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Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition 2.2 Database

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1No, I'm sorry, none of them sound familiar.
2You played Elminster?
3Uh, the yugoloth, was it? Yeah, you stole the show with that one, if I recall.
4And, who knows, we were rehearsing for Picoccio's "Three Days in the Ether." Perhaps we can give you a dress matinee.
5Oh, my dark ravens, let us stop our squawking. I shall remove this foul demeanor like a mask because, if you will still have me, I think I would quite enjoy the company of your troupe.
6Then join us by all means. You are welcome here.
7Perhaps another time, Haer'Dalis. Your world seems rather strange to me... I'll have to think it over.
8Forget it. It's time I left here, and I suspect you should as well.
9If we can find it and return it to the playhouse, the reward offered by our Stagemistress, Raelis Shai, shall be yours. Come, then, let us search for it: Free money does not come often in the arts.
10So hopeful we shall meet again before too many days have passed. But enough talk—it is time this raven flies.
11Your reward will be great and the fates, my blackbird of chaos, shall smile. But enough of artful prophecy: I must fly to my troupe, for no doubt they have missed my presence.
12Come, let me join you. Like all actors, I am an extrovert and even more so since my late confinement. There be little sense in rotting alone.
13Well, I have no intention of rotting together either, so you can take your one-man show elsewhere, I'm afraid.
14There be little sense in anything, these days. Come, then, let us leave this place of madness behind.
15If so, I will see to it that my mistress, Raelis Shai, rewards you generously. Then, at least, we might pick up our acquaintance under kinder circumstances.
16If we can retrieve it, Raelis Shai, my mistress at the Sigil playhouse, shall offer a fine reward for its safe delivery into her keeping. Let us hurry then, my raven.
17What you lack in poetry, you admittedly compensate for in logic... However, I do believe such terms of service shall suit me nicely. I am good with the sword, if you have a couple of spare ones handy...
18I've told you that I don't care a whit for your safety and you still want to join me?
19You're good with a blade? How good?
20It's a shame your sword arm is attached to your tongue... I'd take one but not the other.
21Very well, we'll find you some swords. Welcome to the team, poet.
22You have your logic and I have mine, my hounds of rescue... and they are not so different. So... may I join you, then?
23Join, join, by all means join, for if we talk any longer, I fear my brain shall cramp.
24I want no part of your word games. Leave me here to sort out my senses.
25I believe it to be in an altar here... if we retrieve it, she will reward us greatly for its return. Come, let us search this place before Mekrath's return.
26If you could only deliver it to me at the playhouse of the Sigil theater troupe, my mistress will reward you greatly for your efforts. So with apologies, my ravens of rhetoric, I must make my exit.
27If you can bring it to me at the playhouse of the Sigil theater troupe, perhaps all can be forgotten... The reward is yours to ponder.
28You can put your petty slave-and-master game away then, for I have played it against far better opponents than yourself.
29You should be a little more careful when addressing your master.
30abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890!@#$%^&*() -_=+\|]}[{;:'",<.>/?–—
31If there's an opponent better than myself, I'd like to know his name.
32All right, all right, the game is up, but I'll still have you join me.
33Forget it, then. Begone from here and take your bravado with you.
34If you want to work together, aye, I'll work with you, but otherwise, begone...
35What "greater beings" are you talking about?
36Then work with me, but watch your back... I'll not have your sense of petty bravado bring about my ruin.
37Fine then, go. You have no sense of what you're missing, though.
38Come, then. This "ant" has little desire to make an argument of this.
39Aye, for you, I do not doubt that life is easy... but it is easy by your ignorance, not your power... So, ant: Take me now or leave me here. It's all the same to me.
40Come with me, then. I have little time for all this chatter.
41All right, Haer'Dalis. Join me in whichever fashion you see fit, but, slave or free, we travel together nonetheless.
42Then rot here and have your freedom. I can see now why Mekrath was so willing to part with your company.
43I will see to it that my mistress provides you with a greater reward than you deserve. Until then, dear ant, I pray beware the elephant...
44The fool Mekrath stole from me a most important gem... and if memory serves, it is in an altar here. My mistress and I shall be far more pleasant if you bore it to us in your hands.
45Wherever you may take me, friend, and whoever you may be, you will never be his equal or play the game as well as he.
46Your experiences are far from ordinary, Haer'Dalis, and I admit I am intrigued... Perhaps you hold more value to me as a comrade than as a slave. My apologies for my previous demeanor.
48Perhaps I have been harsh in my treatment of you, then. Join with me, if you will, but as a comrade.
49A well-rehearsed lie sung by an actor. Come, slave... I've no patience for all this foolishness.
50Fine, fine. I suppose it's best just to have nothing to do with you at all. Begone from my sight.
51Aye, but when the guards be gone, we birds and bards have certain means at our disposal. So, unless you care to stay here for the rest of all eternity, I'm afraid you cannot hold me to this place.
52If escaping is so easy, why did you not escape from Mekrath?
53Very well then, go. I'll have nothing more to do with you.
54I might not be able to keep you here, but I can certainly take you with me.
55Ha, I remained his captive at my own discretion. He has a gem of mine hidden about this place, and I was observing him to see if he might give some clue to its existence. Would you care to search for it with me?
56A gem? Why, certainly, let us join together and hunt its riches down.
57You mean to tell me you were mentally enslaved by choice? You can't possibly think I'm that stupid.
58I don't need your help to find a gem, but I do thank you for alerting me to its presence.
59Come, my hounds of rescue, let us find it before the wizard-fool returns.
61The rest, I fear, is in your hands and out of mine. So farewell, good luck, and godspeed, my friend. Mekrath will no doubt be returning shortly.
62Now, please, I must go meet with her and let her know that I am safe. I trust, my greedy ravens, that destiny shall bring us together in good time.
63You have my promise that she will reward you accordingly. Until then, my hounds of chaos, do take care.
64Aye, that you could, but let us put this petty slave-and-master game away. I have played it against far better opponents than you.
65You should be more careful when addressing your master...
66If there's an opponent better than me, I would like to know his name.
67All right, all right, the game is up, but I'll still have you join me.
68Fine, fine. I suppose it's better to have nothing to do with you at all. Begone, then.
69So! We meet in brighter times and better places, I see. Have you brought the gem?
70No, I couldn't find it.
71I sold it and shan't get it back except at three times the price.
72What gem?
73Forget about the gem; I have come here to ask you to join me.
74Yeah, I brought it. How much is it worth to you?
75Here it is, my friend. Safely delivered from my keeping to yours.
76I was sure it was in that altar! It must be somewhere in his lair! Damn him, it must be there, it must! Please, get out and do not interrupt us here until you have it in your hands. Things are tense for us right now. More than you realize.
77Fool! You are lucky the price for your foolishness is only monetary... Some of us are not so lucky. Please, spend whatever you must. It will be more than covered in your reward. Now go, our time is growing ever shorter.
78The gem that Mekrath took from me and hid within his altar! Please, it is imperative that the jewel makes it safely into our hands. Go, and don't return until you hold it in your hands.
79That gem is my destiny, the destiny of my troupe, the destiny of this very stage on which we stand. Do not ask me to forget it, my ravens, for I shall not. Come back to me when you have it in your hands, and perhaps I'll be free to join you then.
80You have it? Good. I would give you my very soul in gratitude for its return, but the negotiations are between you and Miss Raelis. I suggest you speak with her.
81No, no, I'll not touch it. It is better that you deliver it to Miss Raelis as she is better suited to its nature.
83She grants the "rescue Haer'Dalis" quest.
84And the errant actor doth return! <CHARNAME>, I thank you, for you have brought joy to this dark house. Haer'Dalis, have you the gem?
85We bring it with us, Miss Raelis, that we might have all the more reason to celebrate.
86Lord Ketlaar Argrim
87Not yet, Miss Raelis. It appears they still need more convincing.
88Foolish gtrank small-fist! Why feltthgrr help this place? You paid too? No, stronger get rid of guards with much gold. You just grrth stupid then! You die!
89You think me stupid?! I tell you nothing of Stronger than us! Should have leaved with other grrth guards paid to go by Stronger! Now you die here and bones will feed!
90It would be an honor.
91I'm afraid he and I are not used to fighting at each other's side. It would be best if, for the time being at least, he fought under your command.
92You threaten, but we fight anyway! I tell nothing of Stronger! Should have taken Stronger's gold like all other small-head guards! Now you die!
93Haer'Dalis, tell them the truth of what we are about while I prepare the summoning of the conduit.
94I am justice, and I don't care whom you serve—you will die for the innocents you have slain!
95You serve Stronger? Who is that? Who directs your actions? Speak! I demand it!
96Haer'Dalis, unsheathe your blades and put yourself at <CHARNAME>'s command.
97As you wish. Come, friends, let us begin.
98Who would dare give orders to a creature like you? Who would hope to survive such a thing?
99Come now, who could be stronger than you? Who would dare give orders to you?
100I promised 300 gold for the rescue of my finest bard. But without that gem, he be just a pretty song. Fetch the gem and I shall more than double your reward.
101Few of you primes would sense its presence, but Mekrath did, and so it was that I fell into his keeping. Luckily, he had not rid himself of it before your timely rescue.
102I am the person who's come here to kill you, no matter who you are or whom you serve!
103And who would be stronger than you? I would love to give them a taste of death as well!
104Ahh, I see. You are a coward. Who has you cowed? Who is better than you?
105Stop a second there, young 'un, 'cuz I heard what you gone and done for old Brun. It made me ashamed that I didn't try to help him myself. Good to know there's still someone willin' ta go the extra mile, even for a stranger. I want you to have this heirloom of mine because of what you did. Now my heirs didn't loom so big, but you ought to get more use out o' it than my mantle does. Folks like you make a jaded old man think there's still decent people out there.
106And who is it that has you so afraid? Are you so weak that you can be ordered about?
107I'm sure we can deal. You are an... intelligent creature. You know opportunity when it presents itself.
108I am quite good at cowing even the strongest creatures with words and guile. What good am I? What good are you?
109So you return, and our dark Haer'Dalis, his fetters shattered by your hands, has preceded you. Here is the gold I promised... Have you the gem he spoke of?
110No, Miss Raelis, but I shall soon return with it.
111The gem is safe, but first I must know how much you'll give me for it.
112Aye, here it is, safely delivered.
113Do so, child, for much depends on it.
114Do not try to barter with me, child! I shall give you more than any other might, for I have more to give and greater need. Is that enough?
115Yes, Miss Raelis, I merely wished to confirm it. Here is the gem; let me show it to you.
116I'll barter with who I wish, Miss Raelis... Show me your greater need if you wish, but I am leaving.
117Excuse me while I fetch it, then, Miss Raelis.
118Ah, Mekrath's prize! It shall be our salvation yet. Here be 1,200 gold. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I prepare the summoning of the conduit.
1191,200 gold then, if you be wanting numbers! 'Tis all I have.
1201,200? Aye, you have bought my interest. Here is your petty costume jewel.
121And it's not enough... Goodbye, Miss Raelis.
122And here, then, is your petty penny, child. Haer'Dalis, tell them the truth of what we are about while I prepare for the summoning of the conduit.
123Haer'Dalis, all of you, stop them!
124Ah, Mekrath's prize! It shall be our salvation yet. Here be 700 gold. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I prepare for the summoning of the conduit.
125Ah, the fabled rescuers of Haer'Dalis... Do you carry with you the gem he told you of?
126Very well, I shall go run your petty errand.
127No, Miss Raelis, but I shall soon return with it.
128The gem is safe, but first I must know how much you'll give me for it.
129Aye, here it is, safely delivered.
130Few of you primes would sense its presence, but Mekrath did, and so it was that I fell into his keeping. Luckily, he had not rid himself of it before your timely rescue.
131Primes and planar jewels and—and... What do you speak of, Haer'Dalis, for you have lost me?
132Why did you lie to me, Haer'Dalis?
133What is Raelis summoning?
134As our name denotes, we come from the city of Sigil, which lies upon another plane of the multiverse or, more appropriately, upon a hub or node where many of the planes collide... Are you with me?
135Positively entranced. Do continue.
136Not at all, but I don't expect that to change any time soon, so you might as well continue.
137If time is short, perhaps it would be best if you just cut to the quick of things and tell me how I can help.
138Well, all of this really goes back to a most unfortunate satirical play which we produced while in Sigil.
139Ah, the unfathomable connection between theater and interplanar travel... I'm sorry, but you have lost me entirely.
140What was so unfortunate about it?
141All this explanation is getting nowhere with me. Perhaps it would be better if you just told me how I can help.
142'Twas only the Lady of Pain herself, mistress of all Sigil, who through her unplumbed whimsy sent us careening through a portal to emerge where we are now, in this place you know as Amn.
143But the price upon your heads, is it not still there?
144I never realized acting was so dangerous.
145What a harrowing experience it must have been for all of you. Please, what can I do that might be helpful?
146Which brings us back to where this whole tale began, that is, to the planar stone you rescued from damned Mekrath's rubble.
147How? I don't understand.
148Of course, the planar stone and whatever it is that Raelis is summoning.
149I helped you then and shall help you again if I am able. Just tell me how.
150Miss Raelis is playing the stone as we speak so that our company might slip through our hunter's grasp and find another stage. The play must go on, you know.
151I'm just an actor on the run, nothing more. A single play has left me a wretched man, my ravens. A single, wrongheaded satire I didn't even write...
152What play, Haer'Dalis, and how?
153Okay, okay, I need to know what's going on here. Who are you, where are you from, and what's going on here? Start at the beginning.
154I wash my hands of this... Miss Raelis, I'm leaving.
155All right, you lied to me, but you had your reasons. What can I do to help?
156A young conduit.
157A what?
158<CHARNAME>, your presence here would be appreciated. Will you stay with us?
159I'm not interested in fighting extraplanar creatures... I'll be on my way, thank you.
160We shall hold off these creatures as best as we are able. Tell me when you find the right tunnel.
161We could have used your bravery... escort yourself out. We shall not begin until you are gone. Haer'Dalis, prepare your blades... for you are all we have.
162Yes, Miss Raelis.
163You are more than kind. Haer'Dalis's blades are something to behold. Would you have him join you for this fight?
164Yes, Miss Raelis.
165Drow Priestess
166Good day, Raelis. Will you permit me to stop this madness?
167Thank you.
168Who are you, and what business do you have with us?
169Oh, just an employee of an old acquaintance of yours in Sigil. Duke... what was his name? Darkwood? Yes, Duke Darkwood, that was it, wasn't it...? You really oughtn't have done that play, you know...
170We were set up. We performed it under the assumption that it was fiction. The playwright never told us otherwise.
171Ah yes, the infamous anonymous playwright. Now who was he, anyway? We never did learn.
172Neither did we... he wore a mask and met with us in the alleyways. It doesn't matter... Come, my bards. It appears 'tis time to make our reckoning. Haer'Dalis?
173Drow Priestess
176The longbow is similar to the shortbow, except that the staff is about as tall as the archer is—usually six to six-and-a-half feet. It has better range and accuracy than the shortbow, but a slower Speed Factor. The smooth staff of this bow is warm to the touch, just a hint of the energy that surges through the wood. STATISTICS: THAC0: +3 Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Longbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 3
177You have known us for so short a time, and yet you have bought our freedom with blood. My child, my friend, it is a debt I can never repay...
178Miss Raelis... I... I cannot come with you. Not this time.
179No? No more plays, Haer'Dalis? No more theater?
180I wish I could, Raelis, but I am just another moth come too close to your flame. To love you is to smother that flame in my own death. I shall not do it.
181Don't be a fool, Haer'Dalis. There was no mystery writer of our play! I wrote "A Comedy of Terrors," it was mine! I brought all of this upon us!
182Best you keep moving. Them trolls will smell you even in here. The walls of the servants' quarters aren't that thick.
183Miss Nalia! What are you doing here? You never come to the servants' quarters, at least not in my memory.
184As you would have it, Miss Nalia.
185Very well then, but remember what you have done here today! You have condemned this place, and me along with it!
186If that is what you wish. It will be safer than waiting here. I will wait outside by the palisade.
187Thank you, Daleson, but now is not the time for secrecy. These people are not my family; these are my own hirelings. Keep no secrets here.
188Please, you needn't display such deference on my account. My aunty might prefer her servants cowed, but I do not.
189Oh, I did indeed meet him. The whelp was not much help at all, so I relieved him of his life.
190What do you mean? He's dead? How? What happened to him?
191I know, Miss Raelis. You'll have my heart forever, but I must do as I must. Perhaps <CHARNAME> will let me travel with <PRO_HIMHER> for a time, but the Prime beckons this sparrow regardless.
192He was there but... but he is no longer. It was most unfortunate what happened... very sad indeed.
194Wolfwere Camp
196Wyvern Cultist
197Those that know us shall assist you any way they can... fill the place with music in memory of what has passed... Go and take yon lovely moth with you.
198Then go, my lovely Haer'Dalis... remember us fondly in your musings. And you, <CHARNAME>, go with my thanks and take yon lovely moth with you.
199Shortbows were the first bows to be developed, although they were not called such. This is more of a default term that refers to anything which is not a longbow. This shortbow is the rival of any of the larger bows. The magic inherent within it, whether from the wood or the spellcasting of a mage, makes this bow more accurate than a normal bow. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Shortbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 2
200My dear raven, valiant as always! You are poetry—you are song!
201So go, the both of you: You in one direction, <CHARNAME>, and you, my Raelis, in the other. I think I will simply perch here in this cage and savor the tragedy awhile.
202So go, the both of you: You in one direction, <CHARNAME>, and you, my Raelis, in the other. I think I will simply perch here in this cage and savor the tragedy awhile.
203Fill the place with song, in memory of what has transpired here. Go, and let the three of us each part in love.
204Come, ye Doomguard, we must be off and swiftly. And you, <CHARNAME>, I can give you nothing but my gratitude. Perhaps we all shall meet again.
205So, my raven... the Prime is a playground for us both. Shall we journey together to marvel at its glories?
206I would be pleased to have you join me, Haer'Dalis.
207I think we should go our own ways for now. Perhaps we shall meet again later.
208I've no need of you, bard. Begone and good riddance.
209Wonderful! I have heard a little of your quest... you hold a power in your soul, my raven, that would fascinate any Doomguard.
210So be it. I will linger with the primes here for a short while yet... Should you change your mind soon, my raven, you can find me in the tavern above.
211The gem, we have it! Come, my birds, let us to the playhouse fly! The inn is in the Bridge District of this city, in the basement of the Five Flagons.
212No, we must not leave until that gem is ours. So much depends on it, my wandering hounds.
214Chain Mail
215Medium Shield
216Chain Armor of Darkness
217See, there lies the inn I spoke of. Miss Raelis's playhouse lies in its cellar. But until we carry Mekrath's jewel, there be little sense in entering.
218Ah, the playhouse! It is in the basement of this inn—come, let us enter. Miss Raelis will be pleased to see the gifts we bring.
219I have no problem resorting to violence. I just thought I would give you a chance.
220You must talk sometimes. You are obviously paid by someone, and had to reach some agreement with him or her.
221He no tell us. Stronger pay in meat and land! TorGal follow what good! You should have follow gold like other grrthed guards! Now you die!
222You presents are worthless, we have what need! Stronger pay land and meat, so TorGal tell Rocksmash follow. You should have left like other grrthed guards!
223Your words are fancy like Stronger, but he pay in meat and land! You not strong in pay like him! Should have left with gold like other small grrthed guards!
224I need no chance or words with grrthunks like you—we have Stronger to feed and land too! Why you not leaved with gold for other guards?! You stupid and die!
225Why did you lie to me, Haer'Dalis?
226Primes and planar jewels and—and... What do you speak of, Haer'Dalis, for you have lost me?
227What is Raelis summoning?
228As our name denotes, we come from the city of Sigil, which lies upon another plane of the multiverse or, more appropriately, upon a hub or node where many of the planes collide... Are you with me?
229Not at all, but I don't expect that to change any time soon, so you might as well continue.
230Positively entranced. Do continue.
231If time is short, perhaps it would be best if you just cut to the quick of things and tell me how I can help.
232Well, all of this really goes back to a most unfortunate satirical play which we produced while we were still in Sigil.
233Ah, the unfathomable connection between theater and interplanar travel... I'm sorry, but you have lost me entirely.
234What was so unfortunate about it?
235All this explanation is getting nowhere with me. Perhaps it would be better if you just told me how I can help.
236'Twas only the Lady of Pain herself, mistress of all Sigil, who through her unplumbed whimsy sent us careening through a portal to emerge where we are now, in this place you know as Amn.
237But the price upon your heads, is it not still there?
238Abela the Nymph
239I never realized acting was so dangerous.
240What a harrowing experience it must have been for all of you. Please, what can I do that might be helpful?
241Which brings us back to where this whole tale began, that is, to the planar stone you rescued from damned Mekrath's rubble.
242How? I don't understand.
243Of course, the planar stone and whatever it is that Raelis is summoning.
244I helped you then and shall help you again if I am able. Just tell me how.
245Miss Raelis is playing the stone as we speak so that our company might slip through our hunter's grasp and find another stage. The play must go on, you know.
246I'm not interested in fighting extraplanar creatures... I'll be on my way, thank you.
247We shall hold off these creatures as best as we are able. Tell me when you find the right tunnel.
248You be little more than cowards and plenty less than friends, my hounds. Run, then, with your tails between your legs... My blades are yours, Miss Raelis, as they have always been.
249When meat and land are pay, maybe we speak, but he stronger too, and worthy! We do and then we paid! You, kill you! Miss kill other guards, so enjoy kill you!
250My life not in danger! My life good! Life of Rocksmash good! You life end here! Should leave like other guards with gold, but you stupid g'thunk!
251If you don't want to deal, I will have to kill you! If you value your life, you will hear me out!
252Ahh, but maybe I can offer you more than this "Stronger." How will you know if you don't hear me out?
253So be it! I'll not bother arguing with a skull as thick as yours!
2541,000 then, 1,000 gold! Please, just fetch the gem.
255Whenever you are ready, Miss Raelis.
256'Tis true, I lied to you and not once as you might think, but twice... The stone was not even mine, but Mekrath's, and I was sent to steal it. I'm just an actor on the run, nothing more. A single play has left me a wretched man, my ravens. A single, wrongheaded satire I didn't even write...
257What play, Haer'Dalis, and how?
258Okay, okay, I need to know what's going on here. Who are you, where are you from, and what's going on here? Start at the beginning.
259I wash my hands of this... Miss Raelis, I'm leaving.
260All right, you lied to me, but you had your reasons. What can I do to help?
261You may not enter the store at this time.
262A young conduit.
263A what?
264Haer'Dalis, you have returned! ...And who is this that you bring with you?
265My saviors and my jailors both, it seems. Miss Raelis, may I present <CHARNAME>? And <CHARNAME>, Miss Raelis.
266Have you the gem, my brilliant hound?
267Plate Mail
272Kamikaze Kobold
273Kamikaze Kobold
274It is here, my lady, resting safe with us... I, uh, promised these ravens of mine you would reward them.
275No, my lady, we do not. It seems my ravens need a little more convincing.
276Very well. I have upon me 700 coins. Will that be enough?
277Your purse is generous. Here, then, is the stone you covet.
278I can make do with that. Let me just go fetch the jewel from where I've hidden it.
279Don't make me laugh. Goodbye, Miss Raelis, I think our business here is through.
280Don't make me laugh. Goodbye, Miss Raelis, I think our business here is through.
281You'll go nowhere, <CHARNAME>. Miss Raelis, call the others. These ravens must not leave here with the stone!
282Aye, for 1,000 I'll do your deed. Come, Haer'Dalis, let us find ourselves a gem.
283Neither for a thousand nor a hundred thousand shall I be your gnomish errand-beast. Come, Haer'Dalis, your friends are wearing on my patience.
284We will be back, Miss Raelis.
285Be you my captain, jailer, friend, or thief, I shall not have you speak so unto Miss Raelis! Make room for my blades amidst your innards, fool, for that is where they're heading!
286Zombie Wolf
287Good, for our time grows short. Here is the thousand gold. Haer'Dalis, tell your friends what we are about. I must prepare the jewel for its summoning.
288And here be 700 of the petty coins to which you focus your desire. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I go prepare the stone for summoning.
289Why do we tarry so? Each hour Miss Raelis is without that gem, we become more lowly sloths than noble hounds.
290Ravens, ravens, drunk on freedom—do you not realize that there still be business to which we must attend? Quick, let us bring Mekrath's petty jewel back to my playhouse where it might be more appreciated.
291I beg of you! We must deliver this gem to good Raelis—ere she and I are trapped in this foul drama forever! Let us make haste to the Five Flagons!
292Your folly exceeds my patience and your tedium my intellect. Farewell and good riddance, mice. I shall deliver the jewel myself.
293Yoshimo needs to see Renal Bloodscalp Once we entered the Docks District, Yoshimo informed me that the leader of the local Shadow Thieves, Renal Bloodscalp, is eager to see him. Yoshimo hinted that, as a freelancer, this is the only way he can avoid eventual trouble. Renal should be in a building somewhere in the district.
294Cure Blindness/Deafness
295Shortbows were the first bows to be developed, although they were not called such. This is more of a default term that refers to anything which is not a longbow. This is a magical shortbow, giving the user an additional +1 to hit. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1 Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Shortbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 2
296Word Of Power
298***Placeholder for end movie***
299Water flows down in a rush from some unknown source. There is an odd play of shadows deep within the pool.
300Five eyes surround this hellish door, as if part of the very stone itself. The eyes follow you as you move, and a palpable aura of evil emanates from them. They guard this door, and if you wish to pass through, you must find some way of bypassing their guard.
301With the tools you currently have, there is no way to close the eyes or open the door. The answer must be found elsewhere.
302You take a Tear of Bhaal from your pack and place it in an eye. The eye closes and guards the door no longer.
305The final eye closes and the door opens. A rush of putrid air hits you and the darkness beyond the door fills you with fear despite yourself. The final confrontation draws nigh and the prize is your very soul.
306You have lost 2 Hit Points from your maximum Hit Point level.
307You have lost one Dexterity point.
308You have lost experience points.
309No! Not here, you fiends!
311Curse you, <CHARNAME>! I shall not be defeated by you!
312What is happening? My magic... I... no...
313I do not want to die... please have mercy!
314Repulsion field
315Wild color changes
316Squirrels... Everywhere squirrels!
317I'm so itchy!
318It's so bright!
319Area effect
320Sex change
321Color change
322What was that? Over there!
323Stay back, fiends! By the gods I'll...
324No! NO!
325Contingency—Spell Turning
328Spell Trigger—Mislead
329Spell Trigger—Monster Summoning III
330You have faced your fear without resorting to the protection and power of evil. The Tear of Bhaal is yours.
331With the cloak given by the demon, you feel no fear and are able to take the Tear of Bhaal easily.
333Spell Sequencer—Lightning Bolt
336No, I have made up my mind. Goodbye Nalia, I am sorry I could not help you.
337I have stated my wishes. Now get lost!
338Very well. He said roughly thirty trolls and snake creatures, and that Lord de'Arnise was alive.
341He is alive? Wonderful! Lord de'Arnise is my father, and much preferable to Aunty. Quickly, we must rout these creatures while father is still there to save!
342Daleson said very little. I killed the dog.
343I fear he said very little. Daleson is... dead. A tragic, tragic casualty.
344The trolls, they killed him. There was nothing I could do to stop them. It was most unfortunate.
345Sir Alynar
346Sir Alynar
348You did what?! He was but a poor peasant! What right did you have to kill him?! Have you reason for this?!
350None at all. I killed him for the fun of it.
352He almost touched me, and I couldn't have that. He was probably grateful that I ended his meaningless life.
353He was... a traitor. Yeah, that's it. He conspired... with the trolls and caused all this carnage. Yeah.
354It was... dreadful. He was a traitor. He did say Lord de'Arnise was alive, but can we trust his word? He was but a poor peasant. Pity him.
355You are worse than the monsters we face! He was just a peasant, but he had the same right to exist we do! Get out! I will not have you taint my home. Get out!
356You... are worse than any noble! He was not worthless! He was pitiable, but he had every right to exist! Get out! I will not have you in my home! Get out!
357I don't believe you! He would not do that! Get out and never come here again! I would rather die fighting alone than let you set foot in my home again!
358I see. I suppose... he could not refuse. I... pity his weakness. There... is much left to do. You must still find my father. He will have defended this place to the last.
359Gold Destroyed!
361Spell Sequencer—Ice Storm
362Spell Sequencer—Fireball
363Spell Trigger—Chain Lightning
364Spell Sequencer—Monster Summoning II
365Yoshimo's Heart
366Yoshimo's Heart
367fallen cavalier
368Korgan, I know not whether to berate you for your unsolicited comments or for your mantra of genocide.
370No one likes to be insulted, least of all tall folk. You just seem too preoccupied with violence to get along with people, to notice beauty about you.
371I'm sorry to hear that, Korgan, but as pained as the past may be, try to be civil while we are traveling in human civilization. They didn't make your past.
372We are all responsible for ourselves. I sorrow at the pain of your youth, but you could defeat your anguish. You've no claim to self-pity.
373Then why don't you save your rage for the evil beasts that plague us all, be we human, dwarf, or halfling?
374Fallen Cavalier
375I killed him, plain and simple.
376He was... a traitor. Yeah, he had conspired with... the trolls. He did say Lord de'Arnise was still alive, but maybe he was lying. Yeah.
377He conspired to help the trolls. He did say Lord de'Arnise was still alive, but I don't know if I trust his word. He was but a poor peasant. Pity him.
379fallen inquisitor
380Trolls are large, so bigger rooms may be full. Be careful. Strange... trolls are destructive, but much has been left intact. Maybe I'm wrong. I've been wrong before.
381Legs... so... heavy.
382Caster also targeted
383It was the trolls. I could not stop them in time. It was horrific.
385I... I don't know what to say. I think you are lying. You do not have the presence to lie well. Get away from me. I will die on my own rather than have you in my home.
386I will honor him, I swear! Help me avenge him and rescue my father, Lord de'Arnise. He will give you the reward you deserve for your actions.
387Fallen Inquisitor
389Roll twice more
390Area explored
391Globe of Invulnerability
392fallen undead hunter
394Fallen Undead Hunter
397Pretty sparkles
398Caster becomes target
399I will be careful. Wait here while I go back in.
400Whatever their intent, we will stop them. You should come with me as well. We will work together.
403Very well, but look out for other servants. We must save all we can.
405I've always said that bird magic is the most difficult.
406Good. We will make short work of them, I am sure.
407Shouldn't this spell do something?
409Where's that music coming from?
411Do you wish me to come and help in there? I would like to.
412No, you should remain here.
413Yes, I could use the help.
414Miss Nalia? Miss Nalia de'Arnise?
417Berries in my pocket.
418Projectile changed
419Charges drained
420What's this in my pocket?
421Combat ready!
422Yes, civilization is—is still a bit frightening, though.
423Challenge myself?
424How can you tell whom to trust, Mazzy?
425I—I'll do what I can, Mazzy... I know I can always trust you.
426Aerie, dear... I see that you begin to become more confident in this world, which is undoubtedly quite strange to you. You're learning what it's like to live and thrive here.
427Sometimes I am frightened by what I see as well. You are right to be. There is corruption everywhere. You must constantly challenge yourself to remain pure.
428You are good by nature, Aerie, but perhaps a little naive. Devious people will try to take advantage, especially in mercenary settlements like Athkatla.
429Seek those who value honor. Observe before you accept, especially in times of adversity. Watch companions in conflict, and you will see them as they truly are.
430Thank you, Aerie. You are truly a beautiful soul.
431Truly, mankind was never meant to scurry beneath the land as a weasel or mole. We have not the eyes for such delving. It is a task better suited to the dwarven folk.
432Worry not, Mazzy, my discomfort is minor. I stumble now and then, but bats find their way on a simple screech, and I do fine with a similar "help" on occasion.
433There is truth to what you say, but I hesitate only because I prefer to recognize my fears in the light of day. I feel uncomfortable away from open skies.
434Ah, Mazzy, what a gentle soul you have. I shall always be pleased to have you by my side, but you needn't worry so about me.
435Others will have more need of the stave you offer, but I will walk by your side without leaning. Lead on, stalwart halfling, I shall follow without fear!
436Surely, Cernd, your companions shall stand by you as we descend into the bowels of the earth.
437Sorry we upset you, Mr. Garbage Can. We just want to ask you, is that your natural stench we smell or did you make a mess in your armor because our weapons scared you?
438Too bad. Goodbye.
439We apologize for our hasty words. Can we start over again?
440There is no shame in admitting your fears. It is the only way that you might face them.
441Then I shall be the staff that you lean upon in your time of need.
442Teleport Field
443fallen archer
444Fallen Archer
445Teleport Field
446You are going to tell me another of your insipid stories, aren't you?
447No, I wasn't aware that your aunt was a ranger. *sigh*
448Of course.
449Valygar! You've been wounded!
450To the contrary, it is a serious wound indeed. We must attend to it immediately.
451Truly, I should never have allowed you into harm's way. Worry not, friend Valygar, we shall have you healed in no time.
452I am honor-bound to protect you, Squire Valygar. I will not be derelict in that duty again.
453fallen stalker
454*hiccup*... *hic*...
456Doors have opened
457Fallen Stalker
458fallen beastmaster
459Listen carefully, mage. I have noticed you launch your spells in battle without first making sure one of us is not in the way. If you hurt anyone, I will kill you. Is that clear enough?
460I shall never need that kind of assistance in a battle. You threaten us much as our enemies with your carelessness. Your recklessness will not be tolerated.
461Fallen Beastmaster
462The stairs to the tower have collapsed. You will have to find another route up.
465Tutorial Your Journal is used to keep track of plots that go on during the course of the game. Your Journal entries are divided into four categories: Quests: These pertain to quests that are currently active Done Quests: These pertain to quests that have been finished. Journal: These pertain to the overall story of the game. User: These are entries that you can make yourself.
467Spell Failed: Casting Failure
468Are you interested in purchasing a bit of merchandise, my friend?
469Well, you've got the look of an adventurer about you. I've been one myself, betwixt stints as a turnip salesman that is. Occasionally the markets get down and the formerly self-respecting purveyors of fine veggies are forced to prostitute their abilities in the form of adventuring.
470Ah well. 'Tis truly your loss. I've many a valuable contraption for you.
471What I'm getting at, oh-so-friendly one, is that I've items to sell you that are especially created, by yours truly, to aid one on the dangerous path to heroism. They're known as Jan Jansen's (that's me) Flasher Master Bruiser Mates.
472Argh, not again. That bottom-feeding, turnip-hating, scum-sucking brigand! Nothing better to do than stop an honest businessman from selling high-quality illegal Flashers for a reasonable price. Here he comes; cover for me.
473You understand implicitly. That reminds me of the time that dear Cousin Josephine fell in with that gully dwarf. Miserable bloke, really. Bad teeth, rancid smell, truly a joke o' the gods. We used to torment Josey, that was my pet name for her, about her teensy-weensy nose and the way that it hooked in to her...
474Now pay attention: You take one o' these babies and chuck it at average Joe Orc, close your eyes real tight, and WHOOSH! He's running around in circles clutching at his eyeballs and screaming and yelling like Uncle Sven after three days on a turnip beer bender...
475My point, oh-so-friendly one, is that I've items to sell you that are especially created, by yours truly, to aid one on the dangerous path to heroism. They're known as Jan Jansen's (that's me) Flasher Master Bruiser Mate.
476Isn't that the way it is with folks? Huffy, grumpy, unbathed and so on. Like an ogre with a finger infection; picking his nose should make him happy, but it just gets him angrier. If you want to buy one of Jan Jansen's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates, you'd best return with a civil tongue and a patient ear.
477So, you've returned. Interested in making a purchase now?
478Yes, indeed. What do you carry?
479Not at present.
480I've items to sell you that are especially created, by yours truly, to aid one on the dangerous path to heroism. They're known as Jan Jansen's (that's me) Flasher Master Bruiser Mate.
481Trax, old friend, you do me a great wrong! I would never break the law. As my pappy always said...
482What cruel fate! Falsely accused by an old friend!
483<CHARNAME>, you have to break me out! I cannot stand another year in prison. The food is terrible! Come to the guardhouse and pay my fine. I will be your humble servant forever. Help me, <CHARNAME>, you are my only hope.
485Ah, my old friend. You've come to retrieve me from my unjust imprisonment, I hope.
486Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a short man named Jens who lived in a large community called Akata. Young Jens was a poor man and an orphan. He did what he had to do to survive. Things such as juggling, miming, and arm-wrestling ogres.
487To the contrary, I believe that you have gotten what you deserve.
488Indeed I have. There is, however, the matter of your fine.
489I haven't enough money to pay your fine yet.
490Yes, why not? Anyway, poor Jens was tickling chickens one fine summer day when he was approached by an evil half-orc by the name of Trixy. Trixy began beating the completely innocent Jens senseless just because the chickens had told many lies about him earlier.
491Arm-wrestling ogres?
492Jens got a beating, but that very night, the chickens were butchered, plucked, and eaten by an ornery dragon who later used Trixy to clean his teeth.
493That is a truly disturbing story, Jan, but I still won't bail you out.
494I understand your point. I will pay your fine when I am able to.
495Why don't you give me a good reason why I should pay your fine?
496Why not? What merchandise do you carry, good gnome?
497Not at this time, gnome.
498All right, all right. What are you getting at?
499Yes, of course. Mobile vegetable peddling versus heroism, the eternal question.
500Sorry, gnome. I haven't the time to speak with you at present.
501Hold, gnome, in the name of the Amnian Revenue and Taxation Board.
503Jan Jansen, gnomish citizen of Amn, you have been charged with tax evasion and the illegal sale of illegal items in an illegal manner.
505Enough! You'll not sidetrack me with your cursed tales again. I'm smarter than you think!
506Shut up, you! Latrine duty beckons... that's better. We've been onto you for days, Jansen. We've caught you in the very act of selling your dangerous and illegal contraptions.
507I'm not your friend, Jansen!
508Oh, that's it! Do you enjoy guarding used chamber pots?
509I swear this job will land me in an asylum. And who might you be? You're certainly no regular customer of this felon.
510Well, <CHARNAME>, did this gnome try to sell you illegal merchandise? Specifically, "Flashers," as he calls them?
511I am <CHARNAME>, an adventurer.
512None of your business, Trax.
513Don't I have the right to be silent?
514I don't know what you're talking about. We were simply talking about the weather.
515Yes, sir. He tried to sell me a Flasher.
516Get lost, Trax. I'm not here to answer your petty questions.
517I'm not here to answer your questions. I've done no wrong, so leave me be.
518Listen now, peasant. You will cooperate. I represent the law.
519You heard me. I'll answer none of your questions.
520Fine, I am <CHARNAME>, an adventurer.
521Silent? What kind of stupid right is that? You have to answer my questions or face arrest.
522All right, I am <CHARNAME>, an adventurer.
523Do you truly believe that you have the strength to arrest me?
524Curses! The gnome has gotten to you, too! Jansen, you can no longer peddle in Athkatla. As for you, <CHARNAME>, you have made a dangerous enemy.
525I am, you idiot! Move it! Back to the office!
526Aha! Jan Jansen, we have a witness. Take him into custody. As for you, <CHARNAME>, you have done a good deed and are entitled to the reward of 100 gp.
527Thank you, sir. It was the least that a conscientious citizen could do.
528I don't want your dirty money. This man does not deserve to be arrested.
529Do you wish to be executed for not cooperating?
530Do you truly believe that you have the strength to kill me?
531In that case, I am ready to answer your question.
532I believe you. It is Jan Jansen that we want. By Amnian law, you must answer my question, but I will tell you now that there is a 100 gp reward for any information leading to the arrest of this gnome.
533You may either answer me peacefully or I shall summon those who will kill you instead. What say you?
534Do your worst!
535I will answer the question.
536Should you feel inclined to pay Jan's fine, as the gnome quite obviously wants you to, you shall find the prison on the other side of the square. The fine is 800 gp. Very well! Good day!
537If you believe that he should be free, you are welcome to come down to the guardhouse and pay his fine.
538How much is the fine, and where is this guardhouse?
539You have brought this doom upon yourselves, lawbreakers.
540The fine shall be 800 gp. The guardhouse is located on the opposite side of this square.
542(You're not anyone's friend.)
543Sorry, sir.
544Who's the dangerous enemy?
545What is your point?
546Look, my gnomish friend, I'm really too busy to chitchat right now. Perhaps another time.
547Would you shut up already?! By the heavens, that is annoying!
548There goes a truly evil man. Uncle Scratchy seems like a saint in comparison. Regardless, it seems that I'm once again out of the black market. At least until I scrounge up a fortune to set up my business and have Trax's superiors well bribed. Do you be needing a hand in your party?
549A fast mouth, a handy shot with a crossbow, and all the illegal machinery that I can invent.
550I do indeed, Jan. Welcome aboard!
551What skills can you offer my party?
552I don't need another tagalong, gnome. Get out of my sight and be thankful I've helped you at all.
554Thank you for offering, but I believe it to be better that I go on without you for the time being.
555I would like to have you join my party.
556You're not really what I need right now. Perhaps at a later time.
557You sound rather useless, gnome.
558There's no call for insults, you tactless orc-lover. Obviously, it is better that I not join your party.
559Your loss. If you change your mind, I live in the less than opulent side of town, the slums if you will. I'll probably have a turnip stand, slowly working my way up to a nice bribe. Good luck to you.
560I am but an impoverished gnome. If you can pay this fine for me, I will join and fight with you. As I once told you, I have been an adventurer in the past and should probably get out of the retail business for a time anyway. What say you?
561I shall have to think about it.
562It sounds very good, Jan. Allow me to pay the fine and set you free.
563What do you have to offer my party?
564You are indeed family. No other could have lived to oppose me in person. Of course, it will not matter in the end. Ultimately, I will prevail, and a new era will be born unto the realms.
565Pay the guard when you are ready and able. As Pappy used to say during that unfortunate fiasco with the githyanki, "You'd better pay now before the bastards really get greasy."
566It's your neck, chicken. I'll make a most excellent addition to your party should you decide to give me a chance.
567You shall not regret it.
568A fast mouth, a handy shot with a crossbow, and all the illegal machinery that I can invent.
569I would like to have you join my party. Allow me to pay the fine.
570Maybe another time, Jan.
571Why do you have this man lie for you? What have you to hide?
572You associate with this... stable boy? What can he offer a woman of your standing?
573Go to the stables often, do you? I take it you prefer the company of... common men?
575Here they are now: Feldepost's thugs. Strike when I tell you to.
576Have you decided to pay the fine and free me now?
577I am unable to afford it yet.
578Yes, I have. I will pay the guard and have you freed.
579Most excellent, my friend. Thank you for paying that tragically unfair fine for me.
580You did try to sell illegal machinery, you know.
581It was nothing, Jan.
582It was always an unfair law. I was simply filling in one of the niche markets for a desperate consumer population. Regardless, I am now free and would like to know your intentions. Will you have me join your party?
583A fair question. I use the door to leave unseen. Aunty prefers no contact with the people we govern, but lack of breeding is no cause for bad treatment.
584It's not a matter of what he has to offer, but what I should offer his kind. I use the door to leave unseen, to dispense charity without Aunty's knowledge.
585Mind your tongue, lout! That's a lady you are talking to!
586Well, it seems that I'm once again out of the black market. At least until I scrounge up a fortune to set up my business and have Trax's superiors well bribed. Do you be needing a hand in your party?
587Yes, I would. Welcome!
588Not at this time, Jan. Perhaps later.
589Yes, I would. Welcome!
590Not at this time, Jan. Perhaps later.
591It's all right, Daleson. It is nothing I have not heard from Aunty already.
592Ah, the fabled savior of yonder gnome. You've come to pay his fine?
593Yes, I would like to pay his fine.
594I don't know what you're talking about. What gnome?
598He would like to think so, but I am not planning to pay his way out of jail.
599At last! That gnome is the worst prisoner I ever had! He keeps picking the lock, complains about the food... even my hygiene! Just pay the 800 gp and take him!
600I'm afraid that I don't have enough gold right now.
601I've changed my mind. Enjoy your day!
602Here is your gold.
603Look, I can spot you 200 gp. Do you have just 600 gp?
604Yes, I do. It's a deal.
605I'm afraid that I just don't have enough.
606I refuse to take your charity. You'll simply have to wait.
607You're not <CHARNAME>? Ah well. I guess I'll just cling to the hope that someone will bail him out... or buy me enough liquor to drink myself senseless.
608Ah well. I suppose I shall have to cling to the hope that someone will bail him out or at least buy me enough liquor to drink myself senseless.
609Am I to be cursed with this gnome forever? You're driving me to drink! You and my mother both. Take pity on a simple man... come back and pay the fine.
610Right, she's one stuffed old biddy, isn't she? We got a saying for her kind, we do. South end of a northbound ogre...
611That will do, Daleson! You will not talk of her thus!
612Excellent! He is free, so, please, take him and go.
613Most excellent! He is free, so, please, take him and go. Remember, you do owe me 200 gp.
614M-my apologies, Miss Nalia, I... I meant nothing...
615I'm certain you didn't. Regardless of her attitude, she is still a noble in this house. Now then, we must set about reclaiming this place for my family.
616Well, by Aunt Petunia's beard! A ghost from my past? Looking to buy some turnips, perhaps?
617Thanks, but no thanks. I have sought you out to have you join my party.
618I cannot stop to chat. Another time, maybe.
619Magical slings are the hallmark of stout halfling warriors. Usually their mothers or a talented aunt will create this sling for the halfling lad or lass who is about to embark on their second great adventure. The reason that the sling is given on the second adventure and not the first is that many halflings decide not to pursue the life of an adventurer after getting a taste of it. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: +2 (missile) Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Sling Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 0
620Adventuring, eh? I don't know... I'm making close to 6 gp per week in this exciting field of black-market veggies. What would people say?
621I do not keep servants at all. Better that people are allowed to work for themselves.
622If it makes you happy, you can tell your friends that I've pressured you into joining.
623I'm not going to waste my time trying to cajole you, Jan. Goodbye.
624As you will. Remember, there's no turnips like Jansen turnips. Farewell.
625Nice doing business with you. Is there aught else that you desire?
626I find Aunty is quite unreceptive to these ideas. She is old school, and believes lesser classes are best reminded of their position at all times. I disagree.
627I have news of them, Miss Nalia, though it ain't all good. Lord de'Arnise was alive this morning, and I saw him taken into the keep by a real big troll, biggest I seen. Probably took him down to the...
628Cellars! The "cellars" is what they are. I won't have them called otherwise in this day and age, despite their history. It is by my father's order.
629Yes, Miss Nalia. He fought bravely, but didn't make it to his flail, or perhaps didn't get enough parts. There is one hidden around here somewhere, I guess, but he never told anyone where.
630Yes, it is. You are a good man, Daleson.
631Enough talk! We must get moving before we are discovered.
632We must get moving. If we are through here, we should get to those cellars.
633So we should find your father? I need to know what numbers we will be facing.
634More fools to rescue? Wonderful. Anything you can say that would help at all?
635A quaint notion, and one I would support. I think, however, that it would be hard to convince the old school of the merit of such a change.
636As you wish. I agree we must rescue my father with all haste. Aunty may also be alive, and it would be best if we could get to her as well. Let us go then.
637How would you like to put vegetable peddling behind you for a time and join my party?
638Not today, Jan. Goodbye.
639As Uncle Scratchy used to say, "A true friend is a bald-faced liar." Let us depart then, my new companion. I've an itch to pepper a few hobgoblins with crossbow bolts.
640Did I ever tell you the tale of the lobotomized orc, my good knight Anomen?
641Well, anyway, as a child, my mammy would give us kids a bowl of gravel, which was all that we could afford, and tell us this parable. Now listen, knighty, lest you be eating gravel.
642'Twas once a heavily brain-damaged orc called Ano. Ano was trudging through the forest one day, looking for bull droppings with which he could stuff his mattress, when he happened across a remarkable scene. A brave and noble knight, Jen the Brilliant by name, fought with an evil giant. Ano watched as Jen slew the giant.
643Then the knight rode off to save several small children from a wicked witch, also known as a noblewoman, who was attempting to poison the poor dears. Regardless, Ano promptly cut off the head of the fallen giant, ran home to his home in the Dung Orc village, and claimed that he had killed the monster.
644Did I mention that Ano had a nasty habit of interrupting folk? Anyway, the giant's brother heard of his sibling's demise and the subsequent display of his head in Dung Town. He caught up to Ano, who was stupidly stuffing his mattress with bull dung, and returned to his cave with the orc stuffed through his belt.
645As punishment for his brother's supposed murderer, he tied a porcupine to the orc's head and proceeded to clean his latrine with the makeshift orc brush. Much to the giant's dismay, Ano actually enjoyed it.
646Fascinating tale, that! I love to tell it!
647Calm yourself, Ano. There was no insult to you. It was merely a parable told to me by my dear departed mother.
648Whenever you wish to try it, Ano.
651The seemingly friendly merchants suddenly change shapes so that they look like you!
652Special Snare
654I seen maybe thirty trolls. They were bossing something called a "yuan-ti," but I don't know how many of those there are. Weird things, but everything about this is odd.
655Enough, Daleson! I... I will tell. The cellar is a relic, a leftover from a time when our family... was not as caring as it could have been.
656Now here, I'll respect yer wishes, but I'll not have you dress it up none. Tell it for what it is.
657How dare you! I've done so much to make amends... no, no, you are right. The "cellar" is... a dungeon. My father walled it up, but it had seen much use...
658Never, Miss Nalia! They got but barest of service for me life. I would never...
659Fine, I believe you, but how did they know? Father would not tell. Come, we must go. Daleson, prepare what others you can find for a return to service.
660Yes, Miss Nalia.
661So you come from the winged folk, do you, lass?
662No need to be formal, lassie. Call me Jan. I was recently reminded of my ex-brother-in-law, Burt Wunderkind, fabulous griffon-baiter.
663Yes, of course. It's something of a cottage industry amongst Amnian gnomes. Quite simple, I've heard. You merely tame a couple of wyverns and WHOOSH, tear through the sky to fling insults at the hapless griffons.
664Really? Everyone I know has a pet wyvern. Taming wyverns is child's play, literally. As children, we'd tame wyverns. It's easy since they have such an affinity for turtles. Back in the old days it used to rain turtles on even days and frogs on odd days.
665That's what I thought until the drought hit. There were ornery wyverns everywhere. After a rich diet of turtle mash, you couldn't expect them to merely accept bacon without eating a few human nobles, now, could you?
666Of course, by then, Burt was such successful griffon-baiter that the authorities just couldn't find it in their hearts to make us leash the wyverns. The loss of the noble class is truly a small price to pay to maintain the continuity of such a fine sport. There's nothing like the look of incredulity on a griffon's face to keep one's spirits up.
667Don't you worry, lass. If Burt ever pops by, we'll get you up in the air faster than a chicken with one of Jan Jansen's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates tied to his rear. Trust me, that is fast!
668Thank you, m'<LADYLORD>. Let us make haste then to the Government District, and I will point out my estate to you when we pass its gates.
669I must say, it was only practical. My mother was of noble birth and my father a ranking cleric. I might have followed in his pages, but it lacked the appeal of holy warrior.
670If you wouldst write of me, write of me as I would wish to be remembered.
671As do you, Korgan. But alas, blades be far too lengthy for the vertically challenged, I hazard a guess.
672Your axe has claimed a few close to you, we know. I'd not put a revisit to the same impulse past you.
673We all do, Korgan. Our lord makes this world a vale of tears and sorrow. And, alas, few are saved. Infinitely more are damned.
674Yes, m'<LADYLORD>, but I cannot stay away forever. This long absence preys upon my conscience even as we speak.
675Y-yes—yes, sir.
676A... A griffon-baiter?
677Oh, I didn't think you could tame a wyvern.
678Why, that's ridiculous!
679I... I wish I could fly. I haven't since I was a—since I was a kid.
680The character will defend <PRO_HIMHER>self if attacked, or if <PRO_HESHE> see enemies. (<script>).
682The character flees at the first sign of danger. This script is intended to protect the protagonist or another character whom you don't want inadvertently slain. (<script>)
683The character will not rush into combat. If an enemy attacks the character, <PRO_HESHE> will defend <PRO_HIMHER>self, preferring ranged weapons over melee. (<script>)
686The character will attack any enemy when <PRO_HESHE> sees them with the missile weapon <PRO_HESHE> is most proficient with. The character will try to keep <PRO_HISHER> distance from enemies, but if <PRO_HESHE>'s attacked in melee combat, <PRO_HESHE> will switch to a melee weapon. (<script>)
687So, Valygar, how do you like being a ranger?
688Well, if you're asking, then yes. It happens that my Aunt Petunia is a ranger, don't you know?
689She had the standard followers: a hydra, a shadow dragon, and a solar. She had the dragon trained to roll over, play dead, and fetch dwarves. She called him Blackie, I believe. Loved to run and play and lie in the sun.
690Long and far she'd roam, with Larry the Solar always at her side, fighting evil, mocking druids, and the like.
691Anyway, my point is that Petunia and Larry were out for a stroll in the woods. She was wearing her fruit armor, which was the style at the time, you understand. Aunt Petunia always kept up with the style.
692Larry had a nasty case of the plague...
693Very well. We'll continue this story at the next opportunity.
694I can't wait.
695I did say he was a necromancer, didn't I? As I understand it, Lavok felt that tampering with the veil that separates life from death was his prerogative.
696The old family was, yes. They continued to practice Lavok's magics long after he left, but my particular branch was not interested in such pursuits.
697They left in disgust, watching from afar as the old family crumbled over the years. And then my family inherited what little of Lavok's fortune was left.
698Thank you for the compliments, dwarf.
700Before you know it, you've spent your life in the library, having never seen the light of day, never truly lived. Believe me, I know this only too well.
701Nalia, dearie, you remind me so much of Cletus Bifflelips, my second cousin, thrice removed.
702You wouldn't think so, yet here we are. You see, Cletus had a propensity for bouts of violent projectile vomiting. We'd call him, Cletus the Room Clearer Bifflelips.
703Now just bear with me for a moment, Nalia. You see, it was after one such bout that Cletus, feeling quite ill, took a painful stroll down to the local witch-woman, in the vague hope that she might have a cure for his problem.
704After paying the 1,000-gold-piece consulting fee and vomiting in the proffered bucket, the witch gave Cletus an herbal tea, which he was to drink twice per day for a score of days.
705Drinking it everyday on schedule, yet failing to notice any change in his condition, Cletus began to worry. Upon finishing his final cup of tea, Cletus vomited.
706No need to force your ridiculously high standards onto poor, deceased Cletus.
707Actually, he's not dead. I made that part up. Well, needless to say, Cletus was somewhat angry, so he went back to confront the witch. She had, of course, taken the money and left town. But in her haste to escape the vomiting wrath of Cletus Bifflelips, the witch left her belongings behind.
708Cletus, at the height of his anger, swiped her entire collection of novels written by noted folklorist Nalia de Bouche. I'll be the first to admit that revenge was not Cletus's forte.
709Well, they can't all be gems. 'Tis one of my favorites, however.
710All this traveling is beginning to wear on me... I can't remember the last time I walked so much in a single day. Haha haha... it's something my aunt should try, I think... instead of being hauled about in her gilded carriage.
711I don't think that I could be very much like a person named Cletus.
712Please, Jan! This is too ridiculous, even for you!
713This is disgusting, Jan.
714I'm sorry. His illness killed him, did it?
715Honestly, Jan, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
716I do not understand. Aside from a few servants, we've seen very few dead. Where are the guards? They would have fought to the last. My father's bodyguard, Glaicus, should have been here in the bedroom, yet I see no body.
717The cowards probably ran away. I bet they were spoiled rotten by rich living.
718They may have been captured for food. Perhaps they are storing the bodies elsewhere?
719How strong was their loyalty to you? Perhaps they simply decided it was not worth the fight.
720Perhaps they were not as effective as you thought they might be.
721Weak grrthunks! Me smell you! You stupid to come here! TorGal kill you all, make you food for Rocksmash pack!
722We've come to get you out of my home, monster! You will leave this place or die here!
723TorGal not die here! Only stupids who stay will die! Why you here? Too stupid to take gold and go with other grrthns?
724I am here because this is my home! You will pay for this affront to the dignity of this place!
725You live this place? Then thrrgle you die! That was deal, and you die for sure! Rocksmash pack keep deal for Stronger!
726What?! What deal? Someone put you up to this? Who was it? My father will have them quartered!
727Father dead! That deal when he not talk! You die too, and TorGal not say anything to grrthle stupid! That deal too, and Rocksmash not break good deal! You die like should!
728No! Tell me who did this. If you are just the hired ruffians, who put you up to it?! Damnation, you will tell me! Make him talk, <CHARNAME>!
729TorGal not talk! Rocksmash not talk! You not talk! We fight, then Rocksmash eat tthhrgunts! No talk!
730I assure you, the servants were not spoiled. Aunty would not have tolerated it. The servants were loyal, I am certain. The guards were different though.
731I would not like to think about that. Some of the servants were good acquaintances. They appreciated my charity, I think.
732I don't think it was like that. The guards were well paid. It is more likely they are dead, but Glaicus would have given his life out of friendship for my father.
733They were more than capable, I assure you. Father has an eye for such things, and they also came from a well-recommended source. No, they were very competent.
734My... my home. My father... what is left? Someone has done this... but who...?
735I take it that my job here is done? Am I free to leave now?
736I cannot ease your pain. I have done what I could, but there is little else for me to do here.
737I feel as though my work is not done. I could not save your father, and I am sorry.
738Sorry that I can't stick around to figure it out. You did say something about a reward?
739I have done what I can. Might I expect a reward? I do not mean to appear crass.
740You may go if you wish. I will stay... oh no. Wait! Um, could you stay longer? I need... oh forget it. Damn it all, if it's not one thing it's another!
741Farewell then. Take care.
742What is it now? Speak up, I've not got all day!
743What is it? Is there something else I can help you with?
744I am thankful, and I will give you what reward I can. Now that father is gone, I have to... oh no. Uh, could I persuade you to... uh... no. No, forget it.
745Thank you, yes. I will just take my reward and go. Farewell and good luck.
746What is it now? Speak up, I'll not lose sleep tonight wondering what you would have said.
747Is there something else that can be done for you? I am willing to listen.
748I will see what I can do. Now that Father is gone, I will have to... oh no. Uh, wait! Could you... no. Forget I said anything. You should go.
749Thank you. I bid you farewell.
750Finish what you began, Nalia. I'll not waste sleep wondering what you were about to utter.
751Is there something else I can do? Speak freely if there is.
752Here, have what gold is on hand. I care not about it. It doesn't really matter at this point. Goodbye. I wish you well.
753It's... it's a matter of what happens now. I am... betrothed to a man I do not wish to marry. Father said he would stall as long as I wished him to, but now he is gone.
754I see. You wish a marriage of convenience to stave off the advances of your intended.
755Do you want a marriage of convenience? Interesting, but I doubt it would fool your intended.
756I could kill this man. It would solve your problem in a timely manner.
757Speak on. What is it you are proposing to avoid the proposal? A disappearance?
758To you? Nothing so distasteful. That would hardly be an improvement; no one would believe I would prefer the likes of you. Err, no offense intended. Really.
759Imagine the scandal. Who would believe I would have relations with you, even if you were the appropriate sex? I mean, I am charitable, but really... err, no offense intended.
760That is hardly an acceptable solution! I will have no part of that! Though if it were to look like an accident... NO! No, I don't think that will be necessary.
761No, that would solve nothing. I would have to face it eventually, and it would not do for me to be seen avoiding traditional duties.
763No, what I propose is something different. I doubt it will fool many people regardless, but it would save my home from what is sure to be ill use.
764They epitomize what I hate about nobles. Everyone is beneath their status, and if you wish any respect, you must be of their social number.
765My father was born with a title, but he demanded that people distinguish themselves through deeds. He obeyed etiquette, but he did not hide his distaste for it.
766Certainly this might not sound like a crisis to you, but I have spent my life trying to right some of the wrongs that have been done to those of lesser status.
767I assure you, you need not worry about the task ahead. You can only benefit from it, and with as little effort as you wish.
768It is my right as heir to choose who leads this place. I couldn't stand before the Roenalls effectively. You, with your... talents, would prove a daunting figure.
770I was betrothed to Isaea Roenall, a brat of a man. Now they will surely push the arrangement, and I will be forced into a life of quiet nobility.
771Well, that certainly sounds horrible. All that luxury. Pardon me if I don't cry you a river.
772And so you will become part of the system you hate. What recourse do you have?
773A long and tedious tale, Nalia. Kindly get to what it is you want from me.
774I really wish I could help, gosh I do. If you are through, I'll take my reward and go.
775I am sorry for your troubles, but I really must be going. Good luck to you, Nalia.
776The Roenalls would accept this? I find that hard to believe.
777And what would I have to do to assume this role? What would be needed of me?
778<PRO_LADYLORD> <CHARNAME>. I like the sound of that.
779Glass Dust
780You are just trying to saddle your troubles onto me!
781Please, this will ensure that the Roenalls do not take control. They are oppressive nobles, and will not direct this place in a way that will honor my father.
782You will do ceremonial things, but nothing overtly stressful. Please, the Roenalls would not use this place in a way that would honor my father.
783You will prove a daunting figure, and my servants and I will be shielded from the Roenalls. Please, even Aunty will push for their coming if I do not act quickly.
784It's not uncommon for a fighting <PRO_MANWOMAN> to take possession when the lord of the manor is... dead. With you as head, this place will continue to honor my father.
785It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles. I shall strive to see it flourish.
786I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. We'll see this place run proper.
787I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
788I accept. It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles.
789I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. We'll see this place run proper.
790I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
791I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
792I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
793I accept. It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles.
794I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. We'll see this place run proper.
795I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
796I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
797I accept. It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles.
798I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. I'll see this place run proper.
799I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
800I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
801Wonderful! They can't force me out now, and Isaea can forget the blasted betrothal. You are now master, within reason. I remain blood heir and can take it away.
802But... very well. I will remain here to do what must be done. If you change your mind, there is time before the Roenalls would be able to take over. Think about it.
803Yes? That is my name. What can I do for you, son?
805Lellyn's Journal
808This orb was given to you by the sahuagin royal high priestess. You can gain an audience with the rebel prince if you take the orb to their encampment. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
812Elder Orb
814Pirate Captain
815Pirate Captain
816Assign Keys
817Priest of Waukeen
818Priest of Waukeen
819Amnian Soldier
820Oops, wrong target.
821Amnian Soldier
822Barracks Guard
823Barracks Guard
824Guard Captain
825Waukeen's Temple
826Guard Captain
827Ruffian Captain
828Ruffian Captain
829Blade Barrier
830Never shout for help
831Shout for help at three-quarter Hit Points
832Shout for help at half Hit Points
833Shout for help when almost dead
834I feel refreshed.
835Follow mode on
836Follow mode off
837You see a shimmering of magic across the path ahead. It would probably not be wise to proceed unless you have the proper tools to access the asylum.
838The drawbridge has been lowered.
839You deal—I'll cut! Hahaha!
840Entrance to Ogre's Tower
842The control script lets the user have keyboard control over the behavior of the character. Press "D" to equip a melee weapon, "F" to equip a ranged weapon. The "S" key will toggle follow mode on/off. The "G" key will cycle through the possible shout options. (<script>)
843Does my captor know a way for me to gain power? Imoen said something odd. Our captor apparently has some insight into my... condition as a child of Bhaal. He supposedly mentioned a means of allowing me to tap that power. I am in no position to question him at the moment, but I will keep it in mind for the future.
844Let's see what's inside this one! Yeah!
845This is a fresh sahuagin heart. With luck, the king will accept it as that of the prince. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
846Monsters summoned
847This is the heart of the sahuagin prince Villynaty. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
848This is Cernd's child. The child is healthy and well fed despite Deril's apparent distaste for the boy. STATISTICS: Weight: 18
849Come get some! Booyah!
850This is the wardstone obtained from Perth the Adept. It should lower the wards that keep you from entering Spellhold. STATISTICS: Weight: 18
851This stone has a certain energy about it. It might come in useful, although at this point you aren't sure where. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
852This is the crystal shard obtained from the avatar of Kurtulmak's whose essence was trapped within a large crystal. The kobolds seemed to worship it. STATISTICS: Weight: 18
853This is the hand that you've obtained from the dead vampire, Dace. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
854Is that snow?
855Gauntlets of Crushing
856The journal lists a number of experiments, apparently conducted by a mage known as Lium the Lucky. The section dealing with the machine in front of you draws your eye: "What a wondrous contraption! It creates, enchants, and dispenses magical equipment of no small power by pulling these six levers in the correct order. The ranking of the levers seems to change daily, and pulling them in the incorrect order results in painful and instant death, as I've deduced from the bloodstains on the floor. I've gotten the order correct for the last few days and sent the items home with Pooky. It is well that I found the machine when I did, for it hasn't much life left. Each item it creates damages the inner workings further, and soon I fear it shall fall apart. The previous order was: 1) Ruby 2) Jade 3) Mithral 4) Onyx 5) Emerald 6) Sandalwood. I've taken apart what pieces of the machine I could, and found the device that sets the ranking of the levers. With it, as stated, the order for the past several days was clear. Now the cursed thing has broken and I've garnered hardly any information from it at all. This is what I *have* discovered: A) The jade lever's change in ranking was the greatest of the six levers. B) The product of the onyx lever's rankings for the two days (when multiplied) is same as the product of the sandalwood lever's last two rankings when multiplied. C) None of the levers are ever in the exact same place in line as they were yesterday. D) Obviously, due to the change in the jade lever's order, there are only two possibilities regarding the change in the orders of the onyx and sandalwood levers, one of which contradicts another clue. E) It is likely that the mithral lever moved the same number of rankings as the sandalwood lever. Quite the dilemma and the guesswork is risky. However, the items I've obtained are worth the risk and, with logic, I'm sure that I'll discover the correct order for today." The journal says no more.
857A foreigner from the east who went by the name of Floating Bear became well-known through the Sword Coast. Unarmed and unarmored, he bested many powerful warriors. One night, in the arms of a lady of the night, he whispered his secret. His martial arts training was supplemented by the thin gauntlets he wore, which allowed him to hit more accurately and with harder punches than bare fists would normally allow. The woman stole the gloves and took the next boat out. Floating Bear soon left, returning to his homeland. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – THAC0: +4 when attacking with fists – Damage: +4 when attacking with fists Weight: 2
862After slaying the troll, you've obtained his decapitated head. STATISTICS: Weight: 6
863This is the stone horn of a minotaur statue. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
864This horn can be blown to signal the harbor guards. They will open the sea gates to allow a ship through. Without the horn, a ship would never leave the harbor. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
865This is the light gem obtained from the svirfneblin king. The light that it brings forth seems powerful enough to dispel any darkness. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
867Double Hit Points
868A circlet of alien metal that dominates even the most powerful of minds and leaves them defenseless. Perhaps this item could be used to control a mind flayer and make him help you escape from this hellish prison. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
869Choke up, dolt! Your grip's all wrong!
870These are the eggs of the silver dragon Adalon. They were stolen by the drow for some evil purpose. STATISTICS: Weight: 7
871These are the false dragon eggs given to you by Phaere. STATISTICS: Weight: 8
872These are the false dragon eggs given to you by Solaufein. STATISTICS: Weight: 8
873A potion obtained from a briny pool in which young illithids, tadpole like creatures, live and grow. When used, the potion will temporarily make the user immune to psionics. STATISTICS: Special: Immunity to psionics Duration: 1 turn Weight: 2
874Oops, a gate... Is that a demon?!
875What's with the noise?
876Duration halved
877Swirly things
878Projectile speed halved
879These are the kuo-toan tadpoles taken from the corrupted birthing pool. They appear to be diseased and were most likely placed here to avoid corrupting the healthy tadpoles. If such a thing were done, the adult kuo-toans would be weakened. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
880This is a book of elemental rituals that is the possession of a mage called Vithal. It is of little use to any other person. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
881This scroll—given to you by the svirfneblin king—gives you the ability to shape stone. The scroll is specifically attuned to the recent earthworks of the gnomes that broke through into the prison of the beast that threatens the town. Use this scroll to reseal the hole.
882This is the helmet of the svirfneblin patrol leader that you were sent to kill. It will act as proof that you have succeeded in your mission. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Protects against critical hits Weight: 2
883This is the blood of the kuo-toan prince. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
884This eyestalk is from an elder orb who was none too willing to give it up. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
885Sun Medallion
886This golden medallion is a stylized rendition of a star. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
887A simple golden circlet. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
888A plain glass jar filled with crystal clear water. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
889This is a rough cut stone sundial that fits in the palm of your hand. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
890Weapons glow
891This medallion is a stylized rendition of a sun. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
892This cloak belongs to Solaufein, the drow warrior. It increases the wearer's Hide In Shadows and Move Silently abilities. Talented drow weavers have woven strands of adamantine into this cloak, thus rendering it useless if exposed to the light—the effect of which will turn the cloak to dust. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Hide In Shadows: +75% – Move Silently: +75% – Save vs. Breath: +6 Weight: 3
899Quickly! We must get out of here before whoever did this returns. I swear, traveling with you is never dull.
900I may help, but refresh my memory as to who you are.
901You can't make demands of me. What authority do you think you have?
902I don't know why I am here. Perhaps you are to blame.
903Do you know why we are here? Any clue would be helpful.
904Have you any idea why we are here?
905No, we have traveled together too long for such games, and I will answer plain and true if it will help.
906I will detail our relationship if you wish, but it shall be nothing you do not already know.
907Have you forgotten what we have done? Perhaps your senses are addled. I will remind you, but it will not give any new clues as to why we are here.
908I will recount what led to this if you wish, though I think I have little to offer that you do not know already.
909I will repeat what I believe led to our capture if I must, but I doubt it shall prove to be different than what is already known by you.
910At the behest of your slain foster father, my husband Khalid and I have kept an interest in you, though you have proven to be your own person in all things.
912Your... unique heritage has proven a magnet to adventure, for better or worse, and your foster father was right in directing us to watch over you.
913No Save
917Detect magic
918A miniature broadsword on a chain. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
919A clay figurine depicting a bound and gagged humanoid. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
920A simple gilt hand mirror. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
921Once we know, we will deal with them in due course, but for the time being, it is more important we retrieve our friends and companions and leave this place.
922I have no time for one as long-winded as you. Fare thee well, I'll not rescue you.
923I agree, but your cage seems to require a key of some magical nature.
924Where is Khalid now? He is not with you?
925They should be more careful if they are weak. Where is Khalid, anyway?
926You, however, look as though you have been treated most unfavorably, and I should not like to think of Khalid receiving the same.
927This instrument, made of two bulbs of glass joined by a narrow passage, tells time with a portion of sand that falls between the two bulbs. Hourglasses are a common time-telling device throughout the realms. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
928A humanoid skull. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
929This is the Lady Galvena's personal skeleton key to the festhall. It will allow access to the prison area. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
930Conjur Ota Servanta
931Roll 4 more times!
932This is one of the medallions worn by the employees of Galvena's Festhall. It is used for identification. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
933Perhaps we'll find Khalid hiding under a bed along the way.
934An oil painting of a mind flayer. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
935Enough of this; we have no time to bicker. We must find any of our companions that are trapped here and escape.
936An oil painting of an umber hulk. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
937An oil painting of a troll. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
938An oil painting of a djinn. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
939Indeed? Well, despite your... wit, he would be a great help in our escape. Better that we make use of all our strengths, rather than pick apart our weaknesses.
940You have changed in this place. You would abandon your friends? Whether you remember or not, we have shared the path here. Is that to be forgotten?
941A bottle of sleeping draught used by Galvena's courtesans to aid in robbing clients. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
942Aye, and as quickly as possible. Goodbye, Jaheira... It's been swell.
943I am merely taking a new path, one that is better suited to my needs.
944Forgive my ill-timed jesting. I will free you as soon as possible.
945It would be best to face the culprit another day on our own terms, so go and be quick. We must free ourselves soon.
946I care not. In fact, I think I'll leave you to distract any guards.
947Such a chore to protect all these people from their own ineptitude.
948I will help, but your cage seems to be sealed magically.
949More baggage for me? I think I'll leave you all behind to distract the guards.
950I will decide what course is best. First, I shall see to your cage.
951Of course, though the bars that bind you seem warded by a magic of some sort.
952I need neither them nor you. Your ceaseless prattle will only slow me down.
953Ahh, he likes it. Now, have you found a way out of that cage?
954Forgive my manner; you are right, of course. I will do what I can.
955Such callous disregard! We have fought together and traveled long! You would toss that aside like so much rubbish?!
956I neither understand nor appreciate such humor. If you are to effect my release, best you set to doing it.
957Know you well that this will not be forgotten! You have turned as I thought you might, and will get what is deserved!
958I do not recall you being so cold. Perhaps I have had some memory loss myself, but this will not be forgotten. If I live, I shall see you pay.
959Do not get too close; if I could reach you, you would regret it.
960Where? He who sneaks up on Minsc loses teeth!
961Stop it! Boo is not for you, tiny! You'll hurt him!
962No, I know best when talking of Boo. If you could hear his wishes, you would agree, but you cannot. The words of Boo are for Minsc alone.
963I can and will. And another thing; no more sneaking Boo crackers. He is getting rather portly, and the crumbs make for an itchy bedroll.
964Eh, weather is nice... mmmaybe...
966What is too bad?
967What do you mean?
968An itch? Can you not scratch it?
969What can Minsc do to help? A tragedy, this is! I will slay those that need slaying!
970It is only fair, big-nosed little one. We will do all that we can to aid you.
971You will not steal Boo from me! I know your tricks!
972Boo shall comfort the little dying gnome for a moment. Only a moment!
973Alone? No, I draw the line... hey! Stand still! I warn you!
974I'll throttle you with your own arms if you do not return him this instant! This is no longer amusing! It was never amusing! I am not laughing!
975That's right, you apologize! It's hard enough keeping Boo's roaming in check without you stealing him. Bad Jan! There will be a booting if this happens again!
976Minsc! Look out! Behind you!
977C'mon, Boo! Quickly, come to Jan!
978He likes me. Gnomes are far cuddlier than oafish humans.
979You can't fault a fellow for trying.
980Ah, Minsc! 'Tis truly a beautiful day, no?
981It is a day to get out into the world, to breathe in the fresh air.
982Too bad, though...
983It's too bad that I won't live to enjoy it.
984Hadn't you heard, old friend? I've got the Calimshan itch. Alas, poor Jan! *sob* *sob*
985Only death will cure this itch. I shall not live out this day. Oh, terrible powers of the heavens! Why will you let me die without granting me a final wish? Cruel, cruel fate!
986I do have one final wish... no, no. I do not wish to burden my companions with my death. My teensy-weensy wish is unimportant. Travel on, good Minsc. Carry the torch and so forth.
987Truly, it is a small thing. As a child, I had a pet hamster, named Spanky. Those were the only pure days in my life. Every day was perfection. Oh, the pain! If I could just hold a hamster while I die, perhaps I could capture the innocence of my youth and die a happy gnome.
988'Tis no trick. *cough* *cough* Nevertheless, you are correct about one thing, my oafish friend. I do not deserve happiness. Please, leave me to my excruciatingly painful death. I am close now... Spanky, I miss you!
989Ah, thank you, Minsc. May I have a moment alone?
990At last Boo is mine! I cannot believe this stupid trick worked. Come, noble hamster, a life of frivolity awaits.
991All right, all right. It was only a jest, Minscy. I meant no harm.
992There is nothing I want here. Goodbye.
993Perhaps I have come back to release you and ask forgiveness. Perhaps...
994I am truly sorry for what was said earlier. I do intend to rescue you.
995I'm not going to leave you here for long, just until I find the key for your chains.
996You had best leave, and quickly. If I find my release from here, I will have your head on a pike! It will be as I should have done long ago!
997Do you think me so weak of mind as to believe you, or so weak of spirit as to beg you? No, your choice is made clear and I will not indulge you further.
998No matter. Goodbye, Jaheira.
999Then we have nothing more to discuss.
1000Truly, my apologies. I will release you as soon as I am able.
1001And I have cause to believe this? I think not. Prove your intent by actually carrying out the deed, and then we shall see if I must kill you or not.
1002Do what you will. You have already proven as reliable as a tamed owlbear.
1003I shall see you again; you had best count on that. There will be blood that pays for your lies.
1004Hello again, I see you have not had much luck. Do keep trying. We should leave this place as soon as we are able.
1005I'll do what I can. Don't worry, I'll be back soon.
1006I don't think there's much else I can do. I'm going to have to leave without you.
1007Yes, yes, I'm hurrying as fast as I can!
1008I should hope so. If we stand about much longer, we are sure to be caught once more.
1009Do not think me overly domineering; I am just eager to leave. Please hurry.
1010You have my gratitude, but I'll not look at you the same way again. You should not indulge that side of yourself. It does not honor the memory of Gorion.
1011I have little memory of that past. Get on your way. I have no need of you.
1012Does my free will hinge on only doing just what you suggest?
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