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1Why hast thou disturbed me here? Hast thou no manners? Get out!
2So, <CHARNAME>, you have sullied your father's name by defiling his home and bringing ruin to a peace that has lasted for centuries. I spit on you and all of your friends. Your transgressions will be punished in the most severe form. I formally accuse you of the murders of Brunos Costak and Rieltar Anchev.
3Why have I accused you? You were seen fleeing the murder scene. Koveras found the identifying ring of a Shadow Thief assassin in your personal effects, and gold minted in Amn. I feel that it is strong enough proof to accuse you.
4You were seen fleeing the site of the murder by the guest known as Koveras.
5From everything we have seen and found, it is not hard to figure what your purpose was. From what I have been told, you have been trying to place all the misfortune of the Sword Coast squarely on the shoulders of the Iron Throne. I assume you and your friends are assassins in the employ of Amn. Perhaps you were sent up north to create discord in the region before an Amnian invasion. It matters little; you and your friends are to be sent to Baldur's Gate where an appropriate punishment will be administered.
6But I have done nothing wrong! Why have you accused me of such a thing?
7Fine. Do your worst, you old coot.
8But I have done nothing wrong! Why have you accused me of such a thing?
9I am pleased to see thee again. Hast thou come to collect the inheritance from your father? He left thee several items, all of which are within his old room. Please forgive my abrupt nature, but much requires my attention this day. It is important that we later speak of your foster father, but not now. Meet me in the outer grounds later today.
10Surrender to the guard, young one. Thou wouldst only make it worse for thyself.
11Hello, young one. I am sorry to see thee in such terrible circumstances. I know thee well enough to see that you have been falsely accused. Tomorrow Ulraunt will most likely sentence thee to be sent to Baldur's Gate. There, thou wouldst receive the death penalty for these actions. I know that Gorion would not want to see his only child killed a scant few weeks after his own death. 'Tis as a favor to his memory that I will help thee escape. Make thy way through the catacombs beneath the library, but disturb them not. I have your possessions with me. You must take them and go with haste.
12I know of no one named Koveras, but Koveras is the reverse of Sarevok, a young man who accompanied the leaders of the Iron Throne when they first came. I know not where he has gone.
13Do you know anyone by the name of Koveras?
14Thank you for helping us.
15Gorion has been looking for thee, young one.
16First off, let me introduce myself. I'm Scar, second-in-command of the Flaming Fist. Though it is not necessary for you to reveal your names, please answer me this: Are you the group that was involved in the trouble at the Nashkel mines?
17Ah, nope.
18Yes, that was us.
19I hope you're telling the truth, though it doesn't really matter. You're free to go. If you ever have any trouble or change your minds about your identity, you can find me outside of the Flaming Fist compound.
20Well, I have to say you've made quite the commotion up here in Baldur's Gate. I can't really put my finger on a single source, but there have been many strange happenings going on within the city. It's been getting harder and harder for me to put trust in someone. I need outsiders to do some investigations, people with no connections to anyone within the city. Would you be interested in working for me in such a capacity?
21We really don't have the time or the inclination.
22If it pays well, sure.
23I'm sorry to hear that. You're free to go. If you ever have any trouble, or if you change your mind about helping me, you can find me outside the Flaming Fist compound.
24All right then. What I'm about to tell you must be held in the strictest confidence. Do you understand? I need you to begin an investigation of the Seven Suns trading coster. The Seven Suns leadership has been acting strangely of late. They've been selling off valuable assets and neglecting many of their more profitable trading ventures. Considering the importance that the trading coster holds over the economy of the city, the Grand Dukes are noticeably upset. I've gone to talk to the coster's head, Jhasso. He rudely rebuffed me, telling me to mind my own business. I've known Jhasso for many years, and this isn't his usual behavior. I can't start up an official investigation, as there is no real reason for doing so. That's why I need you.
25We're ready to start, tell us what we need to do and how much money you'll pay us to do it.
26We're ready to go for it, but there's something you need to know first: We think that the Iron Throne may be behind recent events along the coast. At the mines in Nashkel and in Cloakwood, we've learned much about the goals and methods of the Iron Throne, and it doesn't bode well for the future of this region.
27Well, that sheds new light on things. There's nothing I can really do about it now, but I'll make sure to look into it.
28I want you to break into the Seven Suns compound and find out what's wrong. Use stealth in your investigations; I don't want this operation to cause too much fuss. The most important person to watch for is Jhasso. Once you've found out as much as possible, report back to me at the Flaming Fist compound. I'll pay you 2,000 gold for this favor.
29The estate is located on the southwest side of town. I wish all of you the best of luck. Remember, once you're done at the Seven Sun's estate, it's imperative that you meet me at the Flaming Fist barracks, which are just west of the Seven Suns.
30abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890!@#$%^&*() -_=+\|]}[{;:'",<.>/?–—
31I am glad to see you have returned. So what news do you bring me?
32We didn't learn anything, sorry. Do you have anything else for us to do?
33According to one of the merchants we met, the Seven Suns has been infiltrated by some sort of shapeshifter. I don't know what kind of monsters they are, but the merchants are fearful.
34Doppelgangers had taken over many of the higher echelons of the coster. The monsters are all dead now, slain by us.
35That's too bad. Hopefully it only means that my fears were misplaced. I want to discuss some of the fears I have about the Iron Throne. I'll be waiting just outside the doors of the Flaming Fist barracks. Whenever you have time, come talk to me.
36This is very serious news. I must ask you another favor. If you were to return to the compound and destroy this infestation of monsters, I would be willing to double your wage.
37Sorry, we've had enough to do with the Seven Suns. If you have any information about the Iron Throne, we'd like to discuss that instead.
38Sure we can go back, but the reward better be worth it.
39All right then, if you'd rather discuss the Iron Throne, then I'm perfectly willing. I have some paperwork to do, then you can meet with me outside of the Flaming Fist barracks.
40I must thank you once again; you're doing a great service to this city.
41You have done very well! I will be doubling your wages for the heroic service you have provided to this city. We must keep in touch; I may need your help in investigating the Iron Throne.
42Back so soon! How did your battle fare?
43We don't think we will be able to defeat all of the doppelgangers.
44The doppelgangers are all dead. Jhasso is back in control of the business.
45We killed all the doppelgangers, but we weren't able to save Jhasso.
46That's understandable. The creatures you have described are a very dangerous breed, IF they are the monsters I think they are. You'll still get an extra 2,000 gold, and you need not worry about retaliation from these creatures; I'll be sending in a detachment of the Flaming Fist to deal with them. Unfortunately, using this kind of strong-arm tactic on the city's premier merchant coster will bring down a lot of trouble on my head.
47I'm impressed! You are as good as your word and obviously very deadly in your work. I'll give you the wage you deserve, triple our original agreement. I want to keep in touch with you, especially if the Iron Throne is up to what you say it is.
48It is sad that a good man like Jhasso had to die, but I am impressed that you defeated all of those horrible creatures. You are a fine group of warriors and worth every bit that I'm about to pay you. We have to keep in touch, especially if the Iron Throne is as underhanded as you say it is.
49Hello, <CHARNAME>. I have another job for you. This one involves a group you have dealt with in the past—the Iron Throne. Duke Eltan himself wishes to speak to you about this. Will you come with me?
50Sorry, we have other things on our mind right now.
51Of course we'll come, especially if we have an audience with the Grand Duke.
52Greetings, I am Scar, second-in-command of the Flaming Fist. My commander, Grand Duke Eltan, has expressed an interest in meeting with you. It has to do with your previous involvement with the Iron Throne.
53We can't come at the moment. There are other, more important, matters at hand.
54Show us the way to this "Grand Duke."
55Perhaps you don't understand the importance of your invitation. One of the Grand Dukes has requested an audience. It would be embarrassing for both of us for you not to show up.
56Well, now that you put it that way, I guess we'll come along.
57Sorry, our minds are made up.
58If you change your minds, you can find me here.
59Just follow me, I'll take you to the Flaming Fist compound. The Grand Duke is waiting for us.
61Have you changed your minds about seeing the duke?
62We hold by our earlier decision.
63Okay, take us to your Duke.
64The duke really wants your assistance in these matters, so I'll wait here in case you decide to be more reasonable.
65Let me introduce you to Grand Duke Eltan, one of the lords of the city, commander of the Flaming Fist, and member of the Lord's Alliance.
66I have another job you might be interested in. You'll be well paid for your services. Care to hear more?
67We don't have time for another job right now. We'd rather discuss the Iron Throne. Do you have any information on them?
68We're always interested in more work. What does it entail?
69Greetings, mercenaries. I'm Scar, second-in-command of the Flaming Fist, the city's standing army. You haven't been in our city for too long, have you? Well, if you're looking for a job, I have one that might get your interest. Do you want to hear more?
70We're not interested.
71Sure, tell us some more.
72All right then, meet me outside of the Flaming Fist barracks and we can discuss the Iron Throne.
73The problem is this: Every night people have been disappearing from the streets of the city. My men have been scouring the city trying to find the culprit, but so far to no avail. People have begun to get scared, and very few are willing to leave their homes at night. Something has to be done, and quickly. Would you be willing to take the job? I'd pay you 300 gold in advance with a 1,000 gold bonus if you discover what's been happening with the disappearing citizens. What do you say?
74We have other things to do.
75We agree to your terms.
76Your job is really simple. All I want you to do is patrol the east of the city and find an entrance to the sewers. Perhaps you'll get lucky and find out what's been happening. If you do find out what's been happening, come to see me at the Flaming Fist barracks. Our only clue so far has led us to the sewers, so if you want to explore them first, it would probably be a good idea. Also, we've found tracks of some many-legged creature, perhaps a centipede-like monster.
77It's good to see you again. How have things gone?
78Sorry, we failed to learn anything.
79We learned that an ogre mage holed up in the sewers was responsible for all the disappearances. He had several carrion crawlers that would steal out at night to carry off random victims. The crawlers used their hapless prey as food, while the ogre mage took any valuables they might have.
80A crazed ogre mage was sending off his pet carrion crawlers to kill innocent victims. For what purpose, we cannot say.
81You've done a good job and earned your bonus in full. Do you have any of the items possessed by the ogre's victims? I'm sure their families would like to have something to remember of their loved ones. We know for a fact that the Sashenstar family lost a daughter to those creatures. She had a signet ring, a ring inset with a ruby.
82Sorry, we didn't find anything.
83Yes, we did. We'll happily return it.
84That's too bad. Well, I'm going to need some people to do some investigating of the Iron Throne. I'm just going to finish up some paperwork, then I'll be just outside the main doors of the Flaming Fist compound. If you wish to discuss the Iron Throne, just come talk to me there.
85I thank you for your honesty. I'll throw in a 3,000 gold bonus for the return of the items. Anyway, I'm going to need some people to do some investigating of the Iron Throne. I'm just going to finish up some paperwork, then I'll be just outside the main doors of the Flaming Fist compound. If you wish to discuss the Iron Throne, just come talk to me there.
86All those poor people. I'm glad you were able to stop the ogre mage. You have earned your bonus. Anyway, I'm going to need some people to do some investigating of the Iron Throne. I'm just going to finish up some paperwork, then I'll be just outside the main doors of the Flaming Fist compound. If you wish to discuss the Iron Throne, just come talk to me there.
87Well, what are you doing here? Keep on your nightly patrols and come back once you've found something. If you feel that you're having no luck, then come and talk to me, and I'll reassign the mission to someone else. I have something else of importance that you might be interested in. It involves the Iron Throne.
88That's okay, I'll send one of my squads to see if they can find anything out. Anyway, I have another mission for you. I'm going to need some people to do some investigating of the Iron Throne. I'm just going to finish up some paperwork, then I'll be just outside the main doors of the Flaming Fist compound. If you wish to discuss the Iron Throne, just come talk to me there.
89Before you leave, I must congratulate you. It takes brave people to battle the foul denizens you have described. As well, I'm going to need some people to do some investigating of the Iron Throne. I'm just going to finish up some paperwork, then I'll be just outside the main doors of the Flaming Fist compound. If you wish to discuss the Iron Throne, just come talk to me there.
90Go to Gorion and listen well, for without knowledge, life is a mere shadow of death.
91Uhh, yes, son, it certainly has been a long time. How are you doing, my boy?
92Um, yes... it's Mom, and I want you to stop all this zombie foolishness and come to Beregost with me. Surely someone there can help you.
94I am pleased to see that you have taken time to pay tribute to wise Oghma.
96It's madness! By what logic do you steal mine parents' visage and attack my family?! You shall die for this!
97No matter. I've not seen you since, um, Zhentil Keep. Thank the gods we all got out safely.
98No matter. I've not seen you since, um, Zhentil Keep. Thank the gods we all got out safely.
99But these are not our kin! What madness has your eyes? Zombies all!
100I am disappointed in you, son. These are not your family, and it's an abomination to suggest it!
101It's not I who lies, but you to yourself! You rob others of THEIR loved ones to replace those you betrayed long ago!
102Indeed. I can offer you healing potions, if you wish, as a token of goodwill.
103You do not trust us?
104Now Montaron, had I just been attacked I might be leery as well. So be it, I shall not heal you.
105Stop a second there, young'n, 'cuz I heard what you gone and done for old Brun. It made me ashamed that I didn't try to help him myself. Good to know there's still someone willin' ta go the extra mile, even for a stranger. I want you to have this heirloom of mine, because of what you did. Now my heirs didn't loom so big, but you ought to get more use out o' it than my mantle does. Folks like you make a jaded old man think there's still decent people out there.
106Stop a second there, young'n, 'cuz I heard what you gone and done for old Brun. It made me ashamed that I didn't try to help him myself. Good to know there's still someone willin' to go the extra mile, even for a stranger. I want you to have this heirloom of mine, because of what you did. Now my heirs didn't loom so big, but you ought to get more use out o' it than my mantle does. Folks like you make a jaded old man think there's still decent people out there.
107An interesting piece o' material you got there. Ankheg, if I'm not mistaken. Been a while since I seen the like, but if I remember correctly, it makes a fine set of armor. If properly treated it's comparable to full plate with half the weight! If you're willing to part with your shells I'll give you 500 gold for the lot of them. No more can I offer with business as slow as it is. Iron shortage hurting us all.
108Hold, Montaron, this young wayfarer is in need. Someone has set about thee, stranger, and you have barely escaped with your life.
109A child wandering the wilderness? Surely you must be none too bright to be traveling these roads.
110An exhausted whelp in the forest?
111You should find your father, for he wouldst speak with you.
112Heh heh.
113It is good to see you again. The libraries are yours to use for the duration of your stay. Let me show you to your hostel room.
114Greetings, I hope you find the resources at our library to be adequate. Let me show you to your hostel rooms.
115Before I take you to your hostel rooms you should understand that I want no trouble. I hope that is understood.
116There are several rules that need be adhered to, of which you are no doubt aware. First, you are prohibited from taking any of the books from their respective rooms. Second, certain rooms will be inscribed with a rune, and are not to be entered. Third, you are not to stay within the confines of Candlekeep for more than ten days. Now follow me; I'll take you to your quarters.
117Hey ho there, fellow travelers! You look to be wanderers of the adventuring sort. Tell me, what direction calls you?
118Stop and surrender yourself. You are accused of murdering the men Brunos Costak, Thaldorn Tenhevich and Rieltar Anchev. If you give yourself up now, you will be assured of a fair trial.
119I am proceeding in a northerly direction this day.
120I am heading south for a time, though that may change.
121I am heading south for a time, though that may change.
122I am heading south for a time, though that may change.
123It is the same for me! Surely this lends us a familial bond of sorts. The smart move would be to travel as one, especially with the number of bandits in the area. You probably need the counterbalance of my intelligence as well.
124Ah, my loutish friends, that is my direction too. Fate has crossed our paths, and we could all benefit by traveling together. It will be the classic pairing of you, the stalwart adventurers, and I, the intelligent one. How could you refuse?
125Oh no, not my way at all. Nevertheless, since you are so obviously in need of guidance from someone with not quite so much orcish heritage, I shall alter my course and come with you. Don't bother to thank me; just grunt approval.
126Well, I suppose I'll be on my way then you idi— You said YES! I mean, of course I'll come with you. My intellect and skill as a cleric will undoubtedly make your group much better than it is. Onward.
127I should have guessed by your knuckle-dragging gait and minuscule nose, you're a complete and utter moron, aren't ya?
128I suppose there would be no harm in your joining me.
129No, and don't call me Shirley.
130Whatever. Come if ye must, but watch your mouth.
131How could I refuse? Watch me. Taketh thou a hike!
132Uh HUH. If you must.
133Thou art a dink, to be sure. Get lost.
134I am proceeding in a northerly direction this day.
135I am proceeding in a northerly direction this day.
136If it's your business, east is my direction.
137If it's your business, east is my direction.
138If it's your business, east is my direction.
139Westward till dawn, if plans stay unchanged.
140Westward till dawn, if plans stay unchanged.
141Westward till dawn, if plans stay unchanged.
142Damn it, Jebadoh, we can't go on like this forever! There is no way we can keep quotas up when we're afraid to come near the nets. Excuse me, who are you?
143Please, will no one help me? Anyone? I've nowhere else to be turnin'. I beseech thee, kind <SIRMAAM>, please help. It's strange happenings at my farm, and I've not the strength I once had. I've nothing to offer, and even if I did I doubt such as you would have need of it. Please.
144Will no one help me? Anyone? I've nowhere else to be turnin'. Please, you're young and strapping, can you lend a neighbor a hand? There's somethin' going on at my farm, and I can't afford to hire help. I've nothing to offer you, save my gratitude.
145Will no one help me? Anyone? I've nowhere else to be turnin'. I'm not the kind to be hiring mercenaries, and neither can I afford it, but I need your aid. Please, out of the goodness of your hearts, can you help an old man?
146Because of this damnable iron shortage, it cost the last of my savings to repair the plow. I've nothing left but my son Nathan, and now he is missing. By Chauntea, it was hard enough just asking for help! Please!
147You need look no further for aid. What can I do?
148You need look no further for aid. What can I do?
149You need look no further for aid. What can I do?
150I could help, but surely you must be able to pay something.
151I could help, but surely you must be able to pay something.
152I could help, but surely you must be able to pay something.
153This is not my concern, old man.
154This is not my concern, old man.
155This is not my concern, old man.
156You'll not come? Then I've no hope. Nothing left...
157There's nothing I can do. Nothing...
158Oh, by the Great Mother, thank you! My son Nathan and his friends went looking for our missing cattle, then they just up and disappeared! Been gone for days now and, with all the bandits around, who knows what's happened. I don't know where they were heading, but I saw some sort o' tracks to the west. Please find Nathan. I can't afford to keep the farm without my son.
159I've not been able to find your son, but I'll not stop till I do.
160I can't find him at all. It's beyond me.
161Have you found my son? Is he well?
162Please keep looking. He's out there somewhere, and I must know his fate.
163No, my only son... It is a black day. He died for this farm, but I am too old to work it and too poor to hire someone else. I've lost him AND the land. At least now I know. Thank you for your help but... I wish to be alone now.
164You need look no further for aid. What can I do?
165Save your breath, your words fall on deaf ears. I've no interest if there is no money involved.
166This is not my concern, old man.
167I am afraid Nathan is dead, sir. He died defending your farm from a nest of strange beasts.
168Pssst! We should give Brun the treasure. He needs it more than we do. There's always another dungeon for us. Be tactful though; he's a proud man.
169Brun, this is the hoard that the creatures had. It's more than we can carry, and more than we could use. Do us a favor and take it off our hands, will you?
170Brun, we have all we need. In fact, you'd be doing us a favor if you would take this extra off our hands. It's a burden for us to carry.
171Hey, old man, we can spot you some gold till you're on your feet again.
172Tough luck I guess. See ya.
173Well, if it's causin' you strife to hang on to it, I suppose I could... hold it for ya. Thank you, strangers. I don't believe I'll see the likes of you again.
174Thanks, but no thanks. I'll not be takin' yer pity money. I've lost a lot, but not my dignity.
175What am I to do...?
176Brun, this is the hoard that the creatures had. It's more than we can carry, and more than we could use. Do us a favor and take it off our hands, will you?
177Brun, we have all we need. In fact, you'd be doing us a favor if you would take this extra 100 gold off our hands. It's a burden for us to carry.
178Hey, old man, we can spot you some gold till you're on your feet again.
179Tough luck I guess. See ya.
180Ah, this will make a fine suit of plate for a governor or better. Nobility like exotic materials and don't care much about the price. Probably close to 20,000 gold for a tenday's work when I'm finished. I may survive this iron shortage after all.
181Whoa! Iron is not so scarce as to make me that desperate! 500 gold or nothing, and you can take it or leave it!
182Suit yourself, but whatever you do with it, I'd do it quick. If not properly dried and cured it will rot in less than a tenday. Be no use to anyone beyond that.
183Hello again! Still have that ankheg shell I see. Have you reconsidered my offer for it? 500 gold is fair.
184It's you again. I am afraid I'm no longer interested in the ankheg shell ye possess. I can tell by the sight of it that it's begun to rot. You'll not get 1 gold for it now, let alone 500. What a shame.
185A shame it is. It could bring quite a bit once finished. How about this? For 4,000 gold I'll make it into plate for you instead. It's half my normal rate for working on an exotic, but, as I mentioned, business is slow.
186Good on you. Now it will take me a while to finish, but you will soon have the finest armor in Beregost, if not the entire Sword Coast. Come back in three days, and I'll have it ready for you.
187It's not ready yet. Perhaps another day or two. Be patient; quality takes time.
188Ah, you have returned. And here be what I promised you. Beautiful isn't it? A finer set of armor I have not made for some time. Wear it well.
189And gold would be cut like cheese in battle, if you catch my meaning! Bah! Come back with the gold or don't come back! I'll not suffer lip such as this in my own smithy!
190If it be gold you're short of, you may want to try for the bounty on the cleric Bassilus. I hear it already nears 5,000, so you would have change to spare. Be quick about it though. That shell will rot in a tenday if not cured.
191Back again, are you? Well, which will it be? Sell me the shell for 500, or do I make you armor for 4,000?
192I'm not interested in selling it just now, though it would be to you if I do.
193You have just bought yourself some ankheg, sir! A pleasure doing business with you.
194Hardly a fair price for the trouble I went through to get it. Double your offer, and consider it done.
195I suppose I will take it.
196Well, I'll just have to leave it then.
197I'm not interested in selling it just now, though it would be to you if I do.
198You have just bought yourself some ankheg, sir! A pleasure doing business with you.
199Hardly a fair price for the trouble I went through to get it. Double your offer, and consider it done.
200Though your offer is generous, it is more than I can afford right now.
201A fair price for the workmanship of Taerom Thunderhammer. 4,000 gold it is.
2024,000 gold is ridiculous! It would be cheaper to make it from the gold itself!
203I'll sell it to you. I'm sick of carrying it around.
204Here's your 4,000. Make me a suit of armor to be proud of.
205I'm not interested in either.
206Heee hee he ha! You no fight! You fight, you die! Give all gold and iron or you die! 'Tis simple choices! What I say, or die! Die die DIE!
207You no join Chill! Not even funny! 'Tis insult you die for!
208Your hearts are brave! We rip them out and show you! Chill, attack!
209You smart coward! You live to run away again! No move no follow, or Chill kill!
210We'll never surrender to you cut-rate marauders!
211We'll not fight you. In fact, we want to join your group.
212We don't want any trouble. Take what you want and leave us be.
214Chain Mail
215Medium Shield
216Chain Armor of Darkness
217Neither shall I hold thee to a debt of honor for slighting my good intentions, though your conscience may.
218Nothing to fear from these simple potions, and I'll not even hold you in debt, though your conscience knows otherwise.
219Perhaps as payment you would go with us to Nashkel. It is a troubled area and we mean to investigate some disturbing rumors surrounding the local mines. Some acquaintances are very concerned about the iron shortage. Specifically, where to lay blame in the matter. You would be useful, though I'll not hold you to it. We are to meet the mayor of the town, a man named Berrun Ghastkill, I believe.
220My compatriot and I go to Nashkel. Our business is not your concern. Suffice it to say that some acquaintances of mine wish us to look into this iron shortage. If you follow, I'm sure we'll find a use for you.
221Goody good good! We should make haste to Nashkel, just a short ways south of here. Onward, intrepid friends.
222You won't do this for me? You're bad, and I'll have someone hurt you! You'll see! That one's a meany, Monty, not a nice child at all!
223We've precious little time, but it's best to travel accompanied.
224Silly! Your friends are no concern of ours. Go as you wish by yourself. Hopefully you fare better than you have so far.
225I've no wish to strain our relationship, but you did promise to go to Nashkel. Our delay is making me rather... tense. I'm not nice when I'm tense.
226Much as I truly care about your needs, I would prefer that we forgot your petty travels and went to Nashkel!
227Ooo... Subtle, yet insulting.
228You said we would go to Nashkel! You did! I don't wanna be your friend no more! Wahhhhhh!
229Aye Xzar, looks to have been roughed up quite well.
230And ye look a bit scuffed, too. A fine pair of troubles all your own.
231We've not the time for your troubles, though we may have a purpose for ye.
232I'll not be insulted by this whelp!
233Refuse if ye wish.
234Just like all good people.
235Your conscience be your guide.
236Aye, we'll go wit' ye. Ye owe us fer our time though.
237The night be not kind to fools. Luck be with you. You'll need it.
238Abela the Nymph
239Now you've gone and set him off! Blasted mage will blither for hours! Off wit' ye! I'll not suffer the both of ye!
240Rein it in, wizard! I canna stand the way your senses flit about. Could we just travel in peace?
241I'd be grateful for any assistance.
242I prefer to manage on my own.
243I know you not and want none of your help!
244Well, I never! Hmph!
245There is little else for me to do. I may as well go with you.
246Go on your way and leave me be. I would go my own path.
247I would join with you, but I must meet someone first. Perhaps you will go with me?
248I would join with you, but I must meet someone first. Perhaps you will go with me?
249There is little else for me to do. I may as well go with you.
250Go on your way and leave me be. I would go my own path.
251I would join with you, but I must meet someone first. Perhaps you will go with me?
252I would join with you, but I must meet someone first. Perhaps you will go with me?
253I apologize, but I cannot allow you to leave. Gorion wishes to see you as soon as possible.
254Hold, travelers! Before you will be allowed entrance, you must donate a tome of great value to our libraries.
255I am sorry, friend. I know that you are the child of Gorion and have dwelt here all your life, but I cannot exempt anyone from the sanctions of the most high Ulraunt.
256Don't lie to me, child. You do not possess the proper book. When you do, you may return, and I will allow you entry.
257You have met the requirements to gain entry to our most holy library. It is fine to see the child of Gorion once again within these hallowed grounds. Please have your less civilized friends refrain from causing trouble. We are very strict with the letter of the law, as you well know, <CHARNAME>.
258I hope your time here was fruitful.
259You are accused of murdering the leaders of the Iron Throne. Give yourselves up and stand a chance of a fair trial!
260We don't have a book, but I used to live here.
261You may not enter the store at this time.
262We have the book you require.
263What brings thee here, child of Gorion? I am very busy and must ask thee to visit another time.
264Thou wouldst do well to stop avoiding your foster father, he needs to speak with thee urgently.
265Hold, travelers! Before you will be allowed entrance, you must donate a tome of great value to our libraries.
266Citizens, please step forward.
267Plate Mail
272It was unbearable, waking each morn to the mud and rock instead of the rising sun. I am Xan, a Greycloak of Evereska, and as proficient in the ways of magic as any man can be. If you be enemies of Mulahey, I would join your cause, hopeless though it is.
273At last I am free of my dreary prison. Five and eighty days are far too long for one of the Fair Folk to live as a dwarf. You look no better off than I, but my appreciation for my liberty bids me add my spells to your cause. I am Xan. Shall we face the impossible together?
274Alas, I was sent to investigate the strange goings-on about this area and I landed caged for seemingly hopeless weeks on end. I have not seen the sun almost as long as I have not seen my home.
275I thank you for my rescue but I must leave quickly. I wish you well in your struggle, though it is surely lost.
276I understand your decision, for the odds are surely insurmountable. I shall return unto Evereska and report of these dire straits.
277I thank you. However ineffective our actions be, I shall not rest until I have made payment to you. If you have searched through Mulahey's treasure, you may have found a sword among his documents. The sword is a moonblade, and it is my most valued possession.
278Certainly you are welcome to join with me. Another pair of hands can only help, especially when they are proficient in the ways of magic.
279Certainly you are welcome to join with me. Another pair of hands can only help, especially when they wield powerful magic.
280It's hard enough trying to keep our hopes up without you to bring them down. I'd rather you didn't join us.
281It's hard enough trying to keep our hopes up without you to bring them down. I'd rather you didn't join us.
282How did you come to be trapped in such an inhospitable place?
283How did you come to be trapped in such an inhospitable place?
284Certainly you are welcome to join with me. Another pair of hands can only help, especially when they wield powerful magic.
285It's hard enough trying to keep our hopes up without you to bring them down. I'd rather you didn't join us.
286If that is the case, I don't want you in my group. How effective can you be if you were captured by this lot?
287There is no need to be rude. I will go back to my home in Evereska and leave you to your hopeless quest.
288It's not I who lies, but you to yourself! You rob others of THEIR loved ones to replace those you betrayed long ago!
289I'm a dork.
290I was good for days 'n days and now I can go to the fair!
291Poppa was in the mines, but Momma says he's with the Mommy of All now.
292Mother said not to talk with strangers.
293You funny lookin'.
294Good day, friend! You are the child of Gorion, are you not? I recognize you from his letters, for he writes of you often. Forgive my manners; I am Jaheira and this is Khalid, my husband.
295Greetings. You... you look familiar, though it's not your looks. I am not sure what I expected, but I believe you are Gorion's child. I am Jaheira; this is Khalid.
296It is almost a slight on him, but I see it too.
297We are old friends of your adopted father. He is not with you? I must assume the worst. He would not permit his only child to wander without his accompaniment.
298Gorion often said that he worried for your safety, even at the expense of his own. He also wished that Khalid and I would become your guardians, if he should ever meet an untimely end. However, you are much older now, and the choice of your companions should be your own.
299It would be a fitting last service to Gorion, though we should first go to Nashkel. Khalid and I look into local concerns, and there are rumors of strange things happening at the mines. No doubt you have heard of the iron shortage? You would do well to help us. It affects everyone, including you. We are to meet the mayor of the town, Berrun Ghastkill.
300Well, good! We'll leave as soon as you're ready, though it should be soon.
301It seems Gorion was a bit generous in his assessment of you, but it's your decision, and I wish you luck on your way.
302Indeed? Interesting. In that case I think we should definitely travel as one. You can never be too careful about the dangers of the open road. Wherever they may spring from.
305G-good to know you.
306Something about you is f-familiar, child. Your manner reminds me of a sage I know, b-by the name of Gorion.
307If... if he has passed, we share your loss.
308We could t-travel with you until you get settled, help you find your l-lot in life.
309Jaheira! M-mind your m-m-manners! This must be the child that Gorion wrote of so often.
311I fear I must d-depart as well. Jaheira and I are inseparable.
312Your company would be welcome.
313I would rather choose my own future and leave Gorion's past behind me. I'll find my way on my own.
314I'm already going to Nashkel. My current companions wish to visit there as well.
315I am a wanderer of the realms not unlike thyself, and thou hast caught my notice. I would ask thee a riddle, just as a point of interest for me, and I have a gift if thy answer is correct. My simple test of logic is thus: You have a mother who had four children. Two were twin girls of quiet demeanor, to be named Spring and Summer. The third child, a hellion of a boy, was named Autumn. What was the given name of the fourth and final child?
316Oh, dear. Well then! Don't dawdle in the woods too long, my young friend. It is dangerous out at night, and I would think that thou would like a FRIENDLY ARM to help GUIDE thee. Yes, <SIRMAAM>, a FRIENDLY ARM IN-deed would be useful. Here's a little something for thy trouble... that thou will undoubtedly encounter. I shall possibly see thee again in thy travels. Goodbye and, well, good luck.
317Excellent! Basic sensibilities in abundance! I'll not delay thee any longer, for thou art quite capable of the task at hand. Take this potion, though thou may not need it, and go with haste to thy destination. Remember, do not turn down the help of a friendly arm's guidance. I shall see thee again, my friend.
318I congratulate your wise decision. I wish you well for whichever endeavor you now embark upon. However, I must warn you, this woman among you, she is a member of the Shadow Druids. I would not think it prudent to trust such an individual. The Shadow Druids believe in the violent suppression of all forms of civilization.
319Hello again, friend! Thy current path may lead thee to great peril. Be sure that thou hast experienced enough to brave the challenges before thee.
320I'll not go down the mines again! 'Tain't natural what's down there! I just don't understand how adventuring fools like you go and put yourselves in harm's way. I do whatever I can to avoid trouble.
321A dozen men have been lost to the mines. Surely it is a cursed place. I don't believe any of the foreman's excuses, and I don't care about any extra pay. I ain't going near it. You're fools if you go there.
322I paid 35 gold for a sword from Beregost and it "rotted" in my hands! What can disease metal so? Has your gear done the same? Even if you got your blades out of some dank old dungeon, just bringing them near tainted metal makes them weak. Seems like only magic weapons don't degrade, but who has those? No one I know.
323I hear tell of adventurers in town, but they're all talk and no action. If you see them, give 'em a kick and tell 'em to get moving. We need help, and we need it fast.
324Move aside, and I'll be on my way. I have no time to waste on idle blathering. Hard enough making a living without you slowing me down.
325The guard is pathetic! Why, if I had my way, that Brage would have been quartered by now! He's just a man, like any other. A blade delivered in the proper fashion will drop him as simply as his victims!
326<<The player must manually enter the answer. The correct response is their own name.>>
327Incorrect response.
328Today we forget about the mines and enjoy the festival as a family. You would do well to take a break as well. Too much death in the air lately.
329If the guard cannot protect the miners, the least they could do is find my husband's body! He's been missing for days now, and I just keep getting the runaround. Someone ought to go down there and show them how to take care of business.
330My sister was due from Beregost days ago. I hope she arrives soon. The soldiers say there might be an ogre about. Nasty things, they are. Thankfully they are usually dumb as a sack of hammers. Not that I would say that to one's face, mind you.
331I must speak with the guard. I commissioned a work from the sculptor, but I have not seen him, nor my advance, for over a month. A nice fellow, that Prism, but he should be a little more concerned about the needs of his customers.
332Please, leave me be.
333I'm in no mood for the fair. How can they celebrate after that awful Brage did what he did? I knew that whole family! To think he was captain of the guard.
334That blamed fool merchant wants 30 gold fer a simple iron plow! Never in me born days have I heard the like!
335The blacksmith is all but closed for lack of ore. Ain't nowhere to get my horses shod.
336I've no time fer ta talk to ye now.
337Business is on the wane today, what with the fair just east of town. So, would you like a drink?
338If the mine production slows any more, we'll all be in the poorhouse. So, would you like a drink?
339Beware the woods to the west, friend, for I hear tell of ogres and madmen. So, would you like a drink?
340Volo's blasted review cut my business in half! I'll take him for a chat out back when next I see him! So, would you like a drink?
341What are you doing in our sacred home? Your trespass will not be tolerated. I am the archdruid of this wood, and such as you must be stamped out before they cause further harm to Cloakwood.
342The commander was friend to many before he found that sword. He's not the man he was, by Helm.
343The reward for the commander's head is a king's ransom, but I'll not be lifting MY sword against a brother soldier.
344An entire unit went west after Brage to try to talk some sense to him. It's been a week, and none have returned.
345I am sorry for my mood. All the guard are still grieving the loss of Commander Brage.
346I'll not believe a man of Brage's rank could kill his own family. 'Twas evil magics of some sort.
347Why are you not at the fair, citizen? 'Tis but a moment's walk east of Nashkel.
348My sword is chipped and tarnished, but we'll not be given new until prices come down.
349We don't have the manpower to patrol the mines, what with the problem of bandits up north.
350If ye be a bounty hunter, rewards can be collected with Oublek, just outside of the garrison.
351Travel lightly, wanderer. The woods harbor strange things.
352Move along, citizen.
353Even if we find the captain, a court would surely have his head for his crimes. Such a waste!
354The ore shortage closed me shops. Spare a copper till I be on me feet?
355Alms, alms for the poor?
356I've nothing of value, p-please let me be.
357It's odd for the sculptor Prism to miss a festival, though he's always been rather driven in his work. Even though he's been missing a month, I thought he would come to the festival.
358The local sculptor has not been the same since his trip to Evereska.
359Prism carves with unnatural speed; 'tis surely unhealthy.
360My muse shall not speak to such as thee.
361Interested in a little business on the side, friend? I've a man who swears by his grandmother he glimpsed a white wolf up in the Cloudpeak ice fields. It was but a short ways south, and she be easy pickings for a smart sword. I'd pay you good money for its pelt, so it's a guaranteed sale if you go. Keep it in mind on your travels. Can I interest you with anything here in my humble shop?
362A lot of missing livestock lately, but it's puzzling. It's not the bandit's style to be raiding farms.
363I advise you to seek lodging here in Beregost, friend. The roads out are treacherous at best, but the bandits make travel suicide.
364Officially, if you're attacked by any of the raiders, you should give 'em whatever they want. We get fewer leads off of corpses.
365Off the record, if I was attacked by those thieving bandit bastards, I'd shaft 'em good with about three feet o' steel! That would get me a heroes' tombstone!
366Move along, citizen.
367Never have I seen a highwayman that was more interested in iron than gold. Certainly there are strange plans afoot.
368The bandits roaming the Coastway road are more organized than mere thieves. I'd almost say mercenary, but such talk will get me sacked.
369My blade and armor are so worn, they are just this side of useless!
370If this iron shortage goes on much longer, I will be reduced to wearing leather and swinging a club! This guard is crippled!
3715,000 gold! It's a soldier's wage for a lifetime!
372Zombies ain't usually much of a fight for a seasoned group o' fighters, but I hear tell that Bassilus keeps 'em well organized. What ye need is time to position for advantage.
373I've lost ten head of cattle in the last month alone! Gall-derned raiders must be gettin' into rustling I figure.
374I swear I saw something moving out back o' my place, so I keep a pyre burning all the time now. As long as that keeps it out of my backyard, I don't care what it was or where it went.
375Three o' mah hired hands a run off in the last month! Disappeared right in the middle o' the work day! Ya just can't get good help these days.
376If the city watch cannot protect us from raids, what am I paying tax for?! I would be better off hiring mercenaries than trying to rely on the city guards. Nobody is fool enough to want to guard my caravans though. Cowards all. Guess I'll just wait out the crisis here.
377A right evil man, that Bassilus! He don't just kill people, he makes them into zombies and pretends they're his family. What would make a man do that, exceptin' evil?
378Where did Bassilus come from? No one's sure, but I heard he may have lived at Zhentil Keep before it was destroyed. I thought everyone died when it crumbled. I curse the fates that he lived through it.
379I hear that to prove you have actually taken his head, you have to produce Bassilus's holy symbol. Not that I would ever touch it of my own free will. He's one of Cyric's boys. They are just not right in the head.
380About time someone dealt with the monster Bassilus! He has killed so many! It's disgraceful he has been allowed to continue so long! Hopefully the reward will speed his capture.
381It was but a short ways from here, this tragic event I tell. A score of men lost when their boats swamped. Worst tragedy the fishing community's had in years.
382[no text]
383A more puzzling thing I've never heard. I was left for dead by the raiders, and a stranger healed me. Had the worst visage I ever hope to lay eyes on, but his bearing I cannot question.
384I'll call no man coward who commands the dead, but most of those that stayed and fought at Zhentil Keep perished when it fell to the siege.
385I was attacked outside the city last week. Weren't by bandits, but by a man who dissolved into slime when he died! It's enough to make a man never leave the house!
386Blasted halflings talk in circles! I know not which is more treacherous, Firewine Ruins or Gullykin north of it. Keep an eye on your purse strings if you wander through that area.
387I still feel their arrows' sting in my haunches! Mind you be polite to the small folk, lest you limp home as I did! Halflings may look small, but they sure hurt when they attack in numbers and keep their distance.
388Those halfling fools sit not a day's travel from the Firewine Bridge ruins, and never pay it a second glance! Had I a stout blade and time from the farm, I'd sack it for all the treasure it's worth!
389It will be a cold day in the lower planes before I risk my neck in the elven ruin o' Firewine! Who knows what lurks around in those tight passages. You can barely stand two abreast in there. Tight enough to be a tomb, and for many a man it is a tomb.
390Firewine be an elven trading town destroyed in a fool's duel some two hundred odd winters bygone. Ask the rubble if it cares who the winner was.
391It's your neck, and if you be wanting to stick it into the dungeons, it be your loss as well.
392Many a fighting too-tall has come through Gullykin, and always the same question with them. Here be the answer that always replies: None of halfling height know where the key to ward lock be!
393Aye, we choose to leave the ruins be. Who is more the fool, the man who sits idle in his old chair enjoying the sunshine, or the man who labors long for a fine new chair that he might sit in someday?
394There may well be great wealth beyond our dear Gullykin, but Dallillia the provider gives what we need. What care we for anything more?
395We've stuck a few kobolds before, but in Firewine they seem more organized, not like their kind at all. Still stink like kobolds, though.
396I'll not go near places the dead walk, leastwise not since my uncle was possessed. He came out of a dungeon slathering mad, and the cleric in his group had not the experience to dispel the evil from his mind. It was a prayer to hold him still that freed him, but he'll not go near another ruin.
397That Ulcaster School was a storehouse of knowledge and magic, but them that haunt the place are no better for it. Being dead longer than you were alive must tend to addle the mind.
398Simple logic says there must be magic treasure in the ruins of a magician's school such as Ulcaster, but 'tis a treacherous task to get to it. Dead wizards are not known to sleep soundly, nor to wake jovial.
399Rumor tells of a magical gate in the bottom o' the school ruins, but no one knows where it leads. Anywhere is better than that accursed place, if ye ask me!
400'Twas some three hundred years hence, but folk still cringe at the mention of the destruction at Ulcaster School. I've not met a soul who claims to know why it occurred, and none that were there are alive to say.
401What takes you out this far from civilization?
402What foolishness takes city dwellers this far from civilization?
403I don't have time to waste on naive adventurers.
405A strange coincidence! I have a quest similar to your own. I have been hunting the bandits in the region for the past few months. Perhaps if we worked together we would fare better. What say you to that?
406Perhaps our paths will cross some other day.
407I have been tracking a group of bandits for the past few days. If you desire, we can continue to track these brigands together.
408It is none of your affair.
409Their leader, an ogre named Tazok, took the life of someone very dear to me.
411It's none of your concern, stranger.
412We're adventurers, ready to smite any evil that darkens our path.
413It's none of your business.
414We're adventurers on the lookout for evil to smite.
415The ranger Kivan has told us that the leader of the bandits is named Tazok.
416Kolvar tells us that the Zhents aren't too pleased at their name being misused by the Iron Throne.
417Now, Jeb, maybe they're leery of the danger because the group of us can do nothing against the Umberlee bitch. We are but fishermen and not accustomed to fighting, while you are obviously better equipped. No doubt you shall change your mind?
418Well, then, we don't want you in our party!
419Well, I guess that's how you want it. We still need another good warrior, so why not join our party?
420We don't need some vengeance monger in our party. You can leave.
421Halt! Be you friend or foe?
422I am Ajantis, squire paladin of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart, servant to Helm, son of the noble family of Ilvastarr. I am here to hunt down the vile brigands who assault those traveling these roads. What of you?
423I am Ajantis, squire paladin to Lord Helm. I have come down from the city of Waterdeep to fight against the brigands that make these roads unsafe to travel. What of you?
424I have not come across such rude travelers in a long time. Off with you.
425Well then, I wish you safety in your travels, for the roads are very dangerous.
426In that case, why do we not join forces against these contemptible lawbreakers?
427When I introduced myself, you perhaps heard when I referred to myself as a squire knight. I am on a quest to earn my right to be a full-fledged member of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. Perhaps we could join forces, for we both wish to see the end of this bandit threat.
428I will not take these insults to my honor. Draw steel!
429You... are correct. I apologize for my misbehavior. Goodbye and good riddance.
430We're friends. Who are you?
431Until you tell us who you are, how should we know?
432When was the last time someone answered "foe," tin head? Why don't you tell us who the hell you are?
433We share a similar goal. We too are after the bandits who have been raiding along the Coast Way. Why do you fight against these brigands, Ajantis?
434We are just travelers.
435We too want to put an end to the bandit raids.
436We're just travelers.
437Sorry we upset you, Mr. Garbage Can. We just want to ask you, is that your natural stench we smell or did you make a mess in your armor because our weapons scared you?
438Too bad. Goodbye.
439We apologize for our hasty words. Can we start over again?
440Sounds good to us. We're always on the lookout for another sword arm.
441Sorry, we don't have the need for another companion.
442Why not? We could use another warrior.
443Sorry, but we're not interested.
444If that's the way you want it, you armor-plated buffoon, then prepare to meet your god.
445I thought great knights only attacked evil, not weary travelers such as us.
446Greetings, I'm Kagain. What can I do for you?
447I run an escort business. I hire mercenaries to escort caravans on route from Amn to Baldur's Gate. Right now I'm lookin' for some strong sword arms, and I'm willing to pay high. It seems that one of the caravans under my protection never arrived at Baldur's Gate, and I need ta know what happened. You look like a strong group of warriors. Interested in a job?
448That's good. I've been having a lot of problems with bandit activity lately, but they've always only taken the cargo and let the caravan go afterward. I've been catching flak from the family of some of the passengers of this caravan, after all it was the job of my mercenaries to make sure everyone got safely to Baldur's Gate. Normally I wouldn't give one damn about some stupid whiner, but one of the passengers was the son of Entar Silvershield, and in this part of the world, his word is law. SO do you want the job or not?
449I'll pay each of you 30 gold per head, plus a share of any booty, if there's no one left alive to claim it.
450I'll pay 15 gold per head, as well as equal opportunity to loot any of the dead bodies the bandits may have left behind.
451I'll give each of you a share of whatever booty we take off the bodies of those poor caravan passengers.
452Well, that's fine, I can always find myself some more reasonable warriors.
453Hey, I'm glad you guys have some sense in your heads. I have an underling who can take care of business here while I'm gone, so let's get a move on.
454Well, if you're not here for a job and you don't need an escort, why don't you get the hell out of my face?
456Well, look what I found. This is the body of Silvershield's son. Guess I'm in a lot of trouble now. With him dead, I'll be a wanted dwarf. From what I've gathered so far, all of you are after them damnable bandits. Well, since my reputation is now mud how 'bout I help you gain revenge on those scumbags?
457Stupid chumps, your loss.
458Um, what kind of shop is this anyhow?
459Sorry, wrong shop.
460Sorry, we don't have the time.
461Sure, we always need more money, tell us more.
462Ah, on second thought, not really.
463Sure, as soon as you tell us how much we'll be paid.
464Sounds good to us.
465Too cheap for us.
467Shut up and stop trying to rip us off, we're out of here. Gods, I hate salesmen...
469What do you take us for, stupid?
470Hey! We changed our minds, we'll take your offer.
471Bye, you greed-mongering shrimp.
472We don't want you around anymore, so hit the road.
473Sure, we could use your skills.
474Sure, as soon as you tell us how much we'll be paid.
475Sure, as soon as you tell us how much we'll be paid.
476I agree Boo, they look to be friendly. Greetings, we are Minsc and Boo. We have traveled far to explore this land, but now my charge Dynaheir has been taken from us. 'Twas gnolls, and once we have tracked them I will beat sense into their heads until they release her. Accompany us, and bards will sing the deeds of Minsc and Boo... and friends.
477Let us pass, strangers, for we have not much time to waste. What? Yes, I'll ask them. Boo and I go to rescue my charge, Dynaheir. You may aid in our victory, if you wish. There is glory enough for all!
478Boo is my faithful animal companion, and more than he seems.
479My hamster does not like your tone. Away with ye.
480You would leave an innocent to suffer with nary a twitch of your sword arm? RrraaaAAGHGHHH!
481Take heart, fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the realm! My friend and companion ever since my h-h-head wound, he will lead us to victory! Onward to the gnoll stronghold in the west! Tarry not! We must go soon!
482We take too long! My charge is in desperate peril! If we do not go now, you are a coward!
483You agreed to help in my cause, yet now you break your word by your inaction! I'll have none of it! Feel the wrath of Minsc and Boo!
485Aauughh! Dynaheir has been slain! For what purpose am I now? I cannot return home in disgrace; she was my responsibility! NOOOOO! What *sniff* what is it, Boo? Yes... No, I... Yes... Yes... YES! You there, may we join with you? You fought well, and it would lessen my shame to be in your company. My honor is yours. Will you accept it?
486*sniff* Yes. YES! A quest! I shall quest until my honor positively bloats! Minsc and Boo, roaming the realms for adventure! When the epic tales of us are written, I'll be sure to give you a footnote! Farewell!
487My sword is at your feet, and you would spit upon it?! That's just so... un-heroic!
488Hooray! We will honor the memory of Dynaheir with deeds that make grown men tremble! See? Boo trembles even now!
489The classic dilemma of the damsel in distress! How could anyone decline?
490It is not my problem. I'll not risk my skin for a stranger's neck.
491Excuse me, but are you speaking to a rodent?
492The classic dilemma of the damsel in distress! How could anyone decline?
493It is not my problem. I'll not risk my skin for a stranger's neck.
494Excuse me, but are you speaking to a rodent?
495The classic dilemma of the damsel in distress! How could anyone decline?
496That is not my problem. I'll not risk my skin for a stranger's neck.
497Oh, no! I'll not follow a loon into battle. My sympathies to your friend, but you're on your own.
498Hold, travelers! I challenge your best warrior to a duel. I don't fight women, so only men should step forward.
499I win, and you give me 20 gold. In the unlikely event that one of you bests me, I'll pledge my sword to your cause.
500Will your champion step forward? I only fight men, so your women will have to be satisfied with just watching. Don't entertain any thoughts about cheating. If any of the rest of you try to interfere in this fight, I'll kill them outright.
501Will your champion step forward? Don't entertain any thoughts about cheating. If any of the rest of you try to interfere in this fight, I'll kill them outright.
503Do you want another try? If you've such a desire to have the snot beaten out of you, then I'll be happy to oblige.
505I can't believe this. I'm beaten, by a man no less. I guess I must keep my word. I pledge my sword to your cause, however stupid it may be.
506When I first saw you, I took you for cowards. I guess I was right. Good riddance.
507If you're too stupid to see my worth, then that's your problem.
508Of course I'll prove my worth! It won't be too hard in this group.
509We don't have the time to waste on such stupidity.
510Sure, what are the rules and reward for winning?
511Not interested.
512Sounds good to us.
513We know when we're beaten.
514Sure, this time we won't be so easy on you.
515Sounds good to us.
516Sure, this time we won't be so easy on you.
517Actually, we don't need your assistance.
518Good, you had better prove your worth.
519Help me! If you don't help me, they'll kill me.
520My name is Viconia. I— I'm not from around here. Thank you so much for helping.
521I should have expected that from craven surface-dwellers. May you rot in all the Hells.
522They lie. I've done nothing wrong.
523Just like surface-dwellers, traitorous scum!
524I thank you for risking yourselves on my behalf. I know what you are thinking: You see my dark skin and won't trust me for it. I am a dark elf, but I'm an outcast. I need your help. I no longer receive my powers from the spider gods you surface-dwellers fear so. The goddess Shar grants me wisdom, and she is a surface divinity. If you'd let me join your group, I would be most grateful. I have nowhere else to go.
525I thank you. I know you may not be willing to give me a chance because of my dark skin. I am a drow, but if you give me a chance, you won't regret it. Can I join with you? I need friends now more than ever.
526I thank you for your help, but more will be on their way. Perhaps our paths will cross again.
527You surface-dwellers are so weak. I should be glad that you turned me down.
528I won't disappoint you, I promise.
529Sorry, lady, it's not our business.
530Calm down, we'll help you. Just tell us who you are.
531Sorry, we can't harbor a drow.
532We don't judge someone by their race, we'll take you in.
533It has nothing to do with race, we just don't need another person along to worry about. Sorry.
534We'll never trust a dark elf. Get out of our sight!
535We need the extra help, so of course we'll take you in.
536We can't afford any dead weight. Sorry.
537Step aside, travelers. I am a member of the Flaming Fist. The woman you are harboring is wanted for murder of the foulest sort. She is a dark elf; it should be obvious that she is evil.
538Kill her, of course.
539Don't be foolish, I represent the law of this region. By protecting her, you'll be just as guilty as she.
540A wise choice, you may go on your way.
541A stupid decision! For harboring a murderer I sentence all of you to death!
542If you want her, have her. We won't get in your way.
543You'll have to get through us if you want her.
544What do you intend to do once you have her?
545We can't allow that. You'll have to go through us to get her.
546Well, if she's a murderer, that's what she deserves. You can have her.
547Hail, adventurers. I have a proposal for you. I have heard that you're an excellent group of warriors. How would you like a well-paying job as bodyguards for my mistress?
548I guess that's too bad for us.
549You're right, you can have her.
550I'm Garrick, and I work for Silke Rosena. She's the most skilled musician and actor along the Sword Coast. In fact, she's to play at the Ducal Palace before the month's done. However, she's been having some problems of late. Some thugs have been hired by Feldepost to hurt her bad because she didn't perform at his inn when she was supposed to. You can't blame her for not showing up, what with a villain like Feldepost running the place. She needs mercenaries to protect her until she's ready to go to Baldur's Gate. She's willing to pay about 300 gold. What do you say?
551I think you've made a good decision. Now just meet me outside of the Red Sheaf Inn.
552All right then, I'm sorry for taking up your time.
554This is my mistress, Ms. Silke Rosena.
555What are you doing Silke?! Have you gone mad? These are innocent men you're attacking!
556After seeing Ms. Silke's true nature, I don't think I could bear to work with her anymore. Could I come with you? I have many skills, and I know I'd be an asset.
557Silke's dead! I guess she had it coming; you can't be evil like her and expect to get away with it. I'm out of a job now. Would it be too much to ask if I could join up with you?
558I offered them 300 gold, just like you told me.
559Sorry, we don't hire out as mercenaries.
560We're always on the lookout for money. Tell us more.
561Sorry, kid, we're not interested.
562That sounds fair. Why don't you show us to this mistress of yours?
563You worthless sack heaps weren't worth any of the money I've already given you, so don't expect me to give you any more.
564[SAREVOK 1] You are indeed family. No other could have lived to oppose me in person. Of course, it will not matter in the end. Ultimately, I will prevail, and a new era will be born unto the realms.
565Sorry, but we don't have any need for another companion.
566Sure, the more the merrier.
567No problem.
568We don't need anyone else right now.
569Hello there! I see my Garrick has been rather busy. You look as if you're worth paying a little extra. What did my little helper offer you?
570So, Garrick, these are the only mercenaries you could find? I guess they'll have to do. You look to be worth about 300 gold, that's what my little Garrick offered you, isn't it?
571So, Garrick, these are the only mercenaries you could find? I guess they'll have to do. I'm sorry, but my less-than-brilliant helper, Garrick, seems to have forgotten his standards. He offered you 300 gold, did he not? Well, I must change that to 200 gold.
572I'll raise your wage to 400 gold.
573Well then, I assume that Garrick has explained what your duties are. You must simply dispose of the ruffians when they come to threaten me. They shouldn't be too hard to deal with, but I would advise you to strike fast. Whatever you do, don't speak with them. One of them is a mage whose mystic words can sway even the most wise of men.
575Here they are now: Feldepost's thugs. Strike when I tell you to.
576Don't try to threaten me! I won't be easy prey for you to beat on. I've brought friends!
577Shut up! There'll be no weaseling out of this one. STRIKE NOW! Kill them all!
578Attack them now!
579Our deal is off! In any case, you're probably too cowardly to be any good in a fight. I'll deal with them myself, after I deal with you!
580Your sniveling altruism has always made me sick, Garrick. Shut up and stay out of my way.
581You can't let her do this. Silke was lying about the whole thing! These are innocent men. You've got to stop Silke!
582You've done a good job. For all of your efforts, here is the money that I owe you. Perhaps we will meet again.
583We don't like to be cheated, lady. Goodbye.
584Sure, we're still in.
585They're as good as dead!
586Stop this madness. We won't murder those who are obviously innocent men.
587I have a problem that only you could help me solve.
588Well, good sirs, you may call me Safana. You'll have to excuse me if I sound startled, but in the south where I come from they don't grow their men as big as any of you. Anyhow, if you want, I have a way to make you all fabulously wealthy. In my possession I have a map that gives the location of an old pirate treasure trove. According to the writings on the map, it's where the legendary Black Alaric dumped his treasure before being captured by the Amnian fleets! You interested in hearing more?
589My name is Safana and I can make all of you richer than any of you could imagine. I know where the pirate Black Alaric dumped his greatest trove of treasure. Looking at the dynamic and intelligent men before me, I know you'd want to join me in a venture to get this treasure.
590You may call me Safana if it pleases you. I guess you could say I'm an archeologist, at least I fancy myself one. Along the coast is the burial place of one of my ancestors. I wish to find it in order to learn some of the secrets of my family's past. Recently, I have come across a map that may reveal its location.
591The reason I need so many heroic men is that the caverns where I wish to go are guarded by some sort of creature. Which kind, I couldn't tell you. If you help me, I'll let you share in the treasure. I may be grateful in other ways as well.
592Oh, thank you, you won't regret your decision. I know that powerful heroes like you will easily push through any obstacles in our path. Well, we should be off then. From what my map showed, the pirate cove is located somewhere along the coast, just south of Candlekeep.
593I guess I was wrong in my initial assessment, you're not men, but rather spineless, impotent cowards.
594What's taking you so long? Remember, we have an agreement.
595Specialist Mage
598Well, we have worked well together, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps we could continue this working relationship beyond just one treasure hunt, that is, if you'll have me. If you haven't guessed yet, my skills are of a thieving nature.
599If that's the way you want to be, then I guess this is goodbye.
600You've made the right decision, boys, but now we should talk about the leadership of this group, I think it needs overhauling.
601Nope, we're not falling for that lady-in-distress crap.
602Maybe if you told us your name and problem we could help you.
603We don't have time for treasure hunts.
604We're always interested in hearing about money.
605Sorry, lady, you guessed wrong. Goodbye.
606A lost treasure, huh? We're interested.
607You can find your own family heirlooms.
608Heirlooms sounds interesting, tell us more.
609Monsters! We've fought enough of those, we'll have to turn you down.
610We agree.
611We don't need another thief, not even an incredibly gorgeous one (Wait! what are we saying?)
612Sure, you can work with us any time.
613I am the wizard Edwin, and I require you! (Yes, they will do nicely.) I would have you kill a witch, the witch Dynaheir. She is treacherous, but with your participation I foresee no difficulty. Will you assist?
614(Is this what I have to work with? Pathetic, but it will have to do.) I am Edwin, and I would have you work for me. It is but the simple chore of killing the witch Dynaheir. Do you accept the task?
615(Hm, not the best specimens, but perhaps a more "bestial touch" is what my plan requires.) I would hire you to kill a treacherous enemy. Understand? She Dynaheir. She bad. You kill. Stomp your foot once for yes, twice for no.
616Frankly, yes. It is no concern of yours. You need but perform the act with no questions. What is your answer?
617The prize I offer would surely be beyond measure in your meager understanding. Either take the job or not!
618One would think that any reward is better than none at all. No matter, I shall seek out others who know their place.
619Hmm. Seems I shall have to find others more... accustomed to confidential work. Begone! I have no time for this!
620No? No matter, others will do just as well. Are you still here? Begone.
621Of course you will; it is as expected. (I will lead them to her and she cannot hope to prevail.) I will travel with you until the deed be done. Last I heard of her, she was traveling to the west of Nashkel, close to the gnoll stronghold located there.
622Damn it, Jebadoh, we can't go on like this forever! There is no way we can keep quotas up when we're afraid to come near the nets. Excuse me, who are you?
623Greetings! I am Edwin and I wish to... Oh, my. (She has allies already!) It would seem that the quarry I would have hired you to find is already within your midst! Dynaheir is not to be trusted, and I urge you to cast her from your party. If you will not, at least allow me to join you as well. I am a wizard of some renown, and as such I will not fall prey to the deceitful guile of one such as she.
624My grievance with her is beyond you. Suffice to say that she must be watched by someone who understands her ilk.
625Wise, if cowardly. Begone, that the witch and I might settle our differences! (Now she is mine to be sure!) You'll have little protection now, witch!
626You shall be the harbinger of your own destruction. (Fools, they know not the danger.)
627A wise decision. One can never be too cautious dealing with her kind. (Yes, I shall watch her carefully.)
628So, the witch Dynaheir is dead! I would have thought her more formidable to be so far from her homeland. Why then was she here? Her demise is not the checkmate I had hoped for, merely the check. What? What do you want?! (Oh yes, the matter of payment, although I begin to doubt whether their input was all that vital. Still, something for their trouble is in order, if only to appease them.) As we never fixed a price, your payment shall be one year of my services as a wizard. I am sure you agree that my guidance will be far more valuable than any monetary sum.
629Damn it, Jebadoh, we can't go on like this forever! There is no way we can keep quotas up when we're afraid to come near the nets. Excuse me, who are you?
630Why do you stay the killing blow?! Kill her!
631Listen not to the witch's lies! We had a deal!
632(If they'll not do the deed then our deal is forfeit!) You side with the witch, then you will die with her! Beware my return!
633Nothing changes with the distance! You are Wychlaran of Rashemen, I am a wizard of Thay! That you are here means I must be as well!
634(I'll not suffer her insults!) Die as you should!
635(Their desires lack vision and originality.) If simple coin be all you wish, perhaps I would rather travel with more "adventurous" adventurers. Take what I have, and remember your choice when it is long since spent.
636Glorious Cyric has foretold of our meeting when thou wouldst join with me. 'Tis thy duty—nay, thy DESTINY—to stand by Tiax as the world kneels before him! Er, us. To this end, I would travel with thee and do thy bidding. Later, however, your power shall add to mine, and Great Tiax will ascend to the highest office in the land. What say you? Yea or nay to the grand scheme?
637Thou wouldst presume to speak to Tiax the Great? Thy bravery is oddly tempered with foolishness. Still, Cyric has decreed that I seek out the services of one such as thyself. Tiax himself—myself—will aid in your quest. In return, when the time is right, your might will forge the way for my ascension to power. Do you accept this honor?
638Have ye no ears to hear?! It is as Tiax said! DESTINY! Cyric himself will lift Tiax "on high," hurtling me to my rightful place when the time comes! You shall all be as ants before my grace, though slightly larger ants than the norm if you help me.
639Tiax the Grand has no time for your impudent prittle-prattle.
640What? Fate decrees the world to thine hands, and you flout her as a common wench? Are ye cup shot? Mutton-headed fool, you and your natty lads will be fallen away from a horse load to a cart load whilst Tiax puts the world to bed with a shovel! 'Twill be a squeak for your life then, ye duke of limbs; stir yer stumps and begone!
641'Twas fated by Cyric to be so. Let us go forth and make short work of your tasks, for greater things will need attendance.
642I thank thee for saving me. 'Twas courageous to follow the likes of Minsc into battle, if a touch foolish. I have naught to offer thee in return, save my services in battle. Mayhaps I could travel with thee awhile, and an opportunity may arise for repayment of my debt. Minsc is, well, Minsc, but he hath a strong sword arm, whilst I am practiced in the arcane arts. Shall we join?
643Thine efforts to save me are well appreciated, but I cannot help but be saddened. My guardian Minsc has left this life behind. His valor and mighty berserker wrath will not go unremembered. However, as I have lost my escort and 'tis not safe to wander these lands alone, perhaps I could join with thee. My knowledge of the arcane arts would no doubt be useful, while the strength of a group would benefit me as well.
644I am Dynaheir of Rashemen. 'Tis not a title; 'tis just where I am from. We two are indeed far afield of our home, but 'tis a necessary rite of passage. Minsc must make his dajemma by seeking adventure, while I must prove my worth to my... sisters in much the same manner. 'Tis an interesting time for the realms, with great things foretold for the Sword Coast. 'Tis therefore a likely place to look for what we need. What dost thou seek on this adventurous road? Mayhaps we can all find what we need together?
645Alas, we were ambushed in the night. Minsc was overcome by yet another blow to the head, and I was spirited away before he could recover. With but two eyes apiece there is naught more we could have done. Certainly 'twill be safer for all of us if we join together. What sayest thou?
646The choice thou makest doth puzzle me, but 'tis thine to make. So be it.
647As thou dost wish, though the logic of thy decision escapeth me. Come, Minsc, we depart forthwith.
648I have no doubt thou shalt make an interesting traveling companion.
649Thine assistance is most appreciated. 'Twas a dastardly fate thou hast saved me from.
650I see bravery was not all that motivates thee. I take it I am rescued from one death to die by another then? How can the cause be just? I urge caution; the likes of him are best kept at polearm's length.
651Put aside his paranoid goals; I make a far better friend than enemy.
652An unfortunate decision! Pardon me while I put up a fight!
653I knew intelligence would prevail. Simple common sense, the foil of every Red Wizard.
654I shall watch thee as well, though I expect to receive less pleasure from my task than thou from thine.
655They know enough to turn thee away. Crawl back to Thay and refine thy manners.
656We are nearly a season's travel from our northern homes, and yet still ye wish to dredge up the old battles? Fanatical fool!
657Thou knowest not even why I have traveled, only that thou must stop whate'er it is I've come to do?! Get thee a hobby; thou dost have too much time on thy hands!
658No, say not another word. I would not think of making you wait but a moment for your just reward. When council told me that they had procured GREYWOLF to rid the woods of the bandit Tonquin, I knew we could expect swift justice. I would not have predicted success this quickly, but who else could it be striding into town looking, ah, looking as you do? Please accept this meager sum of 200 gold pieces, as well as the heartfelt thanks of all of Nashkel.
659You are not Greywolf the bounty hunter? Oh, sweet Helm, I almost gave 200 gold pieces to a complete stranger?! The captain best not hear of this; he'd have my hide. Thanks be for your honesty, stranger. There are those who would not have done as such.
660Excellent doing business with you, Greywolf. We shall not hesitate to call upon you if any other thieving miscreants make their presence known.
661Well! The elusive Brage is caught at last! I don't imagine it will take long to sort out your punishment, eh, murderer?! And you who've brought him, you've done us a great service and earned your 1,000 gold. We may retain your assistance in the future, though I don't think Greywolf would like it. Still, results are what matter. Come on, Brage, you know the way.
662A 300 gold bounty for the emeralds! Well, you'll make quite a name for yourself among the bounty hunters if you keep this up. Whether it is for better or worse, I do not know.
663You'll have no reward here, you thievin' scoundrel! The Captain chewed my head off over you! It's only because you did us this service that I don't have you thrown in the stocks! Get out of my sight!
664I have neither time nor will to deal with you today.
665Nashkel has precious little patience for those who would cheat others of their hard-earned livelihood.
666Ah, the elusive Brage. Dead, as he should be! No matter, it would have been a short trial, and he'd have been executed anyway. Now as a last indignity he'll be put in an unmarked grave like some common thief. A great loss to the guard to be sure, but there's no room for those who don't respect the law. You've earned your 250 gold on this one.
667I don't take kindly to those who snag another man's wage. I've a whack of my own to split between ye! 200 gold has bought ye a box of the finest pine! It's my trade to deal with the likes of you, but this I do for free!
668I have come for you, Prism.
669Your sentiment is wasted on me, fool. You are but gold in my purse. Do you make your situation worse by hiring help to protect you? Who are you fools?
670Wait! I recognize you! It was you who stole a bounty rightfully mine! Prism will live a moment longer while I kill the lot of you!
671You are smart to move aside, though Prism will be going nowhere this day. My bounty is not for his capture, but the return of the gems. His fate is unimportant, so any justice done will come by the blade of my sword. Stand ye well back, this may be messy!
672You should be more worried 'bout the harm I can do! Never have I taken a bounty and not delivered! Now stand aside that I might dispense with this fool and claim my prize. Or would you rather I go through you to get him? Consider well if he be worth your lives!
673I'll sell your blades for scrap and make soup of your spell fixings! Pity you'll not live to realize the mistake you've made!
674Ah, beauteous creature! Never should I have stolen these emeralds, but there was nothing else that would capture the majesty of thine eyes! I did what must be done, for I have left my shop, forgotten all my commissions, and spent all that I had. I must complete thee! Wait, there is someone here! Who are you? 'Twas that relentless Greywolf who sent you, wasn't it?
675Thank Deneir, I thought I was done in. I am not cut out for a life on the run. Mayhaps you could help a foolish sculptor finish this epiphany? Please, guard this place, for surely Greywolf will come seeking the bounty on the gems. I will pay with my last possessions if you would do this one service for me.
676You'll not take me yet, I beseech thee! I admit I stole the gems, but better they are the eyes of a work of love than a fat woman's tawdry trinket. I will give you all else that is mine, if you would but forget my crime.
677I am no warrior, but I have little other choice. If you wish to stop my work, then it is my life that you must cease! I care not if I cannot finish my work! With my last breath I shall curse thee! May your soul know the same unrest as mine!
678I thank you, for I cannot run from this place until my task is done. I have been using potions of speed to aid my work, and have not slept for days. She is beautiful, is she not? 'Tis a monument to my foolishness. I saw her but once, on the outskirts of Evereska, and said nothing. I let thee pass from mine eyes, and mine heart hath cursed me for it!
679Then begone, for I've much work to do. She will be done this day!
680No! Not yet! My work is nearly done! Please, I implore you!
681Alas, my work is complete. Take what you will from my possessions, but leave the sparkle in her eyes. O sweet creature, my effigy to thee is done. Perhaps our paths shall cross in distant realms, and I shall find the courage to call thy name: Ellesime!
682Alas, I shall not rest, for 'twas all for naught. Ellesime!
683Stop! You go nowhere! This our bridge. You pay to walk it!
684100 gold for all heads, or lose heads! Pretty good deal!
685No! They pay 200 gold pretty quick! Maybe got more gold! Maybe rich!
686You got smart head, so you keep head!
687Your head so dumb you not miss it!
688Yeah, you pay... 200 for all heads, or lose heads!
689Okay, maybe 200 gold too much. Maybe you pay... 100 gold!
690Okay, you pass, right?
691Now go away, smart head, before we charge for standing!
692Yeah! We kill you, take stuff, and get gold anyway! Dumb head!
693Yeah, you smart! We take heads anyway, and get lots gold!
694Please, kind spirits, a wondrous ancient oak is in peril. It is about to be attacked by two who would defile the majesty of nature. They have avoided my charms and must be stopped before irreparable harm is done. Would you heed my plea?
695I have little need or use for treasure you would value. Please! There is little time! Help me?
696But I possess nothing but my knowledge of the wood! Wait, I could give you information! I have heard from the birds of a "shiny pile" not far from here! I do not know what is there because neither I nor the birds have ever cared to know. Will this be enough?
697I thank you, for although they seem dim of wit, they still could do much damage. This way.
698Greetings. I am Seniyad. I warn you now, these are my protected lands. If you disturb the balance the repercussions will be severe. Consider yourself warned.
699I shall find aid elsewhere. Do not tarry in my wood, for it will not be a restful stay.
700Leave at once foul creatures! Lay not a finger upon this place or suffer the consequences!
701Thanks be to you! Here is a potion that might help you on your journeys.
702I thank you, though grudgingly. Perhaps I have something to give you, though it is not much. Please, leave me to fix what damage was done.
703You have done as you said you would, and here is the price you have exacted: directions to the cache and a cold farewell. Do not stay long in my wood. You are not welcome. You will find the treasure cache in the wolf cave just 100 feet south of my tree.
704We think dis here's a magic tree, 'cuz it's all alone up here and so big. Probably got gnomes or pixies or sumthin' in it, so we're gonna bust it down and take any treasure! Ain't that right, Krumm? You wanna help? It's a big tree, probably got enough gold fer alluh us!
705I don't know who you are, but I'll not have you sneakin' about behind us while we work! We think there's treasure in this tree, and if you wanna get up front and help, do it! Otherwise, me 'n Krumm will do sumthin... uh... well, sumthin' really nasty! Ain't that right, Krumm?
706First or last, we probable go through you sometime! Get them Krumm!
707Leave now or I bust yer head! Dis our magic tree, an any treasure here is ours! Right Krumm?
708Fine! You wantta busted head, then you get one!
709Well, if ye're not gonna help, I'm not gonna let you sit and watch us do it! Yous were probably gonna rob us when we're done, weren't cha? Me an' Krumm don't cotton to bandits one bit! Do we, Krumm?
710Yeah! Beyond da average dreams for sure! We'll all go home richer today! You go 'round the back, an' me 'n Krumm will start bashin' the front.
711Treasure for all? No, just treasure for Caldo and Krumm!
712Uh... Yeah!
716An explorer of the lands seeking wonders and oddities. Well, both I have. Unfortunately, I paid thrice the price for my iron wares, and not a piece is salable! Mayhaps the guard will take more notice when old swords wear and the new snap like twigs in autumn. Nevertheless, you came here to buy, and I do have something special just for you. These potions are strange magic from a distant shore. A swallow of the violet, and a titan's might shall possess you; ever after, exceptional strength is yours. Drink down the red mix, and your insights will rival Elminster's, your clarity of thought indefinitely enhanced. To you, I offer them at the bargain price of 50 gold apiece, as restitution for my depleted selection. If they do not perform as I have promised, your money I will courteously refund. Will you relieve my hands of the violet?
717No? Such a grand gift as this and you would refuse? Please confirm that I have not offended you by at least accepting the red elixir. Steal it from under my own eyes for 40 gold.
718Already you must feel stronger just holding it in your hand. Yes, your packs weigh lightly upon your shoulders. Will you convince me of your satisfaction by purchasing the red elixir?
719Your eyes grow wide with the light of knowledge. Go forth now and I will enjoy the satisfaction of future great deeds done with my assistance. Ample compensation for practically giving merchandise away. Out, everyone out! You have picked me clean! I can afford no more good deeds this day!
720No? Please say I have not offended you in some manner! Ah well, at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that the glorious deeds you will surely accomplish are in some measure due to the goodwill I have shown today. Out, all of you, out! My coffers can ill afford any more charity! Thank you, everyone, for your patronage. Now out!
721You insult me by refusing my hospitality. I have done with you. Leave, and darken my humble tent no-longer with your sour presence.
722I permit no loitering in my place of business. Get yourself hence, lest I summon the local guard as an escort.
723I am Death come for thee. Surrender, and thy passage shall be... quicker.
724Struggle if you must, dead one, I do not mind working for my money.
725You are weak of spirit and not worth the money I was paid. I shall enjoy thee for a long, LONG time.
726Why NIMBUL has been hired to deal with the likes of you, I'll never know.
727By all means, fight on. 'Tis amusing, for thou art already dead.
728You cannot move, you cannot fight, you cannot even scream. NOW we will have SUCH fun!
729Hush little baby, don't say a word. Nimbul's gonna show you the big... black... bird.
730Taking reward for this easy a kill is almost a crime. Hee hee.
731I pray you left a trail of crumbs to lead us all back again. The others did not, so they have decided to stay. Shall we try to find the way home together? I pose to you a riddle, the answer to which I once knew but now cannot perceive. Remind me, and we shall all return unto the day. Fail, and stay with me in the dark, forgetting whence we came. It has neither mouth nor teeth, yet it eats its food steadily. It has neither village nor home, neither hands nor feet, yet it wanders everywhere. It has neither country nor means nor office nor pen, yet it is ready for fight—always. By day and by night, there is wailing about it. It has no breath, yet to all it appears.
732Thine eyes are as blind as mine! If thou art in the darkness with me, then we are of the same cloth! I'll not allow another to do as I have! Die, monsters, DIE!
733The end of night, where the light shines unto mine eyes and I can see clearly once again! What hath I wrought?! 'Tis horrible, HORRIBLE! I will welcome the block that must await me at Nashkel! How could I live with what I've done?! Please, thou must guide me to the town that I might pay for my crimes! I fear I can keep my senses for only so long, and I must not be allowed to do this again! Too many good people have lost their lives to me! Please...
734I suppose I am a murderer, as you hast said, though it's as though my mind were elsewhere. I can only assume this is an after-effect of my years wielding a blade. A life of fighting must have made me... unstable. Well, I'm done with it! Take all my gear and do with it what you will. I'll not be needing it in the gallows. Lead on.
735I fear I can do nothing for those I've wronged, whether I live or die, and I still know not what led me to this. It's like a foul presence in my mind! I can only imagine that I have finally succumbed to battle fatigue. Take my weapon that I might not harm another! Use it if thou wish, though I'd rather it be destroyed. Innocent blood on everything! I'd only just acquired the sword. Such a waste this has been. Take me to Nashkel, I can bear this no longer.
736Money-hungry bounty hunters! A hundred more I could have killed, and you would have done nothing if there were no price on my carcass! I've no wish to continue this life, but I'll not lay down for thy easy money! You fooled me, but in reality your eyes are as blind as I was! Die monsters!
737No, I cannot show my face here after what I've done! Just give me to the guard that I might take my punishment as I should! Do not disgrace me further in front of Helm!
738But my crimes... my family... I don't want to go on!
739Greetings, fellow traveler, for I see by your garb that you do not call this place home. Sit with me awhile and enjoy the atmosphere of this fine fair while we recant tales of lands far and far-seeming. I have wandered the width and breadth of Faerûn, but yet have I to find such hospitality, as that of a simple country festival. It's a shame that the festivities are marred by the events as of recent, though they certainly put up a brave face, do they not? You look confused, so perhaps you know not of the local trouble that continues to vex the most gracious people of Nashkel. If you have just arrived, I could, for the price of an ale and an ear, relate what I know. Shall I tell you of their mining difficulties or relate the tale of their unfortunate commander of the guard?
740Well, hello again, my inquisitive friend, I trust you are enjoying the local color. I wonder, have you come to hear more about my journeys?
741The word is that all across the expansive Sword Coast, from the Cloud Peaks to Baldur's Gate, an ore shortage is severely crippling local trade. Bandits—purportedly both human AND demihuman—raid caravans, whilst ore reaching its destination becomes brittle and useless following smelting, strangely afflicted by an odd, iron-weakening plague. As though this were not cause for alarm in itself, production at the mines outside of Nashkel has fallen, with the substantially lower yields being blamed on nervous workers. Mysterious disappearances of several miners have set the whole area on edge, where something must shift the balance to one side or the other.
742I hear that Commander Brage of the Amnian guard has been missing for some weeks now following a strange alteration in his behavior. Where once he was a well-thought-of family man, he has turned to senseless mayhem, effecting a rampage the likes of which I have never heard. His fellow soldiers noted nothing out of sorts that could trigger such a transformation, but one notable item seems relevant. If not for the iron shortage it would have gone unnoticed but, prior to his mad rage, the commander procured a new sword. The importance of this information, I have no way of verifying.
743Just let me finish my drink, and then we can carry on through the wee hours with our tales.
744I'm afraid that, although I have enjoyed our chat immensely, and it has heartened me to see the wandering spirit is still venerated, I must take my leave. I need some time to myself for reflection upon everything I have learned while here in Nashkel.
745There is no cause to be rude. It would be good for you to leave.
746If you will, <SIRMAAM>, the tab? Mr. Volo was here for some time.
747Stiff a hardworking girl out of her meager wage, will you? Don't look favorably upon that, they don't, and I'm well liked 'round here. Maybe you trip and "fall" a few times when you meet a stranger in an alley. What say you rethink your position?
748Thank you kindly.
749Have it how you will, though you have been warned.
750Ah, intrepid adventurers at our door. Helm guards over all the realms, and his servants are at your disposal. The Vigilant One stands ready to mend thy ailments and so divert the unyielding gaze of the Great Guide... for a suitable donation, of course. Just to demonstrate our mutual goodwill, you understand.
751You there, you have the look of hearty adventuring stock. I am Berrun Ghastkill, mayor of Nashkel. Might I offer you a proposition? I was expecting some people to help with our troubles, but they seem to have forgotten us. If you are up to it, I would ask that you take a look at the mines southeast of town. The miners claim there are demons or some such roaming about, but they are a superstitious lot and prone to exaggeration. I am more concerned with the state of our ore. All iron removed from the mines is tainted somehow, and useless for smithing. I would have you find out how it happens and who is behind it. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.
752You there! What are ye doing in dis place? You better git outta here, 'less of course you know the password.
753Helm watch over you and our poor lost brother, Brage. A finer captain of the guard could nary be found this side of Amn. Such a strange change for one so devout as he. One does not usually change so drastically without nefarious help. If there be an evil influence on him, perhaps the harsh justice of the military should be stayed. He'll find no quarter at the garrison, but if he came to the temple... Well, his restitution need not be his life. Is there anything I can help you with?
754Poor Brage. It's a pity he could not have been recovered alive. He might yet have come to terms with his actions and repaid the debt he incurred. Now all we can do is say the proper prayers and make sure the way to the next world is well guided. May Helm have pity on his tortured soul. Thank you for bringing his body here. No doubt Oublek would have made much of his death and further despoiled his name. I shall match the bounty you would have received so that you have not risked so much for nothing. The temple is in your debt.
755Calm yourself, Brage. Helm sees all that he wishes and knows much of what you do not. It was your hands indeed that did many a foul deed, but it was not your will alone. Intent is vital, and yours was influenced without your knowledge. Justice will be done, but with atonement, not punishment.
756Password? Why would I need a password? What in the Nine Hells are you talking about?
757If you are returned to the garrison, yours will be the only willful killing that has occurred about this matter. It would be a waste of your life which, fractured though it is, can still contribute much. Helm will see you through. As for our intrepid friends here, I shall exceed the reward offered by Oublek. After all, it was the same task of bringing Brage to justice. The temple is in your debt for the return of its lost son.
758Ya, I know the password.
759You there, you don't belong here! Go see the foreman, or I'll call the guard!
760If ye no get the okay to be here, dem guards come and cut yer head from yer neck!
761Leave us be, there is much work to be done.
763You there, you should not be here! You should see the foreman, Emerson.
764I wish you guys luck in there. Whatever's been causing all the trouble isn't something I'd wanna run into.
766So, you want to enter the mines? Well, I see no harm. Indeed, we could be using the help. There be problems in the lower level, where we lost some workers. The men talk of things a-movin below, but who's to say? The earth, she hides many things from sight.
767I really don't be needing adventuring fools wandering about me mines! Especially ones that think they can tromp about with nary a thought about askin' permission! Hmph! You've got one day. If I see you after that, I'll have a new shaft dug fer each of ya! Got that?! Good!
768Damn it, Jebadoh, we can't go on like this forever! There is no way we can keep quotas up when we're afraid to come near the nets. Excuse me, who are you?
770Tazok must have dispatched you, and my traitorous kobolds let you pass, didn't they? I knew I could not trust them! Armed as such, you have obviously been sent to kill me! By Cyric, not a measure of ore leaves these mines unspoiled, and I am still to be executed?! I'll not lose my head over this!
771Tazok is unfair. I have no desire to cheat him, or thee! My letters will show, they are in that chest. Take them, take them and Tazok will see!
772Tazok did not send thee? Then thou art dead. Help, my minions, HEEELLLPPP!
773I yield, I yield to thee! Accept my surrender?
774You would not accept my surrender? Your heart is of the deepest black!
775I thank thee for thy mercy! There in the chest are all my letters. Take them and leave me be. I will bother you no more.
776Fools, you'll never have the chance to take anything! Minions, come forth and kill the intruders!
777Evil men have been defiling the woodlands with smoke and waste, all in a futile quest for the metal, iron. Would you join me in my task? I would destroy these men of the Iron Throne. Come with me. They dwell to the east within a fort.
778Move aside, city dwellers. I warn you now, if you have any connection with the men that defile this wood in search of iron, I will cause you much suffering.
779Your lack of concern for this forest's suffering is disappointing.
780You will help me?! Let us find the men who foul our forests. Quickly! Their punishment must be swift. We must travel east to their fort.
781Shut up old man. You and your kind's weakling ways have never helped the cause of balance. You have no claim to wisdom.
782Sure, we'll help you.
784Greetings, mercenaries. I am Silke, thespian extraordinaire.
785I offered them 300 gold, just like you told me.
786Greeting Silke. We're here as you've asked, and we have the...
787What are you talking about? We're here with the gems that...
788Help us, somebody stop this murdering witch.
789Ham it up no more, mighty warrior. Travel with me and there is sure to be opportunity to repair your damaged honor!
790You could not protect your own charge, so what use are you to me? I'll not have you.
791While I'm sure you would be an interesting addition to the group, I think it would be best if you left. Go on a quest of self discovery or something.
792It sounds but a simple task. I'll do as you ask.
793I'll have nothing to do with your murderous plans!
794Why would you have this woman dead? Am I to kill her without knowing?
795I would know the price you offer before I take the job.
796It sounds but a simple task. I'll do as ye ask.
797I'll have nothing to do with your murderous plans!
798It sounds but a simple task. I'll do as ye ask.
799I'll have nothing to do with your murderous plans!
800Why would you have this woman dead? Am I to kill her without knowing?
801I would know the price you offer before I take the job.
802Why would you have this woman dead? Am I to kill her without knowing?
803I would know the price you offer before I take the job.
804It sounds but a simple task. I'll do as ye ask.
805I'll have nothing to do with your murderous plans!
806I will not act without knowing the facts. I refuse.
807I would know the price you offer before I take the job.
808You're going to die, little guard.
809It sounds but a simple task. I'll do as ye ask.
810I'll have nothing to do with your murderous plans!
811Why would you have this woman dead? Am I to kill her without knowing?
812We give up.
813I'll not do the deed without knowing my reward! Find another stooge!
814You may join, though I wish no conflict amidst my group.
815I'll not risk having you with me. It is hard enough keeping out of trouble without inviting it.
816Why should I fear Dynaheir? State your case that I might understand.
817You can both stay away from me! I want no part of a fight not my own!
818You may join, though I wish no conflict amidst my group.
819I'll not risk having you with me. It is hard enough keeping out of trouble without inviting it.
820Your explanation is inadequate. Leave us be!
821You can both stay away from me! I want no part of a fight not my own!
822Maybe if you told us your name and problem we could help you.
823Maybe if you told us your name and problem we could help you.
824It is not often that I meet travelers in these parts of the wilderness.
825You would seem to require my skills once again.
826If you desire, I have the skills necessary to heal you.
827If that is your want, then I will leave.
828Lie still and allow me to do my work.
829You may call me the Surgeon. I heal others in penance for what I have done in my past. Many have died because of a foolish act of charity on my part. I have a brother, an evil man by the name of Davaeorn. He lives because I was too weak-hearted to kill him when I had the chance. Many have died at his hands, including... including our own father. I have heard that he has come to this region, and I hope to meet him one day, to rectify my previous mistake. Your group seem to be composed of adventurers. Perhaps you might come to fight my brother. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but take this. It would help you in any fight against magic users.
830We would appreciate that.
831We don't need any healing, old man.
832Certainly, we do need your healing. But first, could you tell us who you are?
833Iron's been pretty rare these days, what with the supply from Nashkel drying up. Trade routes are all but shut down from bandit activity. I ain't heard from Waterdeep for a month now.
834Our smith Taerom's been hit pretty hard by the iron shortage. His prices have only gone up because of it. Normally he is so reasonable, and better work you won't find anywhere. If ya need any weapons or armor, he's the man to see.
835I've heard that Amn is going to invade. Those damnable, war-mongering mutton-heads. Shoulda seen it coming too. This iron thing has to be all their doing. You ain't from the south, are ya? If you are, then I don't trust ya!
836My cousin from Nashkel tells me that Amn has a huge army gathered there. They'll get the fight of their lives if they press for Baldur's Gate. The Flaming Fist are among the best soldiers around.
837That's a load of bull, Matthew. Your cousin's a huckster who doesn't know his way around his own garden.
838Have you heard about the trouble down in Nashkel? The mines are supposedly tainted, and all the ore coming out is useless. I think Amn is just holding it back, trying to weaken our guards and troops. They've got another thing coming, they do.
839You look a lot like the bandits that raided my caravan! No, maybe it wasn't you. This crisis just has me on edge. I see bandits wherever I look. Hope it all ends soon, one way or another.
840Nashkel is a rotten town, run by a bunch of priggers. Betcha this iron shortage is just another Amnian plot. They would love to get a hold of Baldur's Gate, I just know it.
841Hey! Shut your potato trap and give your tongue a holiday. I don't want strangers in my business. Shove off before I take offense to your face.
842My damn shovel broke today, then my hoe, and then, to top it all off, my scythe. They're all new tools too, bought from that flam, Taerom. He's getting a piece of my mind.
843I hear the Zhentarim have been spotted about lately. I bet ya them riff raff are up to no good. Can't trust a single one of them, you can't. They'll step over their own mother just for the sake of doing it!
844All the iron that comes from Nashkel has been tainted. It's those Amnian, up to their bottle-headed tricks I bet. We should just march over that little mine of theirs. I bet they are just faking all the trouble so as to weaken our guards and soldiers. Well, we will be ready when they come.
845I bet those rank-ridin' bandits are hired by the Amnian. It'd be like those moneygrubbers to pull something so low. Got to the point where an honest man can't travel the roads.
846My son was on one of the caravans that didn't make it to Baldur's Gate. I pray to Tymora that he's all right. May the Lady guide him safely home, and may she make the bandits trip on their swords. It's more humane than they deserve.
847I cannot talk now; my children are waiting for me at home. Not good to leave them alone for long, but both the husband and me must look for a way to keep gold coming in. Hard to keep food on the table when there is no work to be had.
848Did you come from down south? Do you know anything about the rumors about Amn? My sister tells me that they're gonna invade. I don't like to believe it, but what else could be happening?
849Shush, Angela, you know Momma doesn't want us to speak to strangers.
850You're the adventurers who killed all them monsters at Nashkel, aren't you? You must be really brave. If we had more like you we'd never have to worry about things like this again.
851You're those mercenaries that the whole town's been talking about. Well, get out of my way. We don't need the likes of you causing trouble. Don't you go and irritate those bandits. It just makes them all the more vicious.
852Filthy mercenaries. They won't get away with their raiding. Duke Eltan will send the Flaming Fist, and that'll be that. Nobody with any sense wants to risk fighting with the Flaming Fist. They mean business, they do. You get an enforcer on you, and best you run like the dickens.
853Travelers, huh? You're the first group to come into town all day. Not many have braved the roads since all the trouble started up. We've seen only ten new faces in the last month. Found a lot of bodies, unfortunately.
854Damn it, my plow broke apart like it had rusted-out in a single overnight. How's a man supposed to get any work done and make his living? Can't keep prices down if I have to plant everything by hand.
855All those new tools I bought turned brittle as clay. I'm starting to believe the tales about this faulty iron that's been being sold. We're going to be in a sorry state when all our old tools and weapons wear out.
856I'm moving out soon, what with all the rumors about Amn going about. I hear they have an army down in Nashkel. Gonna use the Friendly Arm to launch against the Gate, I hear. Hopefully I'm gone by then.
857You don't go believing every little thing being bandied about. A lot of it is just people getting worried 'bout nothing. Those gossips in Beregost are always coming up with new rumors to tell travelers. Us here at the Friendly Arm, we should have more sense.
858Aren't you the one who came by a while back? I heard you've been cleanin' house down south. Good on you.
859I think it's those Zhentarim who've been causing all the problems 'round these parts. Amn don't have a real reason to invade, so it don't make any sense thinking they are behind it. Zhents don't need a reason though, and a lot of clues point to them too.
860I'm sorry, my husband doesn't like me to speak with strangers.
861Stay away, I bet you're those Zhentarim. I hear they turn women into goats at the snap of their fingers. I heard they were behind the trouble in Nashkel, and maybe other places too! Just you stay away from me!
862You aren't from Nashkel are you? I hope not, because we don't trade with them at all anymore. All the iron we get from the mines there is tainted. Weak as tissue it is.
863You're the adventurers from Nashkel I've heard all about. Wow, I've never seen real heroes before. I hope you busted some bandits over the head on your way here. That'll learn them something.
864I really don't feel like talking to you right now! I lost my husband to those bastard raiders. I hope they rot through all the Nine Hells!
865Not many come by the Inn since the raiding started up. It's good to see a new face about. I was getting pretty tired of the old ones. Maybe I'll chance the roads and try to get to Beregost one of these days.
866Damn it, Jebadoh, we can't go on like this forever! There is no way we can keep quotas up when we're afraid to come near the nets. Excuse me, who are you?
867It is a surprise to find such beautiful people wandering these woods. All of you look rather weary, down on your times I might say. Why don't we all rest and I'll treat you to some refreshments, perhaps some Berduskan amber wine?
868Sorry if I seem out of breath, but I had to retreat from a battle. I was ambushed by a dozen gnolls farther back on the trail. I handily dispatched them but thought better of fighting their half dozen ogre friends. I think I've evaded them for now. Would any of you care for a drink of some fine Selgauntian brandy?
869I must take my leave now.
870Well, you needn't be so rude, I apologize for offering my hospitality.
871All right, let's go about this again. Join me for a drink.
872I hope you are enjoying your liquor; it is some of the best you can find. All of you are probably wondering why I'm being so generous, "obviously not from the kindness of his heart," you think. Well, in a way, I am. You look like the type to be on the outlook for ways to improve the quality of your life. Well, I have a proposal that could help you in that endeavor. You see, there's a girl, my lover in fact, who desires to escape her father and live on her own. Her father is Entar Silvershield, one of the dukes of Baldur's Gate. This, of course, makes her desires more difficult than that of the average city girl. However, with your assistance, we could help her escape the tyrannical clutches of Entar. Here's the punchline: Since Entar's going to be hunting us anyway, we can blackmail him for hoards of cash and not worry about our captive escaping. After all, we're doing it all for the sake of Skie. Now, we needn't go about this right away. In fact, I'll help you with whatever you're doing until you decide to head up to Baldur's Gate. Just think of it as one favor deserving another.
873You're missing the opportunity of your life.
874I'm glad you're all savvy enough to recognize a good opportunity when it comes.
875Do you remember our agreement? You had agreed to help me kidnap Skie from the estate of Entar Silvershield. Well, I think this is the perfect opportunity. I could take us to the estate right now.
876You had agreed. If you're not going to live up to your part of the bargain, I'll find someone else who will.
877Just follow me.
878Aren't you coming?
879This is the estate right here. Skie has told me that there is a secret door in the northern section of the wall. I'll find it.
880We should sneak in and find her room. Once there, we'll sneak her out through this secret door. We shouldn't kill any guards, as that will bring the wrath of the Flaming Fist down on our heads.
881When the word stupidity was introduced to the language, they must have had you in mind. I'm not going to be a part of this group.
882Skie! It's good to see you again, we're here to get you away from this place. These people with me are friends of mine. We're what you might call adventurers.
883Let's get out of this place as soon as possible.
884If you won't have Skie, then there's no place for me with you either.
885I have to make a visit to the Blade and Stars tavern to pick up the ransom money for this week. I'll be right back.
886Yes, we're sort of thirsty right now.
887We don't have the time to drink with strangers.
888Sure, give us some booze.
889Likely story, and we defeated fifty tarrasques a day ago. Bugger off.
890Sure, we could use the extra help, and your scheme sounds like it could work.
891Are you always this slimy, or is this one of your better days? Go find someone else to help in your worthless schemes.
892Not now.
893Sure, lead the way.
894Good riddance.
895Hey, we're sorry. Take us to the estate.
896It's refreshing to find other people in this wood. I am Coran, thief and archer! I've been alone in the wilderness for far too long. I wouldn't mind returning to the big city, but I have yet to collect my bounty. I'd share the reward with the lot of you if you would help hasten the hunt. You interested in hearing more?
897Sorry if I startled you, but I always approach strangers cautiously. I'm Coran, hunter and archer. Are any of you interested in making some money? If you are, I'm the person who could help you do it.
898Sorry to be so abrupt, but I haven't time for monotonous chitchat.
899No problem, though you are missing quite the little adventure.
900Good, I'm glad you're smart enough to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking. The deal is this: I've been hired out by the mayor of Beregost to hunt down a great winged dragon that's been plaguing the caravan routes. He's offered 2,000 gold for its head. Now before you get cold feet, let me allay your fears. The only descriptions of the beast have always mentioned its deadly barbed tail. From what I know about dragons they don't have barbs on their tails—that's something unique to wyverns. So all we have to do is find this wyvern's nest and kill it. Our only worries are if it has friends over for dinner! So what is your decision, yea or nay?
901Very well then. We shouldn't tarry any longer; let's collect the heads of those soon-to-be-sorry wyverns.
902Aren't stout enough of heart? I can understand, not all of us are.
903This is very unnerving, I know, but you must trust me. It is very important that you pack your possessions so that we may leave Candlekeep immediately. Hurry, for there is no time to tarry! The keep is well protected but not invulnerable.
904Perhaps you've changed your minds about my offer from before. Come now, it would be quite the adventure.
905Yes, tell us more.
906Nope, go away.
907Yes, tell us more.
908No time for that right now.
911Please! Don't kill me. I'll tell you where the mines are. Yes, I'll do that for you if you spare me! The entrance is in the bailey to the east. Please let me live.
912Is there a reason for you being here? You had better have a good explanation for bothering me!
913We're here on business. We wanted to purchase some of your iron.
914We don't really need a reason. We're here to kill you.
915If you set me free, <SIRMAAM>, I can tell you how to bring this mine crashing down around the heads of these fat-headed slavers.
916Well, see, here's how it is: The way to bamboozle these ninnies is real easy. Right here beside me is a steel plug that stoppers up the river on the surface. If you were to release that, then the whole mine would be drowned. Only the master of the mine has the key to open the plug, and he's a real mean cuss. If you were to bring the key to me, I could use it to flood the mine.
917Those aren't Blacktalons.
918We'll set you free. Now tell us what you know.
919Shut up, you fool.
920You're a bunch of greenheads, ain't ya? You've come here to guzzle, or maybe one of you handsome stags wants to shag me. I am quite a fubsy, aren't I? Heh heh heh.
921Ya buncha chuckle headed shag bags, try to sneak by me, will ya? I'm going to drub you but good.
922I am Branwen, a war-priest from the Norheim Isles. I have been trapped in stone for what seems like an eternity. You have saved me, and for that I owe you my life. I am indebted to you, and by Tempus, I leave no debt unpaid! Let me join whichever cause you're fighting for, I should make a valuable ally and bring the favor of the Lord of Battles upon us.
923It's an insult to my honor to refuse my services, but the choice is yours.
924I am glad to be part of your war party. I will not make you regret your decision. A word of caution though: Beware of the dog that entrapped me in stone. Tranzig, he called himself. He was in the employ of a mercenary group, but I do not know the name. I shall see him dead before I see the shores of home again!
925We're always on the lookout for another warrior.
926[no text]
927I have no need of your services. Take your freedom and be off with you.
928Oh, a fine sight are you, whoever you are! Sick to death of bandits, I am! I have been cooped up the longest time, but if you've a spare mace, I'd gladly swing it for yer cause. I can do things cleric-wise as well, so I'm mind as well as muscle. By Clangeddin, a chance to right past wrongs! Can I join you?
929I don't know who you are, but I'm glad to see you nonetheless. I canna be done with this place soon enough! I don't fancy the look of you, but if you be against the Throne you've my best blessings. In fact, I'll do you better than blessings. This mine was once my clan-home, and after that my clan-tomb. We breached a riverbank over a hundred years ago and most of us died. A few survived, but we left the mine flooded as a monument to the dead. I got trade-work at the Iron Throne smithing, but I then told my "friend" Rieltar about my old home. They chained me up and tortured the location out of me, and now my home feeds the Iron Throne and their evil plans. I'd sooner destroy it again than have the Throne use it so! Here are directions to the lower levels. They plugged the hole to the river, but knowing hands can loose it again! Flood the blackguards out! I must leave, I can bear the sight of this place no longer. I'll black a few eyes on the way out though! Clangeddin's might be with you!
930That you have, and none would know better than I. This is my mine that the blasted Iron Throne has stolen. Well, they were my clan's home one hundred and twenty-five years ago. Curse me for a fool, I trusted them! Years ago, that blasted Rieltar gave me a good trade smithing for the Throne, and then I go and tell him about my old home! About how my clan had the richest iron mine on any coast, and how almost all were killed when we breached a riverbank. Lost most my kin in that flood. Those of us that survived couldn't bear to go back down. It was a giant watery tomb, and we left it the way she stood. So I go and tell this to my "friend" Rieltar, and he has me chained up! He tortures the location outta me, and now this graveyard feeds the Iron Throne as they bleed the coast dry. If you want to cripple their plans, help me flood this accursed mine once more! They plugged the breach, but knowing hands can loose the flow! We can drown these black-hearted rats in the very mine they've stolen! Here be the way!
931You're a bit of a fool to refuse any help, though perhaps foolhardy risks are called for. So be it, I'll go my own way. I will tell you how to hurt these blackguards though. This mine here, it was my clan's long ago. We were just tapping the richest ore deposits when we breached a riverbank. Most of us died, and those that lived left the mine a flooded tomb. So here's the fool me, who gets a trade with the Iron Throne. My "friend" Rieltar learns of my past and tortures the mine location outta me! Now my clan graveyard feeds the Throne while they starve the coast of ore. Here be directions to the river breach. Knowing hands can loosen the magical plug and flood the mine again. Do this for me, and for yourselves if you be against the Throne. I'll make my way out without you, but I'll black a few eyes on the way.
932All help is welcome. We've much to overcome.
933I've no need of you. Take your freedom and go.
934Why have you come? Is it to steal my riches or perhaps you seek to righteously punish me for my affront to your morality? It matters little, for you will do neither. Before I dispose of you in some horribly gruesome manner, perhaps I should introduce myself. I am known as Davaeorn. I would ask you for your names, but I care little to become acquainted with the dead.
935There are still more doppelgangers. We won't be safe until you've killed them all.
936You meddling fools! Your victory shall be short-lived.
937I really think that Duke Eltan should bring in part of the Flaming Fist and put down these wild men of the woods.
938I can't believe they killed Elban. Those bastards! They are going to pay!
939Oh, I apologize for my rudeness. I mistook you for someone else. Let me introduce myself. I am Aldeth Sashenstar. You must understand that at the moment, I'm under a terrible amount of stress. You see, my dear <SIRMAAM>, there is a group of uncouth savages that has declared their intention of killing my friends and me. I've been holed up in this cabin for several days and have lacked the wherewithal to try to make an escape. Perhaps you kind folks would help a fellow in trouble?
940What purpose have you wandering this far into Cloakwood? Are you looking to earn some money? If you are, I would be willing to pay a considerable amount for your assistance. I am Aldeth Sashenstar, a noble from the city of Baldur's Gate. Perhaps you have heard of me? No matter. I am looking for some good strong people who could defend me against a band of savages. These ruffians have been threatening my companions and me with bodily harm. Would you be interested?
941Whoever you are, get away from here. We do not need any more miscreants to cause trouble here.
942Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way. You're probably as insensitive as those hoodlums out in the wood. Learn some manners, brute.
943Good! I'm glad you had the sense of decency to help a man in my situation. Let me explain my predicament. My friends and I come here every year to do some sport hunting. This year however, a group of woodland savages threatened us with bodily harm if we did not stop our hunting trip. Being civilized men, we realized that it's well within our rights to hunt where we damn well please. After a few more days of hunting, the crass woodmen lost all pretense of humanity and murdered Elban, one of my oldest friends. I'm sure that they plan to attack our cottage here, so we had best be prepared.
944Do not listen to these slavering wild men, my dear friends. They lie as befits the uncultured barbarians that they are.
945What?! Have you gone mad, throwing your lot in with a band of madmen? You treacherous savages, you will suffer for your foolishness! I will deal with Seniyad after I kill you!
946I give you my gratitude for the aid you have given us. If you ever travel to Baldur's Gate, come to the Merchants' League Estate, and I will aid you in any way I can. Take now this small token of my appreciation.
947Yes, we would.
948No, we don't have the time.
949Yes, we would.
950No, we don't have the time.
951You've done very well! I'm glad to have worked with such as you. Aldeth should have your reward, if he hasn't already given it to you.
952Trespassers and butchers of our wood, I, Seniyad, have come to administer the punishment that you have brought down upon yourselves. Yet, who are the ones that stand beside you? With them we have no quarrel. It is now to you that I speak: These men have most likely duped you into protecting their sorry hides. They have most likely not told of the druid they have slain in cold blood. I will allow you to rethink your earlier decision and leave these men to their most deserved fate.
953You have made your choice fools, now you will suffer together with your hunter friends.
954I congratulate your wise decision. I wish you well for whichever endeavor you now embark. If your presence in this wood involves those known as the Iron Throne, then I would suggest you head west, then north. Be careful in your journeys, for there are many foul beasts that have inhabited the wood. Another danger is a sect of shadow druids. Their order is a dangerous splinter group of the true druid order.
955What do you mean, prisoners?! No one supposed to know of camp! NO ONE!
956We'd just like to be paid.
957Just remember us for the future.
958I'm too weak... You're going to have to carry me.
959Damn it, Jebadoh, we can't go on like this forever! There is no way we can keep quotas up when we're afraid to come near the nets. Excuse me, who are you?
960Sorry, Aldeth, but we're siding with the druids. They have this great aloe vera balm they are giving away samples of, and my armor has been chafing a bit, ya know?
961Don't you think you're being rather harsh, Seniyad? We can't just let you murder Aldeth. Come now, why don't we come to a peaceful solution?
962What do ya want?
963We do not want trespassers in our sacred grove. Leave immediately or suffer the consequences!
964Kill the meat, my pets.
965The entrance tax is 6 gold pieces for each party of travelers. Please announce your point of origin.
966You'll have to wait here, my commander wishes to have a word with you.
970The mystical land of frolicking naked nymphs, where your every desire is granted by bald blubbering bugbears. Hee! Hee!
971I don't like your sarcasm. If you won't cooperate, then I'll just bring you to talk with my commander.
972Not many of the mammals remain among the living. We are nearly finished.
973We still need to take care; some of the primate leaders are becoming curious why this organization has been acting strangely.
974Some of the clan has moved to the next objective. Jased is leading them. I almost pity the humans. They'll be cattle to be butchered.
975The primate Jhasso has been acting up again. He tried to escape from his room, so we moved him to the basements. I don't understand why we just don't kill the meat.
976We need his knowledge on how this organization works, otherwise we'd be quickly discovered.
977Our clan could do better than the primate Rieltar. He pays us well but is weak, not like his son, who is strong.
978Sarevok is very strong, yesss.
979You shall die for this intrusion meat! Ssssssss.
980Don't think you can escape, meat. We will come for you, and you will never know who we are. Sssssssss.
981What can I do for you?
982Unfortunately, I cannot grant any of your desires, so could you kindly leave?
983I'm sorry, but I'm in a real hurry, please don't bother me.
984Listen here. There have been some strange things happening about the Seven Suns, but I'd rather not talk about it. Everybody I know has been acting really strange of late. I've seen some of the other merchants change faces when they thought I wasn't looking. Yes, you heard me right, they changed faces! Some sort of shapeshifters have infiltrated the Seven Suns. If I were you, I'd get out of here while there's still time. That's what I'm planning to do.
985Excuse me, could I inquire to what you're doing here?
986Lying primates! Guards, kill the intruders.
987Do not question my orders meat, just do it.
988We wanted to ask you some questions on your recent business decisions. Some people find them very questionable.
989We wanted a tour.
990We want to talk to the owner of the Seven Suns.
991Not until we get to see Jhasso.
992We want a tour first.
993No tour, huh? Well, I guess we'll be on our way.
994Fine, we'll find someone else to answer our questions.
995Not until you answer some questions.
996Sure thing, bye.
997We're tourists.
998We're new mercenaries.
999We work for Jhasso.
1000You are not allowed entry to this building.
1001In that case, please wait here while I inform him of your arrival.
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