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0 Herbology
1 Chemistry
2 Electric
3 Explosives
4 Gun Smithy
5 Mechanical
6 Smithy
7 Therapeutics
8 Layman
9 Novice
10 Assistant
10 NoOp
11 AGoal
11 Associate
12 AGoalTerminate
12 Technician
13 AIRedirect
13 Engineer
14 Cast
14 Professor
15 ChargeNBranch
15 Doctorate
16 Damage
16 The Herbology discipline concerns itself with the study of herbs and how they affect the body.
17 Destroy
17 The Chemistry discipline studies man-made substances and their deleterious effects.
18 Dispel
18 The Electric discipline explores the effects of charge and magnetism.
19 Effect
19 The Explosives discipline covers the research of new and unstable substances.
20 EnvFlag
20 The Gun Smithy discipline controls the design and implementation of new weaponry.
21 EyeCandy
21 The Mechanical discipline studies the physical properties of materials.
22 Heal
22 The Smithy discipline covers the construction of armors of all types.
23 Identify
23 The Therapeutics discipline explores pharmaceuticals and their interactions with each other.
24 Interrupt
24 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
25 Heal wounds quickly and easily! This elixir restores one's health and biological energies without rest or prolonged hospitalization.
25 Movement
26 ObjFlag
26 This amazing elixir is has regenerative powers superior to those of any spell or incantation of magick!
27 Recharge
27 This cure for poison is a must-have for any technologist adventurer who finds himself in quick need of an antidote! Perfect with morning tea!
28 Summon
28 This unrivaled serum allows you to expend energy more efficiently! Incredible!
29 Accelerate the body's natural healing rate with this incomparable elixir!
29 Terminate
30 TestNBranch
30 This regenerative product restores both your health and your energy! Guaranteed!
31 Trait
31 With this unbelievable elixir, all energy and health is revived! All poisons are cured! Impossible, but true!
32 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
32 TraitIdx
33 Trait64
33 With this, even the most untested scientist can bring forth a poison to handle any infestation, orcish or otherwise!
34 This technological wonder allows even the most casual chemist the advantages of a mobile power source!
34 Use
35 This astonishing product allows an individual to walk fearlessly through the most fearsome denizens of the forest!
36 This cantankerous compound immediately begins to corrode whatever it touches!
37 When used on any foe, Hallucinite creates the most fantastic and frightening illusions, all within your opponent's very mind!
38 This lethal liquid leaves your enemies completely disabled while you choose their fate!
39 Just one dose of this enigmatic elixir will have them drowsing for days! Remarkable!
40 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
41 Carry a light into the darkest places without the discomfort usually produced by smoking, sputtering torches!
42 This ring gives the wearer increased reflexive performance and power!
43 This device is capable of sensing all manner of devious traps, even those of a magickal nature! Stupendous!
44 One touch of this technological wonder unleashes a nightmarish electrical maelstrom!
45 The Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion creates a strong magnetic field that averts bullets and arrows with ease!
46 This wonderful piece of technology utilizes the body's own electrical impulses to achieve an increased rate of healing and regeneration!
47 This staff hurls raw bolts of energy at unsuspecting opponents!
48 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
49 This hot little number makes any situation into an explosive extravaganza! Try it today!
50 This remarkable gadget blinds and muddles opponents! Strike as they cower in fear and confusion!
51 This wonderful device creates a billowing cloud of smoke that befuddles enemies!
52 Detonation of this versatile piece of technology stuns your enemies, leaving you the opportunity to casually run them through! Unbelievable!
53 An explosive weapon of unmatched destructive power!
54 This wonder of the scientific age throws up a blazing wall of flame between you and your foes!
55 Light the fuse and watch the mayhem! Dynamite can also be attached to doors and containers of all kinds!
56 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
57 A simple firearm that's perfect when there's just nothing else around!
58 A fine weapon which performs consistently and with greater magickal resistance!
59 This weapon fires more often, and with greater range, than standard pistols.
60 This fantastic firearm offers the versatility of a pistol without sacrificing the element of surprise!
61 The Looking Glass Rifle gives its user unparalleled range and accuracy!
62 With this unbelievable firearm, you've got a full arsenal you can hold in one hand!
63 A rifle with enough power to stop a stampeding pachyderm, as well as various species of orc and ogre!
64 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
65 This trap drives the spike through almost anything that steps on it!
66 This wonderful device, when placed upon any questionable door or container, springs any traps that might have been placed there!
67 This simple tool increases the chances of opening almost any conventional lock!
68 These glasses afford you increased visual perception, both during the day and at night!
69 Not only does this amazing device hold your prey, but it also does a considerable amount of damage while doing so!
70 This mechanical wonder is perfect for creating diversions and confounding the most dangerous foes!
71 A formidable technological companion! And folds into a compact package for ease of transportation!
72 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
73 An amalgam iron and steel that allows both increased strength and lightness!
74 This sword offers deadly speed and increased accuracy in battle!
75 A deadly weapon with only half the weight of a common axe!
76 The gauntlets offer their wearer increased protection, as well as hand-to-hand power when it's needed!
77 Gives you unequaled and, more importantly, unobstructed vision when the situation arises!
78 A versatile chainmail with the same protection but half the weight!
79 An armor with unrivaled bodily protection, while also allowing the wearer to move about with less noise and ruckus than standard Plate!
80 This is the lack of knowledge of a discipline.
81 With this elixir, you'll be able to talk circles around the most sharp-witted scholar!
82 One swallow of this elixir makes you a muscle-bound marvel!
83 Just one dose of this elixir, and you'll have increased visual perception!
84 Never be undone by a slow set of reflexes again! Increase your speed and dexterity!
85 This technological wonder allows greater mental feats, increased mental stamina, and better perception when the need arises!
86 This tonic that provides you with unparalleled physical stature! Go from hapless to Hero in seconds!
87 Become an unstoppable, physical force while mentally moving mountains! Astonishing!
88 You already know this schematic.
89 You have learned a new schematic!

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