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Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Searchable Database

52 Results
For condition.mes

1 it is daytime
2 (obj) has at least (num) gold
3 local flag (num) is set
4 (num) == (num)
5 (num) <= (num)
6 PC (obj) has quest (num) in state (num)
7 quest (num) in global state (num)
8 (obj) has bless (num)
9 (obj) has curse (num)
10 npc (obj) has met pc (obj) before
11 (obj) has bad associates
12 (obj) is polymorphed
13 (obj) is shrunk
14 (obj) has a body spell
15 (obj) is invisible
16 (obj) has mirror image
17 (obj) has item named (num)
18 npc (obj) is a follower of pc (obj)
19 npc (obj) is a monster of specie (num)
20 (obj) is named (num)
21 (obj) is wielding item named (num)
22 (obj) is dead
23 (obj) has maximum followers
24 (obj) can open the container (obj)
25 (obj) has surrendered
26 (obj) is in dialog
27 (obj) is switched off
28 (obj) can see (obj)
29 (obj) can hear (obj)
30 (obj) is invulnerable
31 (obj) is in combat
32 (obj) is at location X:(num) Y:(num)
33 (obj) has reputation (num)
34 (obj) is within (num) tiles of location X:(num) Y:(num)
35 (obj) is under the influence of spell (num)
36 (obj) is open
37 (obj) is an animal
38 (obj) is undead
39 (obj) was jilted by a PC
40 pc (obj) knows rumor (num)
41 rumor (num) has been quelled
42 (obj) is busted
43 global flag (num) is set
44 (obj) can open the portal (obj) in direction (num)
45 sector at location X:(num) and Y:(num) is blocked
46 monster generator (num) is disabled
47 (obj) is identified
48 (obj) knows spell (num)
49 (obj) has mastered spell college (num)
50 items are being rewielded
51 (obj) is prowling
52 (obj) is waiting for leader's return

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