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For Page 54

55348You will not be so calm when I doom you to nonexistence!
55349The Slayer has surrendered control, but you are weaker in will and closer to losing yourself. You might not be able to withstand the transformation again.
55350I would be infinitely pleased to have you join me. Welcome!
55351I would be pleased to have you join me.
55352I would be infinitely pleased to have you join me. Welcome!
55353I am in need of another warrior. Join with us.
55354My business here is done. My child shall be raised by the druids of this place until such a time as he can choose for himself what he wishes to do... and I can return to see him whenever I wish.
55355I am still available to travel with you if you like, <CHARNAME>. Shall we continue your journey, then?
55356Certainly. Let's join up and get going.
55357No, I think we'll travel without you for a while.
55358He left because he was afraid; afraid of settling down and leaving his blessed nature. Galia went along with their breakup so she wouldn't "hold him back."
55359Fine man to look at, but cold in the eyes. Treated her bad... didn't get any better when she gave birth. Got worse, to tell th' truth.
55360If he wants to make amends, Deril's at his home, the southernmost mansion in the Government District. Too late, though. Damage was done two years ago.
55361Sanik was killed before he could tell me how to get inside!
55362Well, perhaps he told someone what he knew. There must be someone who can tell you how to get within... find them, for I knew nothing beyond Sanik himself.
55363Animal trouble in Trademeet: Told Cernd of outcome I told the druid Cernd about how I solved the problems in the druid grove. He was grateful, but I don't know if I wished him in my group. He has gone to the grove, where he has said I may find him if need be.
55364Animal trouble in Trademeet: Joined with Cernd I apprised the captured Cernd of how I solved the trouble with the druid grove and how I restored balance to the region. He was grateful and offered to join with me now that his duty was done. I'm sure he will be a valuable asset.
55365Animal trouble in Trademeet: Balance is restored Faldorn has been defeated through the traditional druidic hierarchy. The land will recover in time, as will the citizens of Trademeet. Cernd is now freed of his duty, and I welcome his continued presence in my party.
55366Animal trouble in Trademeet: Balance is restored Faldorn has been defeated through the traditional druidic hierarchy. The land will recover from her taint in time, as will Trademeet. Cernd is now freed of his duty to restore the grove, but I didn't see a need for his continued presence in my party. He will remain in the grove, helping to heal the land. I may seek him out later if need be.
55367Tiax? Aren't you supposed to be dead?
55368General Sovalidaas
55369The target has no items that can be stolen by a cut-purse of your skill.
55370Greater Lacedon
55371Greater Lacedon
55372Spell Trigger is much like Spell Sequencer in that it allows the caster to store several spells in a trigger item that can be released upon any target, including the caster. The spells stored in the sequencer are cast as any other spell and can be accessed through the Special Abilities button on the main screen. It is important to note that when you choose the spells to be stored in the trigger, they will disappear from the ones you have memorized. However, the trigger will last until used, so the caster may rest and gain those spells back. The main use for this spell would be to allow the caster to release multiple spells upon a target very quickly in combat without the possibility of being interrupted.
55373Contingency spells allow the caster to store a spell(s) inside <PRO_HISHER> body. The spell in question will then be released upon the caster when the condition specified at casting occurs. For example, a wizard could place Stoneskins in a contingency, which could then be set to go off when the caster reaches 50% of <PRO_HISHER> Hit Points. Then, when the caster reaches 50% of <PRO_HISHER> Hit Points, the spell will be released and cast upon the wizard. The uses for this spell are limited only by the imagination of the caster.
55374Minor Spell Sequencer
55375Spell Trigger
55376Chain Contingency
55403To enchant a katana is no simple process. Unlike conventional weapons, the katana is already a near-perfect fighting sword. To improve it usually requires a sacrifice, perhaps a dying samurai might beg a Wu Jen to infuse his fighting spirit into the spirit of the katana. The wielder of an enchanted katana, such as this one, must respect the customs of Kara-Tur and of the samurai who once carried this blade into battle. Not doing so could drastically change one's luck for the worse. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d10+2 (slashing) Speed Factor: 2 Proficiency Type: Katana Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 4
55405Spirit Troll
55407Cromwell's Home
55408Find the worshippers of Ghaunadaur A rather imperious female drow has commanded me to go to the southeastern corner of the drow city and destroy a sect of Ghaunadaur worshippers which are hiding out. I'm not sure what refusing this task would accomplish... nothing good, I expect.
55409Find the worshippers of Ghaunadaur I have found and destroyed the sect of worshippers... a thankless task, it seems, as I received no reward for it from the drow matron. Other than my "continued existence," apparently.
55410Invoke Courage
55412This dagger weighs heavily in your hand and is warm to the touch. Merely having it on your person makes you feel uneasy for some reason. The gem mounted in the hilt seems to have an inner light of some sort, though how it can have such illumination and still be so deathly black at its core, you do not know. STATISTICS: Combat abilities: – 15% chance per hit of draining 1 level from the target THAC0: +4 Damage: 1d4+4 (piercing) Speed Factor: 0 Proficiency Type: Dagger Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 1
55413Lellyn's Journal
55427I was wondering when you would give voice to the looks you have been giving me all eve. Poor Elhan, hating me so.
55430<CHARNAME>! I'll have your tongue for that! Is your loyalty so fickle? I swear you'll have a fight if you try and remove me from this group in this hostile place!
55432Bah, such a statement is unnecessary. I am loyal. But if it will help your doubts, I do so swear my loyalty to this cause.
55434Your distrust is such that you require magical bonds to ensure I commit no treachery? I wonder if the drow are the only elves with darkened hearts.
55435Intrigue with Jarlaxle Visaj told me of Jarlaxle and his failed attempt to get revenge on a House that had refused him payment for services rendered. Visaj says that he stole a magical rope from Jarlaxle. With it, I would be immune to imprisonment, and I can loot the home of Deirex safely, protected from the lich inside. I suppose there is only one way to test it.
55436Very well. Have your spells cast and secure my will to the task. I imagine spitting on you for the indignity will be restricted as well? A pity.
55458Intrigue with Jarlaxle I have been ambushed into the service of Jarlaxle. While his men are indeed captives of the lich Deirex, Visaj's story about stealing the rope was false. Now it appears I must retrieve certain gems from the lich's tower and return them to Jarlaxle lest he reveal my identity in this place. It is not without promise, however, and I may have opportunity to loot the tower as well as House Jae'llat in this deal. I have one day to do it.
55459Intrigue with Jarlaxle Lies again, of course. The gems Jarlaxle wished stolen did not contain the souls of his men, whom he never risked attacking the lich to begin with. The gems were actually valuable artifacts belonging to House Jae'llat, of which the lich was an ally. Jarlaxle concocted this whole affair for his original goal of retribution against the House that had failed to pay him. I may have gained the means to enter two drow dwellings, but this chicanery makes my head spin. The rope will get me back to where I should be.
55485Wandering Horror
55488You may choose <number> spells to put in your spellbook. These will be the spells that your character currently has the ability to cast.
55489You may choose <number> spells to put in your spellbook. These will be the spells that your character currently has knowledge of. Specialist wizard spells that belong to their school have a green outline on them.
55497Animal trouble in Trademeet: A helpful druid Cernd spoke with a druid that knew him. Apparently, the grove is under the brutal leadership of a Shadow Druid named Faldorn. She has also performed some kind of ritual that has linked her to the grove so that she is invulnerable unless challenged through traditional druidic ceremonies.
55498Please, you should go before either of us come to harm. Faldorn cannot see me with you. Shadow Druids are very unforgiving of treachery.
55499Animal trouble in Trademeet: A helpful druid I met with a druid patrolling around the grove. He let slip that a Shadow Druid named Faldorn was controlling the area with an iron fist. He seemed reluctant to harm me, though he also suggested that others would not be as hesitant.
55500Some of the others have all but joined her as Shadow Druids as well. She is not the only enemy now. I must go. I cannot be seen with outsiders.
55501She has seduced quite a few with her Shadow Druid wiles. Perhaps he could challenge her... she seems subject to the old ways even as she poisons our intentions.
55502I must go. I cannot be seen with outsiders. Be careful; you will find few people to help you.
55503Animal trouble in Trademeet: A helpful druid I spoke with a druid near the grove. He was very glad that Cernd was investigating the trouble they are having. The druid said that a Shadow Druid named Faldorn had taken control of the grove, and he hoped that Cernd would challenge her.
55504Animal trouble in Trademeet: A violent homecoming Cernd spoke with Dalok, a druid that has welcomed the Shadow Druid that has taken control of the grove. Cernd declared his intent to challenge her. It would appear that this Faldorn is subject to druidic tradition whether a radical or not.
55505Animal trouble in Trademeet: A violent encounter I have been attacked by a druid proclaiming that I should die "in Faldorn's name." She is apparently a Shadow Druid.
55506Animal trouble in Trademeet: The Shadow Druid I have met with Faldorn, the Shadow Druid in control of the grove. She has bonded with the land, and the only way to unseat her from power is for another druid to challenge her in one-on-one combat.
55507Animal trouble in Trademeet: Cernd has challenged Cernd has challenged Faldorn in a duel to the death. The outcome of this battle will determine the fate of the druids and of Trademeet as well.
55508Animal trouble in Trademeet: Jaheira has challenged Jaheira has entered into battle with Faldorn. The outcome of the fight will determine the fate of Trademeet and the druids alike.
55509Animal trouble in Trademeet: Balance is restored Faldorn is defeated, and I have received a fine reward for my part in it. The grove will eventually recover, as will Trademeet. Balance is restored.
55510Animal trouble in Trademeet: Balance is restored Cernd has defeated Faldorn, and balance is restored. The town of Trademeet will be safe now that the druids are back in their proper role. Balance is restored.
55511Animal trouble in Trademeet: Balance is restored Faldorn is defeated. I have been rewarded, but I am to be afforded an even greater honor for my service to nature. When I rest in the grove, I will be granted a blessing, one that will give additional responsibilities for me as a druid.
55512Wh-what?! By the Exile, the prisoners have escaped! Between invading thieves and the loss of <CHARNAME>, the master will not be pleased. Come, gray ones, we must be stopping them!
55513Animal trouble in Trademeet: A foul offer Lord Khellon Menold approached me about poisoning the entire druid grove. The deal was not to my liking. I turned him down.
55514There is none who need to challenge at this time.
55515Yes. <PLAYER1> will challenge and assume the title of Great Druid.
55516Yes. <PLAYER2> will challenge and assume the title of Great Druid.
55517Yes. <PLAYER3> will challenge and assume the title of Great Druid.
55518Yes. <PLAYER4> will challenge and assume the title of Great Druid.
55519Yes. <PLAYER5> will challenge and assume the title of Great Druid.
55520Yes. <PLAYER6> will challenge and assume the title of Great Druid.
55521I have done your deed, but for the sake of the town, not for any road you might build.
55522Thieves' guild stronghold: A meeting with Ama I have been contacted by a woman that says she is the Shadowmaster of eastern Esmeltaran. She produced a signet ring to prove her identity. She wishes me to act as a decoy in ambushing a politician that has grown too meddlesome for his own good. She will set up a meeting with him and me on the pretense of introducing him to a prominent guild leader. I am to meet her in Waukeen's Promenade when it is dark. That is where the ambush will be.
55523Careful, <CHARNAME>. 'Tis a well-made trap, but no match for me.
55524Thieves' guild stronghold: Ambush! Ama has proven to be a traitor! Her entire story was a lie, simply to lure me to my doom! She wished to kill me in Mae'Var's name. I am alive to write this, so obviously she did not succeed. I shall be on my guard in the future.
55525The vampire has turned <CHARNAME>! Now <PRO_HESHE> attacks!
55526Thieves' guild stronghold: Harsh judgment I have dismissed Lathan from my guild. His mistake with Ama almost got me killed. I don't care whether the guild suffers or not—we are better off without him.
55527Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves I have been told that one of Kretor's pickpockets has been stealing from the guild. None of the four possible culprits claim to know who has done it. I have decided to do nothing. It is Kretor's problem. He will solve it or pay the consequences.
55529These are the tents of the elven war party. Within sit grim-faced elves. The knowledge of the cruel blasphemy of the drow drives these warriors to protect their temple at any cost.
55530Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves I have been told that one of Kretor's pickpockets has been stealing from the guild. None of the four possible culprits claim to know who has done it. I have decided to kill them all. I will not have dishonest thieves under me. Kretor can replace them.
55531Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves I have been told that one of Kretor's pickpockets has been stealing from the guild. None of the four possible culprits claim to know who has done it. I have decided to dock all of their pay until the guilty party either comes forward or is turned in. Perhaps that will... encourage some honesty.
55532Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves I have been told that one of Kretor's pickpockets has been stealing from the guild. None of the four possible culprits claim to know who has done it. I have decided to kill one of them. With luck, I'll get the right one. If not, I'm sure the fear will straighten the others out.
55533Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves It would seem that I chose the right thief to kill. Kretor reports that the stealing of guild funds has stopped. A lucky choice indeed.
55534Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves My order to dock the pay of all thieves under Kretor has been fruitful. One of them has turned up dead, undoubtedly snuffed out by cohorts that did not appreciate his thievery cutting into their profits. I doubt I will have any more trouble.
55535Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves Damnation! My order to kill one of the people suspected of stealing from the guild has backfired. Kretor has quit under the strain of holding up that section of the guild on his own. It is a significant blow to my guild.
55536Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves Kretor has quit, shutting down my pickpockets one and all. My plan of inaction did not fare as well as I had hoped. A significant loss to my guild.
55537Thieves' guild stronghold: Thieves among thieves Kretor has quit, following my order to have all of the pickpockets suspected of stealing guild funds killed. He could not support that section all on his own. A definite loss to my guild.
55538Thieves' guild stronghold: The guild has failed My thieves will no longer work with me unless I have the support of the main Shadow Thief guild. They suggested that I ask Renal Bloodscalp to reinstate me.
55539Thieves' guild stronghold: A stable of thieves Jariel has informed me of my duties as guild<PRO_MASTERMISTRESS>. I am to assign the activities of my thieves on a weekly basis, judging the risks accordingly. When the results are in, I may take a profit from their actions. I must also pay the guild quotamaster when he comes, conveniently about the same time as my thieves will be done. If I do not pay him on time, the guild will be shut down. The Shadow Thieves do not support guild offshoots that cannot provide adequate profit.
55540Thieves' guild stronghold: Paying my dues I have paid the quotamaster his due for another five days. Renal shall be pleased with the profit I have shown him.
55541Thieves' guild stronghold: Payment must come I must pay my guild dues to the quotamaster quickly, or he will declare my guild a failure and Renal will shut it down.
55542Thieves' guild stronghold: Business as usual I must remember to check in at my thieves' guild every five days or so. I must continue to check on my thieves and also pay the quotamaster.
55543Thieves' guild stronghold: The price of failure It appears that Renal will allow me to continue as <PRO_MASTERMISTRESS> of my own guild branch, but it will cost me to do so.
55544Paladin stronghold duties I have been granted a place in the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. I have a room to call my own and will be given duties befitting a <PRO_MANWOMAN> of honor.
55545Paladin stronghold duties: First test I have been given my first test as a member of the Most Noble Order. I am to go to the furthest reaches of the Umar Hills, where I will find a besieged group of knights. I am to do what I must to save them. I have very little time and must leave immediately.
55546Paladin stronghold duties I have failed in my service as a member of the Most Noble Order. My actions or lack thereof have caused serious damage, unbefitting a paladin. I have been removed from the Order; the honor that was granted has been stripped.
55547Paladin stronghold duties: Good people are dead I failed to save even one of the knights that I was sent to rescue. The Order has decided that this tragic loss could not have been avoided. I wish it were so.
55548Paladin stronghold duties: Good people are dead I saved one of the people I was to rescue, but two were killed despite my efforts. The Order will survive, but that is small consolation to those that knew these people.
55549Paladin stronghold duties: A good person has fallen I saved two of those I was sent to rescue, but the odds were against the third. The Order will survive, but that is small consolation to those that knew the victim. It is unfortunate, and very bad for morale.
55550Paladin stronghold duties: Glorious victory! The Order is in a state of jubilation! I managed to save all three of the knights I was sent to protect. A victory for all that is good and right!
55551Paladin stronghold duties: A baron's request Baron Metrich wishes a number of squatters removed and has cited recent violence against his men as just cause for such action. I must go to the neutral meeting place, a tavern in the Umar Hills, in the village of Imnesvale. I must restore order and bring favor on our name.
55552Paladin stronghold duties: Uncertain outcome William Reirrac has expressed doubts about the way I handled the incident on the baron's lands, suggesting that new information throws doubts upon the baron's claims. So troubled was he that he wished the matter studied further and might have taken drastic measures, but another matter required immediate attention, and I was given another chance.
55553Paladin stronghold duties: A fitting end The Order will stand by my actions with the baron I was sent to appease. His claims were lies, and I could not allow him to continue.
55554Paladin stronghold duties: A child in distress The Morningale family has been slaughtered for their part in combating slavery. I am to go to a safe house where Tyrianna has been secreted away. I am to guard her until her godparent arrives to take her to Baldur's Gate. Hurgis Baltezan will be there as soon as he can.
55555Paladin stronghold duties: A moral victory Tyrianna is safe and alive in the care of her godparent. Hurgis was apparently delayed getting to the house, almost killed by a group meant to stop him. All is well now. I have been given leave to pursue my own goals for a time. The Order will contact me if they require more service from me.
55556Paladin stronghold duties: A moral victory Tyrianna is alive and well, thanks to me being able to detect the evil that was about to be perpetrated. The real Hurgis collected her as he said he would, confirming my suspicion that a fake Hurgis had been sent in his place to begin with. I have now been given leave to pursue my own goals. The Order will contact me if further service is required.
55557Paladin stronghold duties: Doesn't look like squatters I have spoken with Brunson, one of the supposed squatters that I am to oust. He suggested that I go out of my way to speak with some of the others involved in this situation.
55558Paladin stronghold duties: Are they squatters? Brunson and the others certainly accepted their situation with grace. They don't seem quite the violent lot the baron described them as.
55559Paladin stronghold duties: Farmers humble in victory Defending the side of right demanded that I dispatch the baron and his men. The farmers are content with this, though perhaps they too wished a peaceful end.
55560Paladin stronghold duties: Baron not what he seems? I have spoken with Moreno, a hostile young man that claims the baron only took control of this land recently. Perhaps it is not the "squatters" that are attempting to steal the land.
55561Paladin stronghold duties: Baron not what he seems? I have spoken with Pardo, a nervous man that claims the baron only took control of this land recently. Perhaps it is not the "squatters" that are attempting to steal the land. This person seemed only a farmer forced to extraordinary extremes.
55562Paladin stronghold duties: Baron not what he seems? The baron is well pleased with the bloody measures I have taken. I am not so sure, however, that the baron has accurately represented himself. Just now, his aid called the "squatters" simple farmers. Still, we have the baron's favor now.
55563Paladin stronghold duties: I cannot help the baron The evidence and his manner both suggest that the baron is not what he has made himself out to be. I will not aid him. I may even have to take steps to prevent him continuing as he has.
55564Paladin stronghold duties: Baron will have his way I have informed the baron that I will oust the squatters just as he suggests. Still, his manner has raised questions that I am uncomfortable with. My duty is to help him, but he may not be in the right.
55565Paladin stronghold duties: The tyrant is to die The baron has proven himself unstable and more of a land tyrant than these simple farmers could ever be. My duty was to aid him, but he was not in the right. I regret the violence, but justice is well served, I think.
55566Paladin stronghold duties: The girl is hardly a damsel Tyrianna is not too thrilled about her new status as moral leader. Still, I am bound by duty to protect her, and I will not falter in this.
55567Cleric stronghold I have been welcomed into service of the temple of Lathander. I am to be given space in the temple, a sanctuary whenever I need. I may store any possessions that I wish to within the temple containers. As a servant of Lathander, I am responsible for the well-being of the flock. I am to find Acolyte Lara within the temple immediately. Lara will tell me of my responsibilities and give me my first assignment.
55568Cleric stronghold I have been welcomed into service of the temple of Talos. I am to be given space in the temple, a sanctuary whenever I need. I may store any possessions that I wish to within the temple containers. As a priest of Talos, I am responsible for enforcing the will of Talos amongst the flock. I am to find Acolyte Vilon within the temple immediately. Vilon will tell me of my responsibilities and give me my first assignment.
55569Cleric stronghold I have been welcomed into service of the temple of Helm. I am to be given space in the temple, a sanctuary whenever I need. I may store any possessions that I wish to within the temple containers. As a priest of Helm, I am responsible for the well-being of the flock. I am to find Acolyte Byron within the temple immediately. Byron will tell me of my responsibilities and give me my first assignment.
55570Cleric stronghold: I am to serve the faithful In exchange for the honor of my position, I am to hear questions from the faithful and advise them as the dictates of the church require. I must pay particular attention to how my faith should properly handle the situation.
55571Cleric stronghold: How to heal a cuckold? I have advised Glinden that he should ignore his wife's infidelity. His marriage will continue despite this simple indiscretion.
55572Cleric stronghold: How to heal a cuckold? I have advised Glinden that he should kill his wife for her infidelity. Her crime is unforgivable.
55573Cleric stronghold: How to heal a cuckold? I have advised Glinden that he should remind his wife of her duty to their vows. She will understand that duty is all-important.
55574Cleric stronghold: How to heal a cuckold? I have advised Glinden that he should release his wife from their vows if she would rather be elsewhere. It is the best thing for both of them.
55575Cleric stronghold: Not the best result for Helm I was chastised by my fellows in the church for my advice to Glinden. The teachings of Helm would have been better served by stressing duty above all, regardless of the result.
55576Cleric stronghold: Just as Helm would wish it I have pleased the church despite the melancholy feelings of Glinden and his wife. Helm dictates that duty is the most important factor of any situation, and though they do not know it, the couple has been blessed by their actions.
55577Cleric stronghold: Lathander was well served Stressing self-sacrifice for the love of another was in the true spirit of the teachings of Lathander, and Glinden and his wife have benefited. I have served the church well.
55578Cleric stronghold: Lathander was not served I have not done well in the eyes of Lathander. I should have stressed that Glinden adopt a more self-sacrificing love for his wife. Instead, they are unhappy and church doctrine is unsatisfied.
55579Cleric stronghold: My church has rejected me My actions were so contrary to church teachings that I have been cast out. I no longer have the sanctuary I was granted.
55580The prophecy of Sekolah Taken down into a city far below the ocean surface by the sahuagin, I was greeted by a high priestess of the shark god Sekolah and told that I was intended for some higher purpose that Sekolah had foretold. Not one to be used, I refused their "hospitality"... I would rather fight my way back to the surface, if need be.
55581Cleric stronghold: Not the best result for Talos My advice to Glinden was not what Talos would have liked to see. Talos is the destroyer, and I should stress this in the future.
55582Cleric stronghold: A profitable day Inspector Ardis suggested that we might have a beneficial relationship if I supplied him with the names of people that commit crimes. I started with Glinden, whom I had provoked into killing his own wife. Ardis said he could be found in the Government District if I had anything else to tell him.
55583Cleric stronghold: Talos is pleased My actions have pleased the church, being well in line with the dark teachings they espouse. Talos the Destroyer can well appreciate the misery I have caused.
55584Cleric stronghold: A troubled killer Ti'Vael came to me seeking wisdom. He had killed a man in what looked like a duel, but he claims he actually murdered the man because of the insults he hurled. I told him to turn himself in.
55585Cleric stronghold: A troubled killer Ti'Vael came to me seeking wisdom. He had killed a man in what looked like a duel, but he claims he actually murdered the man because of the insults he hurled. I told him to make restitution to the family of the man as best he could.
55586Cleric stronghold: A troubled killer Ti'Vael came to me seeking wisdom. He had killed a man in what looked like a duel, but he claims he actually murdered the man because of the insults he hurled. I told him to let it pass. It was a simple duel. Make nothing of it.
55587Cleric stronghold: A troubled killer Ti'Vael came to me seeking wisdom. He had killed a man in what looked like a duel, but he claims he actually murdered the man because of the insults he hurled. I told him to kill all the witnesses. Better safe than sorry.
55588Cleric stronghold: A repeat killer returns Ti'Vael came to me after killing all witnesses to his crime, as I directed. He seemed upset when I told him he would find no sanctuary here. A pity. I wonder if anyone would be interested in hearing of his crimes?
55589Cleric stronghold: The spoils of wisdom Talos is well pleased with how I handled Ti'Vael and his little murder problem. Right in line with the scripture.
55590Cleric stronghold: Not the best, but it will do Talos would have preferred more direct destruction from my advice, even if the results are far from pleasant as they are.
55591Cleric stronghold: Lathander is pleased The advice I have given is well in line with the teachings of the Morninglord. Ti'Vael is a fine success of faith.
55592Cleric stronghold: Not the best for Lathander Ti'Vael was perhaps not served as well as he could have. I should seek the more compassionate paths in my advice if I am to truly espouse the wisdom of the Morninglord.
55593Cleric stronghold: Helm is well pleased While prison may not be the happiest of places, Ti'Vael's spirit will flourish in the end. He had a duty to a greater law, and I advised him properly.
55594Cleric stronghold: Helm is mostly satisfied Events with Ti'Vael could have been handled better. Remember the greater duty, and do not surrender to sentiment.
55595Cleric stronghold: A faithless heretic Rania came to me to confess a lack of faith. I killed her for it.
55596Cleric stronghold: A crisis of faith Rania came to me to confess a lack of faith. I stressed the duty that she should have to the church. She seemed unresponsive.
55597Cleric stronghold: A crisis of faith Rania came to me to confess a lack of faith. I told her that she should take time to contemplate her belief. She seemed relieved.
55598Cleric stronghold: A crisis of faith Rania came to me to confess a lack of faith. I expelled her from the church. There is no place here for unbelievers.
55599Cleric stronghold: Lathander prefers empathy The Morninglord is appreciative of the importance of duty, but a more compassionate front would have served poor Rania better.
55600Cleric stronghold: Lathander is pleased The compassionate way that I advised Rania has garnered me some respect among my peers. The Morninglord is well pleased.
55601Cleric stronghold: Lathander is disappointed I was far too harsh on poor Rania. The Morninglord would have me act more compassionately to those in distress.
55602Cleric stronghold: Helm is pleased Rania is a regrettable loss, but if her faith could not stand up to the pressures of duty, her loss was necessary.
55603Cleric stronghold: Helm is not pleased I was too lenient on Rania and her weakened faith. Duty should have been better stressed. If she could not stand up to such, she is not worthy of Helm.
55604Cleric stronghold: Helm is not pleased Banishment was too harsh a punishment for Rania and her weakened faith. Duty should have been better stressed, but she should not have been abandoned so quickly.
55605Cleric stronghold: Talos was well served My actions with Rania have been praised. Her death was deserved, though some may ask questions in time. I shall have to be careful and look for a scapegoat.
55606Cleric stronghold: Talos was well served My actions with Rania have been praised, though death would have been a better reward for her questioning.
55607Cleric stronghold: A challenge Cotirso has challenged me with language most insulting. I have accepted. Let battle decide who is favored by the church!
55608Cleric stronghold: A challenge Cotirso has challenged me with language most insulting. I have let him have whatever position it was that he thought I had. It is not worth fighting over.
55609Cleric stronghold: A challenge Cotirso has challenged me with language most insulting. I have given him whatever title it was that he wanted... for now. It would be a shame if something were to happen to his reputation.
55610Cleric stronghold: A challenge Cotirso's fate was his own, and the church has accepted that he took his life into his hands when he challenged me.
55611Cleric stronghold: Cotirso is quieted Lathander viewed my lack of offense against Cotirso as a good example of restraint. I am restored, and Cotirso has been sent to think about what transpired.
55612Cleric stronghold: Cotirso is pacified Lathander viewed my lack of offense against Cotirso as a good example of restraint, though I should not have goaded him by threatening to take the matter up with our superiors. A calm front would have accomplished more.
55613Cleric stronghold: Cotirso is pacified Helm would rather have had me accept Cotirso's challenge, although everything has worked out regardless.
55614Cleric stronghold: Cotirso is removed Helm is satisfied that Cotirso took his life into his hands when he challenged me. I had no choice but to accept and respond as I must.
55615Cleric stronghold: Cotirso is dead It would seem that the personal grievance brought forth by Cotirso was best remedied by killing him. Talos be praised.
55616Cleric stronghold: Cotirso is finished Talos was especially appreciative of the way I framed Cotirso, removing an enemy while cashing in on the reward for Rania's murder, which I myself committed. Talos be praised indeed.
55617Cleric stronghold: Halting the Talon war I must place myself between the forces of the Lathanderian temple and the Talos worshippers. I must protect the Lathanderian temple as allies of Helm, but I must also prevent them from wiping out the Talons as well. The entire action is illegal, and both parties must be made to stop. I must go to the Lathanderian temple first.
55618Cleric stronghold: Halting the Talon war I have served the greater law and pacified both the Talons and the followers of the Morninglord. My service to Helm has been recognized as invaluable. For now, I have been released from further service as a boon for all that I have done so far. I await to be called if need be.
55619Cleric stronghold: A strong offense I have been directed to bring the fury of the Morninglord to bear upon the house of Talos. They were to attack the Dawnbringer's home, and we cannot allow it. I am to enter the den of the enemy and wreak horrible justice. This is my holy crusade.
55620Cleric stronghold: A terrible toll My vengeance has been brought down upon the house of Talos. They have been wiped out for now, and the house of the Morninglord will see the dawn in peace. I have been given time to... recover from my efforts, though I eagerly await a future call to service.
55621Cleric stronghold: A terrible toll avoided I have succeeded in appeasing Lathander's faithful such that they will not march on their enemy this night. Further bloodshed has been avoided.
55622Cleric stronghold: A terrible toll to come I have failed to appease the followers of Lathander. They march against Talos in anger tonight. While they may succeed this day, I can only see escalation on the horizon.
55623Cleric stronghold: A glorious battle to come! I have been given the blessing of Talos and the sacred duty to deliver his wrath! The Lathanderian temple will be cleansed tonight! My wrath shall be terrible and beautiful!
55624Cleric stronghold: The carnage has freed me I have cleansed the Lathanderian temple and earned a reprieve from common acolyte duties. Still, I await further calls to service with excitement. Talos be praised!
55625Mage stronghold: An interesting proposition A representative of the heretofore hostile Cowled Wizards has come before me with an offer. He said that they are prepared to offer me the use of the planar sphere unmolested and unchallenged if I will subject myself to their occasional scrutiny. I must still adhere to their rules of not casting magic in the city of Athkatla, but I would enjoy other perks as well as responsibilities. Interesting, I will look into it.
55626Mage stronghold: The Solamnic Knights I asked the Cowled Wizard Teos what he would do about the Solamnic Knights brought here in the sphere from their own home plane. He suggested that I kill them. On the useful side, he did mention that Ribald at the Adventurer Mart might have insight into unique situations such as this. Alternately, I could petition the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. They know how to deal with paladins and such.
55627Mage stronghold: I have apprentices Teos has brought me three young mages that I am to guide through study. Teos was not too thrilled, but I will make good use of the situation, I am sure.
55628Mage stronghold: Teos unmoved Teos did not seem too concerned that my apprentices have all met unfortunate deaths in my service. Business as usual, I guess, though I will miss the chance to shape some young minds in my image.
55629Mage stronghold: Ambush! Teos had not summoned me to the sphere. It was an ambush to get us both. We were attacked by a strange assailant. He screamed about the "glory of Argrim."
55630Mage stronghold: Fanatic assassination Teos has given me a new task. I am to dispatch one Lord Ketlaar Argrim. He is an anti-magic fanatic and wants us all confined or killed. I am to use a special rune of imprisonment on him so that he will not be a martyr. He will simply disappear. Ketlaar can be found at the Crooked Crane, near the city gates.
55631Mage stronghold: No more I have refused to be the lackey of Teos and the Cowled Wizards. I turned down their request to battle Lord Ketlaar Argrim. As a result, I have been restricted from entering the planar sphere again. It is no longer open to me. A pity.
55632Mage stronghold: Free at last I have been released from service to the Cowled Wizards. I did as they asked to the best of my ability, facing off against Lord Ketlaar and whatnot, so now I have unfettered use of the planar sphere. A painfully obvious base of operations, but it will have to do.
55633Mage stronghold: Apprentice crap Apparently, those apprentices that were dumped on me were supposed to take instruction and make what I directed. I have no time to care, so I just cut them loose. Let's see what they can do on their own. Might be a bit dangerous, but they have to learn sometime, right?
55634Mage stronghold: Young minds to mold The apprentices have given me a unique opportunity. I am to give them instruction, guiding their learning, and they will attempt to make me magical items. Each week, they will display their results as they work on their talents. Already it sounds as though the range of items is quite broad. I look forward to seeing what they can do.
55635Mage stronghold: A messenger from Teos? A messenger approached me to say that I should return to the planar sphere at once. Teos apparently awaits there with urgent news.
55636Mage stronghold: Graduation was great It was a great opportunity to see my apprentices graduating from their studies. They seemed genuinely appreciative, and I thank them for their kind words. I hope they fare well despite the Cowled Wizards' lording over them. I look forward to seeing what they can do...
55637Mage stronghold: Graduation was somber I tried to keep a smile during the ceremony. It is good to see the young making their own way in the world. It's just a pity that they couldn't all have lived to see this day. Not that life under the yoke of the Cowled Wizards would have been all that great, but it would have been interesting. Oh well. I guess you can only wish well who you can and say a word in memorandum for the rest.
55638Mage stronghold: Attacking the fanatic I have encountered Lord Ketlaar. There really is no talking to him. He is blind to everything save hatred of magic.
55639Mage stronghold: The Knights are free Khollynnus Paac arrived as was foretold, and the Solamnic knights have been sent home. It is good to see them get what they wished.
55640Mage stronghold: Ribald can free the Knights Ribald in the Adventurer Mart has the means to send the knights home, but he requires 9,000 gold.
55641Mage stronghold: I have paid for the Knights Ribald has taken 9,000 gold and has promised to send a mage to the sphere and teleport the knights home. At these prices, she better show up!
55642Mage stronghold: The Knights at the Order I have spoken with the prelate of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. He has said that the Solamnic Knights can stay with them as honored guests. It's a viable alternative if they can't get home another way.
55643Mage stronghold: A request for help The Solamnic Knights that were trapped in the sphere and brought to this plane have asked that I try to find a way for them to get home. I will look into it.
55644Mage stronghold: A home of sorts I have apprised the Solamnic Knights of the offer that was made by the prelate of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. They have decided to accept and have left for the Order. It is a bittersweet ending, as they would have much rather gone back to their true home.
55645This is a standard key. Keys are used to open doors.
55646Drizzt, I'm so glad you could come.
55647This is a barricade of living trees raised by elven wizards to keep the drow at bay.
55648The officers of the elven force are housed within these graceful structures. Visitors are not welcome within.
55649Thy audacity is impressive, <CHARNAME>. It does thee little good, for my mistress has ordained a baptism of blood and pain for thee.
55650I understand plenty already! This place reeks of corruption and deceit!
55651Cannot equip a ranged weapon in your off hand.
55652There is no need for explaining when you are dealing with a place like this. Dank in spirit, with nary a smile to be found around. Aunt Tilly's turnip cellar offers more in the way of social interactions.
55653I have seen the like of this place before all too closely. It is where they house those that are different, where the misunderstood are forgotten...
55654It would seem more a place to house those that prove too powerful for their own good. Useful... from a certain perspective.
55655The troubles of this child are hardly worthy of such treatment. Lessons of balance and control would serve.
55656A wondrously chaotic gift, one that should be left to flourish.
55657A dangerous "gift," but is it despicable in nature or simply unfortunate circumstance? She is just a child.
55659This passage has been deliberately collapsed. It appears as if someone doesn't want you to come down here.
55660I had me a partner once that had an unfortunate reaction to a particular sword. That don't make it an accident.
55661A bad reaction indeed if he resists all attempts to cure the damage. Unless damage was the intent?
55662He should have been more careful. I'm sure his condition could have been avoided had he cooperated with the new asylum staff.
55663Delightful company? This ship is filthy, falling apart, and your crew has been nothing less than boorish. Ick... I've never felt so in need of a good bath!
55664Is this male helpless now? What worth is he to the greater society if he is kept like this? Dispose of him.
55665Yes, that was quite the voyage, wasn't it? All the swaying to and fro, and then there was that storm two days ago and the close brush with the dragon turtle there. The food reminded me of the time Ma Jansen went on her trip to Smurtlepuss and Uncle Scratchy did all the cooking too. Ahhhh, smell the air! Feel the invigoration!
55666Pretties, you say? Do you mean... gems? Have you any faculties left? Can you remember?
55667We had to make the best of it. I myself managed to win a fair amount of coin from your crew... they seemed to think they were the only ones who knew how to play cards, oddly.
55668This young minstrel has lost his wits and his songs? Minds are common enough, but tunes of merit are few and far between.
55669Bah! Well, I have no intention of being pleasant! I've heaved up enough of me guts on this trip to leave me emptier than a halfling's head! Never will ye get me aboard a ship again!
55670Hmph. I would respond to yer comment with me axe if the mere thought of movin' didn't make me stomach roil. Begone, and count yerself lucky this time!
55671Rest, child. None of this group shall harm you.
55672Oh? Is that what those retching noises were? I thought that perhaps there was a wounded seal somewhere onboard giving birth.
55673Yes, my dear, unfortunately they are. I must not make light of this, but likely she has seen my kind quite often.
55674It kept you pale and quiet during the voyage, Korgan. It did my heart good to see such balance evident, even in you.
55675Yes, she no doubt suffers from overstimulation. She cannot see balance if constantly crushed by unfamiliar images. She sees too much.
55676I, for one, found it quite pleasing to see you pale and leaning over the side like a forlorn sailor. I would have pushed you overboard if I didn't think <CHARNAME> would object.
55677Okay, I'm not quite so concerned about this little freak. Rule as you will, little tyrant, just as long as it is from a cell.
55678Ah yes, Tiax. All the subtleties of a fireball in a teapot. Pity he's here. Let's move on, shall we?
55679Just when I'm sick of shades of gray, along comes the purest of black and white. This one is quite clearly insane.
55680Yes! Such fire and conviction! A pity there are no actual enemies to warrant the screaming, but good show anyway. Boo applauds!
55681An encounter with some unnatural force, to be sure. Extended time with a lack of balance will do that to a mind. He needs harmony.
55682She's going now, is she? Good. The less we see of her, the better. Ever since we involved ourselves with Bodhi, I've had nothing but chills.
55683I see some of my mage-hatred in his eyes. I hope I never descend to such focused rage.
55684It is okay to come out now, Boo. The pale woman is gone. You can stop shivering too. You are a warrior hamster, so be brave! Brave!
55685Well, I do not. It was almost beyond endurance to spend so much time aboard ship near that one... I could not sleep a wink for fear of our lives.
55686I suppose we could expect no less from a simple pirate. Begone with you then, scoundrel. No doubt you would only bring us more trouble here than we need.
55687What could the black seabird have done, I wonder, to earn such a poor name in a place such as this? We may find ourselves with a stigma attached even without his company, my raven.
55688Bah! Fine! Leave us! As if we care what your reputation might be! I've half a mind to turn you into a slug and show you what I do with lackeys who fail me!
55689All good peoples hang their head in shame! We are betrayed! The sailor man brings the vampires back amongst us... there shall be a mighty reckoning for this!
55690Foul traitor! How dare you consort with such evil! And you offer us a lame apology for this?! You shall suffer the consequences, fool!
55691A mere apology for such an atrocity will do you no good, pirate! You associate with the most evil of undead, and you shall perish along with them!
55692You DARE?! You consort with the very vampires that we have opposed, laying a trap for us?! You will pay for this, pirate!
55693These are the same creatures we fought when we entered the lair of the vampire that was aligned against your own guild. Bodhi must be nearby indeed.
55694I do not think Boo is too thrilled about you borrowing his face. He only has the one. You don't hurt those you mirror, do you?
55695There can be only one who is responsible for this, thief. The one we fought earlier and prevented from destroying your precious guild.
55696I can think of only one creature that would dare put the pirate up to this. It is the vampire we fought against... Bodhi. Obviously, she seeks some manner of revenge on us.
55697This man is killed in plain sight before us, and all you do, man, is gripe at the inconvenience?! Tell us what you know of this man's death, innkeeper, and be quick about it!
55698Do you spend all your time in the guise of others, child? Do you not take solace in the balance of your true self?
55699We almost had the information we needed! The assassin could have waited ten seconds, and we couldn't have cared less! Innkeep! What do you know of this man's death?
55700A man is dead, innkeeper, and you would do well to show more than mere inconvenience. Tell us what you know of this man's death... who is responsible for it?
55701Your enslavement of these men and women is over, foul wench! No longer will you profit over their sweat... it ends today!
55702Your guards have gone the way you soon will, foolish woman. Your days of profiteering are at an end... it is time to pay for your crimes!
55703Dead, as ye soon will be too, wench, if ye does not hand over yon girlie. Make pleasant like a good lass and mayhap <CHARNAME> won't kill ye... though I would not count on it.
55704Your men are indisposed, good woman. Hand over the girl without a fuss, and you just might avoid any unpleasantries... although that is, of course, up to <CHARNAME>.
55705Exit to the Surface
55706To the Underdark
55707We need no reward, good sir. <CHARNAME>, however, needs to know a way into the asylum... Sanik was to tell us before he was killed.
55708Claire deserves a better life, as did all of Galvena's courtesans, but we originally got involved to find a way into the asylum... Sanik was killed before he could say.
55709A reward would do nicely for rescuing yon lass. She may not have her sweetheart, but she has her freedom, and I be thinkin' that be worth something, aye?
55710We are not in the habit of performing public services. The fact that we rescued the girl deserves compensation, don't you agree?
55711I've met more pleasant children in bogs with banshee wails. Stand me back from her; she's a creeper if'n I ever saw one.
55713Poor man. It must be hard to be reduced to madness after spending a life treating it in others. I assume this place was for treatment and not just confinement?
55714CHAPTER FOUR Bodhi was as good as her word, and you are quickly under sail, the flamboyant Saemon Havarian at the helm. The journey is uneventful, and if there were other ships on the same course, they must have kept a discreet distance. You make good time, and soon there is a sizable island on the horizon. It might have been considered a pleasant place, but a grim shadow extends the length of it. The asylum, Spellhold, looms from a cliffside.
55715Surrounded himself with weakness and he finally succumbed to it. Trust in a male to make such a mistake.
55716And here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Yes, yes, keep your pitiful ramblings to yourself.
55717Aye, sit on the sidelines and hope for the best, eh? And treachery would likewise follow if our chances fell, no doubt.
55718Aye, win we did. And had we fallen, you no doubt would have remained on the wizard's side, harmed not in the slightest for all that we would be dead. Hmph.
55720He's speakin' o' gems and such, I just know it. A pity ye can't pry into the head o' the madman.
55721You... you leave him alone. No telling what the poor man has been through.
55722I'll be prying into yer head with an axe if you backtalk me agin. I wasn't going to hurt him. Yet.
55723Would that I had a healing touch that could help this man. I think his madness is of his own making though.
55724You cannot always help so directly, young Mazzy, despite your heart's best intentions. Not all diseases are of the flesh.
55725I do believe that he probably looked too far into the business of the gods. It was not his place to do so.
55726War? War amongst the elves? What could that mean? How could even Irenicus start such a thing? That would bring nothing but ruin!
55727I can see things... things beyond the veil. It's all the same to my eyes.
55729Such a plan could only serve to disrupt the greater balance. The ruin of the elves would bring the ruin of all, in the end. Perhaps that is Irenicus's plan.
55730I see... a city of changing streets under the Lady of Pain. My eyes... pluck out my eyes.
55731I see kingdoms in the mind that seem so real. Are they real to those living there? I don't know.
55732I see... through the layers of reality... there is the strangest of fillings between.
55733Do you wish to see?! I can show you for a moment! Touch nothing! Make not a sound! See what lies between!
55734I see... a walking corpse... he speaks... to a pillar of skulls? See, it is madness!
55735I see... a place... coming soon... where there is... never winter... where people have control... over their own stories. Yes, it's a shameless plug from Aphril Foreshadow.
55737Entreri! Have we not resolved this, man? Let it go!
55738Until you die with my dagger in your heart, I shall not truly live!
55739Then come, but know that it is the poison within your mind that has ever been your true enemy.
55740As much as I should not trust his advice, he may have a point, <CHARNAME>. There are powerful mages above who may be the difference between life and death.
55742Third Journal of Jon Irenicus
55743Bah! Do not listen to the words of a pirate, <CHARNAME>! He seeks to have us destroyed at the hands of those madmen! I say we assault the wizard now, while he is vulnerable!
55744First Journal of Jon Irenicus
55745We have no need of support from mad wizards! We have enough magic... let us attack Irenicus now!
55746Second Journal of Jon Irenicus
55747I am loath to listen too closely to the words of the human, but his advice may be wise. Let us at least see if these mad wizards can be released... and harnessed.
55748You're just not all there, are you?
55749All bluster and balderdash, ain't ya? Uncle Chester Bellowsbreath was like that too, talking himself so big that you'd swear he was ten feet tall, which was not too far off considering he had a strange disorder stemming from an obscenity hurled at a passing wizard one drunken eve in Waterdeep. Stomp and pomp all ye wish, but it would do you well to take the simple advice of never telling Khelben Blackstaff to "put a shine on that thing and stop being so darned pompous with yer dark-cornered mysteriosity," and if you do, don't punctuate it with a rotten turnip at high velocity.
55750You don't say? You know, this reminds me of Golodon's kobold. Nasty thing named Justarius, as I recall... wielded a mean toothpick of detonation. Waved it about from behind Golodon's robes, biting and snarling and convinced high and low that he was the toughest kobold this side of the Inner Sea. Then that one time when Golodon met up with a blue dragon... I don't think it was hunting him, really, it was just in the area looking up old friends... the wizard turned and ran, leaving poor Justarius there, shaking like a little leaf. He wasn't so confident standing there next to the big blue beast, if you take my meaning.
55751Of course, I'm not really helping matters going on like this. You were saying something or other about your greatness?
55753Tiax has lost his place! The indignity!
55754Well, let's just say the blue dragon used his toothpick to, ah... clean his teeth. Kobolds can be so messy, I understand. Personally I'd prefer a good turnip stew anytime. You were, uh, saying something about good old Irenicus's plans there, Sammy?
55755Not only is he out of balance, he is, in fact, totally bent. Nature would drop you in a hole, given half a chance.
55756I don't see why we should suddenly trust you. That certainly wasn't any risk... why are you so scared of Irenicus's plans now? He's said nothing of them.
55757Your conversion is awfully convenient, pirate. What do you know of Irenicus's plans? He was quite tight-lipped about them, as far as I can see.
55758Okay, that does it. I'm all for just leaving both gnomes here when we go. Who's with me on that?
55759I second that. And someone kick the freaky gnome.
55760I'll be wearing a couple of short nitwits' ears for shoes if'n they don't shut the bloody hell up real quick. Just thought I'd share.
55761Hmph. That's putting it mildly. (Godhood should be solely reserved for those with the proper destiny and mental endurance. Me, for instance!)
55762Suldanessellar... it... it sounds familiar. It is the high elven city, but I don't know what Irenicus would want with it. But... he obviously can't be allowed to succeed.
55763Ughh, my head spins. So many quick words from so many small sources. Countersong, Boo. Relax my frazzled nerves.
55764Well, that's putting it a bit mildly. Why don't we just offer him all of Faerûn between two pieces of bread and call it even?
55765Irenicus being some kind of god "can't be good"? You aren't understating that a bit, are you, Sammy? Gosh... when I become a god, I want you on my side. You'll keep me grounded and brushing my teeth.
55766No! I ain't getting on any blasted ship! I had more than me fill on the ride here! If we goes anywhere, it's into the Underdark... we'll carve a path of blood through its guts!
55767What does everyone stare at? Boo's churring calms me down. See?
55769The... the Underdark? No... no! I cannot go there! You do not understand—it is death for my kind! No avariel has ever traveled the depths!
55770Please, <CHARNAME>, let us take the ship! But... but Irenicus must be stopped too. If... if you think it best to go into the Underdark... Baervan protect me, I will go too...
55771I have no eagerness to return to my home realm, <CHARNAME>. I am unwelcome there. I say let us take the ship the pirate offers rather than brave its depths so lightly.
55772I don't care which route we take. I want my... my soul back. And I want Irenicus to suffer for what he's done!
55773I know of this man, but from where? I cannot recall.
55774I shouldn't wish to alarm anyone, but I just wanted to point out that Jan has failed to produce a story. Can the apocalypse be far?
55776Yes! Revenge! Revenge for precious Dynaheir! Tremble, wizard, for the mighty Boo will have your eyes! RAAAARRRRGHH!
55777Bah! Your pathetic mewlings mean even less to me than <CHARNAME>'s!
55778Good. End the world or shut him up. Whichever is quicker.
55779What revenge do *you* have, wizard? You killed my Khalid with no more thought than one would give to a fly! I shall have *my* revenge! Nature's fury shall strike you down!
55780I'm beginning to hope so.
55781Ruby Pendant of Beguiling
55782The imp has failed to string out his usual long-winded story. Praised be, the end must be comin'.
55783You... you used me! You tore apart my soul, and then you ripped it from me! I'll kill you for that, Irenicus! I'll kill you!
55784That's a much shorter interjection than Boo has become used to, Jan. Are you ill?
55785His ramblings have no meaning. He is raging at enemies long since gone.
55786I am unfamiliar with the name he spouts. Certainly he was tormented long to provoke such madness.
55787One has lots of time for reflection while waiting for the ENDLESS WAVES OF BAD DOGGIE WEREWOLF MONSTERS THAT CHEW YOUR TOES WHILE YOU SLEEP!
55788You think us fools?! You knew your ship was scuttled when you first spoke to us, didn't you?! You seek to use us somehow!
55789Such lies that we are subjected to! You *knew* your ship was destroyed even as you offered us passage, pirate! Admit it!
55790I know a serpent's tongue when I hear it. Even as you offered us passage away from this island, you knew your ship's fate. Why? What do you need from us, male?
55791You... you knew that you didn't have a ship! Even when you made the offer to us! Why would you do such a thing? What could you hope to gain?!
55792You cannot cloak your intentions, rogue. You knew you had no ship with which to offer passage, even when you spoke to us in the asylum. Why lie?
55793Ruby Pendant of Beguiling
55794We'd best have a care, my raven. Yon pirate needs us to secure his ship for now, but what assurances have we once we are on the open sea? We've no patron's threat this time to keep us safe.
55795Why you continue to deal with this cur, <CHARNAME>, I have no idea. I imagine, however, that he will no longer need us once he has his new ship. Watch him carefully.
55796Oh sure, we're his best friends now that we're going to go and steal him a brand new ship and everything. And once we gotten it for him, you think he'll still be so nice? Reminds me of my cousin Bureaugarde. The most selfish gnome you've ever seen, he wouldn't give you a spare turnip for anything. Well, okay, there was that one time he gave a turnip to Uncle Scratchy, but Uncle Scratchy had him held over a vat of boiling—
55797Personally, I spend the time reconstituting culinary delights from my childhood. Would you like a recipe?
55798Something from mother.
55799Something from my mother's mother.
55800Aha! Something from my mother's mother's father! A real whiz around pots and pans. Wait, I said that wrong.
55802Well, fine. I just wanted to point out that Bureaugarde was eaten by a griffon that was terrorizing the hillside, and he gave the beast fatal indigestion. So sometimes, even the most selfish of us can still give.
55803All right, Jan, I think that's enough. I get the point.
55804Enough, gnome! Yer stories are beginning to curdle me belly! Another word out of ye and I'll rip ye apart, I swear!
55805The pride of the book, a recipe like no other. Guard it well. Huzzah!
55806Enough, you little buffoon. There is no need to club us over the head with your point; we get it well enough.
55807Bah! Enough, gnome! The island will sink beneath us before you are finished your blather! Enough, I say!
55808What now? Move along—I've rather strained my voice.
55809She sees the universe unrestricted. It is amazing that she manages to be as lucid as she is.
55810It is a weakness on her part. A superior mind could handle such a gift.
55811Ha! A pity we do not have one here!
55812Some sights are reserved for the gods alone. It is too complex to fathom...
55813And what would you have to do with that, Edwin? Perhaps if ego were all that was required.
55814(Sigh. It's aggravation like this that will eventually cause me to fireball the entire party as they sleep. Yes indeed, everyone peaceful and quiet and then FOOM!)
55815What... shark-men? I've heard of these creatures... sahuagin, I think they are called. Evil monsters that raid the coasts. But I can't understand what they're saying...
55816I know of these creatures from the Underdark. Sahuagin. Shark-men. My home city did not have much contact with them, however, so I do not know their language.
55817I know these creatures. They are called sahuagin... or sea devils. They are known to raid the coasts. I wish I knew their language...
55818Then you can certainly start by telling us how we came to be here, strange ones. And I will warn you now that this sparrow has no intention of being collared again, by you or anyone.
55819No! No collar! I will not be collared by the smelly fishmen! My warrior spirit will not bear such a thing!
55820Then you can start by addressing us now, tadpole-thing. How did we get here? (If it can speak at all. Such creatures are known more for the taste of their legs...)
55821I should have known. Once again your peculiar destiny has drawn us into something, <CHARNAME>. Even the shark gods flounder in anticipation of your arrival.
55822Wow. Does this happen to you often, <CHARNAME>? I get the feeling that you could fall off a mountain, tumble down a hill and through a hole into a pit and then land smack in a nest of fire giants and they would suddenly hail you as the Second Coming of Surtr. I should take you sometime to the wilds of Chult... it could be quite profitable, you never know.
55823Everywhere we go, it seems, this happens to ye, <CHARNAME>. Well, that's just fine. But if we be herded near one pot or kitchen, I'll start flingin' me axe, just so ye be warned.
55824Sekolah. I read of this "god" once. The Shark-Father, ruthless and devoid of compassion. So is all of his race. You are a tool, perhaps, and after that... a meal.
55825Boo too has small teeth compared to fish-men. But they hurt just the same when they latch onto the eyes, yes sir!
55826Well, that's not very nice. You don't see us going on and on about the rather funky smell in this place, do you? Or the way your eyes seem to be bugged out, like someone just kicked you in the stomach? NooOOoo, I would never be so rude.
55827Ugh. I never cared much for fish before now, but this smell... ugh, it's like something died...
55828Hmph. Such evil creatures to dare make such pronouncements. I would send them all to a watery grave with Tyr's blessing if I had my way.
55829Hmph. Do we have to listen to this? Do they think we don't understand that they're talking about eating us? Barbarians!
55830One more word from these evil creatures of callously killing us or feasting upon our flesh and I will call the wrath of Helm upon them, I swear!
55831Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
55832Do you wish to rest?
55835If there is no other choice, I suppose I will have to.
55837I thought that the king and some of the others here looked unnaturally weak for sahuagin. They are having their strength slowly bred out of them, eh? How odd.
55838So they've been exiling all the strong sahuagin outside of the city. Eventually, everyone left inside will be weak. I don't see what we have to do with it, though.
55839What do we care about the fate of these creatures? They are all evil. I say let them perish from their own foolishness if that is what fate decrees.
55840I have never known you to be so judgmental, paladin. Surely you do not label all sahuagin so? Condemn them all to death and you are no better than they.
55841Your words do not sway me, woman. I am not misjudging these creatures. I know. And it is no less a fate than they would plan for us, were circumstances different.
55842Negative Plane Protection
55843Negative Plane Protection (Abjuration) Sphere: Protection, Necromantic Range: Touch Duration: 5 rounds Casting Time: 3 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None This spell affords the caster or the touched creature partial protection from undead monsters with Negative Energy Plane connections (such as vampires), and certain weapons and spells that drain energy levels. The Negative Plane Protection spell opens a channel to the Positive Energy Plane, possibly offsetting the effects of the negative energy attack. A protected creature struck by a negative energy attack is protected against any form of level draining for the duration of the spell. The protected creature suffers only normal Hit Point damage from the attack and does not suffer any drain of experience. This spell cannot be cast on the Negative Energy Plane.
55844Lesser Restoration
55845Lesser Restoration (Necromancy) Level: 4 Sphere: Necromantic Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None When this spell is cast, the life energy level of the recipient is raised. This reverses any previous life energy level drain of the creature by a force or monster. The casting of this spell is very draining on the priest and <PRO_HESHE> will likely require rest immediately after the casting, as it will cause days' worth of fatigue almost instantaneously.
55846You may have only one simulacrum at a time. You must wait until the duration of the first spell is over.
55847Keldorn! I've... never heard you so cold! The sahuagin cannot be so bad... If you just sentence them all to death, that would make you no better than you claim them to be!
55848I have little liking for these savages myself, paladin. But I do not feel the hate you seem to for them... Surely you do not feel they are all evil without exception?
55849I've heard this tune before. It's right up there on the oldies-but-goodies list along with "Fail and I Kill You." Or maybe, in this case, it's that variant sung by the infamous ogre bard Chumba-khan, "Fail and I Eat You." Of course, we could always just leave...
55850I... I don't know how much we want to trust this creature, <CHARNAME>. I suspect he'd have us as an appetizer just because we'd look good with the main course.
55851We'd best be careful, <CHARNAME>. I don't know how much I trust this king to remember we're supposed to be rewarded and not eaten, you know?
55852<CHARNAME>? Why... why would you do this? That priestess didn't do anything to us, and this... this king is only going to butcher her!
55853An interesting tactic, although I doubt this king will reward you for your so-called loyalty. It is amusing to watch the sahuagin fight amongst themselves, however.
55854This gets us nowhere! Why are you bothering to do this? If we wish to plague these creatures, let us just leave them to devolve back into eels and be done with it.
55855Hmph. Ah, that is our goal, you know: to allow the tadpoles to resume their dominant role in the world. (Idiot! Sekolah should have gifted them with a brain!)
55856Truly? I found the story of entropy working its slow decay upon an entire people to have much more poetry. With any luck, these creatures will stumble into a downward spiral again soon.
55857Is that what we've done? They... they sound like they're going to take over the world. But there's so *few* of them now. I suppose anyone can dream after all.
55858Bah. Yer king has offered us a gilded ransom and then some. We care not fer yer cause, boyo. If we takes it up for ye, will ye offer us better than yer king?
55859Must it come to slaughter, sahuagin? Your priestesses speak of your entire people needing your blood... Have you attempted to resolve this with the king peacefully?
55860And should we do this for you, fish-man... what are your assurances to us? Will you turn on us, hold us as prisoners once we are done? Or will we be free to go?
55861My skin may not have scales, but it has seen many suns come and go. Boo thinks you could use some sun too. Then you might not smell so much like wet laundry.
55862This door is completely covered in magical wards. Someone very powerful must want to keep this passage from being entered. There is no physical or magical way to open it at present.
55863This container is magically warded. You notice that a ward symbol glows when Mekrath is near. You suspect that you will not be able to open it while Mekrath is present.
55864This... this is the Underdark. Oh, I do not want to be here, I don't! This place is death for my people! I—I feel as if I'm going to suffocate here!
55865Come on, Aerie, you said you'd be willing to take this route if we came.
55866If you're going to whine, why don't you just leave?
55867I need you to be strong, Aerie. This is a harsh place.
55868I'm here. I'll protect you, Aerie.
55869I know I said that... but it's so different to actually be here. I... can feel the weight of the ground above, pressing down. I'm meant to fly... and I feel as if I'm drowning!
55870I've had enough of your whining. Run away if it suits you.
55871I need you to be strong, Aerie... we're on a mission here.
55872It's okay, Aerie. We'll find a way through this somehow.
55873I'm here. I'll protect you, Aerie.
55874And go where?! I'd be tempted to leave your cruelty, except that I have no idea how I'd find my way through this terrible place!
55875I... I'll stay with you. I have no other choice. Let's... do what we came to do here and then find a way out. Just don't abandon me here, <CHARNAME>, I beg you. I'd go mad!
55876Well, Viconia. It would seem you carry less weight than you thought. He questions your worth, rightfully so.
55877Yes. Yes, you're right. I... I must sound so silly. You've had your soul stolen from you, and I'm crying about being here... in this place.
55878Let's go, then, and do what we must. I'll... control myself. Just don't abandon me here, <CHARNAME>, I beg you. I'd go mad!
55879A HA! I shall treasure this moment. The proud drow, humbled by a keen-eyed duergar.
55880You...? That's sweet. I must sound so silly. You've had your soul stolen from you, and here I am, crying about being here... in this place.
55881It would appear you have been away from home too long, Viconia. This duergar lays more claim to it than you.
55882Don't worry, Aerie. I'm here to protect my witch. Boo too, though I think he would leap to protect anyone in distress. It's his heroic nature, you know.
55883Hmm... I didn't like his tone. I know a few insults in the Under tongue, and that weren't flattery.
55884Th-thank you, Minsc. I... feel much better now. It's just the thought... of being here. Let's just get moving, and I'll stop thinking about it so much...
55885Could I be healed instead?
55886So... I am in my homeland once again. Already I feel how unwelcome it has become. My eyes are no longer used to its darkness and my senses to the hint of the threat around every corner.
55887We must tread with caution, <CHARNAME>. There are, no doubt, drow in this place. Along with beholders, illithids, kuo-toa, and perhaps even worse.
55888The denizens here will expect no mercy and will offer none. If we are to survive long enough to find your Irenicus, we must be stronger than any of them.
55889A most underhanded maneuver, <CHARNAME>. Although I am sure it is no less than Phaere might have planned for us. There is an ironic justice in this, no?
55890Bold, <CHARNAME>. Phaere was a fool to think you would not curry favor with the matron mother. This will bring us much closer to our goal, I think, with her trust.
55891I dislike this. There is no honor in acting as a foul drow would. Better to let them kill themselves than to take part in such intrigue.
55892Boo bristles at his words. I don't know the language, but he is insulting us for certain!
55893So perhaps this is the mage's plan, <CHARNAME>. To stir up a war between the drow and the elves... but to what end? And what manner of demon do they speak of, I wonder?
55894Ah, a denizen of the lower planes to unleash upon the elves. The use of the eggs begins to make sense. Why Irenicus would involve himself remains a mystery.
55895So... a war? Open battle between the drow and the surface has not occurred in... eons. With a greater demon to back them... I truly wonder why Irenicus would do this.
55896Open war on the surface elves? A bold move, bolstered by a greater demon's summoning. Why would Irenicus involve himself, however? He holds the drow no great love, I am sure.
55897Ha! I don't know his words all that well, but I do respect those willing to risk insulting strangers.
55898Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55899Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55900Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55901Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55902Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55903Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55904Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55905Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55907<CHARNAME>! N-no! No, I won't let you sacrifice her eggs! I won't let you do this!
55908Vile fiend! You would sacrifice the children of a silver dragon and consort with a demon, no less! No, this will not be!
55909You fool! You would not only anger the dragon, but deal with a creature of the Abyss?! I will not stand for this!
55910What?! Had I known you were capable of such an act, I would have killed you long ago, <CHARNAME>! I will rectify that mistake now!
55911You... you *dare* to commit such an atrocity?! I will not stand by you in this! Moreover, I will stop you, fiend!
55912Wh-what are you doing, <CHARNAME>?! You... you're bringing the wrath of the dragon down upon us? And for what?! No... no, I won't stick around for this, I won't!
55913You would commit such a sacrilege against nature?! Had I known, I would never have accompanied you! No, I will not let this be!
55914The deed is done, <CHARNAME>. I shall return to Aran and report of our success. Farewell!
55915I cannot believe my ears! You would stand against all that is good and right?! You shall suffer a terrible vengeance for this!
55916So it ends; the evil is slain. You've done well, friend. I bid you fair journey!
55917You move against balance here, <CHARNAME>, and no doubt the silver dragon will have revenge. I shall not remain to see this through with you. Farewell.
55918It was a grand battle, friend. I must return to my duties elsewhere. I am proud to have fought this evil with you.
55919Hold, demon! I have the eggs of the silver dragon here! I offer them to you in return for a service!
55920Do you see, <CHARNAME>? See the fear in his eyes? You now enjoy the respect the drow have earned.
55921As much as I despise this form, it does seem to have captivated our friend here. He seems fearful.
55922Yes! Hello! Minsc is a drow! And Boo is a shadow hamster!
55923Ah, I beg your pardon?
55924Careful, Carlig! Never seen a drow loose their mind before. Might be catching.
55925I could get used to this kind of treatment, even if I'm stuck in this stick of a shell.
55926Please, do not be so fearful of us.
55927M... malla drow? Your... accent is most unusual. Hmm...
55928Do not question the words of a drow, worm! It is not your place to do so! Despite how... sickeningly merciful they may be.
55929I just meant...
55930You meant nothing, *malla drow*. Assume the proper posture for one of your position, or we are in danger of losing respect for our guise.
55931You are weak, and you shall pay the ultimate penalty amongst the drow... an ignoble death. <CHARNAME> has beaten you all.
55932Die, black-hearted fiend. May all the Hells swallow you whole.
55933Hah! You'll do nothing but die... and hopefully you'll know that it was <CHARNAME> that beat you, too.
55934Despite what she says, <CHARNAME>, we may be able to use this situation to our advantage. Perhaps there is no need to kill Solaufein. Consider this, at least.
55935Before we leap upon our target, my raven, at least consider the possibility that perhaps there are other choices. Perhaps we should play a game of intrigue as well and see what Solaufein has to say, yes?
55936Should we be so quick to do what she says? Solaufein hasn't done anything to deserve death. Let's just step lightly before we commit to anything, okay?
55937Damn you, <CHARNAME>, there... there's no reason to kill these gnomes! They've hurt no one! Damn you for making me do this!
55938Sahuagin Treasury Key
55939Door to the Inner Chambers
55940It was my understanding that these gnomes were not evil, <CHARNAME>. Why must you always carve a path of blood? This is disgusting!
55941Pfeh! We kill svirfneblin now? For what reason? There is no great evil here, with Solaufein gone.
55942This key can open the sewage doors in the dungeon. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
55943Good! And I expect the best of treatment for your drow masters. It is what we deserve.
55944No-oooo! Aerie! AERIE!
55945As despicable as it might seem, Aerie, I would advise that you be a little more... harsh. We do not want to give ourselves away.
55946Careful, Aerie, we must maintain the illusion that we are who we seem.
55947You did such a thing, <CHARNAME>? This man is well known as a hero across the realms... what were you thinking? Do you never stop to consider your actions?
55948Drow roaming the surface, even the most noble, should expect an occasional misunderstanding. I am sure this can be worked out, <CHARNAME>... I suggest you try.
55949Hmph. I have never heard of this drow, and after our experience in the Underdark, I would be surprised to encounter any dark elf who wasn't worth sending directly to Hell.
55950As a drow on the surface, he should expect such treatment. If I tracked down every rivvil who has wronged me, I would end up doing little else.
55951Ye'll be dispatching nothing. If ye make one hostile move, ye're getting an axe in yer belly, I swear.
55952A bold statement, if you can back it up. But we've power to spare here, fools! (A fireball down the dwarf's gullet should instill some respect, I think!)
55953Interesting. To risk so much for exploration, he must have been seeking something very valuable indeed.
55954Fool mages, always sticking their noses in where they don't belong.
55955*ahem* Present company excepted of course, <CHARNAME>.
55956Ooo, faux pas.
55957Thanks a lot, Valygar. Shall I call all rangers pigheaded because of you?
55958Present company excepted, of course. Let's, ah, let this man finish his tale.
55959Am I in your stereotype as well? I had thought us on good terms...
55960I hate that attitude in nobles when they speak of the poor. Your stereotyping of all mages is just a different shade of the same thing.
55961Oooh, mages are the best for hidden treasures. Back home, you couldn't toss a turnip without unearthing some old wizard's stash of goodies. Occasionally, the wiz would still be in it too.
55962This man is a ranger and a being of worth, <CHARNAME>! A hero that I will not aid you in destroying! I stand against you in this!
55963A wizard's stash that he was unearthin', eh? Now that bears lookin' into.
55964I... have not heard of this drow or his supposed good deeds. I pray that you are correct in your assessment of him, <CHARNAME>, drow or no drow...
55965Then I call rights to it, and no backtalk from you, mage. I know your sort gets all grabby about such things.
55966This drow is well respected by the Harpers, <CHARNAME>. I will not assist you fighting him. I will return to Athkatla; consider your idiocy before we speak again.
55967Not so much offense intended to you, <CHARNAME>. Edwin can bite me, though.
55968Another drow who speaks strange words! Even Boo bristles at his obvious lies! If <CHARNAME> fights, then so does Minsc! Prepare for liberal butt-kickings!
55969It shall feel good to test my strength against this one... I have heard of his prowess. Come, let us achieve glory this day!
55970Long have I guarded. Long have I suffered. Who are you, manling, to seek the mortal shell of Kangaxx?
55971When Evil was torn asunder, three pieces were locked away. For a millennium, I have guarded this piece, dispensing death to those that follow Darkness.
55972You are no different, manling. Your death was ordained when Kangaxx fell.
55973You are foolish to follow the whims of Kangaxx. He will not be grateful for your service.
55974What are you talking about?
55975I will not listen to your lies.
55976Regardless, your quest ends here. I have not sacrificed all to have idiot adventurers awaken our Doom! Die, fools!
55977When you touch the skull, its eyes blaze with an eerie light and it begins to speak:
55978I would have done the same as <CHARNAME> if you are so weak as to be easily overcome. Your pontificating means nothing, fool.
55979Hmph. I have struggled as well. Do I not deserve better? Yet obviously, my usefulness is my only means to survive here. Why do you deserve so much more?
55980Hmph. Our affection is private, <CHARNAME>. Why you should have to justify yourself is beyond my comprehension.
55981At last!
55982On <PRO_HISHER> knees? That would be a pretty sight to see, should it ever come to pass. I doubt I've ever seen my raven swallow crow.
55983I return to awareness. Who is it that has awakened me?
55984I am <GABBER>, an adventurer.
55985Who are you? What are you?
55986I'm sorry to have bothered you. I'll leave you be.
55987Hah! <CHARNAME> will get on <PRO_HISHER> knees for no one! You've a nerve even thinking of asking <PRO_HIMHER> to do such!
55988Then you have found your fortune at last, <GABBER>. I am in need of your assistance. Serve me well and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imaginings!
55990You have power... chained, but it is not of my giving. Do you know where you are?
55991Not as such, no.
55992I will not be questioned by the likes of you! Die, fiend!
55993So we're going to be fighting side by side with the famous Drizzt Do'Urden, hey? Well, if a book gets written about us, then I hope they remember who the *real* heroes are here. I'd really hate to see myself portrayed as some fuzzy-wuzzy sidekick to <CHARNAME> who gets killed off in the first encounter, you know.
55994I am in the Bridge District of Athkatla. What kind of tricks are you playing on me?
55995Yet you had a key, a rogue stone. What did you hope to accomplish by trespassing in my chamber?
55996Athkatla? Hardly. The portal is known only to my creatures, and yet you had a key, a rogue stone. What did you hope to accomplish by trespassing in my chamber?
55997An excellent idea, <CHARNAME>. Adding Drizzt and his companions to our battle against Bodhi will certainly tip the scales. You show great wisdom.
55998Fighting alongside Drizzt? An excellent show! Now the forces of right shall truly prevail over evil!
55999I found a note that told of this place. I was curious to know what this is all about.
56000What do we need *him* for? Having one drow in your party is not enough, you need to go trolling about for extras? Even though that one is a little on the luscious side...
56001I found a note that told of this place. I was curious to know what this is all about.
56002My arrival here was an accident. I will leave.
56003I am here to kill you.
56004As you like. Come, friends. It seems that the Twisted Rune shall have a bit of amusement today.
56005I assure you that we will be no trouble to you.
56006My arrival here was an accident. I will leave.
56007What is this? Drizzt Do'Urden? This is a hero, <CHARNAME>... a famous ranger from the Ten Towns, even if he is a drow. What a pleasant surprise.
56008The odds do not favor that statement, Nalia.
56009I know of this one, <CHARNAME>, from the Harpers. A drow of good alignment and heroic reputation. He is deserving of respect.
56010I intend to destroy you.
56011I'm hoping for the best, however unlikely.
56012What is this, my raven? Another group of adventurers, hardened with experience and on their way to another feat, no doubt? Are we going to fight, do you think?
56013I hope you are right, Nalia. We must take care to not upset the natural balance of this region.
56014Hmm. I suppose the fool Koshi wrote it down. If you destroyed him to get it, you have my thanks. Punishing the fool has been getting boring of late.
56015Hmph. Adventurers, eh? I likes the look of some of their equipment, <CHARNAME>. Let's kill them.
56016You're welcome. Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall leave you be.
56017Ooh, another drow! I begin to see them everywhere, ever since the Underdark! They are so vicious even Boo cowers. What will we do, <CHARNAME>?
56018I do not cause trouble! I merely seek it out and put the bootheels of justice to it! Ask Boo!
56019No. I don't suspect that you'll be leaving here today. When you play with powers that are beyond your meager skills, you'll soon find that a price is required.
56020Forgive me. Obviously, I was mistaken.
56021In this case, you know too much and your life is forfeit. Come, my friends. It seems that the Twisted Rune shall have some amusement today.
56022There will be no such trouble. I will be a guide.
56023No offense, but trouble may find you, malla drow.
56024We will not need luck. We have faith and good intentions as our guides.
56025I tire of this. I'm leaving.
56026You will indeed find your faith to be a beacon, both for you and those that wish to find you. Again, good luck.
56027That said, you will be the one who is punished now. I will destroy you, fiend!
56028Ain't gonna need luck when we find those two. If you see them again, you tell them that.
56029Yet he is the one that you hired, fiend. You did not warn us of his untrustworthiness before we left. In fact, you made us perform all manner of tasks for the privilege of sailing with him.
56030Aye, yet ye took our gold quickly enough, with nary a warning to go with it. I be tempted to slit yer throat an' call us bloody even.
56031Yet you took all our gold and hired him... and didn't even tell us what a scoundrel he was! You even made us work for you for the privilege!
56032It is appreciated. Thank you.
56033And I see that you have your companion back amongst you. That was your goal, wasn't it? I trust you are no worse for the wear, my dear?
56034I'm sure we will be careful not to upset anyone we do not have to. We will leave this place in balance.
56035Ah... I see. Would that I had a spare, but that's not the commerce I traffic in. My sincere regrets at your condition. I would not wish such on anyone.
56036You're speaking for yourself, o' course. I will be leaving with a sack of loot on my back and the sound of battle in my ears.
56037Other than the fact that Bodhi has my soul, sure... I'm just fine. How about you?
56038And an army on your heels, no doubt.
56039Whatever. Don't have to outrun them all, just have to outrun *you*.
56040Ah. Here it comes. Why did we even come here, <CHARNAME>? Is it not bad enough that we must face such evil without dirtying ourselves in the process?
56041A fine sentiment, Cernd, though we may be forced into more trouble than we wish.
56042This coming from one who is already more soiled than the proverbial pig in the playpen does not exactly fill me with shock.
56043Speak for yerself, paladin. I'd rather be dirty than dead.
56044Speak for yourself, do-gooder. If the Shadow Thieves can assist us against such a powerful vampire, I'd happily dance in the mud.
56045Oh, I don't know. Sometimes flinging mud about can be a liberating experience. If that weren't the case, we wouldn't have politicians. You should try it yourself sometime, my boy. Spread some dirt on those lily-white cheeks of yours. I guarantee within minutes you'll be frolicking and giggling like a schoolgirl.
56046That may well be, but balance would not need any help from us if it were easy to maintain.
56047Aye, so the vampire bitch has returned to her nest, and ye're more frightened than a white rabbit in the fall. Now go on... tell us something that will shock us, why don't ye?
56048You needn't worry. The Underdark will change you long before you have any effect on it.
56049*sigh* There's never any surprises with these people. "Oh, it's <CHARNAME> come back to town... maybe <PRO_HESHE> can solve *all* of my problems!" I would go insane.
56050We shall need it... <CHARNAME>, I restate that I do not want to be here. I just don't like it...
56051Ahh, poor Aerie. Do not let this dark place taint you. We will be away soon enough.
56052Poor little girl. It shall be interesting to see how you crumble in the Underdark.
56053Please, priestess... we must find the queen, as well as Irenicus. Do you know where they might be?
56054We won't need your luck. I am sure that the denizens of this place will pose no threat.
56055The golem still requires a head.
56056You are welcome to your opinion. I would place it on your tombstone, but your grave will likely be unmarked.
56057The golem still requires an arm.
56058Yes, of course we shall help the elven people if we can. There will be no victory this day if the wizard manages to crush everything that exists of this place.
56059Of course we'll help! I can feel the Tree of Life calling out in pain... and the pain of the elves is its pain as well! We must do what we can, <CHARNAME>!
56060The wizard seeks to upset the balance, good lady. So much power and death and corruption in one being... this cannot be allowed. We will do what we can.
56061Bah! We've no time to run around your city, concerning ourselves with your moronic people! Let them save themselves! We are here for the wizard!
56062Do... do we even have time for this? We're here to get <CHARNAME>'s soul back. Maybe if it wouldn't take too long. It's horrible to see this place suffer.
56063Save your veiled suspicions for someone that won't kill you over them. You will speak with respect!
56064Of course. I meant no insult.
56065Not by a long shot, fool! You'll speak with respect when you address me, or you'll be sleeping six feet lower than usual. Understand?!
56066No! What are you doing?! We're here to help them, not kill them! I won't let you do this!
56067Boo is impressed, Korgan. You remember well to act like drow.
56068What? Oh yeah, drow. Whatever.
56069I realize we must act in keeping with our drow appearance, but I begin to think you enjoy it.
56070You fit the role of drow a bit too easily, Korgan.
56071Well done, Korgan. You fit the role of drow very well indeed.
56072Pompous ass.
56073None of that! You'll keep your tone respectful when addressing us!
56074Well... we must keep up appearances.
56075Haer'Dalis! What has gotten into you?
56076Are you mad, <CHARNAME>? We are here to restore the balance, not make more havoc of our own! I will not allow you to further spill blood in this place!
56077Haer'Dalis? That is not... like you.
56078You would spill her blood after all that has happened here?! You are mad, <CHARNAME>, and evil! I will not permit this!
56079Haer'Dalis? Is that appropriate behavior?
56080That was close. We must make an effort to act as we appear.
56081He... he seeks to actually join the Seldarine? The elven circle of the divine? But... Corellon Larethian would never allow it! He *is* mad!
56082So he seeks to actually join the Seldarine... to become an elven god in fact. The man is insanely ambitious, striving towards the impossible.
56083The Seldarine? The collection of elven gods led by Corellon Larethian? How would he ever propose to join such ranks? Mad! Mad!
56084You heard her. Pretentious attitudes for everyone. Care to model yours, Jaheira? Just so we get it right?
56085Your soul is borrowed, and it shall be returned. You are a blight upon nature, and you shall be destroyed!
56086For Dynaheir and all fallen comrades, for what is good and right, for all these things shall Minsc and Boo fall upon you today! And we shall taste victory, evil man!
56087Edwin, in some another time... some other place, such a comment would get you a beating of mythic proportions. It may yet.
56088We're going to take back <CHARNAME>'s soul if we have to rip it out of your chest, Irenicus! And you are going to Hell... WHERE YOU BELONG!
56089We appear to be the stumbling, out-of-place fools that we are. Stop pussyfootin' around down here.
56090I appear scared and out of place. I foresee no trouble in continuing to do so.
56091He knows our affairs no better than we do at this point. Shall we move on?
56092Neither do we, right, Boo?
56093What's so funny?
56094More and more, I enjoy the fear we wield down here.
56095You shall enjoy yourself quite a bit less when the illusion wears off. Shall we get moving?
56096I find it sickening. These drow hold such power over everyone.
56097Yes, well, we're all aware of *your* views, Nalia.
56098As it should be. Let us move on before we are forced to kill this fool for questioning us further.
56099So we come to the final stand in this place that is retribution personified. How fitting that you will meet your end here, mage... you who have brought such chaos into the lives of many!
56100We came all the way to Hell to stop you, Irenicus, and we will! <CHARNAME> is our friend, and <PRO_HESHE> is going to live!
56101Ye're a fine one fer words, wizard, but for all yer pretty magics, we've killed ye once and we'll be pleased t' do so again!
56102You cannot stop the righteous arrayed against you, wizard! We shall live once again in the light, and you will not stop us!
56103Justice is on our side this day, and in Tyr's name, we shall be victorious once and for all!
56104I came to Hell to help my friend! Who helps you, Irenicus? Demons? You are going to die alone in Hell, and you know it!
56105Ahhh, this is a fine battle that shall ring throughout the planes! Live or die, this has been a wondrous adventure! Now we face off with Oblivion!
56106The darkness has already taken you, foolish one, yet you refuse to close your eyes! Let us help you onwards to your final rest! L'il alurl! For Shar!
56107Power is on our side, sorcerer! You cannot hope to defeat us in this final reckoning! Your end is near at hand—wail if you must!
56108Hmph. Some villains just refuse to die. Kill them once, kill them twice... it's like some bad play. Well, here's hoping for a decent ending...
56109Arvoreen, give me your strength so that I may rectify a great injustice this day! In Hell, I stand against this evil... I shall not fail!
56110You represent everything that is evil about magic, wizard. You are worse than Lavok ever was. With my last breath, I will fight against you!
56111No more platitudes, Irenicus. You have taken much from all of us. Now you die your final death!
56112I grow tired of shouting battle cries when fighting this mage. Boo will finish his eyeballs once and for all so he does not rise again! Evil, meet my sword! SWORD, MEET EVIL!
56113This is the last stand, here in Hell. We fall or we win.
56114How quaint. Get on with it.
56115If you are in need, we will help. I could do no other.
56116Oh dear. I take it by your tone that this beast is not simply some interloping bulette?
56117A... awakened? Please tell me that you mean it was hibernating and not... otherworldly.
56118Ahh. I have encountered beasts that were "awakened" before. This is no natural animal, is it?
56119What good is this indigo she-beast if she is as much a target down here as the rest of us?
56120Trust me, Korgan, you would not want us to vote on your worth any more than you should speak about hers.
56121Ye hear that, Vico? The little girl protects you.
56122Oh, I don't know. She has a certain... charm.
56123'Ey there, Vico. Edwin's sweet on ye.
56124Worry not, Viconia! Minsc and Boo stand at the ready to protect! Right, Boo?
56125Of course. Selfish in your generosity. Admirable.
56126We would help regardless. Please know that.
56127No! You will not attack the small dark ones! Minsc and Boo will not allow it! And I hope no other will either!
56128Do your worst. It's my choice to make!
56129Oh, all right! I'll help the little fool!
56130<CHARNAME>! I will not let you do this! You will not murder those that beg for aid! Who will follow me?!
56131Do what you must! I have made my decision!
56132All right, I won't kill him then. Yeesh.
56133This will not come to pass. I will not allow you to murder those that were asking for our help. Who will follow the righteous path?!
56134Stand down, Keldorn. I will not attack them.
56135Do as you must. I have given an order I expect obeyed!
56136No, <CHARNAME>, I must oppose you on this! They asked for assistance, and you answer with murder? I will not allow it, and I hope I do not stand alone!
56137Do as you must! I will fight you all!
56138Very well then, if that is the way you feel. I will not attack them.
56139I could not make claim to the title of paladin if I allowed this to happen! I hope I do not stand alone as I say I will put a stop to this murder!
56140You oppose me? I laugh! I have made my decision. Do as you must!
56141Oh, all right, I'll help them.
56142No, <CHARNAME>! This is wrong, so very wrong! I will not allow it, and I hope I do not stand alone!
56143Do as you will. I have given my order!
56144All right then, I'll help them. Yeesh.
56145Well, what a happy bunch of fellows. I'm resigned to fate myself, but they *really* bring me down.
56146No, enough death. I have seen too much. There will be another way. There must.
56147The capture alone is enough to place the desire for their deaths in my soul. You need more than that?
56148Well, good, you go and do that. I'll be getting out clean without petty vendettas. Save that for another day when their backs are turned.
56149Well, then ye're dead. Shut yer yap and let the rest of us sleep.
56150Then I see no further need to speak. It shall only make the battle all the harder.
56151They cannot make us do this, can they? To house us together that we might speak... then force us to fight... it is monstrous. Or do you taunt us?
56152And then Minsc will disrupt them with his bootheel! Yes, speak more of this evil-smashing partnership!
56153Just as long as we are not targets while you... while... We're targets, aren't we?! That's what this is about; we fight while you sit there going "OHM" or some such!
56154It would appear that neither of us have much of a choice in the matter. We must trust one another.
56155And here would come the change in plans, am I right? Wondrously chaotic plan if it is. I expected no less.
56156<CHARNAME>? I... I don't think they are taking us with them. They are leaving us here!
56157And this is where we learn that you do not intend to take us with you, isn't it? I trust no one well enough to think they would.
56158And you are truly a magnificent sight, my lady. I am awed.
56159Yes, yes, of course, but I have little time for your starry-eyed fawning. Listen well to what I say.
56160You are... beautiful...
56161I have... never been treated to the sight of such a creature... you are beautiful.
56162Of course, my Lady Adalon. <CHARNAME>, do keep quiet.
56163<CHARNAME>, don't get the beast angered! I don't put much stock in our chances...
56164<CHARNAME>, I would advise you to remain as quiet as possible. I wish to hear what she has to say.
56165It is unfortunate that they did not offend you in some way. We might have been spared the headache of this journey if they had to face an angry silver.
56166And they just strolled on by? Pardon me, madam, but you are no svirfneblin begging for help. Did you not sense their... despotic nature?
56167I beg your pardon, my lady, but could you do nothing to impede their progress? You must have sensed how corrupt they were.
56168Clever indeed. They managed to take the one thing that could hold yer wrath at bay. Brilliant.
56169To stave off your wrath, they have provoked it beyond imagining. These are impressive risks they are willing to take.
56170Boo shakes with disbelief! Such a crime will not go unanswered!
56171I must confess that I do not find that appealing.
56172An improvement, I think. One that you should relish as a brief glimpse of your betters.
56173I will address you shortly, drow. Make no mistake. First, to the rest of you.
56174To become such a hated thing... I do not look forward to that.
56175I've come for what you stole from me! I will not leave here empty! I *will* have my soul.
56176You should have made more of an effort. We have an obligation to destroy you, as if we needed more reasons.
56177I have grown tired of chasing you across the realms, Bodhi! Your death will ease the suffering of many!
56178No matter where you ran, it would not have helped. We are a determined bunch and seem pushed towards you from many sides.
56179What are you? What has happened to you?
56180I do not want to get involved.
56181I am Kangaxx, and I have been cursed. I am dead yet not dead. Cursed to eternal entrapment in this tomb by cruel enemies! Cursed to a fate worse than death!
56182But the curse can be reversed! With your assistance, I may live again. I have suffered for so long... will you help me?
56183I will do what I can to help.
56184I do not intend to get involved in your battles.
56185To the contrary, I believe that you must have done something to deserve this fate. I will not help you.
56186Please! I beg of you! I will give you anything you want. Power, riches beyond number! Anything!
56187Anything, you say? What must I do to help?
56189Then you too will suffer the rain of death I let fall upon the world when I regain my shell! A thousand years of suffering for every one I have rotted in this tomb!
56190I suppose if you must go, there is nothing more to say.
56191Is there no way for you to stay with me, even if we are not together?
56192The fiends that did this to me keep me from returning by tearing apart my mortal form and keeping the pieces separated. You must find my body that I might again take mortal form.
56193Where might I find these parts?
56194I would like to help but cannot. You'll have to find someone else.
56195Shoulda tried harder, vampire. No way you are getting away again. We got a score to settle.
56196They are very close! I have no doubt that they lie within the city in tombs such as this. My enemies are predictable if nothing else. Seek my arms, legs, and torso.
56197You will be well rewarded for your efforts, <GABBER>. Hurry! Find the pieces and return!
56198Boo would have found her wherever she tried to put her evil foot! That's what we do!
56199Well then, if you have to go... I suppose there is nothing more to be said.
56200Is there no way for you to stay, even if we are not together?
56201You have changed your mind? Will you help lift the evil curse that holds me in this undeath?
56202Then if you have to leave, leave with my blessing. I hope we meet again.
56203But I need you here in the party, even if we are not together... I cannot succeed without your strength.
56204Tell me what has happened.
56205I will not.
56206No, you're wrong! Everyone can change! We've been through so much—you can't just throw it away!
56207Then you need only find my arms and legs. Hurry! I must have my revenge!
56208I have the torso with me.
56209I... I suppose I am being selfish. You are on a quest of great importance to you, and my leaving would be more than an inconvenience, perhaps.
56210I have the arms and legs with me.
56211Very well, <CHARNAME>. It shall be... difficult to stay by your side, but I will. But there is nothing further between us... and we part once your task is complete.
56212Jon's Key
56213This is the way it must be if I am to help you. I... am sorry, <CHARNAME>. In my own way, I do... love you.
56214Let us go now and put this behind us.
56215I have already found the bones.
56216I have no intention of throwing it away. I intend on holding it close within the chambers of my heart and letting it warm me as I travel alone, as I must.
56217Then you need to find only my torso. Hurry! I must have my revenge!
56218He would seem to have a knack for it, though he is a very... unbalanced individual.
56219At last, it is complete! Place the pieces in the tomb! The fools could not kill me!
56220At last, <GABBER>! What have you found?
56221I have the torso.
56222I have the arms and legs.
56223He's provoked one from me, all right. I'll deliver it nice and personal on the edge of a blade.
56224Then there is nothing more to be said. I hope we meet again.
56225I have found the pieces.
56226Nothing yet, but I will keep looking.
56227But I need you here... even if we are not together, I need you within the party.
56228Indeed, he has made enemies of most everyone he has met. It is with relief that I say I have rarely seen his equal in evil.
56229I have decided that I will not help you.
56230Fools you are! Death shall rain upon the planes, and Kangaxx will violate all!
56231But worry not, my savior. You shall be well rewarded. You will have the privilege of a sweet, painful death at my hands!
56232Yes, well, he's provoked himself right into a fireball when next we meet.
56233Still you do not understand! Not only was I to languish in the tomb for all eternity, but also I must be destroyed by another to be free.
56234You have truly freed me, and the world will be burned to ash for your sin!
56235No! What are you doing?!
56236Well, ye did not kill him, that much is certain. What waste of time did you impose?
56237Not to be critical, but Irenicus does not appear to be in the business of learning what he does not wish to know.
56238So you made a valiant attempt to redeem him. You cannot be blamed for at least trying.
56239Once it's over, I'll find my own way in the world for a while. And... and then perhaps one day we will meet again. And then we'll talk.
56240I... I am willing to stay with you now. Your quest is too important for me not to help you, even if... if it will be hard, with you so close. And then, after, I can leave.
56241Then let us continue. A new day awaits us.
56242Must you act so pathetically within the earshot of others? What is it that you expect him to say? That he thinks your scars add character? Ha. Are you truly so witless?
56243I was talking to him, not to you! You've made your feelings on everything apparent enough!
56244Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Have I scarred our precious butterfly even worse now?
56245Go away, Viconia. M-maybe it is silly of me to ask you about my scars, <CHARNAME>. I... I just respect your opinion.
56246Look who's come barging in! I should check the wards on the door, Ketta. I do believe that they've weakened enough to allow the riffraff in.
56247I don't think they make you ugly, Aerie. Far from it.
56248It would take far more than a couple of scars to hide all the other beauty you possess, Aerie.
56249I have no time to discuss your vanity, Aerie.
56250It would appear so. An ice storm trap next time?
56251Viconia's right. What am I supposed to say? Let's just keep going.
56252Well, if... if you're going to listen to her, then fine. You are very cruel, <CHARNAME>. You deserve someone like her, obviously.
56253Quite. Now, as for you. This is private property, friend. You are not welcome here.
56254Have some backbone, girl. Do not wilt like a flower and expect him to pick you up. Have some respect for yourself.
56255I was just asking for his opinion... is that so bad, Jaheira?
56256I suggest you forget your scars, child. Life has treated you harshly, but it will be harsher still if you cannot get over your loss.
56257I apologize for intruding. I will leave.
56258I have heard of you slave lords, and I intend to rid the earth of your evil.
56259I... I don't know. Maybe it was silly of me to ask you, <CHARNAME>. I just... respect your opinion. I have no idea what I look like... to men.
56260I don't think your scars make you ugly, Aerie. Far from it.
56261No one orders me about, "friend"!
56262It would take far more than a couple of scars to hide all the other beauty you possess, Aerie.
56263I have no time to discuss your vanity, Aerie.
56264Jaheira's right. You should forget about them and move on.
56265What is this place?
56266I... maybe you're right. It was silly of me to bring it up. I'll not bother you again about anything.
56267Jon's Key
56268I was just trying to talk to someone about traveling. Why must you be so cruel?
56269You think you are the only one who has met harshness in this world? Be glad that having your wings ripped from your back is the extent of your misery, fool!
56270You are no martyr, Viconia. You don't fool me! And... and I am not interested in *your* travels—I was asking <CHARNAME> about his!
56271I have been traveling since I left Candlekeep many, many months ago.
56272I am not interested in discussing my travels, Aerie.
56273Viconia's right... if you want to whine about your difficulties, do it somewhere else.
56274I will tell you what would make this journey more pleasant. Not having to listen to the constant whimpering of a wounded dove.
56275None of our travels have been overly pleasant, child. If your view is that we are on some carefree outing, you are desperately in need of correction.
56276I never said that was what I thought! And even if I did, I... I... I don't think I would need correction from such a bitter, nagging woman as you!
56277Bitter and nagging, am I? Better that than a wide-eyed doe with no sense to realize the universe does not revolve around her. Experience will bring perspective, I imagine.
56278Yes, well, I don't need the benefit of *your* experience, Jaheira. I was asking <CHARNAME> about his. I... I just wanted to talk about his travels, is all.
56279I have been traveling since I left Candlekeep many, many months ago.
56280I am not interested in discussing my travels, Aerie.
56281Listen, Aerie... if you want to whine about your difficulties, do it somewhere else.
56282Well, perhaps you will leap off the nearest cliff, then, and spare the rest of us the wretchedness of your company. Some of us have better things to do than listen to your bellyaches.
56283Oh yes, I know! I've seen you sizing him up like... like he's some piece of steak! You think the rest of us don't know?
56284Why should I care? Do you deny your own intentions? The "wounded bird" you play, floundering, crying to attract <CHARNAME>'s attention. It is pathetic.
56285That... that has *nothing* to do with it! What... what's pathetic is that you actually think anyone would be interested in a cold, heartless, evil woman like you!
56286If <CHARNAME> shows you the slightest attention, it is out of pity for a poor little dove. The same cannot be said for any male's interest in *me*.
56287I don't care! I don't care! <CHARNAME>, I can't stand this! I can't stand *her*, and I especially can't stand being stuck on the ground like some worm. Oh Baervan, help me!
56288Life down here isn't so wretched, Aerie.
56289Well, you're going to have to accept it, Aerie. You're going to have to find the strength to face up to it.
56290Don't say that... we'll find some way to restore your wings, I promise!
56291If you continue to act so weak and maudlin, then I agree... you'll never survive.
56292Apology accepted, but I warn you, return at your own peril. I shall not brook such intrusion twice.
56293Ho ho! How bold! Ketta, shall we?
56294And no one invited you in, "friend"! Now, do you intend to leave, or do I have to be nasty?
56295I apologize. I will leave.
56296A challenge! Let's have at it, then!
56297What is it? Private property! That's what it is! Now, are you going to leave, or do I have to teach you a lesson?
56298Oh, come now, child. I have been listening to your simpering for quite some time, and it begins to grate on my nerves. You are in this group to help, as I recall... pull yourself together!
56299Why don't we try the lesson?
56300I apologize for the intrusion. I will leave.
56301I am *not* your child! I'm older than you are, more than likely! And... and the only thing my "simpering" does is distract you from those little looks you're always giving him!
56302Ketta, my dear, well done! But I think it would be prudent to retreat to the stairs.
56303I... I do no such thing! You are mad, girl! Obviously, a life of adventuring is too much for you.
56304If... if a life of adventure will turn me into an annoying, heartless woman ready to abandon her dead husband's memory so soon after his death, then... then maybe you're right!
56305You cross a line, Aerie. You do not know enough about love to question my love for Khalid. Mention his name again, and you shall regret it.
56306Indeed you are. I have little idea why he even keeps you about.
56307Shut up, drow! Shut up! Ugh! As if anyone would listen to... to the opinions of some poisonous serpent! Spend your venom elsewhere, Viconia; he won't listen to you!
56308What if he will? Perhaps my charms appeal more than yours. You might amuse for a few moments, but <CHARNAME> deserves someone of vigor like me.
56309Nobody deserves you, just like nobody deserves some horrid disease! You're like some affliction that should be cut off from the rest of the body!
56310Like your wings? Oh, don't glare, little girl. You have nothing to offer <CHARNAME>, no matter how desperate you play. You cannot compete.
56311There... there is more to love and affection than frequent trips to the bedroom, Viconia! I'm sure <CHARNAME> wouldn't care for someone who has spent most of her life on her back!
56312Perhaps we should ask him. What of it, <CHARNAME>? You don't actually see anything in this cripple, do you? Put her in her place, as it should be.
56313Knock it off, Viconia! You don't hold a candle to Aerie when it comes to beauty in any form!
56314I like Aerie. I'm not going to put her in her place, and neither will you.
56315I may not be interested in Aerie, but I don't want to hurt her feelings, Viconia.
56316Of course I don't see anything in Aerie. It's a trial just having her around half the time.
56317Obviously, I mistook you for something other than a spineless worm. So be it... snuggle with the sniveling cripple if you are truly so weak.
56318Oh, <CHARNAME>... this... this is so embarrassing! I... I didn't mean for it all to come out like this! Nothing ever seems to go right!
56319So be it. Crawl like some orphaned puppy; spend your time with the cripple if it pleases you. I do not know how I missed this weakness within you earlier.
56320Why not? She cries and flaps about constantly like the walking wounded as it is. What more harm could you do?
56321Obviously, you two... deserve each other then. I... I'll just go and sleep elsewhere then, and be alone. You are not the man I mistook you for, <CHARNAME>.
56322I... how could you be so cruel?! I... I was only trying my best; I... I was only trying to win your approval. I'm... I'll never be... oh, I have to go! I have to leave!
56323If you continue to cry in such a fashion while we are attempting to help him on his quest, then you are indeed useless! For the last time: Pull yourself together, girl!
56324Shut up, Jaheira! You think he'll be somehow impressed because... because you're so mean? You do nothing but boss people around! No wonder that Khalid was the only man who would marry you!
56325I warned you before, girl! You know nothing of my Khalid, and I will not tolerate your speaking of him!
56326Or what?! I do know of your Khalid! They say... they say he was a weak man whom you bossed around! Well, <CHARNAME> isn't like that! He isn't!
56327I never said he was! And I will not have a foolish girl disparage my dead husband regardless of what you think my intentions towards <CHARNAME> are!
56328But it's you who are jealous, Jaheira! You're constantly picking on me, glaring at me! You want <CHARNAME> to yourself!
56329You are being foolish. This is obviously some attempt to gather <CHARNAME>'s attentions. <CHARNAME>, I suggest you let the girl down easy before more harm is done.
56330I think she's right. You're the one who's jealous, Jaheira. Just cool down... you and I are only friends.
56331I happen to like Aerie, Jaheira. I'll do no such thing.
56332Perhaps you're right. Aerie... you do know that I don't have any feelings like that for you, right?
56333Easy? Aerie: Back off. Khalid doesn't deserve to be attacked, and neither does Jaheira! That's enough out of you!
56334I... I never implied otherwise, <CHARNAME>. We have simply been through so much, I thought... well, it does not matter. I shall leave the girl in your hands, then.
56335*sigh* Then it is up to you to help her, <CHARNAME>, if you have such feelings. I shall stay out of it... and away from you. Obviously, our friendship upsets her.
56336I... I never... I didn't mean. Ooooh, just... just leave me alone, <CHARNAME>. Just leave me alone. I... I'll sleep away from everyone else... I just need to be alone.
56337Ach, <CHARNAME>... I said easy...
56338Hmph. We are meant to find this a revelation, coming from you? It might surprise you to find that most would consider you without redeeming qualities either, drow.
56339If I required commentary from you, mongrel, I would tug on your collar or blow a dog whistle to gain your attention. My words were for <CHARNAME> and <CHARNAME> alone.
56340Yet you speak them loudly enough for everyone to hear. Perhaps a little longer attached to that stake might have improved your outlook.
56341It was plenty to reduce my already poor view of rivvin, half-breed, which were my words to <CHARNAME>. Resume chewing cud and allow me to converse with him.
56342I agree with Jaheira. I don't need to hear your commentary on humans when there's few enough qualities to redeem a drow.
56343You shouldn't judge all humans by the actions of a few, Viconia.
56344*sigh* And you probably wonder why they don't think much of you... or any drow, for that matter.
56345If I need to hear from our resident wingless pigeon, I will bang on a drum. Otherwise, return to your pathetic cowering and let me speak.
56346I agree with Aerie. I don't need to hear your commentary on humans when there's few enough qualities to redeem a drow.
56347You shouldn't judge all humans by the actions of a few, Viconia.
56348You spit your venom in so many directions, drow, I find it surprising that you think none would fall on him. Perhaps you think your motives are not transparent.
56349As transparent, perhaps, as your need to muscle your way into the business of others. You have the temperament of a high-strung poodle, druid... I find it surprising that your husband lived as long as he did.
56350Utter his name not, drow. I'll not have you defile his memory, I warn you.
56351Your memory of him seems selective and short, but I remember him well. A bag on his head and I might have shown him what pleasures he was missing by—
56352Enough! Enough! Khalid would never... I would never... enough! I will not tolerate this; I swear I will kill you!
56353Calm yourself, half-elf. You earned this anger by disrupting my words to <CHARNAME>. I was simply saying that I regret my earlier words to him... and I regret little.
56354You treat everyone else like dirt. Why should I be any different?
56355Don't worry about it, Viconia.
56356Don't make me laugh. You're a bitch, plain and simple. Now get lost.
56357You are "exceedingly harsh" in your treatment of everyone, Viconia. Why should he be any different?
56358Well, for starters, he is far more worthy of my respect than a mooning cripple like yourself. Perhaps you should flap helplessly a bit further away and allow your betters to speak.
56359I can't imagine what you think to accomplish. You think <CHARNAME> doesn't see the saliva dripping from your fangs? You're not worthy of him, Viconia.
56360And I suppose a mewling kitten like yourself is? Do not make me laugh, wingless one. You are not even worthy of licking <CHARNAME>'s bootheel.
56361M-maybe <CHARNAME> doesn't care for your lusts, drow. Evil like yours isn't seductive, it's just sick, and... and seeing you crawl all over <CHARNAME> makes me retch.
56362It takes strength in a man to gain my attention, little fool. I am sure he has no interest in one who can barely pull herself together to utter a sentence.
56363But do not take my word for it. What do you say, <CHARNAME>? Is there an attraction to this elf's constant whining? Maybe you find her helpless stuttering amusing?
56364Leave her alone, Viconia. I like Aerie far more than I like you.
56365I enjoy Aerie's company, and that's all there is to it.
56366There is no attraction between me and Aerie, no.
56367She is annoying, that's true, but I've tolerated her so far.
56368I see. Obviously, you are a weaker male than I thought. Enjoy the cripple, fool, but when you finally find her stale and slaver after me, you'll be left wanting.
56369F-fine, then. If... if that's what you want, <CHARNAME>, then she's all yours. Obviously, you are not the man I thought you to be.
56370Now that the fool is dealt with, there is the matter of... my apology. I do not do so often, <CHARNAME>, but as I said... I may have been too harsh when we spoke last.
56371You treat everyone else like dirt. Why should I be any different?
56372Don't worry about it, Viconia.
56373Give me a break! You're a bitch, and there's nothing more to it!
56374Are we to be entertained by another of your stories, drow? No doubt they consist of little but one set of lies strung to another. Why you bother is beyond me.
56375I have no need of lies, half-breed. But obviously you find cause to be jealous of my relationship with your man.
56376Snare set successfully
56377Then you fool yourself, elg'caress. I see your glances at <CHARNAME> even as you speak of the dead. You have abandoned Khalid, though you do not admit it.
56378Set snare failed.
56379What is known?
56380Naught but their names. The mage is Jon Irenicus. The girl is Imoen.
56381I didn't do anything; he did it all. I had...
56382Why was this man not gagged? Did he not slay four of you?
56383What should be done with them, sir?
56384What would I want from such a pathetically weak fool as you? You let a mongrel dictate your actions. I'll not associate with you further, male.
56385Jealous? I am <CHARNAME>'s friend. I would warn him of a nearby snake readying to attack the same I would warn him away from your lascivious attentions.
56386Khalid would not begrudge my moving on! You hold yourself in such high esteem? You think <CHARNAME> would find such a soulless harlot as yourself attractive?
56387What say you, <CHARNAME>? I give fair warning of this serpent's intentions. Warn her off before she entwines her way around your heart and it is too late.
56388I'll do as I like with Viconia, Jaheira. Back off.
56389I value your opinion, Jaheira. Consider me duly warned.
56390I have no feelings of that kind for Viconia... surely she knows that, although I mean no offense.
56391Hah! I could never love such a heartless bitch! Don't even worry about it!
56392So be it. Obviously, your tastes lie where I did not anticipate. Enjoy your pleasures while you may, then, <CHARNAME>. I'll not be there to bail you out.
56393But you will do nothing about it? I see. Then I shall leave you to her tender mercies, if that is what you prefer, and you shall hear no "I-told-you-so's" from me.
56394Good, then. I was about to tell you the reasons behind my flight from the Underdark... do you still care to hear the tale, <CHARNAME>?
56395Sure, why not?
56396No, I've lost interest.
56397You worry too often. And speak your mind more than the rest of us would like to hear. Mongrels should be silent and respectful to their betters.
56398My words were for him, drow. You shall know I am addressing you if I spit in your direction.
56399Such fire! Did I step on your tail, perhaps? Or are you afraid precious <CHARNAME> will get wind of your true demeanor and stop paying you attention?
56400<CHARNAME>'s and my own relationship is none of your concern, if you could even conceive of such a notion. I shall speak to him, and you will be silent.
56401You worry away at things... sometimes so much I expect them to fall apart. Why he should be interested in your nagging I don't know.
56402What has gotten into you, Aerie? I would not expect you to leap upon me so for a simple statement.
56403But we all know what is coming, Jaheira. Nagging, picking, bossing. That's... that's what you're best at, isn't it? Oh, never mind.
56404Perhaps experience in the real world will serve to give you perspective. Not that I would wish to nag you away from your spite; excuse me.
56405It never is with his kind. Would it be enough if he did get all he wanted?
56406Ahh, then this is the closest I've come to understanding the fool. A cause I can respect.
56407This appears to be the statue described in the Vampiricus Omnibus. The book spoke of placing the vampire and its master's heart within the statue's arms to destroy the curse.
56408That can't be possible, can it? An entire city, especially one as ancient as yours must be, cannot simply vanish.
56409Irenicus is the most vile of villains if he dared destroy a whole city! I can't believe that, and I have believed some amazing things, let me tell you!
56410If an entire elven city is gone, it is a tragedy beyond mention!
56411He has asked me to discover why the druids and the animals are attacking the town.
56412Without your help, our task will be easier said than done, and I know how easy it is to say things.
56413Knock him on the head? It is obvious this lout has no compassion for others and no inclination of how nature must be protected. Ignore him, <CHARNAME>.
56414If he intruded on the grove, I see why the druids would object. Was there no other direction his road could take? Did he even bother to speak to the man?
56415Is there no more help you can offer? I will fight evil until the end, but... but we have fought this fight before and were basically dismissed.
56416I have no idea why we are listening to this halfling. Did they even bother to speak to the man, reason with him, before they "knocked him on the head"? Arrogant bastards.
56417<CHARNAME>, you can't seriously consider poisoning this font. If there is evil there, we must cleanse it. To destroy it is sacrilege! I will not allow it!
56418What would possess you to accept this man's poison? You would not actually destroy the grove? I would stand against such an attempt.
56419There must be some other way of dealing with the town's problem than by destroying an entire grove, <CHARNAME>. Do not do this, I warn you.
56420Groves are wonderful... you wouldn't really poison one, would you? Boo suggests that perhaps you are tricking this evil little man. Smart thinking, I agree.
56421This feels wrong, <CHARNAME>. To destroy the grove forever just to deal with what is wrong now... no. No, this cannot be. We must find another way.
56422I, for one, have never had much of a liking fer tree-huggers an' their kin. One less precious grove will make no difference in my book. Let's poison the prancin' bastards.
56423It seems a bit to me like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, my raven, but it might be interesting to see if such a poison would even work. What would a dead grove look like, I wonder?
56424No! You're... you're using the poison! How can you do this?! Would you poison the Tree of Life too?! I will not allow you to get away with this! Who will help me?!
56425No, <CHARNAME>, no! This is evil! You poison nature itself! I shall not partake in this... who stands with me?!
56426No! What have you done?! You have destroyed everything... this is not what I had intended! You evil fool... who will stand with me?! This must be punished!
56427The foul murderer from Athkatla has made his way here? Then he must be stopped! By all that is holy, his disgusting ways cannot continue!
56428Rejiek? This is the killer from the Bridge District, no? So he fled us only to come to Trademeet, my raven. Perhaps we shall have a second chance at a reckoning.
56429This is the evil killer who takes skins that do not belong to him! We have discovered him, <CHARNAME>! We must take the bootheel to his ways!
56430Eh? The tanner from Athkatla has come here? Once again, it seems there is more to him than there first appeared. Come, boy... do you know where you were taken?
56431Wait, <CHARNAME>! There... there is more here than it seems. I sense evil... dire evil all around! And especially from the old woman!
56432Errr... one moment, <CHARNAME>. Maybe it's just me, but I see illusions all over the place here. Especially on the old woman there. Any idea how an old woman would have a tiger head, by chance?
56433I offer my apologies, goodman mayor. Sometimes, <CHARNAME> does not act as <PRO_HESHE> should. You have paid <PRO_HIMHER> already, so we shall help as we can.
56434Well, that was rude. I... I don't really think it's appropriate for us to run around, acting like thugs to innocent people who need our help!
56435Let us be away from here, then. I've an itch fer killin', and it seems t' me some snot-nosed mayor'd be a good place to start.
56436Why demand money up front? I thought we were here to help these people, not browbeat them like thugs. If this is how you operate, I'm not very interested.
56437No, <CHARNAME>, we will not squeeze this poor man for whatever he has left. The armor is worth much, if coin is all you desire. My apologies, goodman mayor.
56438What?! Nay, good mayor... ignore this lout. If coin is all <PRO_HESHE> desires, the armor you provided can be sold for plenty. I apologize on <PRO_HISHER> behalf.
56439No, we certainly aren't going to press upon this poor man for even more coin! We have plenty! Ignore <PRO_HIMHER>, mayor... we'll be leaving now that things are all done here.
56440Bah! Tales of Umar are nonsense, I can assure you. Nor does it sound like the work of ogres. We should check the cabin, if anywhere, <CHARNAME>.
56441I don't know much about this Umar, but it sounds like some kind of evil magic. Perhaps this ogre is a powerful mage? It's a possibility we shouldn't ignore.
56442Whooo... all this talk of Umar brings back memories, let me tell you. My great-great-cousin One-knee was one of the adventurers that hunted the Great Witch of the Hills a long time ago. Said she had a fondness for little children and that her house was made out of chocolate candy, of all things. Personally, a house made of turnips sounds much more appealing, but One-knee stated decisively that the house was delicious nevertheless. According to his stories, the witch was dead... something about getting shoved in an oven... but then Gramma Jansen said that One-Knee was pretty delusional, so who knows?
56443If wolves were shadows and doing this, they'd have to be terribly evil. Dire wolves, perhaps. I... don't think ogres would do this, but I'm not sure... this all sounds quite ominous...
56444I sense no taint of these shadows within this noble halfling, <CHARNAME>, if that is what you fear. I shall not leave this one imprisoned.
56445I have heard of this halfling, <CHARNAME>... a hero of no small stature, and I do not refer to her height. Come... we cannot leave her imprisoned here. I will free her myself.
56446Are... are you sure we should leave her imprisoned like that? It seems so... heartless. Please, <CHARNAME>, we can't just... leave her here...
56447Hmph. She could be tainted with these shadows, a trap waiting to be sprung. Best to leave her in her cage until we have dealt with the true evil in this place.
56448Hmm... I'd say this man has been rendered magically mindless. A zombie servant... how useful. (I can think of several others who could use similar treatment!)
56449This... this man... has been rendered mindless by some kind of spell. I have no idea if... if dispelling would even work. A... a terrible state to be in, I would think.
56450Hmm. This man's a zombie, for sure... just without all the inconvenience of rotting flesh and oozing brains. Boy, making someone into a servant like this is a master stroke! No complaints, no union meetings, no requests for a raise, all the benefits of the undead without the smell!
56451Oh, the poor man! He's... he's being kept in this state somehow with magic. We've got to help him!
56452These people do not seem in control of themselves. They are servants, urged on through magical control to throw themselves on our blades... a sad way to perish, to be sure.
56453These people are slaves, mentally as well as physically, controlled despite themselves. All we can offer them, unfortunately, is a quick death.
56454These... these people do not wish to fight, yet they do! Their minds are enslaved with magic! Pfaw! If only there were something else to do than end their lives...!
56455These poor people can't help themselves! Their... their minds have been enslaved! If only we could help them!
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