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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Seafood of Odyllita (223 knowledge)

2Nemonia (Arita Island Node Manager)
3Jeanboff (Teste Island Node Manager)
4Lavine (Padix Island Node Manager)
5Didien (Almai Island Node Manager)
6Shilly (Kuit Islands Node Manager)
7Batermann (Sea Node Manager)
8Schutgen (Sea Node Manager)
9Gonzales (Sea Node Manager)
10Vidicto (Sea Node Manager)
11Riotina (Sea Node Manager)
12Delio (Sea Node Manager)
13Ludwig (Sea Node Manager)
14Odro (Sea Node Manager)
15McCulley (Sea Node Manager)
16Stejones (Sea Node Manager)
17Ninehart (Sea Node Manager)
18Juria (Sea Node Manager)
19Ebott (Sea Node Manager)
20Sion (Sea Node Manager)
21Andorsen (Sea Node Manager)
22Andes (Sea Node Manager)
23Izaak (Sea Node Manager)
24Ronbus (Sea Node Manager)
25Arens (Sea Node Manager)
26Dalfus (Sea Node Manager)
27Gillian (Sea Node Manager)
28Dane (Sea Node Manager)
29Sidimin (Sea Node Manager)
30Yasopi (Rosevan Island Node Manager)
31Chopio (Shasha Island Node Manager)
32Franklin (Portanen Island Node Manager)
33Leph (Lerao Island Node Manager)
34Shanjo (Tinberra Island Node Manager)
35Fabian (Sea Node Manager)
36Faolun (Sea Node Manager)
37Blancy (Sea Node Manager)
38Bilao (Sea Node Manager)
39Jango (Sea Node Manager)
40Kio (Sea Node Manager)
41Baki (Sea Node Manager)
42Anaki (Sea Node Manager)
43Tarima (Sea Node Manager)
44Leman Hesse (Sea Node Manager)
45Ringboff (Sea Node Manager)
46Ronde Greyfang (Sea Node Manager)
47Ian Hunt (Sea Node Manager)
48Sagotts (Sea Node Manager)
49Zenith (Sea Node Manager)
50Gerold (Sea Node Manager)
51Borf (Sea Node Manager)
52Theoban (Sea Node Manager)
53Isaria (Sea Node Manager)
54Kunka (Sea Node Manager)
55Rundgel (Sea Node Manager)
56Iris (Sea Node Manager)
57Lecenin (Sea Node Manager)
58Kozah (Derko Island Node Manager)
59Soa Banso (Hakoven Island Node Manager)
60Kemel (Shirna Island Node Manager)
61Mutafa (Tigris Island Node Manager)
62Amet (Esfah Island Node Manager)
63Turan (Boa Island Node Manager)
64Hidaye (Riyed Island Node Manager)
65Arda (Sokota Island Node Manager)
66Seltin (Orisha Island Node Manager)
67Karadeniz (Kashuma Island Node Manager)
68Altin (Halmad Island Node Manager)
72Jamey Drucker (Grana Training Merchant)
73Zya (Old Moon Manager of Grana City)
74Khalid (Loopy Tree Forest Node Manager)
75Tulitua (Gyfin Rhasia Guardian)
76Oliver Bedmountain (Eccentric Archaeologist)
77Aniki (Western Valtarra Mountains Node Manager)
78Gyfin Rhasia Ruins (Gyfin Rhasia Temple Node Manager)
79Heli (Viv Foretta Hamlet General Goods Vendor)
80Jerrimo (Caduil Forest Poacher)
81Martha Kiyen (Archaeologist of the Mirumok Ruins)
82Jensen (Adventurer of the Shady Tree Forest)
83Milden (Navarn Steppe Adventurer)
84Norn Federers (Viv Forettas Trade Manager)
85Rameda Island (Rameda Island)
86Teyamal Island (Teyamal Island)
87Theonil Island (Theonil Island)
88Modric Island (Modric Island)
89Baeza Island (Baeza Island)
90Serca Island (Serca Island)
91Randis Island (Randis Island)
92Almai Island (Almai Island)
93Teste Island (Teste Island)
94Padix Island (Padix Island)
95Arita Island (Arita Island)
96Kuit Islands (Kuit Islands)
97Daton Island (Daton Island)
98Oben Island (Oben Island)
99Eberdeen Island (Eberdeen Island)
100Albresser Island (Albresser Island)
101Netnume Island (Netnume Island)
102Ginburrey Island (Ginburrey Island)
103Barater Island (Barater Island)
104Dunde Island (Dunde Island)
106Narvo Island (Narvo Island)
107Lisz Island (Lisz Island)
108Staren Island (Staren Island)
109Louruve Island (Louruve Island)
110Marka Island (Marka Island)
111Lema Island (Lema Island)
112Invernen Island (Invernen Island)
113Tulu Island (Tulu Island)
114Orffs Island (Orffs Island)
115Tashu Island (Tashu Island)
116Racid Island (Racid Island )
117Al-Naha Island (Al-Naha Island)
118Ajir Island (Ajir Island)
119Pujara Island (Pujara Island)
120Shasha Island (Shasha Island)
121Portanen Island (Portanen Island)
122Lerao Island (Lerao Island)
123Tinberra Island (Tinberra Island)
124Rosevan Island (Rosevan Island)
125Derko Island (Derko Island)
126Boa Island (Boa Island)
127Orisha Island (Orisha Island)
128Kashuma Island (Kashuma Island)
129Halmad Island (Halmad Island)
130Shirna Island (Shirna Island)
131Tigris Island (Tigris Island)
132Esfah Island (Esfah Island)
133Riyed Island (Riyed Island)
134Sokota Island (Sokota Island)
135Crow's Nest
136Oquilla's Eye
137Nada Island (Nada Island)
138Mariul Island (Mariul Island)
139Zagam Island (Zagam Island)
140Vadabin Sea (Daenata in Mariul Island Knows This)
141Juur Sea (Daenata in Mariul Island Knows This)
142Margoria (Katio in Nada Island Knows This)
143Ross Sea (Katio in Nada Island Knows This)
144Papua Crinea (Papua Crinea)
145Lamute Gang Outpost (Can be obtained through [Quest]Become a member of the Lamute Gang led by Benns Ruberen and head to Papua Crinea!)
146Moon's Bone (Can be obtained through [Quest]Papus and Otters, take down Stoneback Crabs in the Stoneback Crab Training for the Thousand Year War!)
147Wave's Rest (Can be obtained through [Quest]Papus and Otters, take down Stoneback Crabs in the Stoneback Crab Training for the Thousand Year War!)
148Bloodshed Beach (Can be obtained through [Quest]Papus and Otters, take down Stoneback Crabs in the Stoneback Crab Training for the Thousand Year War!)
149Crioniak (Crioniak)
150Papuraora (Papuraora)
152Essence of Liquor (Wheat Flour x1, Apple x1, Leavening Agent x1)
153Dressing (Egg x1, Olive Oil x1, Salt x2, Mineral Water x1 (Purified Water x1))
154Red Sauce (Base Sauce x1, Pork x1, Mineral Water x2(Purified Water x1), Sugar x2)
155White Sauce (Base Sauce x1, Apple x1, Milk x1, Cooking Wine x2)
156Vinegar (Wheat x1, Apple x1, Leavening Agent x1, Sugar x1)
157Balenos Mullet (Balenos Mullet)
158Stippled Gunnel (Stippled Gunnel)
159Yellowfin Sole (Yellowfin Sole)
160Sandeel (Sandeel)
161Dollarfish (Dollarfish)
162Horn Fish (Horn Fish)
163Mackerel Pike (Mackerel Pike)
164Cuttlefish (Cuttlefish)
165Bigeye (Bigeye)
166Rosefish (Rosefish)
167Blue Tang (Blue Tang)
168Sandfish (Sandfish)
169Gurnard (Gurnard)
170Pintado (Pintado)
171Tongue Sole (Tongue Sole)
172Clownfish (Clownfish)
173Butterflyfish (Butterflyfish)
174Rock Hind (Rock Hind)
175Greenling (Greenling)
176Croaker (Croaker)
177Blackfin Sweeper (Blackfin Sweeper)
178Surfperch (Surfperch)
179Bluefish (Bluefish)
180Gunnel (Gunnel)
181Striped Catfish (Striped Catfish)
182Dolphinfish (Dolphinfish)
183Whiting (Whiting)
184Silver-Stripe Round Herring (Silver-Stripe Round Herring)
185Round Herring (Round Herring)
186Sardine (Sardine)
187Flatfish (Flatfish)
188Trout (Trout)
189Shellfish (Shellfish)
190Jellyfish (Jellyfish)
191Crab (Crab)
192Mullet (Mullet)
193Scorpion Fish (Scorpion Fish)
194Filefish (Filefish)
195Starfish (Starfish)
196Seahorse (Seahorse)
197Ray (Ray)
198Skipjack (Skipjack)
199Flying Fish (Flying Fish)
200Mackerel (Mackerel)
201Squid (Squid)
202Rockfish (Rockfish)
203Saurel (Saurel)
204Amberjack (Amberjack)
205Flounder (Flounder)
206Beltfish (Beltfish)
207Mudskipper (Mudskipper)
208Water Thyme (Water Thyme)
209Agar (Agar)
210Tangleweed (Tangleweed)
211Kelp (Kelp)
212Brown Seaweed (Brown Seaweed)
213Seaweed (Seaweed)
220Flondor Crystal Plant
221Flondor Jade Clam

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