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1 Yup.
2 Yes.
100 No.
101 Nope.
200 Me sorry.
300 Us trade stuff.
400 Byebye.
401 Me go now.
402 Urgh.
500 Me want training.
600 [continue]
601 [more follows]
602 [more]
603 [. . . and . . .]
604 [there is more . . .]
700 Me have hurt.
800 Forget it.
801 Me no care no more.
900 You do %s skill!
1000 You make %s spell!
1100 Do wavey hands and make hurt gone!
1200 Me poisoned. You fix!
1300 Me lost.
1400 Me lost. You show me on map?
1500 Me ask more?
1600 Me see your stuff.
1700 You no 'bout ring? [Describe the ring.]
1701 Wha' Pee shiler?
1702 Who Gilburt Bates?
1703 You no 'bout Gilburt Bates?
1704 Wha' no 'bout Black Mowntayn Clan?
1705 Wer da Iyell of Deespayer?
1706 Wha' you no 'bout da Iyell of Deespayer?
1707 Wha' you no 'bout da Weel Clan?
1708 Wer da the elf city?
1709 Wha' you no 'bout da elf city?
1710 Who Reenfurd Aye Turwilleeger be?
1711 Where me get "Horrur 'mong da Dark Elf"?
1712 Wha' you no 'bout Cal'dawn?
1713 Wha' you no 'bout Vikter Meesk?
1714 Wha' you no 'bout da Dark Elf?
1715 Wha' you no 'bout Arrownax?
1716 Wha' you no 'bout Nasrewdeen?
1717 Wha' you no 'bout da ayell of Than 'toes?
1718 Wha' you no 'bout da rewins of Venda groth?
1719 Wha' you no 'bout da Ring of Brawdgar?
1720 Where Arrownax be?
1721 Wha' you no 'bout da Voyed?
1722 Wha' you no 'bout da book of Kergans bayn?
1723 Wha' you no 'bout Kergan?
1724 Hey! I need a Quest!
1800 Who you?
1801 Who you be?
1900 Me want paper.
1901 You have paper?
2000 What say today paper?
2001 Tell me what say today paper.
2100 Me want old paper.
2101 What old papers you gots?
2200 Me want buy today paper.
2201 Me want today paper.
2300 [start da WorldMap]

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