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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Life Skill
Primary Products
Timber (25 knowledge)

1Plywood Hardener (Pure Powder Reagent x1, Fir Sap x4, Bloody Tree Knot x3, Trace of the Earth x3)
2Leather Glaze (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Powder of Darkness x2, Maple Sap x3, Trace of Ascension x3)
3Thornwood (Thornwood)
4Thuja (Thuja)
5Citron Tree (Citron Tree)
6Snowfield Cedar Tree (Snowfield Cedar Tree)
7Loopy Tree (Loopy Tree)
8Moss Tree (Moss Tree)
9Cactus (Cactus)
10Olive Tree (Olive Tree)
11Fir (Fir)
12Cedar Tree (Cedar Tree)
13Maple (Maple)
14Ash Tree (Ash Tree)
15Birch (Birch)
16Pine Tree (Pine Tree)
17Broadleaf Tree (Broadleaf Tree)
18Needle Tree (Needle Tree)
19Elder Tree (Elder Tree)
20Acacia Tree (Acacia Tree)
21Palm Tree (Palm Tree)
22Dried Old Tree (Dried Old Tree)
23White Cedar (White Cedar)
24Apple Tree (Apple Tree)
25Elder Tree Timber (Elder Tree Timber)

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