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Life Skill
Primary Products
Other Marine Life (61 knowledge)
1. Delotia Essence (Delotia Essence)
2. Poisonous Thornwood Prickle (Poisonous Thornwood Prickle)
3. Thornwood Prickle (Thornwood Prickle)
4. Thornwood Sap (Thornwood Sap)
5. Thuja Sap (Thuja Sap)
6. Dead Tree Essence (Dead Tree Essence)
7. Glossy Bone Piece (Glossy Bone Piece)
8. Cactus Sap (Cactus Sap)
9. Cactus Thorn (Cactus Thorn)
10. Cactus Rind (Cactus Rind)
11. Paste Bait (Paste Bait)
12. Acacia Sap (Acacia Sap)
13. White Cedar Sap (Elder Sap)
14. Cotton (Cotton)
15. Trace of Forest (Trace of Forest)
16. Trace of Hunting (Trace of Hunting)
17. Trace of Battle (Trace of Battle)
18. Trace of Origin (Trace of Origin)
19. Trace of Savagery (Trace of Savagery)
20. Trace of Ascension (Trace of Ascension)
21. Trace of the Earth (Trace of the Earth)
22. Trace of Wave (Trace of Wave)
23. Trace of Despair (Trace of Despair)
24. Trace of Chaos (Trace of Chaos)
25. Trace of Memory (Trace of Memory)
26. Trace of Death (Trace of Death)
27. Trace of Violence (Trace of Violence)
28. Young Gray Mane Goat (Young Gray Mane Goat)
29. Gray Mane Goat (Gray Mane Goat)
30. Young White-Tailed Deer (Young White-Tailed Deer)
31. White-Tailed Deer (White-Tailed Deer)
32. Black Wolf (Black Wolf)
33. Black Wolf Alpha (Black Wolf Alpha)
34. Ancient Ruins Spider (Ancient Ruins Spider)
35. Dead Elk (Dead Elk)
36. Blue Coral (Blue Coral)
37. Breezy White Coral (Breezy White Coral)
38. Golden Sun Coral (Golden Sun Coral)
39. Prairie Green Coral (Prairie Green Coral)
40. Daybreak Blue Coral (Daybreak Blue Coral)
41. Twilight Red Coral (Twilight Red Coral)
42. Red Coral (Red Coral)
43. Clam (Clam)
44. Red Shellfish (Red Shellfish)
45. White Coral (White Coral)
46. Green Coral (Green Coral)
47. Golden Coral (Golden Coral)
48. Sea Anemone (Sea Anemone)
49. Turban Shell (Turban Shell)
50. Coral Piece (Coral Piece)
51. Ocean Hermit Crab (Ocean Hermit Crab)
52. Ocean Hermit Crab (Ocean Hermit Crab)
53. Abalone (Abalone)
54. Roe (Roe)
55. Shrimp (Shrimp)
56. Oyster (Oyster)
57. Diamond Starfish (Diamond Starfish)
58. Five-Star Starfish (Five-Star Starfish)
59. Cone Snail (Cone Snail)
60. Lobster (Lobster)
61. Giant Pearl Oyster (Giant Pearl Oyster) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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