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1000 Me want %d coins. OK?
2000 You no have da money!
3000 What trainin' ya want?
4000 You already know dat!
5000 You not know enough yet.
6000 You now is a prentiss!
7000 Me know nuthin.
8000 Hi! Me like you!
9000 Hi!
10000 Er?
11000 Hi again! Me still like you!
12000 Me see you again! Hi again!
13000 Ug.
14000 What heal you want?
15000 Me done.
16000 Hey girlie friend, you no got any clothes!
17000 You look like tuff girl.
18000 You friends stink.
19000 You funny looking.
20000 Hi. You dinner?
21000 UNUSED
22000 Me no see you!

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