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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Life Skill
SubType: Processing
Name: Heating

Knowledges in this Group: 84
Number Name and Details
1Bronze Ingot (Bronze Ingot)
2Brass Ingot (Brass Ingot)
3Noc Ingot (Noc Ingot)
4Melted Noc Shard (Melted Noc Shard)
5Mythril Ingot (Mythril Ingot)
6Melted Mythril Shard (Melted Mythril Shard)
7Titanium Ingot (Titanium Ingot)
8Melted Titanium Shard (Melted Titanium Shard)
9Vanadium Ingot (Vanadium Ingot)
10Melted Vanadium Shard (Melted Vanadium Shard)
11Zinc Ingot (Zinc Ingot)
12Melted Zinc Shard (Melted Zinc Shard)
13Tin Ingot (Tin Ingot)
14Melted Tin Shard (Melted Tin Shard)
15Copper Ingot (Copper Ingot)
16Melted Copper Shard (Melted Copper Shard)
17Lead Ingot (Lead Ingot)
18Melted Lead Shard (Melted Lead Shard)
19Iron Ingot (Iron Ingot)
20Melted Iron Shard (Melted Iron Shard)
21Healing Stone (Healing Stone)
22Magical Shard (Magical Shard)
23Brilliant Opal (Brilliant Opal)
24Blue Crystal (Blue Crystal)
25Violet Crystal (Violet Crystal)
26Platinum Ingot (Platinum Ingot)
27Melted Platinum Shard (Melted Platinum Shard)
28Gold Ingot (Gold Ingot)
29Melted Gold Shard (Melted Gold Shard)
30Silver Ingot (Silver Ingot)
31Melted Silver Shard (Melted Silver Shard)
32Black Crystal (Black Crystal)
33Green Crystal (Green Crystal)
34Red Crystal (Red Crystal)
35Mud Crystal (Mud Crystal)
36Translucent Crystal (Translucent Crystal)
37Polished Opal (Polished Opal)
38Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) (Hard Black Crystal Shard x1 Blackstone (Armor) x2)
39Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) (Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1 Blackstone (Weapon) x2)
40Glue (Glue)
41Processed Coal (Processed Coal)
42Lump of Raw Sugar (Lump of Raw Sugar)
43Knitting Yarn (Knitting Yarn)
44Silk Thread (Silk Thread)
45Flax Thread (Flax Thread)
46Cotton Yarn (Cotton Yarn)
47Sun-Dried Salt (Sun-Dried Salt)
48Salt (Salt)
49Distilled Water (Distilled Water)
50Sturdy Thuja Plywood (Sturdy Thuja Plywood)
51Sturdy Loopy Tree Plywood (Sturdy Loopy Tree Plywood)
52Sturdy Moss Tree Plywood (Sturdy Moss Tree Plywood)
53Pure Noc Crystal (Pure Noc Crystal)
54Ultimate Armor Reform Stone (Grade 3 Armor Reform Stone x10 Hard Black Crystal Shard x1)
55Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone (Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone x10 Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1)
56Hard Pillar (Hard Pillar)
57Margoria Dark Iron (Margoria Dark Iron)
58Black Gold Ingot (Black Gold Ingot)
59Moonlight Opal (Moonlight Opal)
60Pure Vanadium Crystal (Pure Vanadium Crystal)
61Sturdy Elder Plywood (Sturdy Elder Plywood)
62Sturdy Elder Plywood (Sturdy Elder Plywood)
63Sturdy Palm Plywood (Sturdy Palm Plywood)
64Pure Mythril Crystal (Pure Mythril Crystal)
65Pure Titanium Crystal (Pure Titanium Crystal)
66Pure Vanadium Crystal (Pure Vanadium Crystal)
67Pine Coated Plywood (Pine Coated Plywood)
68Jade Coral Ingot (Jade Coral Ingot)
69Sturdy Acacia Plywood (Sturdy Acacia Plywood)
70Sturdy White Cedar Plywood (Sturdy White Cedar Plywood)
71Pure Silver Crystal (Pure Silver Crystal)
72Pure Zinc Crystal (Pure Zinc Crystal)
73Pure Tin Crystal (Pure Tin Crystal)
74Pure Copper Crystal (Pure Copper Crystal)
75Pure Lead Crystal (Pure Lead Crystal)
76Pure Iron Crystal (Pure Iron Crystal)
77Sturdy Cedar Plywood (Sturdy Cedar Plywood)
78Sturdy Fir Plywood (Sturdy Fir Plywood)
79Sturdy Birch Plywood (Sturdy Birch Plywood)
80Sturdy Pine Plywood (Sturdy Pine Plywood)
81Sturdy Maple Plywood (Sturdy Maple Plywood)
82Sturdy Ash Plywood (Sturdy Ash Plywood)
83Pure Platinum Crystal (Pure Platinum Crystal)
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