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Type: Life Skill
SubType: Cooking
Name: Steamed

Knowledges in this Group: 8
1. Steamed Prawn (Shrimp x4, Hot Pepper x2, Paprika x3, Cooking Wine x3, Mineral Water x4)
2. Steamed Whale Meat (Blue Whale Meat x1, Honey Wine x1, Garlic x4, Mineral Water x6 (Purified Water x2), Salt x2)
3. Steamed Bird (Chicken Meat x5, Vinegar x2, Cabbage x3, Essence of Liquor x2, Salt x2(Sun-Dried Salt x2))
4. Steamed Seafood (Squid x2, Mineral Water x6(Purified Water x3), Hot Pepper x3, Salt x2(Sun-Dried Salt x2))
5. Steamed Fish (Mudskipper x1, Mineral Water x3 (Purified Water x1), Garlic x2, Salt x2)
6. Organic Feed (Oatmeal x2(Refined Oatmeal x1), Butchered Meat x5, Mudskipper x2, Chicken Meat x4)
7. Good Feed (Pig Meat x6, Wheat Flour x4, Mudskipper x1, Purified Water x1 (Mineral Water x3))
8. Couscous (Freekeh Snake Stew x1(Thick Freekeh Snake Stew x1), Teff Flour Dough x6, Nutmeg x3, Cabbage x4)

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