172I would like to see your services.
64174Can you tell me anything about Gromnir Il-Khan?
64175What do you know about a woman named Melissan?
64176Do you know a way I might get into the castle and speak to Gromnir?
64177Gromnir is a tormented man, afflicted in both spirit and mind. The taint of Bhaal poisons his blood and tortures his soul. I would feel more pity for him, but he has been... very cruel.
64178Gromnir trusts no one and has locked himself away in the palace to await the inevitable end of this siege, though I fear that he will first bring destruction to us all.
64180A virtuous woman, a truly kind and compassionate lady. She brought the Bhaalspawn to Saradush, to find them sanctuary within its walls. It is not her fault that Gromnir took advantage of our hospitality... she meant well.
64181Alas, this siege has thwarted her noble efforts. When the walls fall, as they surely must, all the Bhaalspawn will be slaughtered, and her efforts to save them will be for naught.
64182Pyrgam Aleson at your service. I hope we have what you need. A stiff drink, perhaps? Dark times call for dark ale, am I right my <LADYLORD>?
64183I'd like to see what services you have.
64184Not too many friendly faces in this town, are there?
64185Is there any way to get out of this town, or are we all trapped here?
64186What can you tell me about Gromnir Il-Khan?
64187Do you know anything about a woman named Melissan?
64188Do you know any way I might get inside the castle to speak to Gromnir?
64189Excellent! Please see the bartender for a list of our services and items for sale.
64190Saradush was a nice place not too long ago. Then the Bhaalspawn started showing up, Gromnir took over, and now we're under siege. Can't blame folks if they've taken a dislike to strangers.
64191Do you think I'd still be here running my business if I knew a way out? Not even the mages can escape this place, or so I've heard.
64192Bah! I should spit in disgust every time I hear his name, but he's not worth the effort. Gromnir Il-Khan's nothing but a bully—a cruel, cowardly little despot.
64193It was bad enough around here with all these refugees showing up these past few months. But at least they didn't bother nobody. Gromnir's a different story.
64194First, his troops ran off Count Santele. Then they started terrorizing the townsfolk. Next thing we know, we're caught between a tyrant we hate and an army outside our walls that wants to kill us all just to get at him!
64195Melissan? Wish I'd never heard her name. Nothing against her as a person, you understand. She's a fine woman, always looking to help out the less fortunate.
64196But that's the problem, see? She brought these Bhaalspawn to Saradush to try and protect 'em, and now the whole town is doomed. Good intentions, bad results.
64197Still, life and business go on. For a while. All a man can do is carry on and hope for the best, that's my philosophy. Anything else I can help you with?
64198Suit yourself. Just remember—most folk don't take kindly to outsiders around here. But me... I tend to take a more philosophical view. Come back if you change your mind.
64199I'd like to see what services you have.
64200Not too many friendly faces in this town, are there?
64201Is there any way to get out of this town, or are we all trapped here?
64202What can you tell me about Gromnir Il-Khan?
64203Do you know anything about a woman named Melissan?
64204I thought people in town would be a little more appreciative after I got rid of Gromnir.
64209Spirit Warrior
64210Spirit Warrior
64211Helmite Ghost
64212Helmite Ghost
64213Spirit Panel
64214Spirit Panel
64215Globe Machine
64216Globe Machine
64219Ah, the famous liberators of our town, the slayers of the tyrant Gromnir. What can I do for you, my heroic <LADYLORD>?
64220No disrespect intended I assure you, my <LADYLORD>. You just have to understand that things haven't changed much for us here in town, even with Gromnir gone.
64221I'd like to see what services you have.
64222You sound a little sarcastic and bitter when you say that.
64223I thought people in town would be a little more appreciative after I got rid of Gromnir.
64224Do you know any way to get out of this town, or are we trapped here?
64225Do you know anything about Melissan?
64226Nothing for me right now. I'll be going.
64227Do you know any way I might get into the castle to speak with Gromnir?
64228The children of Bhaal still walk our streets, and there's an army outside our walls willing to kill us all just to get at them. Gromnir may be dead, but nothing has really changed for us.
64229You... you're one of them, aren't you? A B-b-bhaalspawn! Don't hurt me, please!
64230I'm not looking for trouble, my <LADYLORD>. What do you wish of me?
64231Where can I go to find a drink around here?
64232Can you tell me anything about Gromnir?
64233What do you know about the Lady Melissan?
64234Who are you?
64235Pyrgam Aleson at the Tankard Tree will serve you, my <LADYLORD>. It has a fair stock, even in these scarce times. I wouldn't mind a swig or two myself right about now.
64236You did indeed... although that was no fault of mine. It was you that summoned me then, even if the words were my own. I have done nothing but attempt to reform myself since.
64237Gromnir? I... I want no trouble with Gromnir and his soldiers. I have nothing to say about them.
64238Melissan? Our town is... honored... to serve as a haven for the Lady and her Bhaalspawn refugees. This siege is... we don't blame her for this. At least, I don't, truly. She's an all right sort, even if none of us knows where she's from.
64239I? I did not bring you here, fool. It has taken me long enough to re-form since you last summoned me. You do remember killing me, <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>, yes?
64241No one of importance, I assure you, my <PRO_LADYLORD>. There is no need for a child of Bhaal to take an interest in me. I am just a simple man; all I want is to be left alone.
64242If... if that is all, I must go. Please excuse me. I don't want any trouble.
64243The temple will serve you, I'm sure. None are turned away from their gates.
64246Yaga-Shura's army will kill us all—we're doomed! With General Il-Khan alive, we at least had a chance to fight!
64247As you will recall, it is your will that shapes our father's realm... whether you are aware of what you do or not. I myself am nothing now but the shadow you see before you.
64248Hmph—I don't recognize you. You must be one of them Bhaal children. Figured you'd be inside the castle with Gromnir and the others.
64249Yes, I should be in the castle. Do you know how I can get in?
64250Can you tell me anything about Gromnir?
64251What do you know about the Lady Melissan?
64252Are you saying that I am in Hell once again?
64253Where would I find somewhere to rest and restock my supplies?
64254Who are you?
64255Oh, of course! General Gromnir always makes a point of coming to me personal-like and sharing his secrets!
64256Brought you Bhaalspawn types and those refugees to our town and brought a heap o' trouble right behind! Bloody do-gooder should've minded her own business—we'd all be better off!
64257You think just 'cause you're one of them Bhaalspawn I'm here to be your servant? Open your eyes and use your feet—that'll get you where you want to go!
64258None of your business, Bhaalspawn. I ain't scared of you like the rest, and my name ain't yours for the askin'!
64260Now shove off, ye bloody Bhaal runt. I don't want me friends to see me talking to the likes of you.
64262That doesn't explain what you're doing here.
64263Well, shadow or not, I'll destroy you again!
64264Please help us! Gromnir's men terrorize us in the streets, and I fear the army outside will soon burn Saradush to the ground.
64265You have saved us from the tyrant Gromnir. Please don't abandon us now! The army of Yaga-Shura will burn Saradush to the ground if you don't save us!
64266So, Gromnir's dead, and you're in charge now, eh? Got any bright ideas on how to stop that army outside those walls? Didn't think so.
64267The least you could do is show me a little gratitude for getting rid of Gromnir!
64268You better start treating me with a little respect—I'm the only hope this town has left!
64269I think you need to learn a little lesson about manners, wench!
64270Ye're just like that other Bhaalspawn—a bully pushin' us good folk around, wantin' us to fawn all over ye! I ain't got nothin' more to say to you!
64271Gromnir's locked himself up in that castle and left us out here to rot! That's Bhaalspawn gratitude for ye.
64272The walls of our city can't keep that giant's army out much longer. Waukeen save us when they give way.
64273Look at our town... refugees everywhere, Gromnir's men wreaking havoc in the streets. Damn that general!
64274Even with Gromnir dead, you Bhaalspawn continue to torment us! I have nothing of value; please just let me be... leave us all alone!
64275Are you a Bhaalspawn? You don't look so scary to me.
64276Gromnir has a big army. When I grow up, I want a big army.
64277I want to go play in the fields, but Momma won't let me go outside the walls.
64278Shush! Momma says I'm not to talk to strangers.
64279Gromnir's mean. My momma said so.
64280My momma says I should run away if strangers talk to me.
64281You... you do not know where you are, do you? You did not come here on purpose?
64282Ha ha! What a bitter irony this is! You who stumble about nearly blind to your true power continue to survive while I, Sarevok, am reduced to this. Bah! Very well, <CHARNAME>... I shall tell you where you are.
64283I have no quarrel with you, <CHARNAME>. I am an ally to all the children of Bhaal, as you will learn! I will return when you are ready to see reason.
64284Greetings, <CHARNAME>. I am Melissan—a friend. Welcome to Saradush. I regret your first encounter in this town was so... bloody.
64285Vorpal Hit
64286I wish to make a deal, naturally. I have little to lose, dear "<PRO_BROTHERSISTER>"... and plenty to gain. As do you. And I have waited in your home a considerable time to parley with you.
64287How do you know my name?
64288My home? What are you talking about?
64289Everywhere I go, people try to kill me. How do I know I can trust you?
64290Forget it, Sarevok. I've no intention of dealing with you.
64291I'm used to bloody encounters. I kind of enjoy them.
64293You cannot destroy me, <CHARNAME>, as I am nothing but a shade. And I wager you don't possess the power to force me to leave your home.
64294What do you mean, "home"? I don't live here!
64295I want some answers, and I want them now!
64296You are within our father's abyssal realm, <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>. That plane once ruled by Bhaal and now shaped by the taint present in your soul... but no longer present in mine. You have been here before.
64298Wild surge averted due to Chaos Shield.
64299This is a... a cocoon, of sorts. A miniature version of our father's larger realm, sort of a plane-within-a-plane. I assumed your mind formed it to protect you from the power of this place. Rather ingenious, dear <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>... I wouldn't have thought you'd had it in you.
64300Regardless, I spotted it forming and guessed at its purpose. So I came here and waited, knowing that eventually you would come... and that then we could discuss my... deal.
64301I have watched the events of your life quite closely, <CHARNAME>, as I do with all the progeny of the Lord of Murder. I have seen many of your kin slain over these past months.
64302I do not know how you came to be here, <CHARNAME>, but I fear you are now trapped here in Saradush like the rest of us.
64303Beyond the walls of Saradush awaits the army of Yaga-Shura. They have laid siege to this town, seeking the death of all those here who share your tainted blood.
64304Yaga-Shura is a Bhaalspawn, <CHARNAME>—perhaps as powerful as you yourself. He and his army will not rest until every child of Bhaal within these walls lies dead.
64305Until you prove yourself, there are some secrets I must keep to guarantee the safety of the people I have sworn to protect. If you wish to save yourself from Yaga-Shura, you will aid me regardless.
64306What kind of deal? What could *you* want?
64307Tell me how to get out of here... that's all I want to know.
64311Meander about, then. Search for your way out, if you must. You'll be back.
64315There is little hope of escape from this besieged town. In addition to the army surrounding us, dark magic prevents us from even sending a message beyond the walls.
64316First, we must deal with General Gromnir—the man who now runs the city of Saradush.
64318Gromnir is also a child of Bhaal and was once a powerful general. I brought him and his loyal men here to protect Saradush and the many Bhaalspawn gathered here seeking sanctuary.
64319Chaos Shield
64320Chaos Shield (Abjuration) Level: 2 Range: 0 Duration: 5 rounds + 1 turn/5 levels Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None Chaos Shield increases a Wild Mage's chance to gain a favorable result when a Wild Surge occurs. Every time a roll is made on the Wild Surge chart, an extra 15 is added to the dice roll. When Nahal's Reckless Dweomer is cast, the bonus from Chaos Shield stacks with the Wild Mage's level bonus.
64324Improved Chaos Shield
64326Improved Chaos Shield (Abjuration) Level: 7 Range: 0 Duration: 2 hours Casting Time: 7 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None Improved Chaos Shield increases a Wild Mage's chance to gain a favorable result when a Wild Surge occurs. Every time a roll is made on the Wild Surge chart, an extra 25 is added to the dice roll. When Nahal's Reckless Dweomer is cast, the bonus from Improved Chaos Shield stacks with the Wild Mage's level bonus.
64327But Gromnir is mad. He has barricaded himself in the castle throne room, and his troops run amok through the town with no regard for the lives and rights of the citizens of Saradush.
64328The actions of Gromnir and his soldiers have caused dissension within the town and made it almost impossible for the loyal Saradush militia to defend the walls. We must first defeat the enemy within before we can end this siege.
64329And where would you go? This is not a building, dear <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>, this is the *entire* plane. And unless you've acquired plane-traveling abilities since last we met, there is only one way out of here.
64331You must find a way to get inside the castle to Gromnir. Perhaps you can reason with him... but I fear he is beyond reason. I am afraid you will have to kill the general to give Saradush any hope of surviving the siege.
64332I may be difficult to find after this, <CHARNAME>. The town suffers, and my hours are spent doing what I can for the people. If you have another question, I suggest you ask it now.
64333is Casting
64334is Attacking
64335The siege could last a few days or a few months. Act quickly, <CHARNAME>, and may fortune shine on your mission.
64336I realize your life has been one of bloodshed and betrayals. I can offer you no guarantees. I only offer the truth and hope you will see it is in your own best interest to aid me.
64337I know what it is, but you do not. Nor, I suspect, do you have the time or patience to learn on your own. Accept my proposal, <CHARNAME>, and I will tell you.
64338Such is the legacy of your father; you have learned to expect such treatment from all those you meet. But heed my words, <CHARNAME>, or even your remarkable skills may not save you this time.
64339Tell me your proposal, then. What do you want?
64340Your demand is not unreasonable, <CHARNAME>. You are entitled to an explanation. I only pray you see fit to aid us once you have heard my words.
64341Forget it. I will find my own way out.
64342Trapped? I have yet to find the prison that can hold me!
64343Trapped? By who?
64344I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it's my job to get everyone out of this "trap."
64346Is there any hope of stopping this slaughter?
64347If I help you, what do I get out of all this?
64359Such a betrayal is worthy of death!
64360I should break down the castle walls and slay this Gromnir for his cowardice!
64361I like this Gromnir's style!
64362For the sake of the town, I will try to reason with this mad general.
64363I'll kill this Gromnir... but only because you promised to tell me about my destiny afterwards.
64367I like to know who my enemies are—could you tell me more about Yaga-Shura?
64368Is there somewhere I can go to get provisions and supplies?
64369Can you offer any tips on getting into Gromnir's castle?
64370I have no more questions, Melissan. The fate of Saradush is on my shoulders, and I shall not falter!
64371No more questions. I'll help since it means getting valuable information from you.
64372One last thing... any idea how long we have until the walls are breached?
64373How can I stop the slaughter of Saradush?
64376Your own life is tied to the fate of Saradush, <CHARNAME>. If you do not help us now, the army of Yaga-Shura will destroy everyone within this town—including you.
64377Why should I be so afraid of this Yaga-Shura?
64378I am a child of Bhaal! I fear nothing!
64379Why is Yaga-Shura so intent on destroying the Bhaalspawn?
64385What do you think I would want, dear <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>? I wish to exist... I wish to be alive again. You can do that.
64386Short Sword of Mask +4
64387Short Sword of Mask +5
64388The smallest fraction of your soul, my <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>... given freely, with the taint of our dead father within it. That would recreate my flesh, restore my mortality... Sarevok would live again!
64389And what would I be getting in return for this?
64390Understandably, most people will resent the presence of yet another Bhaalspawn in Saradush. But the innkeeper at the Tankard Tree is more tolerant than most, and the temple of Waukeen will turn no one away.
64392I have some more questions to ask you.
64393I killed you once before... what makes you think I would want to return you to life?
64394Angurvadal +4
64395I will do what I can to help. How long until the walls of Saradush fall?
64398I can offer little advice in this matter. Gromnir's own mages make approaching the gates hopeless... you will have to find another way in. I just pray one exists.
64399I do not come to the table empty-handed, <CHARNAME>. You think me a fool? You are stronger than me... I do not contest that. But I can help you. And that has its price.
64400I have some more questions to ask you.
64401I will do what I can to help. How long until the walls of Saradush fall?
64403Do you know how I can get inside Gromnir's castle?
64405And just how is it that you can help me?
64407There is the knowledge of how to leave this plane of yours, <CHARNAME>. That is one thing I can give you, although I did not know that when I came here.
64408Purifier +4
64409No, what I offer you is knowledge that is much more relevant. Something that dates back to my mortal days when I was gaining power within the Iron Throne. Something that you will find... most intriguing.
64410Why is Yaga-Shura killing all the other Bhaalspawn?
64411Purifier +5
64412What say you?
64413And just how did you come by this supposed knowledge?
64414Knowledge? That's all you're offering for a piece of my soul?
64415Uh-huh. And what's to stop me from just killing you again after you tell me all this?
64416Tell me now, and I'll judge whether your information is worth it.
64417Is there no other way of restoring you?
64418Is there no other way of restoring you?
64419Forget it, Sarevok. There is no way I'm trusting you.
64420Nothing for me right now. I'll be going.
64421Nothing for me right now. I'll be going.
64422I gathered much of the old lore when I was alive, my <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>. As you will recall, it was my goal to assume the mantle of our father. I am dead, perhaps, but the lore still holds true... for you.
64423Don't know why you'd want to go meet with Gromnir Il-Khan—most of us do our best to avoid him and his troops. But I just might be able to help you out in this matter. For a fee.
64424A fee? Forget it.
64425Isn't the fact that I'm here to help Saradush enough for you?
64426Isn't the fact that I'm here to help Saradush enough for you?
64427Fine. How much do you want?
64430Foebane +3
64432Foebane +5
64437It goes against my basic nature, but I guess you make a good point. Okay, listen up and I'll tell you a little story.
64438Hey, business is business, even in these troubled times. If you want the information, you have to pony up the gold.
64439Bah! Knowledge is more important than *anything*, fool. And what I ask for is but a spark... a spark of the divine taint within you. I will be no Bhaalspawn, my own taint long gone... but I will be alive again.
64440Forget it! You can keep your secret and die like a dog when Saradush is overrun!
64441Fine. How much do you want?
64442I'll need 1,000 gold to share this little secret.
64444Here's your money. Now start talking.
64446I'll give you 500. That's it.
64447I don't have that much. Can you lower the price at all?
644491,000 gold! You're mad! I won't pay you anything!
64451Sorry, my friend. This is a seller's market. The full 1,000 or no deal. Come on back when you're ready, willing, and able to part with that precious gold.
64455There's an old, abandoned jail in the city where Count Santele could imprison his political enemies. Rumor holds there was a secret passage from the jail into the castle.
64458I don't need anything right now.
64460I don't need anything right now.
64462But the jail never got much use, and nobody bothered to look after it. Eventually, it became overrun with undead, and the count secretly asked Sister Farielle at the Temple to seal the entrance.
64471Sister Farielle and I have a very *close* relationship, if you get my drift. If you talk to her, she might give you the key to the sealed door of the jail, seeing as how we're all doomed anyway.
64477Several years ago, I was asked to seal the entrance to the city jail to keep a great evil from escaping into the city. As a cleric of some power, I was the only one who could do so.
64481I am loath to reopen the entrance lest the evil escape into the city. But if you think you can reason with Gromnir or aid the city somehow, perhaps it is worth the risk.
64482I sensed that powerful undead creatures had taken up residence in the abandoned jail cells. More than this I cannot say, though I would suggest you bring holy water with you before going down there.
64483What kind of evil are we talking about?
64485This key will open the door to the jail... The door itself has been warded against the undead, but once you are below, you will have no protection against them yourself.
64489You will find the door across the street. I wish I could tell you where to go once you are down there... I know it connects to the castle, but not how. Take the key and be safe, <BROTHERSISTER>.
64491Nothing, perhaps. Doing so would not return to you that which you freely gave, however.
64493And what would you kill me for? Revenge? You had your revenge. Do you truly blame my old ambition? I would do the same again, if I could. I cannot, however, and you've nothing to fear in me.
64495Yes. He is the one... Mateo. He is the... traitor.
64498I am certain. Before my beloved son, Ardic... disappeared, he told me he had witnessed... Mateo... opening the gate.
64501Yes, please... take me away from this place.
64502Carsomyr +6
64503My son is... missing, my husband banished by Gromnir. Please just leave me alone with my grief.
64507Please, I have nothing to say to you.
64508Please, my lady. I have spoken with Mateo.
64509I know Mateo has been falsely accused, you old hag!
64510Why have you betrayed your son's dearest friend with your false accusations?
64511Oh, Mateo! *Sob* Forgive me—I had no choice. I could not bear to lose my son.
64512I... I was forced to do this. By Kiser Jhaeri. He has kidnapped my boy, Ardic! He said if I accused Mateo, he would return my son to me.
64513How does accusing Mateo of treason and murder help your son?
64514I won't let an innocent man suffer for your actions, woman!
64515Okay, I want the whole story—NOW!
64516Gram the Sword of Grief +5
64523I am no fool. I struggled just to get here after you destroyed me last, and I know that events move on even as we speak. You have no time to learn these things on your own... and I will never get another opportunity such as this.
64525But now he has gone back on his word. He says he will keep my son to guarantee my silence. I fear... I fear the worst—that Kiser has no intention of ever returning my son.
64527What treachery! Kiser Jhaeri must face the wrath of justice!
64529What a snake. I can kill him for you, if you want.
64530You should have just stuck a dagger in his belly when this whole thing started.
64535I... do not know. Avoid crossing you, dear <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>, certainly that. My ambition was everything once. Now that the taint is gone, I... am unsure. But I wish to live.
64536Dagger of the Star +4
64544Dagger of the Star +5
64545Ixil's Spike
64546Perhaps there is. Any divine spark will do, no matter which of Bhaal's children it comes from. I truly doubt our other dear little sibling here has half the courage required, however.
64547He... he's talking about *me*, isn't he? Part of my soul will bring him back to life too.
64548Figured that out all on your own, did you? While the thought of harboring a spark of your sugary-sweet soul for eternity does not exactly fill me with joy... yes, it would provide just as well.
64549I'm not as "sweet" as you think, Sarevok. And you don't deserve a second chance at life! You killed Gorion!
64550I killed far more than he, dear Imoen, in the course of my ambition. Ask yourself how many you have killed... or <CHARNAME>. Are you so innocent? Was Gorion? I ask for no forgiveness.
64551No! Kiser must not be harmed, I beg you. He is the only one who knows where my son is.
64552Nor would you get it! I... I don't know, <CHARNAME>. He doesn't deserve life. But... if it's important... I'll give up part of my soul. You saved mine from Bodhi; you shouldn't have to sacrifice again.
64553So what would you have me do?
64554Axe of the Unyielding +3
64555Letting Kiser get away with this is not going to get you your son back, Countess.
64556So you just want to leave Mateo to rot in prison? Fine by me.
64557Axe of the Unyielding +5
64558I... I don't know what to do. I wish Mateo to be free. I wish Kiser to be punished. But most of all, I just wish my son was safe by my side.
64559I have little to reward you with, but perhaps... perhaps you could go to Kiser's home and speak with him. Maybe somehow you can convince him to release my son.
64560Is there anything else you can tell me?
64561K'logarath +4
64562You... you have returned? Have you spoken with Kiser yet?
64563No, I have not spoken with him yet.
64564Not yet. Is there anything else you can tell me?
64565I have nothing else I can tell you. Please, go to Kiser's home and speak with him.
64566Countess, do you know any way I can get in to the castle to see Gromnir?
64567You... do you bring me news of my son?
64568Kiser will return Ardic if I kill the wizard Errard.
64569If you're certain, then do it. This is important.
64570Kiser Jhaeri is dead, but I still do not know where your son is.
64571Sorry, Countess. Kiser made me an offer I can't refuse—eliminate the only witness!
64572Your own sacrifice will not be forgotten, Imoen.
64573Help! Guards, protect me!
64574No, Imoen. I won't allow you to give up part of your soul for me.
64575Forget it. Neither of us is giving Sarevok anything. I don't trust him.
64576Kiser wants you dead, Countess. I came to warn you.
64577Ah, so <CHARNAME> finds someone to take the blow for <PRO_HIMHER>. Are you sure, child? You cannot turn about later and claim <CHARNAME> was using you. It must be of your own free will.
64578I would lay down my life for <CHARNAME>, and more. In an instant. Always. Maybe one day, "brother," you'll understand what that means.
64579No! No, this cannot be! You... please go speak to the wizard Errard. You will find him manning the walls of the town. Maybe... maybe he knows a way to yet save my son.
64580No—you must not do such a thing! Errard is a good man—only his intervention spared me and my son from Gromnir's wrath when he had my husband banished.
64581Only Errard's magic protects Saradush right now—if the wizard is slain, the city is as good as doomed! Oh, is there no hope?
64582With a spark of you within me, I have little doubt I'll be prancing gaily through flower fields before the season is over. Regardless, I'll take that as a yes.
64583What do you suggest I do, Countess?
64584It's just... just a spark, like he said. You saved me, <CHARNAME>. You came for me in Spellhold, and you killed Bodhi. If this needs to be done, then I want to do it. I owe you, no matter what you say.
64585You have doomed us all! Errard is dead—without his magic to protect us, Saradush will be destroyed!
64586I didn't save your soul just to have you give it up, even part of it.
64587I said no, and I meant it.
64588I... I thank you for saving my son. I wish I could offer you more of a reward, but this is all I have.
64589If... if you're certain... then all right.
64590I have heard the news. My son... is dead. You could not save him. Please... leave me to my grief.
64591Never mind. Neither of us is giving up anything to Sarevok.
64592There is no other way, <CHARNAME>, unless you have another Bhaalspawn about that I am unaware of. It is your spark or nothing. Choose.
64593Staff of the Ram +4
64594Countess Santele, I know this is difficult for you. But you have to make a positive identification.
64595You are certain, Countess? There is no mistake?
64596You make no demands of me, Kiser Jhaeri! I fulfill my duties as I see fit! Men, take Mateo away. And escort the countess to her quarters.
64597You are free to go, Kiser. Get out of my sight—I'm in no mood to see your unscrupulous face right now!
64598What? Oh, you must be the ones Melissan told me about. Just what our town needs—more Bhaalspawn. *sigh* My name is Captain Samand, and I'm a very busy man right now.
64599Well, you better make it quick. I can't stay for long—I must see to the defense of the walls.
64600Why did your soldiers drag that young man away?
64601I'd like to ask you a few questions about Gromnir.
64602What can you tell me about Melissan?
64603Do you know some way I can get into the castle to see Gromnir?
64604Is there anywhere in town I can go to replenish my supplies or maybe get some healing?
64605Gromnir isn't much of a soldier—abandoning the city like he did. And as a ruler, he's even more of a tyrant than Count Santele.
64607I need to ask you a few questions.
64608The townsfolk are better off since Il-Khan locked himself in that castle. Me and my soldiers have served as the Saradush militia for years—we don't need Gromnir's help to defend the town.
64609Excellent. I have access to a Spectral Brand and a scroll of wish, both rather impressive items. And there is the gem, of course. What would you wish to play for?
64610I'm not ready to play just yet.
64611I will play for the Spectral Brand.
64612I have some more questions.
64613I will play for the scroll of wish.
64614Very well. Then I suppose I will allow Imoen to do it.
64615I will play for the gem.
64616Saradush would have been better off if she had never brought all those Bhaalspawn here. Sure, she tries to help during the siege—but it's too little, too late. The damage is already done.
64617So be it. I agree.
64618I need to ask you another question.
64620I have not decided yet.
64621The only way in I know of is straight through the front gates—but those are locked up tight. Sorry, Bhaalspawn, but you're stuck out here with the rest of us.
64622Forget it. I don't trust you.
64623As you wish. By all means, stroll about and examine what you will of your domain. Time passes, and events move with them. I'm sure it will not take long even for you to realize the truth.
64624Can I ask you another question?
64625Go to the Tankard Tree—the bartender there can set you up with anything you need. Or the Temple of Waukeen, if you're the religious type.
64626Can I ask you another question?
64627So I have cheated death! Thank you, dear <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>... no gift could please me more.
64628That? Oh... a most unpleasant matter. A few days ago, someone opened a secret gate into the town—Saradush could easily have been overrun. We just discovered the traitor was a young man named Mateo.
64629You don't sound convinced.
64630There's no doubt in my mind that *someone* betrayed us. The enemy came through a small sewer outlet that was protected by both a locked iron grate and several powerful magical wards.
64631There is no way to open that entrance from the outside. But Mateo is a faithful soldier, not the type of man to betray Saradush.
64632Maybe he didn't. Are there any other suspects?
64633An alarm was raised, and my soldiers arrived only a few moments after the gate was opened. We found three people in the area: Mateo, Ardic Santele, and the merchant Kiser Jhaeri.
64634When we began our investigations, I strongly suspected Kiser. He's a greedy, self-serving weasel who would sell his own mother if the price was right.
64635Begone. I wish to speak to <CHARNAME> only and not one of <PRO_HISHER> hapless minions. You can do nothing for me.
64636What changed your mind?
64637Oh, I get it. It had to be the merchant, right? Not one of your own precious soldiers.
64638Well, if it isn't my dear little sister. Tell me, little one... are you still prancing about pretending that you are a thief? Do you think yourself worthy of carrying Bhaal's blood in your veins?
64639So why did you arrest Mateo?
64640We didn't get a chance to complete our investigations. Ardic, the son of the Countess Santele, disappeared. He was our primary witness.
64641No, not Ardic. Someone who didn't know better might think Ardic was taking revenge for Gromnir's banishment of his father. But the count was nothing but a cruel, violent bastard. Gromnir did Ardic and the countess a favor, and Ardic bears no ill will towards the town.
64642Perhaps Ardic himself is the culprit. Did you consider this?
64643But somehow you still made an arrest.
64644No, it isn't. Ardic was taking his regular shift manning the battlements—he wouldn't be the first taken by an enemy arrow or some foul spell. Or maybe Mateo murdered him.
64645Our attention was focused on the vile Kiser Jhaeri, but we had no proof. Then the countess told us that Ardic, her son, had implicated Mateo before he disappeared.
64646Serpent Shaft
64647That's a pretty weak case, if you ask me.
64648Maybe Ardic and the countess are behind this, seeking revenge on Gromnir for banishing the count.
64649No more worthy than you, "brother." And I've learned things since we last met that you couldn't begin to dream of.
64650Staff of the Ram +6
64651How do you know the countess is telling the truth?
64652Oh? I wouldn't know about that. Spend your time in the Abyss, girl, dead and destroyed... and we'll see just what sorts of dreams you have then. I'd wager you'd wilt like a flower in the heat.
64653I doubt it. Both Ardic and the countess hated the count. He had a short temper and a heavy hand. If Gromnir hadn't banished him... well, who can say?
64654But you are still convicting Mateo solely on hearsay.
64655So why don't you go back to being just dead and stop bothering us? I hope <CHARNAME> leaves you to rot!
64656If you knew the countess, you would know her word is beyond reproach. And she has nothing to gain from a lie—Mateo was Ardic's closest friend. Accusing him was very traumatic for her.
64657Still, I have to admit this does not sit well in my gullet. I was so sure Kiser Jhaeri was the culprit. To discover it was one of my own men... I'm shocked.
64658So now you just sit back and wait for the executioner?
64659Seems like you want to wrap this up with a quick execution.
64660So? Have you discovered your way out yet, <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>? Have you figured out everything you wish, or have you decided to listen to reason?
64661Mind if I come to watch the traitor's execution?
64662Mateo will not be executed—not while we are under siege. The defense of Saradush is my first concern... but if I had more time, I would investigate further. I just want to find the truth.
64663I'll listen to your proposal, Sarevok. Tell me what it is you want.
64664Perhaps I could delve deeper into this matter for you.
64665Sounds like you want someone to investigate this matter further, Captain.
64666You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!
64667I'm not finished looking around yet.
64668If you wish to investigate further, I will not stand in your way. Speak to Mateo in his cell. The jailer will let you see him.
64669I've decided that we will do as you ask. Imoen will restore you to life.
64670I've decided that I will do as you ask, Sarevok. I will restore you.
64671Still, his disappearance is pretty suspicious.
64672Why do you suspect Mateo now?
64673Ixil's Nail +4
64674I'd like to know first how you came by this knowledge of yours.
64675Thank you for the information. I shall be going now.
64676I will go visit Mateo in the jail at once. I will right this injustice!
64677Forget it. Mateo is on his own.
64678I still need to ask you some other questions.
64679I don't know how willing I am to give up part of my soul for some information.
64680What you do is your own concern. I must away to aid in the defense of Saradush.
64681And what's to stop me from just killing you again after you tell me what you know?
64682I think I've heard enough. I'll be going now.
64683Tell me now, and I'll judge whether your information is worth it.
64684Is there no other way to restore you?
64685Is there no other way to restore you?
64686Ravager +4
64687Yamato +4
64688Usuno's Blade +4
64689Spectral Brand +4
64690I live! Flesh and blood and bone! I am ALIVE! Ha ha ha ha ha! I swore I would scratch and crawl my way back into the world of the living... and I have done it!
64692Though my sword and armor have not appeared. No matter. Without the Bhaal essence to channel their powers, they are of little use. I shall make do without them, as I once did. Thank you, <CHARNAME>. I am pleased.
64693Don't thank me. Thank Imoen.
64694No, the countess must be mad with grief! There must be some mistake!
64695Why are you doing this, Countess? I am Ardic's friend! Your son and I grew up together!
64696Spectral Blade
64697Spectral Blade
64698There. Surely you now see, my overzealous Captain Samand, that your egregious accusations have needlessly vilified my impeccable character.
64699Captain, I stringently demand you incarcerate this heinous felon immediately!
64700Well, Captain? Am I free to go now? Is this travesty of justice, this witch hunt, this... this fiasco finally at an end?
64701That's odd... I don't feel any different.
64702I held up my side of the bargain, Sarevok. Now tell me what you know.
64703Whatever. Now spill it or we start round three, you understand?
64704Certainly. Thank you, little sister. While it must gall you to no end, I shall treasure your tiny spark within me.
64705Hmph. You'd better. I don't... feel any differently, though. Somehow I thought I would.
64706Did I not say it was only an insignificant portion? I suspected that doing it here, in this place, it might work... but I was not sure. It is good to see that I was correct after all.
64707You weren't *sure*? That was quite a risk.
64708You weren't *sure* that it would work?! I knew it. You were bluffing the whole time!
64709Spectral Brand +5
64710I did not get to where I did in life without risk, fool. It was no bluff... I knew enough to suspect that it might work, since our heritage was the same. But none of that is important. I imagine you are eager to hear what I have to say.
64711The first thing I shall tell you of is how to leave this pocket plane that you have created. It is an extension of your will, <CHARNAME>... it exists because you need it to exist.
64712It is this plane which creates the portal out, but it will not take you where you wish to go. It takes you where you need to be. Or, perhaps, where you believe you need to be.
64713I suppose such abuse is the best approximation of an apology I can expect from an uncouth cretin such as yourself, Captain Samand.
64714But I cannot give you the ability to make this plane create such a portal. There are many barred passages in this plane of yours that I know little of. One, however, I can open... and beyond it lies what you seek. Watch...
64715Enter that room and face your challenge, <CHARNAME>. It will be difficult... you may not want to do it alone. There is a... spirit... here which can summon those companions you require for your party, if you require such.
64716Who are you? Are you here to further torment me, to heap more scorn upon my head?
64717My name is <CHARNAME>. I think you've been framed.
64718I am <CHARNAME>. I want to ask you some questions.
64719I just came to see them chop off your head, traitor!
64720Praise Waukeen, someone who believes me!
64721You may ask, but no one believes my answers. The words of the countess have condemned me in the eyes of everyone.
64722I believe you are innocent, Mateo.
64723Why would the countess make up such a story?
64724I am no traitor! Only the words of the countess have put me here!
64725I cannot understand why she would falsely accuse me. She is a good woman. When I was growing up with Ardic, her son, she was like a second mother to me.
64726Maybe she and Ardic planned this as revenge for what Gromnir did to her husband.
64727I thought it was pretty obvious she was lying to Captain Samand.
64728I didn't ask for your life story, traitor. I'm just here to watch you suffer.
64729You cannot make me suffer more than I already am. I have nothing more to say to you. Talk to the countess if you want your answers.
64730No, that is not possible. If Ardic or his mother felt anything when Gromnir banished the count, it was only relief. He was a brutal, savage man. They are better off without him.
64731The countess did seem to be acting strangely when she spoke to Captain Samand. At first, I thought it was grief over Ardic's loss, but now I think there may be something more sinister afoot.
64732Maybe that merchant, Kiser Jhaeri, is involved?
64733I do not know if Kiser is involved, but if he is, the countess herself may be in as much danger as I am. Kiser is devious, and maybe he has some hold over her.
64734I regret that there is nothing more I can tell you. You must speak to the countess at her home to find the reasons behind her actions.
64735Could the countess be under some type of duress?
64736Who... who goes there? You... are you real? Or are you just another of my fevered hallucinations?
64737Hallucinations? What are you talking about?
64738I fear I am going crazy in this cell. Sometimes, when it is quiet, I imagine I can hear Ardic's voice, calling as if from a great distance.
64739I assure you I am quite real.
64740I need Ardic's testimony to prove your innocence, Mateo.
64741Interlopers in my abode? Perhaps you have mistaken this edifice for an establishment of commerce. I assure you, you are mistaken.
64744If you vacate these premises forthwith, I shall exonerate you for the transgression of your intrusion.
64745I am at a distinct disadvantage. You have the privilege of knowing my appellation, yet your own moniker remains something of an enigma.
64746I am <GABBER>. I want to ask you about Mateo.
64747Never mind my name. I have a few questions about Mateo.
64748Why do you use so many big words? Are you trying to make me feel stupid?
64749My utilization of complex locution is more a reflection of my own superincumbent mental acuity than an aspersion on your circumscribed lexicon.
64750In my youth, I spent much of my time looking into the old lore of the dead Bhaal priesthood. I unearthed one of the old prophecies from an uncooperative sect of Cyric... one that spoke extensively of this time now upon us.
64751Well, it makes you sound like a pompous ass.
64752Maybe your grandiose vocabulary is a pathetic compensation for an insufficiency in the nether regions of your anatomy.
64753Uh... ahem... well... what can I do for you?
64754I want to ask you a few questions about Mateo.
64755The Sword Coast will run red with blood, yes... but the battles will culminate in a great struggle within a city to the south, the Tethyrian city of Saradush.
64756A sorrowing circumstance, to be sure. Who could have conjectured that Mateo was a traitor?
64757Save it, Kiser—Countess Santele told me you kidnapped Ardic.
64758It is there that you *must* go, where the first step of the prophecy will unfold. Although, naturally, you must face your challenge first.
64759I think you're involved in this somehow, Kiser.
64760And then what will happen?
64761How do I know I can trust what you say?
64762I think you're involved in this somehow, Kiser.
64763Then I shall take my challenge now.
64764Aren't you still a child of Bhaal?
64765I know you're involved, Kiser. I just want a piece of the action.
64766Hindo's Doom +3
64767Then the future begins. Then we will all see just how much of a role you are to play in this conflict and if you can live up to our sire's heritage.
64768Your accusations are completely unfounded and without merit! Captain Samand has found Mateo to be the sole culpable perpetrator!
64769How do I know I can trust what you say?
64770Then I shall go there now.
64771So are you still a child of Bhaal or not?
64772Fine. I've heard enough.
64773No. Bhaal's essence left me as I died... and that which has been given to me now maintains my mortality only. Some might still consider me a Bhaalspawn, but it is solely a matter of history and memory.
64774Conversation with you is an exercise in futility and an inconvenience I have no need of. I refuse to participate further in this implied denigration of my reputation!
64775So what will happen after I go to Saradush?
64776How do I know I can trust what you say?
64777Then I shall go to take my challenge now.
64778Hindo's Doom +4
64779Fine. I've heard enough.
64780Save it, Kiser. Countess Santele told me you kidnapped her son!
64781Of course you cannot trust me. Why would you? Take me with you, <CHARNAME>.
64782Before you go, I have one more thing to ask of you, <CHARNAME>. Take me with you.
64785So the countess has violated her covenant of discretion. Before you vault to spurious conclusions, however, I suggest you hear my exegesis of the extenuating circumstances, child of Bhaal.
64786Take you with us?! So you can betray us, stab us in the back? Why would we ever want you with us, Sarevok?
64787I know you're involved, Kiser. I just want a piece of the action.
64788I once was sure that the old prophecies centered around me. Even if that is no longer the case, I know more about them than perhaps anyone. I can help you, <CHARNAME>. With the challenge in that room and more.
64789Of course, I do this for no selfless reason. There is power in your wake, <CHARNAME>. I am sure I am not the first to tell you this. And there is no better opportunity for me elsewhere.
64790Besides... you defeated me long ago. You have earned my respect. Think of it, <CHARNAME>! Brother and <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>, side by side!
64792Forget it. You're not my brother, and I would never trust you at my back.
64793And what use might you be to me?
64794I might consider letting you join me... but you'd have to do exactly what I say.
64795I don't have room for you in my party, even if I wanted to take you.
64796Club of Detonation +3
64797You are most perceptive, my Bhaalspawn friend. Oh, do not look so surprised—I knew both your identity and your ancestry long before you blundered into my not-so-humble abode.
64798Ah, your visage registers surprise—did you presume I did not know both your identity and ancestry long before you stumbled into my dwelling? I present you with an offer, Bhaalspawn.
64799I see. So be it. Our business is finished then, <CHARNAME>. You have what you need, and so do I. Gather your companions for your challenge and be off. May we not meet again.
64800Before you vault to spurious conclusions, however, I suggest you hear my exegesis of the extenuating circumstances. I have an offer for you, child of Bhaal.
64801Aside from the knowledge I retain, I am a warrior of no small ability. You fought me, <CHARNAME>; you would know. I have only become stronger from my time in Hell. Under one such as you, I could be greater still.
64802Without your armor and your divine power, you're less than useless to me. Begone.
64804And how would I know that you wouldn't turn on me as soon as it suited you?
64805We are two of a kind, you and I. I admit I abducted Ardic, and even one of the dullest faculties can deduce from this that I am also the one responsible for opening the gate... though ultimately my initial plan did not see fruition.
64807I don't have room for you in my party, even if I wanted to take you.
64809This town is doomed regardless of my actions, and I only sought to augment my own capital before the inevitable denouement of the siege. I can offer a similar abundance of riches to you.
64810You have my interest, Kiser Jhaeri. Keep talking.
64811Club of Detonation +5
64812Sorry, not interested.
64813You must hear the particulars before you repudiate my proposal.
64814The defenses of Saradush are bolstered by the enchantments of the mage Errard. I intend to eradicate Errard's contributions, thus expediting the eventual subjugation of the town.
64815You mean you're going to kill him off.
64816Inelegant, yet precisely accurate. If you exterminate the enchanter Errard, I will reveal Ardic's hidden location—and I am certain his mother will reward you most handsomely upon their reunion.
64817Killing wizards is hard business.
64818Alternatively, the countess could be forcibly compelled into a more permanent silence, given her propensity to disseminate potentially damaging information. I would pay handsomely for that service.
64820I've killed my share of mages in the past. One more shouldn't be too much trouble.
64821Wow—you want almost everyone dead, don't you?
64822I leave the choice to you, <CHARNAME>. Kill Errard and recoup compensation from the countess for liberating Ardic, or silence the countess and I will remunerate you and kill Errard myself in due time.
64823I admit my culpability in Ardic's abduction, yet this does not implicate me in the betrayal of Saradush. Ardic did indeed see me near the gates, but I was not the guilty party.
64824You expect me to buy this story?
64825I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Go on.
64826You are ignorant of the particulars, yet already you convict me. You are as prejudiced against me as Captain Samand.
64827Very well, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt—for now.
64828The real traitor is a wizard named Errard. He poses as a stalwart defender of Saradush, yet in truth he is a seditious prevaricator. The mind of that mage is convoluted beyond comprehension.
64829If this is true, why didn't you just tell Captain Samand?
64830No one would believe my account—not without substantial proof. Captain Samand is driven by a perverse desire to ruin me, and he was willing to convict me based on Ardic's speculative testimony.
64831I was compelled to secure my own liberty so that I could pursue my investigations against the sorcerer and uncover the evidence that will implicate the renegade mage.
64832I will take an oath to follow you, my <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>, if that will satisfy. Here... in this place... such an oath would have power, like a geas. I could not betray you.
64833But why did you frame Mateo?
64834I could not let Errard know anyone suspects his involvement, or the wizard would destroy the evidence I need to procure. And the only other people in the vicinity were Ardic and Mateo.
64835No, you're too willing somehow. I don't trust you. Forget it.
64836No, there's no need for an oath. I'm satisfied. Join me and let's go.
64837I had to kidnap Ardic, then use him to coerce his mother to point the finger of blame at Mateo. Only in this way could I keep myself from prison without alerting Errard of my intent to expose him.
64838All right. If you swear an oath not to betray me... then you may join me.
64839I might return for you later. Perhaps you can swear an oath then.
64840A farfetched tale. How do I know you are telling the truth?
64841I don't think I believe you. Perhaps I should just kill you now.
64842Then leave one of your lackeys here, in your plane, for you to return when you require them. Or leave me in this place until I am needed. I intend on seeing what occurs with you, so I will wait.
64843It sounds like you are the victim of circumstance and prejudice.
64844Ah, the eternal curse of the successful merchant. People see my affluence and are instantly predisposed to doubt me. I have no proof to offer at this time. But I do hold one card yet.
64845No, you're agreeing too easily. I'll never trust you. Forget it.
64846Storm Star +3
64847How would I know you wouldn't betray me at the first opportunity?
64848If any harm befalls me, I guarantee Ardic will never be found alive. If you desire to aid the countess, you will help me exonerate myself.
64850Storm Star +5
64853No, don't bother waiting here. I won't let you join me regardless.
64854I assume you want me to find evidence implicating Errard?
64855Alas, such an elementary resolution is not possible. While Errard lives, he is able to obfuscate investigation into his own actions. Only his demise will allow me to clear my own name.
64857Runehammer +4
64858So you want me to kill the wizard Errard?
64859Regrettably, yes. I could not attempt such an endeavor myself—but you might prevail where I would falter. If not for me, consider how this will benefit Ardic, the countess, and even Saradush itself.
64861Do we now have a full understanding of the situation? May I rely on your absolute cooperation in this matter?
64862Runehammer +5
64863You... will not require an oath? An... odd... choice, <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>. I would have required it of you. If I had even let you live. As you wish, then... let us attend to your challenge. Remember... consider that you may need more companions to complete it.
64864What's to stop me from telling Captain Samand what I know?
64865Without some proof, no one would believe your tale. And it would be extremely detrimental to the health of Ardic.
64866So what's to stop me from just killing you now?
64867You might make the attempt—but my death will not bring gain to anyone involved. I suggest you save your violent impulses for other individuals. Errard comes readily to mind.
64868Very well. I, Sarevok, swear on the bitter ashes of my mother and the dead god that is my father, in the name of vengeance and the bitter bile that is my blood... I swear that I shall not betray <CHARNAME> so long as I live.
64870Return only once your task is done. Until then, we have nothing further to discuss.
64871Fine. Let's go.
64872Good enough. I may return for you later, then... wait here.
64873I don't believe a word of it. Your word is worth nothing to me, Sarevok.
64874Good! Now it will be even easier to kill you a third time!
64875Darkfire Bow +4
64876As you wish. I shall wait for your return, <CHARNAME>. Remember... the challenge may be difficult. Consider summoning companions to your side.
64877Darkfire Bow +5
64878You turn your hand against me? I should have expected as much. I would do the same. I know how to leave this place on my own, however... may we not meet again, dear <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>.
64879Do you require my sword again? It is ready to kill at your command.
64880Yes, join with me now.
64881I think I will require an oath of loyalty from you if I am to trust you.
64882No, continue waiting here. I'll come back.
64883You turn your hand against me? I should have expected as much. I would do the same. I know how to leave this place on my own, however... may we not meet again, dear <PRO_BROTHERSISTER>.
64884So. This is the extent of the mortality you are allowing me. As you wish... murder me once again. If you can.
64885So what is it to be, then? Am I to be replaced by some quivering, fawning lackey? Bah! Shall I wait here for you or not?
64886I am already cognizant of your actions. The countess is no more. Please accept this payment as a token of my gratitude. I have taken the liberty of arranging Errard's death as well.
64887Never mind. Rejoin the party... my mistake.
64888Yes, wait here, Sarevok.
64889No, return to the pocket plane. Wait for me there.
64890I am already cognizant of your actions. Errard is no more. You will find Ardic in a secret cell within the basement; this key will grant you access.
64891I thank you for your assistance... without your help, my plan to betray Saradush could never have succeeded! But now I must take my leave. Without the wizard defender on the walls, the town of Saradush is ultimately doomed!
64892Do you require my sword again? It is ready to kill at your command.
64893Yes, join with me now.
64894No, continue waiting for a while.
64895Begone. I have nothing to say to you. My business lies with <CHARNAME> only.
64896I suppose it is purely an altruistic decision if you want to rescue Ardic now. He is in a secret cell in the basement of this edifice. This key will grant you access—I care not either way.
64897The defense of the walls of Saradush demands all my attentions. I cannot spare the time to speak to you.
64898The defense of the walls of Saradush demands all my attentions. I cannot spare the time to speak to you.
64899I have come from the countess. I must speak to you about Ardic, her son.
64900I need to speak to you about Ardic's disappearance.
64901I have some bad news, old man. It's time for you to die!
64902To arms, my fellows! We are attacked within our own walls!
64903One of many who have given their lives defending these walls. But there is not time to mourn. Now please excuse me.
64904I sympathize with the noble woman's grief, yet there is little I can do to ease her suffering. Her son is dead.
64905Kiser Jhaeri sent me to kill you, but I'm not going to do it.
64906Impossible! Everyone knows Mateo is the traitor. Ardic was a witness—he caught him red-handed, or so I hear.
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