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1000 Tank you.
1050 Tank you.
1100 Tanx you, scary lady.
1150 Tanx you, lady sir.
1200 Tanks!
1250 Tanx you!
1300 Tank you, nice lady.
1350 Tanks, lady.
1400 Tanks, old lady.
1450 Tanks!
1500 Tanks.
2000 You tell me rumor?
2050 You say whut news for me?
2100 Whut is rumor stuff?
2150 Whut is news, lady sir?
2200 Whut rumor be news?
2250 Whut room or news?
2300 This city big! Lots happen! You gots rumor?
2350 Tell me news rumor?
2400 Tell me news rumor?
2450 You tell rumor news me now.
2500 You tell rumor news me now.?
3000 You stinky-face!
3050 You funny-looking.
3100 You a pasty head!
3150 You dumb lady.
3200 You ugly dumb lady.
3250 Mean stupid lady!
3300 I no like you stupid lady!
3350 Dummy stupid-head!
3400 Smelly lady!
3450 Stupid orc-face!
3500 You stinky ugly stupid head.

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