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For Page 58

59559Could we wrap this up? I've got places to be.
59560Just... just be quiet.
59561And then he talks about hopscotch in a room of letters close to the big statue's arms where you dump a vampire and the heart of its master and then the thing with the magic and the stuff! May as well have been talking orcish.
59562May as well have.
59563Do you breath when you speak?
59564Shut the hell up already!
59565And he says it's all in the book, and it's something to do with the mayor's problems and that everyone will need to know, and do you know what I says to him? Do you know what I says?
59566By the gods, I can hardly wait to find out!
59567Would it matter?
59569"5 gold," I says. And he says, "Good, 'cuz I really need a drink." Bloody rummy, wasting my time. I gots better things to do than listen to someone like that, eh?
59570I just need to know where Irenicus is. I'll take it from there.
59571Enough! I haven't the time for this!
59572But I've seen plenty of mages in this city, and they don't seem to have any trouble from the Cowled Wizards!
59573I see. Well, I'll be on my way, then.
59574Yes, good, good. On your way... and do not bother me further.
59575Life... is strength.
59576I'm sure you are mistaken. The mages you speak of are either members of the Cowled Wizards or have proven themselves... (ahem!)... worthy of a license to use their magics here in the city.
59577So how does one become a member of the Cowled Wizards, then?
59578So how do you prove yourself "worthy" of a license?
59579I'll be on my way.
59580*snort* One does not simply apply for membership. Once you are worthy of membership amongst the Cowled Wizards, you will know.
59581Well, what about this license, then? How does one get that?
59582Fine, then, I'll be on my way.
59583Well... for one, you must make a monetary... sacrifice. After that, we allow you to use magic in the city. Should you prove to be deviant, you lose your rights.
59584And just how much is this "monetary sacrifice," exactly?
59585I see. Well, I'm not interested.
595865,000 gp. No less. And should you prove unworthy of the right to use magic in Amn, your coin is not returned.
595875,000 gp? Fine, then. Here you go.
59588Long have I rested in the halls below the Old City. Long have I been at peace. Your disturbance shall not go unpunished!
59589And just how much is this "monetary sacrifice," exactly?
59590If I were you, I would not even bother asking. You have already proven yourself destructive beyond the boundaries of common sense. Begone with you, villain.
595915,000 gp! I don't have that much coin!
59592I'll think about it, I suppose.
59593I see. Well, I'll be on my way, then.
59594Ahh? I see. Very well then, my <LADYLORD>. You and your companions will have the right, for now, to cast magic within the city. Do not abuse the privilege, or you will lose it.
59595Then you must be careful not to use any magic you might have while within the city. Come back, perhaps, when you are better off. Now begone.
59596Fine. Should you change your mind, I shall still be here.
59597How much was that license to cast magic in the city, again?
59598I have a complaint! I paid you for the right to cast magic here, and the Cowled Wizards are still hounding me!
59599Then obviously, you have proven yourself to be a dangerous deviant. *snort* Now begone. You are fortunate that we have not taken you into custody.
59600Then I have a complaint. I paid you for the right to cast magic, and yet the Cowled Wizards are still hounding me!
59601Then I'll be on my way.
59602This is not to be contested; it seems logical enough. You live; you affect your world.
59603But is it what *you* need? You are... different... inside.
59604This woman lives and has strength of a sort.
59605She lost her parents to plague, her husband to war, but she persevered.
59606Her farm has prospered, her name is respected, and her children are fed and safe. She lived as she thought she should.
59607And now, she is dead.
59608Her land will be divided, her children will move on, and she will be forgotten.
59609She lived a "good" life, but she had no power. She was a slave to death.
59610Forgive me what I must do!
59611I wonder if *you* are destined to be forgotten. Will your life fade in the shadow of greater beings?
59612You are born of murder, the very essence of that which takes life. You have power, if you wish it.
59613Really? But the consequences are so very real.
59614I have no interest in the horrors you offer! None of this is to be believed!
59615These images are interesting to me. I deserve power because of what I am!
59616Your actions affect so many others than yourself. You will come to realize how little choice you have.
59617You will do what you must, become what you must, or others will pay for your cowardice.
59618Yes, understand what is available to you!
59619When the opportunity comes, accept the gifts offered to you. Follow—our meeting is inevitable.
59620You *will* accept the gifts offered to you.
59622You rest each night uneasy. Yes, you are weary. You struggle daily.
59623It will not end, you know, until you acknowledge what you are.
59624You walk as a mortal, taking no advantage from your heritage, from your talents within. So many things of flesh are greater than you.
59625Walk among them, these beasts that are less than you are. See their strength; see how easily you fall to their muscle and skill.
59626Why do you stand for this? Why do you submit to the flesh when death is bred in your bones?
59627Do you realize the power you might hold? When the world of flesh is beneath you, even creatures mysterious and magical will fall!
59628Follow, and receive the gift you are owed by the blood in your veins.
59629Follow, if only to protect the weak that fell because of you.
59630Awaken. Awaken and hear me.
59631I bring visions of warning, of what is happening now and what may happen soon.
59632This image will speak true, for you are of two sides, and the liars have said their part.
59633You travel in search of yourself, divided, splintered. There is a piece of you missing.
59634The hole inside you fills with death, with darkness, while another—Irenicus—kills with your strength.
59635Look. Look at the destruction he has wrought. See the corruption that he brings.
59636He has stolen your future to replace his own, avoided his proper fate. This must be undone!
59637For your sake, and theirs, you must take back what has been stolen.
59638If their lives are not enough, then think of your own. You will lose yourself to the hole within.
59639Yours is the potential to be your own worst enemy... or your own savior.
59640Rise... rise and listen to what must be said.
59641Just because you say it was your fate does not mean you did it for noble reasons. You were frightened of the life that lay before you, and you left. Simple as that.
59642I'm sorry, Cernd, but you left a large mess behind for other people to fix. If you've come to clean it up, you will find that you are far too late.
59643Your rest is deserved, but time grows short, and hope of victory is fading.
59644You have progressed despite your loss, but you must know that you are tainted and will not survive, no matter your power.
59645You must retrieve what was stolen, but you must also master what you have become. This, above all else, is vital!
59646Look to this grove when the time comes. This grove is your salvation. Here you will meet the test to come.
59647You must change what you are, for your own sake and for those whose lives are also in the balance.
59648The Slayer consumes; that is its purpose. You will cease to exist if you do not confront it, master it!
59649Remember this grove. This place of power will give physical form to the battle you must fight. Remember when you wake. Remember!
59650Your fall is inevitable if you ignore what is within.
59651Your soul governs your will. Without it, you are divided. Your fate is contested within you.
59652You are being pulled apart and must take back the right to direct your life.
59653The essence of you shall be distilled, the darkness removed and given legs of its own.
59654Eh? Who's there? Some <GIRLBOY> <RACE> wanderin' in me smithy, I see. I rarely gets visitors, with the blisterin' heat and all... something I can do for ye, <GIRLBOY>?
59655You will stand apart, against each other. Physical form shall be given to the battle of wills that you face.
59656You would not have this chance if the god of your blood were living. No mortal can stand before a living god defiant.
59657Master the essence, the lingering consciousness of murder. The Slayer walks, and you must block its path.
59658Who are you?
59659What do you have for sale here?
59660Well, you can stop calling me "<GIRLBOY>," for starters.
59661No thanks. I'll be on my way.
59662My name be Cromwell. Now mayhap ye'll tell me who ye are, aye?
59663You have rescued your fate, but Irenicus holds your spirit within him. You must reclaim your soul, or you will have no life to guide.
59664I am <GABBER>. Pleased to meet you.
59665I am <GABBER>, if you really must know.
59667You don't need to know my name, I'm sure.
59668Forget introductions, I just want to see what you have for sale.
59669*I... am the strength. Even in deathhh... you will die... All of you will DIEEE!*
59670I be not selling ye anything. I be the finest blacksmith in Athkatla, and I works on commission only. I can make most anything ye desire.
59671What sorts of things do you make?
59672Can you make magical armor and weapons and the like?
59673Well, I'll be on my way, then.
59674You have mastered the death that walks within, tamed the destruction that exists without will. This part of you is subdued for now.
59675Now to repair, for your heart is still a void. You must retrieve what was stolen, or your efforts were wasted. The Exile must be countered.
59676As ye wish. I meant no offense by it, friend. Is there something else ye wish Cromwell to call ye by instead?
59677I am <GABBER>. Pleased to meet you.
59678I am <GABBER>, if you really must know.
59679You don't need to know my name, I'm sure.
59680Forget introductions, I just want to see what you have for sale.
59681Mind the mess on yer way out, <GIRLBOY>. Me apprentice just returned to Abdar, sure enough, and I've no patience for housekeeping.
59682Aye. Welcome to me smithy, <GABBER>. Was there something that ye needed from an old dwarf, mayhap?
59683I would like to see what you have for sale.
59684What sort of smithing do you do?
59685Not really. I'll be on my way.
59686Accept this guidance, protect your fate. Know that trials come often for those that walk in the shadow of gods.
59687Nay, I care not... but ye're in me smithy, and it be only polite. Now, <GABBER>... be there something ye need from an old dwarf, or does ye just like the smoke?
59688I would like to see what you have for sale.
59689What sort of smithing do you do?
59690And what if I said I only want to look around?
59691Not really. I'll be on my way.
59692That be true, but it be me own smithy here, and you be the guest. But I care not. Mayhap ye'll tell me what ye wish from an old dwarf and be on yer way, aye?
59693I would like to see what you have for sale.
59694What sort of smithing do you do?
59695And what if I said I only want to look around?
59696Not really. I'll be on my way.
59697I've made armor from the scales of a basilisk, a helmet from a cockatrice... items to put fear into the hearts of the bloody gods themselves. Hah!
59698All of me work be done from commissions. Give me the ingredients, and I can forge an item of power, sure enough. 'Tis a good living for a smith of me skills.
59699Do I have anything you could forge into an item?
59700What sorts of things would you need in order to make something?
59701I suppose so. I'll be on my way.
59702Well, that be your choice. There be only scrap metals an' such about... hardly something to interest ye, I'm sure, but ye can never tell about some folk.
59703Well now, that depends. Rare scales or husks, mayhap, or a magical metal I could forge. Even the pieces to a larger item can be repaired. My skills are many.
59704Do I have anything you could forge into something, then?
59705I see. I'll be going, then.
59706Another time, then, me friend. Cromwell wishes ye a fair journey.
59707Hmmm... I couldn't rightly say. Let me have a look into yer goods, then. A minute of rummagin' and I'll know fer sure, aye?
59708Hmm. Nay... nay. Ye've nothing amongst yer goods that I could work with. If ye come across anything interesting later, friend, ye knows where to come, aye?
59709Hmmm... what's this? Some kind of scale from a beastie, aye?
59710Aye, ye've collected the scales of a shadow dragon. By the Soul Forger, 'tis a grand sight. I can make a suit of armor from yon scales, if ye like.
59711Do not oppose what comes with its own weapons. Defend your mortality with the guise of a mortal.
59712What would that involve?
59713I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59714I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59715I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59716Ah! Scales from a red dragon, a beast of the Dread Flame. It shall make a grand suit of armor if ye wish, me friend. Does that hold yer interest?
59717What's involved in that?
59718I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59719I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59720Hmmm. Ye've the husk of an ankheg, I see. A comrade in Beregost taught me to make a fine suit of armor from the beastie. Would ye like to commission a suit?
59721What's involved in that?
59722I don't think so. Do I have anything else of interest?
59723I'll take another look for meself here. Hmmm...
59724Aye now, what have we here?
59725Ye've a scroll with the true name of the thunderhammer, Crom Faeyr. Had ye a hammer of thunderbolts, gauntlets of ogre power, and a girdle of frost giant strength, I could combine 'em and forge it.
59726But ye don't, so I cannae help ye. If ye can collect the scroll and all three items later, keep them on hand. Crom Faeyr is worth the effort, my friend.
59727Let me see if ye've anything else in yer packs now...
59728I see ye've the hammer of thunderbolts? Had ye gauntlets of ogre power, a girdle of frost giant strength, and scroll with the thunderhammer's true name, I could forge a mighty weapon.
59729I am going to give you a dagger now, and I want you to try and equip it.
59730Ah, ye've a hammer of thunderbolts and a scroll with the true name of the thunderhammer, Crom Faeyr. If ye had gauntlets of ogre power and a girdle of frost giant strength, I could forge the great weapon.
59731Hmm... Ye've a hammer of thunderbolts, gauntlets of ogre power, a girdle of frost giant strength, and a scroll with the thunderhammer's true name... Crom Faeyr.
59732'Tis a collection that would widen the eyes of the Soul Forger himself. I could create the Crom Faeyr for ye, friend... if ye've the interest, of course.
59733What would that involve?
59734No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else of interest?
59735Eh? Ye've part of some sword here, is it? Let me see...
59736Well, ye've the hilt of a sword here, but I would need both the blade and the pommel gem in order to forge it into one piece. A pity.
59737Well, ye've the blade of a sword here indeed. But I would need both its pommel gem and the sword's hilt in order to forge it into one piece for ye. A pity.
59738Hmmm. A pretty enough pommel gem, but without the blade or the hilt of the weapon, I cannae forge it into one piece for ye. A pity.
59739Hmmm... I see. Ye've a hilt and a blade here for a long sword. And a pommel gem with much of its power. I could forge it all into one mighty sword for ye.
59740What would be involved in that?
59741No, I'm not interested in that. Anything else of use?
59742Well, what else does ye have in yer packs, then? Hmmm...
59743Hmmm. What's this, then? Part of a bow? Looks like Gesen's work...
59744Ach, ye've a shaft that's been created by the great bowyer Gesen, but ye haven't Gesen's proper string. Find that and I can reforge the bow for ye.
59745Ach, ye've a proper string made by the great bowyer Gesen. But not his shaft. If ye find the shaft, bring it to me, and I'll reforge the bow entire for ye.
59746Hmmm. Aye, 'tis Gesen's work indeed. A string and a shaft both. I could remake one of the great bowyer's shortbows for ye. 'Tis a truly powerful weapon.
59747What's involved in that?
59748No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else of use?
59749I'll keep looking here, me friend. Hmmm...
59750Hmmm... hmmm... aye. Aye now, this looks interesting...
59751Ye've the shaft of what was once a powerful halberd. If ye finds the blade for it, I could reforge the old weapon without much fuss.
59752Ye've a blade here fer a mighty halberd. It seems t' have power of water... odd. If ye can find the accompanying shaft, I can forge it together for ye.
59753Hmmm... ye've the shaft and blade of a halberd. Power of water in its elemental magic. Most interesting. If ye like, I could try to reforge it for ye.
59754What would be involved in that?
59755No, I'm not interested. Anything else of use?
59756Quite a mess ye have here. Traveling for some time, eh? Hmmm...
59757'Ey? What's this? Gith craftsmanship? Haven't seen this in o'er a century...
59758Well... it seems ye've the blade of a Silver Sword here. Not much good without the hilt though. Best be wary... the gith won't be pleased if they catch ye with this.
59759Well... ye've the hilt of a Silver Sword, but without the blade to match, I cannae help ye. Best be wary, too... the gith won't be pleased if they catch ye with this.
59760Aye. Ye've the hilt and blade of a vorpal Silver Sword. If ye're willing to risk the wrath of the gith, I'm willing to put it back together for ye.
59761What would be involved with that?
59762I don't think so. Do I have anything else of use?
59763I'll keep looking. Hmmm... I see...
59764Aye now... this could be something here. Some kind of metal, eh? Let me see...
59765It be illithium, aye? A rare metal indeed. If ye ever get ahold of a mace of disruption, a coating of illithium would improve it vastly.
59766Ye've illithium there, aye? And a mace of disruption as well. I could apply a coating to yer mace and improve it greatly, giving ye more protection from the undead.
59767What's involved in that?
59768No, I don't think so. Anything else of use?
59769Nay... nay, I see nothing else here that could be of use in the forge. Perhaps another time then, me friend.
59770Your pathetic magics are useless. Let this end!
59771Two things, me friend. It will cost ye 5,000 gp for the work, no less, and without an apprentice, ye'll have to stay here a full day and help me run the forge.
59772You will... cease your spellcasting and come with us!
59773Even if we fall, our numbers are many. You will be overwhelmed.
59774You bore me, mageling. You may take me in, but you WILL take the girl as well!
59775That sounds fine. Let's do it.
59777No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59778No, I don't think so. I think I'll be going now.
59779No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59780No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59781No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59782No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59783No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59784Two things, me friend. It will cost ye 7,500 gp for the work, no less, and without an apprentice, ye'll have to stay here a full day and help me run the forge.
59785That sounds fine. Let's do it.
59786No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59787No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59788No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59789No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59790No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59791No, I don't think so. I think I'll be going now.
59792Two things, me friend. It will cost ye 10,000 gp for the work, no less, and without an apprentice, ye'll have to stay here a full day and help me run the forge.
59793That sounds fine. Let's do it.
59794No, I don't think so. Do I have anything else useful?
59795No, I don't think so. I think I'll be going now.
59796As ye wish. Fer such a commission, we can start on it right away. No sense in wasting time, then... it be best if we just get to it.
59797Well, there ye go, me friend. Use it well. And if ye comes across anything else of interest, ye knows where to bring it, aye?
59798A good <DAYNIGHTALL> to ye, me friend. Good to see ye back in me forge, it is. Be there something that ye need?
59799What do you have for sale here?
59800What sorts of things would you need in order to make something?
59801Do I have anything you could forge into an item?
59802No, I don't think so.
59803What sorts of things do you forge here?
59804Give me anything you have pickpocketed, will you?
59805The familiar eyes you suspiciously. "But when I take things, they belong to me."
59806Never mind that. Hand it over.
59807Pretty please? I'll feed you and pet you...
59808Oh, never mind, then.
59809The small animal rolls its eyes and sighs petulantly. "Fine. But you are very cruel to me, you know."
59810The small animal twitches its tail, pondering. "Well... perhaps. But I would not put it past you not to keep your word. *sigh* Oh, very well. It amuses me when you beg."
59811"As it should be. I earned it, after all."
59812Give me anything you have pickpocketed, will you?
59813"*sigh* Very well. Although next time, don't expect such cooperation just from a few seconds of petting."
59814Aha! It is the wielder, the thief, and the defiler! All in one being... strange. I thought there would be three. You there! Have you no twin <BROTHERSISTER>s?
59815Are you talking to me?
59816What kind of babbling nonsense is this?
59817What do you want, githyanki?
59818A question with a question! I see <HISHER> mind is far deeper than I expected. Layers and layers of duplicity and deceit. I must be subtle with this one.
59819Perhaps I should start again before <HESHE> gets suspicious. Hm. Yes, I think this would be best.
59820(Ahem!) You there, <RACE> <MANWOMAN>! My freedom from limbo has a price: I must track down the thief of one of our most holy of holies.
59821You know, I heard you the first time.
59822What are you talking about? I have no idea.
59823You don't mean the Silver Sword Blade, do you?
59824Back off, githyanki! You'll take nothing of mine!
59825You did? Really? You know, being a wild mage isn't all it's cracked up to be. My mentor always said "See the spoon, see the spoon." But I only saw frogs.
59826*sigh* I'm trying very hard to communicate. They chose me because I have the most experience with humans. It got me out of limbo, and that's a GOOD thing.
59827Ack! You know what it's called?! I trained three years as a wild mage before they let me in on that one. My mentor tended to grunt... training was a bitch.
59828I don't want anything of YOURS... just what's ours. The githyanki don't take just anyone from their limbo prison... I have experience with humans.
59829So now. I've been very patient because you ARE a lesser being. I'm trying not to overwhelm you with my psionics just by accident. See how nice I am?
59830So hand over the Silver Sword Blade, and we'll all be happy. Well, maybe you won't be happy, but you won't be DEAD, and that's got to be better, right?
59831So are you going to hand over the sacred blade or not?
59832If it's that important to your people, then here. Take it.
59833Very well. I don't want any trouble.
59834No, I will not. It is mine now.
59835Never! I'll kill you with it first!
59836Most kind of you, dear <RACE>. Now I'm free to go about my merry way... until the next time I end up in Limbo. *sigh* Nothing's quite so bad as a wild surge.
59837I did say I was a wild mage, right? If I end up having to cast a spell here, I won't be held responsible for it. So hand over the blade, or do I start casting?
59838Fine, fine. Take it and begone!
59839Do your worst.
59840Yeeesh... I wouldn't say that. My worst can be pretty bad...
59841Master <CHARNAME>, I come to ask a favor. I am in need of a laboratory to continue my own magical studies. Since I learned so much from you during my time here, I had hoped that you would permit me to study here.
59842I've just completed a batch of potions, <PRO_SIRMAAM>. Here you go.
59843A few more days and the potions will be ready, I promise.
59844No! My name is Habib Khalid Achmed Allafif, and I cannot be captured! I will throw my mighty scimitar at your head rather than suffer the indignity of prison! Hiiii-YAA!
59845Oh... dear. You really must forgive him. He does that on occasion.
59846Who WAS that?!
59847One of the locals. A... ah... thief, I believe, from Calimshan. His name is Habib, and as far as I can tell, he feels guilty about his profession, so he tolls to Ilmater for forgiveness.
59848So why doesn't he tithe like a regular person?!
59849He throws his money into the church?
59850That's it! I'm going to kill him!
59851He is afraid to come into the church for fear we will turn him in. Poor, skittish fellow. Have mercy on him, dear <PRO_MANWOMAN>.
59852I'll try and keep out of your hair, and to pay my way, I intend to create potions and oils for you to use. Will you accept me as your apprentice?
59853And what? Accept a spy of the Cowled Wizards under my own roof? I think not. Go.
59854You may stay, but one mistake and you're out.
59855Yes, Morul, I'd be pleased to have you as an apprentice.
59856Very well. I will find another sponsor. I won't forget this insult, <CHARNAME>.
59857Thank you, <PRO_SIRMAAM>, I won't disappoint you. Return every week, and I'll give you the potions that I've made.
59858Hah! What, are you trying to convince me that you're still part of the Order, eh, Reynald? You still think you're some kind of goody-goody paladin, eh?
59859You know what I hear? I hear you lost your paladin-hood due to some moxie that seduced and used you like a patsy! What was her name now? Celestine, wasn't it?
59860You know nothing of her, fool! And while I may no longer meet the Order's standards, I'll not stand by and listen to a cur such as you cheapen Celestine's name!
59861Well met, <CHARNAME>. I am Reynald de Chatillon, once of the Order and now under the leadership of Anarg. Might you be interested in employment?
59862No, I don't think so.
59863If the pay is adequate, you might hire our services.
59864How did you come to leave the Order, if I may ask?
59865How did you come to leave the Order?
59866There are several of us here who, for one reason or another, are unworthy of the vows we once took. We... do not share the particulars of our downfall.
59867I believe you know what I speak of. We seek the solace of each other's company and Anarg's leadership because we come from the same place.
59868I would not expect one who is not Fallen to understand. We... seek the solace of each other's company because we come from the same place.
59869Regardless, we find ourselves in need of aid, and you fight well. Might you be interested in helping us?
59870No, I don't think so.
59871I might be.
59872Most excellent! I must beg your forgiveness, however, since I must ask you to perform an act of good faith first. Anarg is... cautious in whom he meets.
59873With good reason, no doubt. All of us have been betrayed. Sometimes even by those we love. *sigh* We no longer trust as we once did.
59874Perform this act for my commander, and he will extend his trust to you, and you will be rewarded well. Otherwise, we can part ways here, neither the worse off.
59875My name is <CHARNAME>, and I am seeking your leader to discuss business.
59876But... one question before you leave. The warrior who stands with you... he bears a most remarked resemblance to Sir Keldorn Firecam. It has been so long...
59877But... one question before you leave. The priest there is none other than Anomen Delryn, no? A member of the Order! Just what are you attempting?
59878I... I see. Forgive me, then. I receive so little news of the Order... it does not matter. I wish you well, my <LADYLORD>, and hope to see you soon.
59879I am not the one you seek, Reynald de Chatillon. You are mistaken. I feel pity for one who has been reduced to pettiness and evil, no more.
59880The Order has turned me out as the self-righteous fools that they are, a feeling you should know well, Reynald.
59881I have, ah... not passed my Test. I am no knight, Reynald, and nothing for you to be concerned over.
59882Wh-what?! B-but... no! No! I have been betrayed!
59883Anarg! What are you doing?!
59884Fight on your own, then! I will not join you in this! Obviously, you are not the knight I thought you to be.
59885You trust too easily still, Reynald. We cannot allow ourselves to be exposed!
59886You are a fool to bring Keldorn before me. Do you think I would not recognize him, even after all this time? I still have ears in the Order... I know why you are here, Sir Keldorn.
59887This servant is here to serve <CHARNAME>. Give it orders so that it may obey.
59888You can best protect me by following me.
59889Stay here.
59890Patrol the planar sphere, and report any problems to me.
59891This servant may not leave the planar sphere, but it will protect you while within it.
59892This servant will patrol the sphere for <CHARNAME>.
59893This servant will remain here until ordered otherwise.
59894Worse still, they seem to have... some sort of snake creatures with them. I'd never seen anything like that, but I guess I'd never seen a lot of things.
59895Worse yet, there are some kind of snake creatures with them. I had never seen the like of them before, but I've been sheltered most of my life.
59896They seem to be going out of their way to not damage the keep. Never heard of careful trolls, but maybe they just like the cellar better. The cellar is...
59897(Minsc is charmed by the dryads and will not speak to you. You shall have to agree to help them if you want Minsc back.)
59898According to legend, the tomb contains seven guardians. The last guards the burial chamber and is invisible even to the strongest magics.
59899If the legends are true, I'm not sure how you would get by such a creature. There may be clues beyond this door to guide you towards such an end.
59900You have yet to retrieve the gem from the basement. Return to me once you have it in your possession.
59901I found this old text inside... this wouldn't be the book you're looking for, would it?
59902Er... no, no. The ones I seek detail Strohm's life. They'll be within his burial chamber and, I suspect, much better preserved than this text.
59915Off with you! I'm waiting for someone.
59916You will all DIE for what you've done to me!
59931Go. You have no claim here. You have nothing.
59932This day is your last!
59947To serve in the Order is a great honor.
59948Your evil dies here!
59963Never betray trust. Such is the will of the Vigilant One.
59964Duty demands justice be done!
59978In dawn, beauty reigns, and the way is clearer.
59979You'll not live to see another dawn!
59994Bow before the Stormbringer, fool!
59995The storms will take you!
60010A wand is mounted on this pedestal. A key that matches the wand must be found if you wish to pass before the pedestal without being blasted by the wand.
60011Perhaps the mosaics on the floor will offer hints as to the type of wand and the type of key that must be found to take the wand from the pedestal.
60012You insert the key into a slot near the base, and the wand is released. It is safe to pass before this pedestal.
60013There's no life better than the thieves' guild.
60014For the guild!
60027Guarded Compound
60030This and that to be done. No time to stay and chatter.
60031If reason will not suffice, I shall school ye through example!
60046Guild affairs are an important matter. All part of the job.
60047A dagger's death for ye!
60062Chief Inspector Brega, at your service.
60063You'll pay for your crimes!
60065Justice... will be... served... ugh...
60079Suspended, I be... dead... dying...
60080You will suffer as I have!
60095I will always be grateful for your assistance.
60096You will die NOW!
60098I... will... hunt you... in the Underworld! *groan*
60102Many centuries ago, a trumpet archon named Chin Yi fell in love with a mortal man in Shou Lung and swore to protect him from enemies should he ever ride to war. When that time came, however, Chin Yi's patron goddess Kwan Ying forbade her to intervene, not wishing to contribute to the bloodshed. When Chin Yi's beloved was cut down by a yuan-ti warlord, her grief was terrible and her wrath immediate: Ignoring Kwan Ying's warnings, she flew onto the battlefield and took up her beloved's katana, using the blade to cut down the warlord and all those who served him. She continued the slaughter of the yuan-ti army until Kwan Ying herself appeared before her, arms open and eyes full of sympathy. "If it will stop this slaughter, I will ease your pain and end your suffering." "I do not wish to end my suffering," replied Chin Yi. "I wish for my fury to sound throughout the ages, now and forever." Wanting to help her servant, but not wishing to unleash such powerful fury on the world, Kwan Ying bound Chin Yi's spirit to the blade of the man she had failed to protect, and then hid the weapon in a warrior's tomb. The tomb was later infiltrated and the weapon stolen, and although Chin Yi's cries could no longer be heard through the steel of the blade, her vengeance was as brutal as ever. STATISTICS: Combat abilities: – Booming Thunder: Hit target must save vs. Spell or be stunned for 1 round – Shocking Blow: 5% chance of an extra 20 electrical damage to hit target Charge abilities: – Lightning Strike once per day Damage: 10d6 electrical (Save vs. Spell for half) Range: 50 ft. Area of Effect: 1 creature – Blindness once per day (Save vs. Spell negates) Range: 40 ft. Duration: 2 rounds Area of Effect: 1 creature THAC0: +3 Damage: 1d10+3 (slashing) Speed Factor: 1 Proficiency Type: Katana Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 3
60113(Huuurm.) You are back, I see.
60114This should be... interesting...
60116I... spit upon you!
60128Is there... is there something you need?
60129You... you won't get away with this!
60144What is it?
60146Very well! Your end comes now!
60160What is it now?
60161You cannot understand! My work must go on!
60163No! No! *pant* This cannot be!
60177In the name of the Order, I will strike thee down!
60179Torm... your servant returns to you...
60192Oh, it's you again.
60193Surrender or I will be forced to kill you!
60195Noo...! Ohh...
60208Greetings once again.
60209You shall not prevail against righteousness!
60211The gods... shall avenge me...
60224I serve my mistress, and no other.
60225You are foolish to face my mistress!
60240Ribald Barterman at yer service.
60241The Adventure Mart's the finest shopping in all of Faerûn: widest selection, lowest prices, and nary a fancy illustration. Just the goods, bare and plain.
60242What can we do to make yer dreams come true today?
60243Peddlers, artisans, or hellspawn, I care nae a blot. All that matters is the deal, and Ribald's here to make one with ya.
60246It's a cold an' dreary day when the Thumb can't extend a bit o' hospitality to his guests. Come, enter and be welcome at the Sea's Bounty.
60247Ahh... a tavern is good fer drinking, singing, and playin'... anythin' else on yer mind, ye may as well git yerself elsewhere.
60248We don't have none o' yer fancy stuff, if ye've a mind. Grog, plain and simple. Anythin' else an' I'll have t' search the cellar.
60249Welcome to the Sea's Bounty! Don't ye be mindin' the smell o' fish now.
60252Yes? You have something to report?
60253You seek my death? A fool's errand!
60254You cannot win!
60269I see... I see... oh!
60270I will see no more!
60273Come before me.
60274The vengeance of Lolth upon you!
60275Your death will be agonizing!
60282I don't think I've met your like before.
60290Who beckons?
60291Do not be foolish. You would be destroyed.
60292As you wish. We battle.
60295You live so long as I tolerate it.
60296This shall not take long.
60297Prepare, for the final sleep comes for you.
60300We can use whatever help we can get these days.
60301I won't let you do this!
60302Not in my town!
60309Well, what have we here?
60317This is a dark time for us all, but there is hope.
60318For the heart of us all!
60319The Exile will not prevail!
60326You've an odd look about you.
60334Haha, this here's the life... *if* I let you live it.
60335You'll rot in the depths, you will!
60336Learn your place!
60351Maybe I be you now.
60352You are no more! I be you forever, maybe!
60355Bad dog! Away with you!
60356All dogs go to heaven!
60359Yes, yes, you have my attention.
60360Strike together, friends!
60361'Tis your lives to waste!
60376There is much to be done yet.
60377You shall not find the elves a simple target!
60380Die on the edge of elven steel!
60395I greet you in the name of Suldanessellar.
60396I call upon the Seldarine to stop you!
60397Your reign of terror stops here, I swear!
60400*sigh* Yet more come to torment me? Ohh...
60401I would welcome a release from this prison.
60403I... I am most grateful... May the heavens sing your praises!
60404Mother Nature feeds me that I might fight for her!
60405Come to your death!
60406Your pitiful existence ends now!
60408Mother! I beg you! Aid me! Noo-ooo!
60420Sequencer spells allow the caster to store several spells in a sequencer that can be released upon any target, including the caster. The spells stored in the sequencer are cast as any other spell and can be accessed through the Special Abilities button on the main screen. It is important to note that when you choose the spells to be stored in the sequencer, they will disappear from the ones you have memorized. However, the sequencer will last until used, so the caster may rest and gain those spells back. The main use for this spell would be to allow the caster to release multiple spells upon a target very quickly in combat without the possibility of being interrupted.
60422I await the child of Bhaal.
60423I fear nothing!
60426You see... and that is your flaw.
60427In the name of the Unseeing Eye!
60428Blasphemous, sighted fiend!
60430No! Unseeing One... preserve me!
60443I'll be of help to ye, if I can.
60444You'll learn your mistake soon enough!
60445No one defeats the Shadow Thieves!
60460The stones shall have you!
60461Protect the granitehomes!
60482Ahh... Theater life is never dull.
60484Shadows dragged me to this cage some time ago... Without the benefit of the sun or the sky, I cannot tell just how long I have been here.
60485Foul miscreants! Prepare to be swabbed!
60500You are but a gnat compared to my power.
60501You cannot hope to defeat me!
60502Die! Die! All of you, DIE!
60505Ho ho ho... you are wondrously strange.
60506Sekolah... take them!
60507I am the stronger!
60510Oh, bother...
60511Time to perish, manling!
60527I am Khan Zahraa, genie of distinction!
60528I grant your death wish!
60529Die, most unworthy foe!
60544You are welcome within my realm!
60545You cannot hope to defeat me!
60546You shall fall before the might of Kalah!
60561I am sorry, we are busy right now. You will have to come back later.
60562Death will be welcome after so long...
60563What took me an age to learn will take a moment to kill you!
60564I will not suffer this!
60579WHAT is it?!
60580Die, then, and die slowly!
60581You are a fool to challenge me.
60596I serve this land regardless.
60597For your lands and home!
60598For the honor of the keep!
60613Mmm, me pretties...
60617Ahh, it is you again.
60618All in my way shall fall!
60619Lolth! Bring me glory!
60626It is practically beneath me to address you.
60633I await the child of Bhaal.
60634You are a fool!
60637You require something, child?
60638We shall not fall so easily!
60639You truly think me helpless?!
60641Ahh! My love... I am sorry...
60654Yes, I'm still here.
60655Crossing me is the last mistake you'll make!
60656All right, enough of this. Time to die.
60671Aye? Speak your mind, if you must.
60672For glory—and all the women that come with it!
60673On your guard, fools!
60674Augh! ...That's gonna leave a mark.
60688So we meet again.
60689Now I return the favor!
60692*sigh* The days drag on...
60693I will fight unto the end!
60694We will endure!
60709I await the child of Bhaal.
60710You may try to destroy me... if you wish.
60713You continue to be an oddity here.
60714Sekolah will feast tonight!
60715Your life ends with this!
60718Wither in my embrace...
60719The time has come to feast upon your soul...
60720You were foolish to come.
60722No! This cannot be!
60723Lavok disappeared with the sphere over five centuries ago. It has not been seen again until now.
60724I see you there.
60725Feel the fury of the ancients!
60729My ancestor, the necromancer Lavok, built that sphere and disappeared with it over five centuries ago. It has not been seen since, until its reappearance.
60741*pant* I will not fall here today... I will not!
60742My ancestor, the necromancer Lavok, built that sphere and disappeared with it over five centuries ago. It has not been seen since, until its reappearance.
60743Please, do not interrupt our thoughts. We must prepare carefully if we are to see a weakness in the illithid web.
60744Dak col' na HATHK!
60745The sons of Gith do not yield!
60760I do what I must when I must. Know this well.
60761For the honor of the Fighters' Guild!
60762In Lolth's name!
60777I do what I must.
60778You will not escape me!
60779Die as you should!
60794Tiax shall rule the world! Just you wait...
60795Tiax will smite thee!
60799You die! We eats good!
60803I act for the best of all.
60804Death to all in my way!
60805The exiles must live!
60820Not again! I'll not lose again!
60821A fatal error!
60835Not now! The asylum takes all my time!
60836It's mine! All mine! You can't have it!
60839Enough, Boo tires of this debate. It is old and stale and pointless.
60841When you have knocked a troll down, use fire or acid on its body to kill it.
60842If you have been level drained, use a restoration scroll or spell to bring back the missing levels. Temples will also help you.
60843Press the "Q" key to Quick Save the game. Do this often.
60844You may use the "H" key to hide all of your interface panels. Pausing or hitting "H" will also bring them back.
60845You can play Baldur's Gate 2 in 640 by 480 resolution, as well as 800 by 600 resolution.
60846If a battle is too difficult for you, go to the Gameplay Options page and set the game difficulty lower for the battle's duration.
60847The "star" button on the bottom right side of your screen gives you access to all of your character's special abilities.
60848You can give your characters new scripts. Go to your Record page, and then press the "customize" button.
60849When you have more than one character selected, you can access more formations by right-clicking on any of the formation buttons.
60850Don't use missile weapons in close combat; enemies will receive a +4 attack bonus if you don't have a melee weapon equipped.
60851Bah, omens are for those that pay attention to their surroundings, not for such as we, right, Boo?
60852These heavy scales glisten under the light and are warm to the touch. There are a significant number of them salvaged from the corpse of the shadow dragon... perhaps they might be useful in the formation of some kind of shield or armor. STATISTICS: Weight: 15
60853Come to the Adventurer Mart!
60854We have all the equipment you need!
60857Come! Enter the Adventurer Mart! Behind me, you will find all the equipment any adventurer needs.
60858I don't want to talk to you.
60859What do they sell?
60860Weapons both magical and plain! Stolen armor from the lairs of dragons! Scrolls of sorcery! Anything you need, we have!
60861A good day to you then, <SIRMAAM>.
60862Crom Faeyr +5
60863This is the true name that the dwarven weaponsmith, Silverblade, gave to the weapon he intended to create for his son. Alas, his son died before the weapon was ever completed, but here it stands complete... forged from the combined magic of the original hammer with the gauntlets of ogre power and a girdle of frost giant strength. Crom Faeyr gifts its users with all the powers of the original Hammer of Thunderbolts, in addition to enormous strength and the ability to kill golems, ettins, and trolls in one blow. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Strength: 25 Combat abilities: – Slays stone golems, clay golems, ettins, and trolls THAC0: +5 Damage: 2d4+3, +5 electrical Damage type: Crushing Speed Factor: 1 Proficiency Type: War Hammer Type: One-handed Weight: 4
60864This is a part of the Equalizer, a great long sword forged long ago as a tool for balancing the powers of the universe. Also known as the "sword of neutrality," it did greater damage the further the target's alignment was from True Neutral. The Equalizer was last rumored to have been wielded by the elven hero Alaine Greenleaf, who was lost during a voyage to the Underdark. Other rumors have, however, proposed that the blade's pommel gem was stolen by an escaped slave who returned to the surface world. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
60865Glasses of Identification
60866Such is the age of this sword that its true origin has been lost to time, but markings hint that it was possibly forged in the service of Helm. Also called the "Sword of Neutrality," it seems designed to seek and terminate extremes, to shift the universe closer to harmonious equilibrium. The further the behavior of a target from true balance, the more potent the damage they suffer. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Immunity to charm and confusion Combat abilities: – Strikes as a +3 weapon THAC0 & Damage: vs. True Neutral: +0 to hit, 1d8 damage vs. Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral: +1 to hit, 1d8+2 damage vs. Neutral Good, Neutral Evil: +2 to hit, 1d8+4 damage vs. Other Alignments: +3 to hit, 1d8+6 damage Damage type: Slashing Speed Factor: 3 Proficiency Type: Long Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 3
60867The finest bow crafted by Gesen Khan, this weapon draws energy from another plane, firing spears of lightning instead of arrows... and therefore never requiring ammunition of any kind. It is said that Gesen prepared to retire from his craft after selling the invaluable weapon, only to have the bow wrested from his grasp by a thief who used it to end Gesen's own life. A side effect of the bow bestows protection from electricity upon the user. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Electrical Resistance: +20% Combat abilities: – When no arrows are equipped, the bow fires missiles that are treated as +4 for the purposes of determining what enemies they can damage. The missiles receive +4, to hit including the bonus listed below, and deal a total of 2 piercing and 1d8 electrical damage THAC0: +4 Damage: +2 piercing, +1d8 electrical Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Shortbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 2
60868Anyway, go out of city that way... Keep on the road, turn right at big church, and you will be out.
60869This is a finely crafted shaft for a shortbow that vibrates slightly when held. It is part of a larger weapon, missing only the proper string. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
60870This string belongs on a shortbow, but is made of a most peculiar malleable metal that seems to quiver when touched. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
60871Forged in antiquity by a cult devoted to the goddess Umberlee, this weapon of vengeance was designed to aid the cult's champion in retrieving a holy artifact from the fire giants of the Storm Horn Mountains. That was a lot of hope to place in one champion, and unfortunately the Wave had been lost ever since. STATISTICS: Combat abilities: – 15% chance of draining the victim of water (+15 cold damage) – Slays fire elementals, efreet, and salamanders THAC0: +4 Damage: 1d10+4 (piercing) Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Halberd Type: Two-handed Requires: 13 Strength Weight: 12
60872This shaft belongs to a halberd, missing only the blade. It is of a brilliant aquamarine stone, carved along its length with depictions of waves. STATISTICS: Weight: 8
60873This crystalline blade is part of a halberd, missing only the shaft. It feels wet to the touch, even though it is not, and is clearly magical. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
60874This long blade is pure silver, yet it gleams with a dark power. It is part of a larger weapon, missing only the hilt. STATISTICS: Weight: 3
60875This is the hilt of a two-handed sword, obviously made of pure silver and gleaming with raw power. With a blade, the weapon might be reforged. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
60876Boo says not to blame myself, but Boo is a hamster and not as concerned with honor.
60877This heavy mace was created for a very specific purpose: to slay undead. Any such creature hit by it not only feels the sting of weapon, but also has a chance of being simply blasted from existence. There are legends that speak of a priest so holy a single glancing touch could send a vampire to oblivion, but whether the weapon empowered her or she empowered it is a topic for theologians. Now that the mace has been coated with illithium, it is even more potent, conferring to its user immunity to the life-draining powers of the more powerful undead. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Immunity to level drain Combat abilities: – Undead must save vs. Death at -4 or be utterly destroyed THAC0: +2 (strikes as a +5 weapon) Damage: 1d6+3, 2d6+4 vs. undead Damage type: Crushing Speed Factor: 6 Proficiency Type: Mace Type: One-handed Requires: 10 Strength Weight: 8
60879This is obviously a spellbook of some kind, but the tome will not open until you know the true name of the book. You shall have to identify it. STATISTICS: Weight: 6
60880Actually, this changes very little. Minsc is happy.
60881And perhaps my Boo as well...
60882And a good sword...
60883Ooh! And the occasional buffing, for the armor, you understand.
60884My association with the Shadow Thieves has been accomplished for reasons of my own, none of which has anything to do with you.
60885Potion of Icedust
60886A shower of fine chunks of ice fly forth from the drinker of this potion, creating a light dusting of cold flakes that protects all within the area of effect from fire damage. This potion was created to counter Fireball and similar spells. STATISTICS: Charge abilities: – Protects all within area from fire damage for 1 round Range: The user Area of Effect: 30-ft. radius Weight: 1
60887Certainly, though it is not so much a question of kindness as one of pride—one of my many failings, I fear.
60888The Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart is among the most prestigious of knightly orders. It honors not only distinguished service but also the venerability and wisdom of age.
60889I need to speak with Lady Jysstev, actually.
60890Hmph. Well, you may talk with the Lady if you wish, but if she decides to throw you out on your ear, I will certainly call the guards.
60891I no more want the trip than you do, so I will not force and I will not leave, but I cannot rest easy until we go.
60892If you wish, Dermin, you may return whence you came with the message that "Jaheira the Harper" is dead.
60893Perhaps we will meet again, but I shall not look forward to it!
60894You're young, Aerie... You'll figure it out soon enough.
60895I... I am sorry. I did not wish to disturb you with this. In my... my dream, we WERE under attack, in a battle we had long since won, but it was different.
60896Ah, I understand. Most of us would tend towards equilibrium. It would require effort to pull in one direction or another.
60897He did not dwell on things and wished I would not either. I wonder what...
60898A royal house of Tethyr devastated by murder and death, specifically seven princesses that met their end on the same night.
60899Greetings, death match participants. For all of you here, you will NOT be able to attack or cast spells while you are in this room.
60900The goal of this contest is to retrieve the three death match ROGUE stones from the dungeon below us. They have been hidden in random containers.
60901While on the level below us, you will be able to use any form of attack to take other ROGUE stones from fellow deathmatchers.
60902When you are killed, you will be respawned up on this floor, so that the contest may continue. Bessen will allow you to rest and memorize spells, as well as heal you.
60904You must move closer to examine the door panel.
60905You do not have all three rogue stones. Return when you have all three stones.
60906Thank me not, slave; I will kill you for Lehtinan. The reward for the deed is adequate.
60907You have WON!
60908Lehtinan wanted me to kill you, and I agreed, but it was only a ruse to obtain a key. You are free, Hendak, to take your revenge.
60909Lehtinan wanted me to kill you, and I agreed, but it was only a ruse to obtain a key. You are free, Hendak.
60910I will now permanently destroy your opponents.
60911I will now permanently destroy your opponents.
60912I will now permanently destroy your opponents.
60913I will now permanently destroy your opponents.
60914I will now permanently destroy your opponents.
60915I will now permanently destroy your opponents.
60916Nature, though I guess we are not all born to our proper station. If you were, I would have gladly helped my Harper kin in your capture.
60917There's this girl, Nalia, in the Copper Coronet; she says her land's been invaded. A big strong fighter like yerself might be of use. Do you want me to show you to the Copper Coronet?
60918Yes. I'll see what troubles this Nalia has.
60919I'll be fine on my own.
60920If you go to the Bridge District, there's this place called the Five Flagons. They gots some sort of play goin' on there. You're a bard, eh? Maybe you'd want to check it out. Do you want me to show you the way to the edge of the slums?
60921Certainly, I will seek out the Five Flagons and watch the play.
60922I'll be fine on my own.
60923Okay, then... make sure to stay close, 'cause I don't have time to wait for ya.
60924Hello, <GABBER>. It is... good to see you again. *sigh* The funeral was... was just horrible!
60925No, but you do seem to require my validation by spouting a random insult where none was deserved. Dwell on that while we fade.
60926But I will speak no more, out of respect for your... what was it again? Ah yes, your little stick.
60927I will await you at the grove I have marked on your map. Do not tarry; our task is difficult, and time is short.
60928We parted on the best of terms, under what I thought were good circumstances. If I was wrong, I will make amends. Come, I should find my old home.
60929Burn did the sky with rage and fire, until plucked from the air by the hand of a king. He saw the weak and scarred underbelly; he saw the path to the source of the fire.
60930Flames did take the leader, because others could not see what he did. If only they had the eyes of a king.
60931Death must have beauty for the hero that falls; death must have beauty so others continue. Death... has a mask that lets others see. Death...
60932A selective sun may also choose to prolong your damp, but who am I to say?
60933Well, Cowled Wizards who want your blood can be funny that way, all demanding and such. Good thing you were able to tell him all about the one left, eh?
60934You may think I don't know where this is going, but you're wrong. I'll not stand here and be made the victim of a snappy comeback. Begone, louts, all of you.
60935Of more use? Certainly a cultivated field yields more produce in the short term, but the bounty of the wild feeds many over longer time.
60936Not many druids will agree with you, and for good reason. Nature is the mother of all; balance is not found in restricting her to gardens and farms.
60937Not the prettiest of pictures, I know, but you cannot fault the canvas.
60938Not that it is my place to criticize; you must find your own balance. While you teeter on your way, however, just be sure to remember your greater duty.
60939They will yield smaller hunts that must be supplemented with fish. These resources are not infinite. Moderation is key. Learn to take what is already given.
60940When purchasing an item in a store, you can double-click on the item to purchase multiple copies.
60941Isaea Roenall was there... the boy my father engaged me to. He seems determined to press the engagement, even though I refuse to have anything to do with him.
60942Isaea has... connections... being an important member of the guard. I think he believes I've threatened his reputation, and he might do something drastic! This is terrible!
60943Can I travel with you again? I would feel safer... and there's nothing left around here for me anyway. What do you think?
60944Certainly, come along.
60945Sorry, Nalia... you'll have to find your own way for now.
60946Forget it! If it isn't one thing with you, it's another, and I'll not be bothered!
60947That's a relief. Let's get out of here, then... the farther I am from the Roenalls, the happier I'll be!
60948*sigh* I suppose you're right. I doubt I'll be going far from here, though, anytime soon. I don't think Isaea will look for me in the slums. Maybe we'll meet again?
60949All of natures' creatures live in some measure of harmony with her. You are not in opposition as such, but you are discordant.
60950This is not a matter of character. Some things are deeper, and though you can take the leopard far from the jungles, he still has his spots.
60951Well, I'm not about to wait around and see what the Roenalls have in store for me. Have it your way, then... if I'm lucky, we won't meet again!
60952I make no accusations; I simply wish to know why you seem different to me. There is no assumption of wrongdoing, though your reluctance makes me worry further.
60953My duty tells me to be curious; other than that, I am at a loss. You have shown you are not a danger, but perhaps I do not know what you are capable of.
60954Well, certainly a disturbing origin, though it changes nothing in our dynamic. I am still Cernd, and you are still <CHARNAME>.
60955Your manner bears the scars of your origin, though the god that formed you is dead and gone. I shall treat you as I would any other.
60956No, no, I do not mean we should relieve ourselves wherever we wish. Animals are not more disgusting or reckless; rather, they are more tranquil.
60957This will allow new trees and plants to grow and feed new generations of stag. There is balance and contentment in this.
60958Ye're a cleric of some kind, ain't ye? Well, they says there's troubles with some cult in the Temple District. Maybe that's the sorta thing ye'd be interested in. I can takes ye to the edge o' the slums if ye likes.
60959Certainly. Let me see what is occurring in the Temple District.
60960I'm sure I'll be fine on my own.
60961I'd prefer it if you took me to the nearest tavern, actually.
60962I'd prefer it if you took me to the nearest tavern, actually.
60963The Shadow Thieves are lookin' for someone like ye to help 'em out. Don't know much about it... but if ye goes to the Docks District, I'm sure someone like ye could find out. If ye likes, I can takes ye to the edge of the slums, aye?
60964Sure, I'll go to the docks and check it out.
60965Actually, I'd rather you take me to the nearest tavern.
60966Never mind, I'll be fine on my own.
60967I hears there's this kid wanderin' in the Government District... he's talkin' about some village in the hills bein' killed off by monsters or somethin'. Anyways... ye're a ranger, and ye can go wanderin' in the forest to find out about it, no doubt. Want me to takes ye to the edge of the slums?
60968Sure, I'll see if I can find this boy and hear his story.
60969Actually, I'd rather go to the nearest tavern.
60970Never mind... I can find my own way.
60971Ye're some noble type, right? Hmmm... I hears there's this rich feller lookin' to hire a hero like you to clear the monsters offa his land. He's in the Copper Coronet... some Lord Jierdan or other. I could takes ye there if ye likes.
60972Certainly. I'll see what this Lord Jierdan has to say.
60973Never mind... I'll find my own way.
60974Ye're a wizard or somethin', right? Well... me boys tell me there's this feller named Madeen in the Government District... he's workin' fer the Cowled Wizards and offering some job. I could takes ye to the edge of the slums if ye wants to check it out.
60975Certainly. I'll look for this Madeen in the Government District.
60976Actually, I'd prefer to go to the nearest tavern.
60977Never mind... I can find my own way.
60978There's some feller in the City Gate District by the name of Flydian... says he's got some problem with animals or druids or somethin'. That's up yer alley, ain't it? I could takes ye to the edge of the slums if ye wish.
60979Certainly. I'd like to speak to this Flydian.
60980Never mind... I can find my own way.
60981Do you make any special weapons?
60982Maheer does not possess the craft to create weapons himself. There is a fine dwarven smith in this city who knows such skills.
60983The stout one's name be Cromwell, my <LADYLORD>... and his shop is within the Docks District here in the city.
60984I will tell you one thing, my <LADYLORD>... I can create the finest of musical horns—the dwarf knows not this art.
60985Hmmm. I see that you have a silver horn in your possession, casadhi. If you had but a diamond as well, I could increase the item's power, surely enough.
60986But enough of my meanderings, yes? Perhaps you would like to look at Maheer's stock of weapons now?
60987Sure, let me see what you have.
60988No, I'm not interested.
60989I see you have the bronze horn in your possession. A fine instrument. Acquire a beljuril gem, and it could become even finer, I assure you.
60990I see you have the silver horn. Hmmm... and a diamond! If you wish, for 2,000 gold pieces, I could create a more powerful instrument!
60991If you could make the silver horn more powerful, it's worth it.
60992No, I'm not interested right now.
60993As you wish! My family art... ahhhh... and a bronze horn you have, my <LADYLORD>. IF you ever acquire a beljuril gem, I could do even more. But here you go.
60994If that is what you wish, it is not my business to convince you otherwise, casadhi. It is a fine horn, even if you do not wish to improve on it.
60995Ahhh... you have a beljuril and the bronze horn. With 5,000 gold pieces, I could take these and make you the finest of instruments.
60996Certainly. That sounds like a deal.
60997No, I don't think so.
60998Ah, yes... the old magic of my family shall turn your fine horn into the great iron horn. Rarely have I seen its like, casadhi... Here you go. Use it well.
60999What sorts of weapons do you sell?
61000No, I don't need anything.
61001As you wish, my <LADYLORD>.
61002The attentions of a wide-eyed dog do little for me, however... so keep your eyes ahead of us.
61003One more thing, <CHARNAME>: Have you begun to miss control over your guild yet? Some take to guild life easier than others; perhaps you wish another chance?
61004So there is a way for me to lead the guild again?
61005No, I think I'm fine on my own for now.
61006No. You and I do not consider time the same, and it will not kill you to listen to what I have to say, <CHARNAME>.
61007Ho, Valygar! Are these friends of yours, comrade? You do not... need our help, perhaps?
61008No, Derrick, it is quite fine. I thank you for your vigilance, however. You and the other rangers have been quite helpful over the last few weeks.
61009As you say then, friend. Should you have further need of our help, we'll not be far away.
61010Back off, <MANWOMAN>. I'm here to make sure nothing happens to Mr. R and nothing else, got it?
61011We won't get far on our own. Is there anyone here who can join with us?
61012Minsc and Jaheira are just northeast of us, trapped in cells sorta like yours. We should free them and then find some gear.
61013No, this cannot be! The murderer of Dynaheir flees from righteous butt-kicking vengeance! And he takes Imoen with him too!
61014Something must be done, <CHARNAME>! We must find this evil wizard! All that is goodness cries out for this! Even little Boo, although he cannot cry out quite so loudly.
61015I find it odd that this Irenicus would leave of his own volition. And why take Imoen when it is <CHARNAME> he is so obviously interested in? Perhaps he expects us to give chase?
61016We must step carefully then. We know little about him... whom he was fighting, who took him, or even where we are. We seem to be drawn into machinations not of our own making.
61017No! We must go quickly and save our friend Imoen! The wizard may be leering over her evilly even now!
61018Do not be foolish, Minsc. We must know our enemies... and the extent of our danger here... before we rush into anything.
61019The druid is right, my large friend. The wizard obviously had great power, and I doubt we have seen the last of him. Perhaps we should see if allies can be found here.
61020Odd that the wizard would stop fighting... and odder still that he would demand that your young companion be taken, <CHARNAME>, and not you.
61021Obviously, there is more here than meets the eye. We must get our bearings, I think, and find out what lies behind all this... and why you have become involved.
61022I think your druid friend is right, <CHARNAME>. I doubt we've seen the last of this wizard. Perhaps there are allies to be found here who might explain your involvement in all this.
61023While I do not have quite the enthusiasm of your large friend, <CHARNAME>, I do agree that we must move quickly to protect ourselves.
61024We do not know anything about this wizard, or whom he was fighting and why... or what your involvement in all this is. You need to find allies, <CHARNAME>.
61025This servant obeys only <CHARNAME>.
61026Uh... well, I—
61027Oh yes! Adventure! But I suppose you must know all about that with Uncle Jan in your party. Never has there been a gnome with such a nose for trouble.
61028I'll choose to take that as a compliment, my dear cousin.
61029I wouldn't if I were you. I'm including Uncle Scratchy in that list, cousin. But I suppose you'll be fine... so long as you don't kill your friends here.
61030Kylie, I'm positively hurt by your insinuations.
61031A good <DAYNIGHTALL> to you, cousin. Here... have a turnip.
61032Oh yes! Adventure! But you know all about that. *sigh* With Cousin Jan dead, things just haven't been the same. I think I need to get some more turnips.
61033Uh... well, I—
61034What happened with your former companions, Korgan?
61035That's good to hear, Korgan. With any luck, we won't meet the same fate as them.
61036I was hoping for some moral to your tale, but you seem to revel in pointless bloodshed.
61037I can't say I approve of what you did, Korgan. I trust I will not meet the same fate.
61038Sounds like fun was had by all. Of course, others might treat you the same way.
61039Then we'll let it go and carry on, though I think I'll have you walk in front from now on.
61040Depends on how pathetic ye intend to be, I wager. Keep yerself stout and no worries. I expect the same o' meself.
61041If I be in position to do nothing, then I deserves what comes. Truly, I'd be happy if I be put out o' whining misery. Don't worry, I'd do the same fer you...
61042I walk where I please. If my knife at yer back makes ye nervous, that be your problem, not mine. Just ye keep stout and worthy o' leadin...
61043All under the auspices of the famous Sigil theater troupe, currently residing beneath the Five Flagons Inn. I do believe we've been on the Prime Material for almost three seasons now...
61044No, I'm sorry, none of them sound familiar.
61045You played Elminster?
61046Uh, the yugoloth, was it? Yeah, you stole the show with that one, if I recall.
61047Hi, I'm Bif.
61049So then, you are the <PRO_MANWOMAN> who is traveling with Yoshimo, yes? I've heard much about you and would rather speak to you than that thief, at any rate.
61050What, exactly, have you been told of me?
61051You want to see me and not Yoshimo? Why? What do you want?
61052I came here at Yoshimo's request. I won't stand here and be treated like a lackey.
61053Let me see what you have.
61054Do what you wish, I will participate only if I want to.
61055Thank you for playing the Preview Version of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. For the purposes of this demo, the main plot ends here, but you may continue to play any of the subquests from Chapters 1, 2 & 3. Have fun! BioWare
61056Thank you for playing the Preview Version of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. For the purposes of this demo, the main plot ends here, but you may continue to play any of the subquests from Chapters 1, 2 & 3. Have fun! BioWare
61057We had the chance to have a priestess "exorcise" the curse, but she's left now. Everyone's pretty jittery.
61058I didn't know what to do, so I told everyone to keep it to themselves. No one is pleased... *sigh* Too bad you weren't here.
61059You! 'Twere it not enough that my sister dryads should suffer at the hands of the wizard who cages them... but you would end their lives as well!
61060I shall avenge them! For Cania, Elyme, and Ulene, you shall perish, <PRO_RACE>!
61061But... but everything has not been put right! Are you sure you want to leave me here?!
61062Perhaps not. Join with me again.
61063Yes, stay here for now.
61064Al-all right. But... please help Quayle! Something has to be done!
61065Is everything all right? Do you want me to come with you again?
61066Yes, join up with me again.
61067Everything's fine. Stay here for now, Aerie.
61068Greetings. I trust everything is all right here?
61069Greetings. I trust everything is all right here?
61070Everything is fine, <GABBER>. Uncle Quayle is running the circus, although... although I would like to travel on my own someday. If you have need of me, I'll be here.
61071Everything is... all right. It isn't the same, however, with Quayle dead. *sigh* If you... if you have need of me, I'd like to travel away from here someday.
61072Hello, Aerie. Would you like to travel with me again?
61073No, I don't think so. I'll travel, someday... but I'll do it on my own. Thank you anyway, <GABBER>.
61074Ah! You've come, all of you! Most excellent!
61075I, uh, had to get Marcus to write a new score, and he'll be playing the music. He's not baaad... It's the best I could come up with without your help.
61076If you had been here, you could have taken care of them, <CHARNAME>... Now we're down plenty of props. *sigh*
61077I see only one chance... it's too late for anything else... <CHARNAME>... you must play Velden. You are a bard, naturally gifted... you observed our rehearsals.
61078I know you are female, but with the proper make-up, I'm sure you will look the part. It is all about poise and delivery, after all.
61079Good work in opening the bridge. My people will continue to engage them for as long as possible. I truly hope that we will draw enough of them out. Destroy the troll's leader for us, we beg of you!
61080Unless... <CHARNAME>, you are now a true force of righteousness, and I believe it is time for you to perform one final task, if you are willing.
61081There is an item, a holy artifact, that lies within the hands of a great evil. You have felt his presence before, and now I ask you to address it with finality.
61082Firkraag, the great red dragon, looms over the Windspear Hills. His reign must end, and from his lair you must retrieve the most holy of blades, the Avenger.
61083This tool of good has been in his possession for too long. <CHARNAME>, I call upon you to slay the dragon and make a statement for right and justice.
61084He holds a Holy Avenger? I will not rest until it is retrieved!
61085The blade will be rescued, but so shall the lands that he rules.
61086I don't know if I will survive, but I will face him regardless.
61087I cannot defeat such a creature!
61088This is a great risk, but it must be dealt with sometime. Go, and may the forces of good be your salvation.
61089His threat will not go away until you face him. I hope you will realize what must be done. Goodness protect you, no matter your actions.
61090The entire Order sends good wishes with you, <CHARNAME>. May you bring the swift hand of righteousness down upon the ancient red evil of Firkraag.
61091You have done a legendary thing this day, <CHARNAME>. You are truly an epic force for good, and an inspiration for the ages.
61092I can think of no one more worthy of wielding the holy avenger. In your hands, such a blade will strike deep to evil's heart.
61093Hah! And he thought himself a capable spellcaster! Perhaps those fools will think twice now before they send another of their goons to bellow hollow threats!
61094Everything not well between you and the Red Wizards, Edwin?
61095So what exactly did you do to anger the Thayans?
61096So! You're nothing better than a rogue and a liar! Not even a Red Wizard, I see!
61097All right, all right, let's just go.
61098Hmph. Let's just say that not every colleague is pleased with my disposition and I have been on an... extended leave from my compatriots in Thay.
61099Not that it's any of your business! Being saddled with the company of monkeys should be enough self-punishment for anyone! But enough! Let us away!
61100I am a Red Wizard, fool, and my difficulties with my colleagues are but a momentary obstacle! Continue to mock me, and you'll be speaking from a charred stump!
61101So be it. I've had enough banal chitchat of late to last me several lifetimes.
61102Fine, fine. Let's just move on, then.
61103You've given me enough grief, wizard! Leave... and take your attitude with you.
61104You've threatened me once too often, Edwin!
61105As you would have it, foolish little <PRO_MANWOMAN>! There are a thousand other uses for my skills besides wasting them on such as you!
61106Not often enough, it seems!
61107Not often enough, it seems! But I'll not waste another moment with you here! A million other exploits await elsewhere!
61108You've threatened me once too often, Edwin!
61109As for the boy, that must be why I recognize your eyes. He has never known you. What claim have you to him? Do you even know of his name?
61110Perhaps you could tell me whom to talk to amongst the Cowled Wizards, then. I'd be interested in that.
61111Aye, I'd imagine you would be. One of the wizards by the name of Corneil decides who gets the license to use magic here. Bring plenty of coin if you go to see him.
61112You can probably find him in the government building in the Government District. Now... would you like to see what I have to offer or not?
61113Sure, let me see what you have.
61114No, thanks.
61115Retrieve Mekrath's stolen mirror from his imp I have completed Mekrath's task, and the wizard tried to "reward" me with a slave of his. He says that the man is in the north storeroom in his tower... I suppose I should go and see who this person is, at least, once the wizard has been defeated.
61116Ye ARE new here, aren't ye? Magic be forbidden in Athkatla. The Cowled Wizards, methinks, keep control o' all th' other mages.
61117I'm afraid not. Anyone who practices magic without a license does it in seclusion. The Cowled Wizards arrest those who don't, such as your mysterious wizard.
61118You mentioned something about a license?
61119Well, sure. The ban on magic-casting only applies to the "disreputable" masses. And in Amn, there's only one barometer for the well-to-do: coin.
61120You got enough coin, the Cowled Wizards are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. And why not? They get rich, and if you cause a problem, they arrest you anyway.
61121It's not a bad deal, though... once you've paid them, they tend to ignore you. Try the wizard Corneil at the government building in the Government District if you're interested.
61122Any ideas on how I might collect a lot of coin, then?
61123What do you know about the Shadow Thieves?
61124I see. I'll be on my way.
61125If you were interested, I'm sure Corneil in the government building in the Government District would be amenable to a large bribe. Such is how it works here.
61126Wha—?! Where am I? What has happened?
61127May the Dawnlord bless you! Please excuse me, but my duties require me to talk to <CHARNAME>.
61128Away fool! I speak to none but <CHARNAME>!
61129Miss Nalia, allow me to show you to the funeral.
61130They are waiting for you upstairs.
61131May Helm watch over you! You must excuse me, but my duties require me to speak with <CHARNAME>.
61132Mornmaster, I have come to ask for the church's aid in a matter of importance.
61133I shall do what I must to get the best possible result.
61134I've already done this. The children are free.
61135Oh... hee hee! Oh, you shall be very sorry, indeed! You have found me out, and now you must pay, oh yes. A little old for my taste, but no matter!
61136I have not had good relations with you people in the past. Do as you will; I will evaluate your offers of service as they come.
61137Can you help send these Solamnic Knights to their own plane?
61138Oh, good.
61139Anger overwhelms you, and you feel your control slipping as the evil beckons to you. You become the Slayer...
61141As you will. Farewell then.
61142Whatever. Just don't go turning anyone into a chicken or anything foolish like that.
61143I have more serious things to worry about, Aerie.
61144I think that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
61145Heh... you're probably right. If only things were so easy.
61146Just say the word, and all manner of wonder is at your disposal. Eh, and don't overlook the mundane. Bread and butter sales, they are.
61147Something special, something plain, whatever you wish for in these uncertain times—I can make accommodation.
61148Yes, let me see what you have.
61149No thanks, not right now.
61150But of course! Anything for my favorite bard, as you'd like it!
61151Can I see what you have available, then?
61152Let me see what you have, then.
61153Oh, hullo. Higgold says I'm not to get under yer feet, an' I'm just to do me errands. If ye're lookin' for yer money from the tickets, it's in this chest... if there is any, that is. I ain't touched none of it.
61154Ye're not the <PRO_LADYLORD> patron... ye're one o' <PRO_HISHER> friends, aye? Well, I only runs errands fer Higgold, so don't be gettin' no ideas or nuthin'.
61155Hmph. That Higgold has lots o' ideas. An' all I does all day long is run around fer him. Liked it better when you folk runned this place, I did. Feets are darn sore...
61156I am sorry for the pain that I've caused to Mazzy's family, though I meant no harm.
61157You have the head? Take it to Khan Zahraa now!
61158No, thank you.
61159I don't know. If you can, try and wait at a major tavern or inn.
61160Perhaps at a major inn or tavern? Somewhere we are sure to go.
61161...uhhhh... *groan*
61162What I mean to say is that the Pirate Lord will not arrive in time to stop us. That is whom I meant, in no uncertain terms. Hurry, we must away!
61163I wish to return to the corridor.
61164I'll not stand about and participate in your degenerate activities any longer, <CHARNAME>. I'll find my own way and leave you to yours.
61165No, we should split up for now.
61166All right, we'll go there if we need you again.
61167All right, we'll go there if we need you again.
61168That's not possible. Why don't you just wait right here, and if we need you again, we'll come get you?
61169That's not possible. Why don't you just wait right here, and if we need you again, we'll come get you?
61170I would have expected better from you, <CHARNAME>! You have let yourself fall too far... and I will accompany you no further. We will not meet again.
61171So. Your darker desires win over you fully. I have seen enough. Should we meet again, it shall be as opponents and naught else, <CHARNAME>.
61172I seek Anomen Delryn, son of Lord Cor, my <LADYLORD>. Should you see him, please send him my way.
61173Whose estate is this?
61174The estate is waiting for its inheritors, <SIRMAAM>, with the merchant's murder and everything. You shall have to leave at once regardless.
61175Get away from me, peddler of magic!
61176Very well, though I will be most displeased if it turns out you are lying.
61177All right, all right, but I will expect ample reward when I am done.
61178Direct your words elsewhere.
61179I am not permitted to speak with you.
61180I am not permitted to speak with you.
61181You wake, fearful of the madness that is consuming you.
61182Leave me be!
61183Ellesime cannot be reached until the parasites are destroyed.
61184Irenicus cannot be affected until the parasites are destroyed.
61185Do not speak to me until you have completed the task at hand.
61186Qilue has no time for you now. Move along.
61187No, you shall not. This is a holy place devoted to exalted Unseeing Eye. Perhaps you... wish to serve?
61188I would prefer to know more... how does one serve this "Unseeing Eye" of yours?
61189Who is the Unseeing Eye?
61190No. I have no interest in serving your god.
61191Then leave us to our meditations, faithless one. We have no quarrel with you.
61192We seek to throw off the shackles of our limitations, and we do so willingly to serve the One God. What is so horrid about this?
61193It is mutilation! What if one doesn't survive your process?!
61194Well, I'm not willing to lose my eyes, regardless.
61195I... I see. Tell me more of your One God, then.
61196I see. I have no further interest in your god; excuse me.
61197It is an abomination of nature, and I shall stop it myself!
61198Perhaps I should be on my way, then.
61199Still, the Unseeing Eye could use the skills of one such as yourself. An exception... could, perhaps, be made in your case.
61200As you wish. But I warn you... the Unseeing Eye has vast and terrible power. Do not cross him!
61201Join our ranks instead, as I have told you, and enlightenment shall be yours. The choice, of course, is up to you.
61202Who...? You dare?! Fool, you have crossed the Rune, and you shall pay the price for your interference, whatever the cause!
61203The Delryn whelp?! You've no business here, Anomen Delryn! Take your friends and leave at once!
61204Hmph. This is the home of my father's old enemy, Saerk. It is best if we leave, <CHARNAME>.
61205Speak through General Sovalidaas or Elhan if you must speak at all, outsider. I have nothing for you.
61206I have made this alloy for you, as we discussed before. Will you take it now? The price is 500.
61207No, I will try this Unger Hilldark you spoke of.
61208I am not prepared to pay that price.
61209I'll take the alloy. Sarles will not know the difference.
61210Tell me of your source.
61211I... I am sorry, my friends... Mazzy is beyond my power to recover. Unless Barl possessed the antidote on his person, all hope for her dear sister is lost...
61212Aye. Here it is. Take this brew to the lass, if you would, so Mazzy's death is not in vain.
61213The Overgold sent word of poor Mazzy. It's... it's a terrible thing. Hopefully, the antidote you carry with you will help Pala. I could not bear to lose two daughters...
61214It... it seems to be working. Thank you, thank you! I... I think she will be fine soon. Despite the fate of Mazzy, at least it was not in vain. I cannot thank you enough.
61215Without a cure for poor Pala, I... I will have lost both my daughters. I almost cannot bear the thought...
61216Pala is... is gone. I have lost both of my daughters. Excuse me... I... I must see to their arrangements.
61217But that is little news beside what you have obviously been through. I... I see you have returned with none other than our halfling heroine! I am relieved to see you well, Mazzy.
61218But... but I babble on so. My apologies. Was there aught that you needed, <CHARNAME>?
61219I wished to tell you a Shade Lord was responsible. It had possessed the body of Merella, your ranger... who died once the shade was destroyed.
61220Go 'way, you. No business with youse. Just restin' until my next fight in the pit, is all.
61221Ho hum... never mind me, pretty halfling. Just standing about, innocent bystander-like. Nothing to see here.
61222Hmmm... you know, I can probably help your Gorf situation... but not with the halfling within earshot, if you take my meaning...
61223Can't you track him down? I don't want to wait that long.
61224Fine. We're in no rush.
61225Huh? I'm not gonna... oh, wait! There he is! Gorf! Gorf, baby, over here!
61226Now you're gonna get it. Gorf baby is so mean in the pit.
61227We're looking for Gorf. He said he'd meet us here.
61228*sigh* He ain't here. Gorf baby said he'd be comin' after the seventh hour at night. You can talk to him then, I guess.
61229Can't you track him down? We don't want to wait that long.
61230We'll wait until then, I suppose.
61231Bah... obviously, even the most brutish and oafish will overcome the virtuous. I must remember this and be smarter the next time, I see.
61232There. Virtue has won the day for once... and hopefully, the lesson has been pounded into the lout's head. Come, <CHARNAME>... let us be away from this boorish place.
61233Go away, pipsqueak. Gorf baby wouldn't want me talking to you.
61234(A low voice sounds within your mind.) Despair, sighted, for death is thy familiar...
61235I would be willing to help, though I have no intention of stepping on anyone's toes.
61236Hello again, <CHARNAME>. If... if you have need of some help, I would be willing to join with you. There is little for me here, really.
61237Certainly, come with me.
61238No, not at this time.
61239I guess I'll wait here then.
61240Take a hike, <PRO_MANWOMAN>. Gorf is going to squish you flat enough... heh... you don't need me to kick your arse.
61241No, I have not.
61242Gorf ready to squashy pipsqueak! Why pipsqueak not ready?!
61243You should know that I am hunting a powerful mage by the name of Irenicus. He was taken by Cowled Wizards, and there will be considerable danger.
61244I have the rod half. What do you know of it?
61245What?! How did you...? No matter... now you die, you interfering self-righteous fool!
61246Silence now. Let us finish this distasteful task and be done with it.
61248Temple of Rillifane
61249My thanks for your assistance. I have little doubt you were as plagued by the foolish wizard as we were. As I mentioned, here is your reward. Good day to you.
61250The task is completed. Please talk to Morul.
61251Morul needs to speak with you about the task you assigned us.
61252Underdark Exit
61253Forest of Tethir
61255Powerful magic is exciting, but... but I worry that things may get out of control. Oh well, what's the worse that could happen?
61256Spells Can Cast:
61257'Ay! You there, m'lady! Ye looks like th' sort can handle yer weapons, eh?
61258I can use my weapons just fine. Why do you ask?
61259What would a drunkard like yourself need with me?
61260Begone, I've no time to speak to you.
61261Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Sarles was not fooled by the illithium alloy and is angered enough that he would likely not do the sculpture even if I tried to get some real illithium. All there is left to do is return to the church and report my failure.
61262Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Sir Sarles has taken his precious illithium and agreed to do the sculpture. All I need do now is return to the church and report my success.
61263Hervo is a loyal servant and friend... I tolerate no abuse of him.
61265kit description
61266Let us continue with our task.
61267Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills The Shade Lord and his altar have been destroyed. While the old temple remains a terrifying place, its influence on the surface world seems to have been destroyed. The mayor of Imnesvale will be delighted to hear that the threat is ended.
61268Borok's Fist +2
61269Level <LEVEL> Spells
61270The door is barred from the inside. A voice from the opposite side of the door says, "Get out of here. Pimlico won't see strangers."
61271The House of the Horn
61272The Priest's House
61273The Harpist's House
61274To the Forest Clearing
61275The House of the Moon
61276Cryptic text below the runes makes reference to a Priest's Stone in the room above. A clue to the puzzle, perhaps? Above the runes, the inscription reads: "The Natural Order shall prevail!"
61277Level Drain
61278The House of the Talisman
61279The elven puzzle box I have found a puzzle box that obviously holds something of value to the elves of Suldanessellar. To open it, I must press a series of runes in a certain order. The box makes reference to a Priest's Stone in the room above. The Stone holds the key to this puzzle, and I must find it if I am to open the box with minimal risk.
61280The elven puzzle box I have opened the puzzle box. Within, I found the talisman of Rillifane!
61281Puzzle Box
61282If you need healing or supplies, I shall be happy to help you. Rillifane has blessed you, and what services our temple offers are yours for a pittance. The soldiers have even offered some of their weapons and supplies., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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