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1 Hello...
2 Mr. Franklin?
3 Mister Franklin?
4 Mr. Franklin?
5 Mister Franklin?
6 Mr. Franklin?
7 Mister Franklin?
9 Mr. Franklin?
10 Mister Franklin?
19 Ooooo! Are you the girl from Lil's? [wetting his lips with his tongue]
20 Uh... yeah.
21 Yes I am.
22 Yeah... me her.
24 Nooo! Help! Help!
25 Oh my! What a find! What a find! Lil has done a marvelous job this time. We are going to have so much fun together! [rubbing his large, rough palms together]
26 Uh... Yes. Let's get started, shall we?
27 I'm sure we are...
28 Uh... just a minute...
29 Uh... Yeah. Come on... We start.
30 Yeah us will...
31 Uh... jus' a minute...
33 Ahh... and so anxious! ...Yes. Let us begin. Please... remove your clothing, my pretty.
34 Yes, Mr. Franklin. [begin removing clothing for him]
35 Uh... okay Mister Franklin. [begin removing clothing for him]
36 What is it?
37 Uh... never mind. Let's get started, shall we?
38 Uh... I can't do this, I'm sorry...
39 Uh... um... Come on... We start.
40 Uh... Me no do dis. Me sorry.
41 So you've returned eh? Are you prepared this time?
42 I am. Let's get started.
43 Yeah. Come on... We start.
45 Get out of my sight, wench. I need none of your tomfoolery! I will be informing Lil of your behavior, you can be sure!
46 Don't you talk that way to me pervert! I'll get you!
47 You no be bad a me! Me get you!
49 [sighing contentedly] No more, chit. Three times is enough for any man! You roused quite an animal in me. Return yourself to Lil. You've done an excellent job. Goodbye.
50 Uh, yes, sir. Goodbye.
51 Uh... Yeah. Buh-bye.
53 Ugh! You pig! I'm leaving alright... to bathe!
54 Ugh! You a pig! Me go... to get bath!
55 [waving his hand in dismissal] No... No more of your frisky tantrums. I'm tired. Goodbye.
56 Augh! [you storm from the room]

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