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Type: Life Skill
SubType: Processing
Name: Chopping

Knowledges in this Group: 32
1. Thuja Plywood (Thuja Plywood)
2. Thuja Plank (Thuja Plank)
3. Loopy Tree Plywood (Loopy Tree Plywood)
4. Loopy Tree Plank (Loopy Tree Plank)
5. Moss Tree Plywood (Moss Tree Plywood)
6. Moss Tree Plank (Moss Tree Plank)
7. Sturdy Timber Square (Sturdy Timber Square)
8. Standardized Timber Square (Standardized Timber Square)
9. Ship Repair Material (Ship Repair Material)
10. Palm Plywood (Palm Plywood)
11. Palm Plank (Palm Plank)
12. Usable Scantling (Usable Scantling)
13. Cedar Plywood (Cedar Plywood)
14. Cedar Plank (Cedar Plank)
15. Fir Plywood (Fir Plywood)
16. Fir Plank (Fir Plank)
17. Birch Plywood (Birch Plywood)
18. Birch Plank (Birch Plank)
19. Pine Plywood (Pine Plywood)
20. Pine Plank (Pine Plank)
21. Maple Plywood (Maple Plywood)
22. Maple Plank (Maple Plank)
23. Ash Plywood (Ash Plywood)
24. Ash Plank (Ash Plank)
25. Acacia Plywood (Acacia Plywood)
26. Acacia Plank (Acacia Plank)
27. White Cedar Plywood (White Cedar Plywood)
28. White Cedar Plank (White Cedar Plank)
29. Acacia Timber (Acacia Timber)
30. White Cedar Timber (White Cedar Timber)
31. Elder Tree Plywood (Elder Tree Plywood)
32. Elder Tree Plank (Elder Tree Plank)

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