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1No, I'm sorry, none of them sound familiar.
2You played Elminster?
3Uh, the yugoloth, was it? Yeah, you stole the show with that one, if I recall.
4And, who knows, we were rehearsing for Picoccio's "Three Days in the Ether." Perhaps we can give you a dress matinee.
5Oh, my dark ravens, let us stop our squawking. I shall remove this foul demeanor like a mask because, if you will still have me, I think I would quite enjoy the company of your troupe.
6Then join us by all means. You are welcome here.
7Perhaps another time, Haer'Dalis. Your world seems rather strange to me... I'll have to think it over.
8Forget it. It's time I left here, and I suspect you should as well.
9If we can find it and return it to the playhouse, the reward offered by our Stagemistress, Raelis Shai, shall be yours. Come, then, let us search for it: Free money does not come often in the arts.
10So hopeful we shall meet again before too many days have passed. But enough talkit is time this raven flies.
11Your reward will be great and the fates, my blackbird of chaos, shall smile. But enough of artful prophecy: I must fly to my troupe, for no doubt they have missed my presence.
12Come, let me join you. Like all actors, I am an extrovert and even more so since my late confinement. There be little sense in rotting alone.
13Well, I have no intention of rotting together either, so you can take your one-man show elsewhere, I'm afraid.
14There be little sense in anything, these days. Come, then, let us leave this place of madness behind.
15If so, I will see to it that my mistress, Raelis Shai, rewards you generously. Then, at least, we might pick up our acquaintance under kinder circumstances.
16If we can retrieve it, Raelis Shai, my mistress at the Sigil playhouse, shall offer a fine reward for its safe delivery into her keeping. Let us hurry then, my raven.
17What you lack in poetry, you admittedly compensate for in logic... However, I do believe such terms of service shall suit me nicely. I am good with the sword, if you have a couple of spare ones handy...
18I've told you that I don't care a whit for your safety and you still want to join me?
19You're good with a blade? How good?
20It's a shame your sword arm is attached to your tongue... I'd take one but not the other.
21Very well, we'll find you some swords. Welcome to the team, poet.
22You have your logic and I have mine, my hounds of rescue... and they are not so different. So... may I join you, then?
23Join, join, by all means join, for if we talk any longer, I fear my brain shall cramp.
24I want no part of your word games. Leave me here to sort out my senses.
25I believe it to be in an altar here... if we retrieve it, she will reward us greatly for its return. Come, let us search this place before Mekrath's return.
26If you could only deliver it to me at the playhouse of the Sigil theater troupe, my mistress will reward you greatly for your efforts. So with apologies, my ravens of rhetoric, I must make my exit.
27If you can bring it to me at the playhouse of the Sigil theater troupe, perhaps all can be forgotten... The reward is yours to ponder.
28You can put your petty slave-and-master game away then, for I have played it against far better opponents than yourself.
29You should be a little more careful when addressing your master.
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31If there's an opponent better than myself, I'd like to know his name.
32All right, all right, the game is up, but I'll still have you join me.
33Forget it, then. Begone from here and take your bravado with you.
34If you want to work together, aye, I'll work with you, but otherwise, begone...
35What "greater beings" are you talking about?
36Then work with me, but watch your back... I'll not have your sense of petty bravado bring about my ruin.
37Fine then, go. You have no sense of what you're missing, though.
38Come, then. This "ant" has little desire to make an argument of this.
39Aye, for you, I do not doubt that life is easy... but it is easy by your ignorance, not your power... So, ant: Take me now or leave me here. It's all the same to me.
40Come with me, then. I have little time for all this chatter.
41All right, Haer'Dalis. Join me in whichever fashion you see fit, but, slave or free, we travel together nonetheless.
42Then rot here and have your freedom. I can see now why Mekrath was so willing to part with your company.
43I will see to it that my mistress provides you with a greater reward than you deserve. Until then, dear ant, I pray beware the elephant...
44The fool Mekrath stole from me a most important gem... and if memory serves, it is in an altar here. My mistress and I shall be far more pleasant if you bore it to us in your hands.
45Wherever you may take me, friend, and whoever you may be, you will never be his equal or play the game as well as he.
46Your experiences are far from ordinary, Haer'Dalis, and I admit I am intrigued... Perhaps you hold more value to me as a comrade than as a slave. My apologies for my previous demeanor.
48Perhaps I have been harsh in my treatment of you, then. Join with me, if you will, but as a comrade.
49A well-rehearsed lie sung by an actor. Come, slave... I've no patience for all this foolishness.
50Fine, fine. I suppose it's best just to have nothing to do with you at all. Begone from my sight.
51Aye, but when the guards be gone, we birds and bards have certain means at our disposal. So, unless you care to stay here for the rest of all eternity, I'm afraid you cannot hold me to this place.
52If escaping is so easy, why did you not escape from Mekrath?
53Very well then, go. I'll have nothing more to do with you.
54I might not be able to keep you here, but I can certainly take you with me.
55Ha, I remained his captive at my own discretion. He has a gem of mine hidden about this place, and I was observing him to see if he might give some clue to its existence. Would you care to search for it with me?
56A gem? Why, certainly, let us join together and hunt its riches down.
57You mean to tell me you were mentally enslaved by choice? You can't possibly think I'm that stupid.
58I don't need your help to find a gem, but I do thank you for alerting me to its presence.
59Come, my hounds of rescue, let us find it before the wizard-fool returns.
61The rest, I fear, is in your hands and out of mine. So farewell, good luck, and godspeed, my friend. Mekrath will no doubt be returning shortly.
62Now, please, I must go meet with her and let her know that I am safe. I trust, my greedy ravens, that destiny shall bring us together in good time.
63You have my promise that she will reward you accordingly. Until then, my hounds of chaos, do take care.
64Aye, that you could, but let us put this petty slave-and-master game away. I have played it against far better opponents than you.
65You should be more careful when addressing your master...
66If there's an opponent better than me, I would like to know his name.
67All right, all right, the game is up, but I'll still have you join me.
68Fine, fine. I suppose it's better to have nothing to do with you at all. Begone, then.
69So! We meet in brighter times and better places, I see. Have you brought the gem?
70No, I couldn't find it.
71I sold it and shan't get it back except at three times the price.
72What gem?
73Forget about the gem; I have come here to ask you to join me.
74Yeah, I brought it. How much is it worth to you?
75Here it is, my friend. Safely delivered from my keeping to yours.
76I was sure it was in that altar! It must be somewhere in his lair! Damn him, it must be there, it must! Please, get out and do not interrupt us here until you have it in your hands. Things are tense for us right now. More than you realize.
77Fool! You are lucky the price for your foolishness is only monetary... Some of us are not so lucky. Please, spend whatever you must. It will be more than covered in your reward. Now go, our time is growing ever shorter.
78The gem that Mekrath took from me and hid within his altar! Please, it is imperative that the jewel makes it safely into our hands. Go, and don't return until you hold it in your hands.
79That gem is my destiny, the destiny of my troupe, the destiny of this very stage on which we stand. Do not ask me to forget it, my ravens, for I shall not. Come back to me when you have it in your hands, and perhaps I'll be free to join you then.
80You have it? Good. I would give you my very soul in gratitude for its return, but the negotiations are between you and Miss Raelis. I suggest you speak with her.
81No, no, I'll not touch it. It is better that you deliver it to Miss Raelis as she is better suited to its nature.
83She grants the "rescue Haer'Dalis" quest.
84And the errant actor doth return! <CHARNAME>, I thank you, for you have brought joy to this dark house. Haer'Dalis, have you the gem?
85We bring it with us, Miss Raelis, that we might have all the more reason to celebrate.
86Lord Ketlaar Argrim
87Not yet, Miss Raelis. It appears they still need more convincing.
88Foolish gtrank small-fist! Why feltthgrr help this place? You paid too? No, stronger get rid of guards with much gold. You just grrth stupid then! You die!
89You think me stupid?! I tell you nothing of Stronger than us! Should have leaved with other grrth guards paid to go by Stronger! Now you die here and bones will feed!
90It would be an honor.
91I'm afraid he and I are not used to fighting at each other's side. It would be best if, for the time being at least, he fought under your command.
92You threaten, but we fight anyway! I tell nothing of Stronger! Should have taken Stronger's gold like all other small-head guards! Now you die!
93Haer'Dalis, tell them the truth of what we are about while I prepare the summoning of the conduit.
94I am justice, and I don't care whom you serveyou will die for the innocents you have slain!
95You serve Stronger? Who is that? Who directs your actions? Speak! I demand it!
96Haer'Dalis, unsheathe your blades and put yourself at <CHARNAME>'s command.
97As you wish. Come, friends, let us begin.
98Who would dare give orders to a creature like you? Who would hope to survive such a thing?
99Come now, who could be stronger than you? Who would dare give orders to you?
100I promised 300 gold for the rescue of my finest bard. But without that gem, he be just a pretty song. Fetch the gem and I shall more than double your reward.
101Few of you primes would sense its presence, but Mekrath did, and so it was that I fell into his keeping. Luckily, he had not rid himself of it before your timely rescue.
102I am the person who's come here to kill you, no matter who you are or whom you serve!
103And who would be stronger than you? I would love to give them a taste of death as well!
104Ahh, I see. You are a coward. Who has you cowed? Who is better than you?
105Stop a second there, young 'un, 'cuz I heard what you gone and done for old Brun. It made me ashamed that I didn't try to help him myself. Good to know there's still someone willin' ta go the extra mile, even for a stranger. I want you to have this heirloom of mine because of what you did. Now my heirs didn't loom so big, but you ought to get more use out o' it than my mantle does. Folks like you make a jaded old man think there's still decent people out there.
106And who is it that has you so afraid? Are you so weak that you can be ordered about?
107I'm sure we can deal. You are an... intelligent creature. You know opportunity when it presents itself.
108I am quite good at cowing even the strongest creatures with words and guile. What good am I? What good are you?
109So you return, and our dark Haer'Dalis, his fetters shattered by your hands, has preceded you. Here is the gold I promised... Have you the gem he spoke of?
110No, Miss Raelis, but I shall soon return with it.
111The gem is safe, but first I must know how much you'll give me for it.
112Aye, here it is, safely delivered.
113Do so, child, for much depends on it.
114Do not try to barter with me, child! I shall give you more than any other might, for I have more to give and greater need. Is that enough?
115Yes, Miss Raelis, I merely wished to confirm it. Here is the gem; let me show it to you.
116I'll barter with who I wish, Miss Raelis... Show me your greater need if you wish, but I am leaving.
117Excuse me while I fetch it, then, Miss Raelis.
118Ah, Mekrath's prize! It shall be our salvation yet. Here be 1,200 gold. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I prepare the summoning of the conduit.
1191,200 gold then, if you be wanting numbers! 'Tis all I have.
1201,200? Aye, you have bought my interest. Here is your petty costume jewel.
121And it's not enough... Goodbye, Miss Raelis.
122And here, then, is your petty penny, child. Haer'Dalis, tell them the truth of what we are about while I prepare for the summoning of the conduit.
123Haer'Dalis, all of you, stop them!
124Ah, Mekrath's prize! It shall be our salvation yet. Here be 700 gold. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I prepare for the summoning of the conduit.
125Ah, the fabled rescuers of Haer'Dalis... Do you carry with you the gem he told you of?
126Very well, I shall go run your petty errand.
127No, Miss Raelis, but I shall soon return with it.
128The gem is safe, but first I must know how much you'll give me for it.
129Aye, here it is, safely delivered.
130Few of you primes would sense its presence, but Mekrath did, and so it was that I fell into his keeping. Luckily, he had not rid himself of it before your timely rescue.
131Primes and planar jewels andand... What do you speak of, Haer'Dalis, for you have lost me?
132Why did you lie to me, Haer'Dalis?
133What is Raelis summoning?
134As our name denotes, we come from the city of Sigil, which lies upon another plane of the multiverse or, more appropriately, upon a hub or node where many of the planes collide... Are you with me?
135Positively entranced. Do continue.
136Not at all, but I don't expect that to change any time soon, so you might as well continue.
137If time is short, perhaps it would be best if you just cut to the quick of things and tell me how I can help.
138Well, all of this really goes back to a most unfortunate satirical play which we produced while in Sigil.
139Ah, the unfathomable connection between theater and interplanar travel... I'm sorry, but you have lost me entirely.
140What was so unfortunate about it?
141All this explanation is getting nowhere with me. Perhaps it would be better if you just told me how I can help.
142'Twas only the Lady of Pain herself, mistress of all Sigil, who through her unplumbed whimsy sent us careening through a portal to emerge where we are now, in this place you know as Amn.
143But the price upon your heads, is it not still there?
144I never realized acting was so dangerous.
145What a harrowing experience it must have been for all of you. Please, what can I do that might be helpful?
146Which brings us back to where this whole tale began, that is, to the planar stone you rescued from damned Mekrath's rubble.
147How? I don't understand.
148Of course, the planar stone and whatever it is that Raelis is summoning.
149I helped you then and shall help you again if I am able. Just tell me how.
150Miss Raelis is playing the stone as we speak so that our company might slip through our hunter's grasp and find another stage. The play must go on, you know.
151I'm just an actor on the run, nothing more. A single play has left me a wretched man, my ravens. A single, wrongheaded satire I didn't even write...
152What play, Haer'Dalis, and how?
153Okay, okay, I need to know what's going on here. Who are you, where are you from, and what's going on here? Start at the beginning.
154I wash my hands of this... Miss Raelis, I'm leaving.
155All right, you lied to me, but you had your reasons. What can I do to help?
156A young conduit.
157A what?
158<CHARNAME>, your presence here would be appreciated. Will you stay with us?
159I'm not interested in fighting extraplanar creatures... I'll be on my way, thank you.
160We shall hold off these creatures as best as we are able. Tell me when you find the right tunnel.
161We could have used your bravery... escort yourself out. We shall not begin until you are gone. Haer'Dalis, prepare your blades... for you are all we have.
162Yes, Miss Raelis.
163You are more than kind. Haer'Dalis's blades are something to behold. Would you have him join you for this fight?
164Yes, Miss Raelis.
165Drow Priestess
166Good day, Raelis. Will you permit me to stop this madness?
167Thank you.
168Who are you, and what business do you have with us?
169Oh, just an employee of an old acquaintance of yours in Sigil. Duke... what was his name? Darkwood? Yes, Duke Darkwood, that was it, wasn't it...? You really oughtn't have done that play, you know...
170We were set up. We performed it under the assumption that it was fiction. The playwright never told us otherwise.
171Ah yes, the infamous anonymous playwright. Now who was he, anyway? We never did learn.
172Neither did we... he wore a mask and met with us in the alleyways. It doesn't matter... Come, my bards. It appears 'tis time to make our reckoning. Haer'Dalis?
173Drow Priestess
176The longbow is similar to the shortbow, except that the staff is about as tall as the archer isusually six to six-and-a-half feet. It has better range and accuracy than the shortbow, but a slower Speed Factor. The smooth staff of this bow is warm to the touch, just a hint of the energy that surges through the wood. STATISTICS: THAC0: +3 Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Longbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 3
177You have known us for so short a time, and yet you have bought our freedom with blood. My child, my friend, it is a debt I can never repay...
178Miss Raelis... I... I cannot come with you. Not this time.
179No? No more plays, Haer'Dalis? No more theater?
180I wish I could, Raelis, but I am just another moth come too close to your flame. To love you is to smother that flame in my own death. I shall not do it.
181Don't be a fool, Haer'Dalis. There was no mystery writer of our play! I wrote "A Comedy of Terrors," it was mine! I brought all of this upon us!
182Best you keep moving. Them trolls will smell you even in here. The walls of the servants' quarters aren't that thick.
183Miss Nalia! What are you doing here? You never come to the servants' quarters, at least not in my memory.
184As you would have it, Miss Nalia.
185Very well then, but remember what you have done here today! You have condemned this place, and me along with it!
186If that is what you wish. It will be safer than waiting here. I will wait outside by the palisade.
187Thank you, Daleson, but now is not the time for secrecy. These people are not my family; these are my own hirelings. Keep no secrets here.
188Please, you needn't display such deference on my account. My aunty might