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Master Tools list by Harvest Damage. CTLF+F to search. Use dropdown to List by Type.
Name Type Damage Harvest Damage Durability Weight
Obsidian HatchetHatchet2583003.5
Obsidian PickPickaxe2583003.5
Acheronian SickleSickle40810803.08
Obsidian SickleSickle2583003.5
Acheronian PickPickaxe2086003.08
Star Metal Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife1976002.8
Star Metal HatchetHatchet1976002.8
Star Metal PickPickaxe1976002.8
Star Metal CleaverCleaver1976002.8
Star Metal SickleSickle1976002.8
Black Ice PickPickaxe2373507
Hardened Steel HatchetHatchet1866003.5
Hardened Steel Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife1666003.5
Hardened Steel PickPickaxe1866003.5
Hardened Steel SickleSickle1866003.5
Steel SickleSickle1454504.2
Steel CleaverCleaver1354504.2
Steel PickPickaxe1354504.2
Steel HatchetHatchet1354504.2
Hardened Steel CleaverCleaver2056253.33
Obsidian Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife2553003.5
Serpent-Man Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife753003.15
Steel Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife1354504.2
Iron CleaverCleaver843003.15
Iron hatchetHatchet743003.15
Iron Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife743003.15
Iron PickPickaxe743003.15
Stone Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife531002.8
Stone PickPickaxe631002.8
Stone HatchetHatchet631002.8
Stone CleaverCleaver531002.8

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