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Complete Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition 2.2 Dialogue

1 No, I'm sorry, none of them sound familiar.
2 You played Elminster?
3 Uh, the yugoloth, was it? Yeah, you stole the show with that one, if I recall.
4 And, who knows, we were rehearsing for Picoccio's "Three Days in the Ether." Perhaps we can give you a dress matinee.
5 Oh, my dark ravens, let us stop our squawking. I shall remove this foul demeanor like a mask because, if you will still have me, I think I would quite enjoy the company of your troupe.
6 Then join us by all means. You are welcome here.
7 Perhaps another time, Haer'Dalis. Your world seems rather strange to me... I'll have to think it over.
8 Forget it. It's time I left here, and I suspect you should as well.
9 If we can find it and return it to the playhouse, the reward offered by our Stagemistress, Raelis Shai, shall be yours. Come, then, let us search for it: Free money does not come often in the arts.
10 So hopeful we shall meet again before too many days have passed. But enough talk—it is time this raven flies.
11 Your reward will be great and the fates, my blackbird of chaos, shall smile. But enough of artful prophecy: I must fly to my troupe, for no doubt they have missed my presence.
12 Come, let me join you. Like all actors, I am an extrovert and even more so since my late confinement. There be little sense in rotting alone.
13 Well, I have no intention of rotting together either, so you can take your one-man show elsewhere, I'm afraid.
14 There be little sense in anything, these days. Come, then, let us leave this place of madness behind.
15 If so, I will see to it that my mistress, Raelis Shai, rewards you generously. Then, at least, we might pick up our acquaintance under kinder circumstances.
16 If we can retrieve it, Raelis Shai, my mistress at the Sigil playhouse, shall offer a fine reward for its safe delivery into her keeping. Let us hurry then, my raven.
17 What you lack in poetry, you admittedly compensate for in logic... However, I do believe such terms of service shall suit me nicely. I am good with the sword, if you have a couple of spare ones handy...
18 I've told you that I don't care a whit for your safety and you still want to join me?
19 You're good with a blade? How good?
20 It's a shame your sword arm is attached to your tongue... I'd take one but not the other.
21 Very well, we'll find you some swords. Welcome to the team, poet.
22 You have your logic and I have mine, my hounds of rescue... and they are not so different. So... may I join you, then?
23 Join, join, by all means join, for if we talk any longer, I fear my brain shall cramp.
24 I want no part of your word games. Leave me here to sort out my senses.
25 I believe it to be in an altar here... if we retrieve it, she will reward us greatly for its return. Come, let us search this place before Mekrath's return.
26 If you could only deliver it to me at the playhouse of the Sigil theater troupe, my mistress will reward you greatly for your efforts. So with apologies, my ravens of rhetoric, I must make my exit.
27 If you can bring it to me at the playhouse of the Sigil theater troupe, perhaps all can be forgotten... The reward is yours to ponder.
28 You can put your petty slave-and-master game away then, for I have played it against far better opponents than yourself.
29 You should be a little more careful when addressing your master.
30 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890!@#$%^&*() -_=+\|]}[{;:'",<.>/?–—
31 If there's an opponent better than myself, I'd like to know his name.
32 All right, all right, the game is up, but I'll still have you join me.
33 Forget it, then. Begone from here and take your bravado with you.
34 If you want to work together, aye, I'll work with you, but otherwise, begone...
35 What "greater beings" are you talking about?
36 Then work with me, but watch your back... I'll not have your sense of petty bravado bring about my ruin.
37 Fine then, go. You have no sense of what you're missing, though.
38 Come, then. This "ant" has little desire to make an argument of this.
39 Aye, for you, I do not doubt that life is easy... but it is easy by your ignorance, not your power... So, ant: Take me now or leave me here. It's all the same to me.
40 Come with me, then. I have little time for all this chatter.
41 All right, Haer'Dalis. Join me in whichever fashion you see fit, but, slave or free, we travel together nonetheless.
42 Then rot here and have your freedom. I can see now why Mekrath was so willing to part with your company.
43 I will see to it that my mistress provides you with a greater reward than you deserve. Until then, dear ant, I pray beware the elephant...
44 The fool Mekrath stole from me a most important gem... and if memory serves, it is in an altar here. My mistress and I shall be far more pleasant if you bore it to us in your hands.
45 Wherever you may take me, friend, and whoever you may be, you will never be his equal or play the game as well as he.
46 Your experiences are far from ordinary, Haer'Dalis, and I admit I am intrigued... Perhaps you hold more value to me as a comrade than as a slave. My apologies for my previous demeanor.
48 Perhaps I have been harsh in my treatment of you, then. Join with me, if you will, but as a comrade.
49 A well-rehearsed lie sung by an actor. Come, slave... I've no patience for all this foolishness.
50 Fine, fine. I suppose it's best just to have nothing to do with you at all. Begone from my sight.
51 Aye, but when the guards be gone, we birds and bards have certain means at our disposal. So, unless you care to stay here for the rest of all eternity, I'm afraid you cannot hold me to this place.
52 If escaping is so easy, why did you not escape from Mekrath?
53 Very well then, go. I'll have nothing more to do with you.
54 I might not be able to keep you here, but I can certainly take you with me.
55 Ha, I remained his captive at my own discretion. He has a gem of mine hidden about this place, and I was observing him to see if he might give some clue to its existence. Would you care to search for it with me?
56 A gem? Why, certainly, let us join together and hunt its riches down.
57 You mean to tell me you were mentally enslaved by choice? You can't possibly think I'm that stupid.
58 I don't need your help to find a gem, but I do thank you for alerting me to its presence.
59 Come, my hounds of rescue, let us find it before the wizard-fool returns.
61 The rest, I fear, is in your hands and out of mine. So farewell, good luck, and godspeed, my friend. Mekrath will no doubt be returning shortly.
62 Now, please, I must go meet with her and let her know that I am safe. I trust, my greedy ravens, that destiny shall bring us together in good time.
63 You have my promise that she will reward you accordingly. Until then, my hounds of chaos, do take care.
64 Aye, that you could, but let us put this petty slave-and-master game away. I have played it against far better opponents than you.
65 You should be more careful when addressing your master...
66 If there's an opponent better than me, I would like to know his name.
67 All right, all right, the game is up, but I'll still have you join me.
68 Fine, fine. I suppose it's better to have nothing to do with you at all. Begone, then.
69 So! We meet in brighter times and better places, I see. Have you brought the gem?
70 No, I couldn't find it.
71 I sold it and shan't get it back except at three times the price.
72 What gem?
73 Forget about the gem; I have come here to ask you to join me.
74 Yeah, I brought it. How much is it worth to you?
75 Here it is, my friend. Safely delivered from my keeping to yours.
76 I was sure it was in that altar! It must be somewhere in his lair! Damn him, it must be there, it must! Please, get out and do not interrupt us here until you have it in your hands. Things are tense for us right now. More than you realize.
77 Fool! You are lucky the price for your foolishness is only monetary... Some of us are not so lucky. Please, spend whatever you must. It will be more than covered in your reward. Now go, our time is growing ever shorter.
78 The gem that Mekrath took from me and hid within his altar! Please, it is imperative that the jewel makes it safely into our hands. Go, and don't return until you hold it in your hands.
79 That gem is my destiny, the destiny of my troupe, the destiny of this very stage on which we stand. Do not ask me to forget it, my ravens, for I shall not. Come back to me when you have it in your hands, and perhaps I'll be free to join you then.
80 You have it? Good. I would give you my very soul in gratitude for its return, but the negotiations are between you and Miss Raelis. I suggest you speak with her.
81 No, no, I'll not touch it. It is better that you deliver it to Miss Raelis as she is better suited to its nature.
83 She grants the "rescue Haer'Dalis" quest.
84 And the errant actor doth return! <CHARNAME>, I thank you, for you have brought joy to this dark house. Haer'Dalis, have you the gem?
85 We bring it with us, Miss Raelis, that we might have all the more reason to celebrate.
86 Lord Ketlaar Argrim
87 Not yet, Miss Raelis. It appears they still need more convincing.
88 Foolish gtrank small-fist! Why feltthgrr help this place? You paid too? No, stronger get rid of guards with much gold. You just grrth stupid then! You die!
89 You think me stupid?! I tell you nothing of Stronger than us! Should have leaved with other grrth guards paid to go by Stronger! Now you die here and bones will feed!
90 It would be an honor.
91 I'm afraid he and I are not used to fighting at each other's side. It would be best if, for the time being at least, he fought under your command.
92 You threaten, but we fight anyway! I tell nothing of Stronger! Should have taken Stronger's gold like all other small-head guards! Now you die!
93 Haer'Dalis, tell them the truth of what we are about while I prepare the summoning of the conduit.
94 I am justice, and I don't care whom you serve—you will die for the innocents you have slain!
95 You serve Stronger? Who is that? Who directs your actions? Speak! I demand it!
96 Haer'Dalis, unsheathe your blades and put yourself at <CHARNAME>'s command.
97 As you wish. Come, friends, let us begin.
98 Who would dare give orders to a creature like you? Who would hope to survive such a thing?
99 Come now, who could be stronger than you? Who would dare give orders to you?
100 I promised 300 gold for the rescue of my finest bard. But without that gem, he be just a pretty song. Fetch the gem and I shall more than double your reward.
101 Few of you primes would sense its presence, but Mekrath did, and so it was that I fell into his keeping. Luckily, he had not rid himself of it before your timely rescue.
102 I am the person who's come here to kill you, no matter who you are or whom you serve!
103 And who would be stronger than you? I would love to give them a taste of death as well!
104 Ahh, I see. You are a coward. Who has you cowed? Who is better than you?
105 Stop a second there, young 'un, 'cuz I heard what you gone and done for old Brun. It made me ashamed that I didn't try to help him myself. Good to know there's still someone willin' ta go the extra mile, even for a stranger. I want you to have this heirloom of mine because of what you did. Now my heirs didn't loom so big, but you ought to get more use out o' it than my mantle does. Folks like you make a jaded old man think there's still decent people out there.
106 And who is it that has you so afraid? Are you so weak that you can be ordered about?
107 I'm sure we can deal. You are an... intelligent creature. You know opportunity when it presents itself.
108 I am quite good at cowing even the strongest creatures with words and guile. What good am I? What good are you?
109 So you return, and our dark Haer'Dalis, his fetters shattered by your hands, has preceded you. Here is the gold I promised... Have you the gem he spoke of?
110 No, Miss Raelis, but I shall soon return with it.
111 The gem is safe, but first I must know how much you'll give me for it.
112 Aye, here it is, safely delivered.
113 Do so, child, for much depends on it.
114 Do not try to barter with me, child! I shall give you more than any other might, for I have more to give and greater need. Is that enough?
115 Yes, Miss Raelis, I merely wished to confirm it. Here is the gem; let me show it to you.
116 I'll barter with who I wish, Miss Raelis... Show me your greater need if you wish, but I am leaving.
117 Excuse me while I fetch it, then, Miss Raelis.
118 Ah, Mekrath's prize! It shall be our salvation yet. Here be 1,200 gold. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I prepare the summoning of the conduit.
119 1,200 gold then, if you be wanting numbers! 'Tis all I have.
120 1,200? Aye, you have bought my interest. Here is your petty costume jewel.
121 And it's not enough... Goodbye, Miss Raelis.
122 And here, then, is your petty penny, child. Haer'Dalis, tell them the truth of what we are about while I prepare for the summoning of the conduit.
123 Haer'Dalis, all of you, stop them!
124 Ah, Mekrath's prize! It shall be our salvation yet. Here be 700 gold. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I prepare for the summoning of the conduit.
125 Ah, the fabled rescuers of Haer'Dalis... Do you carry with you the gem he told you of?
126 Very well, I shall go run your petty errand.
127 No, Miss Raelis, but I shall soon return with it.
128 The gem is safe, but first I must know how much you'll give me for it.
129 Aye, here it is, safely delivered.
130 Few of you primes would sense its presence, but Mekrath did, and so it was that I fell into his keeping. Luckily, he had not rid himself of it before your timely rescue.
131 Primes and planar jewels and—and... What do you speak of, Haer'Dalis, for you have lost me?
132 Why did you lie to me, Haer'Dalis?
133 What is Raelis summoning?
134 As our name denotes, we come from the city of Sigil, which lies upon another plane of the multiverse or, more appropriately, upon a hub or node where many of the planes collide... Are you with me?
135 Positively entranced. Do continue.
136 Not at all, but I don't expect that to change any time soon, so you might as well continue.
137 If time is short, perhaps it would be best if you just cut to the quick of things and tell me how I can help.
138 Well, all of this really goes back to a most unfortunate satirical play which we produced while in Sigil.
139 Ah, the unfathomable connection between theater and interplanar travel... I'm sorry, but you have lost me entirely.
140 What was so unfortunate about it?
141 All this explanation is getting nowhere with me. Perhaps it would be better if you just told me how I can help.
142 'Twas only the Lady of Pain herself, mistress of all Sigil, who through her unplumbed whimsy sent us careening through a portal to emerge where we are now, in this place you know as Amn.
143 But the price upon your heads, is it not still there?
144 I never realized acting was so dangerous.
145 What a harrowing experience it must have been for all of you. Please, what can I do that might be helpful?
146 Which brings us back to where this whole tale began, that is, to the planar stone you rescued from damned Mekrath's rubble.
146 16
147 How? I don't understand.
148 Of course, the planar stone and whatever it is that Raelis is summoning.
149 I helped you then and shall help you again if I am able. Just tell me how.
150 Miss Raelis is playing the stone as we speak so that our company might slip through our hunter's grasp and find another stage. The play must go on, you know.
151 I'm just an actor on the run, nothing more. A single play has left me a wretched man, my ravens. A single, wrongheaded satire I didn't even write...
152 What play, Haer'Dalis, and how?
153 Okay, okay, I need to know what's going on here. Who are you, where are you from, and what's going on here? Start at the beginning.
154 I wash my hands of this... Miss Raelis, I'm leaving.
155 All right, you lied to me, but you had your reasons. What can I do to help?
156 A young conduit.
157 A what?
158 <CHARNAME>, your presence here would be appreciated. Will you stay with us?
159 I'm not interested in fighting extraplanar creatures... I'll be on my way, thank you.
160 We shall hold off these creatures as best as we are able. Tell me when you find the right tunnel.
161 We could have used your bravery... escort yourself out. We shall not begin until you are gone. Haer'Dalis, prepare your blades... for you are all we have.
162 Yes, Miss Raelis.
163 You are more than kind. Haer'Dalis's blades are something to behold. Would you have him join you for this fight?
164 Yes, Miss Raelis.
165 Drow Priestess
166 Good day, Raelis. Will you permit me to stop this madness?
167 Thank you.
168 Who are you, and what business do you have with us?
169 Oh, just an employee of an old acquaintance of yours in Sigil. Duke... what was his name? Darkwood? Yes, Duke Darkwood, that was it, wasn't it...? You really oughtn't have done that play, you know...
170 We were set up. We performed it under the assumption that it was fiction. The playwright never told us otherwise.
171 Ah yes, the infamous anonymous playwright. Now who was he, anyway? We never did learn.
172 Neither did we... he wore a mask and met with us in the alleyways. It doesn't matter... Come, my bards. It appears 'tis time to make our reckoning. Haer'Dalis?
173 Drow Priestess
174 Lea'liyl
175 Lea'liyl
176 The longbow is similar to the shortbow, except that the staff is about as tall as the archer is—usually six to six-and-a-half feet. It has better range and accuracy than the shortbow, but a slower Speed Factor. The smooth staff of this bow is warm to the touch, just a hint of the energy that surges through the wood. STATISTICS: THAC0: +3 Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Longbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 3
177 You have known us for so short a time, and yet you have bought our freedom with blood. My child, my friend, it is a debt I can never repay...
178 Miss Raelis... I... I cannot come with you. Not this time.
179 No? No more plays, Haer'Dalis? No more theater?
180 I wish I could, Raelis, but I am just another moth come too close to your flame. To love you is to smother that flame in my own death. I shall not do it.
181 Don't be a fool, Haer'Dalis. There was no mystery writer of our play! I wrote "A Comedy of Terrors," it was mine! I brought all of this upon us!
182 Best you keep moving. Them trolls will smell you even in here. The walls of the servants' quarters aren't that thick.
183 Miss Nalia! What are you doing here? You never come to the servants' quarters, at least not in my memory.
184 As you would have it, Miss Nalia.
185 Very well then, but remember what you have done here today! You have condemned this place, and me along with it!
186 If that is what you wish. It will be safer than waiting here. I will wait outside by the palisade.
187 Thank you, Daleson, but now is not the time for secrecy. These people are not my family; these are my own hirelings. Keep no secrets here.
188 Please, you needn't display such deference on my account. My aunty might prefer her servants cowed, but I do not.
189 Oh, I did indeed meet him. The whelp was not much help at all, so I relieved him of his life.
190 What do you mean? He's dead? How? What happened to him?
191 I know, Miss Raelis. You'll have my heart forever, but I must do as I must. Perhaps <CHARNAME> will let me travel with <PRO_HIMHER> for a time, but the Prime beckons this sparrow regardless.
192 He was there but... but he is no longer. It was most unfortunate what happened... very sad indeed.
193 Cave
194 Wolfwere Camp
195 Cabin
196 Wyvern Cultist
197 Those that know us shall assist you any way they can... fill the place with music in memory of what has passed... Go and take yon lovely moth with you.
198 Then go, my lovely Haer'Dalis... remember us fondly in your musings. And you, <CHARNAME>, go with my thanks and take yon lovely moth with you.
199 Shortbows were the first bows to be developed, although they were not called such. This is more of a default term that refers to anything which is not a longbow. This shortbow is the rival of any of the larger bows. The magic inherent within it, whether from the wood or the spellcasting of a mage, makes this bow more accurate than a normal bow. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Shortbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 2
200 My dear raven, valiant as always! You are poetry—you are song!
201 So go, the both of you: You in one direction, <CHARNAME>, and you, my Raelis, in the other. I think I will simply perch here in this cage and savor the tragedy awhile.
202 So go, the both of you: You in one direction, <CHARNAME>, and you, my Raelis, in the other. I think I will simply perch here in this cage and savor the tragedy awhile.
203 Fill the place with song, in memory of what has transpired here. Go, and let the three of us each part in love.
204 Come, ye Doomguard, we must be off and swiftly. And you, <CHARNAME>, I can give you nothing but my gratitude. Perhaps we all shall meet again.
205 So, my raven... the Prime is a playground for us both. Shall we journey together to marvel at its glories?
206 I would be pleased to have you join me, Haer'Dalis.
207 I think we should go our own ways for now. Perhaps we shall meet again later.
208 I've no need of you, bard. Begone and good riddance.
209 Wonderful! I have heard a little of your quest... you hold a power in your soul, my raven, that would fascinate any Doomguard.
210 So be it. I will linger with the primes here for a short while yet... Should you change your mind soon, my raven, you can find me in the tavern above.
211 The gem, we have it! Come, my birds, let us to the playhouse fly! The inn is in the Bridge District of this city, in the basement of the Five Flagons.
212 No, we must not leave until that gem is ours. So much depends on it, my wandering hounds.
213 Fists
214 Chain Mail
215 Medium Shield
216 Chain Armor of Darkness
217 See, there lies the inn I spoke of. Miss Raelis's playhouse lies in its cellar. But until we carry Mekrath's jewel, there be little sense in entering.
218 Ah, the playhouse! It is in the basement of this inn—come, let us enter. Miss Raelis will be pleased to see the gifts we bring.
219 I have no problem resorting to violence. I just thought I would give you a chance.
220 You must talk sometimes. You are obviously paid by someone, and had to reach some agreement with him or her.
221 He no tell us. Stronger pay in meat and land! TorGal follow what good! You should have follow gold like other grrthed guards! Now you die!
222 You presents are worthless, we have what need! Stronger pay land and meat, so TorGal tell Rocksmash follow. You should have left like other grrthed guards!
223 Your words are fancy like Stronger, but he pay in meat and land! You not strong in pay like him! Should have left with gold like other small grrthed guards!
224 I need no chance or words with grrthunks like you—we have Stronger to feed and land too! Why you not leaved with gold for other guards?! You stupid and die!
225 Why did you lie to me, Haer'Dalis?
226 Primes and planar jewels and—and... What do you speak of, Haer'Dalis, for you have lost me?
227 What is Raelis summoning?
228 As our name denotes, we come from the city of Sigil, which lies upon another plane of the multiverse or, more appropriately, upon a hub or node where many of the planes collide... Are you with me?
229 Not at all, but I don't expect that to change any time soon, so you might as well continue.
230 Positively entranced. Do continue.
231 If time is short, perhaps it would be best if you just cut to the quick of things and tell me how I can help.
232 Well, all of this really goes back to a most unfortunate satirical play which we produced while we were still in Sigil.
233 Ah, the unfathomable connection between theater and interplanar travel... I'm sorry, but you have lost me entirely.
234 What was so unfortunate about it?
235 All this explanation is getting nowhere with me. Perhaps it would be better if you just told me how I can help.
236 'Twas only the Lady of Pain herself, mistress of all Sigil, who through her unplumbed whimsy sent us careening through a portal to emerge where we are now, in this place you know as Amn.
237 But the price upon your heads, is it not still there?
238 Abela the Nymph
239 I never realized acting was so dangerous.
240 What a harrowing experience it must have been for all of you. Please, what can I do that might be helpful?
241 Which brings us back to where this whole tale began, that is, to the planar stone you rescued from damned Mekrath's rubble.
242 How? I don't understand.
243 Of course, the planar stone and whatever it is that Raelis is summoning.
244 I helped you then and shall help you again if I am able. Just tell me how.
245 Miss Raelis is playing the stone as we speak so that our company might slip through our hunter's grasp and find another stage. The play must go on, you know.
246 I'm not interested in fighting extraplanar creatures... I'll be on my way, thank you.
247 We shall hold off these creatures as best as we are able. Tell me when you find the right tunnel.
248 You be little more than cowards and plenty less than friends, my hounds. Run, then, with your tails between your legs... My blades are yours, Miss Raelis, as they have always been.
249 When meat and land are pay, maybe we speak, but he stronger too, and worthy! We do and then we paid! You, kill you! Miss kill other guards, so enjoy kill you!
250 My life not in danger! My life good! Life of Rocksmash good! You life end here! Should leave like other guards with gold, but you stupid g'thunk!
251 If you don't want to deal, I will have to kill you! If you value your life, you will hear me out!
252 Ahh, but maybe I can offer you more than this "Stronger." How will you know if you don't hear me out?
253 So be it! I'll not bother arguing with a skull as thick as yours!
254 1,000 then, 1,000 gold! Please, just fetch the gem.
255 Whenever you are ready, Miss Raelis.
256 'Tis true, I lied to you and not once as you might think, but twice... The stone was not even mine, but Mekrath's, and I was sent to steal it. I'm just an actor on the run, nothing more. A single play has left me a wretched man, my ravens. A single, wrongheaded satire I didn't even write...
257 What play, Haer'Dalis, and how?
258 Okay, okay, I need to know what's going on here. Who are you, where are you from, and what's going on here? Start at the beginning.
259 I wash my hands of this... Miss Raelis, I'm leaving.
260 All right, you lied to me, but you had your reasons. What can I do to help?
261 You may not enter the store at this time.
262 A young conduit.
263 A what?
264 Haer'Dalis, you have returned! ...And who is this that you bring with you?
265 My saviors and my jailors both, it seems. Miss Raelis, may I present <CHARNAME>? And <CHARNAME>, Miss Raelis.
266 Have you the gem, my brilliant hound?
267 Plate Mail
268 Xan
269 Shar-Teel
270 Alora
271 Edwin
272 Kamikaze Kobold
273 Kamikaze Kobold
274 It is here, my lady, resting safe with us... I, uh, promised these ravens of mine you would reward them.
275 No, my lady, we do not. It seems my ravens need a little more convincing.
276 Very well. I have upon me 700 coins. Will that be enough?
277 Your purse is generous. Here, then, is the stone you covet.
278 I can make do with that. Let me just go fetch the jewel from where I've hidden it.
279 Don't make me laugh. Goodbye, Miss Raelis, I think our business here is through.
280 Don't make me laugh. Goodbye, Miss Raelis, I think our business here is through.
281 You'll go nowhere, <CHARNAME>. Miss Raelis, call the others. These ravens must not leave here with the stone!
282 Aye, for 1,000 I'll do your deed. Come, Haer'Dalis, let us find ourselves a gem.
283 Neither for a thousand nor a hundred thousand shall I be your gnomish errand-beast. Come, Haer'Dalis, your friends are wearing on my patience.
284 We will be back, Miss Raelis.
285 Be you my captain, jailer, friend, or thief, I shall not have you speak so unto Miss Raelis! Make room for my blades amidst your innards, fool, for that is where they're heading!
286 Zombie Wolf
287 Good, for our time grows short. Here is the thousand gold. Haer'Dalis, tell your friends what we are about. I must prepare the jewel for its summoning.
288 And here be 700 of the petty coins to which you focus your desire. Haer'Dalis, tell them what we are about while I go prepare the stone for summoning.
289 Why do we tarry so? Each hour Miss Raelis is without that gem, we become more lowly sloths than noble hounds.
290 Ravens, ravens, drunk on freedom—do you not realize that there still be business to which we must attend? Quick, let us bring Mekrath's petty jewel back to my playhouse where it might be more appreciated.
291 I beg of you! We must deliver this gem to good Raelis—ere she and I are trapped in this foul drama forever! Let us make haste to the Five Flagons!
292 Your folly exceeds my patience and your tedium my intellect. Farewell and good riddance, mice. I shall deliver the jewel myself.
293 Yoshimo needs to see Renal Bloodscalp Once we entered the Docks District, Yoshimo informed me that the leader of the local Shadow Thieves, Renal Bloodscalp, is eager to see him. Yoshimo hinted that, as a freelancer, this is the only way he can avoid eventual trouble. Renal should be in a building somewhere in the district.
294 Cure Blindness/Deafness
295 Shortbows were the first bows to be developed, although they were not called such. This is more of a default term that refers to anything which is not a longbow. This is a magical shortbow, giving the user an additional +1 to hit. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1 Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Shortbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 2
296 Word Of Power
297 Finale
298 ***Placeholder for end movie***
299 Water flows down in a rush from some unknown source. There is an odd play of shadows deep within the pool.
300 Five eyes surround this hellish door, as if part of the very stone itself. The eyes follow you as you move, and a palpable aura of evil emanates from them. They guard this door, and if you wish to pass through, you must find some way of bypassing their guard.
301 With the tools you currently have, there is no way to close the eyes or open the door. The answer must be found elsewhere.
302 You take a Tear of Bhaal from your pack and place it in an eye. The eye closes and guards the door no longer.
303 Abela
304 Albert
305 The final eye closes and the door opens. A rush of putrid air hits you and the darkness beyond the door fills you with fear despite yourself. The final confrontation draws nigh and the prize is your very soul.
306 You have lost 2 Hit Points from your maximum Hit Point level.
307 You have lost one Dexterity point.
308 You have lost experience points.
309 No! Not here, you fiends!
310 Alvanhendar
311 Curse you, <CHARNAME>! I shall not be defeated by you!
312 What is happening? My magic... I... no...
313 I do not want to die... please have mercy!
314 Repulsion field
315 Wild color changes
316 Squirrels... Everywhere squirrels!
317 I'm so itchy!
318 It's so bright!
319 Area effect
320 Sex change
321 Color change
322 What was that? Over there!
323 Stay back, fiends! By the gods I'll...
324 No! NO!
325 Contingency—Spell Turning
326 Contingency—Mislead
327 arena
328 Spell Trigger—Mislead
329 Spell Trigger—Monster Summoning III
330 You have faced your fear without resorting to the protection and power of evil. The Tear of Bhaal is yours.
331 With the cloak given by the demon, you feel no fear and are able to take the Tear of Bhaal easily.
332 Explosion?
333 Spell Sequencer—Lightning Bolt
334 Entangled
335 Slowed
336 No, I have made up my mind. Goodbye Nalia, I am sorry I could not help you.
337 I have stated my wishes. Now get lost!
338 Very well. He said roughly thirty trolls and snake creatures, and that Lord de'Arnise was alive.
339 Polymorphed
340 Held
341 He is alive? Wonderful! Lord de'Arnise is my father, and much preferable to Aunty. Quickly, we must rout these creatures while father is still there to save!
342 Daleson said very little. I killed the dog.
343 I fear he said very little. Daleson is... dead. A tragic, tragic casualty.
344 The trolls, they killed him. There was nothing I could do to stop them. It was most unfortunate.
345 Sir Alynar
346 Sir Alynar
347 Crolus
348 You did what?! He was but a poor peasant! What right did you have to kill him?! Have you reason for this?!
349 Hastened
350 None at all. I killed him for the fun of it.
351 Polymorphed
352 He almost touched me, and I couldn't have that. He was probably grateful that I ended his meaningless life.
353 He was... a traitor. Yeah, that's it. He conspired... with the trolls and caused all this carnage. Yeah.
354 It was... dreadful. He was a traitor. He did say Lord de'Arnise was alive, but can we trust his word? He was but a poor peasant. Pity him.
355 You are worse than the monsters we face! He was just a peasant, but he had the same right to exist we do! Get out! I will not have you taint my home. Get out!
356 You... are worse than any noble! He was not worthless! He was pitiable, but he had every right to exist! Get out! I will not have you in my home! Get out!
357 I don't believe you! He would not do that! Get out and never come here again! I would rather die fighting alone than let you set foot in my home again!
358 I see. I suppose... he could not refuse. I... pity his weakness. There... is much left to do. You must still find my father. He will have defended this place to the last.
359 Gold Destroyed!
360 Weakened
361 Spell Sequencer—Ice Storm
362 Spell Sequencer—Fireball
363 Spell Trigger—Chain Lightning
364 Spell Sequencer—Monster Summoning II
365 Yoshimo's Heart
366 Yoshimo's Heart
367 fallen cavalier
368 Korgan, I know not whether to berate you for your unsolicited comments or for your mantra of genocide.
370 No one likes to be insulted, least of all tall folk. You just seem too preoccupied with violence to get along with people, to notice beauty about you.
371 I'm sorry to hear that, Korgan, but as pained as the past may be, try to be civil while we are traveling in human civilization. They didn't make your past.
372 We are all responsible for ourselves. I sorrow at the pain of your youth, but you could defeat your anguish. You've no claim to self-pity.
373 Then why don't you save your rage for the evil beasts that plague us all, be we human, dwarf, or halfling?
374 Fallen Cavalier
375 I killed him, plain and simple.
376 He was... a traitor. Yeah, he had conspired with... the trolls. He did say Lord de'Arnise was still alive, but maybe he was lying. Yeah.
377 He conspired to help the trolls. He did say Lord de'Arnise was still alive, but I don't know if I trust his word. He was but a poor peasant. Pity him.
378 Burst
379 fallen inquisitor
380 Trolls are large, so bigger rooms may be full. Be careful. Strange... trolls are destructive, but much has been left intact. Maybe I'm wrong. I've been wrong before.
381 Legs... so... heavy.
382 Caster also targeted
383 It was the trolls. I could not stop them in time. It was horrific.
384 Held
385 I... I don't know what to say. I think you are lying. You do not have the presence to lie well. Get away from me. I will die on my own rather than have you in my home.
386 I will honor him, I swear! Help me avenge him and rescue my father, Lord de'Arnise. He will give you the reward you deserve for your actions.
387 Fallen Inquisitor
388 Fear
389 Roll twice more
390 Area explored
391 Globe of Invulnerability
392 fallen undead hunter
393 Silence
394 Fallen Undead Hunter
395 Dizzy
396 Invisible
397 Pretty sparkles
398 Caster becomes target
399 I will be careful. Wait here while I go back in.
400 Whatever their intent, we will stop them. You should come with me as well. We will work together.
401 Invisible
402 Colors!
403 Very well, but look out for other servants. We must save all we can.
404 Horse
405 I've always said that bird magic is the most difficult.
406 Good. We will make short work of them, I am sure.
407 Shouldn't this spell do something?
408 Gems!
409 Where's that music coming from?
410 Chicken
411 Do you wish me to come and help in there? I would like to.
412 No, you should remain here.
413 Yes, I could use the help.
414 Miss Nalia? Miss Nalia de'Arnise?
417 Berries in my pocket.
418 Projectile changed
419 Charges drained
420 What's this in my pocket?
421 Combat ready!
422 Yes, civilization is—is still a bit frightening, though.
423 Challenge myself?
424 How can you tell whom to trust, Mazzy?
425 I—I'll do what I can, Mazzy... I know I can always trust you.
426 Aerie, dear... I see that you begin to become more confident in this world, which is undoubtedly quite strange to you. You're learning what it's like to live and thrive here.
427 Sometimes I am frightened by what I see as well. You are right to be. There is corruption everywhere. You must constantly challenge yourself to remain pure.
428 You are good by nature, Aerie, but perhaps a little naive. Devious people will try to take advantage, especially in mercenary settlements like Athkatla.
429 Seek those who value honor. Observe before you accept, especially in times of adversity. Watch companions in conflict, and you will see them as they truly are.
430 Thank you, Aerie. You are truly a beautiful soul.
431 Truly, mankind was never meant to scurry beneath the land as a weasel or mole. We have not the eyes for such delving. It is a task better suited to the dwarven folk.
432 Worry not, Mazzy, my discomfort is minor. I stumble now and then, but bats find their way on a simple screech, and I do fine with a similar "help" on occasion.
433 There is truth to what you say, but I hesitate only because I prefer to recognize my fears in the light of day. I feel uncomfortable away from open skies.
434 Ah, Mazzy, what a gentle soul you have. I shall always be pleased to have you by my side, but you needn't worry so about me.
435 Others will have more need of the stave you offer, but I will walk by your side without leaning. Lead on, stalwart halfling, I shall follow without fear!
436 Surely, Cernd, your companions shall stand by you as we descend into the bowels of the earth.
437 Sorry we upset you, Mr. Garbage Can. We just want to ask you, is that your natural stench we smell or did you make a mess in your armor because our weapons scared you?
438 Too bad. Goodbye.
439 We apologize for our hasty words. Can we start over again?
440 There is no shame in admitting your fears. It is the only way that you might face them.
441 Then I shall be the staff that you lean upon in your time of need.
442 Teleport Field
443 fallen archer
444 Fallen Archer
445 Teleport Field
446 You are going to tell me another of your insipid stories, aren't you?
447 No, I wasn't aware that your aunt was a ranger. *sigh*
448 Of course.
449 Valygar! You've been wounded!
450 To the contrary, it is a serious wound indeed. We must attend to it immediately.
451 Truly, I should never have allowed you into harm's way. Worry not, friend Valygar, we shall have you healed in no time.
452 I am honor-bound to protect you, Squire Valygar. I will not be derelict in that duty again.
453 fallen stalker
454 *hiccup*... *hic*...
455 Be'land
456 Doors have opened
457 Fallen Stalker
458 fallen beastmaster
459 Listen carefully, mage. I have noticed you launch your spells in battle without first making sure one of us is not in the way. If you hurt anyone, I will kill you. Is that clear enough?
460 I shall never need that kind of assistance in a battle. You threaten us much as our enemies with your carelessness. Your recklessness will not be tolerated.
461 Fallen Beastmaster
462 The stairs to the tower have collapsed. You will have to find another route up.
463 Laborer
464 Laborer
465 Tutorial Your Journal is used to keep track of plots that go on during the course of the game. Your Journal entries are divided into four categories: Quests: These pertain to quests that are currently active Done Quests: These pertain to quests that have been finished. Journal: These pertain to the overall story of the game. User: These are entries that you can make yourself.
466 Brynnlaw
467 Spell Failed: Casting Failure
468 Are you interested in purchasing a bit of merchandise, my friend?
469 Well, you've got the look of an adventurer about you. I've been one myself, betwixt stints as a turnip salesman that is. Occasionally the markets get down and the formerly self-respecting purveyors of fine veggies are forced to prostitute their abilities in the form of adventuring.
470 Ah well. 'Tis truly your loss. I've many a valuable contraption for you.
471 What I'm getting at, oh-so-friendly one, is that I've items to sell you that are especially created, by yours truly, to aid one on the dangerous path to heroism. They're known as Jan Jansen's (that's me) Flasher Master Bruiser Mates.
472 Argh, not again. That bottom-feeding, turnip-hating, scum-sucking brigand! Nothing better to do than stop an honest businessman from selling high-quality illegal Flashers for a reasonable price. Here he comes; cover for me.
473 You understand implicitly. That reminds me of the time that dear Cousin Josephine fell in with that gully dwarf. Miserable bloke, really. Bad teeth, rancid smell, truly a joke o' the gods. We used to torment Josey, that was my pet name for her, about her teensy-weensy nose and the way that it hooked in to her...
474 Now pay attention: You take one o' these babies and chuck it at average Joe Orc, close your eyes real tight, and WHOOSH! He's running around in circles clutching at his eyeballs and screaming and yelling like Uncle Sven after three days on a turnip beer bender...
475 My point, oh-so-friendly one, is that I've items to sell you that are especially created, by yours truly, to aid one on the dangerous path to heroism. They're known as Jan Jansen's (that's me) Flasher Master Bruiser Mate.
476 Isn't that the way it is with folks? Huffy, grumpy, unbathed and so on. Like an ogre with a finger infection; picking his nose should make him happy, but it just gets him angrier. If you want to buy one of Jan Jansen's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates, you'd best return with a civil tongue and a patient ear.
477 So, you've returned. Interested in making a purchase now?
478 Yes, indeed. What do you carry?
479 Not at present.
480 I've items to sell you that are especially created, by yours truly, to aid one on the dangerous path to heroism. They're known as Jan Jansen's (that's me) Flasher Master Bruiser Mate.
481 Trax, old friend, you do me a great wrong! I would never break the law. As my pappy always said...
482 What cruel fate! Falsely accused by an old friend!
483 <CHARNAME>, you have to break me out! I cannot stand another year in prison. The food is terrible! Come to the guardhouse and pay my fine. I will be your humble servant forever. Help me, <CHARNAME>, you are my only hope.
484 Albert
485 Ah, my old friend. You've come to retrieve me from my unjust imprisonment, I hope.
486 Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a short man named Jens who lived in a large community called Akata. Young Jens was a poor man and an orphan. He did what he had to do to survive. Things such as juggling, miming, and arm-wrestling ogres.
487 To the contrary, I believe that you have gotten what you deserve.
488 Indeed I have. There is, however, the matter of your fine.
489 I haven't enough money to pay your fine yet.
490 Yes, why not? Anyway, poor Jens was tickling chickens one fine summer day when he was approached by an evil half-orc by the name of Trixy. Trixy began beating the completely innocent Jens senseless just because the chickens had told many lies about him earlier.
491 Arm-wrestling ogres?
492 Jens got a beating, but that very night, the chickens were butchered, plucked, and eaten by an ornery dragon who later used Trixy to clean his teeth.
493 That is a truly disturbing story, Jan, but I still won't bail you out.
494 I understand your point. I will pay your fine when I am able to.
495 Why don't you give me a good reason why I should pay your fine?
496 Why not? What merchandise do you carry, good gnome?
497 Not at this time, gnome.
498 All right, all right. What are you getting at?
499 Yes, of course. Mobile vegetable peddling versus heroism, the eternal question.
500 Sorry, gnome. I haven't the time to speak with you at present.
501 Hold, gnome, in the name of the Amnian Revenue and Taxation Board.
502 Abjurer
503 Jan Jansen, gnomish citizen of Amn, you have been charged with tax evasion and the illegal sale of illegal items in an illegal manner.
504 Conjurer
505 Enough! You'll not sidetrack me with your cursed tales again. I'm smarter than you think!
506 Shut up, you! Latrine duty beckons... that's better. We've been onto you for days, Jansen. We've caught you in the very act of selling your dangerous and illegal contraptions.
507 I'm not your friend, Jansen!
508 Oh, that's it! Do you enjoy guarding used chamber pots?
509 I swear this job will land me in an asylum. And who might you be? You're certainly no regular customer of this felon.
510 Well, <CHARNAME>, did this gnome try to sell you illegal merchandise? Specifically, "Flashers," as he calls them?
511 I am <CHARNAME>, an adventurer.
512 None of your business, Trax.
513 Don't I have the right to be silent?
514 I don't know what you're talking about. We were simply talking about the weather.
515 Yes, sir. He tried to sell me a Flasher.
516 Get lost, Trax. I'm not here to answer your petty questions.
517 I'm not here to answer your questions. I've done no wrong, so leave me be.
518 Listen now, peasant. You will cooperate. I represent the law.
519 You heard me. I'll answer none of your questions.
520 Fine, I am <CHARNAME>, an adventurer.
521 Silent? What kind of stupid right is that? You have to answer my questions or face arrest.
522 All right, I am <CHARNAME>, an adventurer.
523 Do you truly believe that you have the strength to arrest me?
524 Curses! The gnome has gotten to you, too! Jansen, you can no longer peddle in Athkatla. As for you, <CHARNAME>, you have made a dangerous enemy.
525 I am, you idiot! Move it! Back to the office!
526 Aha! Jan Jansen, we have a witness. Take him into custody. As for you, <CHARNAME>, you have done a good deed and are entitled to the reward of 100 gp.
527 Thank you, sir. It was the least that a conscientious citizen could do.
528 I don't want your dirty money. This man does not deserve to be arrested.
529 Do you wish to be executed for not cooperating?
530 Do you truly believe that you have the strength to kill me?
531 In that case, I am ready to answer your question.
532 I believe you. It is Jan Jansen that we want. By Amnian law, you must answer my question, but I will tell you now that there is a 100 gp reward for any information leading to the arrest of this gnome.
533 You may either answer me peacefully or I shall summon those who will kill you instead. What say you?
534 Do your worst!
535 I will answer the question.
536 Should you feel inclined to pay Jan's fine, as the gnome quite obviously wants you to, you shall find the prison on the other side of the square. The fine is 800 gp. Very well! Good day!
537 If you believe that he should be free, you are welcome to come down to the guardhouse and pay his fine.
538 How much is the fine, and where is this guardhouse?
539 You have brought this doom upon yourselves, lawbreakers.
540 The fine shall be 800 gp. The guardhouse is located on the opposite side of this square.
541 *snicker*
542 (You're not anyone's friend.)
543 Sorry, sir.
544 Who's the dangerous enemy?
545 What is your point?
546 Look, my gnomish friend, I'm really too busy to chitchat right now. Perhaps another time.
547 Would you shut up already?! By the heavens, that is annoying!
548 There goes a truly evil man. Uncle Scratchy seems like a saint in comparison. Regardless, it seems that I'm once again out of the black market. At least until I scrounge up a fortune to set up my business and have Trax's superiors well bribed. Do you be needing a hand in your party?
549 A fast mouth, a handy shot with a crossbow, and all the illegal machinery that I can invent.
550 I do indeed, Jan. Welcome aboard!
551 What skills can you offer my party?
552 I don't need another tagalong, gnome. Get out of my sight and be thankful I've helped you at all.
554 Thank you for offering, but I believe it to be better that I go on without you for the time being.
555 I would like to have you join my party.
556 You're not really what I need right now. Perhaps at a later time.
557 You sound rather useless, gnome.
558 There's no call for insults, you tactless orc-lover. Obviously, it is better that I not join your party.
559 Your loss. If you change your mind, I live in the less than opulent side of town, the slums if you will. I'll probably have a turnip stand, slowly working my way up to a nice bribe. Good luck to you.
560 I am but an impoverished gnome. If you can pay this fine for me, I will join and fight with you. As I once told you, I have been an adventurer in the past and should probably get out of the retail business for a time anyway. What say you?
561 I shall have to think about it.
562 It sounds very good, Jan. Allow me to pay the fine and set you free.
563 What do you have to offer my party?
564 You are indeed family. No other could have lived to oppose me in person. Of course, it will not matter in the end. Ultimately, I will prevail, and a new era will be born unto the realms.
565 Pay the guard when you are ready and able. As Pappy used to say during that unfortunate fiasco with the githyanki, "You'd better pay now before the bastards really get greasy."
566 It's your neck, chicken. I'll make a most excellent addition to your party should you decide to give me a chance.
567 You shall not regret it.
568 A fast mouth, a handy shot with a crossbow, and all the illegal machinery that I can invent.
569 I would like to have you join my party. Allow me to pay the fine.
570 Maybe another time, Jan.
571 Why do you have this man lie for you? What have you to hide?
572 You associate with this... stable boy? What can he offer a woman of your standing?
573 Go to the stables often, do you? I take it you prefer the company of... common men?
575 Here they are now: Feldepost's thugs. Strike when I tell you to.
576 Have you decided to pay the fine and free me now?
577 I am unable to afford it yet.
578 Yes, I have. I will pay the guard and have you freed.
579 Most excellent, my friend. Thank you for paying that tragically unfair fine for me.
580 You did try to sell illegal machinery, you know.
581 It was nothing, Jan.
582 It was always an unfair law. I was simply filling in one of the niche markets for a desperate consumer population. Regardless, I am now free and would like to know your intentions. Will you have me join your party?
583 A fair question. I use the door to leave unseen. Aunty prefers no contact with the people we govern, but lack of breeding is no cause for bad treatment.
584 It's not a matter of what he has to offer, but what I should offer his kind. I use the door to leave unseen, to dispense charity without Aunty's knowledge.
585 Mind your tongue, lout! That's a lady you are talking to!
586 Well, it seems that I'm once again out of the black market. At least until I scrounge up a fortune to set up my business and have Trax's superiors well bribed. Do you be needing a hand in your party?
587 Yes, I would. Welcome!
588 Not at this time, Jan. Perhaps later.
589 Yes, I would. Welcome!
590 Not at this time, Jan. Perhaps later.
591 It's all right, Daleson. It is nothing I have not heard from Aunty already.
592 Ah, the fabled savior of yonder gnome. You've come to pay his fine?
593 Yes, I would like to pay his fine.
594 I don't know what you're talking about. What gnome?
596 Appearance
597 abjurer
598 He would like to think so, but I am not planning to pay his way out of jail.
599 At last! That gnome is the worst prisoner I ever had! He keeps picking the lock, complains about the food... even my hygiene! Just pay the 800 gp and take him!
600 I'm afraid that I don't have enough gold right now.
601 I've changed my mind. Enjoy your day!
602 Here is your gold.
603 Look, I can spot you 200 gp. Do you have just 600 gp?
604 Yes, I do. It's a deal.
605 I'm afraid that I just don't have enough.
606 I refuse to take your charity. You'll simply have to wait.
607 You're not <CHARNAME>? Ah well. I guess I'll just cling to the hope that someone will bail him out... or buy me enough liquor to drink myself senseless.
608 Ah well. I suppose I shall have to cling to the hope that someone will bail him out or at least buy me enough liquor to drink myself senseless.
609 Am I to be cursed with this gnome forever? You're driving me to drink! You and my mother both. Take pity on a simple man... come back and pay the fine.
610 Right, she's one stuffed old biddy, isn't she? We got a saying for her kind, we do. South end of a northbound ogre...
611 That will do, Daleson! You will not talk of her thus!
612 Excellent! He is free, so, please, take him and go.
613 Most excellent! He is free, so, please, take him and go. Remember, you do owe me 200 gp.
614 M-my apologies, Miss Nalia, I... I meant nothing...
615 I'm certain you didn't. Regardless of her attitude, she is still a noble in this house. Now then, we must set about reclaiming this place for my family.
616 Well, by Aunt Petunia's beard! A ghost from my past? Looking to buy some turnips, perhaps?
617 Thanks, but no thanks. I have sought you out to have you join my party.
618 I cannot stop to chat. Another time, maybe.
619 Magical slings are the hallmark of stout halfling warriors. Usually their mothers or a talented aunt will create this sling for the halfling lad or lass who is about to embark on their second great adventure. The reason that the sling is given on the second adventure and not the first is that many halflings decide not to pursue the life of an adventurer after getting a taste of it. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: +2 (missile) Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Sling Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 0
620 Adventuring, eh? I don't know... I'm making close to 6 gp per week in this exciting field of black-market veggies. What would people say?
621 I do not keep servants at all. Better that people are allowed to work for themselves.
622 If it makes you happy, you can tell your friends that I've pressured you into joining.
623 I'm not going to waste my time trying to cajole you, Jan. Goodbye.
624 As you will. Remember, there's no turnips like Jansen turnips. Farewell.
625 Nice doing business with you. Is there aught else that you desire?
626 I find Aunty is quite unreceptive to these ideas. She is old school, and believes lesser classes are best reminded of their position at all times. I disagree.
627 I have news of them, Miss Nalia, though it ain't all good. Lord de'Arnise was alive this morning, and I saw him taken into the keep by a real big troll, biggest I seen. Probably took him down to the...
628 Cellars! The "cellars" is what they are. I won't have them called otherwise in this day and age, despite their history. It is by my father's order.
629 Yes, Miss Nalia. He fought bravely, but didn't make it to his flail, or perhaps didn't get enough parts. There is one hidden around here somewhere, I guess, but he never told anyone where.
630 Yes, it is. You are a good man, Daleson.
631 Enough talk! We must get moving before we are discovered.
632 We must get moving. If we are through here, we should get to those cellars.
633 So we should find your father? I need to know what numbers we will be facing.
634 More fools to rescue? Wonderful. Anything you can say that would help at all?
635 A quaint notion, and one I would support. I think, however, that it would be hard to convince the old school of the merit of such a change.
636 As you wish. I agree we must rescue my father with all haste. Aunty may also be alive, and it would be best if we could get to her as well. Let us go then.
637 How would you like to put vegetable peddling behind you for a time and join my party?
638 Not today, Jan. Goodbye.
639 As Uncle Scratchy used to say, "A true friend is a bald-faced liar." Let us depart then, my new companion. I've an itch to pepper a few hobgoblins with crossbow bolts.
640 Did I ever tell you the tale of the lobotomized orc, my good knight Anomen?
641 Well, anyway, as a child, my mammy would give us kids a bowl of gravel, which was all that we could afford, and tell us this parable. Now listen, knighty, lest you be eating gravel.
642 'Twas once a heavily brain-damaged orc called Ano. Ano was trudging through the forest one day, looking for bull droppings with which he could stuff his mattress, when he happened across a remarkable scene. A brave and noble knight, Jen the Brilliant by name, fought with an evil giant. Ano watched as Jen slew the giant.
643 Then the knight rode off to save several small children from a wicked witch, also known as a noblewoman, who was attempting to poison the poor dears. Regardless, Ano promptly cut off the head of the fallen giant, ran home to his home in the Dung Orc village, and claimed that he had killed the monster.
644 Did I mention that Ano had a nasty habit of interrupting folk? Anyway, the giant's brother heard of his sibling's demise and the subsequent display of his head in Dung Town. He caught up to Ano, who was stupidly stuffing his mattress with bull dung, and returned to his cave with the orc stuffed through his belt.
645 As punishment for his brother's supposed murderer, he tied a porcupine to the orc's head and proceeded to clean his latrine with the makeshift orc brush. Much to the giant's dismay, Ano actually enjoyed it.
646 Fascinating tale, that! I love to tell it!
647 Calm yourself, Ano. There was no insult to you. It was merely a parable told to me by my dear departed mother.
648 Whenever you wish to try it, Ano.
649 Dragon
650 Dragon
651 The seemingly friendly merchants suddenly change shapes so that they look like you!
652 Special Snare
654 I seen maybe thirty trolls. They were bossing something called a "yuan-ti," but I don't know how many of those there are. Weird things, but everything about this is odd.
655 Enough, Daleson! I... I will tell. The cellar is a relic, a leftover from a time when our family... was not as caring as it could have been.
656 Now here, I'll respect yer wishes, but I'll not have you dress it up none. Tell it for what it is.
657 How dare you! I've done so much to make amends... no, no, you are right. The "cellar" is... a dungeon. My father walled it up, but it had seen much use...
658 Never, Miss Nalia! They got but barest of service for me life. I would never...
659 Fine, I believe you, but how did they know? Father would not tell. Come, we must go. Daleson, prepare what others you can find for a return to service.
660 Yes, Miss Nalia.
661 So you come from the winged folk, do you, lass?
662 No need to be formal, lassie. Call me Jan. I was recently reminded of my ex-brother-in-law, Burt Wunderkind, fabulous griffon-baiter.
663 Yes, of course. It's something of a cottage industry amongst Amnian gnomes. Quite simple, I've heard. You merely tame a couple of wyverns and WHOOSH, tear through the sky to fling insults at the hapless griffons.
664 Really? Everyone I know has a pet wyvern. Taming wyverns is child's play, literally. As children, we'd tame wyverns. It's easy since they have such an affinity for turtles. Back in the old days it used to rain turtles on even days and frogs on odd days.
665 That's what I thought until the drought hit. There were ornery wyverns everywhere. After a rich diet of turtle mash, you couldn't expect them to merely accept bacon without eating a few human nobles, now, could you?
666 Of course, by then, Burt was such successful griffon-baiter that the authorities just couldn't find it in their hearts to make us leash the wyverns. The loss of the noble class is truly a small price to pay to maintain the continuity of such a fine sport. There's nothing like the look of incredulity on a griffon's face to keep one's spirits up.
667 Don't you worry, lass. If Burt ever pops by, we'll get you up in the air faster than a chicken with one of Jan Jansen's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates tied to his rear. Trust me, that is fast!
668 Thank you, m'<LADYLORD>. Let us make haste then to the Government District, and I will point out my estate to you when we pass its gates.
669 I must say, it was only practical. My mother was of noble birth and my father a ranking cleric. I might have followed in his pages, but it lacked the appeal of holy warrior.
670 If you wouldst write of me, write of me as I would wish to be remembered.
671 As do you, Korgan. But alas, blades be far too lengthy for the vertically challenged, I hazard a guess.
672 Your axe has claimed a few close to you, we know. I'd not put a revisit to the same impulse past you.
673 We all do, Korgan. Our lord makes this world a vale of tears and sorrow. And, alas, few are saved. Infinitely more are damned.
674 Yes, m'<LADYLORD>, but I cannot stay away forever. This long absence preys upon my conscience even as we speak.
675 Y-yes—yes, sir.
676 A... A griffon-baiter?
677 Oh, I didn't think you could tame a wyvern.
678 Why, that's ridiculous!
679 I... I wish I could fly. I haven't since I was a—since I was a kid.
680 The character will defend <PRO_HIMHER>self if attacked, or if <PRO_HESHE> see enemies. (<script>).
682 The character flees at the first sign of danger. This script is intended to protect the protagonist or another character whom you don't want inadvertently slain. (<script>)
683 The character will not rush into combat. If an enemy attacks the character, <PRO_HESHE> will defend <PRO_HIMHER>self, preferring ranged weapons over melee. (<script>)
685 RANGED :
686 The character will attack any enemy when <PRO_HESHE> sees them with the missile weapon <PRO_HESHE> is most proficient with. The character will try to keep <PRO_HISHER> distance from enemies, but if <PRO_HESHE>'s attacked in melee combat, <PRO_HESHE> will switch to a melee weapon. (<script>)
687 So, Valygar, how do you like being a ranger?
688 Well, if you're asking, then yes. It happens that my Aunt Petunia is a ranger, don't you know?
689 She had the standard followers: a hydra, a shadow dragon, and a solar. She had the dragon trained to roll over, play dead, and fetch dwarves. She called him Blackie, I believe. Loved to run and play and lie in the sun.
690 Long and far she'd roam, with Larry the Solar always at her side, fighting evil, mocking druids, and the like.
691 Anyway, my point is that Petunia and Larry were out for a stroll in the woods. She was wearing her fruit armor, which was the style at the time, you understand. Aunt Petunia always kept up with the style.
692 Larry had a nasty case of the plague...
693 Very well. We'll continue this story at the next opportunity.
694 I can't wait.
695 I did say he was a necromancer, didn't I? As I understand it, Lavok felt that tampering with the veil that separates life from death was his prerogative.
696 The old family was, yes. They continued to practice Lavok's magics long after he left, but my particular branch was not interested in such pursuits.
697 They left in disgust, watching from afar as the old family crumbled over the years. And then my family inherited what little of Lavok's fortune was left.
698 Thank you for the compliments, dwarf.
700 Before you know it, you've spent your life in the library, having never seen the light of day, never truly lived. Believe me, I know this only too well.
701 Nalia, dearie, you remind me so much of Cletus Bifflelips, my second cousin, thrice removed.
702 You wouldn't think so, yet here we are. You see, Cletus had a propensity for bouts of violent projectile vomiting. We'd call him, Cletus the Room Clearer Bifflelips.
703 Now just bear with me for a moment, Nalia. You see, it was after one such bout that Cletus, feeling quite ill, took a painful stroll down to the local witch-woman, in the vague hope that she might have a cure for his problem.
704 After paying the 1,000-gold-piece consulting fee and vomiting in the proffered bucket, the witch gave Cletus an herbal tea, which he was to drink twice per day for a score of days.
705 Drinking it everyday on schedule, yet failing to notice any change in his condition, Cletus began to worry. Upon finishing his final cup of tea, Cletus vomited.
706 No need to force your ridiculously high standards onto poor, deceased Cletus.
707 Actually, he's not dead. I made that part up. Well, needless to say, Cletus was somewhat angry, so he went back to confront the witch. She had, of course, taken the money and left town. But in her haste to escape the vomiting wrath of Cletus Bifflelips, the witch left her belongings behind.
708 Cletus, at the height of his anger, swiped her entire collection of novels written by noted folklorist Nalia de Bouche. I'll be the first to admit that revenge was not Cletus's forte.
709 Well, they can't all be gems. 'Tis one of my favorites, however.
710 All this traveling is beginning to wear on me... I can't remember the last time I walked so much in a single day. Haha haha... it's something my aunt should try, I think... instead of being hauled about in her gilded carriage.
711 I don't think that I could be very much like a person named Cletus.
712 Please, Jan! This is too ridiculous, even for you!
713 This is disgusting, Jan.
714 I'm sorry. His illness killed him, did it?
715 Honestly, Jan, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
716 I do not understand. Aside from a few servants, we've seen very few dead. Where are the guards? They would have fought to the last. My father's bodyguard, Glaicus, should have been here in the bedroom, yet I see no body.
717 The cowards probably ran away. I bet they were spoiled rotten by rich living.
718 They may have been captured for food. Perhaps they are storing the bodies elsewhere?
719 How strong was their loyalty to you? Perhaps they simply decided it was not worth the fight.
720 Perhaps they were not as effective as you thought they might be.
721 Weak grrthunks! Me smell you! You stupid to come here! TorGal kill you all, make you food for Rocksmash pack!
722 We've come to get you out of my home, monster! You will leave this place or die here!
723 TorGal not die here! Only stupids who stay will die! Why you here? Too stupid to take gold and go with other grrthns?
724 I am here because this is my home! You will pay for this affront to the dignity of this place!
725 You live this place? Then thrrgle you die! That was deal, and you die for sure! Rocksmash pack keep deal for Stronger!
726 What?! What deal? Someone put you up to this? Who was it? My father will have them quartered!
727 Father dead! That deal when he not talk! You die too, and TorGal not say anything to grrthle stupid! That deal too, and Rocksmash not break good deal! You die like should!
728 No! Tell me who did this. If you are just the hired ruffians, who put you up to it?! Damnation, you will tell me! Make him talk, <CHARNAME>!
729 TorGal not talk! Rocksmash not talk! You not talk! We fight, then Rocksmash eat tthhrgunts! No talk!
730 I assure you, the servants were not spoiled. Aunty would not have tolerated it. The servants were loyal, I am certain. The guards were different though.
731 I would not like to think about that. Some of the servants were good acquaintances. They appreciated my charity, I think.
732 I don't think it was like that. The guards were well paid. It is more likely they are dead, but Glaicus would have given his life out of friendship for my father.
733 They were more than capable, I assure you. Father has an eye for such things, and they also came from a well-recommended source. No, they were very competent.
734 My... my home. My father... what is left? Someone has done this... but who...?
735 I take it that my job here is done? Am I free to leave now?
736 I cannot ease your pain. I have done what I could, but there is little else for me to do here.
737 I feel as though my work is not done. I could not save your father, and I am sorry.
738 Sorry that I can't stick around to figure it out. You did say something about a reward?
739 I have done what I can. Might I expect a reward? I do not mean to appear crass.
740 You may go if you wish. I will stay... oh no. Wait! Um, could you stay longer? I need... oh forget it. Damn it all, if it's not one thing it's another!
741 Farewell then. Take care.
742 What is it now? Speak up, I've not got all day!
743 What is it? Is there something else I can help you with?
744 I am thankful, and I will give you what reward I can. Now that father is gone, I have to... oh no. Uh, could I persuade you to... uh... no. No, forget it.
745 Thank you, yes. I will just take my reward and go. Farewell and good luck.
746 What is it now? Speak up, I'll not lose sleep tonight wondering what you would have said.
747 Is there something else that can be done for you? I am willing to listen.
748 I will see what I can do. Now that Father is gone, I will have to... oh no. Uh, wait! Could you... no. Forget I said anything. You should go.
749 Thank you. I bid you farewell.
750 Finish what you began, Nalia. I'll not waste sleep wondering what you were about to utter.
751 Is there something else I can do? Speak freely if there is.
752 Here, have what gold is on hand. I care not about it. It doesn't really matter at this point. Goodbye. I wish you well.
753 It's... it's a matter of what happens now. I am... betrothed to a man I do not wish to marry. Father said he would stall as long as I wished him to, but now he is gone.
754 I see. You wish a marriage of convenience to stave off the advances of your intended.
755 Do you want a marriage of convenience? Interesting, but I doubt it would fool your intended.
756 I could kill this man. It would solve your problem in a timely manner.
757 Speak on. What is it you are proposing to avoid the proposal? A disappearance?
758 To you? Nothing so distasteful. That would hardly be an improvement; no one would believe I would prefer the likes of you. Err, no offense intended. Really.
759 Imagine the scandal. Who would believe I would have relations with you, even if you were the appropriate sex? I mean, I am charitable, but really... err, no offense intended.
760 That is hardly an acceptable solution! I will have no part of that! Though if it were to look like an accident... NO! No, I don't think that will be necessary.
761 No, that would solve nothing. I would have to face it eventually, and it would not do for me to be seen avoiding traditional duties.
762 Alvanhendar
763 No, what I propose is something different. I doubt it will fool many people regardless, but it would save my home from what is sure to be ill use.
764 They epitomize what I hate about nobles. Everyone is beneath their status, and if you wish any respect, you must be of their social number.
765 My father was born with a title, but he demanded that people distinguish themselves through deeds. He obeyed etiquette, but he did not hide his distaste for it.
766 Certainly this might not sound like a crisis to you, but I have spent my life trying to right some of the wrongs that have been done to those of lesser status.
767 I assure you, you need not worry about the task ahead. You can only benefit from it, and with as little effort as you wish.
768 It is my right as heir to choose who leads this place. I couldn't stand before the Roenalls effectively. You, with your... talents, would prove a daunting figure.
769 Cattack
770 I was betrothed to Isaea Roenall, a brat of a man. Now they will surely push the arrangement, and I will be forced into a life of quiet nobility.
771 Well, that certainly sounds horrible. All that luxury. Pardon me if I don't cry you a river.
772 And so you will become part of the system you hate. What recourse do you have?
773 A long and tedious tale, Nalia. Kindly get to what it is you want from me.
774 I really wish I could help, gosh I do. If you are through, I'll take my reward and go.
775 I am sorry for your troubles, but I really must be going. Good luck to you, Nalia.
776 The Roenalls would accept this? I find that hard to believe.
777 And what would I have to do to assume this role? What would be needed of me?
778 <PRO_LADYLORD> <CHARNAME>. I like the sound of that.
779 Glass Dust
780 You are just trying to saddle your troubles onto me!
781 Please, this will ensure that the Roenalls do not take control. They are oppressive nobles, and will not direct this place in a way that will honor my father.
782 You will do ceremonial things, but nothing overtly stressful. Please, the Roenalls would not use this place in a way that would honor my father.
783 You will prove a daunting figure, and my servants and I will be shielded from the Roenalls. Please, even Aunty will push for their coming if I do not act quickly.
784 It's not uncommon for a fighting <PRO_MANWOMAN> to take possession when the lord of the manor is... dead. With you as head, this place will continue to honor my father.
785 It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles. I shall strive to see it flourish.
786 I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. We'll see this place run proper.
787 I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
788 I accept. It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles.
789 I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. We'll see this place run proper.
790 I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
791 I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
792 I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
793 I accept. It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles.
794 I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. We'll see this place run proper.
795 I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
796 I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
797 I accept. It will be an honor to guide this place through its troubles.
798 I'll take your offer, and damn those that stand in our way. I'll see this place run proper.
799 I cannot accept. There are others that would suit it better, I am sure. I am sorry.
800 I'm not having anything to do with this. Find yourself another stooge.
801 Wonderful! They can't force me out now, and Isaea can forget the blasted betrothal. You are now master, within reason. I remain blood heir and can take it away.
802 But... very well. I will remain here to do what must be done. If you change your mind, there is time before the Roenalls would be able to take over. Think about it.
803 Yes? That is my name. What can I do for you, son?
805 Lellyn's Journal
808 This orb was given to you by the sahuagin royal high priestess. You can gain an audience with the rebel prince if you take the orb to their encampment. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
809 Polymorphed
812 Elder Orb
814 Pirate Captain
815 Pirate Captain
816 Assign Keys
817 Priest of Waukeen
818 Priest of Waukeen
819 Amnian Soldier
820 Oops, wrong target.
821 Amnian Soldier
822 Barracks Guard
823 Barracks Guard
824 Guard Captain
825 Waukeen's Temple
826 Guard Captain
827 Ruffian Captain
828 Ruffian Captain
829 Blade Barrier
830 Never shout for help
831 Shout for help at three-quarter Hit Points
832 Shout for help at half Hit Points
833 Shout for help when almost dead
834 I feel refreshed.
835 Follow mode on
836 Follow mode off
837 You see a shimmering of magic across the path ahead. It would probably not be wise to proceed unless you have the proper tools to access the asylum.
838 The drawbridge has been lowered.
839 You deal—I'll cut! Hahaha!
840 Entrance to Ogre's Tower
842 The control script lets the user have keyboard control over the behavior of the character. Press "D" to equip a melee weapon, "F" to equip a ranged weapon. The "S" key will toggle follow mode on/off. The "G" key will cycle through the possible shout options. (<script>)
843 Does my captor know a way for me to gain power? Imoen said something odd. Our captor apparently has some insight into my... condition as a child of Bhaal. He supposedly mentioned a means of allowing me to tap that power. I am in no position to question him at the moment, but I will keep it in mind for the future.
844 Let's see what's inside this one! Yeah!
845 This is a fresh sahuagin heart. With luck, the king will accept it as that of the prince. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
846 Monsters summoned
847 This is the heart of the sahuagin prince Villynaty. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
848 This is Cernd's child. The child is healthy and well fed despite Deril's apparent distaste for the boy. STATISTICS: Weight: 18
849 Come get some! Booyah!
850 This is the wardstone obtained from Perth the Adept. It should lower the wards that keep you from entering Spellhold. STATISTICS: Weight: 18
851 This stone has a certain energy about it. It might come in useful, although at this point you aren't sure where. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
852 This is the crystal shard obtained from the avatar of Kurtulmak's whose essence was trapped within a large crystal. The kobolds seemed to worship it. STATISTICS: Weight: 18
853 This is the hand that you've obtained from the dead vampire, Dace. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
854 Is that snow?
855 Gauntlets of Crushing
856 The journal lists a number of experiments, apparently conducted by a mage known as Lium the Lucky. The section dealing with the machine in front of you draws your eye: "What a wondrous contraption! It creates, enchants, and dispenses magical equipment of no small power by pulling these six levers in the correct order. The ranking of the levers seems to change daily, and pulling them in the incorrect order results in painful and instant death, as I've deduced from the bloodstains on the floor. I've gotten the order correct for the last few days and sent the items home with Pooky. It is well that I found the machine when I did, for it hasn't much life left. Each item it creates damages the inner workings further, and soon I fear it shall fall apart. The previous order was: 1) Ruby 2) Jade 3) Mithral 4) Onyx 5) Emerald 6) Sandalwood. I've taken apart what pieces of the machine I could, and found the device that sets the ranking of the levers. With it, as stated, the order for the past several days was clear. Now the cursed thing has broken and I've garnered hardly any information from it at all. This is what I *have* discovered: A) The jade lever's change in ranking was the greatest of the six levers. B) The product of the onyx lever's rankings for the two days (when multiplied) is same as the product of the sandalwood lever's last two rankings when multiplied. C) None of the levers are ever in the exact same place in line as they were yesterday. D) Obviously, due to the change in the jade lever's order, there are only two possibilities regarding the change in the orders of the onyx and sandalwood levers, one of which contradicts another clue. E) It is likely that the mithral lever moved the same number of rankings as the sandalwood lever. Quite the dilemma and the guesswork is risky. However, the items I've obtained are worth the risk and, with logic, I'm sure that I'll discover the correct order for today." The journal says no more.
857 A foreigner from the east who went by the name of Floating Bear became well-known through the Sword Coast. Unarmed and unarmored, he bested many powerful warriors. One night, in the arms of a lady of the night, he whispered his secret. His martial arts training was supplemented by the thin gauntlets he wore, which allowed him to hit more accurately and with harder punches than bare fists would normally allow. The woman stole the gloves and took the next boat out. Floating Bear soon left, returning to his homeland. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – THAC0: +4 when attacking with fists – Damage: +4 when attacking with fists Weight: 2
858 Kirinaldo
859 Kirinaldo
860 Lunisia
861 Lunisia
862 After slaying the troll, you've obtained his decapitated head. STATISTICS: Weight: 6
863 This is the stone horn of a minotaur statue. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
864 This horn can be blown to signal the harbor guards. They will open the sea gates to allow a ship through. Without the horn, a ship would never leave the harbor. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
865 This is the light gem obtained from the svirfneblin king. The light that it brings forth seems powerful enough to dispel any darkness. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
866 BANG!
867 Double Hit Points
868 A circlet of alien metal that dominates even the most powerful of minds and leaves them defenseless. Perhaps this item could be used to control a mind flayer and make him help you escape from this hellish prison. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
869 Choke up, dolt! Your grip's all wrong!
870 These are the eggs of the silver dragon Adalon. They were stolen by the drow for some evil purpose. STATISTICS: Weight: 7
871 These are the false dragon eggs given to you by Phaere. STATISTICS: Weight: 8
872 These are the false dragon eggs given to you by Solaufein. STATISTICS: Weight: 8
873 A potion obtained from a briny pool in which young illithids, tadpole like creatures, live and grow. When used, the potion will temporarily make the user immune to psionics. STATISTICS: Special: Immunity to psionics Duration: 1 turn Weight: 2
874 Oops, a gate... Is that a demon?!
875 What's with the noise?
876 Duration halved
877 Swirly things
878 Projectile speed halved
879 These are the kuo-toan tadpoles taken from the corrupted birthing pool. They appear to be diseased and were most likely placed here to avoid corrupting the healthy tadpoles. If such a thing were done, the adult kuo-toans would be weakened. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
880 This is a book of elemental rituals that is the possession of a mage called Vithal. It is of little use to any other person. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
881 This scroll—given to you by the svirfneblin king—gives you the ability to shape stone. The scroll is specifically attuned to the recent earthworks of the gnomes that broke through into the prison of the beast that threatens the town. Use this scroll to reseal the hole.
882 This is the helmet of the svirfneblin patrol leader that you were sent to kill. It will act as proof that you have succeeded in your mission. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Protects against critical hits Weight: 2
883 This is the blood of the kuo-toan prince. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
884 This eyestalk is from an elder orb who was none too willing to give it up. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
885 Sun Medallion
886 This golden medallion is a stylized rendition of a star. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
887 A simple golden circlet. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
888 A plain glass jar filled with crystal clear water. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
889 This is a rough cut stone sundial that fits in the palm of your hand. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
890 Weapons glow
891 This medallion is a stylized rendition of a sun. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
892 This cloak belongs to Solaufein, the drow warrior. It increases the wearer's Hide In Shadows and Move Silently abilities. Talented drow weavers have woven strands of adamantine into this cloak, thus rendering it useless if exposed to the light—the effect of which will turn the cloak to dust. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Hide In Shadows: +75% – Move Silently: +75% – Save vs. Breath: +6 Weight: 3
893 Falahar
894 Falahar
895 Dracandros
896 Dracandros
897 Valeria
898 Valeria
899 Quickly! We must get out of here before whoever did this returns. I swear, traveling with you is never dull.
900 I may help, but refresh my memory as to who you are.
901 You can't make demands of me. What authority do you think you have?
902 I don't know why I am here. Perhaps you are to blame.
903 Do you know why we are here? Any clue would be helpful.
904 Have you any idea why we are here?
905 No, we have traveled together too long for such games, and I will answer plain and true if it will help.
906 I will detail our relationship if you wish, but it shall be nothing you do not already know.
907 Have you forgotten what we have done? Perhaps your senses are addled. I will remind you, but it will not give any new clues as to why we are here.
908 I will recount what led to this if you wish, though I think I have little to offer that you do not know already.
909 I will repeat what I believe led to our capture if I must, but I doubt it shall prove to be different than what is already known by you.
910 At the behest of your slain foster father, my husband Khalid and I have kept an interest in you, though you have proven to be your own person in all things.
911 ******
912 Your... unique heritage has proven a magnet to adventure, for better or worse, and your foster father was right in directing us to watch over you.
913 No Save
914 Pitre
915 Held
916 Pitre
917 Detect magic
918 A miniature broadsword on a chain. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
919 A clay figurine depicting a bound and gagged humanoid. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
920 A simple gilt hand mirror. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
921 Once we know, we will deal with them in due course, but for the time being, it is more important we retrieve our friends and companions and leave this place.
922 I have no time for one as long-winded as you. Fare thee well, I'll not rescue you.
923 I agree, but your cage seems to require a key of some magical nature.
924 Where is Khalid now? He is not with you?
925 They should be more careful if they are weak. Where is Khalid, anyway?
926 You, however, look as though you have been treated most unfavorably, and I should not like to think of Khalid receiving the same.
927 This instrument, made of two bulbs of glass joined by a narrow passage, tells time with a portion of sand that falls between the two bulbs. Hourglasses are a common time-telling device throughout the realms. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
928 A humanoid skull. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
929 This is the Lady Galvena's personal skeleton key to the festhall. It will allow access to the prison area. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
930 Conjur Ota Servanta
931 Roll 4 more times!
932 This is one of the medallions worn by the employees of Galvena's Festhall. It is used for identification. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
933 Perhaps we'll find Khalid hiding under a bed along the way.
934 An oil painting of a mind flayer. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
935 Enough of this; we have no time to bicker. We must find any of our companions that are trapped here and escape.
936 An oil painting of an umber hulk. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
937 An oil painting of a troll. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
938 An oil painting of a djinn. The work is amateurish at best. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
939 Indeed? Well, despite your... wit, he would be a great help in our escape. Better that we make use of all our strengths, rather than pick apart our weaknesses.
940 You have changed in this place. You would abandon your friends? Whether you remember or not, we have shared the path here. Is that to be forgotten?
941 A bottle of sleeping draught used by Galvena's courtesans to aid in robbing clients. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
942 Aye, and as quickly as possible. Goodbye, Jaheira... It's been swell.
943 I am merely taking a new path, one that is better suited to my needs.
944 Forgive my ill-timed jesting. I will free you as soon as possible.
945 It would be best to face the culprit another day on our own terms, so go and be quick. We must free ourselves soon.
946 I care not. In fact, I think I'll leave you to distract any guards.
947 Such a chore to protect all these people from their own ineptitude.
948 I will help, but your cage seems to be sealed magically.
949 More baggage for me? I think I'll leave you all behind to distract the guards.
950 I will decide what course is best. First, I shall see to your cage.
951 Of course, though the bars that bind you seem warded by a magic of some sort.
952 I need neither them nor you. Your ceaseless prattle will only slow me down.
953 Ahh, he likes it. Now, have you found a way out of that cage?
954 Forgive my manner; you are right, of course. I will do what I can.
955 Such callous disregard! We have fought together and traveled long! You would toss that aside like so much rubbish?!
956 I neither understand nor appreciate such humor. If you are to effect my release, best you set to doing it.
957 Know you well that this will not be forgotten! You have turned as I thought you might, and will get what is deserved!
958 I do not recall you being so cold. Perhaps I have had some memory loss myself, but this will not be forgotten. If I live, I shall see you pay.
959 Do not get too close; if I could reach you, you would regret it.
960 Where? He who sneaks up on Minsc loses teeth!
961 Stop it! Boo is not for you, tiny! You'll hurt him!
962 No, I know best when talking of Boo. If you could hear his wishes, you would agree, but you cannot. The words of Boo are for Minsc alone.
963 I can and will. And another thing; no more sneaking Boo crackers. He is getting rather portly, and the crumbs make for an itchy bedroll.
964 Eh, weather is nice... mmmaybe...
965 *grunt*
966 What is too bad?
967 What do you mean?
968 An itch? Can you not scratch it?
969 What can Minsc do to help? A tragedy, this is! I will slay those that need slaying!
970 It is only fair, big-nosed little one. We will do all that we can to aid you.
971 You will not steal Boo from me! I know your tricks!
972 Boo shall comfort the little dying gnome for a moment. Only a moment!
973 Alone? No, I draw the line... hey! Stand still! I warn you!
974 I'll throttle you with your own arms if you do not return him this instant! This is no longer amusing! It was never amusing! I am not laughing!
975 That's right, you apologize! It's hard enough keeping Boo's roaming in check without you stealing him. Bad Jan! There will be a booting if this happens again!
976 Minsc! Look out! Behind you!
977 C'mon, Boo! Quickly, come to Jan!
978 He likes me. Gnomes are far cuddlier than oafish humans.
979 You can't fault a fellow for trying.
980 Ah, Minsc! 'Tis truly a beautiful day, no?
981 It is a day to get out into the world, to breathe in the fresh air.
982 Too bad, though...
983 It's too bad that I won't live to enjoy it.
984 Hadn't you heard, old friend? I've got the Calimshan itch. Alas, poor Jan! *sob* *sob*
985 Only death will cure this itch. I shall not live out this day. Oh, terrible powers of the heavens! Why will you let me die without granting me a final wish? Cruel, cruel fate!
986 I do have one final wish... no, no. I do not wish to burden my companions with my death. My teensy-weensy wish is unimportant. Travel on, good Minsc. Carry the torch and so forth.
987 Truly, it is a small thing. As a child, I had a pet hamster, named Spanky. Those were the only pure days in my life. Every day was perfection. Oh, the pain! If I could just hold a hamster while I die, perhaps I could capture the innocence of my youth and die a happy gnome.
988 'Tis no trick. *cough* *cough* Nevertheless, you are correct about one thing, my oafish friend. I do not deserve happiness. Please, leave me to my excruciatingly painful death. I am close now... Spanky, I miss you!
989 Ah, thank you, Minsc. May I have a moment alone?
990 At last Boo is mine! I cannot believe this stupid trick worked. Come, noble hamster, a life of frivolity awaits.
991 All right, all right. It was only a jest, Minscy. I meant no harm.
992 There is nothing I want here. Goodbye.
993 Perhaps I have come back to release you and ask forgiveness. Perhaps...
994 I am truly sorry for what was said earlier. I do intend to rescue you.
995 I'm not going to leave you here for long, just until I find the key for your chains.
996 You had best leave, and quickly. If I find my release from here, I will have your head on a pike! It will be as I should have done long ago!
997 Do you think me so weak of mind as to believe you, or so weak of spirit as to beg you? No, your choice is made clear and I will not indulge you further.
998 No matter. Goodbye, Jaheira.
999 Then we have nothing more to discuss.
1000 Truly, my apologies. I will release you as soon as I am able.
1001 And I have cause to believe this? I think not. Prove your intent by actually carrying out the deed, and then we shall see if I must kill you or not.
1002 Do what you will. You have already proven as reliable as a tamed owlbear.
1003 I shall see you again; you had best count on that. There will be blood that pays for your lies.
1004 Hello again, I see you have not had much luck. Do keep trying. We should leave this place as soon as we are able.
1005 I'll do what I can. Don't worry, I'll be back soon.
1006 I don't think there's much else I can do. I'm going to have to leave without you.
1007 Yes, yes, I'm hurrying as fast as I can!
1008 I should hope so. If we stand about much longer, we are sure to be caught once more.
1009 Do not think me overly domineering; I am just eager to leave. Please hurry.
1010 You have my gratitude, but I'll not look at you the same way again. You should not indulge that side of yourself. It does not honor the memory of Gorion.
1011 I have little memory of that past. Get on your way. I have no need of you.
1012 Does my free will hinge on only doing just what you suggest?
1013 I make no apologies. Join or not; the choice is yours.
1014 I was wrong to suggest leaving you here. Will you adventure at my side?
1015 So be it. I thank you for my "rescue." If we meet again, I doubt it will be as pleasant as this. Take care; you've certainly chosen a rocky path.
1016 I must go. I think it is best that I leave before our host returns. Perhaps we will meet again, and perhaps it will be under favorable terms. I doubt it.
1017 No matter, as I will not be put off so easily. I will join and follow as you see fit. See that we do not stray too far afield lest I regret my decision.
1018 Perhaps we shall meet again, and perhaps we shall even both be on the side of right. Perhaps, though it does not look likely.
1019 I make no apologies. Join or not; the choice is yours.
1020 I still believe you will choose the right path, and I shall be at your side while you do. I hope you do not disappoint, or make me regret my decision.
1021 Well, that is a relief, and about time too. We should be going immediately. Not only might our "host" come back, I simply must see the sun again in none too short a time. This dank place stifles me.
1022 We will leave immediately and celebrate once we are out of this hole.
1023 You are welcome so long as you remember I am leader. We do as I will.
1024 Find your own way out. We have a greater chance of escape if we split up.
1025 "We" won't be going. I rescued you, but I neither need nor desire your company.
1026 As you would have it, though there are other friends we must find as well. It is good to share your company again.
1027 This place has hardened your manner. I do not remember you being so quick with a cold remark. Lead on as you wish, but do tread carefully, will you?
1028 Joia's Flamedance Ring
1029 I would disagree with your logic. Once noticed, would not smaller groups be more likely to be captured? There is safety in the company of friends.
1030 I do not wish that company. I am sorry, but you must find your own way out.
1031 You are right, of course. Join with me and we shall escape this place.
1032 If a group is noticed, there is a good chance it will not be mine. Understand?
1033 An effective plan, but as cold and calculating as the walls that hold us. So be it, but it won't be I that is captured. Perhaps we will meet again.
1034 Could you perhaps illuminate for me, then, what this building is for?
1035 Kha... Khalid?
1036 A mug of ale with an odd but faint smell. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1037 Holy water blessed by the elven god Rillifane. The water was specially made to combat vampires. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
1038 A human skull made from solid gold. The thing burns with malevolent energy.
1039 The leg and arm bones of a skeleton made of solid gold. An unmistakable sense of evil pollutes the very air around the bones. STATISTICS: Weight: 6
1040 A skeletal torso made of pure gold. A palpable sense of evil pollutes the very air around the bones. STATISTICS: Weight: 20
1041 This is the central eye obtained from the beholder of the Twisted Rune. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1042 This is the holy symbol of the elven god Rillifane. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1043 An intricate gilded cup. This is one of the crown jewels of Ellesime, the queen of Suldanessellar. The Goblet is a powerful symbol of the elven people. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1044 A powerful moonblade, this weapon has become one of the most basic symbols of Suldanessellar. It is truly ancient, and said to have been wielded by the founder of long-ruined Myth Rhynn. It can be used only by its "chosen," a citizen of the city that has proven their worth in a series of mysterious tests unknown to any outsider. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
1045 A small hardened fruit harvested from a section of the Tree of Life that grew into the palace. There is no obvious use for the smaller fruits, but they have power and should be kept. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1046 A teardrop-shaped gemstone of a deep, oddly unsettling color. The Tear is one of the keys required to open the Watcher's Door. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1047 Name
1048 Race
1049 Alignment
1050 Male
1051 Female
1052 <FIGHTERTYPE> / Thief
1053 <FIGHTERTYPE> / Cleric
1054 A collection of bones that once made up the skeleton of a dog. They have been gnawed upon by something large. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
1055 A length of smooth golden rope, braided into a miniature pair of shackles. Visaj said that the rope would protect you from the effects of the lich Deirex's magic. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
1057 <MAGESCHOOL> / Thief
1058 Cleric / <MAGESCHOOL>
1059 This is the wardstone that will allow you access to the House Jae'llat. Without the stone, the wards make the place impenetrable. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
1060 This is a tooth from the drow lich Deirex. The tooth acts as a key for many of the lich's doors. It will also open his treasure vault at the top of his tower. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
1061 These are the gems in which the lich Deirex stores the imprisoned souls of his enemies. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
1062 This enchanted rope allows the user to descend or ascend any height. It will stretch to any length and still maintain its strength. It can be used to descend into the Underdark through the hole that the sahuagin guard. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
1063 The brain of the drow priestess, Qilue. STATISTICS: Weight: 3
1064 The black, withered heart of the vampire Bodhi. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
1065 Cleric / Thief
1066 <FIGHTERTYPE> / Druid
1067 A beautiful glittering fruit taken from the section of the Tree of Life that grows through the palace. The fruit has a tantalizing smell and looks ripe enough to eat. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1068 An elegantly carved stone harp. The harp appears to have been part of a larger carving, but has obviously been torn away from it. STATISTICS: Weight: 3
1069 Lizard Man
1070 Lizard Man
1071 An elegantly carved stone horn. The horn appears to have been part of a larger carving, but has obviously been torn away from it. STATISTICS: Weight: 3
1072 This a holy stone used by priests of the elven god Rillifane. A piece of ritual is written on the back: From Corellon, all began. Rillifane grew. From the branches of Rillifane the Water flowed, Granting life to the Tree. Suldanessellar owes all to the Tree. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
1073 Cleric / Ranger
1077 Ranger
1078 Paladin
1079 Cleric
1080 Druid
1082 Thief
1083 Bard
1084 Gorkale
1085 Khalid... No! This... this is an illusion... a dream... a bad dream...
1086 Gorkale
1087 The heart of Yoshimo is to be taken to a priest of Ilmater to remove the geas and grant the thief peace in death. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
1088 Lizard King
1089 Lizard King
1090 Sil... Silvanus guide the light... to the source. Take this man to what he justly deserves. By... nature's will, what was given is returned; what was turmoil is now... is now peace.
1091 This is the key to the lower levels of Lady Galvena's Festhall, the Courtesan's Guild. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1092 We... we must hurry before we are noticed. We must get out of this... this grave... and seek the light above. Let us go.
1093 Jon Irenicus's key. This will allow access to the escape route in the basement of the asylum. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1094 That's it? I certainly hope you try a little harder to rescue me if I fall.
1095 There may be a way to get him returned to life. Should we not try?
1096 Human
1097 Elf
1098 Half-Elf
1099 Gnome
1100 Dwarf
1101 Halfling
1102 Lawful Good
1103 Lawful Evil
1104 Lawful Neutral
1105 Neutral Good
1106 True Neutral
1107 Neutral Evil
1108 Chaotic Good
1109 Chaotic Neutral
1110 Chaotic Evil
1111 Well, that was a short mourning period. I guess you weren't that close after all.
1112 Only this gigantic shark tooth, said to have been left by the sahuagin god Sekolah, can open the way to the rebel prince's base. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1113 No pointless crying; we will honor him when there is time.
1114 This key, obtained from Phaere, will give you access to the Despana treasury room. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1115 This ornate key will open the door to the royal treasury. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
1116 The Rhynn Lanthorn is an artifact from ruined Myth Rhynn. It was highly prized by the city's rulers, as it shone through all falsehoods and illusions. The device, with the lenses in place, can dispel the illusions that hide Suldanessellar. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
1117 You will watch your tongue lest I rip it from your mouth! I, more than anyone, know of the ways life may return, but there is a line that cannot be crossed!
1118 We live in a time of miracles, and nature allows the rebirth of many that have passed beyond the veil, but there is a time when... when it is better to let go.
1119 I will mourn according to what I believe. His death... his death is horrible, but I am still trapped and we are still in danger. Should sorrow doom us all?
1120 This is one of the missing lenses of the Rhynn Lanthorn. It must be taken back to Elhan. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
1121 Minotaur
1122 Minotaur
1123 Bone Golem
1124 I can't stand seeing all these taverns around the city. They exist simply to drain the poorer classes of their money and throw them into such a stupor that they can't even realize their oppression.
1125 Aye, my darling loon, drink is to the poor what theater is to the rich: a costly chance to play out fantasies that never shall come true.
1126 Don't patronize me, Haer'Dalis, for I have never done the same to you.
1127 Then we will not disturb his body further. We will honor his loss with future deeds.
1128 Whatever you say, though I still think you are just giving up.
1129 And I shall, Haer'Dalis. I shall.
1131 Ha, my dear, 'tis true, for had your family patronized me while I was still with the theater, I would be far wealthier than I am today!
1132 Should we try to have him saved? If we are careful and bring him to a temple...
1133 No, but I would at least try to save him. I hope you do not make a habit of this.
1134 I suppose not. Very well, we will honor him by bringing his killer to justice.
1135 Mazzy, Mazzy, Mazzy. All the ferocity of Cattie-Brie in a package half her size! ...You would have made a fine and noble knight, my little falcon.
1136 Nature is a cycle of birth and... death. Interrupting that cycle isn't... natural! Ah, there's no time for this! I will mourn, but we must still rescue ourselves!
1137 Aye, falcon... Aye, I believe it.
1138 Korgan
1139 A word, good knight Anomen... In the last battle, I noticed you pulling back and parrying... Next time you see an opening like that, my advice is to take advantage of it.
1140 That is the way of things. There will be... there will be payment for this crime, and I shall not rest until it is collected. When we are able, there will be...
1141 As you wish, though we are obviously of different minds. Let us go.
1142 If you would not help your husband, how are you to be trusted to help another?
1143 You will get no further argument from me. I apologize.
1144 Enough. I would leave this place.
1145 Strength
1146 Bone Golem
1147 I will not suffer this! You will learn the limits and understand, but I will not bear this idiocy now! Find your own path; I will not travel with you!
1148 Aye, Anomen, talk as you wish. For all your swagger, you wouldn't last a day upon the planes.
1149 You will learn. There are things that cannot change, and others that cannot remain. And others...
1150 Another day! We must live to pose a bigger threat! There is no point joining the fray today; we would only end up dead or back in our cells. Another day...
1151 Dexterity
1152 Of course I am afraid; what fool wouldn't be? We were captured with little difficulty, held with even less, and have escaped with friends dead or wounded.
1153 We will exact vengeance when it is to our advantage. I will not start a losing battle. A guaranteed loss is a fool's endeavor. Another day... another day...
1154 Yuan-ti Mage
1155 Are you afraid? I know I would be if my mate had been killed.
1156 I couldn't agree more. Let's leave these heavy-hitters and get out of here!
1157 Turn and run if you will, but I am not a coward!
1158 I agree, there is no point to a hopeless battle. We will do no good by dying.
1159 Only an idiot is not afraid when <PRO_HESHE> should be. We were captured and held with ease! Yes, we have earned our freedom, but it was at the cost of our friends!
1160 Agreed. We will exact justice when we have hope of succeeding. Until then... I will not forget. Another time and place...
1161 I know this place... these buildings. Yes, that person was assuredly correct; this is Athkatla. We are in the state of Amn.
1162 No, Athkatla is along the lower edge of the Sword Coast. I wonder whom we angered that we should be brought here? We should lay low, perhaps in the slums.
1163 Regardless, we will have to make sure we are out of sight for a while. I might know a few safe places here and there, by the docks or outside of town.
1164 I have no reason to doubt you. Are we far from the Sword Coast?
1165 You do not expect me to believe that you can tell that just by a few buildings?
1166 I would have thought my enemies would have come from closer to home.
1167 I shall follow your lead. We'll need a safe place to plan what we do next.
1168 You seem to know a lot about this place. Maybe too much.
1169 Whatever our enemy, we should keep low for a while. Perhaps at the docks or out of town. I might know a few places.
1170 We'll need a safe place to plan what we do next.
1171 And how is it you know so much about this place?
1172 I would suggest the slums. There will be low-profile work, especially at the Copper Coronet. Someone might have heard of our capture or know where Imoen is.
1173 If we are in such danger, perhaps we should just leave.
1174 You might have never been here, but I have. Those Who Harp tend to travel. Khalid... Khalid and I came here... well, let us just say I have been here before.
1175 Sounds like a good idea. We'll need a safe place to plan what we do next.
1176 You seem to know this place fairly well. How do you come by this information?
1177 Why not just leave? Why should we wait around for whoever to strike again?
1178 Constitution
1179 Intelligence
1180 Wisdom
1181 Charisma
1185 I cannot tarry about for idle conversation. As a knight, there are many tasks that must be looked after!
1186 That would solve nothing, and would abandon Imoen to her fate. No, if we were captured before, then we can be captured again, so we must secure ourselves here.
1187 Why not just get out while the getting is good?
1188 I... I am sorry? Do I know you?
1189 Jaheira, my darling, so good to see you. Won't you come sit and chat awhile?
1190 You do not remember? Ahh, but this is understandable. It has been years since we last spoke. Far too long, really.
1191 Forgive me, but I will require a little more information. Your name again?
1192 *ahem* My name... is Ployer, Baron Ployer? Of the Calimshan Ployers? Come now, you must have some inkling?
1193 No... no, I am terribly sorry, but your face is unfamiliar. Perhaps if you told me what you do...
1194 My name means nothing? Nothing?! I am Baron Ployer! PLOYER! You ruined me! Not remembering is an even greater insult! You are why I am destitute today!
1195 I remember well, but I wanted you to say it, and I wanted others to hear. Quite the outburst, Mister Ployer. I assume you are still at odds with your new life?
1196 You... you... This is the type of insolence I was talking about! It is not enough that you ruin a man—you must also berate him!
1197 MISTER Ployer, I wanted you *dead* instead of merely humiliated! The courts did not seem to think death was warranted, so they claimed your assets instead.
1198 Haven't lost your fire, I see. Still a Harper? This scrawny lout one too? That fellow Khalid you were once with was a better complement. Is he here as well?
1199 He is none of your concern. If you value your teeth, you will not speak that name again. You dirty it.
1200 Er, yes. Very well. How about your companions, Jaheira? Do they count themselves among the Harpers as well?
1201 I am not a member of the Harpers, sir, though I would accept the offer if it were made.
1202 Me? I don't think I could push my nose into other people's business far enough to qualify.
1203 I do not number myself among that group, or any other.
1204 I bear them no grudge. Beyond that is my business.
1205 Perhaps I should include you in this matter then. But first... Jaheira, my dear, I have not found you by accident. You ruined me, slandered my name.
1206 Well, the slander is going a bit far. You actually were a slaver, you know. It's not slander if it's proven.
1207 That is beside the point! What matters is that you ruined me, and now I'm going to ruin you!
1208 You understand! I shall leave you free of harm, but I advise that you distance yourself from Jaheira. She is about to become more trouble than she is worth.
1209 I don't think that word means what you think it means. You really were trading in slaves, you know? How am I libelous...?
1210 But you travel with her? I doubt you keep yourself separate from their interests while helping one of their own. No matter, you are not my intended victim.
1211 I see. Well, if you travel with the one that harmed me, it becomes my business. The "friends of my enemies" and all that.
1219 That is beside the point! What matters is that you ruined me, and now I'm going to ruin you!
1220 What have you just done, Ployer?! Speak!
1221 It is my gift to you. You will be slowly destroyed, just as my family was. It is my curse, my nasty, nasty curse. A little something I had made just for you.
1222 Nobody made you a slaver; you just loved the profit! Now you blame those that caught you because you cannot take responsibility? You are a weak, weak man!
1223 Ah, but I am a weak, weak man that will live, while you are a strong woman that will die. Give my regards to Belgrade when you see him. Hmmheheh... heheha... HAHA!
1224 By the horns of Silvanus, I'll plant him beneath the Stones of Aisath if I... if I...
1225 Are you all right, Jaheira? You look a little peaked.
1226 If you what? Speak up, woman, I can hardly hear you!
1227 Oh, quit your crying. There does not appear to be any harm done.
1228 No, I... I'm fine. I just felt a little strange for a moment. That... that fat excuse for a slaver, he's cursed me! Damn him!
1229 What can be done? We could track him down and demand he remove it.
1230 Well, I am sorry to hear that. I guess you'll be leaving the group then.
1231 This is a simple matter. We merely walk to a temple and have it removed.
1232 Try not to shout, please? My head is unsettled at the moment. There... it clears somewhat, but undoubtedly there will be more. That fat old slaver cursed me!
1233 What can be done? We could track him down and demand he remove it.
1234 Well, I am sorry to hear that. I guess you'll be leaving the group then.
1235 This is a simple matter. We merely walk to a temple and have it removed.
1236 Are there Harpers that might help? I hear Elminster is a member. Honestly, with friend like that, I don't know why you even bother to walk.
1237 Are there Harpers that might help? I hear Elminster is a member. Honestly, with friend like that, I don't know why you even bother to walk.
1238 For the moment, though I do feel a touch under the weather. Damn him! I'll see his slaving heart stopped for this!
1239 What can be done? We could track him down and demand he remove it.
1240 Well, I am sorry to hear that. I guess you'll be leaving the group then.
1241 This is a simple matter. We merely walk to a temple and have it removed.
1242 Are there Harpers that might help? I hear Elminster is a member. Honestly, with friend like that, I don't know why you even bother to walk.
1243 I doubt he would have bothered if the cure were quite so simple. If this curse was tailored to me, then we've no recourse but to exact its cure from his hide.
1244 The Harpers do not operate like that. No, I bet only the one who cast it can remove it. It likely resists conventional means if it was tailored to me.
1245 I beg your pardon? I am to be cast out because of this? What is your reasoning?
1246 That may be my only option. If it was tailored to me, it might resist removal by normal means. I doubt Ployer would have done this if the solution were simple.
1247 It is simple to understand. You require more maintenance than you are worth.
1248 It is simple to understand. You require more maintenance than you are worth.
1254 Takes <AMOUNT> <TYPE> damage from <DAMAGER> (<RESISTED> damage resisted)
1255 Takes <AMOUNT> <TYPE> damage from <DAMAGER> (<RESISTED> damage bonus)
1262 My apologies, I meant nothing. Simple musings. We shall find this Ployer at once.
1263 My apologies, I meant nothing. Simple musings. We shall find this Ployer at once.
1264 I was just suggesting an additional option. We need not follow it if there are better.
1265 I was just suggesting an additional option. We need not follow it if there are better.
1266 Then we should find this Ployer immediately. Any thoughts on where to look?
1267 We'll never find that fool in this city, assuming he's even still within it.
1268 This may be more trouble than it's worth. I think it's better if you did this on your own.
1269 Then we should find this Ployer immediately. Any thoughts on where to look?
1270 We'll never find that fool in this city, assuming he's even still within it.
1271 This may be more trouble than it's worth. I think it's better if you did this on your own.
1272 Then we should find this Ployer immediately. Any thoughts on where to look?
1273 We'll never find that fool in this city, assuming he's even still within it.
1274 This may be more trouble than it's worth. I think it's better if you did this on your own.
1275 I have a few options. Ployer mentioned that he lived in squalor, suggesting he may be in the poor section of the city. Not likely to find him quick though.
1276 He also mentioned Belgrade, a merchant that helped expose Ployer. He frequents the Copper Coronet, and the bartender Bernard might know his whereabouts.
1277 He also mentioned Belgrade, a merchant that helped expose Ployer. He frequents the Copper Coronet, and the bartender Bernard might know his whereabouts.
1278 Then we shall begin searching the slums as soon as possible.
1279 To the taverns then, and we will seek out this Belgrade.
1280 Stunned
1281 No, I think this is more bothersome than it needs to be. The best option for me is to let you leave the group and go do this on your own.
1282 True, there is a lot of ground to cover, but it seemed clear that he lives in squalor. I would begin in the poor sections of the city. It will take some time.
1283 Again this side of you surfaces. I should not have believed your apologies in Irenicus's dungeon. I will not spend a... *cough*... a moment more in your company!
1284 You *cough* surprise me. To think this cold streak was within and I had only glimpsed it until now. Well then, I will cause you no more inconvenience.
1285 You are afflicted and no more use to me. Better you were put out of your misery.
1286 You are afflicted and no more use to me. Better you were put out of your misery.
1287 That is not *cough* amusing, and it's not the first time you have acted such. Perhaps you are colder than you let on, but I have little choice but to follow.
1288 There is always a better path than simply abandoning those that are weak. You will not keep allies by demonstrating that you are willing to sacrifice them.
1289 Very well, though I should like to try and find Belgrade eventually. It has been... *cough*... it has been some time since we talked.
1290 A good first step. Hopefully he can give us some idea where Ployer might... *cough*... might be.
1292 Belt
1293 Keldorn, my faithful hound... how is it that you came to be a paladin, anyhow?
1294 Yuan-ti Mage
1295 Alas, where be an inkwell and some papyrus when I need it?
1296 Very true, lassie. You must work with potatoes.
1297 Hmm? Oh, I thought it was obvious. Never had your pegged for a slow one, but you never can tell. Allow me to spell it out... you see, about fifteen years ago, I was employed by a mage of no small caliber. Golodon the Unmanned was his name. Good teeth. Nice smell. Vicious streak a mile wide.
1298 He couldn't have children, of course. Nasty cone of cold accident, you see. Regardless, his tower wasn't far from Athkatla, and I managed to gain employment with the old elf for a while. Mondays were particularly amusing. Golodon would start the day off by summoning an imp. He'd usually spend three or four hours making it run around the room barking like a dog.
1299 But, as it was with Golodon, he soon tired of the sport. He had a beautiful mastiff named Buffy. Her diet consisted almost entirely of imps. Imp doesn't taste half bad when it's fried with a bit of garlic and butter. Goes well with turnips too.
1300 Oh, right. So anyway, Golodon's ex-wife lived no more than two hundred paces from the mage's tower. My primary job was poisoning her food, though occasionally I'd have to clean up Buffy's excrement. She had managed to build quite the resistance to mandrake. Golodon's ex-wife, that is, not the dog.
1301 It was truly a magical time in my life. I haven't been as happy poisoning someone since then. I was also, of course, poisoning Golodon on his ex-wife's behalf. She did pay handsomely.
1302 Word has it that Golodon has finally kicked the bucket, if you get my drift. Died of malaria complicated by a fireball down his throat. Apparently, Golodon's old nemesis returned. Dradu or Dradeen or some such name. The old bastard would occasionally mention this enemy when he was particularly drunk. The two of them had stolen some valuable artifacts from the Gibbering Twelve.
1303 Golodon blackjacked poor Dradunce and split with the magic. He later realized that he should have killed Dreedle and, cold-hearted fool that he was, sent assassins to finish the job. Drafeel disappeared, though his body was never found. It worried Golodon to no end.
1304 I can't find it in my heart to feel sorry for him. He did fire me after all. Do you know why?
1305 That was a bit rude. I take my potato comment back, missy!
1306 I don't know if I'm talking to you anymore.
1307 If you must know, it was during my time as a mobile turnip vendor.
1308 Twice a week I'd head out to the country to pick up my product. The turnip fields were owned by my uncle Scratchy. Interesting fellow, by the way. Remind me to tell you about him some time.
1309 Each trip I made, I would stop to talk to the halfling lass that worked in Uncle Scratchy's potato operation. The girl had had a very difficult life. She lost her parents to an orc attack when she was just a girl. She'd been a slave for the foul beasts until Aunt Petunia freed her.
1310 The girl told me that, no matter how much evil she saw or had inflicted upon her, the simple pleasure of honest work and the feel of the earth beneath her feet always reminded her of how lucky she really was. Her outlook was not unlike your own, dear Mazzy.
1311 And that, lassie, is why you are not a consummate tale-spinner. Don't worry, I'll teach you yet.
1312 All of the evil in the world cannot keep one from admiring the beauty of the earth.
1313 How might one make that assumption?
1314 This is not making any sense, Jan.
1315 What, pray tell, does this have to do with the presumption that I work with potatoes?
1316 Perhaps we should be concentrating on our journey, good gnome.
1317 I neither know nor care.
1318 Where in the heavens did this potato remark arise in the first place?
1319 Fine, fine! I'd rather not hear the story anyway.
1320 Jan, though I respect you, I must say that you are quite infuriating. Please desist; we have things to accomplish.
1321 Are you even listening to me?
1322 A noble tale in the end, Jan, though I'm continually puzzled by your need to inflict twenty minutes of inane yarns on your listeners before getting to the point.
1323 Yuan-ti
1324 Aye, but then where would go the poetry, good knight? Heh... but come, <CHARNAME> seems impatient with our chatter. Let us put it off, then.
1325 Ha! That prancing squirrel over yonder? If you could only understand his speech, your face would flush quite red at its vulgarity.
1326 Ah, Cernd, my rustic, wind-borne swallow! These woods have such a regal bearing, their airs so sweetly scented by the leaf's decay...
1327 Ooohhh... mm! I did not find resting at all comfortable last eve. I... *cough*... I just couldn't bring my eyes to close. My head pounds as thunder behind my temples.
1328 Are you sure you're all right? You look sore today.
1329 Perhaps we should rest a while longer; you do not seem very refreshed.
1330 Ahh, you are just lazy. The rest of us are fine, yet you complain at every step.
1331 I do not think this is going to work out. I cannot allow your curse to endanger me.
1332 Aye, that I am, but well enough to walk. I will see that Ployer pay for this. Blasted slaver!
1333 I am rested well enough. I will not coddle this curse. Sleeping may ease the aching, but it won't help remove it. Only finding that Ployer will do that.
1334 Lazy, am I? I wouldn't wish a wasting on many, but you come close. Ah, I have no time to bicker. We must continue on lest this affliction progress too far.
1335 I see. So despite assurances, you are indeed the bastard I thought you were after that stunt in Irenicus's jail. Oh, I remember, and I'll remember this too.
1336 I do not think this is going to work out. I cannot allow your curse to endanger me.
1337 ...Cernd, you could have explained that in a manner that would not have involved me wincing.
1338 Do not joke so! I am in grave straits, and you mock my condition with talk of leaving?
1339 It was just idle chatter. What can I do to make you more comfortable?
1340 Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer's curse Jaheira has been cursed by a man named Baron Ployer... a slaver whom she ruined in the course of her activities as a Harper. The curse has already begun to take its toll on her... I have agreed to seek out Ployer in the poor sections of Athkatla, although Jaheira has suggested several other possibilities as well. One of these was to find the merchant Belgrade, possibly through the bartender Bernard at the Copper Coronet. Another possibility was to ask after the wizards who cast the spell upon her by seeking information at the government building in the Government District.
1341 I am merely stating a truth. It would be better for the group if you left.
1342 So this ancestor of yours, Lavok, he created such beasts as ghouls and skeletons and other wakened dead of that ilk?
1343 You can get me Ployer. Never have I been so mad at another living thing. All this because he could not admit responsibility. He is irredeemable.
1345 You! One of the faithless with your sight! Bow down to the Unseeing Eye and acknowledge his divine majesty!
1346 I see. Then I will waste no more of your time. I will seek help on my own, and damn you for being so cold. Farewell, <CHARNAME>. We will not meet again.
1347 My very bones ache today. It is as though I age on the inside. Ohh, this cannot go on for long.
1348 We will find Baron Ployer soon enough. Try to save your strength.
1349 Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer's curse Jaheira has been cursed by a man named Baron Ployer... a slaver whom she ruined in the course of her activities as a Harper. The curse has already begun to take its toll on her. Jaheira has offered several possibilities... one is to seek out the merchant, Belgrade, at the Copper Coronet... perhaps by asking the bartender Bernard of his whereabouts. Another was to look for Ployer in the poorer sections of town, although there seems little hope without some kind of direction. Another possibility was to ask after the wizards who cast the spell upon her by seeking information at the government building in the Government District.
1350 If not for the promise of combat, I would not bother looking for this "Ployer."
1351 I see. I imagine that your family must have been exposed to many such things over their time.
1352 Who are you?
1353 Oh, I shall certainly save it. I shall save it just long enough to bring the fury of Mother Earth upon that fat slaver that would imprison her children.
1354 Aye, hawk, aye. A truth's been spoken, and it's been spoken from your tongue.
1356 If not for the promise of combat, I would not bother looking for this "Ployer."
1357 Plath Rededge
1358 What do you mean by that? Am I not worth the effort of rescue? Have you better things to do?
1359 Yes, I have numerous better things to do. I will assist, but you are of little use.
1360 Yes, I have numerous better things to do. I will assist, but you are of little use.
1361 Of course not. I merely grow frustrated at not being able to help. I apologize.
1362 My wings have been clipped... oh, how I wish you could understand how it feels to be bound to the ground, chained and weighted like a miserable prisoner of earth...
1363 Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer's curse I found a man named Corneil in the government building who seemed to be responsible for the Cowled Wizards in some way, but was certainly not very forthcoming... there is no help here for Jaheira that I can find.
1364 What was it like to fly, Aerie?
1365 Plath Rededge
1366 We're all prisoners of the earth down here.
1367 My raven, my raven, we must have rest if we are to keep this flock together.
1368 I like how you always pretend people are birds.
1369 You promise?
1370 You fly above us all, no anger, no rage to tie you down. Aye... You're right, Aerie. You are no hound, nor shall I ever name you one. You have my pledge.
1372 Forgive my outburst as well; I am... *cough*... I am not myself. Come, we must go. I will see that slaver pay for this.
1373 You! How did you find me?! Blast, that Harper wench is cagey... haha... but she is not with you? Then my plan worked—she has withered and died! I hope she suffered!
1374 Aye, I promise, dove.
1375 Not half as much as you are going to. You are too much of a bastard to live!
1376 She is alive, and you ARE going to remove the curse because I am asking ever so nicely.
1377 I have come to bargain with you. She still lives, so what do you want in exchange for removing your curse?
1378 I am here to ask you to remove the curse. You have suffered and she has suffered. Lives need not be wasted.
1379 Firkraag Prison Key
1380 Chieftain DigDag
1381 Firkraag Prison Key
1382 Chieftain DigDag
1383 Yuan-ti
1384 My hound, my hound, my dog of war, do not invite death to come knocking at your door. I am sure there be plenty of diversions awaiting your keen edge anon.
1385 Greater Yuan-ti
1386 You do have a certain invective creativity, Korgan. Now, if only you could direct that skill for invention into something more cerebral, less bravado.
1387 Greater Yuan-ti
1388 My red-cloaked sparrowhawk, I could barely catch my sleep last night with all your arcane muttering.
1389 CHAPTER SIX As much as you have traveled, these last few feet to the surface have seemed the longest trek by far. Your relief at seeing the light of the sky is palpable, even though you were not really fleeing the black of the Underdark, rather the constant treachery. Unfortunately, even though the setting has changed, your immediate future still looks to be far from peaceful. This area has been the staging ground for many recent battles, and judging from the faces of the beleaguered elven soldiers that now approach, there may be more to come.
1390 Aye, I could write a play and you would be my entire cast and extras...
1391 Haery, I have an idea for a play.
1392 Please, Jan, my name is Haer'Dalis.
1393 You see, Haery, Angus the Giant Beaver is ousted from house and home by the Bullywug bullies to embark on an epic quest that takes him to the next pond.
1394 Yes, epic. Go on.
1395 No, no, no, this is only the beginning. Along the way, he encounters Gurgen the Hormonal Moose, and a friendship quickly develops between the two, seeing them through times of great trial and tribulation, though the friendship also caused a great deal of trial and tribulation, as you can well imagine.
1396 You! That Harper wench led you right to me. Then... ho ho! But she is slung over a shoulder like so much baggage! My plan has worked; she is dead! I hope she suffered!
1397 Not half as much as you are going to. You are too much of a bastard to live!
1398 She might yet be saved, so you ARE going to remove the curse because I am asking ever so nicely.
1399 I have come to bargain with you. What do you want in exchange for removing what you have inflicted?
1400 She is incapacitated and your curse remains. I am here to ask you to remove what you have inflicted.
1401 What, if I may ask, is a moose?
1402 Too late, I'm already on to great trials and tribulations—think of it, Haery, such broad and vital themes. Anyhow, the moose catches a curious and ultimately fatal disease, and Angus, as a final testament to their friendship, enshrines him within a wooden tomb in the middle of the lake before throwing himself in the lake to drown.
1403 Oh, but I am not here alone! From the shadows step my assassins! They cost me everything, but they are well worth it! Kill! Destroy those that ruined me!
1404 Your threats are nothing. You came expecting an old man in hiding, but I had hoped Jaheira would come—because by the time she did, she would be utterly crippled!
1405 I have what I want! I have Jaheira at death's door while I gloat! Will you bribe me? No, your coins are less than nothing beside the sweet revenge I have!
1406 Do you mean to touch my heart, to reform me? Reform to what? I was the wealthiest slaver on the coast! I bought and sold better cattle than you will ever be!
1407 Oh, but I am not here alone! From the shadows step my assassins! They cost me everything, but they are well worth it! Kill them! Destroy those that ruined me!
1408 Jan, beavers can't drown. They spend half of their life underwater.
1409 There's no point in arguing, Haery. It's a true tale, and if you have any doubt, you can ask my great-aunt Apo Pettiwick, who never married. It all happened in her backyard when she ran the farmer's market that sold turnips up in Thundertree, just upstream of Neverwinter.
1410 Not half as much as you are going to. You are too much of a bastard to live!
1411 She is alive, and you ARE going to remove the curse because I am asking ever so nicely.
1412 Jaheira lives, but not for long. What do you want in exchange for removing your curse?
1413 I am here to ask you to remove the curse. You have suffered and she has suffered. Lives need not be wasted.
1414 Not half as much as you are going to. You are too much of a bastard to live!
1416 She can be saved, so you ARE going to remove the curse because I am asking ever so nicely.
1417 I have come to bargain with you. What do you want in exchange for removing what you have inflicted?
1418 I am here to ask you to remove the curse. Lives need not be wasted.
1419 Pray I never go there, Jan. Pray I never go there.
1420 Not half as much as you are going to. You are too much of a bastard to live!
1421 She can be saved, so you ARE going to remove the curse because I am asking ever so nicely.
1422 I have come to bargain with you. What do you want in exchange for removing what you have inflicted?
1423 I am here to ask you to remove the curse. Lives need not be wasted.
1424 Oh, but I am not here alone! From the shadows step my assassins! They cost me everything, but they are well worth it! Kill them! Destroy those that ruined me!
1425 Your threats are nothing. You came expecting an old man in hiding, but I had hoped Jaheira would come—because by the time she did, she would be utterly crippled!
1426 Your threats are nothing. You came expecting an old man in hiding, but I had hoped Jaheira would come—because by the time she did, she would be utterly crippled!
1427 I have what I want! I have her at death's door while I gloat! Will you bribe me? No, you do not have enough gold to raise me to the levels I was accustomed.
1428 Not half as much as you are going to. You are too much of a bastard to live!
1429 She is alive, and you ARE going to remove the curse because I am asking ever so nicely.
1430 I have come to bargain with you, Ployer. What do you want in exchange for removing what you have inflicted?
1431 I am here to ask you to remove the curse. You have suffered and she has suffered. Lives need not be wasted.
1432 I have what I want! I have her at death's door while I gloat! Will you bribe me? No, you do not have enough gold to raise me to the levels I was accustomed.
1433 Do you mean to touch my heart, to reform me? Reform to what? I was the wealthiest slaver on the coast! I bought and sold better cattle than you will ever be!
1434 Do you mean to touch my heart, to reform me? Reform to what? I was the wealthiest slaver on the coast! I bought and sold better cattle than you will ever be!
1435 Er... Attack!
1436 Now! ...uh... Now!
1437 I command you! Kill them!... Where are you?!
1438 That's the trouble with hired hands; if a better deal comes along, they might just jump ship.
1439 It looks like you are alone. Care to try your bravado against me without your magical thugs?
1440 And now you will die. Will anyone weep for your passing? Allow me. Booooo hooooo. I cry for pathetic old Ployer.
1441 Banshee
1442 Banshee
1443 But... no! Damn you, it's happened again! Everyone against me, everyone.
1444 Aye, you have won today, but someday I will...
1445 Sewage Golem
1446 Slowed
1447 And now we will talk deal. You WILL remove the curse, and you WILL leave and never return. Is that CLEAR?
1448 You created your own crimes, and you are the one that shall die for them! Defend yourself!
1449 If you spent half as much time trying to rebuild your life as plotting revenge, you would have recovered by now. Pathetic.
1450 Oops, wrong spell.
1451 Lightning bolt.
1452 Strengthened
1453 Heal
1454 Entangle
1455 Someday you will do NOTHING! Not if you want to live past tomorrow! Do we have a deal?!
1456 So you refuse to let this pass? So be it; you will die then. If you are irredeemable, then you have no use.
1457 Pathetic. Still you hang on to your little grudges. You have wasted your life, fool.
1458 Bentan
1459 Very well. Here, this is the personal item used to curse her. I took it from that fop, Belgrade. She should be fine with it returned. Now get out... get out.
1460 My... life... pathetic am I? Pathetic?! I was... I was above all! I was more than you will ever be! I was... Mages or not, you will be dead!
1461 But I could not hope to defeat you alone! It may as well be suicide!
1462 Weakened
1463 You have caused this! You alone! Now fight, or die with your back turned!
1464 Unless... You will do as I wish and you will do it to the letter! Understand?!
1465 Fireball
1466 Turned to Stone
1467 Spell cast and I feel refreshed.
1468 Ahh, no! Help!
1469 Heal
1470 Dizzy
1471 Burst
1472 You are weak and laughable. Look at yourself, groveling. Pathetic.
1473 Held
1474 Blinded
1475 But this is murder! I am defenseless before you!
1476 Charmed
1477 Not murder; execution for the good of the land! Your pathetic existence is of no use to anyone!
1478 Gems!
1479 Then pick up a sword! You've no choice in the matter!
1480 My legs! What have you done?
1481 What's in my pack?
1482 Polymorphed
1483 Silence
1484 Sex change
1485 Ah, Jaheira. I see you have dragged your sorry soon-to-be carcass here to see me. Are you here to beg? Perhaps to grovel? I don't mind. I have even cleaned my shoes.
1486 Despicable... *cough* *cough*... despicable wretch! You knew I would come here?
1487 Explosion?
1488 Of course! I am your only link to life, so what choice do you have? Come now, grovel for your life before me. I haven't got all day!
1489 I am... I am not here to grovel, Ployer. You would sooner get that from my corpse!
1490 And I will, unless I get the satisfaction I want now. Come now, I can cure you if you drop your pretense of dignity and get your sickly carcass on its knees!
1491 I— *COUGH* I AM NOT HERE TO GROVEL! I may be weak, even dying, but you WON'T get that! I have come to take what is mine! I (ehrm) will be free of you... of your...
1492 Black Lily
1493 Brandilar
1494 Brathlen
1495 You are about to collapse and cannot even speak. Now, of course, you will have to grovel in pantomime. What could be more degrading than that?
1496 Ployer! She can barely stand! End this and spare us all any further indignities!
1497 Ployer! She can barely stand! End this and spare us all any further indignities!
1498 Ployer! She can barely stand! End this and spare us all any further indignities!
1499 Enough of this! It is time for you to die, Ployer! You are simply too irredeemable to live!
1500 Enough of this! It is time for you to die, Ployer! You are simply too irredeemable to live!
1501 Enough of this! It is time for you to die, Ployer! You are simply too irredeemable to live!
1502 She may be ill, but I am not! You WILL end this curse, and you WILL leave her be! Am I understood?!
1503 She may be ill, but I am not! You WILL end this curse, and you WILL leave her be! Am I understood?!
1504 She may be ill, but I am not! You WILL end this curse, and you WILL leave her be! Am I understood?!
1505 Stop this! What is it you want? Perhaps we can bargain...
1506 Stop this! What is it you want? Perhaps we can bargain...
1507 Stop this! What is it you want? Perhaps we can bargain...
1508 I feel... weak, but better. I... *cough* *cough*... I thank you for helping me through this. You have earned my gratitude and... ehh... and I should really get a full day of rest.
1510 We will get to an inn as soon as we can. With the curse gone, you should heal normally.
1511 Yes, whatever you wish. Just as long as there are no more of these fools in your past.
1512 Just move. I don't want to stay still too long; who knows whom you've angered in the past?
1513 Ahh, yes, I'm the one with enemies we need to worry about. Do you even believe that yourself? Don't make me lau... ow... laugh.
1514 I certainly hope so. Such weakness... I swear, if I meet his like again, I'll not let the courts spare him. I'll... I'll be better after a night's rest.
1515 Like him? No. Well, perhaps, though he was certainly one of the more wretched. I doubt we'll see any more like him, though we'll never want for enemies.
1516 *yawn*... I'm... I live to see the Earthmother's dawn once more? Then... then you have succeeded. Excellent. And Ployer? What of him?
1517 He will not bother you further, of that I am certain. Let's go.
1518 He is not important. Are you well enough to travel?
1519 Enough of that, we've things to do and I've no more time to waste on this. Let's go.
1520 Dead and gone.
1521 Indeed. I am glad to be rid of his foul curse. Odd bit of magic that. Onward then. I am fit for travel.
1522 I am, I am. With luck, we shall not meet the like of him again. With luck.
1523 There is no need to get excited. I am sorry to have caused such trouble. I shall just die outright in the future. Do not say a word. Let us go.
1524 Good riddance. It was years overdue. Most of his ilk in my past suffered a more final version of Harper justice. Let us go; I have sat about too long.
1525 The mages with him wore odd colors that might be traceable. Ask at the government building, as all magic is regulated in Athkatla. If they will talk...
1526 Excuse... you may call me Terrece. I know of whom you seek, the mages in black and green? What is your business with my fellows? We are... available for hire.
1527 That Corneil inside seemed to know nothing about such things.
1528 That Corneil inside seemed to know nothing about such things.
1529 For hire? You are a mercenary group?
1530 It is not his business to know, or perhaps he just pretends to not know. I am not he. I know of them, and would relay your words if you wish.
1531 I do not play games with those who indulge in killing for hire!
1532 And what would be the going rate to acquire a group such as yours?
1533 Perhaps he did not like your manner. It matters not. I know whom you seek. I will relay what you wish to say. We... they have an interesting offer to present.
1534 Perhaps. The Cowled Wizards watch mages closely, so there is a demand for mages to perform certain... tasks. Especially if they guarantee not to get caught.
1535 A valuable service indeed. And what is it you wish to offer me?
1536 Standard dispassionate excuse for such a group. What is it you wish from me?
1537 You are no better than criminals! I have no interest in dealing with you.
1538 Speak it then, and do not waste my time further.
1539 Your group hires itself out then? They are mercenaries?
1540 Relay that I am going to exact a violent payment for my comrade's suffering!
1541 You speak in circles like a halfling! Tell me plain if you have something to say!
1542 I take it you are a mercenary group of sorts.
1543 I have more than words to relay! They will pay for harming one of my group!
1544 Then the conversation shall be short. It is I who offered our services, simply out of my good will. You may dismiss me, but consider what you may gain.
1545 Tell me true and quick before I tire of this game!
1546 I am listening. What is it you think you can do for me?
1547 I have nothing to gain except an easier battle later if I kill you here and now.
1548 Hmm? That would depend on the service to be provided. Or not to be provided. Do you understand what I am suggesting?
1549 Speak your words plain! I do not have time to piece together your meaning!
1550 I will not associate with such as you!
1551 That is not a productive attitude. I am offering an appealing alternative. If you will not get past your emotion, we will have nothing further to say.
1552 Do you have a proposition to make? I will listen.
1553 Speak your mind plain then!
1554 As you wish. Our group was directed to harm one of your number, though it was just business. I am here to speak an offer of counter-employment.
1555 You have encountered us before, in less sociable circumstances. Now I am offering our assistance in performing a service for you.
1556 We performed a service for your enemy, but that contract has expired... though we have been asked to perform another task in the future.
1557 You will find him eventually, and we are to be there. Or perhaps we are not. That is the offer I make today.
1558 Have you no sense of duty? Do you treat all your employers this way?
1559 An interesting offer. May I inquire as to what your absence might cost?
1560 I have a better idea. Would you consider turning on Ployer yourselves?
1561 You may ask what guarantees you have that we will not turn on you in a likewise fashion... there is no guarantee but our dislike for Ployer.
1562 What is it you think you have to offer?
1563 If words will not convey my meaning, then perhaps violence will.
1564 I would not try it here. Others know nothing of our... disagreement. They will see you attack me, and will respond in kind. There will be no showdown here.
1565 Another time then. I look forward to repaying you for the suffering of my comrade.
1566 A pity we could not reach an arrangement. It would have been a wonderful surprise. I wish you well, though we will surely meet again in the course of business.
1567 I see. Having met Mister Ployer, I think I like those odds. You have a deal.
1568 Speak then, but do not waste my time.
1569 I like those odds, but would 500 gold be enough?
1570 No, I don't think I will be discussing this any further. I will take my chances later.
1571 I like those odds, but would 500 gold be enough?
1572 I have a counteroffer to make. How much to have you kill Ployer yourselves?
1573 Interesting. Actively turning on an employer is bad for the reputation, though justifiable to those who know Ployer. Hmmm... 2,000 gold, nonnegotiable.
1574 You may ask what guarantees you have that we will not turn on you in a likewise fashion... there is no guarantee but our dislike for Ployer.
1575 A bit too rich for my blood, I'm afraid. What was that original offer again?
1576 You have yourself a deal! It will be worthwhile to see the look on his face!
1577 No, I think I am through with this. I do not trust you to honor our deal.
1578 It has been a pleasure helping you. We will, of course, ask that you do not speak of this. It would be... unfortunate.
1579 What can I be getting for you? A little treat for the road perhaps? A room for the night?
1580 What kind of information might that be? I keep out o' politics, I don't get in people's affairs, and I don't cause trouble, so ask questions with that in mind.
1581 It will serve adequately. I look forward to... not... working with you or Mister Ployer again. Good day.
1582 I do not have enough gold for this. Would you consider doing it for free?
1583 No, no, I don't think that will work at all. I am sorry we could not come to an agreement. We will meet again.
1584 Very good. May we not meet at the appointed time. You may just survive now. And we are paid to not help a morally repugnant creature. Good day.
1585 Face me! Face the new LORD OF MURDER!
1586 Cat
1587 No... no, I don't think that will work. It will have to be 1,000.
1588 Very well, you have a deal.
1589 Then this discussion is over. Goodbye.
1590 I do not have enough gold for this. Would you consider doing it for free?
1591 I have another proposal. How much for you to kill Ployer yourselves?
1592 I see. Having met Mister Ployer, I think I like those odds. You have a deal.
1593 I like those odds, but would 500 be enough?
1594 No, I don't think I will be discussing this any further. I will take my chances later.
1595 I like those odds, but would 500 be enough?
1596 I have a counteroffer to make. How much to have you kill him yourselves?
1597 I do not have enough gold for this. Would you consider doing it for free?
1598 Indeed, I am sure it will be priceless. 2,000 it is, for the task of eliminating Mister Ployer. We will meet again.
1599 Maybe later. Right now, I need some information instead.
1600 I'm looking for a friend of mine. A fellow by the name of Belgrade. Have you seen him?
1601 My friend, Jaheira, said I might find a man named Belgrade here.
1602 Just... just looking around. Don't let me keep you.
1603 I'm looking for a man named Belgrade. Seen him?
1604 I'm looking for a man that might be a Harper. Do you know where Harpers might gather around here?
1605 A druid friend of mine is quite ill, and I am trying to track the man that cursed her.
1606 Can't say that I have, sorry. Anything else?
1607 Jaheira? Why didn't you say so? Ask again, friend; you'll find me more cooperative. You were looking for Belgrade? You won't find him, I'm sorry to say.
1608 Trap Not Disarmed
1609 Moved on, has he? Do you know where to find him?
1610 He's hiding out somewhere? Any way I can get a message to him?
1611 You seem awfully friendly now. Why?
1612 Nothing like that. He's dead. Died not far from here. No cause, but it weren't natural. He was fit as an ox and not a day past twenty-seven. You looking into it?
1613 Yes, I am. Jaheira is likely suffering from the same affliction. I need to find a man named Ployer.
1614 The multiplayer session has been terminated. The frame rates for the server and client programs do not match. Server frame rate: <SERVERVERSION> Client frame rate: <CLIENTVERSION> You can change your frame rate with the configuration utility.
1615 Dead? That does not bode well. Any idea who was behind it?
1616 Possibly. Do you know where he was found exactly, or where he might have gone that day?
1617 Jaheira be a friend to many, and some owe her more than others. I ain't sayin' more, but you are welcome here come the hells or falling skies.
1618 Well, I appreciate that. Now about Belgrade, can I meet him somehow? Do I need passwords and secret handshakes and all that?
1619 She may not last that long. Where can I find this Belgrade? It is urgent and I will go wherever need be.
1620 Don't be loitering long then. I've customers to keep happy.
1621 Jaheira suggested I come here. She said I might find someone named Belgrade.
1622 First sentence and you've gone and broken at least two of my conditions. Sorry, but I can't help you there. Perhaps a good wine or a lovely chowder instead?
1623 That was awfully quick. Are you sure of that?
1624 Well, I guess not. Thanks anyway.
1625 Are you certain? Jaheira was sure he would be here.
1626 Positive. Next?
1627 Well, what about an old slaver named Ployer? Seen him?
1628 I guess that's it. Thanks for your help anyway.
1629 Odd. Jaheira was sure he would be here.
1630 Heard anything about Harpers in the area? Where they might be?
1631 Nope, can't help you. Perhaps some lovely fish cakes or a mead?
1632 No, thanks. I'll be going.
1633 No, thanks. I'll be going.
1635 You don't seem too forthcoming. Is there anything you CAN tell me?
1636 Damnation, Jaheira was sure this place would have a clue or two!
1637 Damnation, Jaheira was sure this place would have a clue or two!
1638 You don't seem too forthcoming. Is there anything you CAN tell me?
1639 Yes. Don't hang around in taverns asking pointed questions. We never met, and I never heard you ask for any of those names. Good day.
1640 The Slaver? He ain't allowed here. Made his fortune on stolen babies. I was damn glad to see Jaheira ruin him. Have I seen him? No, and I wouldn't want to.
1641 What were you saying about Belgrade's death? Did you know who was behind it?
1642 Do you know where Belgrade may have gone the day he died?
1643 Thanks, you've been a great help. I don't know if I got what I needed, but thanks nonetheless.
1644 Don't know, but a Harper makes many enemies. Don't rightly want to meet the fool brave or stupid enough to kill one of their number. Harpers never forget.
1645 Belgrade wooed nobles; he was never in the slums except the day he was dead. Dumped in the northeast maybe, but there were too many tracks to tell for sure.
1646 Thanks. What were you saying about Ployer?
1647 Do you know where he went that day? Where he might have been going?
1648 Thanks, you've been a great help. I don't know if I got what I needed, but thanks nonetheless.
1649 Thanks. What were you saying about Ployer?
1650 Do you know who might have killed him?
1651 Thanks, you've been a great help. I don't know if I got what I needed, but thanks nonetheless.
1653 No deals for a slayer of Harpers.
1654 Oh, Belgrade had also asked about a black and green robe he found. Seemed odd then, but he was an odd fellow. All Harpers are like that. Wouldn't have it any other way.
1655 What can I do for... Jaheira? Jaheira, no games now, you look like you've seen yer own ghost, or are about to. Young lady, you look about ninety! Are you ill?
1656 I'm... I'm fine, Bernard. I just need...
1657 The hell you are! These louts you traveling with running you ragged? I'll have them fishing for shark in the bay with no net if they...
1658 Bernard, I'm FINE. I just need... need some information. I need to find Belgrade.
1659 Oh, I'm sorry, Jaheira, but he's not around anymore. I ain't had the pleasure of his company in nigh unto...
1660 Eldoth
1661 BERNARD! Bernard, this is important. I need to contact him. I know you can connect with the network when you need to, so...
1662 Ohh, Jaheira, you misunderstand me. Belgrade, he's... he's dead.
1663 D... dead? When?
1664 A while back. He got sickly just like... oh my, just like you. What is it, a plague that only affects Harpers? I knew your lot would anger the wrong god or...
1665 Bernard, please. I need to know where they found Belgrade. I also need to know if you have seen Baron Ployer.
1666 Found Belgrade in the east slums. Too many tracks to tell if he was dumped there. And Ployer? He ain't welcome here. Damn glad you exposed him, Jaheira.
1667 I see... Thank you, Bernard. I... I really must be going now.
1668 You take care now. Please.
1669 What is it you wish? You are obviously out of place here, so unless you have pressing business, I am very busy and do not wish to be bothered by such as you.
1670 Might you help me? I have an interest in those taken by the Cowled Wizards.
1671 I'm looking for a mage, or a group of mages. They may wear green and black robes as a uniform.
1672 I wonder if you might help me? Has a Baron Ployer sought the assistance of any of your members lately?
1673 What happens to those taken by the Cowled Wizards is not for decent people to know. No magic user goes unknown, and all may pass through here, but that information is not for you. Good day.
1674 I know of no such robes, though it would not be your business if I did. The Cowled Wizards will deal with such people. Leave, and ask me no more of such things.
1675 We are not an employable organization. Ours is a mandate given by the state. All other interests are those of individual members, not the group. You will not find what you need here. Begone.
1676 Petrified Man
1677 Jaheira is in dire straits. We have calmed her fevers, but she will die if not released from this spell. This curse was fashioned specifically for her.
1678 How could it have affected her so quickly and totally?
1679 Why have you not been able to remove it? Surely there are druids of sufficient experience to deal with this?
1680 Thank you for keeping her safe. I will do what I can to find the person who cursed her.
1681 Well, if she is safe in your care, I have plenty of time to find the one who inflicted this curse upon her.
1682 Save successful
1683 The caster must have a personal item of hers. The caster could remove the spell, or killing him might work. Perhaps even retrieving the item would help.
1684 Some personal item of hers was used in the casting... the spell is specific to Jaheira. It will only end if the caster removes it or if her item is returned.
1685 Hurry. The spell is meant to kill only Jaheira... a personal item was used in the casting. Only recovering it, or the caster himself, may end this.
1686 Delay and she dies. Some personal item of hers was used to cast this. If this item were restored, the spell might fade... or the caster could end it himself.
1687 Hurry. Jaheira has not much time left.
1688 Jaheira? Child, are you here for ascension rites? I was not aware your time had arrived yet, and I... What is wrong, you look pale?
1689 Drenden, I... I am dying.
1690 Say nothing more. You will come and be administered to immediately! No discussions; I know how obstinate you can be.
1691 No arguments from... from me.
1692 No arguments? My dear, you must be on your very deathbed! You will lie down this instant. You, have you done this to her?
1693 Drenden, they have done nothing to me... I am... cursed. It cannot be removed. I cannot... I feel...
1694 She will remain here. Find the source of this curse and stop it. We must not lose this child of earth to this insidious thing. Go, and return quickly.
1695 It's... all right. Find... find Ployer and...
1696 Nester's Dagger
1697 A Key
1698 Jaheira will not live long under this curse. If you know how to rid her of it, I suggest you do it quickly. We can only delay her fate. Hurry.
1699 She is getting better. Whatever you did, it saved her life. The Earthmother thanks you for saving her child, as do all the citizens of nature.
1700 I have a message for you, Miss Nalia, from the residents of the de'Arnise estate. I must get an imprint of your signet ring to prove I found you.
1701 Of course. You have done well.
1702 Thank you, Miss Nalia, though I do hate to be the bearer of somber news. Here is your message. Safe travels to you.
1703 Let's see what this says then, shall we...?
1704 Oh my...
1705 I must go to the Graveyard District in Athkatla at once. All other concerns must wait. I am sorry, but I must insist upon this.
1706 What is your concern? It must be quite grave to cause you such grief.
1707 I cannot simply about-face and charge off without first knowing why.
1708 I am sure we will turn back that way eventually. Patience, we have much to do.
1709 Another errand of yours that will escalate into siege warfare no doubt. What is it this time?
1710 You are more correct than you might've wished, but I forgive your ignorance. The message is about my father's funeral. I must go to the Graveyard District.
1711 The letter was notification of my father's funeral arrangements, and I will not miss them. I must leave as soon as possible.
1712 In normal circumstances perhaps, but this is not one of those times. The letter is notification of my father's funeral. I must go to Athkatla with all speed.
1713 I am sorry my concerns are such an inconvenience. The letter was notification of my father's funeral. I must get to Athkatla with all haste.
1714 Then we shall go as soon as mortally possible. I would not dream of letting you miss it.
1715 Very well, I shall head in that direction at the next possible opportunity.
1716 I sympathize, but this could not come at a worse time. There are other things to be done.
1717 Then that is what we will do. I would not allow you to miss it on my account.
1718 I shall abandon my plans and charge off. I imagine this will take a large amount of time once we are there?
1719 While I do sympathize with you, I simply cannot go at this time.
1720 Then we shall go as soon as mortally possible. I would not dream of letting you miss it.
1721 Very well, I shall head in that direction at the next possible opportunity.
1722 I sympathize with you, but this could not come at a worse time. There are other things to be done.
1723 Then that is what we will do. I would not allow you to miss it on my account.
1724 All right then, I shall abandon whatever I am doing and charge off as soon as we can. I imaging this will take a large amount of time once we are there?
1725 While I do sympathize with you, I simply cannot go at this time.
1726 It is simply out of the question. I have not the time, nor the desire.
1727 That is not an option at this time. We have things to do that cannot be postponed.
1728 It is simply out of the question. Pay your respects on your own; I have no time.
1729 That is not an option at this time. We have things to do that take priority, and they cannot be postponed.
1730 Thank you, I do appreciate this. It seems I owe you another debt of gratitude.
1731 I realize this is an inconvenience, but try not to worry. It will take only a moment to make an appearance. I thank you for understanding, albeit grudgingly.
1732 This is a special circumstance. I don't ask for much... well, besides rescuing my home and routing a legion of trolls. Please, could we at least go soon?
1733 No, I am sorry, but my decision is firm. We have no time for jaunting off to funerals.
1734 That is acceptable. We will go when it is next convenient.
1735 If you are that set on the matter, then we shall go right now.
1736 You leave me little choice. Very well... here is the bulk of your gear. If you wish to find me, I should be at the Copper Coronet within a day, once the funeral is over.
1737 What? Wait! All right, we'll go, but not this instant. It will be soon though.
1738 Perhaps that is for the best. I will meet up with you there.
1739 Go then! I must be able to expect loyalty and this simply will not do!
1740 Very well. I do hope you will follow. You do understand why I must go, don't you? I hope so. Until we meet again?
1741 I follow this group because of the charity we give. I am no soldier, and you are no general. Follow if you wish, but I must go.
1742 I must insist that we go to Athkatla this instant. I'm sorry, but you did say we would go. I will leave on my own if I have to.
1743 I am sorry for delaying so long. We shall leave immediately.
1744 Just a while longer, Nalia. Don't worry, I will get you there.
1745 I really don't think we have the time. Do you really need to be there?
1746 Good and good. This is very important to me, and I thank you for helping.
1747 I am not worried, because I am leaving. I'm sorry, but this is very important and I won't miss it. I shall be at the Copper Coronet within a day, after the funeral is over.
1748 To my father's funeral? Yes, I should say so! I cannot abide this delaying tactic any longer. I will be at the Copper Coronet within a day, after the funeral, if you wish to see me again.
1749 I can wait no longer. Whether convenient or not, I must leave right now! I shall be at the Copper Coronet within a day, after the funeral, if you wish to see me again.
1750 Please, sire, I have words you must hear that are for you alone.
1751 Please, ma'am, I have something I wish to say, and none must overhear.
1752 I saw what happened, and I share your helplessness. Any complaints about Officer Roenall must first go THROUGH him, so you can imagine how many get through.
1753 Yes, yes, you have expressed your sympathy. Now what is it you actually want?
1754 Thanks for the happy thought. I feel much better now. Leave me alone, fool.
1755 Have you something that can help? I am not in the mood for conversation.
1756 This did not come from me, for if my indiscretion against Isaea were to get out, I should be thrown from the military. There is one way you can get to him.
1757 I hold you no grudge for your manner. Isaea is good at provoking empty rage in those with no path to vent. But I know a way to get back at him.
1758 Of course, I shall be brief. You may feel better afterwards though... I know a way to get back at Isaea, one that will hurt him deeply.
1759 Isaea is quite corrupt and more than willing to exercise his power. You are not monitored as we, so you can do something that I or another guard cannot.
1760 Look to the docks and a man named Barg. Examine him and what he does, and you are sure to see what I mean.
1761 Nalia, my dear! I have been worried sick about you!
1762 The amulet around your neck is heavy with sentiment, but even more so with value. In that respect, at least, it is worthy of you. You make your way out of the city, the noise of the crowd still in your ears. They were genuinely grateful, though you could sense the hesitation in their words. No matter, you have done what you came to do. Let them glare if they wish. Perhaps one day you will return and reward their suspicions. They will be weak for some time... You return to your travels, making sure that those you meet never forget your passing. Fear and respect is all that you ask, for you are deserving of both. The battle with Irenicus gave you a greater understanding of yourself, and strangely enough, the world appears to respond readily. More of life matches your dark demeanor, and why should it not? You were the Slayer, you conquered a portion of Hell itself, and you crushed everyone that stood in your path. And wherever you go, people stand aside. You have gained great power, and no one will ever take it from you again.
1763 As you leave Suldanessellar, you are nearly overwhelmed by the cheering of the assembled crowds. There is open gratitude on the faces of the elves, and many times you are encouraged to stop and receive gifts or shake hands. There is an obvious lament at your departure, as well as an expectation of your return. They consider you a hero and, for once, you really feel the part. You pass into the Forest of Tethir, wondering if there could have been a future for you in the city that you have left behind. You examine the amulet around your neck, studying the images of elven gods inlaid in the platinum, and you feel the warm tingle of the item's magic. This gift will remind you of how welcome a visitor you would be—but it also bears witness to the fact that you are without a true home, a place where you belong. You could return to Athkatla, you think, but deep inside, you feel the taint that yet remains in your soul. There can be no home for you yet, as hard as that is to admit, so you venture deeper into the forest, pondering the words of demons and growing annoyed at how destiny holds its secrets from your view.
1764 This is the axe of Bruenor Battlehammer, and a fine weapon it is. It has a formidable single-edged blade and handles with the efficiency of a hand axe despite its size. STATISTICS: THAC0: +3 Damage: 1d8+3 (slashing) Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Axe Type: One-handed Requires: 10 Strength Weight: 6
1765 This is the personal armor of Bruenor Battlehammer, and never a finer kit have you seen. It is truly a marvel of battlefield craftsmanship. STATISTICS: Armor Class: -1 (-3 vs. slashing, -2 vs. piercing and missile) Requires: 15 Strength Weight: 45
1766 Gardush
1767 Gardush
1768 Full plate armor is the best armor a warrior can buy, both in appearance and protection. The perfectly fitted interlocking plates are specially angled to deflect arrows and blows, and the entire suit is carefully adorned with rich engraving and embossed detail. This +2 armor was created with the Limited Wish spell. STATISTICS: Armor Class: -1 (-5 vs. slashing, -4 vs. piercing and missile) Requires: 15 Strength Weight: 40
1769 Oh no! It's Isaea! Let's get out of here.
1770 No, do not turn away. It has been so long since I have seen your face. So regal and... uh... a bit dirty actually. Have you been slumming again? Naughty!
1771 Kindly place a cork in it, Isaea, I do not "slum." Foppish fools looking for a thrill "slum." I help people.
1772 Of course, one must have one's little hobbies, but it is just about time you honored our... ahh... agreement? The honor of your house is at stake, you recall?
1773 My home has a new head that owes you no allegiance. Do such agreements carry beyond the death of the makers? No, a master of weapons may assume title to...
1775 My house? What house? Your family directs my father's holdings as though theirs. That suggests my name has... has lost what nobility it had.
1776 This is a ledger of income for the last season, marking major purchases and trades within Isaea's household. It details a number of gem and jewel transactions, though not from any local dealer. On inspection, the importation prices are far below market value, and while you are no accountant, it would seem that an effort has been made to get around local tariffs. This could be documented smuggling, or it could just be sloppy clerical work.
1777 Well, I... ahh...
1778 I thought not. No, I don't think I will be marrying you, Isaea. I do not have to, nor do I need to, and, above all else, I do not find your company enjoyable.
1779 You know as well as I do that the arrangement is a fabrication! My word, you have brought them here? This... orc is ruling your house? Ridiculous!
1780 No more ridiculous than you forcing the issue of this "betrothal." No, Isaea, I will not marry you. Above all else, I do not find your company enjoyable.
1781 You may be entitled to ruin your own reputation, but I will not have you dragging me down as well by denying what is mine by rights! I will not stand for it!
1782 Was that a threat? You had best stop short of intimidation tactics. I do not put up with such things.
1783 How exactly is she ruining her own reputation? By being kind to those less fortunate?
1784 Now then, I think we are getting just a bit too excited here. Perhaps we can come to some sort of understanding?
1785 It can speak! Nalia trained you well. Oh, did I provoke you? Your reaction will be violent, no doubt. On your first move, I shall have my guard cut you to p...
1786 What is going on here? Who are these...? Oh, hello Nalia. My deepest sympathies to you this day. Your father was a fine man.
1787 Thank you, Lord Roenall. He would be pleased to hear such praise.
1788 Stop this "Lord Roenall" business. I'll not have such formalities. "Farthington" is my name among friends, "Farthy" if out of sight of the missus. Hrmph heh?
1789 Lord Roenall, you are a positive cad!
1790 Yes, well... OH! Is it true your home has been overrun by barbarians? My guards will have you home and safe in no time... there are none finer!
1791 Ring of Spell Turning
1792 Yes, well... OH! Isaea says you abandoned your home to wander as a peasant. Really, if your estate needs guards or accountants, I would be happy to...
1793 Isaea said WHAT?! Abandoned?! It was wrested out from under me! What has...
1794 I fear you are misinformed, sir. No, with my father's death, it was best to defer to the weaponsmaster that saved the keep. You know the old customs, don't you?
1795 Of course, a fine tradition. I know many a name that was started in that way... the Curstwerds of Muraan, for example. I'm glad to see you follo...
1796 THANK you, Father, but it's NOT that simple. Nalia made a rash decision and we'll sort it all out shortly. Aren't the Curstwerds downstairs? Give them my best.
1797 Thank you, Father, but shouldn't you be getting back to the guests? Do not mind Nalia; she is still somewhat "lost" without her father. You understand.
1798 Quite, quite. All my best, my dear.
1799 Isaea, what have you told him? That I was run off and afraid to go back? Is that how you intend to take control of my home, my life? I'll not have it!
1800 Nalia, descend further into these whims of yours and you shall be a laughingstock. Come now, our combined names would carry quite the weight. What do you say?
1801 I say... I say take your name and eat it! I'll not be your puppet!
1802 Do not anger me, Nalia. I can help or hinder; I've done it before.
1803 She has said her wishes. Whether you respect them or not, you will let them stand.
1804 Now that WAS a threat. I'm watching you. Best hope I don't find something I don't like. Understand?
1805 I think it best if we all just take a step back and cool off. Only spite will come out of comments like that.
1806 Your comment is asinine. Obviously she does not know what her wishes should be. Just look at her choice of company. I will leave... for now. This is unfinished.
1807 Kindly turn your eyes downward; your gaze makes me feel unclean. As for your threat, you should really know whom you are addressing before you do such things.
1808 Crawl back under the rock you were born of, and leave my comments to those that understand them. Nalia will, and perhaps you will learn too. This is unfinished.
1809 A fine girl, that Nalia. Good head on her shoulders. Never understood what she saw in Isaea. Fetch me a drink, will you?
1810 Get yourself some rest, my dear. You've had quite a shock and a bumpy ride. We'll get it sorted out in good time.
1811 I'm sorry for that extended exchange, but he is such a... bounder, such a... a manipulating... such a... Oh, to Hades with the manners, he is a complete bastard, and calling him that insults bastards everywhere!
1812 Has he always been that... driven? He is quite intent on enforcing your betrothal.
1813 He did say he could "help or hinder," and "he'd done it before." What's that about?
1814 It would be quite beneficial to marry him. You have thought of this, haven't you?
1815 I don't want a role in this mess. Will we be meeting up with that foppish lout again?
1816 I do not understand him. If he were not the son of Lord Roenall, I would think him capable of anything. Anything short of the criminal, of course.
1817 What does any of it mean? That he is a rounder, and were he not the son of Lord Roenall, I would think him capable of anything short of the criminal.
1818 I am reminded each and every day when I wake up and realize what has changed. Father had everything balanced and stable. Now it's all topsy-turvy.
1819 Hopefully, he'll give me space now. Actually, this was the first time I said no directly. Father always handled it. I bet Isaea found him as maddening as me.
1820 Well, if it isn't Nalia's trained chimps come to call.
1821 I must go. Think on what I've said, and bring anything you learn to Corgeig Axehand in the Government District main building. He is Isaea's commander.
1822 Is there a reason you are here? You should make an appointment to request an audience, or speak directly with Officer Roenall. He serves well as liaison to the nobility.
1823 You should stop and examine him a bit closer. He is not as he seems!
1824 Sorry to bother you. I was just looking around.
1825 As you will, but you may not be allowed access to some areas. This is the heart of government, after all.
1826 So you are suggesting that one of my officers has behaved inappropriately? What is your evidence of this? What are your claims?
1828 He imprisoned Nalia de'Arnise to force her submission to an arranged marriage.
1829 Isaea finances pirates. I have a witness to these events; a man named Barg.
1830 Isaea has possession of smuggled gems, a fact proven by his own records.
1831 Isaea Roenall deals in slaves. His insignia was used on slave documents.
1832 Serious charges indeed. However, I am familiar with the young woman in question, and she is hardly to be considered innocent by default.
1833 I thank you for the concern you have shown, but in this instance, it is misguided. Have you anything else I can help you with?
1834 I fear I may have been too rash in my conclusions. Forgive my outburst.
1835 Please, good citizen, if you are to besmirch the name of one of my officers, you had best make sure you can back up said arguments.
1836 No. That will be all. I might have been premature in my judgments.
1837 Perhaps. I still think Isaea should be looked into closely.
1838 A scathing claim, but not enough to pursue a man. Barg is a known scoundrel; his testimony is questionable. Have you other charges that cast further doubt?
1839 Not at this time.
1840 Isaea has possession of smuggled gems, a fact proven by his own records.
1841 Isaea Roenall deals in slaves. His insignia was used on slave documents.
1842 This may have been a simple clerical error. Combined with other charges, it might warrant an inquiry, but alone it does not. Have you other charges to make?
1843 Not at this time.
1844 Isaea finances pirates. I have a witness to these events; a man named Barg.
1845 Isaea Roenall deals in slaves. His insignia was used on slave documents.
1846 Any number of factors could place his insignia there and not directly involve him. Alone it is not worth the risk of defaming an innocent man. Have you other charges?
1847 Not at this time.
1848 Isaea finances pirates. I have a witness to these events; a man named Barg.
1849 Isaea has possession of smuggled gems, a fact proven by his own records.
1850 If you make further claims of a circumstantial nature, you had better provide enough of them that they warrant investigation despite their inconclusive nature alone.
1851 This may have been a simple clerical error. Combined with other charges, it might warrant an inquiry, but alone it does not. Have you other charges to make?
1852 Not at this time.
1853 Isaea Roenall deals in slaves. His insignia was used on slave documents.
1854 Any number of factors could place his insignia there. Combined with the previous it does seem odd, but still more is needed to warrant investigation.
1855 I have nothing else at this time.
1856 Isaea has possession of smuggled gems, a fact proven by his own records.
1857 Any hint of association with the slave trade can ruin a man, and your claims are all circumstantial, but there is enough here to warrant investigating officially.
1858 This may be a clerical error, but combined with the previous, it does seem suspicious. We must endeavor to uncover the truth of the matter as best we can.
1859 A scathing claim, but this "Barg" is a known scoundrel; his testimony is questionable. With the previous, it is suspicious, but not enough to slander Isaea's name.
1860 I have nothing else at this time.
1861 Isaea Roenall deals in slaves. His insignia was used on slave documents.
1862 Any number of factors could place his insignia there and still not prove an association with slavers. With the previous, it does appear alarming, but more is needed.
1863 I have nothing else at this time.
1864 Isaea finances pirates. I have a witness to these events; a man named Barg.
1865 Barg is a scoundrel; his testimony is questionable. Still, all of this together is disturbing. There is enough here to warrant an investigation despite the risks to Isaea's name.
1866 A scathing claim, but Barg is a scoundrel; his testimony is questionable. The two claims are still not enough to endanger Isaea's name. Have you additional charges?
1867 Not at this time.
1868 Isaea has possession of smuggled gems, a fact proven by his own records.
1869 This may have been a clerical error. The two charges are damaging, but still not enough to slander Isaea. Have you other charges that remove all doubt?
1870 Not at this time.
1871 Isaea finances pirates. I have a witness to these events; a man named Barg.
1872 I see you have returned. Have you new evidence you wish to show me, or have you given up on this foolish enterprise?
1873 No, I do not have anything to show you at this time.
1874 I may have important information about the conduct of one Isaea Roenall.
1877 It will take some time to fully investigate, but we should know tomorrow if an inquiry is warranted. I suggest you return then.
1878 If your allegations are false, however, you may find yourself indebted to Isaea. I will have Isaea summoned here, and we will see what course must be taken.
1879 Hey, turnip boy!
1880 Who else, dear cousin? I see that you've gathered some formidable friends since I've last seen you.
1882 Back in the circus. Judge didn't think elephants had the right to choose in a custody battle. Poor Jeffery. Nailed me with a theft charge, too. Just got out of prison.
1883 No. They should hire a better locksmith. Listen, Jan, you haven't come by the house for a long time. We've been looking for you.
1884 It's Lissa. She's staying with us now.
1885 You should talk to her yourself. I promised to give you the message, but I have to go. Been dodging bounty hunters for days. Farewell, cousin. See you soon.
1888 Who dar... Beeloo?
1889 Well, they're not gnomes, but they're not a total loss either. Some of them can get through an entire battle without my needing to babysit them. Quite remarkable for the non-gnomish. Where's your elephant?
1890 Legally?
1891 Have you? Is something wrong?
1893 Did he hurt her?
1894 Farewell, Beeloo.
1895 It looks like something serious is afoot. I'll have to be heading back to my home in the Slums District.
1896 Good riddance, gnome. I tire of your pointless tales.
1897 Is it something that I could help with?
1898 I'm afraid we haven't the time to accompany you. Perhaps we could meet you at a later time.
1899 So be it. You're a tactless bunch of idiots anyway. I've more important things to do! Excuse me.
1900 You are welcome to come with me. I know not what the story will be, so I'm not sure if you'll actually need to do something.
1901 Perhaps you should tell us who Lissa is and why you're worried about her.
1902 In that case, we'll continue on the road and shall meet you at a later time.
1903 My family's house lies in the Slums District of Athkatla. 'Tis a grand tower. I shall most likely be there if you should have need of me at a later time. It's been fun, though I wish I'd had more time to regale you with tales. Farewell!
1904 It is not an easy tale for me to tell. This girl, Lissa, that my cousin mentioned is an old friend of mine. More than a friend, I should say. She grew up poor, like me. It was a hard life, but there was happiness to be found.
1905 I loved Lissa like I've never loved another. She was the most beautiful girl in Athkatla. I was not the only one to think so, however; she had several suitors when she came of marrying age. I worried little about it. I was her closest friend and she claimed to love me.
1906 There are many gnomish families in Athkatla. Life is very different for gnomes so used to the woods and caves of the country. Many of the families struggle with poverty in exchange for the safety of the city walls and Amnian law. Some families do very well. He came from one such family.
1907 Vaelag is the gnome who runs all "business" in the gnomish areas of Athkatla.
1908 By "business," I assume you mean criminal activities.
1909 What business?
1910 Actually, I'd rather not hear this story right now. Why don't we get going?
1911 Yes. He is a thief who pretends to be an honest merchant. Rumor has it that he reports directly to the Shadow Thieves. Regardless, he was not a pleasant person. He was a bully and a cruel man. He enjoyed exercising power. He was also suave, sophisticated, and very, very rich.
1912 I refer to unsavory business. Loan sharking, smuggling, and so forth. Vaelag is a thief who pretends to be an honest merchant. Rumor has it that he reports directly to the Shadow Thieves. Regardless, he was not a pleasant person. He was a bully and a cruel man. He enjoyed exercising power. He was also suave, sophisticated, and very, very rich.
1913 Yes, we should get going. You will accompany me to see Lissa?
1914 I cannot come with you. Perhaps we could meet at some later time.
1916 Yes, I will accompany you.
1917 Could you tell me about Lissa again?
1918 I had asked Lissa to marry me and she had agreed. We were to be married at the midsummer's festival the following year. That was before she'd met Vaelag. Like most men, he took a liking to her immediately.
1919 We should make our way to my home in Athkatla with some haste. I'm worried about Lissa. It is a squat tower on the east side. You can't miss it.
1920 He swept her off her feet. He showered her with gifts and city cultural events. At the time, my bitterness had me believe that he cast some sort of spell on her. In retrospect, knowing what I do about magic, she chose him of her own volition. She was pregnant shortly afterwards and they were married.
1921 I would have given her that world, had I been able. I don't really believe it matters anymore. I just want her to be happy. Vaelag is a petty and cruel man, but she loved him more than she loved me. There's nothing else to tell. If you're ready, I'd like to get to my home in Athkatla now.
1922 We shall get there as soon as possible.
1926 I cannot come with you. Perhaps we could meet at some later time.
1927 Wee ones, I'm home!
1928 Calmly, little ones. I've brought you each a Flasher.
1929 Those are the twins, of course. The girl is Tat, the boy is Tot. They are my youngest cousin's. Glandig's children.
1930 Where is this Glandig?
1931 I don't wish to rush your family reunion, but perhaps we should look for Lissa and find out what this is all about.
1932 Your family is annoying. I'm leaving.
1933 He's most likely working in the mines. My mother watches his children when he's away. They're actually quite impoverished since his wife died.
1937 I agree. Follow me. I must speak with my mother.
1938 I have no need for you, <CHARNAME>. It was not necessary to insult my family. Please leave this house.
1939 These tales are best kept for another time. Follow me. I must speak with my mother.
1940 Jan! Did ya bring me some candy?
1941 It's my cat, stupid! I get to flash him.
1942 Mommy! Jan's back!
1943 I wanna use it right now! Where's the cat?
1944 Ye're really, really ugly.
1945 Leave my kitty alone!
1946 I wasn't going to touch your cat.
1947 Shut up! I saw you looking at her.
1948 What will you do if I do touch your cat?
1949 I'll bite your kneecaps!
1950 I'm sorry, Ma. The turnip trade is a demanding mistress.
1951 Of course not, Ma. I've been very good. Why, look at the fine bunch of people I'm traveling with!
1952 What's going on, Ma? Beeloo made it sound quite urgent.
1953 Is she all right? Did he... did he hurt her?
1954 Okay, Ma. I'll head upstairs immediately. <CHARNAME>, please come with me.
1955 It is good to see you, Jan. You don't stop to see your old mother anymore. I have to send your no-good cousins out to find you.
1956 Not so demanding as your own mother, boy. You've been in trouble, I suppose.
1957 Hmph! If you say so.
1958 Lissa has been staying with us for a while. Her daughter, too. We just thought that you might want to know. She does seem to need your help, with her parents passed on and all.
1959 Lissa's not hurt. It's the little girl. I gave them your old room. The girl is sick and Lissa is with her. Why don't you go and talk to her? She's been waiting for you.
1960 Oh, Jan! I've missed you. I wish I'd known you were coming today. I would have prepared a meal for you and your companions. I'm an awful mess.
1961 I missed you, Jan. You disappeared for a long time after the wedding, and when you returned, I hardly saw you at all. You should've come to visit me, Jan.
1962 I'm sorry, Jan. I've been terrible to you. Everything has come crashing down on me. Please forgive me, Jan.
1963 She's hurt, Jan. I don't know what's wrong with her. She just lies in bed staring at the wall. Won't even eat. Please heal her, Jan. She's just a little girl.
1964 It started a few months ago, before it ended with Vaelag. He was always a cruel father, and hard on Jaella. He beat her if she did anything he didn't like.
1965 I don't know, Jan. Can you help her?
1966 Yes, but he told me that you could help.
1967 You look fine, Lis. You look beautiful.
1968 I couldn't, Lis. I mean, I didn't want to intrude on you and Vaelag. It wasn't my place to.
1969 You don't have to apologize, Lis. I would do anything to make you happy. Tell me what happened. What's wrong with your daughter?
1970 When did this start?
1971 Did this happen after that bastard beat her?
1972 She isn't physically harmed, Lis. It is her mind that has been injured. My magic can do nothing for this sort of thing. Have you spoken with Uncle Gerhardt?
1973 Excuse me, Lis. <CHARNAME>, could you go to the basement and speak with my uncle Gerhardt? Maybe find out what he knows about this illness. He's a bit eccentric, but he knows more than he lets on. I'd guess that we have ten days before Jaella will die.
1974 Thank you. I'll stay here with Lissa. I have to... it's hard to explain.
1975 If that's the case, I'd rather you leave now. I have a lot of things to take care of, and I doubt that I'll be able to rejoin you for a week or two.
1976 I've served you well during my time with your party. What I ask of you is a small thing. You should think you'd be less of an ogre about it. Actually, I've known several ogres who are nicer than you are. Leave now and return only to apologize.
1977 Farewell, <CHARNAME>! As Uncle Scratchy used to say, if you can't join 'em, beat them with a stick of lard.
1978 He's in the basement, you say? Yes, I'll go and discover what he knows.
1979 I really don't have the time to get involved in this.
1980 I'm not going to waste my time running errands for you! Do it yourself.
1981 I think I understand. I'll be back when I've found your uncle.
1982 As you wish. We shall leave you to look after your personal affairs. Perhaps we will return in a week or two.
1983 I'd rather you not rejoin me at all. There is no place for you in this party.
1984 Dabron Sashenstar
1985 Please, go and speak with my uncle Gerhardt. Find out what he knows about Jaella's illness. You'll find him in the basement.
1986 Who in the blazes are ye? Small noses, rancid smell... hmm... be ye gibberlings?
1987 We are friends of your nephew Jan. We're here to discover what you know of Jaella's illness.
1988 We are the Gibberlings Three. As merry a band as you ever did see.
1989 Pardon me?
1990 Quit your rambling, old one, and tell us what you know of Jaella's illness.
1991 Wee Janny? Methinks I'd recognize me own nephew.
1992 No, no! I'm not Jan, I'm the leader of his party.
1993 Aw, Uncle Gerhardt, how could you treat your own nephew so?
1994 Come now, Uncle, I am your nephew.
1995 Well, I've nary a sausage to feed ye. Have ye come to devour Athkatla?
1996 Indeed! It's been quite tasty so far. Listen, we're not here to devour everything. In fact, we'd like to help a little girl named Jaella.
1997 No, we haven't. We will devour you if you don't tell us what we need to know.
1998 Let us stop this charade. Jan sent us down here to ask you a few questions.
1999 Aye, stupid too. Gibberlings fer sure. Well I've nary a sausage to feed ye. Have ye come to devour Athkatla?
2000 Indeed! It's been quite tasty so far. Listen, we're not here to devour everything. In fact, we'd like to help a little girl named Jaella.
2001 No, we haven't. We will devour you if you don't tell us what we need to know.
2002 Let us stop this charade. I'm only here to ask you a few questions.
2003 I'll tell you nothing. Here, hold this for me.
2004 If I must.
2005 I will not. Answer my questions.
2006 That boy's full of questions, true, true, true. Are you hungry? Methinks I've got some sausages under me bed.
2007 I'm fine, really. Do you have any idea what might be causing that little girl's illness?
2008 Thank you, I am feeling a bit peckish.
2009 Shiver me turnips, it is you! Now run to the chicken and get me some sausages, laddie!
2010 If you could just answer my question...
2011 Uh, the chicken?
2012 Diviner
2013 Nay. Now leave me to me workin' before I paddle yer bottom.
2014 Aye, she's been hurt. Poor lass— WHERE'S THAT CURSED POTION?
2015 Can this hurt be healed, Gerhardt?
2016 Which particular potion did you need?
2017 Why did ye drop it?
2018 It burned me.
2019 Ye are truly a naughty child. Now piss off before I paddle yer bottom!
2020 Ye've come about the girl, eh?
2021 Yes. Do you know anything about her illness?
2022 Enchanter
2023 Chicken, chicken. Yes, the chicken! Go!
2024 'Tis a hurt of the mind. Only one rich in such powers can heal her.
2025 Investigate and destroy the cult of the eyeless I have spoken to the avatar of a god that no longer has the faith of the guardians who live in this dungeon. He asked me to take the relic he has vowed to protect and combine it with the half that the beholder has. I may use the completed item to destroy the beholder... on several conditions. One: It can only be used once. Two: I tell his people I intend to complete the item so that it can be returned here and be destroyed fully. Three: I bring the completed rod back and instill even the briefest moment of faith in his people so the avatar might have the power to destroy the rod and end the service the guardians have been bound to.
2026 What are you talking about?
2027 Where can I find such a person?
2028 Investigate and destroy the cult of the eyeless Now that I have returned with half of the rod, Sassar has told me of how to steal the other half from the beholder. The beholder lives in a great pit in the cult's temple that cannot be entered directly. I am to find a friend of Sassar's who stands near the Pit of the Faithless and, through him, gain access to a secret entrance to the pit and a niche where the beholder keeps his treasures... including the other half of the rod.
2029 Not a potion, boorish fool. A sausage. Are you hungry? Methinks I've got some sausages under me bed.
2030 I'm fine, really. Do you have any idea what might be causing that little girl's illness?
2031 Thank you, I am feeling a bit peckish.
2032 'Tis no more than what ye deserved. Ye are truly a naughty child. Now piss off before I paddle yer bottom!
2033 Without focus, you shall never pass. To heal Jaella's mind, your own must be hale. Try once again.
2034 The Hidden is the one you seek. Go to Jysstev at her estate in the Government District. She shall lead you to the Hidden. Now where's that sausage...?
2035 Truth! Listen then, Seeker. To heal an innocent, you must take the mind's path. Find the Hidden, and perhaps he shall grant your boon. Travel soon ere the child leaves thy conscience torn asunder!
2036 I've wasted me life... where's that sausage? Are YOU still here? Get moving, child! Now! Now!
2037 Please, you must go and find out exactly what my uncle Gerhardt knows about Jaella's condition. You'll find him in the basement.
2038 I see from the look on your face that you've talked to Uncle Gerhardt. I should have better explained the situation. Gerhardt is a well-known and respected physician and scholar. He had risen above the poverty that plagues this family so. As you have seen, he's no longer the same.
2039 About a decade ago, my uncle was hired to treat a rather unsavory fellow, a thief named Ralg. It was fairly obvious that Ralg was a high-ranking Shadow Thief. He had power and money, two things more than rare in Athkatla without family connections.
2040 Ralg was also daring. There are places in this city where no sane man treads, places in the bowels of the earth that have the most powerful drow clerics quavering with fear at the mere mention of their cursed names. Ralg set into motion the systematic plunder of these places. He was a modern man, not given to the superstitious fears of the plebeian masses.
2041 The story goes that Ralg was found in the old temple of Bhaal, gibbering and mad with fear. Uncle Gerhardt, an expert in odd conditions, was called to treat the ravaged man. As my uncle had learned through his studies, these afflictions can never be treated without knowledge of their cause. Since none but Ralg had survived the trip, my uncle made the foolish decision to travel to these unholy places in search of this knowledge.
2042 He left for the graveyard and the places of the profane that are known to lie beneath it. He was gone for months, and we thought him dead. Ralg was shipped off to the asylum that lies off of Amn's coast. Nearly a year later, Uncle Gerhardt returned a changed man. Something that he had seen on his travels left him quite unhinged, though hardly the mindless sack of flesh that Ralg had been.
2043 With this change came a strange ability that occasionally shows itself in Gerhardt's verbal ramblings. He has become a prophet of sorts. He predicts events, some small and some of portent. During the Time of Troubles, his gift was particularly evident. He seemed to know everything. He'd rage and stumble about the basement screaming of slaughtered gods and tumultuous magic.
2044 But that is in the past. He has examined Jaella and, especially in his present state, he knows things. He told Lissa to bring me home, and I hope that he has given you some direction as to how we can help this girl.
2045 Well, amongst the ramblings about sausages and chickens, he did have a few things to say. He said that for one to heal Jaella's mind, one must know one's own mind. He also mentioned something about seeking the Hidden.
2046 I don't believe that it's my place to deal with this problem. Perhaps it would be best if you were to do it yourself.
2047 Your uncle is a madman, and I resent having to deal with him. You should be dealing with your own issues and not tricking me into doing so for you.
2048 The Hidden, you say? Lissa mentioned this. It seems that Lady Jysstev knows something of the man. You can find the Jysstev estate in the Government District. Will you solve this mystery for me? I must stay with Lissa.
2049 If that is your wish. I shall speak with Gerhardt myself. I cannot travel with you for a time. If you return in a week or two, I might be ready to travel again. I'm not sure how things will turn out here.
2050 Hmph! Never had you pegged for an idiot. I've served you well during my time with your party. What I ask of you is a small thing. You should think you'd be less of an ogre about it. Actually, I've known several ogres who are nicer than you are. Leave now and return only to apologize.
2051 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Well, it seems that Jerlia was wrong... Sir Sarles was able to tell the difference between the alloy and the real thing. The sculptor left the city in a fit, and all I can do is bring this shapeless lump of metal to the temple and report my failure.
2052 Find mimic's blood for Jermien the Cowled Wizard I must find some mimic's blood for the Cowled Wizard, Jermien, for the juggernaut golem he is building in the village of Imnesvale.
2053 Farewell then, Jan. Good luck, and perhaps I shall see you in a week or two.
2054 Thank you, friend. Go well. I shall be here when you return. Jaella's not eating, so I estimate you have ten days at most.
2055 Jermien
2056 Jermien
2057 Help Korgan recover the Book of Kaza I have joined with Korgan Bloodaxe to gain the Book of Kaza for a collector by the name of Pimlico. It is apparently in a tomb beneath the Graveyard District. One of the crypts apparently leads to a lower, older section rumored to contain undead... but also the tome.
2058 Johanna
2059 Johanna
2060 Help Korgan recover the Book of Kaza It appears that the Book of Kaza was taken from the tomb by former companions of Korgan's. We must go to Pimlico's house in the Temple District to see if we can head them off and recover the book.
2061 Help Korgan recover the Book of Kaza It appears that Korgan's former friends weren't satisfied with whatever reward Pimlico was offering. They killed the collector and, according to Korgan, will likely be drinking their gains on the roof of the Copper Coronet. Korgan wishes to go pay his respects, so to speak.
2062 Colette
2063 Colette
2064 What do you wish of me?
2065 Investigate and destroy the cult of the eyeless I have met Sassar's friend Tad, who has instructed me that I must go down the Pit of the Faithless to reach the pathway that will enter the beholder's treasure niche. The beholder is planning a great mass soon, so it is unlikely he will be in the niche when I enter. Tad warned of creatures who feed upon the bodies of the faithless who are thrown below, however.
2066 I ask a boon of you.
2067 Before we get to that, I would like to know a bit about the Enlightened Ones. Who are you, and why all the secrecy?
2068 I want nothing from you.
2069 Investigate and destroy the cult of the eyeless Once the beholder is killed, I must return the rod to the avatar... he has warned me that it is cursed, and I would not want to know what would happen if I dared to use the rod a second time or try to spirit it away from this place. Once that is done, I must also return to the temple and report my success.
2070 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Talon Yarryl commands that I procure Sir Sarles, a popular artist, to produce a work for the temple. Sarles apparently demands the use of a rare metal, illithium, and an outlandish commission. The other temples are competing for his favor as well. I must get the artist his illithium and convince him to work for a reasonable rate, regardless of how I do so. The man may be found in the Jysstev estate in the southeast corner of the Government District.
2071 Another mission for the temple Now that the business with the sculptor is done, Yarryl bids me to return when I am ready to further serve the temple's cause.
2072 Another mission for the temple I must go to the slums after dark and meet a thief named Travin. He has stolen an item from the Lathanderites, and I must take delivery for the temple of Talos. The loss of their Dawn Ring will damage morale at the Morninglord's house and erase the smugness of Lathander's followers.
2073 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Guardian Telwyn of the temple of Helm asked me to commission the master sculptor Sir Sarles to make a piece of artistry while he is in Athkatla. I will need to procure illithium for the artist and convince him to lower his outlandish fee. The other temples in the city will also be vying for his favor. Sir Sarles is staying in the Jysstev estate in the southeast corner of the Government District.
2074 Another mission for the temple Now that this business with the artist is finished, Guardian Telwyn has asked that I return to the temple as soon as I am able to continue to work on the temple's behalf.
2075 Another mission for the temple Guardian Telwyn asked that I go to the temple of Lathander and speak to a cleric named Dawnbringer Sain. While usually neutral, the temple of Helm has decided that I should aid Lathander in a particular matter, such that the conflict with Talos does not turn into chaos.
2076 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Dawnbringer Sain has asked that I commission the master sculptor Sir Sarles to produce a work for the temple. I must procure illithium... a rare metal that he demands to work with... and also convince him to lower his outlandish fee. Other temples will be vying for his services as well. Sir Sarles can be found at the Jysstev Estate in the southeast portion of the Government District.
2077 Another mission for the temple The Talassans hired a thief to steal a Dawn Ring from the temple of Lathander, and I must go to the slums after dark and retrieve it. Dawnbringer Sain asked that I not use violence if I can avoid it... but spare no wrath if it is required. The name of the thief is apparently Travin.
2078 AI Script
2079 Another mission for the temple Now that this business with the sculptor is completed, Dawnbringer Sain has asked that I return to speak with him as soon as I am able... to continue my service for the temple.
2080 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple I have met with the artist, Sir Sarles... but the only way he will perform the work is if I can procure 200 pounds of pure illithium. Sarles recommended I locate an ore merchant by the name of Jerlia, who has a stall in the second tier in the southwest portion of Waukeen's Promenade.
2081 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple I was able to get Jerlia to tell me who her illithium supplier is. It is a duergar named Unger Hilldark, and he is staying at the Copper Coronet, a bar in the Slums District. Jerlia advises that I approach him there and ask about the ore, although she thinks it will be quite expensive.
2082 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Jerlia has agreed to fashion an alloy of illithium for me, since 200 pounds of the pure ore is just not feasible. I should return to her after a day with 200 gp to pick up the facsimile.
2083 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Jerlia has fashioned the illithium alloy for me... now all I need to do is give the metal to Sarles and hope that he does not distinguish between it and the real thing.
2084 Jum
2086 Jum
2087 Jum
2088 Gain the services of Sir Sarles for the temple Unger Hilldark told me that his latest shipment of illithium was stolen by a gnome named Neb. Unger cannot get the illithium back himself because the word of a duergar is not trusted in Amn. If I am to get real illithium, I will have to exact justice on this bandit myself. Unger tells me that Neb bought a house in the Bridge District, marked as "Derelict House" on the map. The name "Neb" sounds oddly familiar.
2089 Firkraag's Challenge
2091 Firkraag's Challenge
2092 A question, my hound and hamster... why is it that you come into such rage when we fight? 'Tis as if all the furies of the planes were all at once let loose within your veins!
2093 Boo says fight hard, so I fight hard.
2094 Ah, Boo says that, does he?
2095 Space hamsters are never wrong!
2096 *groan* Cut your wit, bard. The day has been long already without adding hours to it.
2097 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills Delon was sent to find aid for the village of Imnesvale in the Umar Hills. Apparently, people are disappearing in large numbers and it is not certain what the cause is. I am to speak to the village mayor, Minister Lloyd Wainwright.
2098 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills I spoke to Minister Lloyd of Imnesvale and agreed to find the cause of the murders and disappearances. He suggested I look for the first victim, the ranger Merella. Her cabin is directly west of the village, and she used to patrol in the southwest portion of the local area. Or I could deal with Madulf the ogre north of Imnesvale by the river. The minister believes him to be the source of the problem, anyway.
2099 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills Minister Lloyd told me of several possibilities for the murders. He suspects that a recently arrived group of creatures led by the ogre Madulf are responsible. There are also normally peaceable wolves that have been in the hills for several years. He also mentioned a legend regarding the Umar witch who once ruled this area. The murders seem very similar to when she was alive. He also mentioned another group of adventurers led by the knight Mazzy Fentan. He had hired them earlier, but they have not returned.
2100 Why don't you listen, Vaelag? I'll keep it simple so that it won't leave you furrowing your brow in a vain attempt to understand. Get out of this house now and I won't gut you like the pig that you are. Was that clear enough?
2101 Lissa, what is happening?
2102 Why? Did you not leave him because of his cruelty?
2103 He is a beast! He is a criminal and a murderer! Why can't you see that?
2104 What if he hurts Jaella again?
2105 I've only asked about the things that you told me.
2106 Go if you must. I'm sorry that I couldn't offer more help to you.
2107 I fear for her life, her and the girl. You've met Vaelag now; what do you think?
2108 It did seem like he was ready to kill you for insulting him. He's a violent sort who is used to power and seems to enjoy wielding it.
2109 He seems like a pleasant enough fellow. I wouldn't worry about it. Lissa does trust him, after all.
2110 I'll be honest with you. This issue is of great importance to me. I have contacts in the city, and if I find out that he's hurt her again, I'll hurt him. I should like your support when the time comes.
2111 If I am able to support you when that time comes, I will.
2112 I do have concerns of my own, Jan. My own quest takes precedence over your personal concerns.
2113 Perhaps he has changed. I shall have to trust Lissa, though I suspect that Vaelag will not become a good husband. I cannot bear to hurt Lissa and so, I shall leave again. Let us take to the road, <CHARNAME>. My sword arm needs a bit of exercise.
2114 My thanks, in advance. Let us take to the road, <CHARNAME>. My sword arm needs a bit of exercise.
2115 I understand this. But be aware that I will leave the party if word comes to me of Vaelag's return to violence. I do have contingency plans to deal with him. Let us take to the road, <CHARNAME>. My sword arm needs a bit of exercise.
2116 Well done, friends of Jan. You found a way to cure the poor girl.
2117 It did. She's recovered and is acting like a child again, playing with Tat and the kitty. Go upstairs and see Jan.
2118 Madulf wants to make a deal with the village It seems obvious that Madulf and his followers are not responsible for the deaths in Imnesvale. If he can be believed, some of his people were murdered as well. The ogre has asked me to bring word to Minister Lloyd and tell him that he wishes an alliance... Madulf and his followers will protect the village from the orcs in the hills if the villagers will leave them in peace and let them trade occasionally. I have agreed to bring this proposal before the mayor, but have not promised anything.
2119 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills Now that Madulf and his band have been killed, I can return to the mayor and tell him that the deed has been done. Hopefully the village will be safe from here on.
2120 Ah, Jansen! Been here all the time while your cronies look for a cure. She recovered on her own. No thanks to you.
2121 You listen, girl, this is between me and him. He's been trying to steal you from me ever since we first met.
2122 You've been away too long, boy. You don't know whom you're talking to. Guards! Take him outside.
2123 Very well. Be quick, I can't stand the stench of these slums for much longer.
2124 Leave him alone, Vaelag. He was only trying to help me.
2125 Both of you, stop it! You're frightening the children. Vaelag, please wait outside. I'll thank these people for showing me hospitality while you were busy.
2126 Ah, my hound, this city be the great world of commerce! Perhaps we can sell Jaheira?
2127 Don't fret, Jan. Vaelag wants me back.
2128 He has apologized. He won't be cruel to us again.
2129 You will stop this immediately! I am grateful for what you have done, but you must not overstep your bounds. He is my husband and I love him.
2130 He won't, Jan! He's different now. You're not being fair to him.
2131 That was before, and we have spoken about those things. He promised to change. I am leaving now, Jan.
2132 Cut my wit? Why, certainly, if I could only use your nose's razor edge to perform the task.
2133 Aye, it seems I've sharpened it upon the grindstone of your heart.
2134 Well, my frumpy ptarmigan, I must protest—
2135 "Methinks thou dost protest too much." Aye, I can quote the poets too. If you must protest, I respond only to hunger strikes and, even then, too late.
2136 Oh, <CHARNAME>, raven of sympathy! Yon woman is stifling my creativity and stealing thunder from my wit! I swear I cannot work amidst the lashings of her tongue!
2137 I watch you, blackbird. I watch you, and 'tis as if you are a dancer pinned between two panes of glass called Bliss and Rage.
2138 No! My army is not yet complete!
2139 And as for being pinned between those panes of glass?
2140 This sword radiates evil like a sour odor, and the owner never knows if <PRO_HESHE> wields the weapon or if it wields <PRO_HIMHER>. In addition to its combat abilities, Blackrazor slowly regenerates its owner with the drained strength of opponents. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Regenerate 1 HP every 5 seconds – Immunity to charm and fear Combat abilities: – With every hit, it has a 15% chance of draining 4 levels from the target and healing the wielder by 20 Hit Points as well as hasting <PRO_HIMHER> for 20 seconds and increasing <PRO_HISHER> Strength by 3 points for 20 seconds THAC0: +3 Damage: 1d8+3 (slashing) Speed Factor: 2 Proficiency Type: Long Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 4
2141 Full Plate Mail +2
2142 This weapon was made specifically for Wulfgar by Bruenor Battlehammer, and the strongest of its enchantments only function while in the young warrior's hands. Anyone else wields Aegis-Fang as a war hammer +3. STATISTICS: THAC0: +3 Damage: 2d4+3 (crushing) Speed Factor: 1 Proficiency Type: War Hammer Type: One-handed Requires: 18 Strength Weight: 3
2143 Korgan
2144 Wish Plot
2145 So, Viconia, I suppose you must be a drow, eh?
2146 The typical dagger has a pointed, usually double-edged blade, as opposed to a knife, which has a single edge and is a bit shorter. This particular dagger is magical, having special bonuses to its speed, accuracy, and damage. Also, since it is magical, it is capable of striking opponents that are immune to normal weapons, such as vampires, elementals, and mummies. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d4+2 (piercing) Speed Factor: 0 Proficiency Type: Dagger Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 1
2147 Solve the riddle in the sewers The voice from the sewers has told me that the wards to get the magical sword must be broken in the proper order. Also, it appears that if I make a mistake, I must start all over again from the beginning.
2148 Snow Troll
2149 Ice Troll
2150 Windspear Hills
2151 Umar Hills
2152 Yochlol
2153 Yochlol
2154 Maurezhi
2155 Maurezhi
2156 Vincenzo the Innkeep
2157 Vincenzo the Innkeep
2159 Willet the Stableboy
2162 Willet the Stableboy
2164 Lavok
2165 Lavok
2166 Valygar's Body
2167 Valygar's Body
2168 Corthala Tax Notice
2169 Corthala Tax Notice
2170 Chain Key
2171 Chain Key
2172 This pool shows a bird's-eye view of Athkatla. The planar sphere stands out like a magic beacon in the heart of the city.
2173 With the sphere's abrupt movement, the vision in the pool has changed. The city of Athkatla has been replaced by a hellish nightmare of ghouls and fiends. The sphere in the picture now rests in a horrible and polluted landscape.
2174 This appears to be a control panel relating to the creation of an iron golem. A partially completed golem stands lifeless in the tube above the panel. The golem is missing an arm and a head.
2175 The golem arm that you have brought has been attached to the monster.
2176 The head and the arm are connected to the golem by the machine. Now the golem must be activated.
2178 The head that you have brought is connected to the golem by the machine.
2179 conjurer
2180 The golem must now be activated. This machine seems to have no function that accomplishes that. You must look elsewhere.
2181 Now that the golem has been activated, there is no further use for this machine.
2182 The golem awakes and is transported out of the machine.
2183 Elder Orb
2184 Ranger
2185 Ranger
2186 Llarsh
2187 Llarsh
2188 Hervo
2189 Hervo
2190 Derrick
2191 Derrick
2192 Madeen
2193 Madeen
2194 Tolgerias
2195 Tolgerias
2196 Akae
2197 Orc Archer
2198 Orc Archer
2199 You... you have the key! Or, rather, the sword! Please, please, give it to me and—and I can be rid of this illusionary form at last!
2200 Not so fast. How much will you give me for it?
2201 Hold! I'm not about to fall for your trick! I'm not about to give a monster a weapon!
2202 Aye, as you wish.
2203 What? All—all I have which... which is almost nothing... Please, I will do whatever I can for you, but I can do nothing until you give me the key and I am free from my chains...
2204 You ask too much and grant too little. It is mine and you shall not have it.
2205 Very well, I shall trust you and give you the sword...
2206 I'm not about to fall for this trick! Give a monster a sword, eh? I don't think so!
2207 I thank you for your trust. This sword... it is actually a key that unlocks the chain that powers my horrible illusion.
2208 My hands... my skin, it's real again! Oh, thank you, Baervan! Oh, we must find Quayle... and stop Kalah before he does any more harm!
2209 Join with us and we will search for him together in this place.
2210 Wait here, then... I will go further into this citadel and will come back later.
2211 I've no intention of going further into this place. I've rescued you, and that's all I will do. I am leaving now.
2212 You would let me join you? All—all right... come, let's find Quayle. Who knows what they've done to him...?
2213 Beware, not all things here are illusions. Close your eyes and strike back only if it hurts you... Oh, bring Quayle back safely, would you? He... he's been very good to me...
2214 Fine, then, you are as much a monster as I appeared to be!
2215 Have you found Quayle?
2216 He is dead, milady.
2217 Assassin
2218 Quayle? He was my owner, but... but not really. Quayle taught me how to cast spells and he—he healed the wounds from where... from where my wings were.
2219 Your wings?
2220 I think I knew Quayle... We may have traveled together in Baldur's Gate...
2221 It will be okay... Come, travel with us. You will be among friends.
2222 I know, I'm sorry. Maybe I should give you the time to grieve. Perhaps we'll meet again.
2223 Wulfgar
2224 Wulfgar
2225 How could I care for them when my old owner kept me in a dirty cage so small they always rubbed against the bars? They got sick, so they—had to come off... Oh, it was so horrible!
2226 Aegis-fang
2227 Aegis-fang
2228 Don't cry, don't cry, angel... You can travel with us. You'll be amongst friends.
2229 Aegis-fang +3
2230 I'm sorry, I don't mean to grill you with questions. I'll go, but perhaps we shall meet again.
2231 You—you mean that? You would let me travel with you? I... I bet Quayle would have—would have liked me to.
2232 Thank... Thank you. I don't think that I'll be going far...
2233 He's been ev—everything to me, all I had in the world.
2234 Come now, everything's going to be all right. You could travel with me. You'll be among friends.
2235 What about your wings? You said he healed them?
2236 I'm making your grieving more difficult. I should go. Perhaps we shall meet again in better times.
2237 Please hurry. I worry after him so.
2238 Bruenor
2239 Bruenor
2240 revert
2241 rest until healed
2242 Enable this option to cast healing spells on resting repeatedly until fully healed. Otherwise, currently memorized healing spells are cast once on resting. Note: This option does not work in multiplayer games.
2243 Gnoll Captain
2244 Hobgoblin Witch Doctor
2245 Uncle Quayle, you're okay!
2246 Ha! I knew Kalah would trip over himself eventually. I'm just pleased he despised me enough to play with me rather than dispose of me like some of the others!
2247 What would I ever do without you?
2248 I... I think you need to find out, my dear. I've taught you everything I can. It's time, Aerie... time for you to learn the rest on your own.
2249 You're the wisest and the smartest and the kindest man I'll ever know.
2250 I wasn't always, my dear. You changed that. But I can't keep you here. <CHARNAME>... you can provide for her better than I. Perhaps you will take her with you?
2251 Aerie, should you be willing, we would appreciate a cleric/mage with your heart and stature.
2252 There is no room for her at my side, right now at least. Perhaps another time.
2253 You would... you would have me travel with you? I would love to, but... Oh Quayle, I would miss you!
2254 Then you shall have to come and visit me from time to time and tell me what you've learned. Go... go with my blessing, girl.
2255 ...All right. Take—take care of the circus while I'm away.
2256 Oh, don't worry about me. If you find happiness, maybe the pain of losing your wings will be lessened... nothing would please me more. Be well, my Aerie.
2257 Come... come back and visit, then. Maybe you'll have need of me in the future and I could travel with you. I'd like that.
2258 Hobgoblin Captain
2259 Hobgoblin Captain
2260 Hi, <CHARNAME>. Uncle Quayle told me you'd be back...
2261 Hobgoblin Shaman
2262 Hobgoblin Shaman
2263 Hobgoblin Elite
2264 Then he is a smart man because here we are. Would you like to travel with us, Aerie?
2265 Well, we were in the neighborhood and thought it would be nice to see you again.
2266 You would let me travel with you? I... I would like that, <CHARNAME>, and—and it would make Quayle so proud... Thank you.
2267 It's—it's always nice to see you, <CHARNAME>... I—I have to go. I have errands to do.
2268 Hobgoblin Wizard
2269 Hobgoblin Wizard
2270 Be careful, <CHARNAME>. Some of these beasts are real and some are illusions. There's no way to tell until they hit you.
2271 Outsiders? You are not one of my pretty men! Why are you here?
2272 Ah, my beast, you have led them here nicely...
2273 What? I'm not—
2274 Wish Plot
2275 Hahaha! You're not what? You're not my beast? Oh, but you are, all of you are, don't you see?
2276 Kobold Captain
2277 Wha—what have you done to my Uncle Quayle?
2278 Kobold Captain
2279 Kobold Witch Doctor
2280 Kobold Witch Doctor
2281 Kobold Witch Doctor
2282 Little Aerie, is that you? I have no eyes, no eyes!
2283 Kobold Shaman
2284 Kobold Shaman
2285 Mutated Gibberling
2286 Mutated Gibberling
2287 Yes, it's a regular three-ring circus, isn't it, my beasts? Now go ahead and tear each other apart!
2288 Uncle Quayle is... Quayle is dead... Oh no...
2289 Hi, <CHARNAME>. Welcome back...
2290 Aerie, I've been thinking. Why don't you travel with us for a while? There is nothing left here for you.
2291 Aye. I was just passing by, and... I thought it might be nice to see you again.
2292 Aye, there is little in this place but memories...
2293 Will you come?
2294 What choice have I? ...Aye, <CHARNAME>, I'll come.
2295 There was too much chaos... I couldn't tell who was who. I am sorry.
2296 Catti-Brie
2297 You will see many deaths if you travel with me. Do you still wish to come?
2298 Catti-Brie
2299 Regis
2300 Regis
2301 Yes, he is... If you are to stay with us, you will see many deaths. Get used to it.
2302 I don't need your excuses! ...I'm—I'm sorry, I—please, just give me some time to mourn.
2303 I don't want to get used to it! ...I'm—I'm sorry, I—please, just give me some time to mourn.
2304 What choice do I have, <CHARNAME>? 'Tis you or nothing... Can we get out of here? I—I don't want to have to think about anything right now.
2305 Hello.
2306 AHHHH! Minsc will be free! These bonds will not hold my wrath! Butts will be liberally kicked in good measure!
2307 Vittorio, You drunken bastard! Give me back the gong or face the wrath of the Mercenaries of Riatavin! We shall remain at Delosar's Inn until you get it back. Weasel! Scum! Drunken lout! Captain Dennis
2308 Hands up, kiddies. Who wants to die?!
2309 A favorite toy of the halfling thief Regis, perfect for making people see his point of view. STATISTICS: Charge abilities: – Dire Charm once per day (Save vs. Spell negates) Range: 35 ft. Duration: 1 turn Area of Effect: 1 creature Weight: 1
2310 Fission Slime
2311 Fission Slime
2312 This door is extremely thick and heavy. It will take more force than you can muster to open it.
2313 Bah, you are no more than common thugs, beneath my notice. I will observe from afar.
2314 It appears as if construction for a second level was started but never finished.
2315 Marilith
2316 Marilith
2317 It appears as if, some time ago, a large creature burned and dug its way down, forming this pit. The faint stench of carrion wafts up from the hole.
2318 As you move near the edge of the pit, you knock loose a pebble and it falls down the hole. A moment later, you hear an indignant snort.
2319 Idle hands in Imnesvale I have, perhaps foolishly, agreed to buy three bastard swords and some Baalor Ale for three youngsters in the village of Imnesvale. Mind you, how much trouble could they get into? One of the local merchants named Min Minling should have what they need.
2320 Idle hands in Imnesvale I have agreed to buy three young prospective adventurers a few bastard swords from the local merchants. Truly, how much trouble could they get into?
2321 Idle hands in Imnesvale I have agreed to buy some ale for three boys in the Umar Hills village. They wanted swords and I said no, but I'm not about to refuse the boys a good time. One of the local merchants should have what they need.
2322 Vincenzo's Inn
2323 Archer Protection
2324 This pulsing mass of flesh seems to be the power core for the sphere. You will have to find some way to repower it if you wish to return to Athkatla on the Prime Material Plane.
2325 For lack of a more obvious solution, you feed the demon's heart to one of the many mouths that are imbedded in the flesh of the structure. A moment later, the sphere shudders, and you can sense it powering up.
2326 The sphere's engine is dead, its energy permanently drained after returning you to Athkatla.
2327 Orog
2328 Orog
2329 Orc Mage
2330 Orc Mage
2331 Orc Priest
2332 Orc Priest
2333 Aataqah
2334 Aataqah
2335 Llylla
2336 Llylla
2337 Sewage Golem
2338 Director
2339 Director
2340 Zombie Wolf
2341 Gas Spore
2342 Gas Spore
2343 Gas Spore
2344 Shimmering Wraith
2345 Shimmering Wraith
2346 Household Guardsman
2347 Household Guardsman
2348 Like others of its type, this halberd consists of a cleaver-like axe blade mounted on a staff approximately six feet in length. Magic has been used to forge this particular weapon, gifting it with enhanced abilities to slaughter foes. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d10+2 (piercing) Speed Factor: 7 Proficiency Type: Halberd Type: Two-handed Requires: 13 Strength Weight: 12
2349 Asp's Nest
2352 The clumsy hands of looters have defiled this crypt. A decrepit corpse looks to have had its death grip disturbed, and the impression of a book is all that is left beneath its now broken fingers. If there was something of value here, it is probably in the disreputable hands of a fence.
2353 Repulse X
2354 Nabassu
2355 Nabassu
2356 Minsc? Your mighty warrior spirit must find these bars unbearable!
2357 Can you control your anger long enough to safely leave this place?
2358 I remember traveling with you, but how did we get here?
2359 Strachan Fireblade
2360 Strachan Fireblade
2361 Dunbar the Fifth
2362 Dunbar the Fifth
2364 Time is short for talk that is small! Release me! I will rain beatings down upon all who have dared touch me and... and... Dynaheir! She will be avenged!
2365 Repulse Undead
2366 Uh, yes, son, it certainly has been a long time. How are you doing, my boy?
2367 skin
2368 mooo moo
2369 Greetings, child. It is good to see that you have set aside the time to pay tribute to the great Oghma.
2370 Greetings, young one. It is good to see that you have set aside time to pay homage to the great Oghma.
2371 If you've anything of value to say, do it now and without such wailing.
2372 Repulse Undead (Abjuration) Level: 5 Range: 0 Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None This powerful spell creates waves of anti-negative energy that sweep outward from the caster. These waves disrupt any undead that attempt to attack the caster, pushing them away from the caster for several seconds. There is one wave per round for the duration of the spell. All undead are affected with no Saving Throw.
2373 NO! No control! No mercy! I will avenge... avenge... Dynaheir!
2374 Dear Strachan, I am writing this as a warning, as one friend to another. I may be too old to take part in all this adventuring business you young ones go on, but I can still be of some use. There be a <PRO_MANWOMAN> in Athkatla by the name of <CHARNAME>... <PRO_HESHE>'s proven to be a danger to those that use magic, and has turned me in to the authorities here without provocation. I am to be taken by the Cowled Wizards, but I will try to make my escape this eve. Heed this warning, and don't believe a word the fool says if you meet <PRO_HIMHER>. And use your better judgment this time, boy. Don't go and do something stupid, like seeking this <CHARNAME> out. It's not worth it. Just keep yourself safe. Your friend, Cragmoon
2375 Travin
2376 Travin
2377 Borinall
2378 Borinall
2380 Blindness or deafness cured
2381 I know not who has done this, but I will avenge most viciously the wrongs they... the wrongs... Dynaheir! I will cave their skulls for what they have done!
2382 I will continue my adventures with you, and... and... those that do evil will pay dearly for their actions! So swears Minsc! On Dynaheir's grave, so swear I!
2383 I will exact penance from each and every wicked soul that dared lay a finger on...
2384 Will you help? We must join together once more, and our fury will be such that bards will run their quills dry! Yes, ink will be scarce where'er we go!
2386 Drink hail! Wassail for all! I be curious, friends. I'm scouring for a band of desperate men to aid me in a gallant task. Ye look like ye keep undertakers in a brisk trade. 'Ave ye courage and time fer a tale?
2387 A fortnight past, my former band and I, proud delvers all, were involved in an unpleasant quarrel. We were attempting to abscond an ancient tome for our patron from its resting place. This bickering led to cruel humor, vile words and alas, a lake of bloodshed. The book ne'er made it to our merchant friend's hands. His love of wordcraft prevails to this day, and all he wants is his sacred grimoire. So the scuttlebutt is that the pay's handsome and worthy of note—rare cut gems, sacks of loot, odd magics. Best of all, the book be not far from where we petty-fog now.
2388 This is the key that was given to you by Edwin. He tells you that it will open a container in Mae'Var's chambers in which proof of his betrayal can be found. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
2389 Mmm-mmm! tastes like chicken!
2392 Fine, lilywhites! Return when ye have found yer courage, if ye've 'ere felt its touch!
2393 Calm yourself! We must keep our heads if we are to escape.
2394 Dynaheir? There is another trapped here?
2395 I grow weary of your outbursts! If you continue, I will leave you here!
2397 We have to keep our heads if we are to escape this place.
2398 Belly up, comrades, and let Korgan flail the bladder for a spell.
2399 Drink hail! Wassail for all! I be curious, friends. I'm scouring for a band of desperate men to aid me in a gallant task. Ye look like ye keep undertakers in a brisk trade. 'Ave ye courage and time fer a tale?
2400 Thanks, but no thanks. We've other matters to attend to.
2401 We'll listen to your tale.
2402 Where be the book then, Korgan?
2403 In some hobnail's tomb over in the lower crypts of the Graveyard District. It's nae abandoned, but rumors and half-truths only scare the young and infirm. Keeps the curious away, me guess.
2404 Who is this book collector? Why his interest in this particular timeworn manual?
2405 A fortnight past, me fellows and I were in the midst of obtaining an ancient text fer our patron when a skirmish visited our midst. Vile words, alas, became a lake of bloodshed.
2406 This book collector? Who is he? Why the interest in this particular timeworn manual? This book sounds too valuable to be couriered.
2407 Pimlico collects books just fer the pleasure of collecting. Arcane, bizarre, peculiar; it matters not.
2408 Well... it'll take far more than a few shambling bags of skin and stitches to deter Korgan Bloodaxe from a king's ransom! A foolhardy jaunt into a hive of undead? How could ye resist?
2409 Is there something we should know about this tomb?
2410 We've heard enough of your tale. Bugger off now.
2411 Trapped?! Her spirit... her spirit is trapped in a cage created by my failure. I was to guard her, but she... she...
2412 Myconid
2413 Myconid
2414 The tomb is calling, and I may be forced to heed her beckon alone and enjoy the wages without me stalwarts by me side.
2415 Fine then, lant-quaffers! I've put up with ye fribblin' long enough! I've work to do, and it'll not be with the likes of this girdle-waisted loom crew!
2416 Sssssstinking meat... cursssssed with life. There are lawssss even here, rulessss. Final resssst musssst be maintained... defilerssss will die... it is the way of all flesssshhhh. Kaza'sss tome isss gone! Nevaziah'sss ssssstudent ssshall be thy doom. Join me in death...
2417 Ye nae made your way to the accursed crypt then? Ye can ne'er send a longlimb to do what's a dwarven task by divine right! What is it that ye want?
2419 <NO TEXT>
2421 Xzar
2422 Montaron
2423 Cow
2424 Xzar
2425 Montaron
2426 Traveler
2427 Nimbul
2428 We seek a strong warrior to accompany us. Would you be such a person?
2429 Sorry for bothering you, Korgan. We'll be on our way.
2430 Cease yer prattle then... unless ye've something useful in that cakehole.
2431 This tomb looks to be looted! The rank, stinking bastards beat us here! Those scoundrels'll dine on me sup o' cold steel afore I'm through with 'em!
2432 Hold a moment, Korgan, we were hasty with our words. We will accompany you to Pimlico's.
2433 Those grog-blossomed prickmedainties 'ave crossed me one time too many! We've some walking undead to dispatch now, and then some live dead to find and bury!
2434 Myconid King
2435 This is our territory.
2436 Not so fast, Korgan. Your desire to gain the tome is admirable, but we've other irons in the forge.
2437 Scimitar +3
2438 Allow? Perhaps yer new gang of bowelhives would like t' know that rockrunt here took it upon himself, whiles we were out and about, ta up and dirtnap three of the crew.
2439 Then onward to victory and spoils!
2440 Fools! Scurvy whelps! Only scent stronger than weakness is the stink of cowardice! If that's the way you want it, then I'll take me leave of ye.
2441 Damn! Ye've all taken too long. Ransacked she is! Looted she was! Ye can't tell from barking in the street, but indoors is spiced rum, dilligrout, and Pimlico's noon-meats.
2442 By the looks of it, me former comrades have painted Pimlico's finery with his innards.
2443 Fair enough, friends, but we'd best make haste.
2444 I see little has changed yer candor, Shagbag. Still a lant-gulpin' dirt chute.
2445 Cure Disease
2446 Ye know, there's nothin' that ails ye that I can't fix with me fists, Shagbag.
2447 Cure Disease (Abjuration) Level: 3 Sphere: Necromantic Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 1 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None By laying <PRO_HISHER> hands upon a sickly person, the caster can cure almost any disease with this spell. The cure is permanent, but does not grant the recipient of the spell immunity from further afflictions. Blindness, deafness, and feeblemind are also cured with this spell. Some magically created diseases may not be curable by this spell.
2448 I'll nae allow that. I don't like being a bastard, but ye leave me nae choice.
2449 Disease Cured
2450 Bespawl all that! Nonsense! Steel was drawn with cold intent, Shagbag, and ye're well aware of the trespass!
2451 Spacewarp
2452 Pray if ye've a god, cur.
2453 Nalia, ye're overtall, beardless, long-limbed, and lack strength. Ye disgust me.
2454 Be aware, Mazzy, I've something long, hard, and low to the ground ye're free to touch and fondle. Child, no need to glare! 'Twas me axe I was referring to... it's a joke!
2455 Were ye aware, Mazzy, that despite my gruff bearing and taciturn manner, I am also trained in the erotic arts?
2456 Ye know, Mazzy, I'm a poet of fair renown back home. Here's a mere trifle:
2457 That's delightful, Korgan. Not lengthy, but effective.
2458 Aye. Wrote it after a liquor-induced dervish o' temper, whereby a tavern was flattened and me helmet dented.
2459 I've an elf-knot in my neck from strainin' to admire the whole of yer beauty, Mazzy. Calf's skin suits yer form mightily, girl.
2460 Yoshimo, I'd sooner be chained in a dank hole than listen to yer verbal crapulence. I've a stomach full of windy humors with more character than ye.
2461 I've seen the clay feet yer moral crusade stands on, paladin, and no lies can keep it from collapsing. Ye're hellbound like me. Only a matter of the hourglass.
2462 No, your tale holds no interest for us.
2463 Yer reputation don't know yer character. Ye lay falsehoods where ye need to, cleric, but I've read yer story on the faces of the dead and all's nae written yet.
2464 Aye, and he'd be wise to measure how pure yer grace be.
2465 Yes, tell us your tale then, dwarf.
2466 Fer a muddled longlimb, Keldorn, ye doth wield a clever blade indeed.
2467 Myconid King
2468 I need no narrow stick of steel to rend a foe asunder. I prefer the axe to split the difference. Allies, aye, fallen too, if need be.
2469 Spell Trigger—Protection From Magical Weapons
2470 It's nae brutal, only reasonable force. Ye pick yer battles big enough to matter and small enough to win. They all had it comin'. All of 'em.
2471 Salamander
2472 Rainmaker, use yer mumbo-jumbo and make sure it don't rain when we're traveling in the outdoors! It makes me armor rust, me clothes damp, and me feet slosh about in me favorite boots.
2473 You have no eyes... how did that occur?
2474 Bah! Tree-hugging dirt-eater! If yer god lived on Faerûn, I'd break his windows! Good fer nothin'! Go pluck mistletoe and frolic naked in glades!
2475 Valygar! Ye're indeed a dervish! If I didn't know better, I'd swear there was a dwarf hidin' in the woodpile nine months before yer mam birthed ye!
2476 Ye'd be wise to skulk about in the shadows and pick yer dainty locks, else yer time be up. Hear me, scoundrel?
2477 I hear you plain enough, dwarf. I seek no quarrel with your prowess.
2478 So the snakebelly ain't as dumb as he looks. There's a lad.
2479 Aerie? AERIE! Cease yer whinin'! I'd swear on my father's coal cart ye were one o' them fey elves with all the blasted cryin' coming from ye.
2480 Ye know, Bag o' Tricks, ye and I are nae so different. Ye fetch awe with eye of newt and tongue of salamander, I with battleaxe and bloodlust.
2481 Salamander
2482 Nay, not so bold. The rest of these backpedalers 'aven't a clue. Ye and I, we know the longlimb's capacity fer the horrible and severe, eh friend? We know.
2483 Ice Salamander
2484 Hahahahahaa! Marvelous tale, gnome. Well told, well told. Only blight on ye is that trimmed beard and that loathsome pointy pickle hanging off yer face.
2485 Yer combat prowess is a sight to behold, Minsc. Ye certain no dwarven blood runs through ye?
2486 Boo points, I punch! Is very simple relationship, but it is effective.
2487 That rodent? Ye're at the beck and call of vermin?
2488 Intelligence Increase
2489 Warrior, perhaps chasing windmills be best left to ye.
2490 That's a fine wooden staff you've there, woman. Tell me, ye crack acorns with it? Or call some rarebit friends to frolic with ye?
2491 Nature's servant makes no judgment on the woodlands. Your tone betrays you, Korgan.
2492 Perhaps ye could summon a horde of squirrels to take the day, or make a lovely leaf stew? Make sure ye and yer twig be of some use, though that use be lost on me.
2493 Well, there be the rarest of sights.
2494 Carved from the heart of a rotten treant, this spear smells of death. When held in your hands, it groans a little, as if reluctant to allow a living thing to touch it. In battle, the Spear of Withering spits a foul poison into its target upon each successful hit. STATISTICS: THAC0: +4 Damage: 1d6+4, + 4 poison damage Damage type: Piercing Speed Factor: 2 Proficiency Type: Spear Type: Two-handed Requires: 5 Strength Weight: 5
2495 One of yer baker-legged ilk out under the sun. Rumor has it ye melt, cook like lamb on the spit, or'll fall apart, all limbs askew.
2496 This blade, although only lightly enchanted, has achieved a semblance of awareness, enough so that it allows only the thief known as Yoshimo to wield it. Any other than he cannot use this flawless katana in battle. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1 Damage: 1d10+1 (slashing) Speed Factor: 3 Proficiency Type: Katana Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 5
2497 The Underdark I left a lifetime ago. Ye blackskins are all the same: good fer three things... owning, hunting, and killing.
2498 I hate Amn. I hate the heat, the squalor, the desperation. Everyone has the silver tongue here. I hate the stagnant, lant-tepid brew... Oh! Friends! Ye'd hear me tale then?
2499 Aye, so ye'd still be interested in my proposal then? Howe'er ye've mustered yer resolve, gird your loins so I've no witness to bear to weakness. We've a job to do.
2500 We'll join you in plundering this crypt of its riches.
2501 We want nothing to do with you or your mad schemes.
2502 We'll join you on one condition... you pay us.
2503 We have no time at present, but may soon.
2504 Drink hail! Then let us posthaste to the crypt and riches beyond ken!
2505 Fine then, bowelhives! I'll be stirring dirt in the lavatory if ye change yer middling minds. Then about the tavern, should ye ponder further.
2506 Nay, longlimbs. Ye're forcing me to be a bastard, and while that may be easy, free is the price. Leave it or take it.
2507 Fine, then. Free it is. So long as we get a portion of the treasure.
2508 How do you say in Dwarvish "We want money"?
2509 I were sorely mistaken to think I'd find heroes amongst yer sorry lot. No pay, only rewards. I'll be herein should ye change that greedhead mind.
2510 Ice Salamander
2511 Goblin
2512 Yes, we will join your cause and fight the good fight.
2513 No, your cause curries no favor with us.
2514 I'll be stewing prunes o'er a few spiced meads while you ponder. Perhaps we'll speak again, and ye will have grown some courage to replace the fear that cancers ye.
2515 Casson Belde'ar
2516 You were watching over Dynaheir? Is she trapped here too?
2517 I will leave you here if you do not compose yourself at once.
2518 We must maintain our heads if we are to exit here alive.
2519 Dynaheir? Is she trapped here as well? I have not seen her.
2520 I will leave you here if you do not compose yourself.
2521 We must maintain our heads if we are to exit here alive.
2522 Dynaheir? Was she trapped here as well?
2523 I will leave you behind if you do not gain control of yourself.
2524 Reconsider! I will rage as never before, and those in my path will fall left, right, and 'round the back! Dynaheir is... she is dead, and I will not rest...
2525 If anything, I shall be even more single-minded in my focus! Minsc is Minsc, and it shall always be so. Come, Boo, we are among friends again!
2526 Join with me, but you better serve me better than you did Dynaheir.
2527 Stand by my side, and our enemies will answer for what they have done.
2528 Your very being here shows you are weak. I will leave you where you are.
2529 I will release you, Minsc, but I think it best that we part ways. I've troubles of my own that must take precedence over your cause.
2530 Come, we must go now. Yes, Minsc and Boo and you, together again. Beware villains! I will force justice down your evil, evil throats!
2531 You are filth... that I called friend! Do not make me add your ass to the kicking list! I would do so reluctantly, but I will do it! Choose your path now!
2532 You are quite clearly insane. You shall stay right here.
2533 I shall try and release you, but I don't know how your cage opens.
2534 You lie! You freed yourself, and now you will not free me! Such villainy! Boo sees what you are doing!
2535 Goblin
2536 We've grown weary of this escapade. We've decided not to go to the tomb.
2537 We hear your protest, Korgan. Don't worry. Let us go to the tomb.
2538 Dragon Rain
2539 Great Druid
2540 Come, Boo, we must go! What? Yes, of course. My hamster says he will miss you. Such loyalty you inspire, even in rodents. Be proud, as Minsc is.
2541 Hold on, Korgan. Wait a moment. Let's go to the tomb right now.
2542 Good riddance to bad garbage, runt. We need you like a hole in the head.
2543 great druid
2544 My Tabitha... loyal to the end. Your death I shall avenge, on that I swear.
2545 Ahh, I see you still have that... rodent. Dare I ask how you have kept it hidden from our captors?
2546 Are you talking to a... hamster? What kind of a warrior are you?
2547 Minsc and Boo are Minsc and Boo, and we shall not be separated. Shall we go? The butts of evil await my bootprint!
2548 Ahh, I see you still have that... rodent. Dare I ask how you have kept it hidden from our captors?
2549 Are you talking to a... hamster? What kind of a warrior are you?
2550 Boo is the best purchase I ever made, and despite my head wound I could tell that his previous owner was good and honest. Boo is an asset to us all!
2551 Stop your pitiful whining, dwarf, and waddle aside.
2552 Ye've tested me mettle fer the last and final time! Ye'll beg me to kill ye soon enough! Have at thee!
2553 Aye. Strength is me birthright. Courage me inheritance. War me destiny. But why should I join a motley band of beggars like ye?
2554 Good company, great risk, and... treasure. Perhaps more than you could imagine.
2555 Whoa, I've changed my mind. Why don't you go on ahead without me and I'll, uh... catch up with you later? Yeah...
2556 If that's the way you feel about us, then so be it. We'll leave you to yourself.
2557 Right you are, Minsc! Where'er evil dost lay its dirty feet, we shall mop the floor with its buttocks!
2558 Why don't you just head off on your own and we'll meet up again... later? Yeah.
2559 We have loot. Money. And we'll give you 100 gold of it if you join our party for the next few months.
2560 For your mercenary services, we'll offer 500 gold. Any questions?
2561 Hell and damnation, fools! Me head can imagine a fair horde. I've no impulse to travel with a sad bunch of may-dewed prickmedainties. Return when the reason is better than yer company alone.
2562 Good! Then leave a farctated dwarf before I rend ye limbless.
2563 100 gold? Nay nearly enough of the kingdom's coin to interest one so battle-proven! Return when the money purse ye carry grows deeper.
2564 I have lost myself in your words, but Boo thinks you're just ducky. Onward!
2565 500 gold? Aye, there be a fair venture. Consider me a comrade-in-arms. I'll just secret the coin away from ye, so's ye don't think o' cheatin' away with it.
2566 Then let us be off, and woe be to those that dare to stand in our way.
2567 So what musters yer interest in just another bibulous dwarf?
2568 We seek a strong warrior to accompany us. Would you be such a person?
2569 We're sorry for bothering you, Korgan. We'll see ourselves out.
2570 Gnaw my arse! We just have no use for drunk blowhards who spend more time on a bar stool than a battlefield.
2571 Speak of the undersized broadarse and what should waddle in? I was just remarkin' ta Crazyface and Scrooloose that shame it all no dwarf tossin' till next moonsday. Shame it is.
2572 Yer likes frighten me not, midget. Bugger off. I've some high life to live with me and the boys!
2573 No reason. None. Seems he were slighted or some other, and up and kills Stitch, Hogbelly, and Cutter. Allow? Rich coming outta you, runt.
2574 This time, speck, ye're knee-deep in it.
2575 Spacewarp (Alteration) Sphere: Numbers Range: 150 ft. Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 7 Area of Effect: 25-ft. radius sphere Saving Throw: None According to one view of the universe, what we perceive as gravity is actually a localized warping of the fabric of space-time. The Spacewarp spell creates a temporary but very intense warping in a limited area. When the priest casts this spell, <PRO_HESHE> selects a specific point to be the center of effect. This point may be anywhere within 150 feet of the caster, including in midair. When the spell is completed, this center of effect gains a gravity field equal to the force felt at the surface of the earth. In other words, gravity is centered at this point; everything within 50 feet of this center that is not attached to something immovable will fall toward the selected point. This localized gravity affects only loose objects and creatures capable of movement (i.e., not trees, whose roots are buried in the ground). It does not affect the ground itself—soil, plants, desert sand, lake water, etc. are immune to the effect.
2576 Red Dragon
2577 Red Dragon
2578 Dragon Fear
2580 Uncle Quayle! Haer'Dalis and I thought it would be nice to come back and visit you. He—he's giving me acting lessons.
2581 Haer'Dalis, is it? And acting lessons? Oh, my little Aerie, you have surrounded yourself with such wonderful friends... or is he more than a friend?
2582 You always were the smartest man I knew, Uncle. Someday when we have more time, we'll come and stay for a fortnight so you might get to know him.
2583 A fortnight? Hoi, my dear, you overestimate my stomach for young love. Come for a tenday and I promise not to be driven mad by your longing gazes.
2584 Ha, a week then, Uncle... I look forward to it. Until then...
2585 Until then, my dear.
2586 Uncle Quayle! <CHARNAME> and I thought it would be nice to come back and visit you.
2587 Oh, my little Aerie, every visit from you is a gift. You have come so far and surrounded yourself with such wonderful friends... or is he more than a friend?
2588 Hello, Aerie. Would you like to travel with us again?
2589 Excuse me, mate, I've got t' get meself another ale, I does.
2590 Hello, Aerie... How have you been?
2591 There is nothing else for me to do... Aye, what choice have I?
2592 How could I travel with you? You of all people should know not to ask... My home is this circus and all else is madness... Take care out there, but I'll not be with you...
2593 Time passes, the people walk by... but at least I've been able to stay here at the circus. Take care, <GABBER>...
2594 I... I guess I'll go back to the circus, then. You'll come visit me there, won't you?
2595 I—I should never have let you take me from the circus! You're all heartless, every last one of you!
2596 Ugh! It—it hurts, Nalia.
2597 Could we get a bit of help over here? Someone in the party is injured and needs attention. Aerie, are you all right?
2598 Shadow Dragon Breath
2599 Goblin Captain
2600 We seek a strong warrior to accompany us. Would you be such a person?
2601 We need a cleric here! She's injured!
2602 Goblin Captain
2603 Ferret
2604 Ferret
2605 Fairy Dragon
2607 Fairy Dragon
2608 Pseudo Dragon
2609 Pseudo Dragon
2610 next
2611 Rassmusen Mead
2612 Amnian Ale
2613 Wight
2614 Wight
2615 Wan Fey Bitters
2616 Dark Island Stout
2617 It's all right, I can—I shall heal myself.
2618 All right, Aerie... but be careful out there.
2619 Fear
2620 Nalia?
2621 Yes, my dear?
2622 How come you care so much for people?
2623 It has to start somewhere, Aerie.
2624 Cause Serious Wounds
2625 What has to start?
2626 Love... justice... the rights of people to choose their own destiny in this world.
2627 But don't the gods choose our destinies?
2628 Disintegrate
2629 Oh, Aerie, with the exception of Gond, our gods are not clockmakers. They have made us living, breathing creatures with minds, emotions, desires.
2630 Umar
2631 Amidst tears and laughter, an angel rises! Hail, Aerie, and welcome back.
2632 We do good things here! All will remember the heroes that are Minsc and Boo and you!
2633 Umar
2634 I—I'm sorry, <CHARNAME>, it... it won't happen again.
2635 No apologies from so fair a blossom. We were fools to let you fall.
2636 Please, Yoshimo, just let me—let me gather up my belongings.
2637 As you wish, lass.
2638 Look, Anomen, the sun is rising...
2639 Aye, like a bird of raw and flaming power... You don't talk much, do you?
2640 What do you mean?
2641 You hesitate in your speech as if you are considering what to say next. Knights, such as myself, must be speaking with people constantly.
2642 Are you... are you scared about your test at all?
2643 Ha, I do not have the time to be frightened. And besides... the Order cannot turn me aside forever.
2644 Minsc, we'll not make friends with you boasting about what heroes we are.
2645 Right you are, Minsc. Only good things will come from the examples we set.
2646 Er, yes. Now let's get going before we draw a crowd. No need to flaunt our deeds.
2647 I used to want to be a—an actress.
2648 Nonsense! All enjoy the sight of heroes. We'll be the talk of the town for days! Wave to the nice people, Boo. Wave to the nice hamster, people. WAVE!
2649 You cannot always win, can you...?
2650 Yes! Lead evil by example, and one day we need no longer put the boots to those that stray off the path of goodness into the muck and bile of villainy and track great bloody footprints across our lily-white tiles! Boo will have clean wood shavings, you evil bastards!
2651 Good has no need of low profiles! There is no shame in boasting if one follows through, and I am not about to keep my voice low! Perhaps Boo will, but not I!
2652 No, sir.
2653 Run along then. I still have some prayers that I must get through before the sun again touches the earth with its rays.
2654 Yes—yes, sir.
2655 Anomen... I... I've been watching you since you failed your Test, and... you... you're starting to scare me a little, I—I think...
2656 I need no pressure from you, Aerie. Leave me be.
2657 Just because you failed your Test doesn't mean you have to abandon everything good about the Order, does it? I mean... you were almost a paladin!
2658 That's just it, isn't it? I was almost a paladin. I was almost strong enough. Well, almost isn't good enough, Aerie... so no, it doesn't mean a thing. Not anymore.
2659 Paralyze
2660 But Anomen-
2661 Get out, girl! Did you hear me? I won't have you hounding me! Get out!
2662 Beholder
2663 Beholder
2664 Sunray
2665 Death Ray
2666 Gauth
2667 Gauth
2668 Ooookaaaay.
2669 We follow the path that surely leads to glory! Boo is proud to be here, I can tell.
2670 It is not worthy of such a fuss, Minsc. A simple, uninspiring act of charity.
2671 And he should be! We are the righteous standard by which others are judged!
2672 I am not trying to please your rodent. I do this because it will benefit me in the long term.
2673 Minsc, have you considered getting restorative magic for that head of yours?
2674 Then say it louder! We must inspire fear in evil! Quiet tales of hamsters are foolish, but a man and his hamster that tear evil limb from limb? That's scary!
2675 I only help because it's profitable to do so! I am not some traveling charity show!
2676 Now you are speaking the language of Minsc! Next we must get you a hamster! Or perhaps an ice weasel, whatever your tastes.
2677 It's good that I know you are kidding. I would hate to have to cleanse my own party of evil. Always strive to be on the safe end of the justice boot.
2678 I know I think clearly because Boo tells me so. That is enough for me, though it never seems to be enough for anyone else. Their loss, for I am content.
2679 Eeeh, yes, though I don't think you will be scaring quite who you expect.
2680 How do I get out of this dog and pony show?
2681 Ahh, what the hell. Right-o, Minsc! Our deeds will ring in the evil ears we box and label "Do not open 'til midwinter fest"!
2682 As long as some are scared and tell the rest, that is all that matters. Come, we must press on against the tide of naughtiness. Mind your step.
2683 I don't understand the reference, but Boo enjoyed it. An omen of good things... or of horrible and humorous death, I am not sure which.
2684 These acts will place our names in the songs of skalds and bards from here to my home! There can be no doubt.
2685 I will not tolerate actions such as this! We should strive to be just and fair.
2686 Strength Increase
2687 Wisdom Increase
2688 Dexterity Increase
2689 When making a glorious egg dish of goodness, I understand some eggs must be broken. But actions such as this are... simply deplorable!
2690 Do you think before you speak, or do words just stumble out on their own?
2691 You are right, Minsc. I shall try to be nicer in my dealings with people. Yes, I shall try.
2692 It was a momentary lapse, though I can see how this might be profitable.
2693 Words are just loud air. Actions must take priority in my mind. A phrase might cause some discomfort, but it is good deeds that cause evil the most pain.
2694 That is all that can be asked. A crusade might be better, but few have the focus required. I will be the example if anyone wishes to follow in my wake.
2695 A hero needs no profit. A sword is just a few coins; armor is only a few more. No, it is evil that needs gold to fund their machinations, not heroes.
2696 I, uh... I could use a bit of a lie-down... lest I drop Boo on the battlefield. Have we a healer near?
2697 Hang in there, big fella. We'll get you fixed up as soon as possible.
2698 Suck it up, Minsc! I never figured the big and powerful Minsc for a weakling!
2699 You must be patient, Minsc. We are not always in the best circumstance for quick healing.
2700 Yes, that would be best. I should not like evil to get the jump on a weakened Minsc. We must be at our best for the fight to come.
2701 Minsc is no weakling! I have survived more than you could bear! It is just unwise to let wounds go untreated! Enemies will find their work half done already!
2702 I know this, but Boo worries.
2703 Ugh! We must rest and get healthy. It would not do for us to be caught unsuspecting with Minsc in this kind of shape.
2704 I do not get through many battles without injury. Why is Minsc always on the front line taking damage?
2705 They say homecomings are like that.
2706 Coming back here seems so strange, Keldorn. One moment it makes me happy, and... and the next it just leaves me sad all over.
2707 Are you a freakishly large juggernaut that charges at the drop of a hat? Just a guess on my part.
2708 But you have deferred damage away from another. That is a valiant sacrifice, Minsc.
2709 Do you wish to cower away from battle? I would not have expected such from you.
2710 Orc Leader
2711 If you continue to complain, I shall make certain you are left on the battlefield altogether.
2712 I... I suppose you would know, wouldn't you? I—I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring it up that way.
2713 Perhaps I am a touch quick to combat, but I temper my temper with common sense about who I should attack. What? I do too! Why does Boo snicker?
2714 'Tis a pain I live with, a truth I know. Speaking of it airs the soul.
2715 Do you still love her?
2716 So, there is sanity in all this madness. If you are not in league with the evil that dwells in this unholy place, Yoshimo begs your assistance.
2717 If I protect more people by being at the forefront, then so be it! I shall charge in an instant and make my enemies sorry they were born as bad as they are!
2718 Aye... I always have and I always shall. That is the way of it, I guess.
2719 Who calls? Excuse my mistrust, but this is quite a hellish mess I'm into here.
2720 Assistance you shall get. What ails you, friend?
2721 Stay back, fiend! I'll not fall for such childish tricks.
2722 I share your sentiments. I have seen much here that has disturbed me. I myself am a warrior with no evil intentions. Please, I would welcome any assistance you might offer.
2723 Then assistance you shall get, Yoshimo. What ails you, friend?
2724 I don't believe you. Stay back if you wish to live.
2725 How did you come to be here?
2726 I had four husbands during my life in the Underdark... before the fall of House DeVir. I killed each one. Three for sport and one for infidelity with my sister.
2727 I would welcome another companion, but I have a few questions first.
2728 Of them all, my sister's betrayal was the most difficult to deal with. I didn't wish to, but punishment had to be administered.
2729 I do not think that it would be wise. I'll be better off navigating this place without you.
2730 I am no fiend! I am Yoshimo! You know, Yoshimo?
2731 Sorry, I've never heard of you.
2732 THE Yoshimo? Feared by all?
2733 In that case, how did you come to be here?
2734 I do not know how long I was there before awaking.
2735 If that is what you think, then you do not know Minsc. I never cower! Boo does, but he fears being underfoot. I do not! I am the over-foot placing evil at end-of-boot!
2736 Do you think that we are in Athkatla?
2737 How do I know that you aren't some sort of fiend here to lure me into a trap?
2738 I do not know a way to escape this place. Perhaps we could search for this exit together.
2739 I shall not! I don't like the look of you! Leave at once!
2740 These little beasties keep coming in through the portals. Perhaps if the portals are destroyed, one could defeat the beasts that have already come through.
2741 Perhaps then Yoshimo's predicament won't seem so funny!
2742 Stay calm, I was only trying to lighten the mood. How did you come to be here?
2743 I'm leaving now. Good luck surviving this place.
2744 You must be new to Amn, or at least Athkatla.
2745 As far as I know, I've never been to Amn. Do you think that we are in Athkatla?
2746 Your ego outdoes your accomplishments, it would seem. How did you come to be here?
2747 At last, an admirer! I do not know a way to escape this place. Perhaps we could search for this exit together.
2748 Certainly, <PRO_LADYLORD> <CHARNAME>, as you wish.
2749 As you say, my <LADYLORD>.
2750 What about you? Do you have a... a place to come home to?
2751 If it was the former, this place could be anywhere. If it was the latter, then I don't imagine that I could have traveled very far without noticing.
2752 What do you propose to do now?
2753 We shall! Welcome to my party!
2754 How do I know that you aren't some sort of fiend here to lull me into insensibility?
2755 What do you need to know?
2756 I'm not sure if I should trust you. I will take my leave of you now.
2757 How did you get here?
2758 What aid do you need?
2759 If you are ever in Athkatla and need some assistance, I reside at the Copper Coronet, an inn of some renown. First, however, a warning...
2760 My faith is my home and... and by the will of Torm, I take it with me where I go...
2761 I shall survive by taking the wise path. Go ahead and forge the trail. I will follow your path once I have rested a bit.
2762 I shall be happy to lend my blade to your cause. There are two things that I have discovered about this place that may help us escape.
2763 You have changed your mind? Shall we draw our blades with a common purpose?
2764 I would welcome another companion, but I have a few questions first.
2765 I do not think that it would be wise. I'll be better off navigating this place without you.
2766 Ah, my desperate, imprisoned friends! You are still alive and enjoying Athkatla's bounty, I see.
2767 It is good to know that you've escaped that place, Yoshimo.
2768 I am no friend of yours. Leave me be.
2769 I'm sorry, I have no time to talk with you.
2770 I agree. Welcome to the Copper Coronet, my home here in Athkatla. What can Yoshimo offer you? Information? Contacts? Equipment? Perhaps you would like me to join you?
2771 Information. Have you heard any rumors?
2772 Where might I get equipment for a reasonable price?
2773 You read my mind, it seems. Come, join my party.
2774 If you don't care about your party, then it will be you that is left on the battlefield eventually! I can only fight as long as I have my health...
2775 There is no need to hurt Yoshimo's delicate feelings. You have dishonored me before these drunkards, thieves, and gamblers. I may never live this down.
2776 Come back and see me when you have more time.
2777 I know of nothing specific here. I would talk to others in this place... adventure always finds its way here. The docks is also an interesting place to find work.
2778 Follow me closely inside as well. I fancy there no be a more dangerous a building in all o' Baldur's Gate. Can you think o' anywhere better equipped against thieves than the Thieves' Guild itself? Could teach Durlag's Tower a thing or three, I dare say.
2779 Torm?
2780 Interesting. Where might I get equipment for a reasonable price?
2781 I would like you to join my party.
2782 That is all that I need at present.
2783 The barkeep's name is Bernard. He will sell you high-quality equipment at a reasonable price. If you have the time, though, I would suggest the Adventure Mart in the promenade.
2784 Excellent. What rumors have you heard?
2785 I would like you to join my party.
2786 That is all that I need at present.
2787 Aye, the servant god, always ready to sacrifice himself in duty's name. I have a family I have not been with in some time; Torm requires sacrifice from us all.
2788 I would be honored to wield my sword for you.
2789 Oh, taker of my honor, do not return to torment me further. Unless you have come to take back your cruel words, I ask you to leave now.
2790 I have returned to apologize.
2791 I will leave.
2792 Welcome to the Copper Coronet, my home here in Athkatla. What can Yoshimo offer you? Information? Contacts? Equipment? Perhaps you would like me to join you?
2793 Information. Have you heard any rumors?
2794 Where might I get equipment for a reasonable price?
2795 Join me, join me, by all means. I could use the help, to be honest.
2796 Mind Flayer
2797 Mulahey
2798 Spore Colony
2799 Mind Flayer
2800 Spore Colony
2801 Woodland Ale
2802 Press ESC to Abort
2803 Wyrm's Brew Ale
2804 Orbbz'hin
2805 Kulg
2806 It is never that simple, is it? You have seen too much of my guild and I, so the wrong choice may endanger your life. Choose wisely.
2807 Streea
2808 A powerful psychic force lashes out at you, preventing you from moving. From the look of all the dead adventurers on the ground, whatever lies ahead seems extremely powerful and dangerous.
2809 Deer
2810 You don't seem... comfortable here.
2811 Forgive me, dear elf. It is just that I have never understood the city.
2812 What is there to understand? Cities are where you go when you have no place else to be.
2813 Perhaps that is it. I have my grove, and the beauty tethers my heart to its ferns and mosses. When next we visit, would you like me to show them to you?
2814 Deer
2815 The pain will only be passing; you should survive the process.
2816 Interesting. You have much untapped power.
2817 I'm sorry to bother you. I will be leaving shortly.
2818 A pretty one? Have you come to join the merriment for all eternity?
2819 Do you even realize your potential?
2820 More intruders have entered the complex, master.
2821 I'm sorry to bother you. I will be leaving shortly.
2822 Clay Golem
2823 Clay Golem
2824 Stone Golem
2825 Stone Golem
2826 Iron Golem
2827 Iron Golem
2828 Vampire
2829 Male Vampire
2830 Vampire
2831 Air Elemental
2832 Air Elemental
2833 They act sooner than we had anticipated.
2834 No matter, they will only prove a slight delay.
2835 Tazok
2836 Tazok
2837 When asked about his past, VALYGAR is silent for a long time and his face becomes grim. He explains briefly that he is the last of the Corthala noble line, a family that was once one of the wealthiest in Amn. The Corthalas have always been cursed with magical ability, however, and Valygar spits the words with great derision. Every Corthala who has used their magical talents has become obsessed with them and ultimately come to a grievous end. His mother was the most recent victim, although the ranger does not elaborate on the point. Valygar intends to fulfill his family's oath to find and destroy their ancestor, Lavok, and then he intends to let his cursed bloodline die out once and for all.
2838 IMOEN is a shadow of her former self, but responds to your inquiries with as much of a smile as she can muster. Obviously shaken by the revelations about your shared origins, she seems determined to make the best of things, despite the uncharacteristic that has now made its presence known within her. The taint of Bhaal was slow to manifest, kept at bay by her carefree outlook, but now the strength of it has shaken her. She is scared of what she might become, and the insight she has gained has made her more concerned about your condition as well.
2839 When asked about his past, JAN stops tinkering with his gadgets and states that, despite all claims to the contrary, turnip beer has wondrous medicinal properties in addition to its fine taste.
2840 When asked about his past, KELDORN sighs and is forced to think for a moment before counting the number of years he has been a paladin of Torm in the service of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. He has battled to protect the defenseless and punish the evil on more occasions than he can recall. A seasoned veteran with the scars to prove it, Keldorn speaks wistfully of retirement in the future and the opportunity to spend more time with his family. Upon their mention, however, Keldorn's attention wanders and grows grim. Duty is more important than personal considerations, he whispers harshly, so long as the Order has need of him.
2841 You dare to attack me here? Do you even know whom you face?!
2842 Go then and leave the circle. You should never have come here without an invitation. Away with you, mortal!
2843 Are you leaving so soon? I had hoped you would stay with us for a while. Ahhh, well... mortals must be as they are. So be it!
2844 You will suffer! You will all suffer!
2845 Lesser Air Elemental
2846 diviner
2847 Lesser Air Elemental
2848 Greater Air Elemental
2849 Greater Air Elemental
2850 Lesser Earth Elemental
2851 Lesser Earth Elemental
2852 Oh, please, Cernd. I—I would like that very much.
2853 Greater Earth Elemental
2854 So, god-child, you have escaped. You are more resourceful than I had thought.
2855 You're not going to torture us any longer.
2856 Greater Earth Elemental
2857 Torture? Silly girl, you just don't understand what I'm doing, do you?
2858 I don't care what you're doing! Let us go!
2859 I won't let you leave, not when I'm so close to unlocking your power.
2860 Then it shall be so.
2861 enchanter
2862 illusionist
2863 We don't want anything from you!
2864 When asked about her past, NALIA is a bit hesitant. She comes from a wealthy landowning family headed by Lord de'Arnise, and while she speaks of her relatives with affection, the fact of her upbringing seems to embarrass her at the same time. Nalia clearly identifies more with the "poorer classes"... but also looks upon them with the eyes of the privileged. She has been educated and taught the magical arts, as per her dead mother's wishes, but Nalia states that her years of sneaking out of the castle have taught her the other side of life as well. She still has much to learn about life beyond her caste, however, and she knows it... and she is sure adventuring is the answer.
2865 Enough! I will no longer listen to the babbling of ignorant children.
2866 This is an unsanctioned use of magical energy!
2867 Earth Elemental
2868 All involved will be held! This disturbance is over!
2869 Must I be interrupted at every turn?! Enough of this!
2870 You have been involved in illegal use of magic. You will come with us!
2871 Earth Elemental
2872 You see those tiny mushrooms hidden away there... and how they glow? They are of the foxfire family and are the material component for the "faerie fire" spell.
2873 Fire Elemental
2874 Fire Elemental
2875 Ah, over there rests a stand of simple wood ferns. I have seen them grow as high as my chest some years.
2876 Greater Fire Elemental
2877 Greater Fire Elemental
2878 Lesser Fire Elemental
2879 Lesser Fire Elemental
2880 Genie
2881 Djinni
2882 Djinni
2883 Dao
2884 Dao
2885 Efreeti
2886 Efreeti
2887 Otyugh
2888 Otyugh
2889 I'm not going with him, I'm not! Help me! Please!
2890 Leather Armor
2891 Leather Armor
2892 This armor gives the character a base Armor Class of 8.
2893 Long Sword
2894 Constitution Increase
2895 Charisma Increase
2896 When asked about her past, AERIE becomes silent for a time, obviously saddened by the memory. She lived amongst the avariel, the winged elves, and was captured by slavers when she was still very young. She shudders when she speaks of her first years in the circus, on display in a cage that restricted her movements to the point that her wings atrophied. They became infected... and Aerie can barely speak of the night she was taken out of her cage and her wings were sawn off brutally to keep her alive. She was no longer of use to that circus, and were it not for the kindness of Quayle, she surely would have died. He restored her to health and gave her a reason to continue living, and out of respect for his generosity, she learned the devotion of the gnomish god Baervan Wildwanderer. She speaks of Baervan with affection, yet still pays tribute to Aerdrie Faenya, and approaches life outside of the circus with a combination of wide-eyed innocence and wonder mixed with an inborn determination to fight against injustice.
2897 When asked about his past, CERND declares in a steady and modest tone that it has been his honor to serve nature in whatever capacity she did call upon him. It is clear that he is a dedicated servant, and though his demeanor is contemplative and well measured, you are certain that he would not hesitate to risk himself if it would best serve the greater balance.
2898 Fist
2899 When asked about his past, YOSHIMO seems disheartened that you are not already acquainted with his reputation. By his own account, he is apparently well known among people in the know, both as a daring rogue and as a dashing man about town. While the story sounds impressive, he seems ungainly for such exploits, possibly a bit more hapless than debonair. He wears it well, however, and perhaps even capitalizes on it. He seems to know that his kind of good-natured humor is well appreciated by most everyone he meets.
2900 Move carefully now... do you see that large red flower? It is a dead man's lotus and shall put you right to sleep should you disturb its pollen.
2901 Rakshasa
2902 Rakshasa
2903 They're so beautiful, Cernd, and—*shiver*—and their light's so cold.
2904 Oh, I wish they could grow forever! How could you ever leave such a place?
2905 Though my body may roam, my spirit shall always rest here, Aerie.
2906 I can just imagine the dreams I'd have in such a place, Cernd.
2907 But... but it is who I am—it is how Quayle taught me.
2908 I cannot understand it, Aerie. Why this magic—why from you, of all people? You are too innocent and good to practice such things.
2909 I know, I know, but... magic corrupts. The very power of magic twists a mage's soul a little each day. There's always one more spell to learn or cast.
2911 ...I hope you're right, Aerie. For your sake and mine...
2912 Eek!
2913 Outta my way, brat!
2914 You there, elf girl. I be tired of yer constant miscastin' of magic while we be in the heat of battle. Can't ye do anything right, girl?!
2915 I—I tried my—my best, sir.
2916 Well, it ain't good enough now, is it?!
2917 Quit yer whinin', wench. So you be tired; we care not. Sleep when death takes ahold o' ye, which would be a welcome respite for the rest of us... god knows!
2918 You are a filthy and horrible little man, Korgan! If he's—if he's still with us this time tomorrow, I'm going back to the circus!
2919 Aye, we'll miss you like a good club to the head, won't we, <CHARNAME>? Har har har!
2920 Jan, how come you're always telling stories?
2921 Ha ha! Look a' the sky, missy. Yer day's up, and I'm still 'ere. Ol' <CHARNAME> didn't e'en break it to ya gently. Take the hint and head back to yer little circus, girlie.
2922 Because they're true, every last one of them, even the one about my great-grandfather slaying the dragon.
2923 A dragon? Really?
2924 Anti-Magic Ray
2925 Anti-Magic Ray
2926 Well not really, but close. He thought it was a dragon. He was experimenting with glass, grinding it down to make prisms and lenses, you see, because his daughter, my grandmother, was so cross-eyed that, until she was twelve years old, all she ever saw of the world was the nose in the center of her face. You never had that problem as a child, did you?
2927 Me? Oh no, not that...
2928 Good, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. So my great-grandfather had put together a great series of lenses and prisms, I think twelve in all, and attached them to a leather helm he had, the strap of which always chafed under the chin. Then, all of a sudden, a cloud passed in front of the sun.
2929 Oh my! Was it the dragon?
2930 No, no, it happened precisely as I tell it to you now: A cloud passed in front of the sun and my great-grandfather looked up from his work so quickly that a dragonfly got caught between two of the prisms over his left eye and clung there for dear life. Of course you can't imagine the hullabaloo this caused, my dear!
2931 No, I can imagine it just fine, Mister Jansen.
2932 There he was, throwing all his tools and turnips into the distance where he assumed his greatly magnified adversary to be, and he was running and hollering and telling us to get in the house while he tried to lure the ravaging beast into the backyard of our southside neighbors against whom he had always held a grudge.
2933 Whatever happened?
2934 What do you expect happened? We just assumed that he hadn't been taking his herbs and berries again and all wrestled him to the ground, ruining his precious lens-helm in the process, I'm afraid. It took as a good hour to calm him down and figure out what the truth of the whole matter had been. Now, do you know what the moral of the story is, Aerie?
2935 Always wipe your lenses?
2936 Hmm, that will do nicely. I hadn't come up with one for this story yet.
2937 And your grandmother, did he make her a new lens-hat so she could finally see?
2938 What? Oh no, no, it was an idea doomed to fail, I'm afraid. Two years later she lost her nose in a bizarre harvest accident and she's been seeing just fine ever since.
2939 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Whether I wish to assume the position or not, Mayor Wainwright has offered me the use of the cabin occupied by Merella, the former ranger-protector of Imnesvale and the area, who is now dead. The cabin lies just west of the village, and I may use it as much or as little as I wish.
2940 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills I did not ask for the position of ranger-protector, and after refusing to aid a forest spirit named Mairyn, I was stripped of the task and the cabin both. So much for the village's gratitude.
2941 You musn't let yourself get so wounded, Aerie. I won't always be around to bandage you, you know.
2942 I'm a healer too, Jaheira.
2943 And what good are your spells now? You should be more frugal and not cast them all at once.
2944 Y-yes, ma'am.
2945 And don't stutter; it doesn't become you.
2946 This... this light makes your hair look really pretty, Jaheira.
2947 Don't be a fool, it does nothing of the sort.
2948 But—
2949 Put your silly romantic notions aside, Aerie. This isn't some childish fantasy, nor some grand adventure. Any one of us could die out here at any moment.
2950 But we can go to the priests and—and they raise us from the dead again, as good as new, can't we?
2951 Sometimes they don't come back! Sometimes some people, no matter how much you love them and no matter what you try to do, get... they get taken away.
2952 So, sister of light, they tell me you were of the winged folk.
2953 I—I don't know what you're after, drow. Just—just stay away from me.
2954 But you have lost your wings and fallen... What a pity. Perhaps you shall join me below and I shall teach you the ways of the dark goddess.
2955 Get away from me, Viconia! I—I want nothing to do with your type, and you'll not get me down there!
2956 Flame Fan
2957 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills A forest spirit named Mairyn has implored me to aid her against humans who are tearing down her forest in the west, in the area where the Shadow Altar once was. She says the humans will not listen to her, and I have agreed to go and do what I can to help.
2958 To the Palace
2959 As Sarevok falls, a Tear of Bhaal appears before you, and you place it in your pack.
2960 Moon Dog Sight
2961 Healing Lick
2962 Moon Dog Howl
2963 Web Tangle
2965 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Lord Igen has agreed to hold off his excavations so long as I search for the mithral cache his ancestor has hidden in the area. He only has half of his ancestor's journal, and finding the other half might be my only clue to locating the cache. Likely the other half is also in the area, perhaps in the old dungeon itself.
2966 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills The disappointed Lord Igen has taken the mithral medallion and agreed to leave the area as promised. I can now return to Mairyn and tell her that the forest is safe.
2967 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills I was able to save the forest of a local spirit named Mairyn from the desecration of a local noble. As a ranger, the protection of nature and all that lies within it is my province.
2968 Magic Missile
2969 Invisibility (Illusion/Phantasm) Level: 2 Range: Touch Duration: Special Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None This spell causes the creature touched to vanish from sight and be undetectable by normal vision or even infravision. Of course, the invisible creature is not magically silenced, and certain other conditions can render the creature detectable. Even allies cannot see the invisible creature or its gear, unless these allies can normally see invisible things or employ magic to do so. Items dropped or put down by the invisible creature become visible; items picked up disappear if tucked into the clothing or pouches worn by the creature. The spell remains in effect until it is magically broken or dispelled, until the recipient attacks any creature, or until 24 hours have passed. The caster cannot perform any actions that manipulate the environment around <PRO_HIMHER>, such as opening doors, disarming a trap, or opening a chest. The caster can, however, cast defensive spells on <PRO_HIMHER>self and fellow party members. And if <PRO_HESHE> attacks, <PRO_HESHE> immediately becomes visible, although the invisibility enables <PRO_HIMHER> to attack first.
2970 Golem Haste
2971 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Delon of Imnesvale came and told me that the village was under assault by orcs coming down from the hills. I told him I would go and help out as soon as possible. I should go within three days at most or it will be too late.
2972 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Delon of Imnesvale came and told me of a group of orcs that seems to have come down from the hills and attacked the village. I have other things to do, so the boy left. If I change my mind, I should go to the village within three days or it will be too late.
2973 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills I managed to fight off the orcs and rescue Madulf the ogre, who had taken shelter in the nearby cave after his fellows were driven off.
2974 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills I came to the village and saved it from attack by a clan of orcs that had come down from the mountains. Madulf the ogre, it seems, protected the village despite not having an alliance. The mayor was surprised and is going to speak to the ogre about the possibility now.
2975 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills I have saved Imnesvale from a marauding band of orcs that came down from the hills. Madulf the ogre has, it seems, lived up to his original bargain and did his best to protect the town.
2976 This door has no visible lock or handle, and you can't seem to budge it. However, the floor has an odd-shaped recess in it. It looks as if a statuette or figurine could fit within.
2977 Fael's Potions
2978 Gas Cloud
2979 Ruhk
2980 Ruhk
2981 What provoked this hostility, Korgan?
2982 I'm sorry, Korgan. I seek no conflict and wish only to be left alone. Forgive my slights, if I made any.
2983 With what grout ye've left, never question what I've to say, else each night upon the morn ye awake screaming for fear of what I may do to ye!
2984 Ye quiver and wither like all the others. Ye're a gutless coward. And so ye'll stay.
2985 Rajah
2986 Rajah
2987 Maharajah
2988 Maharajah
2989 Your sense of humor has no sense in it, Korgan. Quite tasteless, and I'd appreciate it if you would keep it to yourself!
2990 Please, Korgan, if I wanted to know the nature of your leisure time, I'm sure I would have asked.
2991 Ahhh, Mazzy, the sweetest flowers always resist the plucking. The fire doth burn most brightly in ye fer ol' Korgan... I can see that plain as day.
2992 What's in your wineskin, bellybuilder? A potion of delusion is my guess.
2993 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Imnesvale was threatened by a clan of orcs that had come down from the hills, but I was able to repel them and save the village.
2994 The cruelest of weapons and the gentlest of touches, milady, that's what the words that leave yer lips be to me.
2995 Don't let word get about. I've a reputation to protect, girl. Ye'd ruin it twice over.
2996 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills I did not arrive at the Umar Hills quickly enough to help them with their attack by orcs. The villagers were forced to call on the Order of the Radiant Heart to save them, and the mayor has stripped me of the position and the use of the cabin.
2997 And boredom stalked the halls.
2998 This week's end will not come soon enough! I tire of standing about, playing watchman. Many a magical study awaits while I waste time guarding a rock.
2999 Fragment or no, here I sit guarding a pebble while the world goes on without me. I don't know how you and she stand it.
3000 Ithmeera, you should know by now that Father is a few sparks shy of a fireball. Skyship or rowboat, if he made it, I wouldn't trust it to hold air, let alone float on it.
3001 I do not believe it! Sound a warning! 'Tis as Father predicted, a thief in our midst!
3002 Surrender the items you guard lest I take them from your corpses!
3003 I am a servant here, just hired. I mean no harm. My apologies for disturbing you. I shall leave.
3004 I am no thief! I offer good gold for the items you guard. Name a price!
3005 Out! Return at your peril, and stupidity.
3006 'Tis a long, cold journey to my corpse, fool!
3007 No! Any hope of you leaving alive died with her!
3008 Troll
3009 Must you be so urgent and clumsy in your one-handed courting, Korgan? Perhaps your time could be best spent elsewhere?
3010 Troll
3011 If I hadn't heard it myself, Korgan, I'd have doubted it steadfastly. Perhaps a heart does beat beneath that armored chest, not a daub of stone.
3012 Only if it will cease your fawning. Stand still and I'll work that kink from your neck... but if you breach the rules of chivalry, I'll wring it while I'm there.
3013 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Apparently, the witch Umar has returned to the Imnesvale area and has threatened the village. Delon came and told me of the danger, and I have agreed to go and speak to the mayor immediately.
3014 Aye... carved this one on the wall of the lav at the Red Sheaf Inn, reckon it still causes an uproar each time a bowler uncoils his business.
3015 invoker
3016 I'm sure your mead-bellied kin would appreciate that lowbrow nonsense, but I don't. And here I thought you might have some values or sense.
3017 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Delon has come to find me again and has told me some tale about the witch Umar returning and Imnesvale being threatened by her. I told him I haven't time to go and deal with their situation.
3018 Any other masterpieces of prose hiding anywhere?
3019 I'm afraid I cannot, Korgan. It is not within my sphere of influence, nor is it my place to do so.
3020 Umber Hulk
3021 Umber Hulk
3022 Boo is a fine friend, and powerful in ways you don't let yourself see! To insult Boo is to insult all things small that try hard. Oh, and Minsc as well.
3023 This wand was created for you by your apprentices and will randomly cast a variety of three spells, each from a separate elemental source. It apparently has 50 charges. STATISTICS: Charge abilities: – Randomly cast Fireball, Cone of Cold, or Lightning Bolt Requires: 9 Intelligence Weight: 1
3024 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills The mayor of Imnesvale told me that Umar, or whoever is claiming to be her, has set up in the Shadow Portal dungeon to the west and threatens to destroy the village unless the inhabitants leave.
3027 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills A witch claiming to be Umar has threatened Imnesvale, but I have no time to go to their rescue. The mayor of Imnesvale was angry enough that he stripped me of my position and the use of the cabin.
3028 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills Mairyn, the forest spirit, appeared again and told me of the sorceress that has been poisoning her forest with infernal magic. The sorceress, claiming to be Umar, has set herself up in the now-empty Shadow Portal dungeon.
3029 Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills I have killed the sorceress who had assumed the name of Umar to scare off the villagers, and Mairyn has granted me a gift from the goddess Mielikki. The cabin is now mine to use for the remainder of my quest... and I have a feeling things will be more peaceful in the valley for some time to come.
3030 Ruling the de'Arnise keep and lands Nalia has asked me to caretake her family's lands so that the Roenalls do not have the opportunity to take it from her whether she likes it or not. Her father's majordomo will assist me, running the day-to-day activities of the keep and collecting the taxes for me when I visit. The majordomo estimates that after the keep's maintenance is paid and money for the new garrison is deducted, I should make about 500 gp per week... which I can collect whenever I like. I can also raise taxes, but I must be careful of angering the people. I will also be needed to return every now and again in order to make decisions that the majordomo cannot make himself. The whole thing seems simple enough, really.
3031 Ruling the de'Arnise keep and lands A runner has come to me, stating that I must return to the de'Arnise keep as soon as possible... no more than a week... as Lord Farthington Roenall, the head of the family that wished to take Nalia's family's keep, desires to see me.
3032 Ruling the de'Arnise keep and lands Apparently, there has been a major flood in the lands around the de'Arnise keep. A runner has been sent to ask me to return as soon as possible, within a week or less, in order to restore order there.
3033 Ruling the de'Arnise keep and lands It appears the Roenalls have finally decided to take extreme action to claim the de'Arnise lands and remove me from the castle. A runner reports that Roenall armed forces have been spotted approaching the keep... I will need to return there as soon as possible.
3034 Ruling the de'Arnise keep and lands The de'Arnise keep has been conquered by the Roenall forces, despite everything I tried to do. Our resistance just took too long, and it wasn't enough. Lord Roenall has banished me from the land permanently.
3035 With the death of your djinni, the summoning ring vanishes.
3036 Ruling the de'Arnise keep and lands The Roenalls have finally been defeated. And with Lord Farthington dead, I doubt they will be returning anytime soon. My claim as the legitimate ruler of the castle has been strengthened... and hopefully things will be peaceful in the de'Arnise keep from now on.
3039 Ruling the de'Arnise keep and lands I have taken too long to deal with the problem at the de'Arnise keep... the Roenall family has apparently stepped in to deal with the situation, and there was little that the locals would do to object. I have been locked out of the keep and am certainly not welcome by the new ruling family.
3040 Last night, I had a dream. I had a dream about Imoen and Irenicus. At least, I think it was them. Imoen was acting very strange, and spoke of how she seemed to be losing sight of her own identity. Irenicus said that she would learn, and then he asked if I clung to the past or if I could "see through the pain." I think the dream was referring to the experiments Irenicus was doing on me. Something about my potential and what I could "take for my own" if I wanted. Obviously I shall have to seek answers from Irenicus himself. The shade in the dream was of no real help.
3041 You cannot save during combat.
3042 The backstab seems to have failed.
3043 This short sword has been forged by hands both magical and highly skilled. Neither nick nor stain mar the flawless blade. When used in battle, the blade radiates magic and gifts the wielder with increased skill. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d6+2 (piercing) Speed Factor: 1 Proficiency Type: Short Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 5 Strength Weight: 2
3044 Really?
3046 Ah, my spirit always flies so free in this place.
3047 It rides the skies with the solars, Aerie... One day I shall be a paladin atop a white griffon, and you will be a valiant flying squire. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
3048 I... I don't have my wings anymore, Mazzy, and... and I'm never going to get them back. They're gone.
3049 Dream a little, girl, especially here where the gods are listening. Faith is such a beautiful thing to hold on to, Aerie.
3050 But it won't give me wings...
3051 No, it probably won't... But it gives you a chance to dream at least, doesn't it?
3056 I... I see, Mazzy... And—and thank you.
3057 I thought you might... Now come, we've got a world to face, don't we, girl?
3058 Longlimbs! Look at them! Like grubworms scurryin' away from the light o' day. All avoidin' pain, on the prowl fer pleasure. Nae facin' uncertain futures. Best all dead, I reckon.
3059 I did nae know ye were within earshot, girl. 'Twas a wee pondering, nothin' more. I enjoy making fun of the big folk.
3061 I know of what ye speak of, Mazzy. I nae blind to it entirely. Treachery, theft, plunder. Hatred here, killing there. Nae respect fer heritage or the Way.
3062 With due respect, Lady Mazzy, 'tis not civil. Longlimbs be victims of passion far more than me. The brief lifetimes, I reckon, be the core of their rage.
3063 Lady Mazzy, sorry for any offense, truly, but I've cradled too many dyin' comrades and nae amount of resolve can keep the darkness at bay.
3064 Out of respect for ye, I shall try.
3066 There not be enough critters in all the world to stain me axe nearly enough. I've killed aplenty already, an' I yearn yet for more. Come, then, and face this dwarf! Aye, come!
3068 If there be more of ye out skulking in the shadows, then show yerselves! I have to have some fun... I cannae go about tough and unfeeling all the time!
3069 Cease yer jabber, fool! Blasted actors! Even nae a script or play and still ye need to be the center of all! Strewth!
3070 Why do you talk to yourself, Edwin?
3071 What? Oh, ah ha... why hello, Aerie. I, ah... don't do anything of the sort. (No, now is not the time to make arguments.) Why are you asking?
3072 I—I was just wondering when I get to meet him.
3073 Specter
3074 Specter
3075 (There's no one to meet!) There's no one to meet! Get away from me! You'll make me crazy, you will, and I'll not have two pieces of it!
3076 Minsc and Boo and you! There can be no greater a team in all the realms!
3077 Andar the Pirate
3078 Andar the Pirate
3080 Shadow
3081 Shadow
3082 Edwin! Hold your—hold your ground, and I shall try to heal you!
3083 I—I feel so... tired. 'Tis like I see two or three of everything. (I'm seeing four, definitely four...)
3084 Olben the Pirate
3085 Wraith
3086 Wraith
3087 (No, get her away, she knows!) She knows! Augh, I bleed! Get away from me, girl, get away!
3088 Olben the Pirate
3089 You cast the spell and for a moment, nothing happens. Something bumps your foot and you look down, surprised to find a corked glass bottle with a note inside. You uncork the bottle and take the note.
3090 S
3091 Sahuagin
3092 Sahuagin
3093 Kuo-toan Warrior
3094 Kuo-toa
3095 Follower of <CHARNAME>
3096 *giggle* It's—it is nice to have a woman in charge for a change. Men always steal the blankets! *giggle*
3097 You slept well then?
3098 And what do you know of men?
3099 Women can steal the blankets too, you know.
3100 Men will steal more than the blankets if you let them, sister.
3101 I—I had a dream that I had wings again and was resting my head on the cloudy peaks of home. Oh, <CHARNAME>, it was just beautiful.
3102 Not... Not very much at all, <CHARNAME>, but if I find one kind enough to share the blankets on a cold night, I think I would... I think I would like him very much.
3103 Aye, but you didn't. Haha, this is going to be a good day, I can already feel it.
3104 Well, first they have to learn that they can have whatever they want if they just don't steal the covers when the nights get cold!
3105 The—the sunsets are so much prettier here than in the city... don't you think?
3106 Crimson Death
3107 Crimson Death
3108 Growing up in Candlekeep, I would scale the ramparts in the evenings to watch the sun fall into the sea...
3109 True... there are not so many buildings to obstruct the view.
3110 It will be dark soon. The last thing I want is to be ambushed while mooning over some foolish sunset.
3111 Vampiric Mist
3112 Vampiric Mist
3113 Cheetah
3114 Cheetah
3115 You are a hopeless romantic. Halt, everyone! Let us face west and have a moment's silence for the fading sun!
3116 Panther
3117 Panther
3118 Leopard
3119 Leopard
3120 Lion
3121 Lion
3122 Our... Our childhoods were not so different, were they...?
3123 Aye, but even the colors are richer here... I—I could stay here forever, I think.
3124 Mountain Lion
3125 Mountain Lion
3126 I—I wasn't mooning! I was— I was— Oh, never mind, let it grow dark, then!
3127 Ha! It's... It's infectious, isn't it?
3128 Spotted Lion
3130 Cattack
3131 Spotted Lion
3132 Giant Lynx
3133 Giant Lynx
3134 Wild Tiger
3135 Wild Tiger
3136 Axe
3137 Isn't the... Isn't the forest wonderful, Minsc? All the birds flying about, making you dizzy!
3138 Khalid
3139 Mage
3140 Worm
3141 Fist
3144 Boo likes the forest, but Minsc? Oh, every time Boo plays in the leaves, Minsc has to give him another bath.
3145 The Practical Defense +3
3146 Red Dragon Scale Mail
3147 Haha! But Boo likes his baths too, doesn't he?
3148 Of course he does, and it makes him squirm so much that I fear losing him. If he got loose... I worry what such a powerful creature would do if left unchecked.
3149 Well, just make sure you don't clutch him too firmly, Minsc. Give him some... some space and room to grow.
3150 Aye, and when we face a foe, I shall show them his pointy teeth!
3151 Minsc has had the pleasure of standing next to many a warrior in battle, but I swear, I have never been as impressed as I am with you, Mazzy.
3152 And what follows now? A comment of how grand I am for one so small? Your compliments are insults lightly veiled.
3153 Minsc does not insult those that fight with honor on the side of right! You may not be as big as Minsc, but very few are.
3154 Adjatha the Drinker +2
3155 Namarra +2
3156 You speak plain and true despite your battles with language. I apologize for thinking your tone a harsh one.
3157 You are a sight in battle, young Mazzy! Boo has keen interest in the small, and Minsc takes great joy in the honor of combat, hehe, so you are doubly worthy of our company.
3158 I never know if I can take your words as they are, Minsc, or if they carry some hidden meaning or riddle that must be solved. I trust you are approving of my skills then?
3159 I could not be more so! Don't look for subtle messages, I keep nothing hidden. I help the weak and leave evil in my boot print. You are similar... Boo can tell.
3160 Ahh yes, Boo. Your animal companion and guide.
3161 Albruin +1
3162 Arrgh! Minsc could use a healing touch. Oh, poor Boo; the sight of blood does make him tremble so.
3163 With Arvoreen's blessing, such a touch may come to me, but for now, we'd best get your wounds dressed by another.
3164 You would seek the path of paladin? A difficult road, and you will find many barriers that sword will not break.
3165 Through acts of kindness and by living the example, I see no reason I should be denied this. Do you think me not fit because of my parentage?
3166 Ahh, Boo, Minsc has placed his feet where his head should go once more. No, Mazzy, I meant only that it is a path that is difficult regardless.
3167 *snicker* No, Minsc, rest assured I did not suspect such a thing. Your heart is pure though, and that will see you through.
3168 Jhor the Bleeder +2
3169 You are more like Boo than Minsc. Boo is small, but he is more than people would believe. Evil will see you like they see Boo, and that will help you in the end.
3170 Minsc, you are a constant surprise to me. And Boo is just the cutest little fuzzy wuzzy. Fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy.
3171 NOOO! Such a vile act will not go unpunished! Minsc will see this paladin's heart avenged! And Boo shall burrow through your black little souls!
3172 Mazzy! You walk with the living once more! Minsc was so scar... uh... well... Boo! Boo was so scared you were lost to us, but miracles have brought you back!
3173 Stand easy, Minsc, all is well. Though I am a bit... woozy. Praise the Defender, I have been brought back.
3174 Taragarth the Bloodbrand +1
3175 Of course, brave little one. See, Boo, she is well and as she was. You were foolish to have been worried. Yes... you were.
3176 Blade of Searing +3
3177 Bastard Sword +2
3178 Daystar +2
3179 Ahh, this land is fine... but I wish I could show Boo the fields of Rashemen. We could run free through the snow... ah, though Boo would look some kind of funny in a drift, I tell you this. Ha ha!
3180 You are from Rashemen? I had—I had thought such a land was the stuff of fable.
3181 Dabron Sashenstar
3182 No, it is as real as Minsc, though even larger! It lies far in the direction of the sun at morning. Ah, but it has been long since I left it.
3183 Why would you ever travel so far from home? I—I was torn from mine and had no choice.
3184 I was on my dajemma, a journey to prove my manhood! Oh, we were a pair, me and my witch! I was to watch over Dynaheir and bring her home in... in safety.
3185 Oh, don't cry. You and Boo have fought bravely! Who could count the foes you've vanquished?! Dynaheir would be proud of you...
3186 You have been good friends, you and <CHARNAME>... Minsc would ask something! Will you be my witch, Aerie? Boo and I are nothing without a witch...
3187 If you will be my guardian, Minsc, I shall be your witch. Your dajemma has not been for nothing, and Dynaheir's death shall not go unavenged.
3188 My sword, my soul, my hamster... all of these I pledge to... to Aerie, my witch... HEAR THAT, EVIL?! MINSC HAS A NEW WITCH! WOE IS YOU!
3189 Oh! You and Boo did all you could, Minsc... Oh, cheer up, you two—I'm back, aren't I?
3190 You are okay, Aerie? ... Boo tried his best to save you.
3191 Wine, everyone! Song! The witch lives!
3192 Adjatha the Drinker +2
3193 Ras, The Dancing Blade +2
3194 Boo wishes you well, young Mazzy. Minsc does too. May evil fear your bootfall wherever you tread.
3195 Blade of Roses +3
3196 All will fall before the might of Minsc and Boo! Evil all about! All will... FAAARRRRGHHH!
3197 Is there a moon in Sigil?
3198 A moon? Why, no, there never was. Just a city that stretched in all directions, curling in upon itself to sometimes block the sky. The moon is better, don't you think, my dove?
3199 Minsc! Stand down and calm yourself!
3200 I will fight! Minsc fights and evil falls!
3201 And you have fought well and true as a warrior should, but the battle is won! Minsc, let the fury pass.
3202 I will... I... Keldorn?
3203 Well fought, Minsc. Your righteous fury is a sight to see, but do not let it consume you.
3204 Peridan +2
3206 Let it pass, Minsc! The fight is won, and we have survived. Do not let your rage defeat you!
3207 Raaagh! Ra... Minsc... Minsc is... better now. Boo calms as we speak. Thank you, paladin.
3208 The righteous must sometimes descend to the methods of the brutal, but do not let it destroy you from within. Fight when you must, but let it end when done.
3209 Minsc is calm. Boo is calm. You are wise in your words and bear your weapon well. Would that you could hear Boo's praise, for my own words do not suffice.
3210 I have been to too many cities and... and every one of them the same. The moon is better because it's always changing.
3211 Ha ha! Well, Sigil is like no city you have ever seen, but, truth be told, I would trade it in a second for your smile.
3212 Who wants a piece of Minsc? Who?! Evil will die here! Enemies everywhere!
3213 Calm your fury, Minsc! The battle is over! Let your friends tend to you!
3214 Friends... my friends...
3215 You don't have to trade a city for it... I want to smile and—and you make it so easy, Haer'Dalis.
3216 There now, with enemies gone it is time for reflection. Those of evil intent will fear you when the time comes; no need to posture for those that already know.
3217 Minsc calms... you are right... Thank you, Keldorn. You are... an inspiration to me.
3218 I am glad, my dove, but if you won't let me trade Sigil, then I would even trade the moon and all its changes! Come, the night is still young and our spirits still free to fly.
3219 Lead by example, for the individual knows what is right and true.
3220 Please, it is so dark... and late... and I am so tired. Is there no chance that we might stop and rest for a while?
3221 You bear the wounds of battle well, Keldorn. A warrior of your ability would be well respected in my home of Rashemen.
3222 Carsomyr +5
3223 The best example is of good remaining strong in the defeat of evil. I will give my wounds no acknowledgment.
3224 Deagan
3225 This, Boo, this is a hero of legend! Minsc is honored to fight at your side, Keldorn!
3226 It's just a little dark, Aerie... there's nothing to be afraid of.
3227 Aye, in a while yet. There is still some work here that we must finish.
3228 Certainly. We shall set up camp right here.
3229 Nonsense, Aerie. I won't have your foolishness slow us down.
3230 I—I'm not scared... I'm only tired, and maybe a little unused to traveling so late at night. N-never mind... I'll be fine...
3231 All right, but don't take long... You may think me silly, but I... I am just unused to traveling so late at night...
3232 Thank you... I... I'll try not to be such a bother. I'm just... unused to traveling in such darkness...
3233 I—I'm sorry, I just have a... a bad feeling...
3234 Do not take honor in fighting with my presence. Take honor in that you fight for good, for that is my source of strength.
3235 Yet more scars that show Minsc's prowess in battle! All great warriors wear such marks. Keldorn, you must have a great many scars that are your medals of combat! Do you wear them proudly, as Minsc does?
3236 My battles won unscathed are my greatest pride. When I have served the cause of righteousness without a mark to prove my deeds, I know I am acting for the greater good... and not just my own foolish ego.
3237 I did not think of it that way, though scars are my proof that I will fight evil to the last. It places fear in the hearts of the enemy.
3238 Evil mustn't know where opposition can come from, only that it will. If a villain doubts my intent, then he is at a disadvantage when I take up arms against him.
3239 I can respect that, though I would rather my enemies know I am coming and that there is little they can do.
3240 No! For such a warrior to fall here is an abomination! And I do not even know the word! All will feel my boot to head for this!
3241 Oh, your legacy did not die! You are with us again! Oh, Boo is positively vibrating with happiness! Minsc will not let such evil claim you again!
3242 There is no sorrow if I fall in battle. I am glad to be alive, but if my sacrifice inspires others, then it is worth my passing. I have no doubt that your rage over a lost friend inspires you onward, does it not?
3243 I do not like to think of those I have lost as gone. I may not speak of them much, but they are in each swing of my sword as I avenge them!
3244 As it should be. If I can contribute to that, then all is not lost when I am.
3245 you
3246 Flame of the North +2
3247 Ah! Minsc... *pant* Minsc breathes! Boo! Where is Boo? Oh, there you are. You did not leave me. A miracle is this!
3248 If you're going to whine, do it somewhere else.
3249 That it is, Minsc. Do not waste it, for life anew is not a right, but a privilege granted. I need not tell you to rededicate your life to fighting the good fight. I imagine there is little else you would choose to do.
3250 Two-handed Sword +2
3251 Oh... it—it's so hard to describe. It's the ultimate freedom, to soar above the clouds and become part of the wind itself.
3252 And Boo would have it no other way! Minsc lives. Beware evil!
3253 Cernd, you are akin to nature as I am. Why did you not take up the blade to fight? I do not think I would have the patience you do in battle.
3254 Mimic's Blood
3255 I remember I used to be so happy. The clouds are a special place up there, <CHARNAME>... it's like a land of billowing white beauty that you can almost walk upon.
3256 Harbinger +3
3257 But I suppose that place is forever denied to me now. It... it just feels so slow and mundane to walk everywhere. I don't know how you can stand it.
3258 You get used to it... there's plenty of beauty on the ground as well.
3259 Soul Reaver +4
3260 It's no hardship.
3261 Well, I would start getting used to it if I were you.
3262 Oh, y-yes, I know... I meant no offense to you. I just remember what it was like... to effortlessly soar through the clouds like the birds overhead. To be truly free.
3263 The great oak might crush a building when it falls, but the sapling that seeps its roots through the foundation will stop the building in the first, lest the cellars leak and fungoids take the builders.
3264 Confused looks from all sides, but Minsc understands!
3265 Warblade +4
3266 I—I'm sorry, <CHARNAME>... I didn't mean to bother you. I'll talk to somebody else instead.
3267 Flowers are beautiful, aren't they, Boo? I wish there were more to see.
3268 Is there? All I can think of is how majestic something might look from up high. I'm sorry... you would think by now I would know better than to dwell upon it. Excuse me.
3269 I see you have an appreciation for the small things, Minsc. You see the power in their simple nature.
3270 I don't understand much that is complicated, but the trees and the flowers are music to my eyes. Boo prefers the calm of the forest, though he suffers my company.
3271 Maybe not for you, but for me it is very different. I was born to fly. But I should not dwell on it so... you would think after all this time I had learned better. Excuse me, please...
3272 I... I have been trying for many years to get used to it, <CHARNAME>. It is not an easy thing, for one born to the skies. But... but you are right, of course. Excuse me.
3273 Have you... have you ever heard of my people? The avariel?
3274 Ahh, you are his tree amidst the cities and people, and despite your bending and bowing in the wind, you are his stability, as I suspect he is yours.
3275 The winged elves? Very little. I thought they were all gone.
3276 I really don't have time to discuss that right now, Aerie.
3277 Most of us were, according to what I remember my mother telling me. Killed by the dragons before the First Flowering. But some of us still survive in isolated places.
3278 My own people live high in the mountains to the far south, in a place called Faenya-Dail, separated from contact with others. It is... was... a grand and majestic place.
3279 My memory is dim, but whenever the thought of it crosses my mind, my eyes still blur with tears.
3280 Tell me more about your people, Aerie.
3281 Well, we should really get moving on.
3282 Must you always be so melodramatic? It makes me ill.
3283 No, he is my hamster. You talk in circles, Cernd, but that's okay. Boo runs in them.
3284 Oh... of course, <CHARNAME>. I didn't mean to bother you.
3285 Our... our homes were open places of marble pillars and vistas from which you could watch the entire mountain range below. There was no place you could not spread your wings...
3286 We cherished the wind and the rains... we breathed in life, <CHARNAME>, and lived in peace with each other.
3287 Shazzellim +1
3288 There were distinct societies among us, as I remember. There were... great aerial warriors who defended us, possessing glass weapons that radiated in the sunlight...
3289 And my own class pursued art and knowledge, building the great buildings and filling them with glorious wonders. It... it was...
3290 ...I am sorry, <CHARNAME>, I can speak of it no longer. I think of my lost home, and I am reminded of my poor uncle Quayle. It... it simply wrenches my heart...
3291 ...I am sorry, <CHARNAME>, I can speak of it no longer. I am suddenly homesick, as silly as that seems. I miss... so much, it makes me ache. I suppose I must seem very foolish to you.
3292 I... I must seem very foolish to you, I suppose. I will not bother you again, <CHARNAME>.
3293 I... Everyone here seems so unhappy and severe... I—I am so unused to living this way. In the circus, we always were cheerful. Or, at least, Uncle Quayle was determined to be.
3294 He used to say that a frown would never get anything useful done. I think everyone could use some cheering up... What about you, <CHARNAME>?
3295 *giggle* A chicken? Now, that would be a neat trick! I'll have to work on that, you silly man! Ha ha ha!
3296 Quayle has called for Aerie After receiving a message from Quayle asking for our help, Aerie has asked that we go and see him in the promenade circus tent as soon as possible.
3297 *sigh* I suppose that's true. It's too bad... Quayle used to go out of his way to make sure I laughed. Even in the worst of times. But I suppose it can't be helped.
3298 You are not as serious as many druids I have met, Cernd. Some even disapprove of me because I am... I am... I'd... hmm... I don't really know why. Boo will not tell me either.
3299 Oh. I... I suppose it is... rather silly, after all. Quayle was, still, a... a wonderful man. But... I suppose you are not interested...
3300 Yes, I suppose your... recent life would leave little to laugh about. One day... one day this will all be over for you, <CHARNAME>. And then maybe we can *all* laugh.
3301 A friend of Quayle's needs help With Quayle dead, Aerie received a letter that was intended for him, apparently from an old friend of his named Raelis who was in need of help. Aerie has asked that we at least go and talk to this woman, who is in a playhouse beneath the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District.
3302 Chain Contingency—Spell Turning
3303 A friend of Quayle's needs help An old friend of Quayle's named Raelis Shai has asked him for help, and he seems to believe that we may be in a better position to aid her than he. He has requested that we go and speak to the woman when we have time. Raelis can be found in the playhouse beneath the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District.
3304 Korgan offered another job Korgan mentioned that his adventuring party had been offered employment before their... unfortunate... split-up occurred. He asked that we go and see the man who made the offer, Madeen, as he has a reputation to uphold. Madeen can be found in front of the council building in the Government District.
3305 Belm +2
3306 This is an empty potion bottle. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
3307 Empty Potion Bottle
3308 This appears to be a small, empty bottle. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
3309 To play with a party entirely created by you, simply start a multiplayer session and assign control of all characters to yourself.
3310 Under the Gameplay section of the Options page, you can turn on the option to rest until healed.
3311 You now have the ability to customize your Biography. Go to the Records Page and choose Customize, then Biography.
3312 If you prefer to play the game in Turn-Based Style, go to the Auto-pause section of the Gameplay Options.
3313 I... I have been looking at the scars... on my back. The stumps that were... that were once my wings. They do not... they do not make me truly homely, do they? Am I... am I ugly to you?
3314 The great wind that shakes the tree causes many that dwell there to fear for their safety and curse the bluster. The same wind will cause many a nut to fall, and in this the forest is renewed, providing even more space for those that fear.
3315 Kundane +2
3316 Of course you're not ugly, Aerie. Far from it.
3317 You could just say you don't know. Boo makes more sense, and he does not have thumbs.
3318 It would take far more than a couple of scars to hide all the other beauty you possess, Aerie.
3319 I have no time for such foolish vanity. Leave me be.
3320 Arbane's Sword of Agility +2
3321 R-really? You are... very kind to say so, <CHARNAME>. I... I suppose I am too proud, that I miss my white wings so.
3322 Cutthroat +4
3323 When I was first enslaved, I was kept in a small cage and put on display. I had no room to stand, much less stretch my wings. I... I tried to warn my captor. I pleaded to him...
3324 ...but my wings withered and became bloody and diseased. Until, finally, he was forced to... to... saw them off. It was... it was so painful and horrid!
3325 I've felt like a great part of me has been missing ever since. I am incomplete. I... do not feel beautiful, <CHARNAME>. Not anymore.
3326 Ilbratha +1
3327 Vanity? I... I suppose it is. That and my silly pride. I... I'll not bother you with such nonsense again, <CHARNAME>.
3328 Don't be so hard on yourself, Aerie... Like I said, you're still a beautiful elf.
3329 You placed too much of yourself in your wings, Aerie. You have to look at the rest of yourself and find beauty in that, too.
3330 *sigh* If you're going to whine over every little thing, then just do it quietly, all right?
3331 You... you make me blush with such comments. It makes me wonder if you are sincere, <CHARNAME>... but I thank you nonetheless.
3332 It is... very hard for me. But I shall try to think as you say... and I thank you for your kind words.
3333 Y-yes, <CHARNAME>. I—I'm sorry to be such a bother...
3334 Upon stepping through the tent door, the world seems to shift. When it settles, you find yourself standing at one end of a bizarre walkway as the wind blows over you. A massive tower rises on the other side of the bridge. The tent door is nowhere to be found. You shall have to go forward.
3335 Have I told you of how I was captured and enslaved, initially?
3336 No, you haven't.
3337 No... but I have no time to hear the story now.
3338 It was... my fault, really. I was away from Faenya-Dail, flying just for the glory of it. I... spotted a large group of armed men assaulting some humans on the ground below.
3339 They were slavers, although I didn't know that at the time. When I saw a human child crying and desperately trying to run away from them, my heart clenched with concern.
3340 I was distraught. My mother had always warned me to be wary of outsiders... but I did not heed her warnings this time. I flew down to aid the child, swooping to carry him away.
3341 The child was surprised and frightened, and his struggles slowed me... enough so that a slaver struck me with an arrow. I plummeted to the ground and was knocked unconscious.
3342 When I awoke... I was in my cage. I was the prize of the slavers... to be sold to the highest bidder. They were pleased to sell me to the circus for a great amount of gold...
3343 I... I suppose... I suppose I was glad to learn that the child escaped, after all. He ran away after my fall. Hopefully, he survived...
3344 What else could you have done? It's not your fault it turned out as it did, Aerie.
3345 That was noble of you, if foolish.
3346 You were an idiot to take such a risk for a child. I suppose you paid for it, however.
3347 Yes... I suppose now is not the time for talk. Forgive me.
3348 It is, though... it was foolish of me to disregard my teachings. And I have paid for it dearly. I was bereft of my home... and then my wings, <CHARNAME>.
3349 To be bereft of Quayle as well is almost more than I can bear. I think, sometimes, that the gods punish me for my pride. Even Baervan, my deity, gives me little comfort.
3350 Cure Medium Wounds
3351 Doom
3352 Doom (Alteration) Level: 1 Sphere: Charm Range: 25 ft. Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None This spell causes a feeling of doom to overwhelm the target. For the duration of the spell, the target receives a -2 penalty to all <PRO_HISHER> rolls, including THAC0 and Saving Throws. There is no Saving Throw for this spell.
3353 <PLAYER3> follower of <CHARNAME>
3354 <PLAYER4> follower of <CHARNAME>
3355 <PLAYER5> follower of <CHARNAME>
3356 <PLAYER6> follower of <CHARNAME>
3357 Pirate Leader
3358 Pirate Leader
3359 Pirate Mage
3360 Pirate Mage
3361 Getting inside the asylum It was looking bad for a moment, and Desharik was not going to let me into the asylum. Luckily, Yoshimo has apparently had previous dealings of some sort with the pirate. I am to be admitted forthwith, and then I shall find out what has happened to Imoen and Irenicus both!
3362 Getting inside the asylum A moment of hesitation and all is lost. I was able to enter the asylum through Desharik, but I just didn't like the sound of it. Actually, it was looking pretty rough for a while, but then Yoshimo piped up and everything smoothed out. A little too smooth, I think. Desharik was likely setting us up for an ambush. Can't trust a pirate. I will have to find another way within.
3363 Familiar
3364 Familiar
3365 After having used the Rift Device, it cannot be used again due to the curse put upon it. The avatar who gave it to you asked that you return it to him when you have used it to help defeat the Unseeing Eye. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
3366 Elder Brain Blood
3367 Elder Brain Blood
3368 This is the blood of an elder brain. Squishy brain matter floats in the dark bloody substance. STATISTICS: Weight: 5
3369 Circus Worker
3370 Circus Worker
3371 Qilue's Home
3372 To Upper Levels
3373 House Jae'llat
3374 The final battle with Bodhi Bodhi has turned Viconia into a vampire! Or... or very nearly. The process may not have been completed in the short time Bodhi has had her. Hopefully, something can be done or I will have lost her. Perhaps the elven war sage might know some way of restoration... or Elhan...
3376 Blast and bother! These locks have always given me trouble! Trouble they are!
3377 The final battle with Bodhi Bodhi has turned Aerie into a vampire! Or... or very nearly. The process may not have been completed in the short time Bodhi has had her. Hopefully, something can be done or I will have lost her. Perhaps the elven war sage might know some way of restoration... or Elhan...
3378 AHHH! Somebody hide me!
3379 Careful everyone! Play nice!
3380 Isn't this great? All of us, doing nice things, being happy. It's great!
3381 Hey, I think everyone would be happier if we were a little nicer!
3382 Please be nicer. You don't want me to pick up any bad habits, do you?
3383 I don't think you're the type of people I should be hanging around with! Goodbye!
3384 Wow! Leader? Me? Oh, this will be GREAT fun!
3385 I'm sleepy. Can we nap a moment?
3386 So when are we gonna do something? I'm raring to go!
3387 I'm hurt. Please help me.
3388 What a great forest, huh? I never seen trees like these before.
3389 I like the bustle of the city! So many interesting people!
3390 Ooh, this is pretty scary, isn't it? I mean, I'd be scared without the rest of you.
3391 What a great day for adventuring! In fact, everyday is a great day for adventuring!
3392 Pretty spooky night, but still great for adventuring!
3393 Whatever you wish!
3394 Whatever you need!
3395 Hey there hi there!
3396 Hop skip to it!
3397 With a smile!
3398 Happy to help!
3399 I'm so sweet I've got rotting teeth and gums!
3400 C'mon people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.
3401 I don't think you're happy enough! I'll teach you to be happy!
3402 Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy.
3403 So you're a mage? I knew a mage once, but he was pretty stuffy. You're not like that.
3404 Smile more often, Edwin. It looks good on you.
3405 Well, everyone is basically decent, once you get them to unwrinkle their faces.
3406 Play your song again, Garrick. That one I like. Please?
3407 Awww! It's just the cutest little hamsty-wamsty! Who's a fuzzy Boo?
3408 You needn't be so mean! I'm nice to you!
3409 Oh, someone needs a tickle. Someone needs a tickle! Smile already! Yeesh!
3410 You are mean, mean, mean! No wonder people don't like you!
3411 Why must you be such a grumpypuss?! Cheer up!
3412 I've heard that if you go too long without smiling, your face will crack!
3413 It must be hard work to be negative all the time!
3416 I've had friends die before, and it's still sad.
3417 Poor Edwin! He was just learning how to loosen up.
3418 Strangers are not permitted here.
3419 My comrades... fallen... My last breaths are of rage.
3420 I thank you for my freedom, friends, for I have languished in these dismal vaults too long.
3421 Andorian
3422 Inside the planar sphere It appears I have successfully assembled a golem of sorts, which has run off to do battle with the nearby beholder.
3423 Andorian
3425 Stanet
3426 We're all doomed! Run while we're still able.
3427 Onward, to futility!
3428 Perhaps we'll survive longer than I had originally thought.
3429 This group is especially hopeless today!
3430 Keep up this evil, and we're deservedly doomed.
3431 I cannot abide by these actions! I must take my leave from this barbaric fellowship.
3432 While leader, I will endeavor not to get ALL of us killed.
3433 Certainly I shall collapse from exhaustion before I fall on the battlefield.
3434 If we are doomed to fail, could we at least do it faster?!
3435 My wounds are too grave. I am a dead man.
3436 The majesty of the forest makes me feel insignificant.
3437 The bustle of the city makes me feel insignificant.
3438 The sun shines, and I am amazed we live to see another day.
3439 We're all doomed.
3440 Life is so hollow.
3441 Our quest is vain.
3442 Whatever.
3443 What is the point?
3444 If you want.
3445 It is hardly worth the effort of trying.
3446 We delude ourselves to think our pitiable band will stand up to our enemies.
3447 Let us save our effort and just lie down and die.
3448 I'll do what I can, but expect very little.
3449 Eldoth, could you stand away from me? The stench is somewhat unnerving.
3450 Perhaps, Eldoth, you could be a little more polite to our companions.
3451 You could do us all a favor, Eldoth, by getting killed in the next battle.
3452 Have you ever wondered how hollow your convictions sound, Ajantis?
3453 It seems our resident suicide monger, Ajantis, lives in a black and white world.
3454 If I'd wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it.
3455 I hope what you say was well intentioned.
3456 Do not think I will endure your insults indefinitely.
3457 This passage leads below to a small cellar of no interest.
3458 This thin bar vibrates softly in your hand. It looks as if it could be used as either a key or a lever. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
3459 Your stupidity makes you a doomed man.
3460 With you as my companion, who needs enemies?
3461 Around you I almost feel that we have a chance.
3462 Another victim in our hopeless crusade.
3463 I would grieve for Eldoth if it were not for the sense of joy I now feel.
3464 Hail! It is not often that I come across strangers in this part of the world.
3465 Retreat, you fools. We have no hope to win.
3466 That was a noble deed.
3467 I don't agree with our party's course of action.
3468 I won't stand for such behavior again.
3469 I cannot allow this to go on. Defend yourselves.
3470 I will lead for as long as I am needed.
3471 I will lead for as long as I am needed.
3472 Oh please, we have tarried long enough.
3473 I don't know how much longer I can go on.
3474 The city is an example of man's excesses. I wish we would be gone from this miserable place.
3475 Why must we emulate the ways of the dwarven folk by crawling about these warrens?
3476 Yes?
3477 What do you want?
3478 Don't bother me.
3479 As you wish.
3480 Aye.
3481 There is a time for talk. This is not such a time.
3482 My soul aches for my lost Deheriana.
3483 Hear ye! Hear ye!
3484 We must not waste time on idle chatter.
3485 Gaius
3486 My need for revenge gives me strength to go on.
3487 Blessed Bolt
3488 Stay away from me, dark elf.
3489 How are we to trust one who venerates the Spider Queen?
3490 Your evil ways will bring your ruin, dark elf.
3491 This is a crossbow bolt that has been permanently enchanted with the spell Bless. The enchantment will remain until it is fired out of a crossbow, at which time the magic will fade. It has been fabled that if a rakshasa is struck with this bolt, it will die instantly. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1 Damage: 1d8+1 (missile) Launcher: Crossbow Weight: 0
3492 Don't make me warn you again, drow. Your next slip will be your last.
3493 You dark-hearted bitch, you'll die for that.
3494 Watch what you say.
3495 Shut your mouth!
3496 Your candor is appreciated.
3497 You are a valuable companion.
3498 Your courage shames the others.
3499 Shut up, your chattering might drive us all insane.
3500 One more friend to mourn.
3501 May Viconia's soul rot in hell.
3502 Halt, be you friend or foe?
3503 What cowardice is this?! Return to where you are needed.
3504 For the glory of Helm!
3505 We follow the righteous path, the path of Helm.
3506 This course we take is beyond all tenets of decency.
3507 I will not stand by while this party descends into depravity.
3508 Your evil ways end here. Draw steel and we will settle this dispute once and for all.
3509 I take honor with this responsibility you have bestowed.
3510 I grow weary.
3511 We have much evil to fight; we have no time for idleness.
3512 I am in need of aid.
3513 This forest has a sense of evil about it.
3514 This city has a sense of evil about it.
3515 This dungeon has a sense of evil about it.
3516 My honor is my life.
3517 Helm, give me strength.
3518 By Helm!
3519 As you will.
3520 Are you sure you wish to overwrite this exported character?
3521 With Helm's blessing.
3522 Yea.
3523 We must always strive to be role models to the meek.
3524 The sightless shall rise again! Aaagh!
3525 Duty to one's cause outweighs all.
3526 Evil will always fail against courage and honor.
3527 Evil must be purged without mercy.
3528 Your actions fly in the face of everything Helm holds sacred.
3529 There is naught but good and evil. I suspect you are of the latter.
3530 Evil must be purged wherever it is found, even among companions.
3531 The stench of evil clings to you in the most vile manner.
3532 I can bear no more. Raise your weapon and defend yourself.
3533 I may yet still be a squire, but I possess more integrity than you could ever hope for.
3534 You will watch your mouth around the fairer sex.
3535 I thank you for your compliment.
3536 You are a most beautiful lady, miss.
3537 You are a man of honor. I respect your integrity.
3538 I think it would be wise for you to improve your conduct while in this party.
3539 We can only be content that our companion has fallen while pursuing a just cause.
3540 It is unfortunate that our companion died before he could recant his ways.
3541 Greetings. I am Kagain. What can I do for you?
3542 This isn't worth dying over.
3543 For the love o' money.
3544 You buncha chumps! What the hell do ya think you was doing.
3545 Do gooders always make me wanna vomit.
3546 That's it, this dwarf is leaving.
3547 As leader, I plan to make us stinking rich.
3548 Even a dwarf's got a limit to his stamina.
3549 Waiting around ain't gonna make us any money.
3550 This dwarf's not feeling too good.
3551 Damn forest, always reminds me of pansy elves.
3552 I like it here, where the gold grows.
3553 I don't wanna talk.
3554 Go pester someone else.
3555 I need an ale.
3556 *buuurp* Sure.
3557 All right.
3558 Why me?
3559 The only thing better than gold... is more gold.
3560 You pugs are starting to piss me off.
3561 Gold runs the world, kid. Faster ya learn that, the better life will treat ya.
3562 If I had a copper for every moron I've run across, I could buy Baldur's Gate.
3563 You're the stupidest dwarf I've ever met! You're an embarrassment to dwarves everywhere!
3564 Yeslick, your stupid mine is what started all this trouble.
3565 Yeslick, shut your lousy mouth and git outta my face.
3566 You're an imbecile Yeslick. If you piss me off one more time, I'm going to rip yer head off.
3567 Ya lousy excuse for a dwarf, I'm gonna rip you a new arse.
3568 You should shaddup.
3569 Keep on talking that way and I'm gonna stuff yer mouth full o' horse dung.
3570 Shaddup and show me the money.
3571 Are you some kind of a moron? What do ya think you was doing?!
3572 Altruistic moron!
3573 Ya dolt, shut yer trap before it gets you into trouble.
3574 Better them than me.
3575 Stupid dwarf was going to die sooner or later.
3576 Hold travelers, I challenge your best warrior to a duel.
3577 Discretion is the better part of valor.
3578 Eat steel, scum.
3579 It seems that this party isn't as pathetic as I first suspected.
3580 This is the kind of stupidity we get with male leadership.
3581 I can't take much more of this male imbecility.
3582 Forget our deal, I'm leaving.
3583 I'll lead this party better than any man could.
3584 Some rest is in order.
3585 This is such a waste of time, or should I say men are such a waste of time.
3586 There is nothing to calm my anger now... my business is ruined. My failure ends with my death.
3587 CTRL-
3588 I don't have time to bleed.
3589 Men are pathetic.
3590 If it bleeds, I can kill it.
3591 I love bloodshed.
3592 Okay.
3593 Really?
3594 I'll do it.
3595 Life is made fun by crushing your enemies.
3596 Sometimes the smell of a man makes me sick to my stomach.
3597 Steel is the only thing that a woman can depend upon.
3598 Men never think with their minds.
3599 Say another word, Eldoth, and I'll cut out your tongue.
3600 Your impudence will one day get you killed, Eldoth.
3601 Eldoth, you're an impotent, degenerate lout who has delusions of male superiority.
3602 Watch your mouth, Eldoth, or I'll end your life where you stand.
3603 You were warned, Eldoth! Now reap the consequences.
3604 Flattery will get you nowhere.
3605 You're such a funny man! That's why I'm gonna kill you last.
3606 How would you like my sword tickling your innards?
3607 Useless male dung heap.
3608 I spit on your manhood.
3609 Don't think yourself second to any man.
3610 More carrion for the vultures.
3611 The swine had it coming.
3612 Help me! If you don't help me, they'll kill me.
3613 We must flee to fight another day!
3614 Lil alurl! For Shar!
3615 I find this a most satisfactory arrangement.
3616 Surface-dwellers can be so stupid.
3617 I am beginning to tire of spending my time with fools.
3618 I have no desire to remain in the company of the witless.
3619 I see you have learned much in your short lifespan.
3620 How long do you intend to crack your whip on my back?! I say we stop now.
3621 The drow are never this idle with their time.
3622 No... it cannot end like this... I shall not allow it!
3623 I am still unused to all this green and fragrant brightness... part of me yet looks for the hidden spider's web amongst all this.
3624 Ahhh, this light... still it burns me!
3625 There is no roof to this world. I feel as if I shall fall into this sky of yours sometimes.
3626 Jal Khaless?
3627 Yes, abbil?
3628 Usstan zhah dosst.
3629 Player 1 is the winner. Now you die.
3630 Trust is for the foolish... and the dead.
3631 I shall follow your strength.
3632 Destiny awaits!
3633 Nau natha.
3634 A'dos quarth!
3635 As you desire.
3636 If that is your will.
3637 Greetings, darthiir, I know that you look upon me as an enemy, but perhaps we could ignore our differences.
3638 Iblith! If that is how you want things, then so be it.
3639 I worship Lolth no longer.
3640 Don't threaten me, Kivan. It shall only lead to your death.
3641 If you wish to die, I am pleased to assist.
3642 I will not accept such arrogance from a male. On your knees.
3643 I am... flattered, thank you.
3645 Never again speak to me in such a manner.
3646 You are one of the few among us whom I can respect.
3647 In the Underdark, you would be fodder for the kuo-toa.
3648 Male, fetch me something to eat.
3649 Death is not something to mourn.
3650 It is sad that Kivan and I never understood each other.
3651 Hello there. I have a pretty proposal for you.
3652 Brave, brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick led the way. Brave, brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran away!
3653 Once more unto the breach, dear friends.
3654 The hunt for Valygar is over I have hunted down the ranger, Valygar Corthala, and returned his body to the Cowled Wizard, Tolgerias, in return for a reward and some information.
3655 If man is known by the company he keeps, I shall be thought of gloriously.
3656 Why did we just do that?
3657 I can't stand by and just let this happen.
3659 I'm sorry, but I have to leave. I can't stomach what we do any more.
3661 Player 2 is the winner. Now you die.
3662 I feel a little unprepared for this job, but I'll try my best.
3663 A yawn is a silent shout.
3664 A bored man is an angry man.
3665 My goodness, I think I'm dying.
3667 I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.
3668 'Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
3669 Yes, sir?
3670 I am at your service.
3671 Life is glorious.
3672 At once.
3673 With god speed.
3674 With joy, sir.
3675 Give and spend, and the gods will send.
3676 Make short the miles with talk and smiles.
3678 Love makes the world go round.
3679 Music has charms to soothe the savage breast.
3680 The prophecy of Sekolah The rebel leader has been killed and his heart given to the king of the sahuagin, who was quite pleased. He brought me to the entrance to the Underdark, which he says is my only way home, and rewarded me for the heart. The prince's priestess, Sallinithyl, appeared after he left, angrily telling me that I have doomed the sahuagin to a slow death by killing the prince... obviously I was not the chosen of Sekolah after all. Too bad for the sahuagin.
3681 Perhaps you'd care to hear my music, Skie. It's very different and somewhat better than Eldoth's.
3682 Why do you stay with Eldoth, Skie? Can't you see he's just using you?
3683 Don't speak to Skie that way, Eldoth. She deserves better.
3684 Player 3 is the winner. Now you die.
3685 A girl of beauty is a joy forever.
3686 Thank you so very much for your most gracious compliment.
3687 I don't know what I did to deserve that.
3688 It takes two to make a quarrel.
3689 I think you're an honorable person.
3690 I don't remember knowing a more caring person.
3691 Player 4 is the winner. Now you die.
3692 I think you need to learn some manners.
3694 The world is such a cruel place.
3695 Nooo. Why her? She didn't deserve this!
3696 I've been looking for... strong men like yourselves.
3697 Nothing's worth dying for.
3699 Mmmmm. I keep very pleasant company.
3700 I really think this party needs new leadership.
3701 To lead this party, we need someone intelligent, preferably female, and most likely me.
3702 I've tried to guide this group in the right direction, but I'm tired of trying. Goodbye.
3703 This is probably the sanest decision this group has ever made.
3704 A woman needs her beauty rest.
3705 Perhaps we could do something a little more exciting than looking pretty.
3706 I'm hurt. S-stop what you're doing and help me now.
3707 The city is a beautiful place, so full of the gullible and stupid.
3708 Yes, dear?
3709 I'll do anything.
3710 I feel so sensual.
3711 If that's your desire.
3712 With pleasure.
3714 Of course, darling.
3715 Between two evils, I always choose the one I haven't tried.
3716 The final battle with Bodhi Bodhi appeared in an ambush shortly before I reached her haven, warning me that she was aware of my pursuit and stealing from me the one person that is dearest to my heart: Viconia. Before she vanished and unleashed more of her undead creations upon me, Bodhi warned me that if I continue, I will lose even more than I thought possible. I cannot give up on the Rhynn Lanthorn... but now the life and immortal soul of the one I love is at stake as well!
3717 I love it when you speak to me that way.
3718 When I'm good, I'm very, very good... but when I'm bad, I'm better.
3719 Everyone in this party is entitled to my opinion.
3721 I assume, Coran, that you think your elven charms are considerable. Let me enlighten you: They aren't.
3722 Player 5 is the winner. Now you die.
3723 You have about as much appeal as a rutting owlbear.
3724 You think I'd surrender myself to the likes of you? That's a laugh.
3726 Watch what you say, elf.
3727 I might find you attractive, Coran, if you weren't so irritating.
3728 I like it when you're nasty to me.
3729 You could be somewhat more creative in your insults.
3730 I always love a good compliment.
3731 You're a very sexy man.
3732 I'd love to see what other skills you possess.
3733 Player 6 is the winner. Now you die.
3734 My feet are very sore—perhaps you could massage them.
3735 The rest of you should be careful lest you end up like our unfortunate friend.
3736 Don't die, silly elf, I didn't mean all of the things I've said.
3737 I am Faldorn. I have been looking for those who would fight for the sanctity of this forest.
3738 I will not waste my life here.
3739 We have pleased Oak Father, I sense it.
3740 Sahuagin Scribe's Notes
3741 Oak Father would frown on us now.
3742 I cannot stand by people of such little character.
3743 I will have nothing more to do with your lot.
3744 I will do as best I can as your leader.
3745 All of nature's children must rest sometime.
3746 There is much to do, and little time to waste.
3747 I am wounded.
3748 The sanctity of these woods must be preserved.
3749 Cities are a blight upon the beauty of nature.
3750 Nature is all.
3751 I am one with nature.
3752 You want something?
3753 I will do that.
3754 Of course.
3755 *grunt*
3756 Why must man always despoil the Oak Father's gifts?
3757 Man is the least grateful of nature's children.
3758 Oak Father, please forgive your wayward brood.
3759 I am angry, don't talk to me now.
3760 You are a fool, Jaheira, to think that man can live with nature and not destroy it.
3761 You dilute our order with your compassionate attitude.
3762 One day, woman, you and I will settle our differences.
3763 Jaheira, your choice of a mate suits your weakling nature.
3764 Sahuagin Scribe's Notes
3765 It's time that I rid our fellowship of your unwholesome influence.
3766 I don't know why you speak to me so.
3767 I have no quarrel with you. Please—don't create one.
3768 I thank you.
3769 This scroll seems to be a collection of stories about great wars of the sahuagin. They mention planned offensives against land-dwellers all along the Sword Coast as well as tales of past offensives. The sahuagin appear to be a particularly warlike race, constantly planning full-fledged invasions of the shores but rarely following through due to incessant infighting. The events that you have seen in this particular settlement would seem to bear that out. An interesting insight into sahuagin culture.
3770 You have more wisdom than the others give you credit for.
3771 I am glad to adventure with one who respects our Oak Father's kingdom.
3772 This scroll seems to be a collection of stories about great wars of the sahuagin. They mention planned offensives against land-dwellers all along the Sword Coast as well as tales of past offensives. The sahuagin appear to be a particularly warlike race, constantly planning full-fledged invasions of the shores but rarely following through due to incessant infighting. The events that you have seen in this particular settlement would seem to bear that out. An interesting insight into sahuagin culture.
3773 Your shallow regard for nature sickens me.
3774 Death is a natural end that everyone must face.
3775 Her poisonous influence has been ended.
3776 Gentlemen, gentlewomen, may I introduce myself? I am Eldoth Kron.
3777 Better a coward than a dead man.
3778 If we must.
3779 I am glad to be associated with such a fine group of gentlemen.
3780 This party's direction seems to be somewhat misguided.
3781 I don't know how much longer I can bear the company of so many fools.
3782 Goodbye now, hope to never see you again.
3783 I take this responsibility knowing I am best suited for it.
3784 I think it would be well to stop and rest.
3785 If I wanted to live a life of tedium, I would have become a monk.
3786 Help, my injuries are grievous.
3787 You're so dull.
3788 What's your worry?
3789 Don't bore me.
3790 As you command.
3791 Certainly.
3792 This is so tedious.
3793 There is no evil but stupidity.
3794 There is no good or evil, only the charming and the tedious.
3795 Only shallow people don't judge by appearance.
3796 The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible.
3797 Kruin
3798 Kruin
3799 Set Snare Succeeded
3800 Waukeen Temple
3801 Martial Staff +3
3803 Sunray
3804 Lightning Strike
3805 Takes <AMOUNT> <TYPE> damage from <DAMAGER>
3806 Charm Fire Elemental
3807 Cure Medium Wounds (Necromancy) Level: 3 Sphere: Healing Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None By casting this spell and laying <PRO_HISHER> hand upon a creature, the priest heals 14 points of wound or other injury damage from the creature's body. This healing cannot affect creatures without corporeal bodies, nor can it cure wounds of creatures not living or of extraplanar origin. Curing is permanent only insofar as the creature does not sustain further damage; caused wounds will heal—or can be cured—just as any normal injury.
3808 Charm Air Elemental
3809 Charm Earth Elemental
3810 Skie, my little angel, a woman should know her place.
3811 Skie, don't bother me right now.
3812 Be silent, Skie! It's not like your opinion is worth anything.
3813 Shar-Teel, your lot in life is to bake cookies and bear children. Now shut up.
3814 Stop your whining, wench.
3815 Your wit is somewhat lacking.
3816 I knew that.
3817 Don't try my patience.
3818 Perhaps we could talk over wine tonight. I've never met a lady such as you and am desirous to know you better.
3819 Try to keep quiet and speak only when spoken to.
3820 You must be the most uninteresting person I have had the honor of knowing.
3821 Too bad.
3822 The wench had it coming.
3823 Ho! Travelers, hold a moment.
3824 This adventure has gotten out of hand.
3825 I think we all deserve a pat on the back.
3826 I cannot give my approval for what we've just done.
3827 If our fellowship continues in this vein, I may have to leave.
3828 I can't stay with this group any longer. I have to call it quits.
3829 I think my new responsibility will be a great deal of fun.
3830 Even the most prolific adventurer must take some time to rest.
3831 My worst hate is reserved for sitting and doing nothing.
3832 It's only a flesh wound.
3833 Yes?
3834 What is your bidding?
3835 Life is adventure or nothing.
3836 Luck be a lady.
3837 Great peril yields great beauty.
3838 Wherever fate takes me.
3839 The storm is always preferable to the calm.
3840 The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.
3841 You can't live without a little adventure.
3842 Luck is always on the side of the romantic.
3843 Safana, you are full of such subtle wit and charm.
3844 Sometimes, Safana, I find myself attracted to you, despite your shallow spiteful demeanor.
3845 You've been dominating my thoughts recently, Safana. It's distracting my work.
3846 If you weren't such a self serving wench, I... don't think I'd find you half as attractive.
3847 Admit it, Safana! You sometimes find me to your liking.
3848 You are rather uncouth today.
3849 I don't appreciate your humor.
3850 I accept your compliments.
3851 A fine figure like yours shouldn't be risked in an occupation such as adventuring.
3852 A more beautiful girl I don't think I've laid eyes on.
3853 You have the most beautiful... er... eyes.
3854 I grieve to lose a friend.
3855 I wish we had more time to know each other, Safana.
3856 By the ice breath of Auril! 'Tis good to see new faces and taste freedom again.
3857 Tempus, forgive my cowardice.
3858 Tempus! Give us victory!
3859 I am proud to stand among such strong warriors.
3860 Our actions are not those of warrior born.
3861 What sort of craven cowards are we?
3862 I can no longer honorably work with such as you.
3863 I have always dreamt of leading such a worthy band.
3864 I'm tired.
3865 Damn the icicles of Auril. I'm BORED.
3866 'Tis but a flesh wound.
3867 By Tempus's shield!
3868 What is your command?
3869 Hello?
3870 'Tis a fine day to die.
3871 If Tempus wills it.
3872 By Valkur's mighty blade.
3873 'Tis better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
3874 May Auril bestow the frost kiss upon our enemies.
3875 By Valkur's strapping buttocks.
3876 A god's favor is fickle, at best.
3877 Shar-Teel seems to have more spine that a lot of the men in this party.
3878 You are valiant of action, Shar-Teel. A pity your spirit is mismatched.
3879 Stay well clear of me, you foul speakin' heretic!
3880 Tempus would guide your wayward soul, if you let him.
3881 May Tempus someday show you the error of your ways.
3882 I do not take such insults lightly.
3883 I thank you for your kind words.
3884 Do not mock me!
3885 You shame this party by your mere presence.
3886 You are a strong warrior. I respect that.
3887 In a war of virtues, thou art unarmed.
3888 To die in battle is the most glorious death of all.
3889 'Tis a shame to lose such an accomplished warrior.
3890 Eldoth! I thought I'd never see you again. Who are you? What are you doing here?
3891 Please, heeeeeelp me!
3892 You're the finest group of friends I've ever had.
3893 I don't think what we're doing is morally right.
3894 All of you are such pigs.
3895 Fireball-Lightning
3896 I can't take this any more. I'm going back home!
3897 I don't know if I can handle this leadership thing, but I'm going to try.
3898 I'm getting tired. Couldn't we take a rest soon?
3899 Summon Shambling Mound
3900 I'm so bored.
3901 Ahhhh, I'm hurt. Heeelllppp!
3902 Can I help you?
3903 I broke a nail.
3904 I've mussed my hair.
3905 My feet hurt.
3906 I have a cold.
3907 I have a headache.
3908 Do you like my perfume?
3909 It's been so long since I've had a hot meal.
3910 Let's go shopping!
3911 I want to go home.
3912 Eldoth, why do you treat our companions so badly?
3913 I love you, Eldoth.
3914 Why do you always have to make fun of me?! I hate you! Get away from me!
3915 Aim
3916 I'd love to hear your music, Garrick.
3917 Eldoth is a kind man. He cares about me, Garrick.
3918 I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?
3919 Eldoth, tell them to stop being so cruel.
3920 Th-thank you, you're very kind.
3921 You're a good friend.
3922 I feel safe with you in the party.
3923 I think you're a beautiful person.
3924 *sniffle* I can't believe he's dead.
3925 Holy Smite
3926 What am I going to do? *sniffle* You can't die, Eldoth, you can't.
3927 The final battle with Bodhi Bodhi has turned Anomen into a vampire! Or... or very nearly. The process may not have been completed in the short time Bodhi has had him. Hopefully, something can be done or I will have lost him. Perhaps the elven war sage might know some way of restoration... or Elhan...
3928 Minsc continues to make the most... unique of acquaintances. To follow his charge, thou art brave indeed.
3929 These odds are idiocy! Retreat!
3930 For right! And I always am!
3931 This group shows promise exceptional.
3932 Must I watch over this group as a nanny the child?!
3933 I cannot abide by this decision! 'Tis idiocy!
3934 Thy manner is inexplicably evil! I take my leave!
3935 A wise choice to appoint the wiser.
3936 Magic does not nest well in a tired mind. I must sleep.
3937 Might we move on?
3938 By the Three, I do not feel well inside.
3939 Such bustle! The cities of Rashemen are empty compared.
3940 Thy called?
3941 Whatever thy need.
3942 Thy wish my ear?
3943 As directed.
3944 No less than done.
3945 As well as I can.
3946 Go here! Do that! What about MY needs?
3947 These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do.
3948 Who art thou to touch me like you know me?!
3949 Watch thee where thy place that pointer!
3950 Must thou keep that rodent so close? 'Tis surely unclean.
3951 Stand easy, Minsc! Thy needs not be so motherly.
3952 Evil to thy cause? Perhaps. However, those of decent nature know otherwise.
3953 Any protection would be courtesy, not necessity. My power is no less than thine!
3954 Thou shalt not question my will once I present thy neck to the Orthlor!
3955 I pray thee did not kiss thy mother with that mouth.
3956 Thou art right indeed. After my own heart.
3957 Thou art fluent in compliments. Some might say effluent.
3958 I'll thank thee to remain downwind. 'Tis hard to cast spells while I gag.
3959 I should keep an eye towards Edwin. One can only expect treachery from his kind.
3960 Thy decency is refreshing when so many we meet are... lacking.
3961 No more mistakes, people! We can afford no more losses!
3962 Minsc! His mighty berserker wrath will not go unremembered.
3963 Holy Smite (Necromancy) Level: 3 Sphere: Healing Range: Visual range of the caster Duration: Instant Casting Time: 3 Area of Effect: 20-ft. radius Saving Throw: Special This spell calls upon energy from the Positive Energy Plane in order to open a channel between it and the targets. The result is that any evil creatures within the spell's area of effect take 1d4 points of damage per level of the caster, or half damage upon a successful Saving Throw vs. Spell. If the victims fail their Saving Throw, they are also blinded for 1 round.
3964 Elven War Sage
3965 Go no further! I require the services of your group. (Yes, they will do nicely.)
3966 I'll not die to incompetence!
3967 Your worthless lives end here!
3968 I had not thought this group capable of pleasing me, but I am impressed.
3969 Could my opinion of this group drop ANY lower? Evidently so.
3970 I warn you, I cannot abide this charity. It is not to my tastes at all.
3971 No, I do not feel this is working out. You waste opportunity after opportunity. I will stand no more.
3972 It is about time you monkeys realized who should be leader.
3973 I require rest. I demand we stop.
3974 Inactive outward, inactive inward. Why do I suffer these fools?
3975 I could use some help here, fools.
3976 Yes?
3977 What is it now?!
3978 Go bother someone else.
3979 My actions are yours.
3980 As directed, for now.
3981 If I must.
3982 I do not understand this "mouse magic" that makes me do your bidding!
3983 Elven War Sage
3984 Tedious monkey-work.
3985 A waste of my talents.
3986 Fine, fine, just stop pestering me.
3987 This witch deceives you with her lies! I tell you she is evil!
3988 There is no protection if you goad me further, witch!
3989 Her power is nothing without the will to use it! Step from behind your excuses and let us end this here!
3990 'Tis welcome you find no fault with one such as I.
3991 Elven Archer
3992 Elven Archer
3993 Elven Battle Mage
3994 Elven Battle Mage
3995 This book has been drenched in blood, ruining most of the pages within. The original ink, faded to begin with, is now thoroughly illegible. A more recent script handwritten in the margins has left an impression revealing a few words here and there, just enough to decipher the nature of the tome. This text apparently dealt with the process that one would go through to become a vampire, though the little you can see gives no indication why someone would want to do such a thing. There is a stamp on the back of the book suggesting that this tome was once archived and recorded by the followers of Oghma. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
3996 Her company is refreshing, but I am surprised I find it so.
3997 No harm shall come to her while I yet live!
3998 Watch your words when addressing me lest they be fed to you on the end of my boot!
3999 Your words please, though I know not their motive.
4000 Dea Vampir Becomos
4001 This group be a damn sight better off without you!
4002 Must you crowd so close? 'Tis bad enough I must walk with you chimps.
4003 Typical response; I wonder if they will prove useful at all.
4004 Conjur Ota Servanta
4005 Pawn discarded. I'll have to find another group if this keeps up.
4006 Checkmate! At last the witch dies!
4007 How long must we wait here? Things stir to the south as we sit!
4008 I will not fall here!
4009 For the fallen!
4010 Our actions are good, and will serve the greater balance.
4011 I hope this is not a sign of things to come. We must strive to maintain balance.
4012 This is no longer a matter that can be brushed aside! Change your ways or we shall be at odds!
4013 I... I cannot believe the change in this group! For the greater balance, I... I must oppose you!
4014 As I have said before, you could not have made a better choice.
4015 Rest would be welcome lest we endanger ourselves.
4016 It is strange that we stand about when there is so much to do.
4017 I will require healing if I am to be of use to the group.
4018 I am at peace in the outdoor places, though it never seems to last.
4019 I have no patience for cities. Our stay had best be a short one.
4020 Nature could find a home here if it were properly cleansed and balanced.
4021 Nature has many children that call the darkness home. I am not one of them.
4022 Nature's servant awaits.
4023 I await your need.
4024 I am ready.
4025 It is done.
4026 As you direct.
4027 I go.
4028 As I would have done.
4029 If it will help.
4030 I thought as much.
4031 As you would have it.
4032 Khalid, my dear, 'twould take a sailor to untie that tongue.
4033 Insufferable?
4034 Beautiful?
4035 Do you claim to fight evil while you are diabolic yourself?
4036 I know not your goals, but you are nearly Zhentish in spirit. 'Tis disgusting.
4037 You demonstrate your own pettiness. It saves me the trouble, so I take no offense.
4038 Careful. Ground tongue makes excellent fertilizer, especially with what you're spewing.
4039 Is grass not made of blades? Do stars not shoot? Nature be well armed, and demands so of her servants!
4040 You are amusing, in a "what the hell is wrong with you" kind of way.
4041 Seldom do I find so little fault with someone. I hope it lasts.
4042 Keep your distance. I doubt your motives are as you claim.
4043 No sorrow for those lost in righteous battles.
4044 Blast it, Khalid! You die, and I swear you'll never hear the end of it!
4045 C-calm yourself, dear. We must proceed c-c-carefully.
4046 Better part of valor! Better part of valor!
4047 Oh, my heart's really not in this!
4048 Gorion would be proud of your actions.
4049 Gorion would have none of this! 'Tis shameful!
4050 I'll not have a part in this! Change your course lest I be forced to s-stop you!
4051 I will not allow this! It—it's utterly evil!
4052 If you wish, but I'm not a very inspiring leader.
4053 *yawn* I think much c-c-clearer with—with rest. Might we stop?
4054 I prefer these long periods of relaxation. Lovely day for it.
4055 I am getting weaker. I'll need a healer as soon as possible.
4056 I am much more at ease in the forest.
4057 Cities are always so intimidating. So many people.
4058 T-there are S-SO many places I would rather be.
4059 Sunny or not, 'tis nice to enjoy the out-of-doors.
4060 Even with infravision, I prefer the daylight.
4061 C-Can I help you?
4062 You have need of me?
4063 WHA... y-yes?
4064 If none are better.
4065 I can but try.
4066 I'll do my best.
4067 If at first I don't succeed, the wife won't let me forget.
4068 Th-th-that's all, folks!
4069 Ch-ch-ch-... ch-ch-ch-chia!
4070 Click on someone your own size!
4071 Please, J-Jaheira, you needn't be so... s-so...
4072 Yes, that's definitely it!
4073 Ye... no, stay beautiful. Despite yourself.
4074 Usually everyone proves themselves, but there is something... disturbing about you.
4075 I had thought none could be so beyond the bounds of goodness. Certainly you need h-help.
4076 S-sharpen your tongue elsewhere. Everyone deserves a chance.
4077 You... hmmph... must y-you c-continually...
4078 Th-thank you.
4079 I don't want to seem c-confrontational, but could you be a little less... well... evil?
4080 Your honesty is refreshing, but lace it well with tact.
4081 Your company is a w-welcome part of this group.
4082 Another friend fallen. Does it never end?
4083 Jah... Jaheira. no. NO!
4084 Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at ye!
4085 No, despair not! I will inspire you by charging blindly on!
4086 Go for the eyes, Boo, GO FOR THE EYES! RrraaaAAGHGHH!
4087 We are all heroes, you and Boo and I! Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!
4088 This behavior must not continue! Feel the burning stare of my hamster and change your ways!
4089 This is not right. Change our course or I will have to apply a considerable wallop of virtue!
4090 Boo can stand only so much!
4091 Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads! Swords for everyone!
4092 We must rest soon. Boo is getting squirrely.
4093 Boo must have his exercise lest he bite us all in hard-to-reach places.
4094 I must get aid soon. Boo is too young to have to avenge me.
4095 You know... I think the forest likes Boo.
4096 A den of stinking evil. Cover your nose, Boo. We will leave no crevice untouched!
4097 Strange things go bump in the night, but none bump bigger than Minsc!
4098 You point, I punch.
4099 Swords, not words!
4100 Minsc and Boo stand ready.
4101 Where Minsc goes, evil stands aside.
4102 Squeaky wheel gets the kick.
4103 Full plate and packing steel!
4104 Stand back for justice!
4105 When the going gets tough, someone hold my rodent.
4106 There be safety in numbers, and I am two or three at least.
4107 Butt-kicking for goodness!
4108 It is as you would have it. 'Tis my sworn vow to ensure your every need is catered to.
4109 Where Dynaheir goes, so goes my blade.
4110 Lay a finger on what I protect, and forevermore ye will answer nature's call with a hook!
4111 Stand ye not too close! Dynaheir is under my protection!
4112 Play on, bard! 'Tis sweet music to my furry friend.
4113 I take no offense from your comments. You just don't understand the bond I have with Boo.
4114 Your words are as sharp as my blade, though not half as shiny. Oooo, shiny.
4115 I am of few words and fewer hesitations! Warning's past, and now you die!
4116 You travel with Minsc, you toe the line! I'll not suffer slackers while I'm busy hero-ing!
4117 Boo does not like your manner. Away with ye.
4118 Choose your friends wisely. Not all are as trustworthy as Minsc and Boo.
4119 No finer a place to die than the battlefield!
4120 Dynaheir! Nooooo! You will be avenged!
4121 Ye already be disturbed, now leave me be. Yer company be toil enough as is.
4122 A pox on ye, I'll no lose my neck to this lot!
4123 And the rivers run red!
4124 Effective. I may not kill you after all.
4125 Ye goody goodies make me sick!
4126 Any more of yer nice-nice and I'm gone!
4127 I'll suffer this group no more! Best ye sleep with one eye open!
4128 I have no equal, but I prefer to work alone.
4129 If'n I'm not allowed to sleep, our next assailants may just live.
4130 A good blade must be fed. Find prey or I find you.
4131 A death be in me if I no get help.
4132 I hate the woods. Prey be so much easier to find in the city.
4133 Dungeons! The dark is nice, but blast this damp!
4134 I be much preferring the cover of night o'er this blasted daylight.
4135 Ye spoke at me?
4136 This better be good.
4137 What need ye dead?
4138 I'll do yer toil.
4139 Go suck yer blade.
4140 Sleep lightly taskmaster.
4141 I warrant your attention?! Oh frabjous day, callooh callay!
4142 Arrrr!
4143 Leave me be lest your head leave yer neck.
4144 What part of "I'm a loner" do ye not understand?!
4145 That mad wizard is off on one of his "spells" again.
4146 My "equal" is a talent of many men, all of them fools.
4147 Do ye truly want yer last words to be so stupid?
4148 Do not make light of me! My purpose is greater that you can imagine!
4149 I've suffered yer company as long as I'm going to! Ye could be Harpers, the way ye irritate me so!
4150 Yer wit be sharp as my blade! Do we exchange jabs, or will ye cease yer prattle?!
4151 Mayhaps we should just befriend them all and go for tea, eh?
4152 Ye live longer if ye don't annoy me. Mayhaps even a week or more.
4153 Keep yer distance, ye goody-goody. I no like the smell of charity.
4154 Good or bad, you'll go the way of all flesh.
4155 'Tis a wonder you've lived as long as you have.
4156 Fool! Now we'll need another mule!
4157 And the mad wizard falls! Saves me the trouble!
4158 Walking alone on the Coastway road! How smart is this?
4159 Live smart! Live long! Run away!
4160 This group may be capable of learning after all!
4161 'Tis a wonder your brains can keep you breathing! Try to behave!
4162 Only the truly inept would resort to such evil as this! I'll not stand much more!
4163 I am getting stupid just being near you! You are unteachable! Goodbye!
4164 At last you realize the potential of my amazing brain!
4165 If I go too long without rest, I'll end up as stupid as you!
4166 The mind atrophies with disuse! Let's do something!
4167 Hello! I need healing here!
4168 Deciduous, coniferous, and... uhhh... green.
4169 If I'm so smart, what am I doing down here?
4170 If I weren't so intelligent, I might be a little nervous of the dark.
4171 What do you need?!
4172 You grunted?
4173 Can I... help you?
4174 I'm too smart for this.
4175 Is that all?
4176 There's none better.
4177 I am so smart! S M R T! I mean S M A R T!
4178 Shake a paw! C'mon, shake a paw!
4179 Feel my amazing brain! Go on, touch it!
4180 I wile away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain.
4181 Ruler of the world, hmmm? Only if chosen by virtue of an... uncluttered mind.
4182 Indeed you grow "grander" by the moment. Though how a fat head will help, I do not know.
4183 Oh yeah?! Well I've got more smarts in my little finger than you've got in your little finger! No... wait a minute.
4184 Violence is a trademark of low intelligence!
4185 Mind not what others say. The intelligent enjoy your music regardless.
4186 Oooo, insult me again. Only this time, use your brain.
4187 You don't expect me to believe you meant that? I'm too smart for your hidden insults!
4188 Leaving Shadows
4189 Who taught this chimp to talk?! What they can't do these days!
4190 Well, I certainly would have handled THAT better.
4191 If you were smarter, you'd enjoy my company more.
4192 If you need any help... y'know... thinking, just let me know. I'm here to help.
4193 This text is written in a very old dialect of southern Common that you are not familiar with, though it does not appear to be a particularly ancient tome. It seems to be a section of the personal journal of a noble named Tomass Sangui and deals with the acquiring and control of his most devoted servants. It is difficult to ascertain much more, though from the frequency of certain words, you are reasonably sure that Tomass was creating vampire minions, if not some other creature that feeds on blood. His knowledge on the subject seems quite intimate indeed, and he details the long process of completely turning a victim. Apparently, if the process is interrupted, it can be reversed, but the author does not say how. There is a stamp on the back of the book that indicates it was once archived and recorded by the followers of Oghma. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
4194 The stupid will fall while the smart survive.
4195 Ahh, Tiax! Had you asked, I would have said you were too dumb to live.
4196 You! Tiax would speak at you, for 'tis destined to be so!
4197 Tiax will rule... from a distance!
4198 Tiax will smite thee!
4199 Tiax is impressed with this group! You will continue to serve him once he rules.
4200 Archer! Use fire to kill the beasts ere they rise again!
4201 Move out! The battle is far from over!
4202 Tiax fails to see how this will aid in his ascension!
4203 Continue with this... unprofitable behavior, and Tiax will seek his destiny elsewhere!
4204 You are unworthy to sit at the feet of great Tiax! I shall find another for that exalted spot!
4205 As it should be! Tiax was destined to lead!
4206 Tiax needs rest if he is to rule!
4207 Attack formations! Hold back the fiend!
4208 We get no closer to world domination just standing about!
4209 Destiny had best hurry. Tiax does not feel well at all.
4210 When Tiax rules, this forest will be lumber for but a leg of his throne!
4211 When Tiax rules, the stones of this city shall build his castle!
4212 <CHARNAME>, please! We cannot defeat this thing alone!
4213 Why must Tiax traverse this dank hole?! Cyric said nothing of soggy boots!
4214 Tiax must squint in the sunlight! One day... revenge shall be his!
4215 Night would DARE hamper the sight of Tiax?!
4216 Who dares prod Tiax?!
4217 Tiax hears you.
4218 Soon Tiax rules!
4219 Tiax is as Tiax duz.
4220 For the Queen! Let us find what survivors we can!
4221 Tiax WILL rule ALL!
4222 Tiax moves. Make way!
4223 Ya little monkey-spanker.
4224 When Tiax rules, breeches shall not ride up so wedge-like!
4225 Tiax does as ye will, but one day... BOOM! He rules!
4226 The day comes when TIAX will point and click!
4227 Where will your learning get you when Tiax rules? Duke of manure at best!
4228 Sure you be smart, but none are grander than Tiax!
4229 Thou wouldst mock me? Ye stiff-rumped foole!
4230 All the world will tremble beneath the feet of Tiax!
4231 Tiax and his greatness shall squash you as a bug, you... you... insolent BUG!
4232 Your insults carry little sting. Tiax knows he will rule in the end.
4233 Ye cup-shot muttonhead! Tiax will slap you silly... when he rules!
4234 Give thy tongue a holiday! Tiax so commands!
4235 Your goals are petty in comparison to the wonder of Tiax!
4236 Do as ye will, but 'tis for naught! Tiax must rule!
4237 Has Tiax mentioned he's going to rule? 'Tis inevitable.
4238 Blast you! Escaping the inevitable rule of Tiax by dying! Coward!
4239 Ha Ha HA! Smart guy dies, and Tiax goes on to RULE!
4240 Montaron, you are so AGGRAVATING! 'Tis disturbing to my demeanor!
4241 Waaaa! Mommy, I'm a scared!
4242 I am become death, destroyer of worlds!
4243 I'm starting to find this group almost... palatable.
4244 Must we be so insufferably charitable?!
4245 I'll not tolerate any more of this benevolence!
4246 I can take this no longer. May you all die cold miserable deaths! Farewell!
4247 A wise choice for leader.
4248 I tire! I'll be MUCH MORE AGREEABLE with rest!
4249 Much as I enjoy these moments of repose, GET A MOVE ON IT!
4250 Mommy, I don't feel too good.
4251 The trees... move. Do you not see it?!
4252 A cutthroat in every alley, but I'll not let them take us alive.
4253 I'm never quite so comfortable as when I'm at least six feet under.
4254 I've never liked the sunlight. 'Tis just too... bright.
4255 I wanted infravision like the elves, but 'tis more than just taking their eyes.
4256 Something troubling you?
4257 Your voice is ambrosia.
4258 Stop touching me!
4259 If I must!
4260 I could do no other.
4261 Hardly worth my time!
4262 Glitterdust
4263 Tell me 'bout the rabbits.
4264 Those the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad!
4265 I ate his liver with a nice Chianti and some fava beans.
4266 I'll teach yer grandmother to suck eggs!
4267 Tell us a story, Monty. Something with bears and gold.
4268 Har HAR there, Montaron! Quite the fight, eh, chum?
4269 C'mon, Montaron, lighten up. Must you be so moody all the time?
4270 Why must you goad us into other people's concerns? Can you not just let us mind our own enterprise?
4271 I begin to see your true nature, and 'tis as I expected. None are as insufferably righteous as Harpers!
4272 Oh, speak no more lest ye gorge my sweet tooth!
4273 I'll not be mocked, thou most slanderous harlot!
4274 Ahh yes, the chatter of friends and compatriots! Does it not warm the cockles?
4275 Could we cease the incessant noise?! 'Tis such a pain behind the eyes!
4276 Smiles, everyone, smiles! This is like some great fantasy!
4277 I know dragons with feet like rabbits! 'Tis true I swear!
4278 I suppose I should feel a sense of loss. How unfortunate I don't care.
4279 Montaron! I... I never loved you.
4280 Aye, who's there now? More smithing, or did ye burrow into another river?
4281 I should'na got out of bed this morn!
4282 Clangeddin's might be with us!
4283 We do good! 'Tis as my clan was, long ago.
4284 There'll be dark horizons if we don't change our ways!
4285 I've seen enough greed and evil! Change your ways lest enemies we be!
4286 Ye be no better than the Throne themselves! I'll not stand by while this happens!
4287 Slow and steady while I'm leader.
4288 Even dwarves need to rest. I can't walk much further.
4289 Why did I leave my cell if I'm to stand about doing nothing?!
4290 Ill I am, and when a dwarf says he's sick, you know it's serious!
4291 'Tis just like the tunnels of my old clan.
4292 <CHARNAME>, it is good to see you again.
4293 I prefer the stone of my cell o'er this wide open empty.
4294 What happened to you, Yoshimo? You look injured. Did you kill the nymph to escape?
4295 You need something?
4296 What e're ye need.
4297 How did you escape the nymph? It was my impression that you didn't wish leave her side...
4298 Ye need only ask.
4299 I do not wish to speak with you, Yoshimo.
4300 NO! I did not kill her!
4301 Stay calm, old friend. It was merely a question.
4302 As you will.
4303 Clangeddin's will be done.
4304 Be glad to.
4305 My father was a miner. And my mother was a miner before him.
4306 How were you wounded if not in a fight?
4307 Keep yer straw and sticks! Only Stone protects the pigs!
4308 I do not believe you.
4309 You load sixteen tons, what do ya get? Another day older and deeper in debt.
4310 She, uh, released me from bondage. I am a free man again and ready to rejoin your party.
4312 The mines were there for anyone who looked! I'll not be blamed for what the Throne does with 'em!
4313 'Twould be good if you tithed a few coins now and then. The favor of gods is worth a few gold.
4314 You've sold your mores for the love of gold. All dwarves are kin, but I'll not call YOU family.
4315 Friendships last when gold is long gone. Perhaps you should be a little nicer to the group.
4316 I've been through enough without suffering you as well. Begone.
4317 Watch what you say. Good-natured I am, but I swing a mean axe where evil's concerned!
4318 We fight for what's right, but you needn't take such pleasure in it.
4319 Kind words are always appreciated.
4320 Violence solves only the simplest problems. You must think your way through the tough ones.
4321 A friendly face is a blessed sight in these times.
4322 I would be happy to have you join me.
4323 Freeing Queen Ellesime I killed the parasites Irenicus was using to drain the Tree of Life, and I freed Queen Ellesime from her cage. She then severed Irenicus's connection to the Tree, a disorientating process that may have weakened him. Ellesime has disappeared, perhaps to get reinforcements, leaving me with my only chance to gain revenge for everything Irenicus has stolen from me!
4324 How were you wounded?
4325 Your ego is positively elven. Drop it a notch lest I do it for you.
4326 I've lost too many clan-mates already! Must I lose these as well?
4327 I wish no dwarf dead, but I'll not miss his company!
4328 I do not believe you.
4329 Please, sirs, I'm sorry for what I've done, but a girl's gotta eat, you know.
4330 Come on, now, don't let me suffer in this place. We've both had enough of that.
4331 Yep?
4332 Whatcha want?
4333 If we're going to do nothing, let's at least find a safer place to do it.
4334 Ye're a queer fellow.
4335 Right you are.
4336 All right, all right.
4337 Aww, come on. I'm not cut out for the leadership stuff.
4338 I'll stick with you no matter what, but we should still try and be decent to people.
4339 *yawn* I'm getting sleepy. Wish we could stop for a bit.
4340 Poor sod, takin' the dirt-nap so soon.
4341 Heya! It's me, Imoen.
4342 Ahhh, my child, I am glad I have found you.
4343 Please, <CHARNAME>, do not be angry with me. The nymph enchanted me, but she has since freed me. I am a free man again and ready to rejoin your party.
4345 I would be happy to have you join me.
4346 Unholy Blight
4347 How were you wounded?
4348 I do not believe you.
4349 I did not hurt the nymph! She released me from the fairy circle. I am a free man again and ready to join your party.
4350 Unholy Blight (Necromancy) Level: 3 Sphere: Healing Range: Visual range of the caster Duration: Instant Casting Time: 3 Area of Effect: 20-ft. radius Saving Throw: Special This spell calls upon energy from the Negative Energy Plane in order to open a channel between it and the targets. The result is that any good creatures within the spell's area of effect take 1d4 points of damage per level of the caster, or half damage upon a successful Saving Throw vs. Spell. If the victims fail their Saving Throw, they also receive a -2 penalty to all their rolls for 4 rounds.
4351 I would be happy to have you join me.
4352 Finding Irenicus in Hell Irenicus's death did not have the same effect as Bodhi's did, and my soul has not returned to me. Perhaps it was because of the power he gathered from the Tree of Life, or because Bodhi was undead. Regardless, Irenicus has fallen, dragging both my soul and myself inexorably behind. I am now alone in what must be the Nine Hells, but I am certain Irenicus is here somewhere... and somehow, in this, I must find the mage and battle him once and for all to get my soul back.
4353 How were you wounded?
4354 Escaping the asylum I released the inmates of the asylum to perform an assault on Irenicus, driving the wizard off for the moment. He still has both Imoen's soul and mine, however, and I must follow. According to Saemon Havarian, Irenicus has plans in an elven city called Suldanessellar. Saemon offered to take me to the Forest of Tethir on his ship, and I have accepted. He may not be trustworthy, but he's all I've got. If I don't get my soul back, I will die. Or worse.
4357 I do not believe you.
4358 After the nymph released me, I ran to catch up with you and had a little run-in with a worg. The worg wounded me.
4359 You've found us now. Would you like to join my party again?
4360 I do not believe you.
4361 I don't have a place in my party for you. I may have one at a later time.
4362 It is the truth! I would not harm that innocent nymph! She released me from the fairy circle so that I could rejoin my companions. You must believe me!
4363 I would be happy to have you join me.
4364 How were you wounded?
4365 I think you killed the nymph to escape. I do not know why you would do that, but I am certain that you did.
4366 I am pleased to travel with you again.
4367 I am very sorry to hear that. You shall find me in Athkatla should you need me. I will be staying at the Copper Coronet. Travel safely, <CHARNAME>.
4368 When you have thought about this and realized your error, you will find me at the Copper Coronet in Athkatla. I will now take my leave of you.
4369 Don't you try anything stupid. I'm watching you.
4370 Thieves aren't wanted here.
4372 Don't even think about trying to steal something.
4373 release familiar
4374 You're stealing without permission. For that, you're going to pay.
4375 Sword
4376 Sword
4377 Book Merchant
4378 Book Merchant
4379 This mage's power is immense! We must overcome him quickly.
4380 Dradeel's Recipe Page
4381 Dradeel's Recipe Page
4382 Dea Vampir Becomos
4383 load scenario
4384 Exotic Hide
4385 Cloak
4386 Exotic Hide
4387 This leather is thick and coarse, unlike even the heaviest hide from a cow or another domesticated animal. The creature this came off of must be exotic indeed. STATISTICS: Weight: 25
4388 day
4389 night
4390 morning
4391 afternoon
4392 evening
4393 Sissy fighter! You grab, I'll scratch!
4394 Entrance to Lower Tombs
4395 Rain death upon them and let despair be our vanguard!
4396 This journal was found on the body of the shadow-slain warrior that you stumbled upon near the entrance to the dark woods. The last entry is of particular interest: "Nothing is as I'd imagined that it would be. I expected to become a hero when I joined Mazzy Fentan's party. I expected that we would slay monsters with ease and bask in the glory of victory as they do in the old tales. But it is not as it seems. I did not expect the drudgery of the march, the casual horror of slaughter, the smell of death everywhere. I swear I can taste it! We've killed so many shadows and black wolves that my brain has become as numb as my arm. I am covered in ichor but have not the energy to even clean myself. If not for Mazzy, I think that I would be mad. She is a constant source of strength and always reminds us of the innocents that these beasts have killed, of the horror that we must take upon ourselves to save the people who have no defense. Mazzy is the hero here, not I. The battle has only just begun. Today we arrived at the entrance to the ruined temple. It was crawling with shadows. Were it not for Mazzy's quick thinking, we would surely be dead. There were far too many to fight, but Mazzy used the stained glass of the ruins to reflect what light we had, illuminating the entrance and sending the shades to their doom. While the stained glass caught the light, we were able to find a pocket of safety. Any shadows that came within were destroyed by the light. Tomorrow we will attempt to enter the temple and the darkness. I have never felt such dread. I try to be as brave as Mazzy but cannot. I feel the horrible, inescapable urge to run, and when the battle is joined, I can only hope that I will not." STATISTICS: Weight: 2
4397 The multiplayer session has been terminated. The arena setting for the server and client programs do not match. Server arena: <SERVERVERSION> Client arena: <CLIENTVERSION> You can change your arena setting by connecting (or by not connecting) through the arena button.
4398 TRUE
4399 FALSE
4400 Shadow Thief Cloak
4401 This is the cloak that Bodhi has asked you to plant, along with a dagger, in Vulova's home to frame the Shadow Thieves for his murder. STATISTICS: Weight: 3
4402 Temple of Ilmater
4403 Please... death... too many... aaaagh...
4404 I know about the magical plug! It keeps the underground river from flooding the mine. You can find it in the northeast section of the mine, but it'll do you no good. Everyone says that the thing's magically sealed, but I bet you Davaeorn, the master of the mine, could open the plug.
4405 Cloak of Protection +1
4406 I no want fight! I want home! I smash fish! I smash YOU! RRRGG!
4407 From soil to sea, grant me the bones of the slain to slay our enemies in turn!
4408 Anguiliian
4409 Golem Slow
4410 Golem Confusion
4411 Psionic Domination
4412 Anguiliian
4413 Call forth the Alguiliians! We are overrun!
4414 You cannot remove this item.
4415 Ettin
4416 Ettin
4417 Fools! Phaere has died, and all our lives are now forfeit as well.
4418 No! Please... don't!
4419 Slaver
4420 Slaver
4421 This blade burns with a magical fire, and a charring blast is released whenever a hit is scored. "Meta Infernum" is etched on the hilt, though it appears somewhat faded and may not be original to the sword. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1 Damage: 1d8+1, +1 fire damage Damage type: Slashing Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Long Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 4
4422 Sword of Flame +1
4423 Eliya
4424 Welcome to this place. I've looked forward to seeing you. I am, as you know, Aran Linvail.
4425 My thanks, Aran. What would you have of me?
4427 Strangely, the magic rolls off of Jon... causing him some mild discomfort but no lasting effects.
4428 Right to the point, eh? That's fine with me. You are a very capable person, and I wish to propose a trade of services.
4429 I propose that you give me what I have coming already. I have paid.
4430 It sounds good, though I must see to Imoen. What do you propose as a deal?
4431 Dart +5
4432 This is your familiar, a dust mephit currently safe within your backpack. The dust mephit is not strong in combat, but it is slightly resistant to magical attack and has the ability to cast the spell Glass Dust twice per day to assist its master. STATISTICS: Hit Points: 24 Armor Class: 6 Magic Resistance: 10% Combat: 2 attacks per round at 13 THAC0 for 1d2 damage Special Abilities: – 100% resistance to fire – 50% resistance to slashing, piercing, and missile damage – Can cast Glitterdust once per day and Glass Dust twice per day (all enemies in a 30-ft. radius must save vs. Breath or have their AC penalized by 4 and their THAC0 by 2 for 30 seconds) – Regenerates 1 HP/round. – Immune to level drain, sleep, and petrification. Weight: 1
4433 This is your familiar, a fairy dragon, currently curled up and safe within your backpack. The mischievous fairy dragon is fairly resistant to magic... and has the ability to both protect and obscure itself with illusionary magic of its own. STATISTICS: Hit Points: 24 Armor Class: 4 Magic Resistance: 32% Combat: 2 attacks per round at 13 THAC0 for 1d2 damage Special Abilities: – Can cast Mirror Image and Invisibility, 10' Radius once per day – Immune to level drain, sleep, and petrification Weight: 1
4434 This is your familiar, a ferret, currently curled up and safe in your backpack. The ferret is an incredibly quick and agile animal, hard to hit and magically made resistant to both damage and spells. The ferret's uncanny ability to get into almost anything unseen makes it a handy pickpocket. STATISTICS: Hit Points: 24 Armor Class: 0 Magic Resistance: 50% Combat: 2 attacks per round at 13 THAC0 for 1d3 damage Special Abilities: – 75% Pick Pockets – 40% Hide in Shadows/Move Silently – 20% Detect Traps – Can cast Blur once per day – Immune to level drain, sleep, and petrification Weight: 1
4435 This is your familiar, an imp, currently grumpy yet safe within your backpack. The imp is an unusual creature that is fairly quick and quite resistant to magical spells... and has the ability to cast its own spells on behalf of its master. STATISTICS: Hit Points: 18 Armor Class: 2 Magic Resistance: 25% Combat: 1 attack per round at 15 THAC0 for 1d6 damage Special Abilities: – 100% resistance to fire, cold, and electricity – Can cast Polymorph Self once per day – Regenerates 1 HP/round Weight: 1
4436 This is your familiar, a quasit, currently grumpy yet safe within your backpack. The quasit is a small, infernal creature that is fairly quick and quite resistant to magical spells... and has the ability to cast its own spells on behalf of its master. STATISTICS: Hit Points: 24 Armor Class: 2 Magic Resistance: 25% Combat: 3 attacks per round at 13 THAC0 for 1d6 damage Special Abilities: – 100% resistance to fire, cold, and electricity – Can cast Horror and Blur once per day – Regenerates 1 HP/round Weight: 1
4437 This is your familiar, a pseudo-dragon, currently curled up and safe within your backpack. The lizard-like creature is quite intelligent and fairly well-armored and quick... It does not do much damage in combat, but its magical claws are able to render some enemies unconscious. It is also quite resistant to magical spells. STATISTICS: Hit Points: 24 Armor Class: -2 Magic Resistance: 50% Combat: 2 attacks per round at 13 THAC0 for 1d3 damage, save vs. Death or be rendered unconscious for 2 turns Special Abilities: – Can cast Blur once per day – Regenerates 1 HP/round – Immune to level drain, sleep, and petrification Weight: 1
4438 This is your familiar, a rabbit, currently curled up and safe within your backpack. The rabbit might not be one's first choice for a familiar, but this creature is incredibly quick and difficult to hit in combat. The rabbit also has a keen nose for sniffing out traps on behalf of its master. STATISTICS: Hit Points: 24 Armor Class: 1 Magic Resistance: 65% Combat: 2 attacks per round at 13 THAC0 for 1d2 damage Special Abilities: – 50% Detect Traps – 30% Hide in Shadows/Move Silently – 75% resistance to fire, cold, and electricity Weight: 1
4439 Run, child! Get out of here!
4440 Wait! There is something wrong. We are in an ambush. Prepare yourself!
4441 You must learn to be patient, child.
4442 Everything will be explained to you in time.
4443 *cough* *cough* I'm too old for this.
4444 We have very little time!
4445 Listen carefully! If we ever become separated, it is imperative that you make your way to the Friendly Arm Inn. There you will meet Khalid and Jaheira. They have long been my friends, and you can trust them.
4446 Let's hurry, child! The night can only get worse, so we must find shelter soon. Don't worry, I will explain everything as soon as there is time.
4447 You're a fool if you believe I would trust your benevolence. Step aside and you and your lackeys will be unhurt.
4448 Awake, my adopted child. Awake, and face the terrible tests ahead of thee.
4449 I am Death come for thee. Surrender, and thy passage shall be... quicker.
4450 So be it then. Another day you'll die!
4451 Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Nimbul's gonna show you the big... black... bird.
4452 Taking reward for this easy a kill is almost a crime. Hee hee.
4453 Why Nimbul has been hired to deal with the likes of you, I'll never know.
4454 Struggle if you must, dead one. I do not mind working for my money.
4455 What?! How'd you get in here?
4456 I yield, I yield to thee!
4457 Fools, you would turn your back on a servant of Cyric?
4458 You'll not have me! You'll not, you'll not!
4459 Help, my minions, help!
4460 Shhh, I must talk to you in private. These are troubled times.
4461 Stupid cretins.
4462 Loyalty to one's lord is all that can be expected.
4463 In these times, only the strong survive.
4464 A secret is only a secret if kept to oneself.
4465 I have nothing else to say.
4466 Watch your words! I'm in a foul mood!
4467 The longer the fight, the sweeter your blood when I kill you!
4468 I will have your head!
4469 No begging's gonna help you now!
4470 Oh sure! Touch me like you know me! Now I kill you twice!
4471 Maybe you will stay quiet when you're dead!
4472 Do I LOOK like I enjoy being prodded by strangers? Stow the pointer, mouse-boy!
4473 So the stoic adventurers have found their way down to my lair.
4474 You meddling fools, your victory shall be short lived.
4475 Die, insolent whelps!
4476 Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
4477 Your efforts are futile!
4478 Tremble before the might of my sorcery!
4479 Your feeble skills are no match for my magic!
4480 You there! Identify yourselves!
4481 Come now, old chaps, can't we be friends?
4482 For Baldur's Gate!
4483 Learn some manners, brute.
4484 Nothing is more vulgar than bad manners.
4485 Learn to bathe, lout.
4486 Oh my goodness!
4487 Greetings, taxpayers. I am Duke Eltan, commander of the Flaming Fist.
4488 Insolent madmen. Guards! To arms!
4489 By all that's holy!
4490 Honorable men are hard to come by.
4491 The common folk are the true rulers of this land.
4492 I AM the law.
4493 Citizens, please step forward.
4494 If it's a fight you want, a fight I'll give you!
4495 I am a man of my word.
4496 Evil finds its worst enemy in truth and honor.
4497 Oh, my bum's itchy, but I can't scratch it 'cause my armor's too tight.
4498 The Flaming Fist aren't mercenaries. They're this city's police force!
4499 All I wish is to continue my journey! Friends await, while I must suffer this tiresome dance?! Does the mere mention of Drizzt attract your ilk?!
4500 'Tis your lives to waste!
4501 I am a gentle man at heart. At least, when I'm not slaughtering the stupid.
4502 I've sparred with demons from the Nine Hells themselves! I shall barely break a sweat here today!
4503 All this chatter is fine, but I've places I'd rather be.
4504 Don't poke Drizzt. 'Tis entirely unsociable.
4505 Ho there, wanderer. Stay thy course a moment to indulge an old man.
4506 Oh, it is most distressing that this is the course thou've chosen. I remove my support and will have no further dealings with thee.
4507 I can offer some guidance, but I will not interfere in your destiny.
4508 Thy mission is urgent! Must thou waste time poking the elderly?
4509 The years I have seen number hundreds, and yet I put up with thy prodding.
4510 Whoa, lord, it is hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way.
4511 Run as you will; you cannot hide forever!
4512 Your death is inevitable.
4513 Only the strongest shall prevail.
4514 The streets will run red with blood when my work is finished.
4515 I do not fear death... do you?
4516 Killing is our father's work; embrace it as I have.
4517 You're perceptive for an old man. You know why I'm here. Hand over your ward and no one will be hurt. If you resist, it shall be a waste of your life.
4518 I'm sorry that you feel that way, old man.
4519 Ah, yes, the, ah... a tab! Um... another ale, young miss. I'll be sure to have your funds ready.
4520 This is not my day at all!
4521 Perhaps some other time! I'm not in the mood for fighting today! Or any day!
4522 'Tis surprising what one can learn at a simple country fair.
4523 I've traveled the length and breadth of Faerûn, and there's always something new.
4524 Awfully familiar with that pointer, aren't you? And after only one drink, too.
4525 I've a story for every man, woman, and child in Faurûn. However, copyright laws forbid me the telling.
4526 Salutations. I am Cadderly, a visitor of Candlekeep, like yourselves.
4527 Violence is never the wisest course.
4528 Faith is all one needs to surpass life's obstacles.
4529 You are a special one in the eyes of the gods.
4530 Never let greed or malice guide your destiny.
4531 One is not forced to walk in the steps of their father.
4532 Look it, Krystin, honey. It's the heroes of the Sword Coast. They're the real deal.
4533 It looks like tough times for us, honey.
4534 Hey, fellas, guess what time it is? Yep, you got it: It's time to die.
4535 Krystin, love, keep your mind on your work. We're professionals over here.
4536 Krystin, honey, don't break down on me here. I still need your help!
4537 Shut up and bleed faster.
4538 I once met a man from Nantucket... Oh, wrong world.
4539 Ohhh! I'm so excited, Slythe. I've never heard real live heroes beg for their lives.
4540 I can't take this! I can't. I'm sorry, darling.
4541 You're all going to die. I'm going to slit your throats, open up your guts, and spoon out your brains.
4542 Blood makes me giddy. I love to see it in great big spurts.
4543 Oh, ohhh, you bastards, you hurt me. They hurt me, honey. DIIIEEE, die, die, AAARGGHH.
4544 Ninety nine buckets of blood on the wall, ninety nine buckets of blood.
4545 He he he he.
4546 None cross Greywolf and live!
4547 You've not heard the last of this, ye worthless priggers!
4548 Have at thee, ye thieving scoundrel!
4549 No one meddles with my business lest they become it!
4550 All o' you deserve the morning drop on the gallows.
4551 Stupid cullys.
4552 The back of my hand or the tip of my boot. Take your pick.
4553 Wait, me no want fight, me Korax, me friend!
4554 Me kill your enemies, yes me will!
4555 Korax hungry, mmmmmm, very hungry.
4556 Korax thinks you look very tasty today.
4557 Korax good dog, yes, good dog!
4558 Korax sorry, but he so very hungry. He must eat now! He must eat you!
4559 Greetingshh, fellow rogues. *hiccup*
4560 There are too many. Retreat!
4561 The Shadow Thieves send their regards.
4562 *hiccup* I's thinks I hads too much to drinks.
4564 You know, one day, I'lls have me mys revengsh. Ha ha ha ha ha! *hic* *burp*
4565 Lying, causing terror, and murder—those are my pastimes.
4566 As all of you know, this is a special occasion for the city of Baldur's Gate.
4567 The evidence we have about Entar's murder does resemble the work of the Shadow Thieves, but...
4568 If I MAY continue, the signature left behind was very blatant and could have put there to mislead all of us.
4569 Could we all have a round of applause for Silke Rosena? She is a performer who hails from Berdusk.
4570 The votes have been tallied from those submitted by the landowners. The result was nearly unanimous.
4571 All of your questions will be answered in due time; you need not worry.
4572 Perhaps I could interject something before this meeting degenerates into meaningless bickering.
4573 Wait one moment, that is not in your power to decide.
4574 What of Duke Eltan, has his condition improved at all? If he dies, who will replace him?
4575 What about the rumors of Amn mobilizing for war? Why aren't we preparing for war?
4576 With our iron shortage, how are we to defend ourselves, and who will give us the iron we need?
4577 Entar was killed by Shadow Thieves, agents of Amn; if it isn't obvious to the rest of you, it's obvious to me: Amn wants a war.
4578 I believe that Eltan was poisoned by members of the Shadow Thieves. They're obviously trying to kill our leaders.
4579 Resembles?! That's ridiculous. The signature left behind on the body WAS the mark of the Shadow Thieves. Are you blind *and* stupid, woman?!
4580 Who would want to mislead us?!
4581 What of the Zhentarim? I've heard that they may be somehow involved.
4582 Shut up, let Sarevok speak.
4583 Stop! You go nowhere! This our bridge. You pay to walk it!
4584 Me Gnarl... me hungry!
4585 Yeah, you pay... 20 gold for each head, or lose head!
4586 Mmmm... smell good.
4587 Hey dere, I'm Caldo, and dis is my brother Krumm.
4588 Me's gonna to be rich!
4589 Uhhhh... yeah.
4590 No more for you.
4591 Duhhhhhhh...
4592 Where's me ale, woman?
4593 Please, kind spirits, a wondrous ancient oak is in peril.
4594 My tree is in such pain!
4595 Ahh, beauteous creature! You are my masterpiece!
4596 Soon... my work will be done.
4597 Someone disturbs me?!
4598 My station is much greater than that of Tethtoril's. Hmmmph!
4599 Greetings, young one.
4600 I am very proud of you, as I am sure Gorion is.
4601 In the Year of the Turrets, a great host will come from the east like a plague of locusts. So sayeth the wise Alaundo.
4602 This magical dart was created using the Cloak of the Stars. The dart will only last for 24 hours. STATISTICS: THAC0: +5 Damage: 1d3+5 (missile) Speed Factor: 1 Proficiency Type: Dart Type: One-handed Weight: 0
4603 When shadows descend upon the lands, our divine lords will walk alongside us as equals. So sayeth the great Alaundo.
4604 Waitcha turn.
4605 The Wyrm shall wander the earth, and such a pestilence will follow in his wake that all that know of his passing shall be struck down by the plague. So sayeth the wise Alaundo.
4606 When conflict sweeps across the Dales, the great lizards of the north shall descend with fire and fury. So sayeth the great Alaundo.
4607 The Lord of Murder shall perish, but in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny. Chaos will be sewn from their passage. So sayeth the wise Alaundo.
4609 I do apologize, but I must assist thee some other time.
4610 Our library is a reservoir of human knowledge.
4611 Here ya go.
4612 Our rules are very strict!
4613 Outta my way, less ya want a rib-roastin'.
4614 Jabberin' cus! Shut up!
4615 H-hello, I don't want any trouble.
4616 What?! Oh, oh, sorry for yelling.
4617 I don't have time to associate with drivel.
4618 Your arrogance is most distasteful!
4619 The Iron Throne demands much, perhaps more than the Knights of the Shield can give.
4620 I could have you all killed with the lift of a finger.
4621 We are being spied upon!
4622 Ignorant barbarians.
4623 Hold, travelers! Before you will be allowed entrance, you must donate a tome of great value to our libraries.
4624 I'm not a doormat!
4625 Seems to me like dese men want a little trouble. I'll give 'em trouble.
4627 by name
4628 by date
4629 Mr. Ployer, We have prepared the necessary spells and await your order. Our normal efficiency has been forgone in favor of, as you said, "increased pain and suffering." Your payment was received, and though it should have been more, given your continued financial difficulty, it will suffice for now. We will strike when you have located her. Terrece
4630 Feed the blood of a vampire and the dog's meat of an avatar to reveal your path.
4631 Sleep of the Sahuagin
4632 Be there any who possess courage hereabouts? I have a job for you!
4634 Overgold Renwellyn
4635 Overgold Renwellyn
4636 <CHARNAME>'s Guildhall
4637 Troll Death
4638 The Hand of Dace
4639 Lium's Journal of Malevolent Magicks
4641 Minotaur Horn
4644 Spellbook
4652 Reflected Image
4653 Reveal Magic
4654 Protection Circle
4655 Bystander
4656 Bystander
4659 Free Haer'Dalis from imprisonment by Mekrath I have accepted a commission from Raelis Shai, the leader of a troupe of players who work in the playhouse underneath the Five Flagons. One of her actors, named Haer'Dalis, has been kidnapped by a wizard named Mekrath, whose laboratory is accessible through the sewers. I am to retrieve Haer'Dalis from the wizard, as well as locate a jewel that belongs to him.
4660 Retrieve Mekrath's stolen mirror from his imp The wizard, Mekrath, has given me a task to retrieve a mirror that was stolen by an imp... The imp has likely escaped into the sewers and may have summoned something with the device, although Mekrath gave no specifics on exactly what that might be.
4661 Free Haer'Dalis from imprisonment by Mekrath I freed Raelis's actor, Haer'Dalis, from his entrancement, and he has returned to the playhouse on his own. I must now find his gem and bring it to Raelis, and she will reward me for it.
4662 Free Haer'Dalis from imprisonment by Mekrath Raelis's actor, Haer'Dalis, has joined my group and bade me to find his gem within Mekrath's house. I must return it, and him, to the playhouse under the Five Flagons.
4663 Eliya
4664 Petrified Man
4665 Petrified Woman
4666 Attack
4667 Petrified Woman
4668 You turn the wheel with all your strength. From the west, you hear a loud creaking as if a door were being closed.
4669 Your foolish actions have caused the death of a valuable tool... Penance shall be paid with your spilt blood.
4670 Dead
4671 Goblin Commando
4672 Goblin Commando
4673 Dream Vision
4674 Dream Vision
4675 Elf Female
4676 Elf Female
4677 Elf Male
4678 Elf Male
4679 Retrieve Haer'Dalis's gem. I have freed a man named Haer'Dalis, who was bound magically as a slave to the wizard Mekrath. He bade me before he left to find a gem of his still in Mekrath's house. Once I have it, I am to bring it to one named Raelis at the playhouse beneath the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District for a reward.
4680 Retrieve Haer'Dalis's gem. I have freed a man named Haer'Dalis... an actor magically enslaved to the wizard Mekrath... who has joined my group and bade me to find a gem of his still in Mekrath's house. Once it is located, I should seek out Raelis Shai at his playhouse beneath the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District for a reward.
4681 Beeloo Jansen
4682 Beeloo Jansen
4683 Vaelag's Guard
4684 Vaelag's Guard
4685 Rescue Raelis and Haer'Dalis from the planar prison Now that Raelis Shai has used the gem I acquired for them to open up her planar portals to return to their extraplanar home, it appears that the past has caught up to the troupe. Haer'Dalis, Raelis, and the rest of the actors have been arrested by bounty hunters and brought through a portal... which remains open. They have ignored me for now, which only begs the question of whether or not I will follow.
4687 Orog Leader
4688 Cast Spell
4691 Orog Leader
4692 Strange things are afoot on the docks. Shipments are disappearing, as are my employees with them. We are significantly weakened by this.
4693 Officer Dirth
4694 Officer Dirth
4695 Tranzig's not afraid of rabble such as you!
4696 Greetings, mercenaries. I am Silke, thespian extraordinaire.
4697 I am a musician, not a chatterbox.
4698 I be Thalantyr, mighty mage of Beregost.
4699 Why do I live in such a pissant town?
4700 Kiss me blarmy! What ya wish done?
4701 I can make whatever you wish for a wee little bit more than me competition.
4702 My spiderssss! Kill them. Kill them all!
4703 I have no quarrel with those who respect my forest.
4704 Never underestimate the power of nature's wrath!
4705 What are intruders doing in my home?
4706 I hope nothing has happened to my sweet daughter, Skie.
4707 Could we have a moment of your time?
4708 Stupid saps. They'll never know what hit 'em.
4709 Excuse me, please let me speak before you attack.
4710 My life is in shambles.
4711 So these are the guests you have been talking about, Aldeth.
4712 I have no wish to speak with you, meat.
4713 Wait! I must speak with thee.
4714 My poor dear Namara. I hope she fares well.
4715 Come to torment me some more, you shapeshifting bastards?
4716 Damn, this will cost my business a pretty penny!
4717 It would seem that you travelers are in need; it is lucky that I found you.
4718 What I do is my own business.
4720 Ahhh, I know a discerning eye when I see one.
4721 Wonders I have seen, but I save the best for you.
4722 So ye want to take a look about me mine, do ye?
4723 I'll thank ye not to disturb my work!
4724 Ahh, intrepid adventurers at our door.
4725 Helm watch over thee upon thy quest.
4726 Greetings, playthings. Thou hast found me when I alone could not.
4727 You have returned, and so soon!
4731 Turn a page
4732 Improved Magic Missile
4733 Go at night, and you will find my present guard captain there already, a woman by the name of Mook. Take note of anything odd that happens and report to me.
4734 It is perfectly clear. I shall head down to the docks at night and find Mook.
4735 And what is the nature of the shipment?
4736 Improved Invisibility (Illusion/Phantasm) Level: 4 Range: Touch Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level Casting Time: 4 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None This spell is similar to Invisibility, but the recipient is able to attack by missile discharge, melee combat, or spellcasting while remaining unseen. However, telltale traces—a shimmering—allow an observant opponent to attack the invisible spell recipient. These traces are only noticeable when specifically looked for (after the invisible character has made <PRO_HISHER> presence known). Attacks against the invisible character suffer a -4 penalty to attack rolls, and the invisible character's Saving Throws are made with a +4 bonus. Note: After making an attack, the wizard is no longer completely invisible. Opponents can target the wizard.
4737 Vellin Dahn
4738 Vellin Dahn
4739 Travor
4740 Travor
4741 Good hunting. Report to me if anything happens. Oh, and the bonus we talked of... Take these items. You will find them useful, I am sure.
4742 Spell Ineffective
4743 Adalon
4744 Dealing with criminals jades a man so.
4745 You there! I would speak, and best you listen well.
4746 Adalon
4747 The sloppy thieves have returned. Why did you not follow my orders?
4748 What do you mean? I brought the rod for you.
4749 Taurgosz "Tenhammer" has no need of "people skills."
4750 The death was unavoidable. I couldn't risk capture by letting them live.
4751 Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer's curse After leaving the government building, I ran into a member of one of Baron Ployer's group of magicians, a man by the name of Terrece. It seems they have little love for him, as he offered me the opportunity to ensure that the magicians would not come to Ployer's aid the next time he called... an opportunity I took. Now all that remains is tracking down Ployer himself.
4752 Ahhh, a few more ham-fisted fools for the Talons.
4753 A curious human, be a dead human. Touch me not.
4754 Heh hurh heh! Oh, brother Thurm, why not grace our ears with a ripping tale of the old days? Always a delight!
4755 Nothing is more important than family!
4756 It's been dreadful slow business lately.
4757 My inn is open to all who behave themselves.
4758 You are welcome here in Garl Glittergold's sight.
4759 Glittergold guide your eye on your travels.
4760 Stop! You are trespassing on my land-home!
4761 Umberlee guides my way.
4762 Will no one take me offer? Bah! Ye're all nae men at all!
4763 Uh... The gout be in me left leg somethin' fierce, and... and I gotta pay off the innkeep lest he take me right!
4764 Well, if your trinket be what you say, why don't *you* go down?
4765 Ye're a fool, Galken.
4766 Damn it, Sonner, we can't go on like this forever!
4767 I just want to be done with all of this.
4768 Jeb's right! It's only a matter of time before we're... we're...
4769 WHAT?! Uhm... ahem... W-w-what do you want?
4770 Keep your heads about you, and we'll work it out! We just need a little help is all.
4771 Cool tempers will prevail.
4772 HELLO! SHHH! Shh... ah... um... I mean... hello. He he.
4773 All that glitters is not gold, but all that's gold most certainly glitters.
4774 Welcome, my little friends! Please relax, and keep your weapons at your sides.
4775 My apologies, but no time for idle chatter.
4776 'Ere, stop a moment. I've got a word or two ye need to hear.
4777 Ye spake at me?
4778 Apologies, but you must die!
4779 I listen not to you! Your death by my hand!
4780 Would that I had this luxury of time alone always.
4781 I know you not! Leave me to my solitude!
4782 And boredom stalked the halls.
4783 Only a fool would goad a daughter of Shandelar so!
4784 Try to be more amiable, Helshara.
4785 Be wary. Different we sisters are, but we share the same temper.
4786 If you will, the tab? Mr. Volo was here for some time.
4787 Of course, I'm actually a writer. I just wait tables to pay the bills.
4788 Now know thee well: I cannot let thee leave. We are meant to be together, whether ye know it or not.
4789 Love is blind, deaf, and ever, ever so dumb!
4790 Good eve and on you and yours, my friend. Might I have your ear a moment?
4791 My secrets are mine alone. You know enough of me already.
4792 Destiny or no, I am not long for this place.
4793 I must be free!
4794 Welcome, travelers, to the archival stores of Gond, Wonderbringer to the realms.
4795 'Tis a pleasure to serve Gond's tinkering majesty.
4796 Please follow, and I shall endeavor to introduce you to the majesty of Gond.
4797 Please don't touch the displays... or me.
4798 'Twill be the darkest day ye never seen before I don't have what ye need.
4799 Off wit ye now! I've got counting to do.
4802 Bother 'n bother! Never a calm spot, never a break.
4803 A well-ordered home is a happy home.
4804 So I's at daggers drawing with him, an' he drops the swag an' runs!
4805 Swiped the Duchess's knickers once, if ya know what I mean.
4806 I dare say, the guard is downright rude these days!
4807 I'll not taint the beauty of the night with superfluous chatter.
4808 Be ye friend or be ye dead?
4809 I'll speak when I wills it. Not 'cause ye're proddin'.
4810 ZZZ–*snork* I don't wanna go to school, Mommy. They call me Stinky.
4811 Welcome! The traveling adventurer is never turned away from a house of Lathander.
4812 Don't touch me, I'm super important.
4813 P-please, might I have your ear a moment?
4814 Please help. 'Tis a wasted life at stake.
4815 There is nothing I can do, but I must do something. 'Tis a risk, and risk is everything.
4816 You roll your dice, and you take your chances.
4817 *cough* Wha—?
4818 Chores? But I've been dead!
4819 Please... will no one help me? Anyone? I've nowhere else to be turnin'.
4820 'Twill be hard goin' without my son.
4821 Stop a second there, young 'un, 'cuz I heard what you gone and done for old Brun.
4822 'Tis so hard to find decent folk nowadays.
4823 Heee hee he ha! You no fight! You fight, you die!
4824 Clickety click, clickety click. No good you do! Hee hee!
4825 'Tis your choice which hits the ground first; your swords or your heads!
4826 Pester someone who might care.
4827 Drop ye weapons, and mayhaps ye outlive the day! I'll no be sayin' it twice!
4828 I be of the Black Talons! I'll not suffer your scrutiny!
4829 Please to help me, will you? I am alone on this desolate dry-land and who knows what lurks in these woods.
4830 I dream of wind-swept shores, even while there.
4831 What be this trouble, Shoal? Why you have not destroyed these small-pinks?
4832 You blither and blather like small yapping dog!
4833 Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer's curse After leaving the government building, I ran into a member of one of Baron Ployer's group of magicians, a man by the name of Terrece. It seems they have little love for him, as he offered me the opportunity to ensure that the next time Ployer called on the magicians' aid, they would eliminate him... an opportunity I took. Now all that remains is tracking down Ployer himself.
4834 Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer's curse After leaving the government building, I ran into a representative of the group of magicians who cast the curse on Jaheira... a man by the name of Terrece. He offered me the opportunity to bribe his group so that they would not come to Ployer's aid against me... Apparently, they have little love for the man. We could not come to a deal, however... and I am not even sure the man could be trusted anyway. It might simply have been one of Ployer's tricks. Aside from all of this, I still need to locate Ployer himself.
4835 Return whence you came. This is not your place!
4836 Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer's curse It seems that Jaheira's fellow Harper friend, the merchant Belgrade, was killed by the same kind of curse that has been applied to Jaheira. His body was found a couple of months previous in the east end of the slums... a better place than anywhere else to begin looking for Ployer.
4837 You have heard my wishes! Speak to me no more!
4838 Summoned to the Harper Hold Another Harper named Meronia appeared and bid Jaheira to follow her. I have misgivings of what may come of this, although Jaheira has assured me that she will not be gone long.
4839 Blast it thrice over! I am through with it, I am so! 'Tis no livin' left here, none!
4840 Summoned to the Harper Hold Jaheira has returned to the group, and has told me that she has been summoned to the Harper compound in Athkatla... and that I am to go there as well. I have agreed to do so, even though I am not told their reason, and Jaheira says we must go quickly. The compound is in the Docks District of the city.
4841 Summoned to the Harper Hold Jaheira has returned to the group, and has told me that she has been summoned to the Harper compound in Athkatla... and that I am to go there as well. I am not to be told why, apparently... and Jaheira refused to tell me. She left, in fact, to go there immediately and warned me that it would be best if I went to the compound as quickly as possible, where she would wait. The whole thing smacks of the usual Harper scheming.
4842 WHAT?! What and what now?!
4843 Well met, traveler. Gandolar Luckyfoot, at your disposal.
4844 Gullykin is our pride and joy. Treat her well.
4845 Eh? Who's this then? More intrepid fools on the road to a beating?
4846 If ye must adventure, take ye no stupid risks. I don't need the extra work.
4847 'Ere now, get out! I don't like your type in here!
4848 Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to ME?
4849 Heh, you tell 'em, Marl.
4851 Hey, don't click ME. I don't want any trouble.
4852 Release! Release! Return to body to finish life! Must revenge!
4853 Release the body! Live again I!
4854 So... these are the infamous murderers, finally brought to justice.
4855 Justice may be blind, but I'm not.
4856 Mother said not to talk with strangers.
4857 Save me, dear sir. Please, save me.
4858 You funny lookin'.
4859 Loser, loser, loser!
4860 You wanna fight me? Oh, come on, ya wanna fight?
4861 I lost my dolly.
4862 Waaaaaaaaaa!
4863 Ooh, you smell...
4864 I want my mommy.
4865 'Tis always good to give a little tip.
4866 Why, ye're all such BIG men.
4867 I hope our establishment's to yer likin'.
4868 Please, seat yerselves wherever you wish.
4869 Alms, alms for the poor?
4870 I have nothing of value... p-please, let me be.
4871 *cough* *cough* *retch* My lung! It's flopping all over the dirt! Damn.
4872 Eh, miserable ragamuffins.
4873 A man shouldn't speak to his better unless spoken to first.
4874 No time to chitchat.
4875 Away with you, beggar.
4876 Don't touch me! I might catch something.
4877 You need a new tailor; your clothes are absolutely dreadful!
4878 Do you mind? I'm off to go shopping.
4879 Hmph! Well, I never!
4880 Don't give me any lip, peasant. Do you know who I am?
4881 Welcome to my humble establishment.
4882 Eh, business has been poor, what with the iron shortage and all.
4883 The customers are always right.
4884 My prices are the best south of Waterdeep.
4885 Oh, I'm so tired.
4886 Leave us be... 'tis much work to be done.
4887 *cough* *cough*... *cough* I think I'm coughing up blood.
4888 SO dark down here.
4889 Help us... please.
4890 Save me, dear sir. Please, save me.
4891 Get me out of this hellhole.
4892 Praised be the blessed knowledge of Oghma.
4893 We should hurry. The Atlar's sermon is to start in a few minutes.
4894 Knowledge, used wisely, is the most powerful of tools.
4895 Excuse me, but I am late for my classes.
4896 'Ey! Get outta me way, ya crummy lager-head.
4897 For the glory of Amn!
4898 Ye're a long-tongued lout, ain't ya?
4899 I have things to do—one NOT being sittin' on me duffer talkin' to you.
4900 Wife's been gettin' prickly on me arse.
4901 Oh, ye're a handsome bunch, ain't ya?
4902 My hubby don't want me talkin' to no strangers.
4903 Me young 'uns are waitin'.
4904 You fool adventurers better be responsible out there!
4905 Stand away, citizen!
4906 Move along.
4907 Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me?!
4908 I've no time fer ta talk to ye now.
4909 Crops haven't done too well this season.
4910 Weather's been lousy lately.
4911 Sheep haven't been puttin' out lately.
4912 My muse shall not speak to such as thee.
4913 I'm always ready to entertain.
4914 Come see me swallow flaming knives.
4915 Watch as I make myself disappear.
4916 It would be good for you to watch your actions while in this wood.
4917 Don't mess with nature, or it'll mess with you.
4918 Bard Song
4919 Civilization seems far, city-dweller.
4920 Hey, sexy. Do you want to take a look at me diddeys?
4921 Well, if ya wants to go strappin' with this nab, you'll first have to give up the socket money.
4922 I'm a fine-lookin' strumpet, ain't I?
4923 Are ya interested in some thrills, darlin'?
4924 Nasty times are comin', I reckon.
4925 You're rather outlandish folk to be wanderin' 'round here.
4926 Queer things have been afoot lately.
4927 Find Traps / Detect Illusion
4928 I wish I had my old tobacco pipe.
4929 I am happy not. No, I'm not.
4930 Happy I am. Yes, I am!
4931 Who you are, know not I.
4932 Useful gadgets I have, yes, I do.
4933 Talk
4934 By Moradin's hammer!
4935 Quick Formation
4936 I need a swig o' some strong, dwarven ale.
4937 Quick Item
4938 Quick Spell
4939 Me temper's bad enough without ye botherin' me.
4940 Your chatterin's startin' to wear on me nerves.
4941 The fair folk rarely have time for small talk.
4942 Troubled times are upon us.
4943 Soon we shall all be together upon Evermeet.
4944 You want some whiskey?
4945 I got some cheap beer for ya.
4946 Urgh... I gotta stop dippin' into me own ale.
4947 I got me some nice lookin' waitresses, don't I? Eh he hehehe...
4948 My rooms are the best kept on the Sword Coast.
4949 Never had rats, no sirree.
4950 Quick Weapon
4951 My hotel's as clean as an elven arse.
4952 You're not mercenaries, are ye? I hate those moneygrubbin' scum.
4953 So I kicked 'em in the head till he was dead. Har har.
4954 Special Abilities
4955 I hate dem Flamin Fist pansies.
4956 Whoa, now that was a stinker, har har.
4957 Stop pickin' yer nose!
4958 Shape Change
4959 I've got the best prices this side o' Cormyr.
4960 All my stuff is authentic. Really, it is.
4961 Those damnable bandits have been really bad for business.
4962 I love money! Yes, I do.
4963 *yawn*
4964 I shoulda joined the army.
4965 Today, I saw a girl with the biggest pair of diddeys I've ever seen.
4966 I can take Drizzt with both my arms tied behind my back.
4967 Ha ha ha ha ha! Haa ha ha! *burp*, sorry—'scuse me!
4968 Stealth
4969 Blaaarrrghghgh... *cough* Corn? When did I eats corn...?
4970 W-whoa... Why're the streets so wobbly?
4971 Thieving
4972 I needs some ale. *burp* Eh...
4973 The Bitch Queen brooks no insolence.
4974 Turn Undead
4975 The storm shall take those who are unfaithful.
4976 Helm sees all. Know that and be judged!
4977 The Vigilant One knows of all your sins.
4978 Use Item
4979 Gond's greatest gift was the ability to invent.
4980 My friend Oppenheimer's got some cool invention cooked up.
4981 Wisdom is only possessed by the learned.
4982 These walls contain the world's knowledge.
4983 Our library is a man's harem of knowledge.
4984 Excuse me, but I am late for my classes.
4985 I serve the Flaming Fist!
4986 I AM the law!
4987 Every crime must be punished!
4988 You there! Give me fifty pushups!
4989 Take your chance with Lady Tymora!
4990 Come on, be a man! See if fortune smiles on ya!
4991 Come in poor, walk out rich!
4992 Oh ho, ye're a lucky fellow, aren't ya?
4993 Grrrr, yip yip yap! Yip yip *snarl*...
4994 Yap! Grrr grr... yip yip yip yap! Look, we don't speak Common, all right?! *snarl* Yip yip yap!
4995 *snarl* Yip yip yip yip! Yap!
4996 Grrrrrrrr... grrrr!
4997 Anomen returns home after his sister's death Anomen has just received word that his sister has been murdered... and I have agreed to return with him to his family's estate in the Government District in Athkatla. We must go quickly.
4998 Delsvirftanyon
5001 Find Familiar
5002 Humanoid scuz-suckers!
5003 Power Word, Sleep
5004 Die, snot heads!
5005 Ray of Enfeeblement
5006 Minor Spell Deflection
5007 Spell Thrust
5008 Detect Illusion
5009 Hold Undead
5010 Enchanted Weapon
5011 Secret Word
5012 What have you to report?
5013 Minor Sequencer
5014 A spectator and his chest are rarely parted The spectator beholder seems determined to guard his chest, though he would admit that he guards the chest itself and not what's inside. That's all I could get out of him. Perhaps someone wiser could convince him to help us out.
5015 Teleport Field
5016 Spider Spawn
5017 Finding Irenicus in Hell The demon I encountered has explained much. This plane was once the realm controlled by Bhaal, and my heritage means that I hold a certain amount of power over it. So does Irenicus, however, since he remains in possession of most of my soul. I don't quite understand, but the great doorway in this place "represents" the path to my own soul... the other piece that the mage holds. So long as Irenicus holds that piece, we are tethered... it is what drew me down here, and is the reason why neither of us is fully dead or alive. By finding the Tears of Bhaal, I will be able to open the doorway and face Irenicus. And then, I suppose, I must take all of my soul back. What will happen then, I can only wonder.
5018 Fireshield (Red)
5019 Spell Immunity
5020 Protection From Normal Weapons
5021 Breach
5022 Brave halfling lass! With the scurrying of little feet, you throw yourself into the fray. It is so cute to see the little ones fight. Like a fearless samurai you are, Mazzy.
5023 I cannot help it! You are like a miniature prophet of doom.
5024 I meant no offense, Mazzy. You should be flattered! I don't think you're ugly...
5025 Yes, mistress.
5026 Orc Leader
5027 Honestly, Yoshimo, I am sick and tired of humans and large folk calling me cute!
5028 Oh, shut up! I won't seem so cute if I break your legs.
5029 If you wish to end this conversation without bruises, you will silence yourself now!
5030 And don't call me mistress!
5031 Young lovely, you must be wary here... any traps we encounter, it is up to us to find and disarm them before they bring harm to the rest of the party.
5032 But I have seen many traps intricate enough to fool even the most able. I remember one I encountered long ago... it worked as a pressure plate via springs set into wood.
5033 I cannot bear to have you angry with me. I just do not want to see you hurt. A friend can do no less.
5034 You will not, Nalia... I have confidence in you!
5035 Skeleton Cleric
5036 I think that goes without saying.
5037 If I had wanted your tutelage, surely I would have asked for it!
5038 I know, Yoshimo. I'm not angry with you, really... I'm just nervous. I would feel very guilty if I set off a trap by accident.
5039 I will try not to disappoint.
5040 Tell me, how did you get into adventuring? It is a dangerous business, as you well know. Any one of us could die without even a moment's notice.
5041 I did not so much get into adventuring as it was forced upon me.
5042 This is not something that I wish to discuss.
5043 Forced upon you? What do you mean?
5044 My stepfather was killed by a man who was looking to kill me. I was alone with no place to call home when I started on this road.
5045 It's really none of your business.
5046 As you wish. I was merely curious.
5047 Tell me more about this man who killed your stepfather.
5048 Why do you want to know?
5049 This is not something that I wish to discuss with you.
5050 His name was Sarevok. He was obsessed with the power of our father and wished to kill me to prevent me from taking it.
5051 I always like to know about the people that I travel with.
5052 Very well. His name was Sarevok. He was obsessed with the power of our father and wished to kill me to prevent me from taking it.
5053 This is not something that I wish to discuss with you.
5054 There isn't much to say. I hunted him down and killed him. End of story.
5055 Who was your father?
5056 It's really none of your business.
5057 You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
5058 Bhaal.
5059 Getting inside the asylum The cook inside the guild house told me that Claire was within the dungeon, being punished by Lady Galvena even as we spoke.
5060 Is not the story a bit more involved than that?
5061 I don't see how the details pertain to you. Leave me be.
5063 Very well. His name was Sarevok. He was obsessed with the power of our father and wished to kill me to prevent me from taking it.
5064 That is all that is important to the tale.
5065 I have seen many strange things here in this land. I have very little incredulity left in my mind.
5066 As you wish. My father is the dead god Bhaal. He had premonitions of death before the Time of Troubles and arranged to have children. Sarevok and myself were the only two that I know of.
5067 I have no further details that I wish to depart.
5068 Bhaal? The god of murder?
5069 Yes.
5070 I tire of this conversation. Perhaps another time.
5071 I am interested to hear more.
5072 I have no further details that I wish to depart.
5073 As you wish. My father is the dead god Bhaal. He had premonitions of death before the Time of Troubles and arranged to have children. Sarevok and myself were the only two that I know of.
5074 But there could be others? Other children of Bhaal?
5075 Why the sudden interest in Bhaal?
5076 I tire of this conversation. Perhaps another time.
5077 Yes, there could be others. No one but Bhaal knows how many.
5078 It is an interesting story, and I wish to hear more.
5079 Well, you shall not. Leave me be.
5080 Then, in answer to your question, yes. There could be other children of Bhaal. I know of none, personally.
5081 This was very interesting. I shall have to think on it. Thank you.
5082 Tell me, where did you spend your childhood?
5083 The de'Arnise keep has been invaded Nalia tells me that the way into the dungeon of the keep is through a secret passage in her aunt's bedroom on the second floor.
5084 In Candlekeep, a citadel to the north of Amn.
5085 I don't feel like exchanging pleasantries today, Yoshimo.
5086 What was it like growing up there with your stepfather... Gorion, was it?
5087 Yes, Gorion. It was a pleasant existence. I garnered much knowledge from the monks and scholars of the vast library housed within the citadel. Gorion was a good man who took me in when I was orphaned.
5088 It is none of your affair.
5089 I am sorry if I have been too personal. I was only curious about you and your story.
5090 Gorion was a mage, was he not? A very powerful mage?
5091 Yes, he was. His magic kept Sarevok from killing me outside of Candlekeep. He sacrificed himself that I might live.
5092 What does it matter? He is dead now.
5093 It is none of your affair.
5094 That was very noble of him. Why was he your stepfather? What happened to your mother?
5095 I know not. She was slain or died when I was a wee child. I never knew her.
5096 I don't feel like exchanging childhood stories today, Yoshimo.
5097 I apologize for bringing up painful memories. It is unfortunate that this Sarevok found the need to kill you. I wonder why he feared you.
5098 He feared that I would try and take Bhaal's power for my own. He saw me as competition or at least a sacrifice to further his fiendish machinations.
5099 As do I, Yoshimo. The whole affair was a needless tragedy. Sarevok's evil intentions caused many to lose their lives.
5100 I tire of this conversation. Let us continue our travels, Yoshimo.
5101 I am very sorry to hear that. What was Gorion's relationship to your mother? Why did he take you in?
5102 I never had a real opportunity to ask him. He was murdered unexpectedly. I suppose they were friends.
5103 I tire of this conversation. Let us continue our travels, Yoshimo.
5104 Where are you going with these inquiries?
5105 Was he right to fear your competition?
5106 Yes, he was. If I could harness Bhaal's power, I would.
5107 No, he was not. I have no desire to become like a dead god of murder. I have my own life to live and my own path to choose. Those fell powers can die with Bhaal.
5108 Was Sarevok correct in assuming that you were competition for him?
5109 Yes, he was. If I could harness Bhaal's power, I would.
5110 No, he was not. I have no desire to become like a dead god of murder. I have my own life to live and my own path to choose. Those fell powers can die with Bhaal.
5111 As you wish, <CHARNAME>. Thank you for sharing your story with me.
5112 Why else would a powerful mage take on such a responsibility? Maybe he saw power within you. Power that he thought should be watched.
5113 I do have a unique heritage. However, Gorion was too good of a man to see me as some sort of experiment. Bhaal is dead, and it is unlikely that his power lives on in his children.
5114 I tire of this conversation. Let us continue our travels, Yoshimo.
5115 It merely seems odd that a powerful mage would take on such a responsibility. Maybe he saw power within you. Power that he thought should be watched.
5116 I do have a unique heritage. However, Gorion was too good of a man to see me as some sort of experiment. Bhaal is dead, and it is unlikely that his power lives on in his children.
5117 I tire of this conversation. Let us continue our travels, Yoshimo.
5118 Would you? Can you not harness the powers?
5119 Delthyr
5120 Not at present. It seems unlikely since Bhaal is dead and has no power.
5121 I tire of this conversation. Let us continue our travels, Yoshimo.
5122 That would be best. You are an honorable person, <CHARNAME>. Let us continue our travels.
5123 That is the general consensus amongst the clergy. Bhaal was once a powerful deity in Athkatla. Let us continue our travels.
5124 I have pondered what you have said about Bhaal. Could it not be that Bhaal intended to be reborn through his children?
5125 It is certainly something that I've thought about. It may be true.
5126 I think that to be impossible. He is dead.
5127 I don't want to talk about this, Yoshimo.
5128 Does this not worry you? Is it something that you would welcome?
5129 I have no desire to inherit the fell power of that evil being. I will choose my own path. A very different path than that of murder.
5130 I don't want to talk about this, Yoshimo.
5131 Perhaps his children retain a measure of his power. Do you?
5132 I have no desire to inherit the fell power of that evil being. I will choose my own path. A very different path than that of murder.
5133 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
5134 Attaaaaaaaack!
5135 You be quiet!
5136 Manure mouth.
5137 Forward march!
5138 Spare no one!
5139 Die, scum!
5140 Die...
5141 Hey, BooBoo. That's a nice pickinick basket.
5142 (Mmmmm, me like flesh, heh heh.)
5143 *burp*
5144 Must... revenge...
5145 I've... come... for... you...
5146 You... shall... pay!
5147 I will crush!
5148 Me will crush you, crush you to goo!
5149 Me will smash your face!
5150 Hoo hoo ha ha ha ha haa!
5151 You shall die for your impudence.
5152 Kiiiya!
5153 That is none of your business.
5154 Die, cattle!
5155 Me hungry.
5156 *buuuurp* Uha ha ha mm! Heh, fart...
5157 I don't want to talk about this, Yoshimo.
5158 Me mad!
5159 Me kill men what make me mad!
5160 In my profession, Bhaal was once the foremost power. I cannot help but be curious.
5161 You mess with me, you mess with you!
5162 All the guys pick on me... 'cause I'm only 6'8".
5163 Time for some carnage!
5164 Die, pipsqueaks!
5165 Die, meat!
5166 SSSSsssssss.
5167 Your time is done, primates.
5168 But you do have special powers that come from your heritage, do you not?
5169 It is useless to resist! Haaaaa—SSSS!
5170 Appearances can be deceiving, monkey!
5171 Minor powers only. Nothing even remotely godlike.
5172 Give yourself up. Your death will be less... painful.
5173 Time to fillet some MEAT!
5174 (How many sounds do you think we spiders can make?)
5175 I tire of this conversation. We have things to accomplish. Let us travel onwards.
5176 Fools to cross my path.
5177 I'll kill you slow for touching me like that.
5178 Think as you act, fool.
5179 I see. It is something of a curiosity to me. In my profession, Bhaal was once the foremost power. I cannot help but be curious.
5180 The trees speak of your presence.
5181 Nature knows much of you.
5182 The very trees cringe at the sight of thee.
5183 Statue
5184 Leave my wood!
5185 Statue
5186 Do as I bid!
5187 Protect me!
5188 Thy will is mine!
5189 True beauty lies only in nature.
5190 Help! I am beset by evil!
5191 The power core of the sphere roars to life, distorting space as it races through the planes. After a few minutes, the sphere lurches, the power fades, and the power core fizzles. The sphere has taken its last planar jaunt.
5192 Monsters! Attack me not!
5193 Ahhh... to be in the waters of home. Hmmm... mm.
5194 Leave me be, silly dirt-fish.
5195 You men cannot hurt me.
5196 I hope my master appreciates my effort.
5197 I'd rather be swimming.
5198 You've not the time for this!
5199 <DAMAGEE> was immune to my damage.
5200 Leave him... get the claw!
5201 'Tis the horn you seek! Claim what should be yours!
5202 It's of no concern who it's truly for—take what is meant for you!
5203 Forget the old man! His time is past! The wish should be yours!
5204 Use it yourself, and know the legacy of your true father!
5205 Seek the dagger next! It is nearby in the hands of a great evil ogre!
5206 Look at them! The knight is obviously the one to help!
5207 The beast is an ogre! They are evil; they cannot be otherwise!
5208 The potion you seek is here!
5209 Ignore him! Drink the potion yourself, and know the essence of your heritage!
5210 It is the last item you seek! Of course you're worthy of it!
5211 You know you are all that and more!
5212 You have done well by your heritage.
5213 You are most disappointing indeed.
5214 I am the essence of Bhaal within you.
5215 Fight, that the violent death of your mind shall pave the way!
5216 Weakling fool! You have spurned your father's gifts and your heritage. You can only pay with your blood!
5217 You will not prevail! The strength that was given returns to the source! I am the stronger!
5218 You have balanced the scales with your actions, but the Return cannot be stopped!
5219 The Return will not be stopped. The Return will not be stopped! The Return will not... be... stopped...
5220 Help! I need your aid! There are too many!
5221 I am so cold... I... am dying... Please... stay with me awhile...
5222 I don't want to die alone...
5223 Thank you...
5224 Salutations! I have come looking for someone, to deliver a gift. A horn, actually.
5225 I seek the First Reader of this great library. Perhaps you have seen him?
5226 Then I bear a message for you as well.
5227 Young one! Please stop awhile. I need your help.
5228 This candle is my last chance, child. Please... bring it to me.
5229 Thank you. I am renewed.
5230 Me no beast! Me don't want fight! Go 'way!
5231 Shiny man attack ME! I be good, but he make fight!
5232 You no hurt me, me no hurt you! Me don't care if me born bad!
5233 You there! Help me dispose of this beast!
5234 Don't believe a word it says! Born evil they are! Everyone knows that!
5235 You chose right! Beings of flesh are what they are. There is no escaping your destiny!
5236 Please... that pack of gnolls... they poisoned me.
5237 Please... show some charity... I'll die without it.
5238 Thank you...
5239 Greetings, fellow traveler. I have been entrusted to give this skull to they who are most worthy.
5240 The recipient must be more heroic, charitable, courageous, and HUMBLE than anyone else living or dead. Are you... such a person?
5241 Truly, ye deserve this and whatever else it brings.
5242 The Godhead is rejected!
5251 Oops!
5254 The Exile returns.
5257 Run, he comes this way!
5259 Level-up results
5261 Regained abilities from inactive class
5271 Additional weapon proficiencies
5277 Death Saving Throw Reduced by
5278 Wand Saving Throw Reduced by
5279 Polymorph Saving Throw Reduced by
5281 The stink of the collected rivvin... how I despise them all.
5282 Breath Weapon Saving Throw Reduced by
5283 I swim in memories in such a place as this... most unpleasant memories.
5292 Spells Saving Throw Reduced by
5293 Additional Hit Points Gained
5305 THAC0 Reduced by
5345 I find the "great outdoors" chaotic and dirty. It needs a shaping will to slap the beasts into proper order.
5346 The city changes, but the fools within are always the same.
5347 Could we not have hired some poor fools to do this for us? This is no place for a man of my stature.
5348 Another day and more aimless stumbling about.
5349 Intelligent peoples do not wander around looking for trouble in the evening hours.
5352 I welcome each day we see. Some are not so lucky.
5357 Cities always teem with evil and decay. Let's give it a good shake and see what falls out!
5358 Ahh, I prefer the bright of day. Evil must be able to see the justice I dispense!
5369 OH DEAR!
5373 Additional Priest Spells
5374 Additional Mage Spells
5375 Backstab Multiplier Increased by
5376 Lay On Hands Increased by
5377 Lore Increased by
5378 Additional Skill Points
5379 You can't use this ability until you have recovered from being the Slayer.
5380 No! The troupe... my friends! NO!
5381 You feel your control slipping...
5382 End Slayer Change
5383 Hahahahahaha!!
5384 It's hopeless.
5385 ...oops...
5386 Derelict House
5388 Ahhh, the child of Bhaal has awoken.
5394 Shadow Dragon Scales
5397 Shadow Dragon Scales
5416 It is time for more experiments.
5496 Noo!
5497 Rrr!
5513 Die, scum!
5519 Ruff
5520 Ruff
5521 Ruff
5522 Ruff
5523 Ruff
5524 Ruff
5526 Ruff
5527 Ruff
5528 Ruff
5529 Growl
5530 Ruff, Ruff
5531 Ruff Ruff
5532 Ruff
5533 Ruff Ruff
5535 Ruff
5660 Red Dragon Scales
5661 Red Dragon Scales
5662 Silver Blade
5663 Silver Blade
5664 Silver Hilt
5665 Silver Hilt
5667 Shortbow of Gesen
5668 Jansen Techno-Gloves
5669 Long Sword Hilt
5670 Hilt of the Equalizer
5671 Long Sword Blade
5672 Blade of the Equalizer
5673 Pommel Jewel
5674 Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer
5675 Halberd Shaft
5676 Wave Shaft
5677 Halberd Blade
5678 Wave Blade
5679 Shortbow Shaft
5680 Gesen Bow Shaft
5681 Shortbow String
5682 Gesen Bowstring
5683 The Equalizer
5684 Destination Unreachable
5685 Wave +4
5686 Rabbit Ring
5687 Disliked
5689 converse
5691 The stone face does not respond, but within your head, a voice whispers: "In mortal form you cannot speak. Reveal the god, the death and hate within you. So shall the test begin..."
5692 Sword Dance
5693 Sir Sarles
5695 This ring is relatively unadorned, but the vile magic within radiates intense evil. Indeed, its creator, Kangaxx, was no less evil himself, even before millennia of undeath honed his power. It is said that a cadre of Netherese mages fought and imprisoned the demilich once, but being unable to truly destroy him, they became liches themselves to stand guard over his remains. The construction of the ring may have led to their enmity, as each of the gem's nine facets was supposedly empowered by sacrifice and death. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Armor Class: +2 – Saving Throws: +2 – Magic Resistance: +10% – Regenerate 1 Hit Point every 3 seconds – Immunity to disease and poison Charge abilities: – Invisibility once per day Duration: 12 hours Area of Effect: The wearer – Improved Haste three times per day Duration: 10 seconds Area of Effect: The wearer Weight: 0
5696 Heeding the spirit of the grove I have decided that the leadership of the grove is not my place, despite what the spirit of the grove describes as my "destiny." I will seek my balance elsewhere, and the spirit does not oppose my decision.
5697 Heeding the spirit of the grove There is a troll mound within the boundaries of the grove, and the spirit informs me that a shamaness amongst them, Nilthiri, has begun to call great numbers of the creatures to the mound and threatens to disrupt the balance of nature. I am to go to the mound nearby and end the shamaness's life before too much damage is done.
5698 Heeding the spirit of the grove Nilthiri is dead, and the spirit of the grove has commended me. I am free to go my own way for a while, although the spirit bade me to return before long, perhaps no more than a couple of weeks, lest I am needed again. When I do return, I should rest within the grove and the spirit will approach me.
5699 Heeding the spirit of the grove The spirit has asked me to perform another service for the good of the grove... I am to find the descendant of Marek, a boy named Loren, and protect him from Marek's old enemies which threaten his life. Loren can be found in Trademeet, perhaps somewhere outside of the city's walls amongst the many tents.
5700 Heeding the spirit of the grove Loren, the descendant of Marek and future leader of the grove once I have moved on, has been saved and the creature that possessed him destroyed. Loren has been brought to the grove for his training, and the spirit informs me that I will not be called on again... at least, not until I am ready to challenge for leadership of the grove as Archdruid.
5701 Item Drained
5702 Galvena's Medallion
5703 'Tis a grand eve to be sittin' on the docks, rank with the smell of fish guts. You must be <CHARNAME>, the one that Aran was gonna send.
5704 That I am. You must be Mook.
5705 I have no wish to speak with you. Leave me be.
5706 I am. Bloody fine to have some backup. I've heard a bit about you. Been makin' a name for yourself as an adventurer.
5707 Enough socializing. Let us get down to business. What is the situation?
5708 Thanks. I do my best.
5709 Watch your mouth around a lady. You must not be the people Aran sent. He doesn't suffer the rude ones t' live.
5710 The situation is that I've seen the same man pass by four times. He looked a bit different each time, but I knew it was the man.
5711 How did you know?
5712 Did you notice anything else odd about him? He could live here.
5713 It's nothing to worry about. I'll tell you if I see something important.
5714 Aren't you a bit too heroic to be guarding shipments for Aran?
5715 Enough socializing. Let us get down to business. What is the situation?
5716 'Tis merely a path on the road to another heroic feat.
5717 I'm trained to know, <GABBER>. I've been watching him from the shadows here all day.
5718 Did you notice anything else odd about him? He may live here.
5719 It's nothing to worry about. I'll tell you if I see something important.
5720 He was casing the area and studying me. Now that you're here to stay with the product, I should be able to learn something from him next time he passes.
5721 It doesn't sound very suspicious.
5722 That sounds like an excellent plan.
5723 If you say so. I suppose we should wait for those people to return.
5724 I'm glad I could play a part in your little drama.
5725 Could you tell me what the situation is?
5726 If this is the man we want, it shouldn't be too long until he shows up again.
5727 We've got our answer. Here he comes again. He looks different at night. Kind of creepy. Wait here. I'll find out what's going on.
5729 Hail, friend! 'Tis a fine evening for a stroll, no?
5730 Who is it that speaks to me like an old acquaintance?
5731 Have you? What might your purpose be?
5732 You're welcome to your opinion. Perhaps I choose to stay right where I am.
5733 To me, <CHARNAME>! Treachery is afoot!
5734 Mook... I've been looking for you.
5735 It is fitting, Mook, for I have been watching you.
5737 Truly, my beauty, it is time for you to leave this life. Guarding the spoils of another man's crime is no way for a woman to live.
5738 Choose not the difficult path, weak one. You will come with me regardless. Expect no help from these dregs. Their death as written in the stars shall be fulfilled tonight.
5739 Psionic Blast
5740 Air elemental whirlwind
5741 It went as you expected, though I regret to report that Mook was murdered.
5742 Finding Irenicus in Hell I have encountered my "half-brother" Sarevok, or at least his spirit, here in Hell. He offered to show me how to use my wrath to become the Slayer at will, the avatar form of Bhaal, but I don't know what the consequences of such a decision would be. I am not about to trust Sarevok, whether it was I who summoned him here or not. I refused, and he flew at me in a rage. I will not give in to whatever darkness my blood threatens to plunge me into, I won't!
5743 Chapter 7: Part 2 Irenicus had attempted to walk amongst the gods, taking the power of the elven Tree of Life for himself. I stopped him... and while he was still weakened from Queen Ellesime's severing of his connection to the Tree, I managed to kill him. But it isn't over. He still has my soul, and perhaps that was reason enough for me to be dragged into Hell after him. Perhaps it was the power of the Tree, or something else; I don't know. But I am in Hell now, with one last chance to track down Irenicus and take my soul back. Here it will have to end. One way or another.
5744 They attacked, and it was much more dangerous than you said! Mook is dead!
5745 That is... unfortunate. She was a friend. I had hoped your support would prevent any deaths. Too many of my people have been killed or gone missing recently.
5746 They seemed to know her, though she did not know them.
5747 What do I care? She was your problem, not mine.
5748 Yet here you stand, still alive. The rewards will outweigh the risks. At least, I hope so. Mook and her memory will serve as a reminder of the danger.
5749 Then let us get on with whatever else you need.
5750 Fishwife
5751 These events prove what I feared: This rival guild knows our actions well, likely due to the traitors that joined them. We must stop any more from leaving us.
5752 Fishwife
5753 Wizard Slayer
5754 You may not care about my people, <CHARNAME>, but I do. They deserve protection, and in fact, if they do not get it, you will not see your Imoen.
5755 Yes, I will hear you. What must happen next?
5756 Wizard Slayer
5757 Annalynn
5758 You were not the only ones who were busy last night. The leader of this rival guild, Bodhi by name, made a daring attack upon us.
5759 Be on your guard. This Bodhi is the most intelligent and brutal foe I have ever had. If we are lax in our vigilance, we will be at the disadvantage.
5760 Go to the Graveyard District and find their hideout. There is a network of tombs beneath the graves where another spy tracked one of Bodhi's servants.
5761 When you have destroyed their evil, return to me and I will fulfill our bargain. Do this job well, and you may see Imoen by the morning. What say you?
5762 I'll go to the Graveyard District at once. These vile creatures will not escape.
5763 This is too dangerous. There could be any number of vampires there!
5764 I say that you are stalling. You ask more and more but deliver very little.
5765 You have my best wishes, <CHARNAME>. I wish you well.
5766 Annalynn
5767 As you look through the door, you see that the interior of this building has fallen into disrepair. It would be foolish to enter.
5768 Behind the door is a gloom-filled, musty closet with nothing of interest.
5769 It is in your best interest not to waste time. Go to the Graveyard District and destroy the evil within. Then we will literally have clear sailing.
5770 This is a small stone that floats in an orbit around the owner's head. Simply equip the stone to set it in its orbit. These obviously magical stones have different properties depending on their color. STATISTICS: Weight: 0
5771 Come, my pretty children! Hee hee!
5772 Hee hee!
5773 Thank you! I am released!
5774 These massive gears serve no discernible purpose.
5775 Running the Five Flagons playhouse Well, of *course* there would be an emergency on opening night. Meck said I should come as soon as possible, although I doubt Higgold would go ahead and hold the play without me. I suppose I should go as quickly as I can, though.
5776 Running the Five Flagons playhouse Well, the dress rehearsal is done. Higgold tells me that the opening night's performance will be within a week... perhaps a bit more. Either way, Meck will be sent to tell me when it will be exactly, in case I want to attend. All the information has gone out about Athkatla, and Higgold expects this to be a big event. Hopefully, there aren't any *more* problems...
5777 Child Spirit
5778 Child Spirit
5779 Borinall's House
5780 Summon Fungus
5781 Star Medallion
5782 Neb's Nasty Cutter +2
5783 This corridor ends in a blank wall with a defaced picture of an eye on it. For the time being, there is no way to pass.
5787 Arkanis Gath
5789 Death Ward
5790 Death Ward (Necromancy) Level: 4 Range: Visual range of the caster Duration: 1 turn/level Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None This spell protects the target from all forms of death magic for the duration of the spell. This includes, but is not limited to, Disintegrate; Power Word, Kill; Death Spell; and Finger of Death.
5791 Ahhh, there's nothing like battle to make your blood run hot! War be my salvation and the measure of this man and all men, verily.
5792 My name's Dunkin, and I like to drink and stuff.
5793 Would you not agree that there are other things that also comprise a whole man—compassion, honesty, character?
5794 Agreed! The sword makes the man and is the only true measure of his worth and mettle.
5795 And how would you know, dwarf? There's nothing special about your skills. I've seen better.
5797 Fighting is necessary, but only to protect the innocent and defend the weak.
5798 Balderdash! Ye know less than nothing, and proudly exclaim so! Virtue? Ye go back to dreading one day at a time, and I'll live on fire! Fool!
5799 Perhaps yer head t'ain't empty, but mostly hollow with some good sense vapors foggin' yer goggles!
5800 Another slight from the likes of ye, cur, and ye'll not see the morrow.
5802 Escaping the asylum I have set the inmates free and goaded them into turning on Irenicus. They have gone downstairs en masse, and I will have to move quickly to catch up to them. Hopefully this will be enough to defeat the wizard... but I have the feeling this is far, far from over.
5803 Aye, there be a sliver of truth in yer musing, but nae more. War be a wild mistress; she is appeased with fallen foes and the guts of the craven and accursed.
5804 Sorry, Korgan. This time you're wrong, and you'll need to change your attitude if you wish to remain with the party.
5805 Poison
5806 Perhaps you're correct, Korgan. A warrior who balances fury with restraint can be made stronger for his compassion and honor.
5810 The drow summoning ritual Ardulace has been impressed by my betrayal of Phaere... enough so that she wishes me to be present at the ritual to prevent any further interruptions. I am to be collected by a guard shortly in order to be brought to the ritual, which is taking place soon.
5811 Nalia abducted by Isaea Roenall Isaea has returned and arrested Nalia through the abuse of his own power in the military. He claims that she is "under bad influences" and not acting according to her station. Nalia protested, but he is the only one who can be complained to, apparently, so there seems to be no recourse. I am not even sure where she is being held.
5812 Samia's plan foiled Samia, the relic hunter in Firkraag's dungeon, was not what she seemed. Her plan was to get a dupe to get the treasure within the tomb for her... and then kill whomever retrieved it with the help of her companions. Fortunately, she has paid for her arrogance.
5814 The final battle with Bodhi Bodhi appeared in an ambush shortly before I reached her haven, warning me that she was aware of my pursuit and stealing from me the one person that is dearest to my heart: Aerie. Before she vanished and unleashed more of her undead creations upon me, Bodhi warned me that if I continue, I will lose even more than I thought possible. I cannot give up on the Rhynn Lanthorn... but now the life and immortal soul of the one I love is at stake as well!
5819 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid Aran Linvail, the Shadowmaster of the Shadow Thieves in Athkatla, is dead. Now I must return to Bodhi and tell her that her grim task has been completed.
5822 Lavok is dead, the sphere returned Lavok has returned the sphere to our home plane and is now dead. Before he died, however, he granted the sphere to me... perhaps because I am a magic-user myself; I do not know. He asked me to use the construct wisely... more wisely than himself... and then died. What secrets lay in the place and how it even operates, I am not sure... but it is a grander base than any other wizard might have, that is certain.
5823 The prophecy of Sekolah The high priestess seemed to think that I was the one spoken of in her prophecy, and that I will save this sahuagin city. Another priestess disagreed, however, and the king decided that a trial by combat was needed to settle the issue. I refused to play their game and decided to fight my way through this place.
5824 Running the Five Flagons playhouse Even though I did my best in playing the lead role (at the last minute, I might add), the play overall was a flop. With Lord Tanislove disapproving, there's no way that the play can continue with any hope of success. Disappointed, most of the cast has signed on with other troupes that are leaving town. Higgold gave me some money from Samuel Thunderburp, who is turning the playhouse back into a cellar, and then he left as well. Ah well, it was worth a shot, I suppose.
5825 The de'Arnise keep has been invaded Daleson told me that there were about thirty trolls within the keep, and one very large one that seemed to be in charge. He also mentioned the yuan-ti that seem to be here as well, though he did not know their numbers.
5826 Rescue Garren's child from Firkraag I have freed Garren's child, who fled the dungeon quickly. Now, unless I choose to face Firkraag himself, I should return to Garren's cabin as well. My mission here, at least, has been completed.
5827 There's a WHAT in their chicken? I purchased a beljuril gem from a farmer in Imnesvale who had hidden it from thieves inside one of his chickens.
5828 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills After the disappearance of the two spirits, Amuana appeared and rewarded me with a wardstone that she claims will render whoever holds it and all with them invisible to the Shade Lord's guardian... which she says to be a shadow dragon. She warned me to be careful not to drop the stone or attack the dragon and I would be safe, then thanked me and disappeared.
5831 Nalia abducted by Isaea Roenall Barg was drunk and more than willing to talk, hinting at Isaea's involvement in piracy and slaving. He mentioned a slaver contact named Dirth, who can be found at the Sea's Bounty and may be able to provide more concrete information.
5832 Inside the drow city Phaere has given us another task from the matron mother: We are to go to the northwest end of the caverns near the svirfneblin village and slaughter a patrol of deep gnomes to instill more fear in their people. Solaufein seems unwilling, preferring that I complete this job, but Phaere was adamant. I am to meet Solaufein near the village within a few days at most.
5833 Journey to the Windspear Hills My current predicament seems to have been caused by Jierdan Firkraag, the very man who hired me to kill the ogres in the first place. He also engineered Garren's downfall. Why Firkraag would target me even Garren does not know, but Garren offered to go to Athkatla and tell the Order of the Radiant Heart of my innocence. We are to make his cabin our haven and home while he is gone.
5960 I am Brage. I would tell you much, but my mind is scattered. No thoughts stay still long enough for me to grasp them.
5962 [MUSTR08]
6065 Poison (Necromancy) Level: 4 Range: 15 ft. Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 4 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: Neg. Through this spell, the caster can poison victims who fail their Saving Throw vs. Poison. The damage inflicted depends on the level of the caster as detailed below: 7–9th level: 2d8 + 2/round 10–12th level: 3d8 + 3/round 13–14th level: 4d8 + 4/round 15–16th level: 6d8 + 5/round 17+ level: 8d8 + 6/round Those who make their Saving Throws are unaffected.
6066 Anytime, broadarse. Bring it on!
6067 You'd best back down, Korgan. Now!
6068 Relax, Korgan. This isn't worth it. There will be no winner here.
6069 I'm nae wrong. Not now or ever. Me favor won't be changin', and ye'd be well served to drop the matter, bowelhive, or ye'll eat through a reed.
6070 Korgan, it's best if you leave the party right now. Goodbye.
6071 Maybe it's best to drop the matter, Korgan.
6072 Ye'd best make peace with yer life, fool, cause she draws to a close.
6073 Discipliner
6074 Ye'd be best served wrappin' a tourniquet about yer hamhole, bladdergas, to stop the flow of idiocy from that hole in yer face.
6075 Ye're as gutless as ye look and dumber than's possible. Ye deserve only me pity, nae me axe.
6076 Yer dirtchute be overcrammed with all the sundry ye can stick there! I'd a stomachful of yer spineless ravings anyway. Good riddance!
6077 Perhaps ye're right. It's nae matter to draw steel over. But me axe be vigilant and me memory long.
6079 Pixie Prick +3
6082 A proud crew we were. We ne'er blinked when adventure called. Purses overflowed, bellies was full, but the wheels left the wagon, the house of cards collapsed.
6083 We were spelunking some old duergar shafts down south, a badly built construct of ill attention and nae craft, I may add, when we happened upon a hive of ooze.
6084 Dispatched with ease, but mild strife later, Stitch's armor began to dissolve. Smoked like a chimney, and he squealed like a yardpig! 'E wouldn't stop wailing.
6085 Boneblade +4
6086 Dragon's Bane +3
6087 Holy Power
6088 Holy Power (Evocation) Level: 4 Range: 0 Duration: 1 round/level Casting Time: 6 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None Through this spell, the caster imbues <PRO_HIMHER>self with the strength and skill of a Fighter of the same level. The priest's Strength score is set to 18/00—even if it is normally higher—<PRO_HISHER> THAC0 becomes that of a Fighter of the same level, and <PRO_HESHE> gains 1 temporary Hit Point per level. This will last for the duration of the spell or until dispelled.
6089 Dragon's Breath +4
6090 Blackmist +4
6091 See, the plague had weakened him severely, and he wasn't worth the trouble anymore.
6092 That's an outrage, Korgan! It's despicable that anyone would do such a thing to friend or foe!
6093 They had it coming, Korgan. It's a relief to see a man of action aware of that.
6094 It's nae a rally fer debate, bowelhive. The sad rabble dug their graves. I just made the bed fer their dirtnaps. Me conscience be clear.
6095 Leave, Korgan! You're a scourge and pestilence! There's no place for you here.
6096 You'd best change your ways, dwarf. We've no place in this party for madness such as that.
6097 You're a gutless coward preying upon the weak and injured, Korgan.
6098 I be glad to shake the dander of cowardice from me clothing. Perhaps a good wash'll remove the stains of grief from me garments. Good riddance!
6099 I've nae changed fer lost loves nor the enmity of gods, and I'll nae change fer ye. Best ye grow accustomed to me flavor; it'll nae change in yer lifetime.
6100 Strike that from the ledger, cretin, else I cease mollycoddlin' ye and remove me kidgloves!
6101 Did I stutter, dwarf? Coward! Coward! Cow-ard!
6102 Diviner
6103 I'm sorry, Korgan. It was a slip of the tongue.
6104 That tears it! Yer reckoning be at hand!
6105 Pathetic cur! Yer luck's plentiful that an umbrage like that shan't be repeated. Should a second episode transpire, fate will not be so kind.
6106 Was not unlike kindling cracklin', and he whined fer his legs all night... "Me legs are gone! Ah, me precious legs!" I chopped some peg-legs, but he'd not have it.
6107 Enough is enough, Korgan. We don't need such a graphic description of your sordid affairs.
6108 Please continue, Korgan. This is quite a tale.
6109 Shame ye've nae cast-iron gullet. A rousing tale it is and worthy of a listen.
6110 Strange thing, the whole time I swear his eyes followed me, though he was long dead by then. Hmph.
6111 Ye nae worry 'bout the same fate befalling ye. Belly up and I'll flail poetic fer ye.
6112 Strangers! Perhaps you have more courage than the worms that frequent this pit of corruption. I am Anomen, warrior priest of Helm. What is your name?
6113 I am <GABBER>. It is a pleasure to meet you.
6114 Where did you get the idiotic accent from? Reading too many romance novels?
6115 Gather your party before venturing forth.
6116 None of your business, Anomen. Get out of my way.
6117 Well met! Speak then! Is your heart filled with courage or be it steeped in cowardice?
6118 When there is cause for courage, I have it in abundance.
6119 Truly, sir, I am a coward through and through.
6120 You must excuse me, warrior. I haven't the time to speak with you.
6121 Watch your tongue, dog! Tell me true, be you a force for evil or good?
6122 I am a force.
6123 I am a force of righteousness.
6124 There is no true good or evil. The universe is a balance of all things.
6125 I am no weak-willed goody two-shoes. I take what I want, when I want!
6126 Fearful of your own shadow, eh, rogue? Come back when you have obtained a squire's measure of courage. I shall still be here, searching in vain for adventurers of merit.
6127 So be it! If you seek to right the wrongs of this blighted land, then I am the man you should to speak to. Methinks I shall still be here searching in vain for adventurers of merit.
6128 I trust that your accounting is true. Tell me then, <GABBER>, be you a force for evil or good?
6129 I am a force of righteousness.
6130 There is no true good or true evil. The universe is a balance of all things.
6131 Ajantis
6132 Viconia
6133 I am no weak-willed goody-two-shoes. I take what I want, when I want it!
6134 Delver's Plate +2
6135 Perchance I have found worthy companions. I seek to be knighted in the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart, and I must prove my worth first. Have you need of a strong warrior, my <PRO_LADYLORD>?
6136 Doomplate +3
6137 Gorgon Plate +4
6138 T'rachie's Plate +5
6139 Pride of the Legion +2
6140 Armor of the Hart +3
6141 Red Dragon Scale
6142 Bladesinger Chain +4
6143 Melodic Chain +3
6144 Sylvan Chain +2
6145 Elven Chain +1
6146 Elven Chain Mail
6147 I would be infinitely pleased to have you join me. Welcome!
6148 Regretfully, I must decline your offer.
6149 Bah! The excuse of the damned! Begone from my sight and enter not back into it until your heart be prepared to honor purity and the triumph of what is good.
6150 If this is so, then you are truly a fool to cross my path. Renounce your words and confess your sins! Mayhaps I will let you live.
6151 Your threats are empty! My weapons shall do my speaking from this point forward.
6152 I hereby renounce my path of evil and pledge to follow the path of righteousness for as long as I shall live.
6153 Servant of evil! Would that this were a place appropriate to send you to the Hell that most assuredly awaits you! Another time, fiend!
6154 If you truly wish to choose the righteous way, then you shall need a guide. Shall I join you on your journey to salvation?
6155 I would be pleased to have you join me.
6156 This is a road that I must walk alone. I must decline your offer.
6157 The adventurer returns. Have you chosen the path of righteousness?
6158 Indeed I have.
6159 The blathering about righteousness is the swan song of the weak. I will not listen to such idiocy.
6160 I am not prepared to accept that path.
6161 Fair lady, what brings you to this cesspool of corruption?
6162 That is none of your affair.
6163 I seek adventure and honor.
6164 I only wish to rest here awhile and partake of the pleasures within.
6165 In truth, it is. I am honor-bound to protect all persons from corruption and evil. This place contains both. Be you an adventurer who comes seeking others of like mind?
6166 Indeed, I am. And who might you be?
6167 As I said before, it is none of your affair.
6168 I only wish to rest here awhile and partake of the pleasures within.
6169 Chance smiles upon you, for I am an adventurer of some worth. I am Anomen, warrior-priest of Helm. What is your name?
6170 I am <GABBER>. It is a pleasure to meet you.
6171 Where did you get the idiotic accent from? Have you been reading too many romance novels?
6172 None of your business, Anomen. Get out of my way.
6173 I shall let that pass. Tell me true, be you a force for good or for evil?
6174 I am a force of righteousness.
6175 There is no true good or true evil. The universe is a balance of all things.
6176 I am no weak-willed goody-two-shoes. I take what I want, when I want it!
6177 I tell you truly, this place is not for you. 'Tis a foul place for a lady to be.
6178 You are not the one to decide where I should and should not be. Get out of my way.
6179 If that is so, then what are you doing here?
6180 Where should I be then?
6181 Perhaps your path links closely to my own. I seek to be knighted in the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart and must prove my worth first. Have you need of a strong mace?
6182 I would be infinitely pleased to have you join me. Welcome!
6183 Regretfully, I must decline your offer.
6184 One cannot seek to rid the earth of foul corruption by avoiding that same corruption.
6185 Actually, I was hired to win you back from the wizard by Raelis Shai.
6186 I've released you as a favor only, actor... I don't need my praises sung, I can assure you.
6187 Helm's beard! What have we done? A most foul ruse has been played upon this company! Innocents are slain; the lifeblood of the Order stains the ground at my feet! What have we done?
6188 Something is most assuredly wrong with this situation. What happened?
6189 Greywolf
6190 I'm just a simple woman. I don't think there is anything interesting I could tell you.
6191 Everything is so hopeless...
6192 I'm just an ignorant woman. I don't think anything I could tell you would be interesting in the least.
6193 I'm just a simple woman. I don't think there is anything interesting I could tell you.
6194 I'm just a simple woman. I don't think there is anything interesting I could tell you.
6195 I'm just a fisherman trying to do his job. All I can tell you, friend, is that a priestess of Umberlee has been killin' my friends. I guess we are kinda at fault though; we did kill her mother, but hey, she had it comin'.
6196 I'm just a fisherman trying to do his job. All I can tell you, friend, is that a priestess of Umberlee has been killin' my friends. I guess we are kinda at fault though; we did kill her mother, but hey, she had it comin'.
6197 I'm just a fisherman trying to do his job. All I can tell you, friend, is that a priestess of Umberlee has been killin' my friends. I guess we are kinda at fault though; we did kill her mother, but hey, she had it comin'.
6198 I am a Waveservant of Umberlee. I was orphaned recently by a pack of greedy fishermen. My life is devoted to my goddess.
6199 We are to allow no entrance to the barracks, by order of Angelo Dosan, brevet-commander of the Flaming Fist.
6200 Though it is my duty to guard this entrance, since you are a friend, I guess I could let you through.
6201 It's you adventurers again! Well, if you want in, it'll be a copper piece a person.
6202 Sorry, we can't pay. We don't believe in buying things.
6203 Here's your gate tax!
6204 Talos curse thee for attacking us!
6205 Gee, ye're purty, kinda like the boys back at the barracks. Me an' you should git to know each other real well, heh heh.
6206 Gee, ye're purty, kinda like the boys back at the barracks. Me an' you should git to know each other real well, heh heh.
6207 We're just soldiers. Our duty is to our city and to our people. I doubt there is any knowledge we possess that you would find useful.
6208 A really... beat-up pair of... bracers. The ones I... the ones I had locked in... the safe?
6209 YES, that was it! I thought you wouldn't mind because you had mentioned getting rid of them. I figured they might not be worth it for you to keep them, but an inexper— Ahem, a young mage like myself could probably glean some use out of them.
6210 The bracers... Oh, you little fool. If you recall, I was not going to get rid of them. I was going to DISPOSE of them. There is a large difference, especially considering what they were.
6211 You put them on, didn't you? Of course you would; how could you know? Melicamp... Those were a vain little souvenir that I carried with me out of someplace far more evil and wretched that I hope you are never to see. 'Twas so long ago, and I don't know why I took them. They belonged to— Blast it, Melicamp, I don't know if I can change you back!
6212 But they were just rusty old bracers. I'm surprised you kept them as long as you did.
6213 We're just soldiers. Our duty is to our city and to our people. I doubt there is any knowledge we possess that you would find useful.
6216 You're the best customers I've had in a long time. I hope all of you come back often!
6217 What exactly ARE these things, and why are you so frightened?
6218 Sorry for interrupting, but would these bracer things be worth a lot? If we manage to change him back, of course. Just, ahem, curious.
6219 Emerson
6220 Why, yes, mercenary, they might be considered priceless to some. As priceless as any value you can place on suffering or pain. I may know a scholar or two that would give their mothers for them, but 'tis not enough. It could never be enough. It really doesn't matter at this point regardless, as the damage is done and they have most likely disappeared. They have teleported away in the past after use, and 'twas but sheer luck alone that returned them to me.
6221 They are a relic of my adventuring days, and a monument to the years I spent enslaved beneath... beneath where, I cannot say. 'Twas foolish to be anywhere near a Netherese ruin, but I was young and stupid once as well. I was entrapped. I will say no more about that. I escaped, and brought what I could. The bracers remain a mystery, and I have no idea their true function. In the past I have seen them wielded for horrific purpose, but any HUMAN that put them on was instantly killed as often as not. That Melicamp is alive is amazing. Beyond that minor triumph, the outlook is bleak.
6222 Then make me understand. What is so terrible about them?
6223 Nalin
6224 I don't need to understand. It's enough to know they are valuable. We will find a way to get them back.
6225 Brage
6226 They are no unit of currency! They are a plague to be avoided! You would do well to understand things before you blindly slap them on!
6227 Oublek
6228 As a good friend, how 'bout I play you some music?
6229 Since you're now my best friend, you can go anywhere you want! I don't care!
6230 I hope your stay here has been pleasant so far.
6231 Your champion lost. Now you must all die!
6232 You beat Ludrug! You may pass; you must be great warriors.
6233 Yes! I'll pay! Just leave me to go on my way!
6234 20 gold is a little steep, don't you think? I mean, do I look like I have that kind of coin in abundance?
6235 Okay, 10 gold is a little more reasonable. I'll pay you that and be on my way.
6236 Still too much, I think. I'd rather just take a long route around.
6237 I am a bounty hunter of great repute. Bounties have been good these past few weeks, what with all the bandits roaming about. All I can tell you is this: The bandits who have been moving about seem rather organized, as if they have a purpose. I'd take a gander that the purpose was to stop any iron from gettin' to Baldur's Gate.
6238 Okay, we'll come with you.
6239 You'll have to take us by force!
6240 Okay, okay, we'll come along peacefully.
6241 There's no way we're coming with you!
6242 I'm yer best friend now! But don't ya go and get into trouble, 'cause friend or no, I'd be forced to take ya in.
6243 What do you mean by bleak? There must be something that can be done for him.
6244 So these ancient bracers are enormously powerful with unknown enchantments, and this chicken is the result? Gee, let me think on that one. No, I think not.
6245 Now that you're my friends, I should tell you something: The gem I own is cursed. It'll do really bad things to ya.
6246 I'm just a happy-go-lucky halfling. I really don't know much!
6247 Bleak or not, we must find a way to transform him back.
6248 Caldo
6249 Quit your blubbering! We were attacked and had to defend ourselves.
6250 It was all an illusion! These are paladins and knights of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. I know this man, Ajantis. He was a noble man, but now is dead by our hand.
6251 As did I, Anomen.
6252 Yeslick
6253 Tiax
6254 Eldoth
6255 There is only one option open to us. We must track down the one who played this foul trick upon us and extract our stolen honor from his cursed hide.
6256 Faithless fool! You do not understand the import of this event. Innocents were slain by our hand, and we are now cursed as forever dishonorable.
6257 What do you mean by innocents? We slew ogres.
6258 You are wrong. I care not for the opinions of others. No one is permitted to judge me.
6259 Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron. You simians may refer to me merely as "sir" if you prefer a less... syllable-intensive workout.
6260 Edwin! Don't you recognize me? It's <CHARNAME>.
6261 A Thayvian Red Wizard? I'd rather work amongst filth and slop than the Red Scourge.
6262 Mae'Var told us that you would have need of our services to complete a mission on your behalf.
6263 The past hardly matters. The company you currently keep now limits your use. No matter, I shall make this transaction as quick and bloodless as possible.
6264 You've no choice in the matter. Mae'Var is my benefactor, I his trusted emissary. His left hand may never know what his right hand does, but I do, for I am it.
6265 Rayic Gethras is his name. His house is a gray three-story behind a fence along the westward wall of the Docks District. If he is home, his door will be open.
6266 If what you say is true, then we have done a terrible thing. Illusion or not, innocents have died and we are responsible. What do we do now?
6267 When you find Rayic Gethras, kill him. Question him beforehand if you like. Any insight into the Cowled Wizards is useful. A little torture would soften him.
6268 Murder? Torture? We have no desire to commit such acts.
6269 Consider it done.
6270 Odd. Given your lineage, I would have thought you capable of anything. (Damned, I wish they would just do as I say.)
6271 No matter. I still refuse.
6272 Lineage? What do you know of my heritage, Edwin? What are you privy to?
6273 Don't worry, I'll still do it. I just wanted to register my disapproval.
6274 A refusal may jeopardize your relationship with Mae'Var. Perhaps that is your intent? I begin to wonder if you are so dedicated to this place. (Yes, wonder.)
6275 Sorry, I still refuse.
6276 Fine then. I'll look into the job. Though I will perform no senseless murder.
6277 Hull's Long Sword
6278 (By the shabby look of <PRO_HIMHER>, it was a pairing of barnyard proportions.) I meant nothing, I assure you. I merely ask that you reconsider.
6279 Getting inside the palace in Suldanessellar Irenicus is apparently inside the palace and has sealed the gates with his magic. Queen Ellesime is also within, as is the Tree of Life... This must be Irenicus's true target.
6280 No dice. Not a chance.
6281 We've little else on the go, so yes, we will undertake your mission.
6284 Good. Don't linger about then, get going! (Ugh, motivating these sloths is like pulling teeth.)
6287 Now you are just being foolish. You will have even less value to the guild if you refuse this simple request. (Hmm, I pictured this with much more obedience.)
6288 Madulf and the village make an arrangement A peaceful arrangement has been set up between Madulf and his fellow deserters and the village of Imnesvale. The deserters will protect the village, and the village will allow them to live in peace and perhaps even trade with them once in a while. Overall, a satisfactory arrangement.
6289 We'll do it, but I will attempt a less horrific solution than your suggestion of torture.
6290 Get someone else to do your dirty work, coward.
6291 Two can keep a secret if one is dead! Prepare for the final judgment!
6292 (My lackeys return, and none too soon.) Has the Cowled fool been disposed of?
6293 Yes. He's pushing up daisies as we speak, Edwin.
6294 No, I haven't killed the damned wizard yet.
6295 I've changed my mind about killing Rayic Gethras.
6296 Crom Faeyr Scroll
6297 Crom Faeyr Scroll
6298 Mace of Disruption +2
6299 Awaken
6300 These are the prisoners from the disturbance at Waukeen's Promenade.
6301 I don't believe you.
6302 This task is the simple retrieval of some crucial documents, and you must be as discreet as possible. (As if these club-footed fools will manage.)
6303 What are these documents? Why so secretive?
6304 Certainly we'll get your documents. How tough could it be?
6305 No thanks. I don't like the sound of this.
6306 The contents of the document are not your concern. Ask no questions you do not need to know answers to.
6307 Not going to happen, Edwin. Find another stooge.
6308 Fair enough. I'll be on my way then.
6309 Kobold
6310 Your stubbornness is tiring. Know that to refuse is to show yourself as an outsider. You are being evaluated even as I speak.
6311 Krumm
6312 Whatever, Edwin. Forget it. Get another step-and-fetch-it.
6313 Ogre
6314 Gibberling
6315 Ghoul
6316 Son of Ray
6317 Ettercap
6318 Gerg
6319 Since you put it like that, I'm on my way. It's only a simple theft, after all.
6320 Don't throw your life away over minor political documents from the Night Knives. Mae'Var is entitled to them; the Knives are apparently his secretive allies.
6321 Get someone else to clean up your mess, Edwin. The answer is still no.
6322 Now my curiosity is piqued. I'm at your service. Show me the way.
6323 Bow
6324 You will find the documents on a merchant named Marcus. He may be found at the Sea's Bounty.
6325 Aye, I had heard Ajantis speak of you. You know what we must do then?
6326 Obviously, we must make amends. But how shall we do so?
6327 I do not believe that we have to do anything. We thought that they were ogres when we killed them.
6328 Arrow
6330 Finding Irenicus in Hell A demon gave me a sword, "Blackrazor," saying it is the only way to defeat a powerful creature who holds the Tear of Bhaal I seek.
6333 Though dishonor seems to fit you like a well-worn cloak, I do not have the luxury that your lack of morals allows you. We must track down the one who has enacted this ruse!
6334 Skin of the Ghoul +4
6335 Belt
6336 Belt
6337 Mace
6338 Mace
6339 Boots
6340 Do you have the documents I asked for? This matter is more important than your average simple correspondence.
6341 Bracers
6342 Stone
6343 Dagger
6344 Halberd
6345 War Hammer
6346 Helmet
6347 Shield
6348 Ring
6349 Robe
6350 Spear
6351 Quarterstaff
6352 Sword
6353 Crossbow
6357 Yes, the documents have been secured.
6358 No, I haven't left to retrieve them yet.
6359 What is the delay? This must be dealt with quickly! Go, and do not return without them.
6360 Marvelous work, marvelous work. You've obviously exceeded your lowborn heritage and surged to the vanguard of goonery!
6361 What goes on here? I've seen many a strange thing in my time, but the events of the past few moments tops them all. Who are you that can change shape so readily, and why have you slain these beasts that become men?
6362 My name is <CHARNAME>. What do you imply, friend? What did you see?
6363 The Night's Gift +5
6364 It appears that I have been tricked into killing these knights!
6365 Orc Leather +3
6366 Well, you have surpassed the exceedingly low expectations I had of you. You now have the trust of Mae'Var securely in hand and have proven your competence to me once more (though just barely).
6367 I know why you are here, mashing your lips on Mae'Var's boots, and it's nothing to do with stipends or wages or other guild business.
6368 Armor of Deep Night +4
6369 Armor of the Viper +5
6370 What? I have no idea what you're talking about, Edwin, and I don't care to.
6371 Shadow Dragon Scale
6372 I admit I have come to spy on Mae'Var. What exactly do you want of me?
6373 I wonder if I saw what I think I saw. You were all ogres fighting, yet deaths yielded human bodies. Now there are no monsters, only you and these slain knights.
6374 It appears that I have been tricked into killing these knights!
6375 You must excuse me if I do not accept your version of the events. Are you mad?
6376 That is the conclusion I've come to, though the priests of Helm will not believe what has happened. They will seek justice, and only your heads will suffice.
6377 That is dire news indeed. What do you suggest that we do?
6378 You are merely a nameless observer. I've no cause to believe you.
6379 <CHARNAME>, do not be rude to this man. He is the only witness that we have to show that we did not murder these knights in cold blood.
6380 You have a point, Anomen. I will hear this man out.
6381 Should I wish to hear your opinion, I will ask for it.
6382 Do not let your predilection for idiocy cloud your judgment this day. When the Order hears of this, we shall be hunted outlaws with no place to hide ourselves.
6383 Don't insult my intelligence! (As if they could comprehend it!) If you wish to maintain this lie, then I will be forced to confront Mae'Var with my suspicions.
6384 I know what I'm doing, Anomen. Quiet yourself.
6385 I will hear this man out.
6386 Yes, we've come to spy on Mae'Var. What do you want, Edwin?
6387 I'm taken aback by these crass insinuations. I'll not admit anything to the likes of you.
6388 Despite your manner, I have sympathy. You were tricked, and I doubt the priests of Helm will believe it. They will seek justice, and only your heads will suffice.
6389 That is dire news indeed. What do you suggest that we do?
6390 You are merely a nameless observer. I've no cause to believe you.
6391 You should listen to your friend. I suspect that I might be your only hope for getting out of this with your honor restored and your head on your shoulders.
6392 A pity. I have little choice but to present your head to Mae'Var in the hopes it will advance my own situation. Farewell, <CHARNAME>.
6393 As it happens, I know where we can find damning evidence of Mae'Var's betrayal of Renal Bloodscalp. That is your purpose here, isn't it? (Yes, I thought so.)
6394 Mae'Var is fully aware of the penalty if the Shadow Thieves learn of his plan. It would be disastrous, both for his ambitions and his continued breathing.
6395 You'll find the proof you require in Mae'Var's quarters. I conveniently have a key that opens his strongbox. I plan to be on the winning side in this affair.
6396 Darkmail +3
6397 Jester's Chain +4
6398 Very well. I shall hear what you have to say.
6399 I will not listen to either of you.
6400 Do as you wish, but understand, however, that the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart will alert authorities in the region and you will be arrested or killed.
6401 I am Garren Windspear, once lord of this land. I have dealt with the Radiant Heart over the years, and I can tell you that they will seek your arrest or death.
6402 Crimson Chain +5
6403 The drow summoning ritual I have given Phaere the real silver eggs... I had little choice... and she has gone on to the temple of Lolth and commanded me to follow.
6405 The drow summoning ritual An imp claiming to come from the silver dragon appeared, telling me that in order for me to be able to flee the city with the eggs, Matron Ardulace must first be killed. Doing so will only leave me minutes to get out of the city before my disguise is revealed by the angry Handmaidens of Lolth. No doubt my chance will come during the ritual... cutting it close, indeed.
6407 She will trouble you no more.
6408 Prism
6409 Brown Bear
6410 Giant Spider
6411 Cow
6412 This is dire news indeed. What do you suggest that I do?
6413 I do not believe you.
6414 I suggest that you take sanctuary with me until you can discover how this unfortunate event came to pass.
6415 I shall be honored to accept your hospitality.
6416 I do not need your charity.
6417 Would you require my peerless skill and finesse to break into Mae'Var's suite? As you know well, my magical skills are supreme.
6418 We aren't going to do it. Mae'Var is a likeable rogue who's never betrayed us.
6419 Ashen Scales +2
6420 I'll retrieve the documents, but I don't need you.
6421 Certainly. We could use your help gaining entrance to his room.
6422 Armor of Faith +3
6423 Don't be foolish. I have seen the maneuvering you have done. Mae'Var is out of favor. If you ally yourselves with his lost cause, you'll suffer the same fate!
6424 Oh well. Say what you will, but we remain loyal to Mae'Var.
6425 Fair enough. I'll go along with your plan. You stay here though.
6426 Finding Irenicus in Hell I have followed Irenicus unwillingly to the Hells, tethered to him by the soul that he holds. We are neither completely alive nor completely dead, but we both hold power over this place in which Bhaal once ruled. My own perceptions have conjured up tests of myself, tests which led me to know myself better and brought me closer to finding my soul. And I have; it rests in the body of Irenicus, who has been preparing for my arrival. We are on equal footing here. I only hope that I have the power to wrest my soul from his grasp once and for all. I feel that I must heed the warning that the demon gave me as well... the Tears of Bhaal also sting. With hope, they will sting Irenicus and not myself, for I must use every advantage that I can.
6427 Finding Irenicus in Hell I have made my way through the path I chose, and the Tear of Bhaal is mine. My companion, however, was destroyed agonizingly in the process. This seemed to have some meaning to the demon, although I know not what.
6428 I'll go along with your scheme, and I'd like you to join the group as well.
6429 I have heard the Shadow Thieves have a dastardly torture they use on traitors. They scoop the eye socket, making certain to do no damage to the nerves inside.
6430 Follow behind me. My cabin is but a short distance south of here. I will meet you there.
6431 A wise decision, lout. We should go to Mae'Var's room promptly. It's on the floor below this one. I have the key that will let us into his strongbox.
6432 This is not an offer to be ignored. We shall find no better sanctuary than that of this man, Garren. Let us base our investigation from his cabin.
6433 Wanna go kill that over there? C'mon, let's kill somethin'!
6434 Wow! Hot butta!
6435 You feel lucky, punk?
6436 Finding Irenicus in Hell I have made my way through the path I chose, and the Tear of Bhaal is mine. The innocent man, however, was destroyed agonizingly in the process. This seemed to have some meaning to the demon, although I know not what.
6437 Finding Irenicus in Hell I have made my way through the path I chose, and the Tear of Bhaal is mine. I have been harmed dearly by my choice, but my companion is largely unharmed, gladly. This seemed to hold some significance for the demon, although I know not what.
6438 Finding Irenicus in Hell I have made my way through the path I chose, and the Tear of Bhaal is mine. I have been harmed dearly by my choice, but the innocent man is largely unharmed, gladly. This seemed to hold some significance for the demon, although I know not what.
6441 Oooh, I'm shaking! Hahaha!
6442 Oooh, throw a coin in that fountain! Hahahahaha!
6443 Finding Irenicus in Hell I encountered a demon who encouraged me to use my prowess to enter a cavern and wrest the Tear of Bhaal from a terrible creature. I have no problem with that; if I am truly a master of this place, I shall defeat whatever stands in my way.
6445 Perhaps you are correct. We shall go with Garren.
6446 I'll take my chances.
6447 Cernd's child I refused to help Cernd fight Deril. It did not go well.
6448 Fortune smiles upon us. With this selfless act, we could restore some small part of our stolen honor. Helm has not forgotten us!
6449 The door is sealed, and nothing short of the power of a god can open it now. The temple of Rillifane may hold the key.
6450 Gee, it turns out it wasn't locked after all.
6452 Methinks it would be wise to rescue this child of Garren's. We must not let an opportunity to restore some measure of our honor pass.
6453 Bolt of Polymorphing
6454 Bolt +2
6455 I concur. We shall rescue Garren's child.
6456 You are a fool to attack me, and for that you shall die.
6457 The character is equipped with items in invalid Quick Slots. These items will be dropped.
6458 Is that the only reason that you wish to rescue Garren's child, Anomen? To restore your precious honor?
6459 Only <CHARNAME> may use the Tear of Bhaal.
6460 No, it is not. The child was kidnapped most evilly. We should begin our journey and find the heart of this evil and save the child.
6461 I am afraid any sort of appeal before the council is absolutely impossible at the moment. The council is not in session at this time of year.
6462 I will not be dragged into an affair that is not of my making.
6463 Excellent! We should begin our journey and find the heart of this evil.
6464 Girdle
6465 Girdle
6466 Girdles are generally similar to belts. Unlike belts, girdles are not used to hold up pants and dungarees, but to carry pouches, scabbards, and the like. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
6467 The prophecy of Sekolah Taken down into a city far below the ocean surface by the sahuagin, I was greeted by High Priestess Senityili of the shark god Sekolah and told that I was intended for some higher purpose that Sekolah had foretold in a prophecy. I do not know what is in store for me, but I am now being taken to the sahuagin king.
6470 You have been granted +2 to your Constitution.
6471 Protection From Cold
6472 But there is an affair that you must worry about. Your honor shall forever remain in question if you do not repair the damage done by the slaying of the innocent knights.
6473 You have become immune to +1 weapons and less.
6474 You have been granted +2 to your Armor Class.
6475 I concur. We shall rescue Garren's child.
6476 Should I desire to hear your opinion, I shall ask you for it. Quiet yourself, Anomen.
6477 You have been granted +10% Magic Resistance.
6478 You have been granted +15 to your Hit Points.
6479 The god-child has come.
6480 I must commend you on your good sense. You've made a significant move into the realm of good fortune.
6481 Aeger's Hide +3
6482 I find that I must protest your apparent lack of concern for our situation. The child of Garren Windspear languishes in the clutches of evil. We must save the child should we ever hope to restore our good name.
6483 The Burning Earth +1
6485 During the days of the avatars, the Lord of Murder will spawn a score of mortal progeny. These offspring will be aligned good and evil, but chaos will flow through them all. When the Beast's bastard children come of age, they will bring havoc to the lands of the Sword Coast. One of these children must rise above the rest and claim their father's legacy. This inheritor will shape the history of the Sword Coast for centuries to come...
6486 This curved scimitar is light and appears well-used. It shimmers slightly with a cool blue hue, and the sparse gems along its pommel sparkle with a pale light that makes it appear to be almost made of ice. A quality weapon. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d8 (slashing) Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjat� Type: One-handed Weight: 4
6487 Why does a chair have arms and legs like a man but cannot walk or hold things?
6494 These are the correct papers. Take them to Bloodscalp and his guardsman will start on Mae'Var's extremities within the hour.
6495 It is our Great Work, the Red Way. And that Way would serve this party in good stead.
6496 Getting inside the palace in Suldanessellar The priestess Reirra told me that the avatar of Rillifane must be summoned to defeat the monsters in the city, and also to remove the seal on the palace gates. There are three relics that have been stolen by monsters and scattered throughout the city, and they must be returned to the temple and placed on Rillifane's statue in order for the avatar to be summoned.
6497 That sounds great, Edwin, but we don't have a need for your services.
6498 Join us, Edwin, and let others fear our name.
6499 We shall save Garren's child at the first opportunity.
6500 I am well aware of your opinion on the matter. Be silent and I will get to it.
6501 Getting inside the palace in Suldanessellar The black dragon that Irenicus apparently rode to Suldanessellar on is outside of the city to the northwest.
6502 It would be well for the opportunity to present itself immediately.
6503 I cannot be silent if you choose not the righteous path. Do not lead us into evil, <CHARNAME>. We must rescue the child soon.
6504 I believe that it would be wise for us to travel to the cabin. This place is our only sanctuary against the tide that we shall surely face should we return to more civilized lands.
6505 The incriminating documents in Mae'Var's room are beckoning... perhaps it's time to heed their call (or find another group with more sense of time).
6506 How could Garren help us?
6509 The hunt for Valygar Corthala I attempted to misdirect Tolgerias in his search for Valygar, but the mage obviously detected my lie. He has stormed off, accusing me of betraying the wizards... something I shall no doubt feel repercussions for in the future.
6511 I do believe that you are correct. We should make our way there now. He said that it was just north of the battlefield, did he not?
6512 You've found the proper documents. Now you've only to gain a private discourse with Renal Bloodscalp! Yes, then the matter will be well in hand.
6513 No, these are not them! Continue your scouring. (I swear, I should have hired a team of monkeys for this.)
6514 The time to slay the betrayer is upon us! We must be swift, else the Shadow Thieves mark us for death in Mae'Var's stead. This would be bad, understand?
6515 I remember something of this place... There are soothsayers and conjurers that whisper in hushed tones about an artifact lost to antiquity... (but not so lost to a perceptive mage).
6516 We must return to our delving in the graveyard. The Nether Scroll... think of it! (Yes, just think of it.) The written word of the creator races... (It should be mine.)
6517 This is it. This must be it. This has to be it! The just and unjust alike will all fear the overwhelming power of Edwin Odesseiron and his Nether Scroll!
6518 (Yes... yes this will be a great help.) Of course, I shall put it to the best use of the group. Mark my words. (Yes, mark them well.) But you'll not see the scroll... it's mine!
6519 Touch the scroll, pull back a stump. (Head, limb, leg... your choice.) I will use this for the benefit of the group, I assure you. (Yes, I assure you of that.) But no one reads it but me.
6520 Will you be using that scroll to help us?
6521 Djinni
6522 Gaseous Form
6523 Hangard's Axe +2
6524 Rifthome Axe +3
6525 We all found it, we all own it. It's party treasure, Edwin.
6526 Flame Tongue +1: The Burning Earth There was a time before Neverwinter was warm and before the great Anauroch was dry... or so it is said. Few relics remain to prove such an age existed, and fewer still have an identifiable purpose. "The Burning Earth" seems straightforward enough—it burns a victim with magical fire, and a cryptic rune seems to suggest that the power comes from the ground itself—but whomever constructed it remains a mystery. It looks a perfectly serviceable weapon, but something in the balance or grip is... wrong. It strains the forearm a touch, and does not fit the hand just right. It doesn't seem to hurt a warrior's performance, aside from the nagging doubt that the blade was not made for <PRO_HIMHER>... or any other humanoid. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1, +2 vs. regenerating creatures, +3 vs. cold-using creatures, +4 vs. undead Damage: 1d8+1, +1 fire damage, +2 vs. regenerating creatures, +3 vs. cold-using creatures, +4 vs. undead Damage type: Slashing Speed Factor: 3 Proficiency Type: Long Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 4
6527 Air Elemental Statue
6528 Cromwell
6529 Cromwell
6530 Katana +2
6532 Scatter!
6533 Boomerang Dagger +2
6534 The hunt for Valygar Corthala A servant, Hervo, has given me leave to look around the home of his master, as he is quite worried about his disappearance.
6535 The drow summoning ritual I gave the real dragon eggs to Matron Ardulace, proof of Phaere's treachery, and she has called for Phaere to be brought before her.
6538 Nalia abducted by Isaea Roenall I encountered Dirth, who was obviously the slaver that Barg told me he was. The man started a fight foolishly, and I found on his body a transaction ledger that is quite incriminating. I am not sure that this alone will be enough to sink Isaea, however.
6542 The final battle with Bodhi While I had feared for some time that Bodhi's final revenge on me would be to take away Anomen forever, it seems that the information in the lorebook was right... Amaunator's idol has restored Anomen not only to life, but has removed the vampiric curse from him as well.
6545 The drow summoning ritual I attempted to offer the silver dragon eggs up to the demon myself in return for what would probably have been greater services than anything the dragon could have given me. Certain self-righteous members of my party, however, decided to interfere... and the demon grew impatient and left. That means I not only have to deal with my party, I also have only a couple of minutes to flee the city before my disguise is discovered.
6549 The de'Arnise keep has been invaded After telling Nalia I could not help her with her family's keep, she stormed off to deal with the problem on her own. I doubt that she'll be back anytime soon.
6550 The dueling families of Trademeet Lady Lilith Lurraxol was quite pleased with the killing of Lord Skarmaen and has rewarded me for the deed. Lord Logan Coprith, however, will likely not be so happy with my actions.
6554 Recover the silver dragon's eggs Adalon was furious at the destruction of her eggs, as I suspected she would be. She attacked me on sight.
6555 The final battle with Bodhi While I had feared for some time that Bodhi's final revenge on me would be to take away Aerie forever, it seems that the information in the lorebook was right... Amaunator's idol has restored Aerie not only to life, but has removed the vampiric curse from her as well.
6556 Lavok is dead, the sphere returned The planar sphere has returned to our home plane, and I have fulfilled my end of the bargain by bringing Lavok outside of the sphere to die under his home sky. He passed peacefully and with little comment other than to thank me.
6557 Inside the planar sphere I have encountered and defeated Lavok, only to discover that an evil force had inhabited his body. The dying Lavok is once again himself, openly regretful of his evil past. He wishes nothing more than to die under the skies of Faerûn. He said that when the sphere is entered, it automatically travels between the planes as a self-defense measure. To get back home, I have to go outside and find the heart of a demon, and then place it in the great golem that powers the sphere. While I hunt, Lavok will set the machine so that it will return to Faerûn. There is no other way home.
6558 Viconia rescued from the fanatics I saved Viconia from a group of fired-up fanatics who had apparently discovered her in the city and were about to burn her at the stake. She told me that I will be able to find her in the Graveyard District if I have need of her later.
6572 Riddle of the imps Apparently, I have solved the imps' riddle correctly and may now open the sixth chest while they protect me from... whatever is inside.
6576 The de'Arnise keep has been invaded Daleson mentioned that Lord de'Arnise may still be alive, possibly in a dungeon that the man had boarded up long ago. Apparently he was caught trying to collect the pieces to a flail, the heads of which he kept apart throughout the keep, although Daleson didn't know why.
6582 The drow summoning ritual Perhaps allowing the ritual to be completed was a mistake... not only has the demon detected our presence and lowered our disguises, but we now have a hostile drow city and demon to face before we can even think about escaping. And then there will be an angry silver dragon to deal with as well...
6583 Dealing with the Trademeet genies Guildmistress Busya said that the genies have taken over trade within Trademeet and will not leave until they find the rakshasa they are looking for. I have agreed to either find the rakshasa or kill the genies. Either way, Busya has promised to reward me.
6584 Dealing with the Trademeet genies I have spoken to the djinn, led by Khan Zahraa, and agreed to bring back the head of the rakshasa Ihtafeer. The djinn implied that the shapechanging rakshasa was unlikely to be in Trademeet itself, rather somewhere nearby, perhaps preying on the locals.
6585 Dealing with the Trademeet genies I have uncovered Ihtafeer the rakshasa posing as a potion-seller near the druid grove.
6587 The prophecy of Sekolah The talk with Prince Villynaty has ended in a fight. Once I defeat him, I suppose all that will remain will be to return to King Ixilthetocal with his heart.
6589 The final battle with Bodhi The elven sage has told me that he knows of no cure for vampirism... if I am to help my comrade be restored from Bodhi's curse, my only hope is to look amongst the amassed knowledge of the followers of Oghma. There is a temple in Athkatla that I might seek out.
6590 The drow summoning ritual I gave Phaere the eggs that Solaufein had given me... and it seems that she has been fooled into thinking they are the real ones. The real eggs are still in my possession... and both Phaere and Matron Ardulace think they have the real eggs for the upcoming ritual. Phaere has gone onwards to the temple of Lolth and has commanded me to follow right away.
6592 The dueling families of Trademeet I have agreed to enter a tomb here in Trademeet that apparently contains a gold circlet named the Mantle of Waukeen, which will prove Lady Lilith's claim of her family being the only true nobility in the town. She has given me a key to the tomb and warns me that it is haunted... I am to return with the circlet once I get it.
6594 Cernd's child Cernd spoke to Fennecia, but she is obviously angry with him, saying only that his former wife, Galia, was dead. She won't say anything more with Cernd in the room. Perhaps if I spoke to her alone?
6597 Garren's child dead Garren Windspear is inconsolable and furious. His child is dead, and the lord who tormented him is revealed to be an immensely powerful evil dragon. I can do nothing for him, despite all that he did for me after the death of the paladins.
6601 Return to Valen's mistress with 15,000 gp I encountered the mistress that Valen spoke of, but she refused to deal with me as I do not have 15,000 gp... her price for dealing with me. She left, telling me to return to the Graveyard District to meet with her when I have 15,000 gp.
6602 Bodhi's offer rejected Bodhi offered to let me join her guild, the one that has been warring with the Shadow Thieves. She told me that my current employers were the Shadow Thieves, and that they could not be trusted. She also offered to help me find Imoen, and at a significantly cheaper price than the Thieves. She hinted that my duties under her would be very bloody indeed. I didn't think I could trust her, and I didn't want to throw away what I have done so far. I turned her down, and now she is an enemy. She let me leave peacefully, accepting my decision, but stated quite matter-of-factly that we would meet again on less friendly terms.
6603 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid I have found the Shadow Thieves and the shipment they were guarding. All that remains is to kill them, take the crate, and return to Bodhi with it. A simple enough task.
6605 Meeting with Valen's mistress I have gone to the Graveyard District to meet the mistress of the woman who approached me earlier. The mistress introduced herself as Bodhi and stated that she talks with me here to avoid being overheard. I am to follow her closely... presumably to someplace more private.
6606 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid I have agreed to work for Bodhi. She is the head of the "rival guild" that is facing off against the Shadow Thieves. She required far less coin than my current employers did. I am also to perform several services in undermining the Shadow Thieves, and once these are done, I will have her full aid in finding Imoen. These services may be bloody and harsh. Doing this means that the Shadow Thieves are now my enemies, and according to Bodhi, they will already know that I have turned against them. Fair enough. My first mission is to go down to the docks in the Docks District and find a shipment that is being guarded by Shadow Thieves. Once I obtain the shipment, I am to return to the crypts below in the Graveyard District and give it to Bodhi. Bodhi also mentions that despite its grim appearance, the crypts are a safe place to rest if I need it.
6607 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills Madulf said that he remembers seeing something odd by Merella's cabin, which lies a fair ways directly west of the village in the southwest corner of this area. He described seeing dark, man-shaped wolves and suggested that perhaps they might still be there.
6609 Idle hands in Imnesvale Did I ask how much trouble they could get into? I just ran into the three kids from Imnesvale that I bought the ale and the swords for, and they were being chased across the forest by a gibberling which they drunkenly mistook for a dragon. Ah, youth...
6611 Ice Dust
6613 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid I have returned the smuggled goods to Bodhi, and she has given me a second task now. I am to go to the Shadow Thief guild headquarters in the Docks District and rescue a traitor they are holding there by the name of Palern Flynn. The mission requires that the man live, naturally, and Bodhi tells me the Shadow Thieves are interrogating him... and that I must move quickly before they kill him. He is to be found on the second floor of the building.
6618 Fireball
6619 Blur (Illusion/Phantasm) Level: 2 Range: 0 Duration: 4 rounds + 2 rounds/level Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None When a Blur spell is cast, the wizard causes the outline of <PRO_HISHER> form to become blurred, shifting and wavering. This distortion causes all missile and melee attacks against the caster to be made with a -3 penalty. The wizard also gains a +1 bonus to all of <PRO_HISHER> Saving Throws.
6620 Cure Light Wounds
6622 Blindness (Illusion/Phantasm) Level: 1 Range: 40 ft. Duration: 2 hours Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: Neg. This 1st-level spell temporarily blinds its target. A Saving Throw is allowed and, if successful, there are no harmful effects. If a victim is blinded, <PRO_HESHE> receives a -4 penalty to <PRO_HISHER> attack rolls and Armor Class.
6623 Gold
6624 Gold
6625 Leather Helmet
6626 Black Bear
6627 Gnoll
6628 Sirine
6629 Wolf
6630 Horse
6631 Chicken
6632 Bolt
6633 Bullet
6634 Chain Mail +1
6635 Magic Missile Scroll
6636 Composite Longbow
6637 Horned Helmet
6638 Winged Helmet
6639 Great Helmet
6640 Large Shield
6641 Plate Mail +1
6642 Full Plate Mail
6643 Ring of the Princes +1
6644 Reaching Ring
6645 Small Shield
6646 Bastard Sword
6647 Two-Handed Sword
6648 Hobgoblin Archer
6649 Heavy Crossbow
6650 Slings have existed since the beginning of recorded history. The basic sling consists of a leather or fabric strap with a pouch for holding the missile. The weapon is held by both ends of the strap and twirled around the wielder's head. When top speed is attained, the missile is launched by releasing one of the strap's ends. STATISTICS: Speed Factor: 6 Proficiency Type: Sling Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 0
6652 Basic armor made of thick, wax or water-hardened leather. It is sturdy protection, not supple like boots or a cloak. Soft garment leathers like that would offer no more protection than common clothing. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 8 (10 vs. piercing and missile) Requires: 4 Strength Weight: 15
6653 This cursed weapon will appear as a magical spear; however when a combat situation arises, the wielder will attack an enemy and Backbiter will attack the wielder. For every attack made, Backbiter will attack the foe and also the wielder. This is a powerful spear, but one must ask if it is worth it in the end. The only way that Backbiter can be removed is by a Remove Curse spell. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – May only be removed with a Remove Curse spell Combat abilities: – 3 points of damage (piercing) inflicted to the wielder upon every successful hit THAC0: +3 Damage: 1d6+3 (piercing) Speed Factor: 3 Proficiency Type: Spear Type: Two-handed Requires: 5 Strength Weight: 5
6654 Battle Axe
6655 Battle Axe
6656 The most common version of the battle axe is a stout pole about four feet in length with a single-edged, trumpet-shaped blade mounted on one end. Battle axes are also called broad axes. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d8 (slashing) Speed Factor: 7 Proficiency Type: Axe Type: One-handed Requires: 10 Strength Weight: 7
6657 Wand of Fear
6658 Wand
6659 Wand of Fear
6660 Friendly Arm Inn
6661 Leather Armor +1
6662 Protector of the Second +2
6663 Character Record
6664 Studded Leather Armor
6665 Studded Leather Armor
6666 Studded Leather Armor
6667 Studded leather armor has little in common with normal leather armor. Instead of a hardened shell, studded leather offers hundreds of metal rivets affixed to a supple backing. The numerous studs form a flexible coat of metal that helps to turn aside slashing and cutting attacks, while the leather is little more than a means of securing the rivets in place. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 7 (5 vs. slashing, 6 vs. piercing and missile) Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 25
6668 Studded Leather Armor +1
6669 Plate Mail
6670 Studded Leather Armor +2
6671 Inventory
6672 Chain Mail Armor
6673 Chain mail is made of interlocking metal rings. It is always worn over a layer of padded fabric or soft leather to prevent chafing and lessen the impact of blows. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 5 (3 vs. slashing, 7 vs. crushing) Requires: 8 Strength Weight: 40
6674 Chain Mail +2
6675 Mithral Field Plate +2
6676 A mage can make an extremely effective assassin, as Vorusta illustrated over four hundred years ago. He would create skeleton warriors equipped with this enchanted armor and a powerful blade, and give their circlet of power to the target as a friendly gift. When the killing machine was through with its work, Vorusta retrieved the equipment and started the entire process over. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 3 (1 vs. slashing, 5 vs. crushing) Requires: 8 Strength Weight: 10
6677 Splint Mail
6678 Splint Mail
6679 Splint mail is a variant of banded mail in which the metal strips are applied vertically to the backing of chain, leather, or cloth rather than horizontally as in banded mail. Since the body does not swivel in mid-torso as much as it flexes back to front, splint mail is more restrictive in battle. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 4 (3 vs. piercing and missile, 2 vs. crushing) Requires: 8 Strength Weight: 40
6680 Splint Mail +1
6681 Plate mail is a combination of chain armor with metal plates covering the vital areas such as the chest, abdomen and groin. Similar in construction to bronze plate mail, true plate mail comprises chain and leather. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 3 (0 vs. slashing) Requires: 12 Strength Weight: 50
6682 Plate mail is a combination of chain armor with metal plates covering the vital areas such as the chest, abdomen and groin. Similar in construction to bronze plate mail, true plate mail comprises chain and leather. In addition, this suit of plate mail is enchanted and gives additional bonuses to the wearer's Armor Class. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 2 (-1 vs. slashing) Requires: 12 Strength Weight: 20
6683 Full plate armor is the best armor a warrior can buy, both in appearance and protection. The perfectly fitted interlocking plates are specially angled to deflect arrows and blows, and the entire suit is carefully adorned with rich engraving and embossed detail. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 1 (-3 vs. slashing, -2 vs. piercing and missile) Requires: 15 Strength Weight: 70
6684 Plate of the Dark +1
6685 Full plate armor is the best armor a warrior can buy, both in appearance and protection. The perfectly fitted interlocking plates are specially angled to deflect arrows and blows, and the entire suit is carefully adorned with rich engraving and embossed detail. With its magical enchantments, this suit of full plate is ideal for warriors. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 0 (-4 vs. slashing, -3 vs. piercing and missile) Requires: 15 Strength Weight: 35
6686 Ankheg Plate Mail
6687 Ankheg Plate Mail
6688 The ankheg resembles an enormous many-legged worm. A tough chitinous shell, usually brown or yellow, covers its entire body except for its soft pink belly. Dried and cured ankheg shells can be made into armor. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 2 Weight: 25
6689 Wand of Magic Missiles
6690 Wand of Paralyzation
6691 Wand of Fire
6692 Wand of Sleep
6693 Wand of Polymorphing
6694 Battle Axe +3
6695 Battle Axe of Mauletar +2
6696 The most common version of the battle axe is a stout pole about four feet in length with a single-edged, trumpet-shaped blade mounted on one end. Battle axes are also called broad axes. Magical battle axes are normally crafted by dwarves to help defend their warriors against their harsher neighbors. This magical axe has seen many battles, but its enchantments and craftsmanship make it a very capable weapon still. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d8+2 (slashing) Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Axe Type: One-handed Requires: 10 Strength Weight: 5
6697 Throwing Axe
6698 Throwing Axe
6699 The hand axe or throwing axe is also known as a hatchet. The axe blade has a sharp steel tip counterbalanced by a pointed fluke. The short handle has a point on the bottom, and the head may have a spike on the top. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6+1 Damage type (melee): Slashing Damage type (thrown): Missile Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Axe Type: One-handed Requires: 4 Strength Weight: 5
6700 Throwing Axe +2
6701 Club
6702 Club
6703 Most clubs are stout, hardwood sticks, narrow at the grip and wider at the end. This simple weapon has been used since people first began using tools. Anyone can find a good stout piece of wood and swing it; hence the club's widespread use. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6 (crushing) Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Club Type: One-handed Requires: 5 Strength Weight: 3
6704 Flail
6705 Flail
6706 The flail is a sturdy wooden handle attached to an iron rod, a wooden rod with spikes, or a spiked iron ball. Between the handle and its implement is either a hinge or chain link. The weapon was originally used as a tool for threshing grain. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6+1 (crushing) Speed Factor: 7 Proficiency Type: Flail/Morning Star Type: One-handed Requires: 13 Strength Weight: 15
6707 Flail +1
6708 Mace
6709 The mace is a direct descendant of the basic club, being nothing more than a wooden shaft with a stone or iron head mounted on the end. The head design varies: Some are spiked, others flanged, and still others have pyramidal knobs. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6+1 (crushing) Speed Factor: 7 Proficiency Type: Mace Type: One-handed Requires: 10 Strength Weight: 10
6710 Mace +1
6711 Halberd
6712 By far the oldest and most often used polearm, the halberd consists of a cleaver-like axe blade mounted on a staff averaging six feet in length. The axe blade is balanced at the rear with a fluke and surmounted by a sharp spike, usually of quadrangular design. The fluke is sometimes replaced by a hook used to dismount cavalry. A halberd can be best described as a cross between a spear and an axe. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d10 (piercing or slashing) Speed Factor: 9 Proficiency Type: Halberd Type: Two-handed Requires: 13 Strength Weight: 15
6713 Halberd +1
6714 Suryris's Blade +2
6715 War Hammer
6716 Mounted knights cannot effectively use long pole weapons while on horseback and, as a result, many weapons have been fitted with shorter shafts so they may be wielded with just one hand. Maces and flails are two examples of this—the war hammer is another. The horseman's war hammer is the descendent of the Lucerne hammer. It is made entirely of steel, with rondels protecting and strengthening the grip. (Rondels are small disks of metal, often shaped into decorative designs.) The shaft is about eighteen inches long. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d4+1 (crushing) Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: War Hammer Type: One-handed Requires: 9 Strength Weight: 6
6717 War Hammer +1
6718 Ashideena +2
6719 Dagger
6720 The typical dagger has a pointed, usually double-edged blade, as opposed to a knife, which has a single edge and is a bit shorter. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d4 (piercing) Speed Factor: 2 Proficiency Type: Dagger Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 1
6721 Dagger +1
6722 Heart of the Golem +2
6723 The Grave Binder +2
6724 Throwing Dagger
6725 Throwing Dagger
6726 Spear
6727 One of the earliest weapons, dating back to the most primitive of times, the first spears were simply wooden poles or sticks sharpened at one end. When the civilized races mastered metals, spearheads were made from iron and steel. Having reached this end, weaponsmiths began experimenting with different types of spearheads, thus leading to the development of certain polearm types. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6 (piercing) Speed Factor: 6 Proficiency Type: Spear Type: Two-handed Requires: 5 Strength Weight: 5
6728 Spear +1
6729 Backbiter +3
6730 Quarterstaff
6731 The simplest and humblest of staff weapons, the quarterstaff is a length of wood ranging six to nine feet in length. High-quality quarterstaves are made of stout oak and are shod with metal at both ends. The quarterstaff must be wielded with both hands. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6 (crushing) Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Quarterstaff Type: Two-handed Requires: 5 Strength Weight: 4
6732 Quarterstaff +1
6733 Sling
6734 Sling
6736 Sling +1
6737 Bastard Sword
6738 Also known as the hand-and-a-half sword, the bastard sword derives its name from the fact that it is halfway between the two-handed sword and the long sword. The bastard sword has a double-edged blade and a long grip, which can accommodate both hands if preferred. The overall length of the bastard sword ranges between four feet and four feet ten inches. STATISTICS: Damage: 2d4 (slashing) Speed Factor: 8 Proficiency Type: Bastard Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 11 Strength Weight: 10
6739 Bastard Sword +1
6740 Kondar +1
6741 Long Sword
6742 These swords are usually referred to as double-edged swords, war swords, or military swords. In many cases, the long sword has a single-edged blade. There is no single version of the long sword; the design and length vary from culture to culture and may vary within the same culture depending on the era. Among the most common characteristics of all long swords is their length, which ranges from thirty-five inches to forty-seven inches. In the latter case, the blade is known to take up forty inches of the total length. Most long swords have a double-edged blade and a sharp point at the tip. Despite the tip, the long sword is designed for slashing, not thrusting. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d8 (slashing) Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Long Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 4
6743 Long Sword +1
6744 Varscona +2
6745 Short Sword
6746 Short Sword
6747 The short sword is the first type of sword to come into existence. In the simplest of terms, a short sword can be considered a dagger with a blade so long that it can no longer be called a dagger. The term short sword does not exist in sword classifications. However, it has come to be used to describe a double-edged blade about two feet in length. The sword tip is usually pointed, ideal for thrusting. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6 (piercing) Speed Factor: 3 Proficiency Type: Short Sword Type: One-handed Requires: 5 Strength Weight: 3
6748 Short Sword +1
6749 Short Sword +2
6750 The Shadow's Blade +3
6751 Two-handed Sword
6752 The two-handed sword is a derivative of the long sword. Weaponsmiths have always looked for ways to improve existing weapons. In an effort to improve the long sword, the blade was lengthened. Eventually, the handle had to be extended and two hands became necessary to properly swing the sword. The primary function of two-handed swords is cleaving mounted knights and breaking up pike formations. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d10 (slashing) Speed Factor: 10 Proficiency Type: Two-handed Sword Type: Two-handed Requires: 14 Strength Weight: 15
6753 Two-handed Sword +1
6754 Cursed Berserking Sword +3
6755 Bullet
6756 A bullet is simply a rounded, well-balanced stone. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d4+1 (missile) Launcher: Sling Weight: 0
6757 Bullet +1
6758 Bullet +2
6759 Arrow
6760 The flight arrow, as its name implies, is built for distance. These are lightweight arrows and are often used for hunting. Most of these arrows are made of ash or birch and are thirty to forty inches long. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d6 (missile) Launcher: Bow Weight: 0
6761 Arrow +1
6762 Arrow of Slaying
6763 Acid Arrow
6764 Arrow of Biting
6765 Arrow of Detonation
6766 Arrow of Dispelling
6767 Arrow of Fire
6768 Arrow of Ice
6769 Arrow of Piercing
6770 Arrow +2
6771 Bolt
6772 Quarrels or bolts are the ammunition fired by crossbows regardless of the weapon's size. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d8 (missile) Launcher: Crossbow Weight: 0
6773 What is it that goes uphill and downhill yet never moves?
6774 I never was, am always to be, none ever saw me, nor ever will, And yet I am the confidence of all who live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.
6775 What runs all day and night and never stops?
6776 Light as a feather, nothing in it. A stout man can't hold it more than a minute.
6777 What is it has four legs, one head and a foot?
6778 When first I appear, I seem mysterious, but when I am explained, I am nothing serious.
6779 If you look at me, I look at you too. You look with eyes, but I not with eyes, for I have no eyes. And if you like, I speak without a voice, for you have a voice, but I only have lips that open in vain.
6780 My twin points are joined together by crooked iron; with the wind I wrestle, with the depths of the sea I fight; I search out the midmost water, and I bite the very ground itself.
6781 Which number comes next in the following sequence: 4, 7, 12, 19, 28, 39?
6782 A typical manual of bodily health provides the reader with valuable information regarding preventative medicine, basic first aid, and proper muscle toning. As if this isn't enough, the manual is also magically enhanced, thereby allowing an individual to raise his or her Constitution by a single point. Unfortunately, the manual will disappear after a single use. STATISTICS: Constitution: Raised by 1 point permanently Special: The book is consumed upon use Usage: Place into quick item slot Weight: 25
6783 Bolt +1
6784 Bolt of Lightning
6785 Bolt of Biting
6786 Golden Girdle of Urnst
6787 Destroyer of the Hills
6788 Elves' Bane
6789 Girdle of Gender
6790 Bracers of Defense AC 8
6791 Bracers are thick bands of metal or leather that are strapped, belted, or tied to a character's forearm. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
6792 Bracers of Defense AC 7
6793 Bracers to the Death
6794 The Dale's Protector
6795 Bracers
6796 Hands of Takkok
6797 Gauntlets
6798 Gauntlets are armored gloves. They can be made of leather, metal plates, or chain mail. Every suit of armor is assumed to include gauntlets of an appropriate type. Magical gauntlets tend to be finer, lighter, and more easily worn than normal varieties. STATISTICS: Weight: 2
6799 The Brawling Hands
6800 Elander's Gloves of Misplacement
6801 Xarrnous's Second Sword Arm
6802 Legacy of the Masters
6803 Helm of Opposite Alignment
6804 A cap is a padded, leather, or steel skullcap worn much like a close-fitted cap, beret, or bonnet. Caps are usually worn with padded armor, leather, studded leather, hide, or any other lightweight protection. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Protects against critical hits Weight: 2
6805 Cap
6806 Cap
6807 This class of open-face helmet, made of reinforced leather or metal, covers most of the head save the face and neck. These helmets commonly provide protection for the nose. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Protects against critical hits Weight: 2
6808 Helm of the Noble +1
6809 Gift of Peace
6810 The Eyes of Truth
6811 Helm of Charm Protection
6812 Helm of Balduran
6813 Small Shield
6814 Small Shield +1
6815 Medium Shield
6816 Medium Shield +1
6817 Large Shield
6818 A small shield is usually round and is carried on the forearm, gripped with the shield hand. Its light weight as compared to a medium shield permits the user to carry other items in that hand, although <PRO_HESHE> cannot wield or carry another weapon. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Armor Class: +1 – No protection against missile attacks Requires: 4 Strength Weight: 3
6819 A medium shield is carried in the same manner as a small shield. Unlike the small shield, however, its weight prevents the character from using <PRO_HISHER> shield hand for anything other than carrying the medium shield. Medium shields are usually made of metal, range from three to four feet in diameter, and can be of any shape, from round to square to a dragon's spread wings. A typical medieval shield resembles a triangle with one point facing downward. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Armor Class: +1 Requires: 12 Strength Weight: 7
6820 The body shield, also known as the kite or tower shield, is a massive metal or wooden shield reaching nearly from the chin to the toe of the user. It must be firmly fastened to the forearm, and the shield hand must firmly grip it at all times. Naturally, this precludes use of the shield hand for anything but holding the body shield in place. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Armor Class: +1, an extra +1 vs. missile attacks Requires: 15 Strength Weight: 15
6821 Large Shield +1
6822 Shield of the Falling Stars +1
6823 The Paws of the Cheetah
6824 Boots are normally handmade by cobblers. Common boots are made by using a form, but good boots are designed for the foot of an individual. STATISTICS: Weight: 4
6825 Habib
6826 Worn Whispers
6827 The Frost's Embrace
6828 Senses of the Cat
6829 Talos's Gift
6830 Riddle of the imps The imps were true to their word and protected me from the specter that laid inside the chest. The specter disappeared, and the imps, having had their fun, did the same.
6831 Ring
6832 Batalista's Passport
6833 Druid's Ring
6834 The Jester's Folly
6835 Sandthief's Ring
6836 Getting inside the palace in Suldanessellar The Rhynn Lanthorn has shone the way to Suldanessellar, and Elhan was grieved to see that the city is under siege by multitudes of creatures brought by Irenicus, including devilish rakshasa whose illusionary magicks hid the city in the first place. Elhan has told me to seek out Queen Ellesime or High Priestess Demin, either of which may be able to do something about the invasion or help me find Irenicus. Elhan himself will remain at the city's entrance and shepherd refugees safely out of the city.
6837 Edventar's Gift
6838 The Guard's Ring +2
6839 Gold Ring
6840 Silver Ring
6841 Onyx Ring
6842 Jade Ring
6843 Joseph's Greenstone Ring
6844 Bloodstone Ring
6845 Angel Skin Ring
6846 Flamedance Ring
6847 Fire Opal Ring
6848 Ruby Ring
6849 The Victor
6850 Topsider's Crutch
6851 Honorary Ring of Sune
6852 Amulet
6853 Morning Star
6854 Morning Star
6855 The morning star is a wooden shaft topped with a metal head covered by a spiked iron sheath. Morning stars have an overall length of about four feet. Some have a round, oval, or cylindrical shaped head studded with spikes. Extending from most morning star heads, regardless of design, is a long point for thrusting. STATISTICS: Damage: 2d4 (crushing) Speed Factor: 7 Proficiency Type: Flail/Morning Star Type: One-handed Requires: 11 Strength Weight: 12
6856 Morning Star +1
6857 Composite Longbow
6858 Composite bows are longbows or shortbows whose staves are made from more than one type of material. This gives greater flexibility and makes arrows fired from this bow deliver more damage. These were developed after the normal longbow. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1 Damage: +1 (missile) Speed Factor: 7 Proficiency Type: Longbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 18 Strength Weight: 10
6859 Composite Longbow +1
6860 Longbow
6861 Longbow
6862 The longbow is similar to the shortbow, except that the staff is about as tall as the archer is—usually six to six-and-a-half feet. It has better range and accuracy than the shortbow, but a slower Speed Factor. STATISTICS: THAC0: +1 Speed Factor: 7 Proficiency Type: Longbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 6 Strength Weight: 3
6863 Longbow +1
6864 Shortbow
6865 Shortbow
6866 Shortbows were the first bows to be developed, although they were not called such. This is more of a default term that refers to anything which is not a longbow. Shortbow staves are about five feet long on the average. As the years passed, attempts were made to increase bow ranges. Bows were either given longer staves or flexibility was increased with no change to the length. The former resulted in what is now called the longbow. STATISTICS: Speed Factor: 6 Proficiency Type: Shortbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 2
6867 Shortbow +1
6868 The Dead Shot +2
6869 Habib
6870 Protector of the Dryads +2
6873 Heavy Crossbow
6874 Heavy Crossbow
6875 A crossbow is a bow mounted crosswise on a wooden or metal shaft, the latter called a tiller. The bow is usually made of ash or yew. The crossbow fires a quarrel (also called a bolt). STATISTICS: Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Crossbow Type: Two-handed Requires: 8 Strength Weight: 7
6876 Heavy Crossbow +1
6877 Forge
6878 The Guide +2
6879 Ahh HA! I understand it! Sorry to bother your petty concerns, but I have translated some of the Nether Scroll!
6880 Hmmm... Another revelation in my... er... our Nether Scroll. A spell of transformation, both basic and sophisticated. It is not unlike the transformation of mage to lich... but it must be more... much more...
6881 Light Crossbow
6882 Firetooth +3
6883 Light Crossbow
6884 Light Crossbow +1
6885 I've prepared for this moment all my life, and lifetimes before! Be prepared to cower and flee! Nothing will stand in my way after this!
6886 Edwin, I'd suggest restraint. It's dangerous to meddle with magic that you know nothing about.
6887 Go ahead, Edwin. A powerful mage is difficult to find, and of terrific benefit to all.
6888 The Army Scythe +1
6889 The cloak can be made in every possible shape with just about every type of fabric. The most common forms are a circular piece of fabric with a hole in the center for the head, and fabric draped from neck, connected by a chain, brooch, cord, or pins. STATISTICS: Weight: 3
6890 The Spirit's Shield +2
6891 Cloak of Displacement
6892 Relair's Mistake
6893 Lose the scroll, Edwin. Evil begets evil and can only lead to ruin and despair.
6894 I'll wait no longer! I have studied enough! This will be mine! Life eternal and unlimited power!
6895 Cloak of Balduran
6896 Whispers of Silence
6897 Nymph Cloak
6898 Cloak, Common
6899 The One Gift Lost
6900 Amulets are usually magical devices that are commonly worn around the neck, suspended from a chain. The type of chain that comes with an amulet generally increases the item's aesthetic value, not its magical properties. Only one amulet can be dangled from the neck at a time. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
6901 Necklace
6902 Wise advice, and I shall not totally forget you when you are as a bug before me. Now, to power!
6903 Coward! You and your frail morals will witness my rebirth, and then I shall repay your slander!
6904 Zios Gem Studded Necklace
6905 Bluestone Necklace
6906 Agni Mani Necklace
6907 Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
6908 Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
6909 Silver Necklace
6910 Gold Necklace
6911 Pearl Necklace
6912 A necklace is a piece of ornamental metal jewelry usually made of silver, gold, platinum, or other precious metal, and adorned with gems. A necklace is always worn on the neck and can be of any length. STATISTICS: Weight: 1
6913 Necklace
6914 Laeral's Tear Necklace
6915 Bloodstone Amulet
6916 The Protector +1
6917 Shield Amulet
6918 Metaspell Influence Amulet
6919 Dart
6920 Dart
6921 This is bad.
6922 The dart is a small, easily concealable missile weapon that is thrown rather than fired from a bow or other launcher. STATISTICS: Damage: 1d3 (missile) Speed Factor: 2 Proficiency Type: Dart Type: One-handed Weight: 0
6923 This is blasphemy! An outrage against nature and order! I must redouble my efforts to cancel the hideous and deforming nature of this Nether scourge!
6924 Holy Sword
6925 Holy Sword (Alteration) Level: 4 Sphere: Combat Range: Touch Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/level Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: 1 normal sword Saving Throw: None This spell enables the caster to create a magical sword very similar to the Holy Avenger that Paladins seek. This sword gives a +5 bonus to hit and a +5 bonus to damage. Also, the sword grants the caster temporary knowledge on how to wield it properly, so the caster does not receive any penalties for using this sword.
6926 As Garren had said, he was once lord of these lands. Perhaps he has contacts of use. He must know something of this Lord Jierdan who seems to have set up the demise of our honor.
6927 Dart +1
6928 Slay Living
6929 Dart of Stunning
6930 Slay Living (Necromancy) Level: 5 Sphere: Combat Range: Touch Duration: Special Casting Time: 1 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: Special Upon casting this spell, the priest has to touch an opponent in order to visit the effect upon them. An item is created upon casting. The next attack the priest makes, which must happen in the next 3 rounds, will use this item. If the first attack misses, the item disappears and the spell is wasted; however, if the attack succeeds, the victim automatically takes 2d6+9 damage. Also, <PRO_HESHE> must make a Save vs. Spell or be instantly killed. Slay Living can be dispelled if cast between the casting of this spell and the necessary attack.
6931 Dart of Wounding
6932 Edwin! You scared me, imagine that... Oh, you wouldn't believe how silly you look... Now what—what do you want?
6933 Inside the drow city I have acquired the svirfneblin patrol leader's helmet peacefully... and the drow need never know the difference. All I need to do now is return to Phaere in the Ust Natha tavern before she grows impatient.
6934 Getting inside the asylum I got inside the guild house through the hiring of one of the courtesans... and at their hue and cry, the entire guild has been roused. Time to fight.
6935 Hey hey hey, Edwina! I shall be your champion at the next tournament that we come to if only you give me a piece of your robe, uh, that is, dress to adorn my shield.
6936 Fair Edwina, I am truly bereft by your nonacceptance. It is tragic when a knight has no fair maiden to moon over. Heh he he...
6938 Greater Command
6939 Greater Command (Enchantment/Charm) Level: 5 Sphere: Charm Range: Visual range of the caster Duration: 1 round/level Casting Time: 1 Area of Effect: 20-ft. radius Saving Throw: Neg. As with the 1st-level spell Command, this spell enables the priest to command other creatures to "die" (sleep), except that the effects of this spell last 1 round per level of the caster. At the end of the round, the creature(s) awaken and are unharmed. The area of effect is similar to that of a Stinking Cloud or a Fireball.
6940 Boo does not understand. It is not as though the scoundrel will be missed, but... where has Edwin gone, and who is this woman that wears his clothes?
6941 Psst... Aerie!
6943 The drow summoning ritual I revealed Phaere's treachery to Matron Ardulace by showing her the fake eggs Phaere gave me. She asked for the real ones and was fooled by the fakes that Solaufein gave me. The real eggs are still in my own possession. Ardulace believes me now and has called for Phaere to be punished.
6945 Finding Irenicus in Hell The demon that holds the last of the Tears of Bhaal has made things clearer to me. In this place, this piece of Hell over which I hold power, things are not what they seem. My inner thoughts battle against Irenicus here. I search for him, and he seeks to obscure himself. But Irenicus has my soul... and the way to discover my soul is to know more of it. Hence the "tests" that I am putting myself through. With each, I grow closer to Irenicus's location, and soon the way to my soul will be clear. The idea that my subconscious is what gives this place form and summons these demons is disturbing. More so, perhaps, because it seems to happen so naturally. The demon also warned me that the Tears of Bhaal sting... Hell is a place of retribution. What it means by that, I do not know.
6946 What?! Nothing! This is shameful and revolting! What are you pie-eyed vagrants gawking at? Staring at me with a plebeian vandal's charm! This is beyond treachery!
6947 You are a wizard and a healer! Can you not peel this wretched skin? (She has driven me to it; I will debase myself if I must.) Please, Aerie, I am... on my knees!
6948 He he he. Looks like you're in some trouble. And by the way, nice rack.
6949 Edwin! Edwin! Calm down, calm down. We'll find a way to get you back to your original, not quite as pleasing to the eye shape.
6950 If you're a woman, you've no place amongst us.
6954 The drow summoning ritual With Phaere dead and Matron Mother Ardulace's ritual stopped in mid-casting, the drow's plans have been ruined. According to the silver dragon's imp, Ardulace must be killed so that the seal on Ust Natha is lifted... and then I must flee the city with the dragon's eggs as quickly as possible!
6955 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid I have completed the task that Bodhi set me to: The merchant is dead and the items placed in his fountain, implicating the Shadow Thieves. Now I must return to Bodhi and tell her the deed is done.
6956 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid It seems that my failure in Bodhi's second mission was not important... she tells me the idea was to alarm the Shadow Thieves and place them off-guard. Just as well.
6957 What?! How dare you, scoundrel! Gawking at my mantle! (Hey, they aren't that bad, come to think of it... wait a moment. What happened to my... oh no. No. NO!)
6958 Winter Wolf Pelt
6959 Winter Wolf Pelt
6960 Mirror
6961 Mirror
6962 Small Box
6963 Small Box
6964 Holy Symbol
6965 Bassilus's Holy Symbol
6966 Clothing
6967 Clothing
6970 Gemstone
6971 Gemstone
6972 Fire Agate Gem
6974 Fire Agate Gem
6975 Potion of Fire Resistance
6976 Potion
6977 Potion of Fire Resistance
6978 Potion
6979 You must find a way to cure this malignant ill! I would be eternally grateful and bestow untold riches upon you and your kind.
6980 I will not be scrutinized for the sake of your rodent! Mind your own concerns, you stone-headed oaf!
6981 Potion of Hill Giant Strength
6982 Blasted Netherese sense of humor! No doubt this is why they all went extinct so long ago! Shut up! Shut up, I say!
6983 No! No! My moment of greatest need! I plead you remain! I beg of you! Sweet merciful warriors! Virtuous crusaders! Clever cutpurses! Please!
6984 Potion of Frost Giant Strength
6985 Potion of Fire Giant Strength
6986 Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
6987 Such a temperament! Fire in her belly and not afraid to spit in an eye! It reminds me of the fighting women of my homeland! Ah, sweet lady, you bring me tears.
6988 Get lost, woman... and stay lost.
6989 Potion of Storm Giant Strength
6990 Potion of Healing
6991 All right then, stay with us. That was fun watching you beg though.
6992 Tears indeed! Stand away lest I bring you a fireball as well! (Such suffering I must endure! The pain behind my eyes does grow steadily!)
6993 Potion of Invisibility
6994 Potion of Heroism
6995 Tee hee! No, you're not, you're standing just like the rest of us! ...And honestly, what is there to heal? Next time... you'll be more careful how you word your wishes, won't you?
6996 Helping Tiris in Trademeet I have been approached by a woman named Jenia, who claims that her son, Tiris, desperately needs my help. If I am to help him, I should go to their house, just north of the Alibakkar estate.
6998 Potion of Invulnerability
6999 The drow summoning ritual With the drow summoners dead and their plans ruined, I have sacrificed the silver dragon eggs to the demon in return for a service... he will lead me to the exit from the drow city and destroy everything that blocks my path. A fitting use of the drow's own magic.
7001 The drow summoning ritual With the drow summoners dead and their plans ruined, I have traded the silver dragon's eggs to the demon in exchange for a powerful magical weapon. Now, however, I have only minutes in order to flee this city before my disguise is discovered... and with a likely hostile silver dragon hunting for me as well.
7002 The final battle with Bodhi Bodhi appeared in an ambush shortly before I reached her haven, warning me that she was aware of my pursuit and stealing from me the one person that is dearest to my heart: Jaheira. Before she vanished and unleashed more of her undead creations upon me, Bodhi warned me that if I continue, I will lose even more than I thought possible. I cannot give up on the Rhynn Lanthorn... but now the life and immortal soul of the one I love is at stake as well!
7005 Potion of Stone Giant Strength
7006 Oil of Fiery Burning
7007 Oil
7008 Oil of Speed
7010 Elixir
7011 Elixir of Health
7012 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid I found Bodhi's man, Tizzak, who informed me the only way into Aran's inner sanctum is through two magical doors. The first is opened by pressing a button... which exists at the end of a trapped hallway to the north. The second is opened by a key... He did not know where it was, but suggested that a wizard named Haz might possess it.
7013 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid My final task has been given to me by Bodhi, and it is to kill the Shadowmaster Aran Linvail. His lair lies beneath the Shadow Thief headquarters in the Docks District, accessible only through a secret door that cannot be picked, just inside the entrance on the right. The key for that door likely lies in the hands of my old contact Gaelan Bayle. I will need to retrieve the key from him first if I am going to be able to enter. Once inside, I must track down Aran's inner sanctum... perhaps with the help of a captured employee of Bodhi's named Tizzak... and kill him there.
7014 Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid I now have the key to Aran Linvail's lair beneath the Shadow Thief headquarters. Now it is time to go to the Docks District and confront the Shadowmaster personally.
7015 Potion of Absorption
7016 Potion of Agility
7017 Chicken
7019 Skull
7020 The dueling families of Trademeet I recovered the Mantle of Waukeen from the tomb in Trademeet and gave it to Lord Logan instead of either of the families that wanted it. The reward was not as much, and both families are bound to be upset, but it was probably the right thing to do.
7021 The dueling families of Trademeet Before I entered the tomb, Lord Logan approached me and asked that I give the Mantle of Waukeen to him once I retrieve it... for the sake of peace, if nothing else. He is not going to force me, however.
7022 Helping Tiris in Trademeet After slaying Rejiek and Darsidian, I learned from Raissa that she too had been turned into a skin dancer. Apparently, Rejiek thought I was chasing him and had decided to change his identity. He and Darsidian had to change their plan when Tiris escaped. The only way to save Raissa now is to cast restoration on her. She suggested that the Waukeenar temple might have a scroll if I did not. Either way, she must receive the spell quickly or she will be permanently changed.
7023 Helping Tiris in Trademeet The restoration spell seems to have done the trick... Raissa has returned to normal. I should go to Tiris and give him the good news.
7024 Helping Tiris in Trademeet After slaying Rejiek and Darsidian, I found out from Raissa that she, too, had been turned into a skin dancer. Apparently, Rejiek thought I was chasing him and had decided to change his identity. He and Darsidian had to change their plan when Tiris escaped. I couldn't help Raissa and she fled... I suppose all that is left now is to tell Tiris what has happened.
7025 The de'Arnise keep has been invaded TorGal is dead, and any remaining trolls and yuan-ti will soon flee without a leader. It is time to leave and restore things here to normal.
7026 Helping Tiris in Trademeet After slaying Rejiek and Darsidian, I found out from Raissa that she too had been turned into a skin dancer. Apparently, Rejiek thought I was chasing him and had decided to change his identity. He and Darsidian had to change their plan when Tiris escaped. All I could offer Raissa was a quick death... I should go and tell Tiris what has occurred.
7029 Antidote
7030 You bear handsome features, uh... though... they are familiar too, uh... Edwin's sister, perhaps? Hehe. Ah yes, Boo sees the resemblance. You are far his superior in your manner though.
7031 What?! Why do you stare at me so, barbarian?!
7032 Inside the drow city Obviously, I have taken too long and left Phaere too suspicious of me. She or someone else, perhaps the Handmaidens of Lolth, have revealed me to the city. I shall have to fight my way through the drow now, if I can...
7034 Mazzy has challenged Gorf the Squisher I have convinced Bunkin, Gorf's "girlfriend," to put Festule's potion into his drink, leading her to think that it will make him nicer. This should make him less of a threat to Mazzy.
7035 I AM Edwin, you lumbering fool! Can you not comprehend this?!
7036 Nalia's father's funeral A messenger arrived, telling Nalia that she must go to the Graveyard District in Athkatla as soon as possible to attend her father's funeral. I have agreed to accompany her.
7040 Running the Five Flagons playhouse Once again, Meck has come to fetch me. It seems that Higgold is in some kind of fit over one of the actors. When I get a chance, I should go and see what the problem is.
7043 I don't do well with the philosophical. You are Edwin? Ah, like Minsc is Boo and Boo is Minsc because we carry each other within. Do you like hamsters? Boo likes you.
7045 Escaping the asylum After the maze, I encountered Saemon Havarian again. I don't know if I can trust him, but he seemed genuine in abandoning Irenicus's unprofitable plans. He offered advice: If I am to challenge Irenicus, I will need an army, and there is one to be had in the asylum... the captive mages. Of course, I would be mad to free them, but he may have a point. Saemon left before I could question him further.
7046 Potion of Clarity
7047 Potion of Cold Resistance
7048 Potion of Confusion
7049 Potion of Drunkenness
7050 Potion of Defense
7051 Potion of Explosions
7052 Potion of Fire Breath
7053 Potion of Fortitude
7054 Potion of Genius
7055 Potion of Infravision
7056 Potion of Insulation
7057 Potion of Lethargy
7058 Potion of Magic Blocking
7059 Potion of Magic Protection
7060 Potion of Magic Shielding
7061 Potion of Master Thievery
7062 Potion of Mind Focusing
7063 Potion of Mirrored Eyes
7064 If you do not wish to be the proud owner of a very small rug, you will get that animal away from me.
7065 I see more and more of Edwin in your tone, though still you are better company than he. Boo will forgive you for now.
7066 (I will kill ALL of them. Slowly. With... with HOT... pokey things and... and coals and... and prods. Yessssss, prods. Many, many prods.)
7067 Potion of Perception
7068 Potion of Petrification
7069 I think she warms to our company, Boo. See how she looks longingly?
7070 Righteous Magic
7075 Leaving the island Obviously, Saemon Havarian had ulterior motives for offering me passage to the Forest of Tethir. His ship has been disabled by Desharik, the Pirate Lord... and I have little doubt he knew that when he made the offer. He intends to steal Desharik's ship... and my part in this is to steal the horn that will open the sea gates. The horn is found at night in the home of Desharik's girlfriend, Cayia, which is to the west on the second tier. Once I have it, I must meet Saemon at the docks. A blade that seems to make him nervous, given from Irenicus himself, will sweeten the deal if we are done quickly.
7076 Betrayed on the voyage back The silver sword that Saemon gave me had been stolen from the githyanki! No doubt he knew they would be searching for it! They tried to kill everyone as an example, but during the battle a sailor came up from below and said sahuagin were storming the ship... and that we were sinking! And Saemon has teleported away! Blast that conniving traitor!
7079 The de'Arnise keep has been invaded We have found Glaicus, Lord de'Arnise's loyal bodyguard. Nalia is sure that he must be charmed or under some kind of magical influence.
7080 Righteous Magic (Alteration) Level: 5 Sphere: Combat Range: 0 Duration: 1 round/level Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None This is a powerful combat spell that enhances the priest's physical prowess, transforming <PRO_HIMHER> into a juggernaut of destruction. The effect adds 1 temporary Hit Point per level of the caster, adds 1 point of Strength every 3 levels of the caster (to a maximum of 25), and causes every successful hit to inflict maximum damage. The effects last for the duration of the spell or until dispelled.
7083 Daer'Ragh
7084 Finish the leather armor begun by Rejiek Hidesman Darcin Cole finished the dark leather armor begun by Rejiek Hidesman, but then attacked me because he no longer thought I was the murderous tanner. He summoned wizards similar to the one I encountered in Rejiek's basement.
7085 Rescue Garren's child from Firkraag I have encountered Garren's child locked within a cell. The cell has a magical lock, apparently, and the key for it may be on a mage somewhere nearby. Garren's child also warned me that Firkraag is extremely dangerous and that it is not necessary for me to confront him... if I can, getting the key and freeing Garren's child will be enough.
7088 Anomen takes vengeance for his sister's murder Anomen's father, Lord Cor, demanded revenge for the murder of his daughter. Anomen himself slaughtered Saerk's daughter, and Saerk was killed as well. The son, Yusef, escaped. Lord Cor was overjoyed with the death of his rival, as it will restore his family's fortune. He left immediately for Calimshan. Anomen seems less than pleased.
7090 Allies recruited for the struggle against Bodhi I asked Aran Linvail for the help of the Shadow Thieves against Bodhi, but he does not trust me enough, and the guild is too weak to give me any aid. His decision is certainly final.
7093 I'll not coax sparks from carved sticks or farts from stones! My strange magics will free you from the surly bonds of earthly servitude!
7094 An interesting little situation you've found yourself in, Edwin. I trust you'll use it to better learn how others think and feel?
7095 No, my dear little wench, I will spend no more time in this body than I must. You think me a fool?
7096 Inside the drow city I am inside Ust Natha and have been assigned a drow commander, Solaufein, who does not appreciate my presence in the slightest. He says that I have aroused the interest of a matron mother, and I am to meet him and a "Handmaiden" at the entrance to the city to receive further instruction from her. I cannot stumble now that I am within... the slightest error on my part and the dark elves will discover what I truly am. Nothing would save me then.
7097 Potion of Power, Wizard
7098 Potion of Power, Priest
7099 Potion of Power, Rogue
7100 Potion of Power, Warrior
7101 Potion of Regeneration
7102 Potion of Insight
7103 Potion of Strength
7104 Potion of Freedom
7105 Potion of Stone Form
7106 Gem
7107 Fire Agate Gem
7108 Lynx Eye Gem
7109 Sunstone Gem
7110 Turquoise Gem
7112 Bloodstone Gem
7113 Skydrop Gem
7114 Andar Gem
7115 Jasper Gem
7116 Tchazar Gem
7117 Zircon Gem
7118 Iol Gem
7119 Moonstone Gem
7122 The final battle with Bodhi While I had feared for some time that Bodhi's final revenge on me would be to take away Viconia forever, it seems that the information in the lorebook was right... Amaunator's idol has restored Viconia not only to life, but has removed the vampiric curse from her as well.
7123 Leaving the island I got the horn that Saemon needed, but Desharik caught us before we could cast off. In the ensuing battle with his men, Saemon was killed... and that means that I have no way off the island. I shall have to reenter the asylum and find the magic portal that Saemon mentioned. It is my only hope.
7124 Waterstar Gem
7125 Ziose Gem
7126 Chrysoberyl Gem
7128 Star Diopside Gem
7129 Shandon Gem
7130 Aquamarine Gem
7131 Garnet Gem
7132 Horn Coral Gem
7133 Pearl
7134 Sphene Gem
7135 Black Opal
7136 Water Opal
7137 Moonbar Gem
7138 Star Sapphire
7139 Diamond
7140 Emerald
7141 King's Tears
7142 Rogue Stone
7144 The juggernaut golem activated The Cowled Wizard Jermien used the mimic's blood I brought him to activate his juggernaut golem... only to have his creation turn on him and kill him. I was able to dispatch it before it killed Jermien's daughter, Collette, who left sadly with her beau, Daar.
7146 Anomen's judgment Anomen's trial has been completed, and he has been judged worthy of becoming a full knight within the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. Anomen is understandably pleased.
7147 The drow summoning ritual I have encountered Solaufein once again, who has apparently snuck back into the city to spy on Phaere. He thanked me for sparing him and gave me another copy of the silver dragon eggs... these ones even Phaere will not be able to distinguish from the real ones.
7148 The drow summoning ritual Phaere has told me of Ardulace's plan in its entirety. The drow intend to invade the surface... to what end, I don't know. But Matron Ardulace's ritual is going to summon a great demon to aid the drow. The dragon eggs will be sacrificed to the demon in return for its service, and this will place House Despana in great favor with Lolth. Phaere intends to betray Matron Ardulace and has coerced me into helping her. She wants me to go to the Despana treasury (in Lolth's temple) and replace the silver dragon's eggs with fake eggs that Phaere has had made. Then when Ardulace offers the dragon the fake eggs, Phaere can step in with the real ones. I must be careful if I go to the treasury... killing the guards, if it is done, must be done discreetly if at all. And even once I get the eggs, the city has been sealed by Matron Ardulace... there is no escaping. I must continue to play along... for now.
7149 Lium's Journal of Malevolent Magicks
7150 Manual
7151 Tome
7152 Magical Book
7153 Spellbook
7154 Manual of Bodily Health
7155 Manual of Gainful Exercise
7156 Manual of Quickness of Action
7157 Tome of Clear Thought
7158 Tome of Leadership and Influence
7159 Tome of Understanding
7160 Normal Book
7161 Angelo
7163 Garren's child rescued Though Firkraag remains alive, Garren Windspear was thankful for the safe return of his child. The dragon is likely done with me, at least for now, and hopefully he will leave Garren alone as well. Garren offered me lodgings at his cabin should I ever be in the Windspear Hills area again.
7166 Garren's child dead While Firkraag may be dead, nothing meant more to Garren Windspear than the safety of his child. The defeat of his enemy means little to him now that his child is gone. There is nothing I can do, despite all he has done for me.
7167 Rescue Garren's child from Firkraag Inside Firkraag's dungeon, I have encountered a woman by the name of Samia... a relic hunter of sorts who is searching for texts relating to a dead Tethyrian king. I have agreed to take her key and find the texts she needs from the king's burial chamber... which is supposedly protected by a mysterious, invisible creature, the last of seven guardians, according to the legends. Once I have the texts, I am to return to Samia.
7168 Samia's plan foiled Samia, the relic hunter in Firkraag's dungeon, was not what she seemed. She had sent me in to get the texts only to take them for herself with the aid of her companions and leave whoever aided her dead and buried. Fortunately, she paid for her arrogance.
7169 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills I have encountered Anath, a werewolf. It spun a tale of a "Shade Lord" arisen from a ruined temple to the east that belonged to the antiquated sun god Amaunator, but is now an unholy place of darkness. This Shade Lord killed her pack, turning them into shade wolves, and she desires nothing more than revenge against him. I allowed her to go on to claim revenge, and she bade me to meet her at the temple... but warned me to beware of the shadows and be prepared.
7170 The prophecy of Sekolah High Priestess Senityili has asked me to go to the rebel, Prince Villynaty, and help him save the sahuagin from the mad king. She has given me an orb which I should keep in my possession when I leave the city, and the rebels will see it and bring me to the rebel prince to talk.
7171 Record
7172 experience
7173 next level
7174 dual-class
7175 level up
7176 Strength
7177 Dexterity
7178 Constitution
7179 Intelligence
7180 Wisdom
7181 Charisma
7182 dwarf
7183 neutral good
7184 neutral evil
7185 true neutral
7186 lawful good
7187 lawful evil
7188 lawful neutral
7189 chaotic good
7190 chaotic evil
7191 chaotic neutral
7192 Level
7193 human
7194 elf
7195 halfling
7196 gnome
7197 half-elf
7198 male
7199 female
7200 ranger
7202 thief
7204 cleric
7205 <FIGHTERTYPE>/thief
7206 bard
7207 cleric/<MAGESCHOOL>
7208 cleric/ranger
7209 cleric/thief
7210 druid
7211 <FIGHTERTYPE>/cleric
7212 <FIGHTERTYPE>/druid
7216 <MAGESCHOOL>/thief
7217 paladin
7218 Quick weapons
7219 Quick items
7220 Quiver
7221 Ground
7222 Scroll
7223 Spell Scroll
7224 Protection From Acid
7225 Protection From Electricity
7226 Protection From Fire
7227 Protection From Magic
7228 Protection From Poison
7229 Protection From Undead
7230 Cursed Scroll of Weakness
7231 But you could do so much more. How can you throw away this opportunity to really walk a mile in another's shoes? I would love such an...
7232 Would you now? I would wish it on you if I could, but you do not mean what you say. You could do as such now, but you do not.
7233 But I just thought...
7234 Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness
7235 Getting inside the asylum Saemon Havarian showed me to a tavern, saying that I can find out what I need to know from a man named Sanik within. Saemon would not go further, fearing his reputation would only prove a hindrance. He has returned to his ship.
7236 Allies recruited for the struggle against Bodhi Prelate Wessalen of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart has agreed to aid me against Bodhi. A group led by Sir William Reirrac will meet me beneath the Graveyard District when I am ready to strike at the vampire.
7240 Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills I have encountered a werewolf by the name of Anath, who spun a tale of a "Shade Lord" that has arisen from a ruined temple to the east that once belonged to the antiquated sun god Amaunator, but is now an unholy place of darkness. This Shade Lord killed her pack, turning them into shade wolves, and she claimed to desire nothing more than revenge against him. Perhaps some of her tale was true, but she was an evil creature nonetheless, and I dispatched her.
7241 Inside the planar sphere Onvo, one of the Knights of Solamnia trapped in the sphere, warned me of a wizard's room nearby that contains a damaged golem.
7242 A spectator and his chest are rarely parted I've encountered a peculiar spectator beholder, set to guard a particular chest for a lengthy time. He doesn't seem malevolent, but if I want what's in that chest, I guess I have no choice but to fight him. Perhaps someone wiser might be able to talk him into helping us out, but I don't know.
7243 The final battle with Bodhi Imoen has been restored with Bodhi's death. She is fine... and it seems that she has gotten her soul back from the vampire now. This bodes well for my coming battle with Irenicus and makes my path clear.
7244 Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
7245 Cursed Scroll of Ugliness
7246 Cursed Scroll of Summon Monster
7247 Cursed Scroll of Petrification
7248 Cursed Scroll of Ailment
7252 The transformation and the dream With Imoen's help, I have defeated Bhaal... my instinct. It was incredulous, but told me at the same time that my soul was weak and that it was gone... all that was left within me was my instinct. At the same time as it died, so did Imoen... perhaps that part of me that was my soul. I do not know. And then I awoke.
7253 The transformation and the dream I have found Imoen in my dream. Perhaps it is the real Imoen somehow, or perhaps it is something else that I see as Imoen. Regardless, all she would say is that I must go and find the "Bhaal creature"... what she described as my instinct... and bring it to her so that we may fight it together. If I fight it alone, win or lose, I will be killed.
7255 The transformation and the dream While Irenicus cast his spell on me to steal my divinity... my soul... I was mired in a dream in which I fought against the personification of my instinct and prevailed. I awoke. My victory in my dream, however, did not mean victory in reality. Irenicus had successfully taken my soul and stated that now both he and Bodhi were free of the curse which they had been subjected to... and that Imoen and I would both die a slow and withering death. What he plans to do next he would not say, but he left it to Bodhi to finish me off once and for all.
7256 Journey to the Windspear Hills It appears I have been tricked into killing a group of paladins. Illusions disguised them as ogres, and apparently I appeared the same to them. The Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart will surely take exception to this act, and I have only one witness to the event to say otherwise, a man by the name of Garren Windspear. Garren offered me the sanctuary of his cabin, saying that the Order will no doubt alert authorities across the country. I refused, but he invited me to return should I need to.
7262 The de'Arnise keep has been invaded Nalia's aunt, Lady Delcia, has been rescued. She has gone to leave the keep on her own, now that I have cleared the path. The fact that she has left is... ah... something of a blessing.
7263 When we spoke to Volo, he told us much about the troubles of the Sword Coast. It seems that bandits raid the Coast Way, making that road unsafe to travel. Iron in this region has become brittle, though none know why. He also spoke of people vanishing from the Nashkel mines.
7264 The dueling families of Trademeet I have agreed to enter a tomb here in Trademeet that apparently contains a gold circlet named the Mantle of Waukeen, which will prove Lord Skarmaen's claim of his family being the only true nobility in the town. He has given me a key to the tomb and warns me that it is haunted... I am to return with the circlet once I get it.
7265 You thought I would desire to know the thoughts of others, but you were wrong. I have no such desire. Whatever the rest of you think is irrelevant.
7266 Protection From Petrification
7267 Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
7268 Wand of Fire
7269 Wand of Frost
7270 Wand of Lightning
7271 Wand of Polymorphing
7272 Wand of Monster Summoning
7273 Wand of the Heavens
7274 Edwin, you should learn to walk a little more dignified... carry yourself in a better manner.
7275 I will not remain like this! I will not "present a more wholesome image," nor will I acknowledge this form in any way! I will not be this way for long!
7276 And exactly WHAT is wrong with my "manner"?
7277 You... well, the way you walk about, some might think you were... of little moral fiber. You should present a more wholesome image if you are to remain like this.
7278 Very well then, but if we get too close to the docks, you might find the less upstanding members of society getting more... familiar than you would like.
7279 (When the time comes, I must kill her first. Slowly, but first.)
7280 What is the matter, Edwin? You look as though you chafe within your very skin. Oh, wait. That is because you ARE chafing within your very skin. Hm! How thoughtless of me to remind you.
7281 I will not suffer your taunts, woman! You know well I despise this form!
7282 History of Durpar and Var the Golden: Durpar and Var the Golden share a common history. Over three thousand years ago, these countries were both subject to the great kingdom of Raurin. When Raurin fell in -2488 DR, the countries of Durpar and Var barely survived the destruction. Rioting, mass destruction, and hatred of nobility were rampant, and the two countries descended into barbarism for over two millennia. Finally, after most of the barbarian tribes were wiped out by the great empire of Mulhorand, a leader emerged. Satama, a mere trader, experienced a divine revelation and formulated a new philosophy: All things in the world were connected, were part of a single creation spirit, and all of the gods of the realms were merely parts of the same entity. Soon all the Shining Lands embraced the teachings of Satama, and the seeds of civilization were laid in what came to be known as the Lands of the One. Since the Lands of the One had many natural resources, trade with Mulhorand and Luiren became a way of life. Merchants were honored above all. In time, the Maharajah of Durpar and the Rajah of Var were replaced with a council of Merchants. During this time the land suffered occasional raiding attacks from the horsewomen of Dambrath, and had many skirmishes with the neighboring countries of Estagund and Ulgarth. In 1023 DR, after an armed peace had been worked out with Ulgarth, the council of merchants decided that something needed to done about the raiders from Estagund who were hurting trade with other countries. War was an inconvenience, but interrupting trade was life-threatening. Jeradeem, the richest merchant in the lands, was given power to negotiate a settlement. During these negotiations he proved, at least in the eyes of the Durparians, that he was indeed the master trader he seemed. Estagund had just tried a foolish invasion of Dambrath. The vengeful female leaders of that land wiped out nearly every able-bodied fighting man they sent. The monsters of Veldorn were causing problems, and Estagund was going through a famine. It was here that Jeradeem showed his fine merchant's instincts. He could not pass up such an advantage, and began bargaining the most outrageous trade of all time. He met with the leaders of Estagund, a fearful king and his nobles, and explained the advantages of Durparian life and the philosophy of the Adama, the oneness of all things. He bargained for days until finally the king made the trade. He purchased the whole of Estagund for the countries of Durpar and Var at the price of twenty four gems. He also promised protection, and help for their integration into the Durparian way of life. Thus were formed the Shining Lands. Within a hundred years, the three countries shared a common way of life, and with the added strength and resources of Estagund, Durparian merchants increased their trading range. They roamed as far east as Kara-Tur, as far north as the Sea of Fallen Stars, and west to Dambrath and Halruaa. At the present time, with the newly discovered lands of Maztica and Zakhara beckoning, the future looks bright.
7283 History of Tethyr: For the past 1500 years, Tethyr has had a single, strong royal family ruling with absolute power. When a king died or became incapacitated, his oldest son took the throne. As the family trees of those close to power became more intertwined and complicated, there were the inevitable wars of succession and bickering over which second cousin was the "true" heir to the throne. Civil wars were brief, however, and once the fighting was over the system returned to normal (until the next major dispute in a few hundred years or so). The established recurring cycle was broken 10 years ago. The current ruling family had been in power for over 350 years, so long that they had dropped their own family name centuries ago (no one even remembers it now) and simply called themselves Tethyr. King Alemander IV was comfortably ruling from Castle Tethyr, and the country seemed happy enough, but there was a broad current of dissatisfaction among the people of Tethyr. Non-humans were forbidden by law to own land, and since most rights and privileges accorded citizens were based on land ownership, they became second-class citizens as well. Things were especially bad for elves, who were driven deep into the Forest of Tethir by royal armies. Alemander IV took land away from rightful owners and gave it to nobles who promised larger contributions to the royal treasury. These social and economic inequities, coupled with several harsh winters and bad harvests in a row, made the time ripe for a change. It takes more than just a couple of lousy winters to depose a king however; it takes treachery as well. In the case of the fall of House Tethyr it took an ambitious general and an impatient royal heir. Prince Alemander grew tired of waiting for the robust Alemander IV to make room for him, so he struck a deal with General Nashram Sharboneth, commander of the king's largest army. While Sharboneth marched his army toward Tethyr, bringing along a sizable group of angry peasants recruited with the promise of land reform, the would-be Alemander V downplayed alarming reports from the king's spies and advisors, silencing the most persistent permanently through murder or exile. By the time Sharboneth's army arrived and laid siege to Castle Tethyr, it was too late for loyalists to help. As Sharboneth launched a direct assault on the castle (using the expendable peasants as shock troops), a handful of elite soldiers let in a secret entrance by the prince would eliminate key guards and open the gates. At the same time, the prince (one of the few people allowed to see the king directly) would murder his father. A fire set by the elite troops would destroy evidence of treachery; the general and the prince would emerge from the conflagration and announce a new, joint government. The plan was executed perfectly, but only up to a point. Sharboneth double-crossed the prince; his men were much too efficient in setting the castle ablaze, and Prince Alemander (along with most of his fellow conspirators) died horribly in the fire. At about the same time, a spy planted on the general's inner staff by the equally duplicitous Alemander murdered the general and dissolved his body with a powerful acid before anyone could come to his aid. To make matters worse, everyone had underestimated the resentment the people felt for the royal family. Once Castle Tethyr began to fall there was no holding back the mob. In one night, the proudest, strongest castle in all the country was reduced to a smoking ruin. Everything of value—fine tapestries, plates and silverware, furniture, jewelry, weapons, clothes, armor, paintings, statues, etc.- was either stolen, burned, or just ripped apart and stomped into the dust. As news of the fall of the royal family spread, so did the chaos. In what is now known as the "Ten Black Days of Eleint," anyone known (or even suspected) of blood connection to the royal family was put to the sword. This led to some darkly humorous moments, as social climbers who had bragged just a week before of being a sixth cousin twice removed of a royal aunt tried in vain to convince an angry mob that they were "only kidding." The nobles who were the biggest supporters of the royal family also came under attack, and some baronial keeps fell. Local leaders who had adequately distanced themselves from the Tethyr family, or were popular enough (or feared/strong enough), survived. These surviving nobles became the initial players in the fight to decide the fate of Tethyr. One thing was certain; any leader or type of government that too closely resembled rule under the Tethyrs would not be accepted. "Royalist" became a dirty word in Tethyr society. The power struggle continues to this day, and there is no sign of it ending anytime soon.
7284 History of Amn: Amn has the good fortune to have abundant natural resources; some would say Amn is the richest land on the continent. This has worked in Amn's favor for generations, because even if they were conquered, the new masters would be gentle, looking to gain wealth from the land, rather than to put it to the torch. Amn has been a center of trade and commerce for as long as anyone can remember. Oral traditions handed down from father to son tend to support the theory that Amn has been a trade center for at least 800 years. Unfortunately, written records are difficult to find and often incomplete. It would seem the typical Amnian citizen was too busy trying to fill their coffers to write down events of the day. Amn has always been more interested in the present and the future than the past, and this makes an accurate history difficult. The best records, the business papers of the oldest trading companies, are jealously guarded. The fear of revealing "trade secrets" is stronger than the call of history, so the average citizen knows very little about Amn's past. It appears that the Amn of 100 years ago was very much like the Calimshan of today. Each major city was basically an independent entity, banding together for defense when necessary, and fighting for control of territory and profitable trade routes the rest of the time. A particularly brutal trade war began 24 years ago, with each city exacting prohibitive tariffs on goods imported from the others. The trade war escalated, and city troops began to raid caravans sponsored by other cities. In a matter of months commerce was brought to a halt, a number of cities were under siege, and war threatened to engulf the entire region. Into the breach stepped a young merchant named Thayze Selemchant. Thayze was smart, charismatic, and very well connected (the Selemchant trading house was one of the oldest and richest in Athkatla.) He secretly contacted representatives of the five other richest merchant houses in Amn, and started to plan. The first part of the plan involved the careful sprinkling of rumors about outside threats. One involved a pirate invasion from the Nelanther, another was about a massing of orcs just on the other side of the Cloud Peaks. Thayze even started a rumor about an elf army in the Forest of Tethir, ready to pounce on a divided Amn. None of the rumors were true, but they began to turn people's thoughts toward unity, not war. Thayze knew that if he and the other members of his council were to take control of Amn, they would need broad-based popular support. Tensions between cities and merchant houses were still high, so to get that support, Selemchant and the others agreed to drop their family names and never use them again. When news of a "Council of Six" spread throughout the land, many people accepted their rule. A group that would unite Amn under one rule, governing for the benefit of all instead of one city or trading company over another, was indeed a welcome change. The council raised an army (at great personal expense) to quell the few pockets of resistance that remained, and have been in total control of Amn for the past 22 years.
7285 History of Calimshan: Calimshan is older than either of the other Empires of the Sands, first settled over 7,000 years ago by the Djen, a humanoid race from the Elemental Plane of Air. These Djen were known to be very magical, and during the course of their rule they developed many new spells previously not available in the Plane of Air. The Djen prospered for over 1,000 years in Calimshan, but their reign was ended by an invasion of creatures and minions from the Plane of Fire. Some say this is where the bitter hatred between djinni and efreeti started, though others contend this was just a result of a hatred that was already there. Whatever the cause, the battle was long and bloody, and took over 100 years to complete. The Djen finally routed the attackers, but were greatly weakened in the attempt. They slowly declined, and the last mention of the Djen is just under 6,000 years old. For the next 4,000 years Calimshan was dominated by nomadic tribes of humans. Tribes from various places—Chult, the Shaar, The Shining Plains, Chondath, even Amn and Cormyr—took turns dominating, only to be conquered by the next, nearly identical tribe. Slowly, the nomadic nature of Calimshan began to change. As explorers and traders from Amn, Waterdeep, and Cormyr discovered the wonders of the area, some tribes began to settle down and develop new means of support, like fishing, farming, or trading. These communities began to band together for mutual protection, and soon a civilization was born. It was only 1,300 years ago that the Shoon Empire (now called Iltkazar) came into being. The Shoons were a grand and glorious empire, and their excesses were the foundation of Calishite snobbery today. They grew wise and powerful in the ways of magic, and ships and caravans bearing the Shoon flag traveled across the realms. Shoon himself, a particularly powerful mage, created a book of great power during this time called the Tome of the Unicorn. The exact location of the Tome has been lost in time, but since the book is 2' by 3' and made of pure metal, it is likely to still be around... somewhere. 900 years ago the Shoon empire abruptly vanished. A great magical upheaval was suspected at first, but learned mages of other lands dispute the claim. A force that great they say, would have disturbed magical powers and beings throughout the realms, and that didn't happen. Sages who have studied the Shoon at great length have reached no definite conclusions, but the most popular theories today center around a plague or disease that decimated the population. Today, the Shoon impact on Calimshan is still great. The grandeur of that empire is responsible, more than anything else, for the strong national character of Calimshan today. The ruins of the Shoon's greatest city, Monrativi Teshy Mir, can still be found in the wilderness to the west of the edge of the Forest of Mir (see below for more on Monrativi Teshy Mir). Since the fall of Shoon, no force or people has risen to solely dominate the land. There are a half dozen or so major cities, each of which exerts its own power over its own area. About 170 years ago, a man in Calimport amassed a large army and declared himself "Pasha" over the land. Before that army could march, however, the representatives of each major city met and agreed to recognize the Pasha's authority in limited areas, and to pay a small tribute to him; enough to pay for the works the Pasha was expected to do. The oldest son of each pasha inherits the title; if there is no son, the mayors of each large city select a new one. The current Pasha, Rashid Djenispool, has ruled for over 18 years, and is the grandson of a pasha elected by the mayors of Calimshan 44 years ago.
7286 History of Estagund: Estagund history follows a different path than those of Durpar and Var. The Gunders were conquered in 551 DR by Reinhar I, warchief of the Arkaiuns of Dambrath. Estagund regained its independence when Reinhar was slain by the Halruaan archmage Mycontil, though the country soon degenerated into a group of small independent city-states. Skirmishes with Var, and between the city-states, continued for several centuries until a king once again united the country. King Bornial was a skilled ruler, and under him Estagund began to prosper. His descendants did not share his wisdom, and in 1053 DR, King Selkarin more than illustrated this. He had failed to conquer Durpar, and Veldorn resisted his challenges. An avowed misogynist, Selkarin turned his attentions to the matriarchy of Dambrath. He led a large fleet to attack Dambrath, taking extreme losses, including his own life. Selkarin died childless, so his brother Seltarir was crowned King. The new ruler faced a country with most of its fighting men gone, and an unforeseen problem: famine. The famine was caused by a blight that wiped out nearly all the year's crops in Estagund. This made him eager for a deal posed by the Durparian merchant Jeradeem, and in a legendary trade the entire country of Estagund was sold. Contrary to popular rumor, Seltarir did not trade away the country for 24 pearls. In actuality he received diamonds worth almost a million gold pieces. The sudden wealth gave him an instant seat on the council of Merchants, so he retained a measure of rule in addition to his fortune. Chaka Seltarir is still the richest chaka in Estagund to this day. In the years that followed, the Gunders began rebuilding their lives under their new circumstance, and now they compete on equal footing with the merchants of Durpar and Var.
7287 History of Gondegal the Lost King: Arabel, long under the dominion of Cormyr, for a time became the center of a swordsman's empire. This swordsman was Gondegal, the Lost King, who in the Year of the Dragon (1352 DR) attempted to carve a kingdom for himself centered on Arabel. It was to extend north to the Desertsmouth Mountains, south and west of Wyvernwater and the farms outlying from Eveningstar, and east to Tilver's Gap and the mountain passes. In the years following, people would say that Gondegal's reach was no longer than his blade. He could not hold any of the territory against the might of Cormyr, Sembia, Daggerdale, Tilverton, and several of the other Dales—all of whom he drew the blood and ire of in the making of his throne. Gondegal ruled for less than a season, though he reigned officially for scarcely eight days. The remainder of his rule was spent fighting here and there against one foe or another in the lands he claimed. His troops were largely mercenary, and his treasury of seized goods was small and soon gone. One night Gondegal's force simply melted away before the advancing troops of Cormyr, and was gone. King Azoun IV retook Arabel on that morn without wetting a blade. No one has ever found the body of Gondegal; he is known to have fled north and then east via Teshwave, but then his fate becomes a matter of conflicting rumor and legend. Some believe he still lives with a score or more of loyal followers, keeping court in the wilds somewhere, a careful and ruthless bandit who takes care that none survive his attacks to carry tales anywhere. When entire caravans vanish at times anywhere between the High Dale and far-off Impiltur, he is blamed by talk in the taverns. Gondegal was said to be a tall, gray-haired warrior of considerable personal skill and intelligence. His badge was a gray wolf's head, face on, with red eyes. Caravan guards often warn merchants to beef up the escort on a particular caravan, "else thy gold'll soon be gilding Gondegal's throne." Gondegal was an impeccable swordsman and somewhat chaotic in his self-professed neutral alignment. If he does indeed yet live, the magic or treasure he carries, and who his allies might be, are all unknown. Gondegal's reign had a great influence on the King of Cormyr, at that time in his second decade of rule. Not only was Azoun forced to put down an effective rebellion in his own country, he was forced to pay more attention to matters outside Suzail, to become the ruler of a nation as opposed to a city-state. Further, the bloodless assault on Arabel was Azoun's first true experience at the head of his army, and the joy of "freeing" the people of Arabel is one that remains with him.
7288 History of the Chosen of Mystra: The reason why Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, invested a portion of her divine might in mortals is not known. One of the more popular theories, and one that is gaining more support in light of the goddess' other actions during that period, is that Mystra foresaw the Time of Troubles (and her own passing at the hands of Helm) and chose to give some of her power to mortals in order to ensure that her successor (the female mage Midnight, as it turned out) would have a number of nearly immortal allies in the struggle against the schemes of the gods (the now dead Bane, Myrkul, and Bhaal) who precipitated the Time of Troubles by stealing the Tablets of Fate. The theory goes on to suggest that Mystra informed Azuth at approximately the Year of the Rising Flame (0 DR), more than 1,300 years before the Time of Troubles, that some of her power must be put into the hands of mortals who would then become known as Mystra's Chosen. This power would sleep within the bodies of those mortals, allowing Mystra to call on it only with their permission. It would give the Chosen the innate ability to heal quickly, and would give them life spans far greater than those of ordinary mortals. Mystra speculated that these mortals might be able to call on her power and thereby gain some special abilities, but that these powers would not rival those of a deity. (See "Powers" below.) The Goddess of All Magic then began to select mortals she thought to be suitable. One of the first was the young mage Elminster, and she also singled out a promising wizard named Khelben Arunsun. Both have proved to be worthy and capable receptacles of her power, but Mystra's other early attempts to invest her power in living humans were unsuccessful, and she came to realize that only very few mortals were of stern enough substance to contain such power within themselves without being destroyed or corrupted. Even though some people aside from Elminster and Khelben may have possessed the requisite strength, it is possible that having lived for years prior to being visited by Mystra had set them on a path from which they were not able to deviate. Whatever the reason, the problem needed to be solved. To get around the difficulty, Mystra devised a plan to use herself as a vessel to breed individuals who could be nurtured and acclimated to her power from the very beginnings of their lives. For the father of these individuals, she picked the best example of human stock she could find: Domal Silverhand, a nobleman and a former Harper who lived near Neverwinter. Mystra then possessed the body of Elue Shundar, a half-elven sorceress whom Dornal was already attracted to. Mystra revealed her presence and her plan to Elue, who happily and eagerly agreed to have the goddess share her body. Elue had been reluctant, but under the influence of Mystra the woman became a seductress, and Domal found his advances being suddenly returned with great fervor. Dornal and Mystra/Elue were wed in the Year of Drifting Stars (760 DR). The first of seven daughters, Anastra Sylune, was born the following winter. Sylune's six sisters emerged at one-year intervals thereafter: Endue Alustriel, Ambara Dove, Ethena Astorma (she prefers the shortened "Storm" these days), Anamanue Laeral, Alassra Shentrantra (known today as the Simbul), and Er'sseae Qilue. These siblings have become known in Realmsian lore as the Seven Sisters. Domal, who had been kept in the dark about his wife's true nature through the years (presumably because Mystra didn't want to risk losing his services), was disappointed and nearly distraught by the time his sixth child was born; He had always wanted sons as well as daughters. More importantly, he was seeing his wife deteriorate right before his eyes. The strain of coexisting with the goddess all these years had turned Elue into a withered shell—in essence a lich, clinging to life only because Mystra's power was within her. When Elue was carrying the seventh child, Dornal consulted a priest who told him his wife had been possessed by an entity of great magical power. To spare both of them any further agony, he attempted to slay his wife's physical form by severing her head from her body. As soon as he had done this, Mystra was forced to reveal herself to him, and she went on to explain her scheme. Just as she had worried would happen, Dornal was aghast at how he and his wife had been used by the goddess. He turned his back on the corpse of his wife, abandoned his lands and his children, and vanished into the North. Mystra bore him no ill will, and in fact protected him for the final 30 years of his life. When Domal finally did meet his end he called out to Mystra, and the goddess granted him continued existence as her servant. Now known as the Watcher, Domal Silverhand travels the world unseen by mortals on a continuing mission to locate candidates to swell the ranks of the Chosen and to identify possible threats to Mystra and her minions.
7289 History of Shadowdale—The Fall of Azmaer, Last Drow Marshall of the Twisted Tower: The drow rule of Shadowdale lasted until the early 900s Dale Reckoning, when the increased human population in the area brought the dark elves into conflict with their now more numerous neighbors. The humans were the Dalesmen who a millennium earlier had crossed the Dragon Reach and made peace with the elves of Myth Drannor, settling at the borders of the great woods that was the elven home. The drow soon found themselves under continual attack, and most of those who held overground settlements retreated back below. The last powerful drow leader was Azmaer, the marshal of the Twisted Tower in its last drow-held days. Azmaer oversaw the last retreat of the drow holdings in the face of a human uprising, and held the citadel against a year-long siege. With supplies and slaves brought up from the Underdark directly into the tower, the drow could have conceivably held out forever; However, a human slave (family histories in the Dales indicate a number of possible individuals) poisoned the well in the Tower and the citadel was easily overrun. Azmaer's body was not found among the dead, leading some to believe that he escaped back into the depths to rejoin his people. Noting the fact that he would have had to explain to his matriarch how he lost Shadowdale, it is much more likely that, should Azmaer have survived, he went into voluntary exile, hiding from both human and drow. Given that this occurred only 400 years ago, it is certainly possible that Azmaer still lives.
7290 History of Shadowdale—Ashaba Becomes First Lord of Shadowdale: Upon taking the Twisted Tower and removing the drowish yoke from the people, the Dalesmen had fully established the Dale of Shadowdale, with its seat of power in the tower itself. Its first lord was a water wizard who had aided in the final attack: Ashaba, who was great in age when he ascended, and ruled peacefully for forty years thereafter. It is said that Ashaba realized he was dying and turned himself to water, merging with the river. Since that time, the river, the ford, and the Twisted Tower all bear his name. Before passing on Ashaba chose one of his trusted lieutenants as the new lord of Shadowdale. Presented to the people of the Dale, he was made the new lord by acclamation. In an additional honor, the pendant worn by Ashaba was thereafter recognized as a symbol of the lordship in the Dalelands, and was possessed by each of the successive lords following.
7291 History of Shadowdale—Joadath and the Tyrist Massacre: The past hundred years have been an example of the best and worst of the lords of Shadowdale. All have been nonnative to the Dalelands, though all made the land their home. A century ago the lord of the Dales was one Joadath, a stiff-necked agnostic who denied the power of any god, good or evil, and used force to back up his beliefs. During this time there was a great deal of religious persecution, including a massacre of Tyrists on Watcher's Knoll. Joadath was eventually killed by a beast of the nether planes summoned by parties unknown, which then proceeded to rampage through the Dale. The beast was killed and Shadowdale rescued by the spellcasters Aumry and Sylune. Aumry was proclaimed lord by acclamation.
7292 History of Shadowdale—Aumry Rules in Peace: The longest period of peaceful rule was by Lord Aumry and his wife Sylune (better known as the Witch of Shadowdale). They ruled over the community for forty years, a period of extended peace with their neighboring dales, nations, and the elven peoples. It was this very peace and power which made the Dale the target for attacks and sabotage by the Black Network (Zhentarim). They sought (and still seek) to control the trade from the Moonsea to the Sword Coast, and desired to make Shadowdale a vassal state of Zhentil Keep. Lord Aumry's rule ended tragically when he was assassinated by Zhentish agents.
7293 History of Shadowdale—Jyordhan the False Lord: Lord Aumry was assassinated by Zhentarim agents, who in turn were captured and killed by the warrior Jyordhan. Jyordhan, with the Pendant of Ashaba in hand(the symbol of the lordship in the Dales), proceeded to present himself as the new lord, and was so acclaimed by the people. It was unknown to the people that Jyordhan was also an agent of the Zhentarim, and that the entire proceeding had actually been a ruse. Jyordhan abandoned the Twisted Tower, instead establishing himself in Castle Krag east of Shadowdale. His court was soon overrun with agents of the Black Network. When the people eventually revolted, Zhentil Keep sent peace-keeping forces to maintain Jyordhan's rule. Sylune, now aware of the deception but a firm pacifist, did her best to keep the Dale healthy and intact during Jyordhan's evil rule.
7294 History of Shadowdale—Khelben Kills Jyordhan: Lord Jyordhan's rule of Shadowdale ended when he encountered Khelben Arunsun, also called the Blackstaff. The story at the time was that Jyordhan accepted an invitation from Khelben to visit Waterdeep, and there he took ill and died. In reality, Jyordhan ambushed Khelben as the mage was leaving Shadowdale, and the Blackstaff killed him. In either case, Khelben took hold of the Pendant of Ashaba (the symbol of the lordship in the Dales) and returned to Waterdeep with it, promising to send a suitable candidate for lordship to the Dales. Jyordhan had ruled for five years, and without his advocacy, Castle Krag was abandoned and the Zhentil Keep troops routed. Jyordhan's previously chosen successor was a Melvauntan named Lyran, but without the Pendant this individual was considered a pretender to the throne.
7295 History of Shadowdale—Lords Accepted by Acclamation: This acclamation of the people has formed the basis for choosing the lord of Shadowdale since the routing of the evil Lord Jyordhan by Khelben Blackstaff. Usually a predecessor will step down as opposed to dying in office, and his chosen successor will be approved by the populace at large. This system has had its drawbacks, as will be shown below, but in general, it has served the independent, self-willed people of the Dale very well. They have avoided the "genetic lottery of which good bureaucracies and bad kingships are made" (a quote from the venerable Elminster). The symbol of the lordship is the Pendant of Ashaba, a device owned by the original wizard, and used to determine the rightful lord of the Dale.
7296 History of Shadowdale—The Time of No Lords: During the period when Khelben Blackstaff held the Pendant of Ashaba (the symbol of the lordship in the Dales), Sylune (wife of the murdered Lord Aumry) was the de facto ruler of Shadowdale, though these years were known as the Time of No Lords. Sylune and an adventuring company known as Mane's Band were responsible for driving out the Zhentil Keep forces and keeping at bay the monsters in the area. The Twisted Tower, the traditional seat of leadership, remained uninhabited following its abandonment by the evil Lord Jyordhan, and neither Sylune nor the companions of Mane's Band wished to assume the mantle of leader. With time, Mane's Band passed on to other lands and adventures.
7297 History of Shadowdale—Doust Sulwood Becomes Lord of Shadowdale: Three winters following his defeat of the evil Lord Jyordhan, Khelben Blackstaff found a suitable candidate to assume leadership of the Dales, or rather a group of candidates. They were the Knights of Myth Drannor, so named to show their interest in the elven territories and their connection with the elven peoples, and Khelben gave them the Pendant of Ashaba (the symbol of the Lordship) in return for services rendered to himself and to Shadowdale. Their leader, the ranger Florin Falconhand, refused the honor of the lordship. It was therefore passed to Doust Sulwood, who was made the new lord with the support of Florin and Sylune (wife of the murdered Lord Aumry), and apparently also the secret support of Khelben as well. Doust reoccupied the Twisted Tower, driving out the last agents of the Black Network. He also re-instituted many of Ashaba's democratic ideals, including the Lord's Court where all citizens may speak freely and air their grievances without threat of reprisal. Doust ruled for five years and proved to be a capable ruler, beloved by the people. The regular presence of the Knights of Myth Drannor did much to ensure the protection of the area, particularly against incursions by Lyran Nanther the Pretender. Lyran was to have been Jyordhan's named replacement, but with the Zhentarim routed there is little validity to the claim.
7298 History of Shadowdale—Elminster Moves to Shadowdale: It is of note that during the time that Doust Sulwood of the Knights of Myth Drannor assumed the role of Lord of Shadowdale, Elminster took up residence in the area. A semi-regular visitor up to that time, he took possession of a low, abandoned tower at the foot of the Old Skull, and declared himself to be officially in retirement. The nature of that retirement varies from active involvement in local affairs to long-term vacations on other planes. The natives of the Dale have come to the understanding that they cannot always count on the powerful mage being in residence in times of need or danger, but when he is present in these circumstances his aid is usually given.
7299 History of Shadowdale—Doust Chooses Mourngrym Amcathra to Succeed Him: Doust Sulwood, recommended to the position by Khelben Blackstaff, ruled Shadowdale as lord for five years. "Seems like a millennium," he was oft known to have reported, and the tedium of court life and the lure of adventure eventually caused him to retire his position and rejoin the Knights of Myth Drannor in regular adventuring. He handed the Pendant of Ashaba (symbol of the Lordship) on to one of the younger Knights, a Waterdhavian noble named Mourngrym Amcathra. Mourngrym had been dispatched by Khelben from Waterdeep for other purposes, but Doust liked both the young man's straightforward honesty and his willingness to shoulder the burden of protecting the small community from myriad dangers. Time has proven this choice a wise one.
7300 History of Shadowdale—Shaerl and Mourngrym Meet and Marry: The implications of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun "choosing" the last two lords of Shadowdale (Doust Sulwood and Mourngrym Amcathra) were not lost on the Dale's powerful neighbor to the south, Cormyr. An agent was sent northward to divine Mourngrym's true intentions and to guarantee the Dale's continued good relationship with the throne of the Purple Dragon. The agent was a rogue named Shaerl Rowanmantle, sent by Vangerdahast (though all paperwork on this matter has been curiously incinerated in Suzail, so all is hearsay and tale). Shaerl discovered more than she intended and fell in love with young Mourngrym. The two married and became the lord and lady of Shadowdale. Shaerl's loyalty is now to her husband and to the land they co-rule. This was probably not the intention of the Cormyreans.
7301 History of Shadowdale—Mourngrym's Rule: Since being recommended to the position by outgoing Lord Doust Sulwood, Lord Mourngrym Amcathra's rule of Shadowdale has been less peaceful than he had hoped. The First Battle of Shadowdale occurred in the Year of the Prince (1357 DR), and involved Daleland forces routing those of Lyran the Pretender. Lyran has made repeated attempts to gain the Lordship, as was intended by the former Zhentish puppet, Lord Jyordhan. While significant, this battle pales when compared to the larger battle fought on the same site between Bane-led Zhentil Keep forces and the Dales during the Time of Troubles (1358 DR/0 PR). When the Battle of Shadowdale is referred to (without a number), it usually means this second battle. In addition, Mourngrym has had to deal with a large number of skirmishes, incursions, a possible invasion from below, explosions, and other sundry disasters. Mourngrym and Shaerl have one child, Scotti, who is now nine winters old. By the customs of the area, he is not considered the heir apparent, and another suitable warrior or mage may take the reins of power of the small community. Most feel that Mourngrym will hold the Pendant until his son has reached his majority, then abdicate in young Scotti's favor once he takes his grown name. If this happens, it will be the first occasion of the lordship of Shadowdale passing down through a family.
7302 History of the North—The First Flowering: For millennia, gold elves dwelt in Illefarn (where Waterdeep now stands) and Eaerlann (along the River Shining). From their ornate forest cities, they traded with emerging human nations like Netheril and Illusk and repulsed the attacks of the goblin races. Meanwhile, dwarven clans united as the nation of Delzoun, named for the dwarf who forged the union. The nation, existing primarily underground, extended from the Ice Mountains to the Nether Mountains. Silver Moon Pass was its western border and the Narrow Sea its eastern shore. Orcs came from north of the Spine of the World but were turned back in great slaughter by the elves. To this day, this is the homeland and stronghold for orcs and similar races.
7303 History of the North—The Crown Wars: Humans immigrated in bands from the Shining Sea and up to the Sword Coast. They became seafarers, striking out across the waves to the Moonshaes, Mintarn, Ruathym, and the northern islands. Elves engaged in an unceasing war against each other, with the humans and orcs taking over the resulting ruins. Perhaps the greatest calamity to befall the Fair Folk was the Dark Disaster, a killing magic that took the form of a dark, burning cloud. It enshrouded the kingdom of Miyeritar, and when it faded away some months later, not an elf lived—nor were trees left, only an open, blasted moor: the High Moor. All was not dark for the elves. Although in retreat, as barbarian humans and orc hordes grew in strength, their power rose in the Elven Court and Evereska (remaining a stronghold to this day). They conceived of cooperation between dwarves, kindly humans, and other elves for mutual survival against orcs, marauding humans, and the tide of beasts (ogres, bugbears, trolls, goblins, gnolls, and other nonhuman creatures) led by the rising power of giants. Astonishingly, in at least three places—the Fallen Kingdoms and the cities of Silverymoon and Myth Drannor—they succeeded with shining grace. To the east, on the sandy shores of the calm and shining Narrow Sea, human fishing villages grew into small towns and then joined together as the nation of Netheril. Sages believe the fishing towns were unified by a powerful human wizard who had discovered a book of great magic power that had survived from the Days of Thunder—a book that legend calls the Nether Scrolls. Under this nameless wizard and those who followed, Netheril rose in power and glory, becoming both the first human land in the North and the most powerful. Some say this discovery marked the birth of human wizardry, since before then, mankind had only shamans and witch doctors. For over three thousand years, Netheril dominated the North, but even its legendary wizards were unable to stop their final doom.
7304 History of the Bell in the Depths: One of the great and mysterious sites in the Moonsea area, the Bell in the Depths, is connected with legendary Northkeep, an island kingdom that was the first great citadel of humankind in these cold lands. Northkeep was of great and magical city, and it was under the protection of these magics that humanity first began to press back the orc hordes and take command or the sea. The power of Northkeep made it an obvious target for orcs, giants, and other evil races, however these creatures were not inclined towards sea actions, and Northkeep seemed safe until the day when (according to legend) 40,000 inhuman mages, shamans, witch doctors, and priests of all foul races gathered on the northern shore of the Moonsea and began to chant, bringing the vengeance of their gods down upon the human interlopers. The gods (at least some of them) came and destroyed their priests for disturbing them, but also sank Northkeep beneath the waves. The upper reaches of Northkeep—its slender, now-broken spires—can be seen beneath the water by boats that sail nearby. This is not attempted often, however, as the region is said to be haunted by the original defenders of Northkeep, seeking company in their watch over the Cold Lands. On fog-ridden nights the bells of the tallest towers, despite being submerged, can be heard as far away as Hillsfar.
7305 History of the Red Ravens: One of the few long-standing mercenary companies that operate in Cormyr, the Red Ravens have a strength on paper of 110 swords, but can easily triple that number with new hires if they get a sufficiently large contract. They have been kept on retainer by the government of Cormyr with the stated purpose of cleaning out the Stonelands to the north. They have been moderately successful in this goal, but the Stonelands are still far from being a safe territory. The Red Ravens are commanded by Rayanna the Rose, a veteran of the Horde crusade. They are noted for their honesty and trustworthiness, as they don not wish to jeopardize their royal charter. Most of their troops are armed with studded leather and carry long swords. They charge 200 gold pieces per week for the services of their 110-being unit. Their symbol is a red raven amulet.
7306 History of Dambrath: The nation of Dambrath was formed out of a barbarian kingdom almost a half-millennium ago by a powerful alliance of priestesses of Loviatar and the drow from the city of T'lindhet. In 211 DR, fleeing from the destruction of their homeland by the then-great kingdoms of Unther and Muhlorand, four tribes of barbarians entered Dambrath. They found a coast where the dolphins danced and plains where the grass was long. They roamed from the borders of the Walls of Halruaa, as far east as the current borders of Estagund. They soon became known as the Arkaiun, or people of the wind. In 545 DR a great warchief, Reinhar, arose to lead the tribes. The halflings of Luiren were quickly enslaved, and several of the coastal cities of Durpar were captured or razed. Estagund fell to his rule, and eventually Reinhar turned his attention to Halruaa. An army of 40,000 horsemen and a fleet of 50 ships mounted a coordinated attack, and even though Reinhar was able to get beyond the Walls of Halruaa and occupy the cities of Mithel, Galdel, and Zalsuu, their magics proved to be more than a match for the invaders. Reinhar was finally defeated in a great battle at Sulaziir by the archmage Mycontil and his troop of wizards. Reinhar's son, Reinhar II, took command of the army and set out on a two-month overland retreat. He arrived home with a thousand surviving fighting men and no shaman. Reinhar II proved to be as good a ruler in defeat as his father was in war. He consolidated his forces and pulled home almost all of his troops, as he knew that the defeat made them tempting prey for raiders and encroaching monsters. This action allowed for the safe development of his peoples. By the time the ninth Reinhar was king in 802 DR, the Arkaiuns were fat and lazy. Reinhar IX, or Reinhar the Foolish as he is more commonly known, insisted on expanding his nation to gain more gold to finance his military campaigns. He ordered the mining of many rich lodes of silver and electrum in the Gnollwatch mountains, but before his plans of expansion could begin, the miners encountered the drow of T'lindhet. The drow were outraged and began a steady series of raids and attacks on the Arkaiun strongholds. Whole villages were destroyed overnight, and no trace of the invaders could be found. Reinhar IX committed the foolhardy action of attacking the drow in retaliation. While the Arkaiuns managed to get a force into the drow city, this action only succeeded in uniting the normally chaotic drow. For once, the full power of a drow city was turned against an enemy. The battle quickly moved back to the surface. Reinhar's raiders were wiped out, leaving Reinhar with only a small portion of his original military. This was not enough for the drow, who demanded total enslavement of the entire surface nation. The Arkaiuns resisted valiantly, and the war went on for three decades at tremendous cost in life to both sides. Finally, the drow had the Arkaiun forces cornered at Malduir. Almost without hope, the defenders were overjoyed when a group of half-elven pilgrims appeared on the scene. The high priestess, Cathtyr Shintar, offered the aid of her clerics to help defend the city, and Reinhar took this to be an omen from the gods. A priestess was placed with almost every company. Within a tenday the drow struck. The priestesses did indeed prove to be of great aid, but to the drow. Every priestess turned on the Arkaiuns, and Cathtyr herself slew Reinhar. The drow were still weakened by the battle, and only the presence of the priestesses enabled them to win. Cathtyr, realizing the unique advantage she possessed, made a deal that even the suspicious drow embraced. Her priestesses would rule the land, and in exchange they would provide access to the surface for the drow, trading weapons, slaves, and supplies. The drow were delighted with this brazen offer from a surface-dweller. Reinhar had been slain and the insult avenged, and after 30 years of war the drow were not particularly interested in Dambrath. They did insist, however, on taking the best captured males as slaves. Cathtyr quickly agreed to this, seeing the males as an obstacle to her own power. Cathtyr ruled for 205 years. She fulfilled her promise to make Dambrath, or "The Nation of Pain," a bastion of evil in the realms. In her time, Cathtyr saw the priesthood of Loviatar expand to thousands, and faith in the Beastlords previously worshipped by the Arkaiuns was nearly eradicated. Many of the Arkaiuns were able to escape their new mistresses and flee to the Swagdar. There they resumed their almost forgotten nomadic life. The priestesses of Loviatar continued to enjoy good relations with the drow, and some even took mates, creating a race of drow half-elves. These dark half-elves became known as the Crintri, or "noble ones." Most are priestesses of Loviatar, though many are mages as well. They consolidated their power, learning much of the area from the Shebali, or "lower ones," as the Arkaiuns are now called. The capital of Dambrath was established at Cathtyr, built after Cathtyr's passing and named in her honor. Her death came at the hands of her daughter, Filina, who had grown tired of waiting for her mother to die. Filina ruled for only five years, however, before her own daughter, Cathakay, assumed the throne in the same fashion. Cathakay ruled for 54 years, eventually falling in battle against a gold dragon. She died childless, and her niece Melanith assumed the throne. Melanith faced an increasing population, and unrest among males who longed for a return to their prestige of old. Melanith did not return their previous status, but she did make use of them. Fearing that the great nations of Mulhorand and Unther might rise again, she decided that men would handle mundane tasks, such as the defense of the kingdom. She was the first to name a male to the post of warchief. Sadalar, a Crintri, became the queen's consort. Widespread bribery and corruption characterized his term as warchief. He was, however, responsible for getting many privileges returned to the Arkaiuns. After Melanith's rule, the Shebali were considered second class citizens, rather than slaves. Though males were granted more power during her rule, Melanith also solidified the split between the sexes. While the rulers of Dambarth had been females for over two centuries, it was more because of competence than gender. Melanith, however, decreed that men could have no authority except over other men. The female-led hierarchy of Loviatar was quick to back this move. Many of the bravest and best men of the kingdom perished in raids on Estagund, Durpar, the bandit tribes of Veldorn, and against the gnolls that had returned to the Gnollwatch mountains. Some even fought at the side of the drow in their battle with the svirfneblin city of Aventine. The deep gnomes were destroyed, but so were the Shebali. The drow and the Crintri were largely unharmed, and for their aid, the Crintri were rewarded with a number of drow males to breed in to their race. Melanith took a drow male as her consort to replace Sadalar, who had perished in the conflict. The drow, Nym Inthigg, fathered three daughters and a son. It was at this time that Melantih began the isolationist policy that Dambrath still follows today. Melanith ruled for 156 years, her daughter Ausitil for 125. The current queen of Dambrath is Yenandra; she is known there as the "Pirate Queen," for she has sailed as far south as Zakhara on pillaging raids. Yenandra has been ruling for 71 years, and is beginning to show signs of age. She has three daughters as well, named Luatharyn, Meltruil, and Hasafir. While she does remain extremely popular, especially to the Crintri, the children of leaders in this land are not known to patiently wait their turn.
7307 History of Luiren, Land of the Halflings: The halflings of Luiren claim that it is the original homeland of halflings in the realms. Although other halflings may disagree with this, it is true that Luiren was settled hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years ago. Luiren's history is one of conquerors and subjugation. Throughout the centuries, the halflings have been conquered by the barbarians who used to inhabit Dambrath, by the kingdom of Estagund, and even once by the monsters of Beldorn. In every case, the invaders were eventually defeated because they made the mistake of underestimating the halflings due to their small stature. A good bit of mischief, mayhem, and general trouble-making by the halflings also helped end the occupations. Currently, Luiren is enjoying unprecedented prosperity. The halflings are currently taking advantage of their relationship with the nation of Durpar; their biggest customer and greatest competitor. Also, through these close ties with Durpar, Luiren has protected itself against another Dambraii invasion. The rulers of Dambrath must know that if they begin to expand to the east, they will arouse the ire of Durpar, as well as Var and Estagund. The threat of a trade embargo and/or military consequences have kept this aggressive nation away from the Luireners.
7308 History of Halruaa: Halruaa was settled centuries ago by wizards fleeing the Phaerimm in what was to become the Anauroch desert. The first wizards came in unique flying ships invented by the Netherese, and found a beautiful and rich country settled only by shepherds and large herds of aurochs and wild rothe. It was here that the wizards decided to make a stand, should the Phaerimm follow. The Phaerimm never did, but Halruaa has had to defend itself from attacks by all of its neighbors since then. Over the centuries, Dambrath has attacked and raided Halruaa's ports and borders multiple times. Once, led by a magic-resistant barbarian, the Dambraii occupied all of the country south of Lake Halruaa. They were defeated in battle by the great archmage Mycontil, who slew their barbarian leader. Forty thousand Dambraii attacked, and were stopped by five hundred Halruaans. More than two hundred Halruaan wizards, including Mycontil, died in the battle. The last attack upon Halruaa was less than one hundred years ago, through the Telath Pass by the power-hungry king of Lapaliiya. He had allied with bandits from the wastes, though this time the Halruaans were able to field a larger force, including fighting men as well as wizards in their skyships. The attackers were easily routed. Halruaa also suffered through a civil war about five centuries ago, when a number of mages advocated beginning new experiments in magic, ones which even the Netherese didn't approve of. The renegades were driven from the region, but went on to found the land of Thay, or so it is said in Halruaa. Since then, Halruaa has been at peace (they have had no declared wars), though it still suffers raids from Dambraii pirates, bandits of the wastes, savages from the Mhair Jungles, and any other pirate, raider, or hungry wizard who thinks that magic and wealth grow on trees in Halruaa. This constant raiding has made the Halruaans very defensive, warlike, and traditional. The people say that since wizards have always led them, wizards always will.
7309 History of the North—Recent History of the North: In the waning summer months of 1367, an immense orc horde descended from the Spine of the World, intent on winding its way south into the trade lands of the North. This force of orcs, led by King Greneire, surged its way south between the Moonwood and the Cold Wood, stopping just outside the Citadel of Many Arrows. King Obould, orc ruler of the Citadel of Many Arrows, was terrified at the prospect of another orc horde, despite the fact that he knew they should be working together against the humans of the North and the spawn of Hellgate Keep. His tribal shamans, however, had been predicting a treacherous fall of the citadel—and they'd told the king that he'd be disposed by other orcs. Thus, it was a dark day when King Greneire and his horde of 150,000 orcs appeared on the plains outside the Citadel of Many Arrows. King Obould announced to his followers that this horde had been sent to dislodge them from their home and send them out to be scavengers among the plains. He vowed that, as Gruumsh as his witness, the Citadel of Many Arrows would slaughter these treacherous orcs "like elves during a festival." For four months, the forty-thousand orcs within the citadel held their ground. Assault after assault was mounted against the high walls of the garrison, but the attacking orcs were losing far more than the defenders. Still, the living conditions within the walls—never too good to begin with—created losses of their own. The battle for the Citadel of Many Arrows culminated during the first week of Uktar. As another light blanket of snow sought to bury the gathered orcs, King Greneire threw his entire remaining army at the citadel, bursting its gates and pitting orc against orc in a flurry of swords. As the two orc kings sought one another out along the ramparts, the citadel began to burn. The orcs that survive the battle still speak of the extraordinary prowess of the two kings as they battled one another before their troops. Finally, however, King Obould ran Greneire through with his long sword, but Obould was severely wounded by the time Greneire had breathed his last breath. The orcs erupted into battle once again, and no one is quite certain what became of King Obould. It was through the smoke and snow that the victors of the conflict emerged: the dwarves of Clan Warcrown along with a contingent of troops from Silverymoon. Charging in through the shattered gates, these new attackers quickly routed the exhausted orcs of the citadel, sending them scurrying off into the wilderness. King Emerus Warcrown now rules the Citadel of Many Arrows, though the dwarves now call the city by its old name of Felbarr. Most in the North still tend to refer to the city as the Citadel, however, waiting to see if it can withstand the next orc horde. King Warcrown has put out a call for all dwarves to help defend the citadel, and news of a new vein of gold and silver is spreading rapidly through dwarven communities.
7310 History of the North—The Elven Exodus: This era left behind elven strongholds ripe for pillaging by humans and orcs. When elves chose to leave the North and travel to Evermeet, their works quickly disappeared, leaving only places like the Old Road and a ruined port in the High Forest to mark Eaerlann's passing. And yet it was not only the elves who would disappear from their long-held homes; the human nation of Netheril also stood on the brink of history. Doom for Netheril came in the form of a desert, devouring the Narrow Sea and spreading to fill its banks with dry dust and blowing sand. Legend states that when the great wizards of Netheril realized their land was lost, they abandoned it and their countrymen, fleeing to all corners of the world and taking the secrets of wizardry with them. More likely, this was a slow migration that began three thousand years ago and reached its conclusion fifteen hundred years later. Whatever the truth, wizards no longer dwelled in Netheril. To the north, the once-majestic dwarven stronghold of Delzoun fell upon hard days. Then the orcs struck. Orcs have always been foes in the North, surging out of their holes every few tens of generations when their normal haunts can no longer support their burgeoning numbers. This time they charged out of their caverns in the Spine of the World, poured out of abandoned mines in the Graypeaks, screamed out of lost dwarfholds in the Ice Mountains, raged forth from crypt complexes in the Nether Mountains, and stormed upward from the bowels of the High Moon Mountains. Never before or since has there been such an outpouring of orcs. Delzoun crumbled before this onslaught and was driven in on itself. Netheril, without its wizards, was wiped from the face of history. The Eaerlann elves alone withstood the onslaught and, with the aid of the treants of Turlang and other unnamed allies, were able to stave off the final days of their land for yet a few centuries more. In the east, Eaerlann built the fortress of Ascalhorn and turned it over to refugees from Netheril as Netherese followers built the town of Karse in the High Forest. The fleeing Netherese founded Llorkh and Loudwater. Others wandered the mountains, hills, and moors north and west of the High Forest, becoming ancestors of the Uthgardt and founders of Silverymoon, Everlund, and Sundabar.
7311 History of the North—The Spread of Humankind: The adaptable humans made use of magic they could seize or learn from the Proud Peoples to defeat all enemies, breaking (for a time) the power of giants and orcs. Waterdeep was founded. The last of the pureblood elves died out, a result of continued marriages with humans. In the far west, men also dwelled—wise, clever primitives called the Ice Hunters. They lived simple lives on the coast since time beyond reckoning, countless generations before Netheril's first founders set foot on the Narrow Sea's western shore. Yet this peaceful folk fell prey to another invasion from the south: crude longships that carried a tall, fair-haired, warlike race who displaced the Ice Hunters from their ancestral lands. This race, known as the Northmen, spread farms and villages along the coast from the banks of the Winding Water to the gorges of the Mirar. Northmen warriors drove the simple Ice Hunters farther and farther north, forced the goblinkin back into their mountain haunts, and instigated the last Council of Illefarn. Within five hundred years of the Northmen's arrival, Illefarn was no more—its residents had migrated to Evermeet. From the Coast, Northmen sailed westward, claiming and establishing colonies on the major western islands of Ruathym and Gundarlun, eventually spreading to all the islands in the northern sea. Others migrated northward, past the Spine of the World, and became the truly savage barbarians of Icewind Dale. In the centuries that followed, Ascalhorn became Hellgate Keep when it fell into the hands of fiends, and Eaerlann collapsed under the attack of a new orc horde. The elves fled southeast, joining with Northmen, Netherese descendants, and dwarves to form what would later be known as the Fallen Kingdom. This realm was short-lived and collapsed under the next orcish invasion—though in dying, it dealt the goblin races a blow from which they have yet to recover.
7312 History of the North—The Might of Men: Along the coast, in what was once the elven community of Illefarn, humanity was once again rising in power. Merchants from the south, tribesmen from the North, and seafarers from western islands had created a village around a trading post on a deep-water harbor, first known as Nimoar's Hold after the Uthgardt chieftain whose tribe seized and fortified the ramshackle village. Nimoar and his successors, known as War Lords, led the men of Waterdeep (as it had become known to ship captains) in a slowly losing battle against the trolls. In a final, climactic battle, the trolls breached the aging palisade and all seemed lost—until the magic of Ahghairon of Silverymoon turned luck against the trolls, destroying and scattering them. Ahghairon, heir to the heritage and learning of Netheril, stayed in Waterdeep, and in his 112th year he again saved the city—this time from itself. In so doing, he created the Lords of Waterdeep. The city grew into the greatest in the North, possibly in all Faerûn, With Waterdeep as a firm anchor, civilization forged cautiously into the wilderness. Illuskan (now Luskan) was taken from the orcs. Loudwater, Llorkh, Triboar, Longsaddle, Secomber, and other towns were settled by pioneers from Waterdeep, sponsored by Waterdhavian merchant families. Though it's been centuries since the last orc invasion, there's still constant strife. Barbarians harass merchants, travelers, and towns; the seas swim with Northmen pirates; and wars have marred the land in recent years. Luskan, now a fierce merchant city known to harbor—and support—pirates, waged a war with the island realm of Ruathym over an act of piracy against one of the few legitimate Luskan merchant ships. The war raged for nearly a year, with Ruathym slowly losing ground. When it appeared Luskan would finally win the naval war and land on the island itself, the Lords' Alliance entered the fray. They threatened war against Luskan if the skirmishes didn't stop immediately. Unable to fight a two-front war efficiently, Luskan canceled its invasion plans. Tensions between Luskan and Ruathym are still high, and their ships are often seen taking potshots at each other as they pass, often just a wave or two away from each other. The government of Ruathym has recently been sending adventurers into the hills of its island realm, looking for mercenaries who are killing merchants, farmers, and woodsmen. Ruathym believes Luskan still has a presence on the island, trying to win through subversion and terrorism what it could not accomplish through war. To the far north, the Ten Towns have finished rebuilding after being nearly destroyed by the monstrous forces of Akar Kessel. With help from the tundra barbarians living nearby, they've built and repaired their cities, replanted the sparse foliage, and—most importantly—replenished the morale of their citizens. A recent trader who passed through the area carrying seventeen wagons of rare oak lumber said that it was nearly impossible to determine who's a barbarian and who isn't. "They're living together!" he reported in amazement.
7313 History of the North—1368, Year of the Banner: As the dwarves settled in for the winter in their reclaimed city of Felbarr, a group of Zhentarim-sponsored adventurers broke into Great Worm Cavern, slaying Elrem the Wise, shaman leader of the Great Worm tribe, as the tribe's warriors descended into the ranks of the evil adventurers, teleportation magic spirited at least three of those responsible—as well as a vast amount of treasure stolen from Elrem—to safety. According to Themrin, the tribe's present shaman, Elrem promised to "watch over the tribe in spirit now that my mortal form is destroyed." Despite the reassuring words of Elrem, the tribe suffered through an oppressive winter that included both heavy snow, scarce game, and low morale. Trusted visitors to the barbarian encampment report that Themrin and Gweshen "Ironhand" Talistars are wearing some form of armor made from the scales of Elrem. This use of their former shaman's body as "protection" was supposedly ordained through a dream vision. The armor appears as little more than a supple leather armor, but seems to deflect blows and protect as well as full plate mail. Nesme reported a drastic rise in the number of troll attacks in the Evermoors, and various sources confirm that something is driving the trolls out of the moors. Whatever is behind the trolls' exodus is destined to remain a mystery for the remainder of the year, as adventuring parties expend themselves against the never-ending supply of trolls that are fleeing the bog. In the most surprising move of the year, the Blue Bear Tribe, led by the shaman/chieftain Tanta Hagara, marched on the fiend-ridden fortress of Hellgate Keep. While a brief struggle for political control of the city was reported by various sources, Tanta Hagara emerged as the new ruler of the city.
7314 History of the North—1369, Year of the Gauntlet: The tumultuous climate of Hellgate Keep continued to provide adventuring activity. A group of Harpers infiltrated the city using cloaking magic and revealed that Tanta Hagara was actually an annis. This revelation did nothing to hamper the Blue Bear's respect for their powerful chieftain however, and the city responded to the unmasking by attacking caravans en route to Sundabar. In addition, a few expeditionary forces of tanar'ri were sent to harass the Citadel of the Mists, Sundabar, and Silverymoon. Tanta Hagara informed her "loyal troops" that gates existed in these cities that could allow other tanar'ri to "join us in the glorious battles to come as we take control of all of the North!" Alustriel cast powerful magical spells in the defense of Silverymoon against the raiding tanar'ri, and the city itself suffered no damage from their attack. The Mistmaster of the Citadel of the Mists likewise aided in the defense of his citadel, though reports still rage about the assistance of the treants of the High Forest. Sundabar suffered from Hellgate Keep's attack, as the fiends broke through the walls and raised havoc along the city streets. While adventurers battled the fiends, Helm Dwarfriend led a large contingent of the city guard to drive the remainder from Sundabar. Still, the fiends from Hellgate Keep left the city with the satisfaction of knowing that it was burning in their wake. Within two days, however, the fires were extinguished, and Sundabar has since rebuilt from the attack. By mid Eleasias, rumors that Turlang, the powerful treant who resides in the northern High Forest, was actively defending the woodlands near the Citadel of the Mists reached the ears of Tanta Hagara, the hag-ruler of Hellgate Keep. News that Turlang was aiding the Mistmaster did not escape her notice, and the belief that the Citadel of the Mists was holding an extraplanar artifact only added to the hag's interest. Tanta assembled a large force consisting of more than 100 tanar'ri and other fiends as well as 500 members of the Blue Bear tribe to raze the Citadel of the Mists. But as the evil forces marched their way into the High Forest, the Mistmaster put his own plan into motion. Two Harper agents, a bard named Cryshana Fireglen and a priest of Mystra known as Spellviper, infiltrated Hellgate Keep disguised as members of the Blue Bear tribe. Each carried with them part of an extraplanar artifact called the Gatekeeper's Crystal. The Gatekeeper's Crystal is an artifact shaped like a three-pointed star that is made of onyx and an unknown metal that entwines itself through the gem. Each point of the star is a separate piece that can be combined together to create the artifact or separated to form three powerful magical items. While the crystal can be used in different manners, it was primarily created to bring down wards, including mythals and other powerful protections. According to legend, it was created by a powerful lich who used it to render clerics powerless, stripping them of their ability to turn undead and nullifying necromantic magic within a 50-mile radius. The Mistmaster had a different use for the Gatekeeper's Crystal, but he needed volunteers to aid him in placing two shards of the crystal at precise locations within the warded city of Hellgate Keep. In particular, he needed two people who would be willing to trade their lives to exterminate the fiends of Hellgate Keep forever. Spellviper and Cryshana agreed to the suicide mission, Holding the pieces of the crystal, the two Harpers waited for the Mistmaster to activate the magic with his third piece, initiating the magic that would tear Hellgate Keep asunder. When a blazing beam of purple energy illuminated the skies over the keep, no one within the fiend's stronghold had time to wonder what was happening. The power of the Gatekeeper's Crystal forced the wards to cascade upon the city, causing an implosion that shook the ground for more than 100 miles. As quickly as the wards surrounding Hellgate Keep collapsed, the crystal released the magical energy in an explosion that leveled every building in the city, leaving nothing but fist-sized chunks of rocks where Hellgate Keep once stood. Not a living creature stirred in the remains; all was silent and lifeless. The force of tanar'ri from Hellgate Keep was unsure what had happened but had felt the tremor when the Gatekeeper's Crystal had been activated. They were fighting for their own lives, however, as the treants, korred, centaurs, satyrs, dryads, and other creatures of the High Forest—including defenders of the Citadel of the Mists—battered them into the moist earth. One of the North's most notable rulers fell in the battle, however, but he took at least six tanar'ri with him to his grave. Faurael Blackhammer, the lord protector of Triboar, fell alongside his troops near the conclusion of the conflict. Within weeks after the final battle with Hellgate Keep, treants blocked passage farther north at the joining of the Heart-blood and Delimbiyr rivers. While the treants care little for hunters and adventurers passing through the area, all caravans seeking passage north to Sundabar have been repulsed—and this is not a matter that the treants wish to negotiate. In another mishap blamed on Turlang, Turnstone Pass was blocked by a tremendous avalanche. This final calamity sealed the Upvale from any major force of men. Travel into the area formerly occupied by Hellgate Keep is now limited to adventurers and other brave travelers. The Mistmaster has been questioned repeatedly by some of the most powerful wizards in the realms, including Elminster of Shadowdale and Khelben Arunsun, about the current location of the Gatekeeper's Crystal. Most sources claim that the pieces of the crystal have been scattered amongst the planes again, but no one is certain. Near Nesme, the source of the trolls' exodus is revealed. Fog and cloud giants have taken up residence in the moor, driving the trolls from the giants' new "homeland." While its unknown how many giants have taken up residence in the High Moor, estimates range up to several hundred. A thick mist continually hangs in the air of the Evermoors now, even more persistent and thick than the mist before the giants' arrival. Many believe that these new mists are the work of the cloud giants, but none can be certain. Alustriel of Silverymoon sent a detachment of guards to investigate the eastern borders of the moor, and the guards returned with news that a gathering of around 20 fog giants who were "of good nature and quite friendly" had taken up residence in a formerly troll-infested area. Guards from neighboring Nesme were not so fortunate, however, running into a clan of violent, boulder-hurling fog and cloud giants who nearly decimated their unit. In addition, a group of adventurers crawled into Nesme with terrible burns, reporting that they had run into a black dragon at a fog giant encampment. Overall, it appears that both good and evil giants now call the moor their home.
7315 History of the North—Return of the Beast (1367- ?): Sages, philosophers, historians, and priests alike feel an ill-boding in the chill air. They predict a slow change over the next decade, but within the lifetime of men born on the first day of this age. They believe that the beasts that once ruled the land plan to return to claim what's rightfully theirs, imprisoning and enslaving the crowns. Where elves once reigned, men now rule, but their hold—as true for all civilizations before—is tenuous at best.
7316 History of the North—1370, Year of the Tankard: Even before spring has graced the Savage North, reports of treants massing in the High Forest have reached all of the northern cities. It seems that all of the creatures of the forest have mobilized to restore the High Forest after the fall of Hellgate Keep. Something must still reside below the ruins of Hellgate Keep, however, for the Company of the Jaded Heart never emerged from the depths below the city. The treants have since blocked entrance into the ruins, sealing whatever evil still lurks within far below the sight of man. But there is other activity in the North as well. Luskan still flirts with war, tempting neighboring cities and yet staying just below the wrath of Waterdeep. The barbarians still brew in the north, easy to take offense at innocent incursions into their sacred holdings. Rumors of Zhentarim agents scouring the Fallen Lands for powerful magic from long-lost Netheril continue to circulate. And adventurers still abound in the Savage Frontier.
7317 History of Waterdeep: Waterdeep was used as a trading site for trade activities between northern tribesmen and southern merchants more than two millennia ago. By 1,000 years ago, permanent farms had sprung up in the area. The first mention of a Waterdeep (not as a city, but as a collection of warlords) occurs only 400 years ago. The city was truly established as a going concern by 1032 DR, the year Ahghairon became the first Lord of Waterdeep, and the date from which Northreckoning is counted. The city grew spectacularly, such that by 1248 DR both the City of the Dead and the guilds had been developed. The guildmasters seized control soon afterward, ushering in a period of unrest and bitter conflict known as the Guildwars. The Guildwars ended only when the two surviving guildmasters brought in their own period of misrule. It was only in 1273 DR that the present system of government (or lack thereof was instituted. This was the year that the Magisters were established and the secret Lords of Waterdeep were firmly reestablished. Since that time, the city has continued to grow and prosper. Humankind and other races come from all over the realms to earn hard coin in the City of Splendors. Over the years these successful merchants have set up guilds and themselves become nobility, supporting the secretive Lords of Waterdeep who police the city fairly, yet with a light hand, by means of the superb city guard (soldiers), city watch (police), and over twenty black-robed magistrates. As a result, Waterdeep is a place tolerant of different races, religions, and lifestyles. This in turn has encouraged commerce, and Waterdeep has grown into a huge, eclectic city.
7318 History of the Dales and the Elven Court: The founding of the Dalelands long preceded the creation of any of the existing Dales by hundreds of years, and the year numbering system known as Dalereckoning is actually a commemoration of humankind being given permission to settle in the lands north and west of the Inner Sea. Most of the current Dales are relative newcomers, the older having been abandoned, destroyed, or overrun long ago. In those ancient days, when Suzail and Chondathan (now called Saerloon) were mere coastal trading posts, the elves who ruled this forest entertained a request from settlers from the East; refugees and farmers from far-off Impiltur and Damara. This request was to farm and settle the borders of the great forest Cormanthor, in particular the rich delves and dales along the rivers Arkhen and Ashaba. These newcomers did not wish to lumber or clear the inhabited forest, but only to settle on the rich territories on its edges, and unlike some other settlers (early Sembia comes to mind) were willing to ask permission. The lords of the Elven Court granted that request in return for aid from these new Dalelanders against outside aggression, both monstrous (orcs and goblins from the lands of Thar) and human (the rising powers in Cormyr and Sembia). In commemoration of this pact, humans and elves raised the Standing Stone that is now seen where the Moonsea Ride reaches Rauthauvyr's Road, the road from Essembra to Hillsfar. It is from the date of the raising of this stone that Dalereckoning is counted. According to the pact made, the Dalesmen would only settle those regions that were unforested or unclaimed by the elves. As the elven woods receded under the axes of further invaders and settlers, old Dales perished and new ones came into being along the borders of the woods. People, both good and bad, have raised petty nations in the Dalelands since, though any one Dale that turned against the pact would have to deal with the others. Each of the Dales is a large swath of farms and fields, with a few scattered settlements and usually one central marketplace, capital, or Dale center. These centers are often, but not always, named after the Dales they are in, adding to the confusion as to what is a Dalelands territory. The Dales are not city-states, for their largest groupings of population rate as towns at best, and they lack the defensive walls common throughout the Heartlands. They are neither true nations in the fashion of Cormyr or Sembia, and occupy a gray middle ground wherein they are nothing more, or less, than Dales. Each Dale has slightly different laws, customs, and military organizations. Many rely on the work of charismatic heroes and adventuring companies for aid in times of trouble, and a large number of these individuals use the region as a base. This attraction for adventurers is further increased by the large number of elven and pre-elven ruins in the area and the departure of the Elven Court for Evermeet, leaving the woods open for exploration and exploitation. The history of the Dales is filled with battles and attacks on its various members. In the Year of the Worm (1356 DR), Scardale, under the command of Lashan Aumersair, launched a number of swift attacks, conquering a number of the surrounding Dales. A coalition of forces from the others, as well as Sembia, Cormyr, and Zhentil Keep crushed the invaders and occupied Scardale. During the Time of Troubles (1358 DR/0 PR), Shadowdale was attacked by Zhentil Keep. More recently, the Dalelands have committed forces to a unified army under King Azoun IV of Cormyr to turn back the Tuigan Invasion (1360 DR).
7319 History of Cormyr: Cormyr dates its years from the founding of House Obarskyr 1,342 years ago, the first of the noble houses and the line of its kings. For the bulk of this time, Cormyr was little more than a single city (Suzail) and a few fortified outposts. At times the monarch was forced by rebellion and intrigue to rule from those outposts instead of from the throne. King Azoun is the fourth of his name and the 71st of his line. The land has been officially at peace for many years—since Rhigaerd overthrew the last of the border raiders. However, Cormyrean armies have taken part in many actions in nearby regions, recently mustering forces to face Gondegal, the rebel of Arabel, to occupy Tilverton on the marches of the Dalelands, and to lead a crusade against the great Tuigan horde invading from the east. One wit has noted that "Yes, the land is at peace, but the army has to keep busy." In addition to pursuing major actions, Cormyrean patrols often skirmish with bandits on the roads in the north and west, and are at present battling orcs and other creatures north and east of Cormyr in Tilver's Gap and Shadow Gap. Both of these areas are threatened by raiders who will menace Cormyr itself if they ever overrun Tilverton. Cormyr has built a fortress, Castle Crag, to defend the kingdom from attacks from that quarter, and maintains the High Horn to protect against attacks from the West.
7320 History of Sembia: The land of Sembia was settled by humans coming to the Sea of Fallen Stars from the south, and was originally chosen for its stands of huge, high-quality iliyr-wood timber so prized in shipbuilding. However, as the forests were cleared over the years, the treecutters came into increasing conflict with elves that feared the loss of their entire wood. This would undoubtedly have occurred, had not the hastily gathered mercenary troops of the fledgling land been defeated by the elves at Singing Arrows (884 DR). This battle convinced distant Chondath to abandon its holdings in the region and allow the immigrant Sembians to establish their independence (though as little more than a collection of rival city-states, much like the Moonsea or Vast of today). It also set the stage for the appearance of the Raven. The young country grew strong as farms prospered in the newly cleared lands. Craftsmen arrived from the south to take advantage of this chance to acquire land and wealth, bringing their trades with them. Rauthauvyr the Raven unified the city-states and towns in the face of the continuing "elven menace", and insisted on maintaining a standing army, which he kept in practice by policing Sembia's borders and improving its roads. At this time (913 DR), Sembia became as a true nation. The Moonsea's (Dragon Sea's) mineral wealth was discovered by humankind at about this time, and pressure began to grow for a trade road through the elven woods to make Sembia the world's gateway to all these riches. The Raven went alone as an envoy to the Elven Court. There, he asked the elders of their council to approve a road, open to humans, linking Sembia to the shores of the Dragon Sea (an earlier road had been destroyed during the conflict and was now overgrown). Raven proposed that the elves choose the route and retain control of it and the woods around it, so that no woodcutting or human settlement would occur. The elves had earlier made similar arrangements with the Dalesmen and had no difficulty with the concept of such an agreement. However, the inhabitants of Velarsdale (now Harrowdale) refused the proposal, not wanting or needing such a road at that time (curious, since later a ruler of Harrowdale commissioned the disastrous Halfaxe Trail). The elves, not wishing to offend long-time allies, refused Raven's request. Rebuffed, the Raven then threatened to exterminate the isolated elves in Amothoi, the last embattled remnant of the elves in Sembia, if the Elven Court did not cooperate. If the road were built, however, they would be free to trade, or not trade, as they wished. The elves agreed under this pressure, and Sembia's financial future was secured. Hillsfar, on the shores of the Dragon Sea, became a commercial meeting ground between humankind and elves, as did Elventree. The route the elves chose ran past the base of the Standing Stone as a reminder of earlier, less-hostile dealings between humans and elves. Over the years the elves of Amothoi came north to join their brethren or slipped away to seek Evermeet, leaving their wood to gradually disappear. Sembia grew rich under merchant leaders of increasing wisdom, such as Saer (for whom Saerb was named) and Selgar (for whom Chancelgaunt was renamed as Selgaunt). Before his death, Rauthauvyr the Raven saw that these merchants had a strong standing council of merchant elders to advise them and to ensure that no ruler could hold onto power by force of arms. Then this farsighted man, creator of a nation, now half-blind and infirm from old war wounds, rode north into the elven woods and disappeared. None know what happened to him or where his bones lie, save perhaps some few elder elves.
7321 History of the Moonsea: The Moonsea has a long history as the border between the elven lands to the south and the darker, more sinister lands of the Ride and Thar, home of dragons and giant and ogre tribes in great multitudes. The deep sea was an excellent barrier to the raiders, as those tribes who sought invasion had to detour around and through the lands that would eventually hold Yulash, Zhentil Keep, and Hillsfar. The first true settlement in Moonsea was Northkeep, a shining citadel established as a beacon of civilization and a jumping-off point for merchants seeking trade with the dwarves of the North—including not only Tethyamar, but the clans of the Cold Lands—who traded their metalwork and craft for much-needed magic. In the end, Northkeep was sunk beneath the icy waters of the Moonsea by the inhuman forces, and humankind suffered one of many setbacks in the region. So has been the nature of human habitation of this region since the beginning. Human settlements thrive for a few years, usually through sheer willpower and on the strength of a sharp sword, and then are overrun by goblins, orcs, dragons, beholders, or giants. Phlan has fallen and risen again. Yulash is a ruin where a decade ago there was a thriving town. Hulburg and Sulasspryn are empty hulks. Each of the cities of the Moonsea seems threatened with extinction in its turn, then is rebuilt. This cycle may be the reason that only the strongest and the most savage survive, even prosper, in the lands of the Moonsea. The greatest cities—Hillsfar, Mulmaster, and the impenetrable Zhentil Keep—are all ruled by evil people who control their lands with iron grips. The lesser cities, Elventree, Phlan, and Thentia, may be less evil, but have a strong, independent, almost chaotic nature. In many ways the Moonsea is a frontier, with a frontier mentality.
7322 History of the Vast: Two millennia ago the Vast was Vastar, the orcish lands. These were the breeding grounds of the goblin hordes that would spill eastward and cross the Dragon Reach in ramshackle boats to raid the elves. The orcs were overthrown by invading dwarves, who established the Realm of the Glimmering Swords. It was during this time that the first humans came to the Vast, including the mage Maskyr. The rule of the dwarves occurred against a backdrop of constant war with the orcs, such that there were perhaps only 40 years of true peace for the Realm of the Glimmering Swords. The orcs overran the dwarves, and they escaped extinction only through the aid of human and elven allies. The remaining dwarves left the region to the newly arriving humans and retreated to the east, to the south, and to isolated and hidden communities within the Vast. The most successful of the humans were the adventurers whose hunger was sated by gold and whose thirst was slaked by great deeds. This was the Time of the Glorious Fools, and there are those who will argue that it is still that age, as adventurers still rule the cities of Calaunt and Ravens Bluff. The orcs today are contained, if not conquered, and trade has grown up in the lands of the Vast. However, for many individuals with adventuring blood, it is still a wilderness in which one may prove one's worth.
7323 History of the Dragon Coast: The history of the Dragon Coast is the history of money, particularly the darker side of the coin. Situated on the main trade routes between the Inner Sea and the Sword Coast, these lands never coalesced into a solid, coherent nation, like Cormyr or Sembia. Instead small petty city-states have risen and fallen, powered by greed and the most powerful merchant or pirate faction of the day. As a result, the Dragon Coast has always been the home of the smuggler, the pirate, the rogue, and the hired killer. It has been the place where those seeking to skirt the laws of more civilized nations to the north make landfall. It is here that the Red Wizards gain their access to the Western Heartlands, and where the Cult of the Dragon launches its plots to the south. And it is here that independent secret societies and assassin guilds have their greatest power. The last semblance of organized resistance to this trend was the reign of Verovan, last of the kings of Westgate. The monarchy of Westgate had long worked closely with the various mercantile and pirate factions, but Verovan attempted to stem the growing power of the merchant houses and petty lords. His sudden and mysterious death without acceptable heirs in 1248 DR opened the door for much of what now is commonplace in the Dragon Coast—corruption and treachery. It should be noted that while Verovan's name is still venerated in these lands, better known is Immurk, the greatest of the Inner Sea Pirates, a brash and flamboyant rogue who united a pirate fleet beneath him and ruled from 1164 DR to his death in 1201 DR. Such it is in the Dragon Coast, that good people are venerated, but the power of darker rogues is imitated.
7324 History of the Western Heartlands: The history of the Western Heartlands is a history of endless battles and destroyed empires. In ancient times, these were the lands of the Fallen Kingdom of Illefarn, the Lost Kingdom of Man, and rumored Netheril. In more recent history, the land has been fertilized with blood and bone as forces from the Empires of the Sands surged northward, the evil peoples within Dragonspear and the Goblin Marches spilled forth, and mercenary companies moved to and fro in the service of one petty warlord after another. Recent battles leveled the Way Inn and threatened Daggerford. Even the Time of Troubles did not leave this desolate land unmarked—Bhaal himself perished at Boareskyr Bridge, and the waters it passes over have remained poisoned to this day. The cities of the Western Heartlands are strong, independent, and varied. They are also strongly motivated by trade and listen harder to the ringing of gold than the call of battle. But something else prospers in the open land—freedom and opportunity. No nation lays claim on the Western Heartlands to land beyond that which their armies can control, and no warlord can make demands beyond the swing of his axe. Small holds and castles regularly spring up, only to be knocked down by invading forces or abandoned after a generation or two. Lost dungeons and secret citadels lie scattered throughout the land, and this rugged frontier presents more than enough opportunities for adventurers.
7325 History of the Zhentarim, Two Zhents' Worth: Much confusion exists in the realms regarding Zhentil Keep and the (not-so) secret society known as the Black Network or Zhentarim. The two are closely tied, such that a speaker may refer to one when meaning the other and still be clearly understood. In general, both mean trouble. Zhentil Keep is a walled independent city on the western shores of the Moonsea. It is one of the most evil cities in the realms, a blight on the North, and a haven for Evil groups, plotting manipulators, dark religions, and foul practices. Its rulers seek to dominate the lands around it, including the Dragonspine Mountains, Yulash, Voonlar, and the neighboring Dales. The city of Zhentil Keep and its armies (known as the Zhentilar, to make matters more confusing) have destroyed Teshendale, come close to destroying Daggerdale, and for a long time had an agent ruling Shadowdale. The Zhentarim is an organization of evil priests, wizards, and inhuman creatures bent on controlling all the trade and power between the Sword Coast (meaning Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep) and the Moonsea (including the intervening lands of Cormyr and Anauroch). Its aims in the Moonsea area are the same as Zhentil Keep's, and the two factions work hand-in-glove, often sharing the same membership. The Zhentarim have a more far-reaching effect than Zhentil Keep, though, and have agents throughout the North. In addition, the Zhentarim are not limited to Zhentil Keep itself, and maintain a number of fortified outposts. Their rulership has spread with the passing years. In addition to being the dominant force in Zhentil Keep, the Zhentarim control the Citadel of the Raven and Darkhold, two important castle complexes. Over the years, more power has been moving away from Zhentil Keep (filled with a lot of unknown and untrustworthy flunkies) and into these more secure areas. Within the Dalelands area, Zhentarim smells of Zhentil Keep and vice versa, but in reality not every Keeper (yet another name for a native of Zhentil Keep) is of the Black Network, and not every agent of the Zhentarim is from Zhentil Keep. Adventurers should watch who they trust as a result.
7326 History of Ulgarth: Ulgarth was settled by the great empire of Raurin, in the height of its power. When the empire was destroyed, it endured centuries of barbarism. Warchiefs united the country several times during this period. They fought many skirmishes with other barbarians, particularly those in Durpar and Var the Golden. In 202 DR, the barbarian tribes were nearly wiped out by the forces of Mulhorand. In 348 DR, a group of outlaws, fleeing the justice of the priest-kings of Mulhorand, came to Ulgarth. There they found a fertile, almost unoccupied land. They settled down, and began raising children and crops. This new society in Ulgarth gradually grew in power, while its neighbors grew apace. But while Durpar grew as a result of its commerce and its philosophy of balance, Ulgarth concentrated on agrarian pursuits. The Ulgarthians developed a highly structured caste system of lords and peasants. In 1002 DR, the centuries long skirmishes between Durpar and Ulgarth came to an end, as the two countries finally reached a balance of power. There were too many centuries of warfare between the countries for them to completely trust each other. With their mutual border well defended on both sides, both countries have given up on the idea of conquering the other. Trade between the Ulgarth and the Shining Lands has become a vital factor to both nations. Ulgarth produces many of the items that Durparians trade throughout the world. In return, Durpar trades many exotic items to Ulgarth. Of course, the Durparian merchants usually get the better of any trade. The current king, Drasna the Fortunate, has continued on his predecessor's policy of non-aggression with the Durparians.
7327 History of the Drow, The Descent: We know very little of the Ilythiiri, or "elves of the South," before this crucial event. Even then they were known as "dark elves," for the hue of their skins. They dwelt in the jungles and hot forests of the South. A proud, warlike, culturally advanced (some sages of other elven peoples say "decadent") folk, the Ilythiiri attacked all neighbors, including other elven tribes. Their cruel raids and depredations, ordered by warlike nobility and the clergy of their two cruel deities, Ghaunadaur and Lolth, forced elves, humans, dwarves, and others to ally against them. Defeated in a series of titanic magical battles, the dark elves fled into underground warrens they had earlier discovered. This event, known as "the Descent," marked the end of the drow as a surface-dwelling race.
7328 History of the Drow, The Dark Wars: The warlike drow nature did not change when they escaped their surface foes during the Descent. In fact, they immediately launched a series of wars to establish territories in the Underdark. They began by stealing and seizing dwarven magical items and using them against the dwarves—establishing an enmity that is still strong today. The drow then fought among themselves, noble against noble, priest against priestess, for rule of their new realm. This all-out war ended amid great magical explosions that brought down the roof of the largest dwarven cavern they had seized, great Bhaerynden. The ceiling collapsed entirely, burying many drow and the shattered dwarven cities. The cavern, now open to the sky, became known as the Great Rift. The surviving drow nobles gathered what people, slaves, and equipment they could seize and fled into the Underdark in search of places to dwell. "The Scattering" brought about the many rival, self-interested cities where most drow live today.
7329 History of Waterdeep—Age 0, Trademoots and Pioneers: Few now know the true history of this great city, which had its beginnings over a thousand years ago, when the North was truly what Southerners still sneeringly call it: "the Savage North." In those days, most of the North was covered with vast, tall forests of ancient green, and inhabited by dwarves and goblinkind (in the most northern mountains and foothills) and elves (in widely scattered forest enclaves everywhere else). A few primitive human tribes lived along the Sword Coast, fishing and hunting and gathering in spring and fall to trade their furs for the merchants' jewelry and metal tools, or the occasionally available weapon or two, with vessels sailing in from the South. In the spring, these vessels came primarily to cut and take huge trees for shipbuilding, trees being no longer available in such large sizes farther south. In the fall, the vessels came in to cut timber for their own repairs, or to take on a cargo of wood if the misfortunes of trading had left their holds low or empty. Most of these trademoots were at a certain place where there was a great natural deep-water harbor, protected from the sea by a rocky spur of land, an arm of an isolated coastal crag, and a rocky island beyond it.
7330 History of Waterdeep—Age I, The Rise of the Warlords: Over the years, the forest was cut back farther and farther from the shore, and tribes began to stay most of the year there, farming the cleared land. The wiser among them claimed and controlled some of the timber in order to trade for more weaponry and tools. Such claims angered many who found the squatters rich from frequent trade, and brought attacks from land and sea, the more warlike tribes slaughtering the more sedentary settlers. Noted among these tribes was that led by Nimoar, a chieftain who ordered his people to seize the farms, crude wooden docks, trading sheds, and storage barns built up around the bay. They settled there themselves, and erected a log palisade within an earthen embankment to protect the holdings, After several abortive pirate and tribal raids, Nimoar's people thrived in their new home, a fledgling town referred to as "the town of Water-deep." Farther north, orc tribes had outgrown their mountain strongholds. Attempts to expand underground met with fierce dwarven resistance (although many small gnomish colonies were overwhelmed and wiped out), and the orcs spread out on the surface of the land, coming south and down out of the mountains, hurling their seemingly endless numbers against all who stood in their path. Here and there elven enclaves held out, but the push southward displaced many other northern inhabitants, including the "everlasting ones" (trolls), who came down into the newly-cleared lands northeast of Nimoar's Hold, those lands now known as the Trollmoors. Nimoar died of old age during this time of increasing danger. Younger War Lords led the men of Waterdeep (for so the ship-captains called the harbor) in battles against the trolls. There were many bloody struggles between men and trolls for a decade, until the magic of a Northern youth named Ahghairon turned the fortunes of war against the trolls, and the "everlasting ones" were destroyed or scattered. Ahghairon rose slowly in skill and power with the passage of years, until he became a great mage. He discovered a supply of potions of longevity (or learned the art of making such), for he lived on, still physically a man in his prime, for decade upon decade. Fearing further attacks, the men of Waterdeep raised a small keep on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep above their farms, where fire arrows from on high could defend against attacking trolls. Many outlying tribes who had come to the settlement for safety from the trolls stayed, and expanded the walls with new farms several times. War Lords ruled the Free City of Waterdeep, holding it independent and increasingly wealthy as years passed.
7331 History of Waterdeep— Age III, The Bloody Reign of the Guildmasters: There was great turmoil in the City as the Guildmasters argued amongst themselves as to who should govern the City, and more than one merchant of power was found murdered. Groups of liveried bodyguards appeared openly armed on the streets, accompanying their masters, and two very troubled months passed as they bickered and parleyed (and occasionally dueled in the streets). At last, they decided that all Masters should rule Waterdeep together, in a council. The lesser nobles and many townsfolk protested, saying that the Lords ruled by right and by the peoples' consent, but the Guildmasters said that the Lords had not been seen since Ahghairon's death, and that they must always have been golems or zombies controlled by Ahghairon himself, to conceal his lone rule, and indeed, the Lords were silent and unseen, and continued to be so. In truth, the Lords were real men and women whose identities had been compromised, over the years, by certain curious Guildmasters who had ordered them slain by their own closemouthed, loyal servants following Ahghairon's death. The only Lords still surviving (those who had remained secret) were Baeron, a woodworker, and Shilam, an apprentice wizard. These surviving Lords kept very quiet, and waited. The Guildmasters thought all the living Lords of the City had been eliminated, and took firm rule over Waterdeep. The Guildmasters ruled Waterdeep for only six years ere their self-interested squabbling led to bloodshed. Open quarrels and a few murders quickly erupted into a brief but vicious series of street fights and midnight attacks. This strife, ofttimes termed "the Guildwars" by sages (although it was never as long-drawn-out or so formal as to be called a "war" when it was taking place), left all but two Guildmasters dead, most of the City's best minds stilled, and much of the City's gold wasted or plundered with the Guilds in disarray. The surviving Guildmasters were Lhorar Gildeggh of the Shipwrights and Ehlemm Zoar of the Gemcutters. These two—ruthless manipulators both—were well-matched and could not overcome each other, though their private armies clashed often in the streets. At length, they sickened of bloodshed, after many from both families were dead in the gutters, and agreed to rule together. Two thrones were set up in Castle Waterdeep, and from then the two argued bitterly over this and that, and the City was a place of tension and fear. All matters, including the recognition of new Guildmasters to rule the "headless" guilds, had to come before the Two Lords Magister, as Lhorar and Ehlemm were called. Few matters were settled.
7332 History of Waterdeep—Age II, The Lords' Rule Begins: In his 112th winter, Ahghairon had a sharp disagreement with Raurlor, who was then Warlord of Waterdeep. Raurlor wanted to use Waterdeep's acquired wealth and strength-of-arms to create a Northern empire, with Waterdeep its capital (and Raurlor its ruler), and gathered armies for the purpose. Ahghairon defied him before all the people, and Raurlor ordered the mage be chained. Ahghairon magically struck aside all who sought to lay hands on him. In a fury Raurlor struck at the mage with his own blade. Ahghairon rose into the air, just out of reach, and, as the infuriated Warlord slashed repeatedly at his rising feet, gestured. Raurlor's blade transmuted in his hand, from steel into a hissing serpent, which promptly bit him. The Warlord died of the venom before the shocked people assembled there. Ahghairon then gathered all the captains of Waterdeep's army, and all the seniors of the families of Waterdeep. While runners sought to bring them to the Castle, flames roared and crackled in the Warlord's empty chair-of-state at Ahghairon's bidding, so that no one sat there. Then at a gesture from the mage, the flames were gone as though they had never been, leaving the chair unmarked. Ahghairon seated himself, then, and proclaimed himself the first Lord of Waterdeep, saying that henceforth wisdom and not armed might would rule in the city. He would gather some few—in secret—to rule as Lords with him, masked and disguised when they appeared to the people, but equal to him in authority and free of coercion by any, himself included. These Lords were to be drawn from all walks of life in the city, and could serve as long as they wished. The people heard, and agreed, and for the next two hundred years, Ahghairon ruled Waterdeep with his unknown fellow Lords, Over the years, the masked Lords were a group of sometimes five, six, or seven, who appeared seldom and said little. Some whispered that they were Ahghairon's servants, or even magical automatons controlled by the Old Mage. Still, Ahghairon's justice was swift and fair, his laws good, his guardsmen polite and just as ready to help as apprehend, and the people approved. The years passed in peace and prosperity. The North was opened to humans. Roads built under Ahghairon's direction linked it together, from the ruins of "the Fallen Kingdom," which had been shattered by goblin races' attacks before men were numerous in the North, to the cities that would later become Amn. Waterdeep grew fivefold in size and wealth. From all over the realms, folk began to come to the "Crown of the North," drawn by money—and among them came those who rob, cheat, and steal. When word of doings extending beyond simple theft to deception-in-workmanship and the appearance of many fly-by-night impostor craftsmen reached Ahghairon's ears, he called together the senior merchants, "the Noble Ones," and suggested that they form guilds as was done in the far South to police the unscrupulous of their own professions. Some resisted, or were furious, but most saw the advantages of such an arrangement, particularly if they were free to set matters up themselves, and not have less favorable arrangements forced upon them. The Guilds were created forthwith, Waterdeep continued to grow in size and prosperity, Twice more the city walls were expanded, and its merchants traveled the world over, bringing back exotic goods from afar, and spreading word of the city's wealth to remote lands. In the South, some listened with an eye to conquest or at least plunder, but swords were already out in those southern lands in a time of widespread strife, and no invaders came. Ahghairon's health eventually failed and he died. He was buried with ceremony in his tower, which was secured against thieves and fools. Those who learned the arts arcane from the Old Mage cast the most potent protective magics known upon his home and resting-place (which, many believe, remains inviolate today).
7333 History of Waterdeep—Age lV, The Return of the Lords: One day to the Courts of the Lord Magister came two people masked and robed as the Lords of Waterdeep of old. Where they came from no one knew, but they appeared in the Castle's Great Hall where the Courts were, and commanded the Lords Magister to leave the city forthwith. Laughing, the Lords Magister refused, whereupon the shorter of the masked intruders (the lady Shilam, apprentice to Ahghairon and his undeclared heir as first Lord of the City) blasted them with lightning and fire, and their very thrones were shattered and toppled. The taller of the two intruders (Baeron) then called for the heads of the noble houses to come to them, or leave the city forthwith and forever, if they cared not to come by nightfall. All in the Courts heard, and the news was cried in the streets. The surviving nobles came, reluctantly and with bodyguards, expecting such a summons to be a trap. Baeron spoke to them and the crowd of curious townsfolk that had also come, saying, "this must not happen again." If Waterdeep was to be safe once more, he told them, all must support what he and his fellow Lord now planned, as they had supported Ahghairon in the past. The two would choose others to be Lords as before, he said, and they would rule in secret, as before—save for himself. He removed his mask, and said, "I am Baeron. I would be Lord as Ahghairon was before. I would be safe in this my city again." And the folk of Waterdeep there agreed. Shilarn, still masked, commanded that the houses of the Two Lords Magister be Outcast. There was protest, and she raised her hands that had blasted the thrones, and it was still again. And the house of Gildeggh and of Zoar were outcast. Peace returned to the city, and Waterdhavians to their labors. To inhibit discovery of who the Lords were, Baeron selected certain men of character whom he knew well, and appointed them Magisters ("Black Robes," they were soon called, from their robes of office) under the Lords, to judge and apply the laws of Waterdeep in daily affairs. These Magisters he paid well, to raise them from temptation, and gave lodgings to those who feared for safety to dwell among the people. To so serve, he told the city, was a burden, not a proud misuse of authority, and if any wished to no longer serve, or were found wanting, they were not to be vilified, but accorded respect. And over the Magisters the Lords sat in their Court, to correct and overrule the judgments of the Magisters. Baeron told the people that none were to decry or belittle any judgments of Magisters that the Lord saw fit to alter or cast aside. If any thought ill of the offices or those who held them they could turn back to the rule of sword and whim, and perish as had those before them. Before the Lord's Court Baeron encouraged people to speak freely for the length of a short candle's burning, without fear of chastisement or reproach from the Lords for anything said, as long as they spoke openly and answered questions or opposing views put to them by any there. Thus, he held, just grievances of folk would be heard, no matter how small the matter or lowly the speaker. And so it was. Slow to take hold, until people knew it for careful justice, but enduring beyond Baeron's time, and beyond Shilarn's time, and beyond the time of their daughter Lhestyn "The Masked Lady," who wed Zelphar Arunsun of Neverwinter, and was mother to Khelben "Blackstaff' Arunsun, a Lord of Waterdeep today, who knows the secrets of long years as Ahghairon did. And as the years have passed, Waterdeep has grown in size and variety, flourishing with good trade under the tolerance and protection of strong defenders and good government. The years passed not without troubles, varying from the Godswar (when Waterdeep played host to gods dying and ascending) to such occurrences as a green dragon assailing the Field of Triumph (part of a plot by the Knights of the Shield to overthrow the Lords' Rule), but the city and her peoples survived and prevailed against all strife. The Lords' Alliance provides continued safety for all the settlements of the northern Sword Coast and those inland, with Waterdeep as the heart of the alliance. Though it can be matched in size or commerce, there is no city the realms over that compares to the sheer variety of life and experiences found in fair Waterdeep, Crown of the North.
7334 History of the Unicorn Run: Bards and sages pass down the tale that the headwaters of the Unicorn Run are, in truth, the Font of Life and a cradle of fecundity. Each natural race is said to have emerged from the womb of Chauntea onto Toril at the river's source and then traveled down the Unicorn Run to the outside world. Some say that a daughter of Chauntea resides at the river's source to usher the newborns into the world, while others claim that Shialla midwifes the process. Regardless of the truth, the elves, korreds, and halflings all agree that the Unicorn Run is sacred to life and a site of incredible purity. As a result, all three races have strong taboos about extended trips up the run, for if the river is ever fouled, then no new races will ever be born on Toril again.
7335 History of the Dead Three: 'KNUCKLEBONES, SKULL BOWLING, AND THE EMPTY THRONE' In ages past there was but one god of strife, death, and the dead, and he was known as Jergal, Lord of the End of Everything. Jergal fomented and fed on the discord among mortals and powers alike. When beings slew each other in their quest for power or in their hatred, he welcomed them into his shadowy kingdom of eternal gloom. As all things died, everything came to him eventually, and over time he built his power into a kingdom unchallenged by any other god. Eventually, however, he grew tired of his duties for he knew them too well. Without challenge there is nothing, and in nothingness there is only gloom. In such a state, the difference between absolute power and absolute powerlessness is undetectable. During this dark era, there arose three powerful mortals—Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul—who lusted after the power Jergal wielded. The trio forged an unholy pact, agreeing that they would dare to seek such ultimate power or die in the attempt. Over the length and breadth of the realms they strode, seeking powerful magic and spells and defying death at every turn. No matter what monster they confronted or what spells they braved, the three mortals emerged unscathed at every turn. Eventually the trio destroyed one of the Seven Lost Gods, and they each seized a portion of his divine essence for themselves. The trio then journeyed into the Gray Waste and sought out the Castle of Bone. Through armies of skeletons, legions of zombies, hordes or noncorporeal undead, and a gauntlet of liches they battled. Eventually they reached the object of their lifelong quest—the Bone Throne. "I claim this throne of evil," shouted Bane the tyrant. "I'll destroy you before you can raise a finger," threatened Bhaal the assassin. "And I shall imprison your essence for eternity," promised Myrkul the necromancer. Jergal arose from his throne with a weary expression and said, "The Throne is yours. I have grown weary of this empty power. Take it if you wish—I promise to serve and guide you as your seneschal until you grow comfortable with the position." Before the stunned trio could react, the Lord of the Dead continued, "who among you shall rule?" The trio immediately fell to fighting amongst themselves while Jergal looked on with indifference. When eventually it appeared that either they would all die of exhaustion or battle on for an eternity, the Lord of the End of Everything intervened. "after all you have sacrificed, would you come away with nothing? Why don't you divide the portfolios of the office and engage in a game of skill for them?" asked Jergal. Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul considered the god's offer and agreed. Jergal took the heads of his three most powerful liches and gave them to the trio that they would compete by bowling the skulls. Each mortal rolled a skull across the Gray Waste, having agreed that the winner would be he who bowled the farthest. Malar the Beastlord arrived to visit Jergal at this moment. After quickly ascertaining that the winner of the contest would get all of Jergal's power, he chased off after the three skulls to make sure that the contest would be halted until he had a chance to participate for part of the prize. Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul again fell to fighting as it was obvious their sport was ruined, and again Jergal intervened. "Why don't you allow Lady Luck to decide so you don't have to share with the Beast?" The trio agreed, and Jergal broke off his skeletal finger bones and gave them to the players. When Malar returned from chasing the skulls, he found that the trio had just finished a game of knucklebones. Bane cried out triumphantly, "As winner, I choose to rule for all eternity as the ultimate tyrant. I can induce hatred and strife at my whim, and all will bow down before me while in my kingdom." Myrkul, who had won second place, declared, "But I choose the dead, and by doing so I truly win, because all you are lord over, Bane, will eventually be mine. All things must die—even gods." Bhaal, who finished third, demurred, "I choose death, and it is by my hand that all that you rule Lord Bane will eventually pass to Lord Myrkul. Both of you must pay honor to me and obey my wishes, since I can destroy your kingdom Bane, by murdering your subjects, and I can starve your kingdom, Myrkul by staying my hand." Malar growled in frustration, but could do nothing, and yet again only the beasts were left for him. And Jergal merely smiled, for he had been delivered.
7336 History of the Last March of the Giants: East of the Great Rift in the Eastern Shaar once stood a land of the titans. This empire rose at the dawn of time in Faerûn, and its lords thought to challenge the gods in their arrogance. In punishment, the powers cursed the reigning monarch of the land with fascination and his brethren with devotion. The powers then dropped a star onto the land. The impact of the fallen star created a huge valley later known as the Sea of Fallen Stars. Slowly picking up speed, the gall rolled through the titan nation and onward to the south. Unable to contain his curiosity, the titan king ran off after the bouncing sphere and his devoted followers dutifully followed his tracks. The meteorite rolled on and on until it reached the Great Sea and vanished into the depths. The monarch dove into the sea, and, lemminglike, the entire titan race dove in after him, never to be seen again. Ashamed at the destruction they had wrought, the powers vowed to keep both curiosity and loyalty firmly in check to avoid such disasters in the future. They have done so to this day, preventing both new ideas from being pursued with any speed and the intelligent races of Toril from ever fully cooperating.
7337 History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness: This was the birth of the world and the heavens. After Lord Ao created Realmspace, there was a period of timeless nothingness, a misty realm of shadows before light and dark were separate entities. Within this dim chaos stalked 13 lords of shadow, the Shadevari—whether they came from elsewhere or are children of the shadow itself, none can say. Eventually this primordial essence coalesced into twin beautiful goddesses who were yin and yang to each other; they were so close they thought of themselves as one being. The Two-Faced Goddess created the heavenly bodies of the crystal sphere and together infused them with life to form the Earthmother, Chauntea. (Although Chauntea has since contracted her essence to encompass only Abeir-Toril, in the beginning she embodied all matter in Realmspace.) This new universe was lit by the face of the silver-haired goddess, who called herself Selûne, and darkened by the welcoming tresses of the raven-haired goddess, Shar, but no heat or fire existed within it. Chauntea begged for warmth so that she could nurture life and living creatures upon the planets that were her body and limbs, and the two sisters-Who-Were-One became divided, as for the first time they were of two minds. Silvery Selûne contested with her dark sister over whether or not to bring further life to the worlds. During this great conflagration, the gods of war, disease, murder, and death, among others, were created from residues of the deific battle. At one point during the battle, Selûne seized the advantage and reached across time and space to a land of eternal fire. Fighting the pain of the blaze, which burned her sorely, she broke off a fragment of that ever-living flame and ignited one of the heavenly bodies so that it burned in the sky and warmed Chauntea. Incensed, Shar redoubled her attack on her injured twin and began to snuff out all light and heat throughout the crystal sphere. Again Selûne gave of herself and tore the divine essence of magic from her body, flinging it desperately at her sister in defense of life in the sphere. This essence entered Shar, ripped an equal portion of energy from her, and reformed behind her as the goddess of magic, known now as Mystra, but then as Mystryl. Though Mystryl was composed of both light and dark magic, she favored her first mother Selûne initially, allowing the silver goddess to win an uneasy truce with her more powerful, dark twin. Consumed by bitterness at her defeat, Shar vowed eternal revenge. The twin goddesses contested for eons as life struggled into existence on Toril and the other planets under Chauntea's watchful gaze. Shar remained powerful, but bitterly alone, while Selûne waxed and waned in power, often drawing strength from her allied daughters and sons and like-minded immigrant deities. Over time, Shar grew strong again, aided by the shadevari who preferred night to blinding light and who stalked the realms seeking to meld light and dark into shadowy chaos once again. Shar's plot to reform the world after her own desires was undone when Azuth, the High One, formerly the greatest of all mortal spellcasters and now consort to Mystra (incarnate successor to Mystryl), found a way to imprison the shadevari in a pocket-sized crystal sphere located beyond the edges of the world by creating the illusion of a realm of shadows. The Lords of Shadow were drawn to investigate, and before they discovered the trick, Azuth imprisoned the shadevari with the Shadowstar, a key of shadows forged by Gond. The High Lord then hurled the key into the endless reaches of the cosmos allowing life to flourish on in Chauntea's loving hands.
7338 History of the Valley of the Gods: It is said that even the powers must cavort and amuse themselves once in a great while. Far to the north of the Spine of the World is the Valley of the Gods. A paradise unequaled on this world or in the planes, this playground of the gods is not meant for mortals. Any mortal who reaches the Valley becomes a deity, for only deities may exist in the Valley. Far too many mortals with delusions of grandeur have thrown away the pleasures of this side of the Spine and their kingdoms in this world, only to break their backs searching for the legendary Valley of the Gods.
7339 History of the Fateful Coin: Old tales tell that luck plays a crucial role in each person's life. When each newborn baby enters into the realms, Tymora flips a coin formed from the remnants of the original goddess of luck, Tyche. Beshaba calls it in the air—the moon (heads) or the cloak (tails). If Beshaba is right, that person is cursed with misfortune for the rest of his or her days. If she's wrong, Lady Luck smiles on that child for the rest of his or her life. For some rare beings, the coin lands edge on—and these luckless few can forge their own fates, for they have more freedom over their destinies than the powers themselves.
7340 During the Tethyrian civil war, the Battle Axe of Mauletar was in the possession of the house of Ossyind. This noble family was betrayed while trying to flee the country, and Mauletar, lead guard and personal friend, took up the axe and sacrificed himself to buy enough time for his companions to flee. His battle cry was favored by the gods, and was echoed across the lands as a symbol of devoted friendship and loyalty. Thus, the magical axe was used to uphold these virtues against those who lacked honor and courage. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d8+2 (slashing) Speed Factor: 5 Proficiency Type: Axe Type: One-handed Requires: 10 Strength Weight: 5
7341 There are no records of this weapon's creator. Nevertheless, its existence can be traced back among thieves and murderers to before Dalereckoning. Its blackened blade was apparently forged from the arcane metals of an iron golem, giving the weapon an appearance as dark as its history. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d4+2 (piercing) Speed Factor: 0 Proficiency Type: Dagger Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 1
7342 Longtooth: The Grave Binder Discovered relatively recently by adventurers in the south, the abilities of this weapon went unknown for several years. Magical tomes eventually revealed its extensive history as an assassin's tool, and it was dubbed the Grave Binder. It was stolen soon after. STATISTICS: THAC0: +2 Damage: 1d6+2 (piercing) Speed Factor: 0 Proficiency Type: Dagger Type: One-handed Requires: 3 Strength Weight: 2
7343 The tale of this weapon lost its significance in the sea of great stories that are told about the High Forest, but some bards still sing the song of the skilled archer Adaniss Rhyte. "Oh, shocked from the strike of his powerful bow, The slain game sought by Adaniss falls. Long ago in the time of the Quiet Earth, Th