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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Life Skill
SubType: Cooking
Name: Roasting

Knowledges in this Group: 28
Number Name and Details
1Grilled Bird Meat (Chicken Meat x2, Deep Frying Oil x6, Salt x1, Cooking Wine x2)
2Skewered Llama Cheese Melt (Llama Meat x5, Cheese x4, Hot Pepper x3, Pepper x1, White Sauce x1)
3Roast Marmot (Marmot Meat x5, Hot Pepper x3, Salt x2, Red Sauce x1, Cooking Wine x3)
4Butter-roasted Lobster (Butter x4, Lobster x1, Salt x5, Olive Oil x5, Garlic x3)
5Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt (Rainbow Button Mushroom x1, Pig Meat x2, Cheese x2, Salt x3, Olive Oil x4)
6Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich (Rainbow Button Mushroom x1, Soft Bread x1, Cream x2, Onion x2, Olive Oil x4)
7Desert Dumpling (Lizard Meat x6, Wheat Dough x6, Cinnamon x1, Olive Oil x2)
8Lizard Kebab (Lizard Meat x6, Wheat x7, Onion x3, Red Sauce x2)
9Aloe Cookie (Aloe x5, Grain Dough x7, Sugar x4(Raw Sugar x2), Cooking Honey x3)
10Cheese Gratin (Grain Dough x5, Cabbage x4, Grilled Sausage x1, Cheese x3, Red Sauce x3)
11Ham Sandwich (Grilled Sausage x2 (Smoked Sausage x1), Soft Bread x2, Cabbage x5, Egg x4)
12Omelet (Wheat x5, Olive Oil x2, Egg x5, Salt x2)
13Cheese Pie (Cheese x7, Egg x3, Wheat Dough x4, Butter x3)
14Honeycomb Cookie (Wild Beehive x6(Cooking Honey x6), Grain Dough x4, Milk x4, Egg x2)
15Meat Pie (Pork x4, Wheat Dough x6, Olive Oil x2, Sugar x2(Raw Sugar x1))
16Fruit Pie (Wheat Dough x6, Fruit x6, Cream x3, Sugar x4(Raw Sugar x2))
17Soft Bread (Wheat Dough x6, Egg x2, Leavening Agent x2, Milk x3)
18Grilled Sausage (Pig Meat x6, Onionx1, Salt x2 (Sun-Dried Salt x2), Pepper x2)
19Dark Pudding (Chicken Meat x5, Oatmeal x1 (Refined Oatmeal x1), Pig Blood x7, Pickled Vegetables x1)
20Seafood Grilled with Butter (Squid x1, Butter x3, Salt x2, Olive Oil x1)
21Smoked Fish Steak (Mudskipper x2, Salt x2, Olive Oil x1)
22Meat Sandwich (Pig Meat x7, Soft Bread x1, Cabbage x6, Cheese x3)
23Fig Pie (FIg x5, Wheat Dough x3, Sugar x3, Olive Oil x2)
24Teff Bread (Teff Flour x5, Mineral Water x3, Leavening Agent x2, Salt x2)
25Steak (Pig Meat x8, Garlic x2, Red Sauce x2, Salt x2)
26King of Jungle Hamburg (Lion Meat x4, Teff Bread x4, Nutmeg x3, Pickled Vegetables x2)
27Grilled Scorpion (Scorpion Meat x3, Hot Pepper x3, Nutmeg x3, Butterx2)
28Teff Sandwich (Teff Bread or Spongy Teff Bread x1, Freekeh Snake Stew x1, Grilled Scorpion x1, Red Sauce x3), Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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