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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Adventure Journal
Journal of Atoraxxion
Yolunakea Expedition Log II (40 knowledge)

1Gravelspore Fern (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Unique vegetation found around the medicine brewers specially designed by Yolu.)
2Mountain Flowers (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Most of Yolunakea is covered in green, so the lavender hue of these flowers add some diversity to the somewhat overwhelmingly monotone backdrop of the biome. You can find plenty of these growing around Yolu's Nail.)
3Pressure Plates of Different Heights (????)
4Day and Night (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Yolu's thoughts on Orze are scrawled all over a section of the wall in Yolu's Garden. Complete opposites in terms of personality, this fact may have also contributed to Yolu's inherent dislike of Orze.)
5Need of the Sun (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Yolu pieced together slates bearing her feelings between the cracks of the pillar in Yolu's Garden without ceasing.)
6Slate of a Desperate Figure (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Dive deeply into the waters in Yolu's Garden and they say you can find a slate etched with Yolu's thoughts of despair. Closed off from the outside world, she would often submerge herself in these depths to wrestle with her thoughts. They say you can almost hear Yolu's frustrated whispers echo from within.)
7Earth God's Melody (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say you can hear the humming of Tunta himself near the Sol Magia in Yolu's Garden.)
8Slate on the Floor (????)
9Exposed Root (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The roots of this monstrous tree, spread far and wide in clear sight as if holding an enormous structure in the air, is a overwhelming sight to behold.)
10Where Love was Whispered (????)
11Trace of the Architect (????)
12Where Cool Wind Blows (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say a refreshing wind blows through a gap in the rock wall somewhere in Yolu's Spine.)
13Twigs Reaching the Sky (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Do the branches reaching up into the sky wish to be a little closer to the heavens, like a boulder sitting high upon a mountain top?)
14Vine-covered Slate (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There's a slate in Yolu's Teeth with unappealing scribbles that are nearly illegible due to all the vines covering it.)
15Vaha's 4 Rules (????)
16View of Everything (Can be obtained through [Interaction]As you emerge from a long tunnel, the entirety of Yolu's Teeth welcomes you, ready for you to behold it.)
17The Nature of Sebekaruk (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There's a slate near the central area of Yolu's Teeth that bears the characteristics of Sebekaruk.)
18Lightstone-donned Gator II (Can be obtained through [Interaction]If it wasn't for Orze, Yolu would have been dead already. You can see what transpired in Yolu's Teeth.)
19Lightstone-donned Gator I (Can be obtained through [Interaction]No sooner had I approached the shiny lightstone to observe it, it was already too late.)
20Power Source of Golems (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A structure full of unknown characters impossible to decipher. Perhaps this is the power source of the Golems...?)
21Giant Weapon Control Device (????)
22Good View of Below (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Go up the wall of Yolu's Pupil and you will see Yolu's Query at the top.)
23Someone's Hidden Love Letter? (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Within a small hideout covered in vines below the broken Kyvelan Track, lies a love letter hidden away by someone.)
24Someone's Love Letter III (????)
25Olun Traditions VI (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A majestic waterfall greets you as soon as you enter Yolu's Garden. The sound of cascading water echoes all around.)
26Olun Traditions V (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The vines hanging upon the walls beyond Yolu's Garden are often used to decorate the homes of the Olun.)
27Olun Traditions IV (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Recesses large enough to fit several people can be found carved into the walls throughout Yolu's Mane. Is this in the style of the Olun?)
28Olun Traditions III (Can be obtained through [Interaction]In Yolu's Garden, leaves sway in the morning breeze, while at, shiny objects fly by.)
29Olun Traditions II (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Head to the boulder in Yolu's Mane and you can glimpse upon another of the Olun's traditions.)
30Olun Traditions I (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Careful examination of the layers of dirt that have formed in Yolu's Pupil will reveal much about the diet of the Oluns.)
31Infested Amarillos (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
32On the Voidlight Dagger (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
33Our Path (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
34Like Chaff in the Wind (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
35Coordinates of the Paradise (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
36Valley of Avarice (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
37An Uncertain Future (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
38Death without Pain (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
39Fear of the Death (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest])
40Indigo-lit Lightstone Slate (????)

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