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Life Skill
Shaking (27 knowledge)
1. Freekeh Flour Dough (Freekeh Flour Dough) 
2. Teff Flour Dough (Teff Flour Dough) 
3. Corn Dough (Corn Dough) 
4. Sweet Potato Dough (Sweet Potato Dough) 
5. Potato Dough (Potato Dough) 
6. Barley Dough (Barley Dough) 
7. Wheat Dough (Wheat Dough) 
8. Organic Fertilizer (Organic Fertilizer) 
9. Byproduct Fertilizer (Byproduct Fertilizer) 
10. Indigo Lapis Lazuli (Indigo Lapis Lazuli) 
11. Tough Flax Fabric (Tough Flax Fabric) 
12. Bud of Time (Bud of Time) 
13. Supreme Fancy Feather (Supreme Fancy Feather) 
14. Supreme Lightweight Plume (Supreme Lightweight Plume) 
15. Supreme Fancy Reptile Skin (Supreme Fancy Reptile Skin) 
16. Supreme Thick Fur (Supreme Thick Fur) 
17. Supreme Thin Hide (Supreme Thin Hide) 
18. Supreme Hard Hide (Supreme Hard Hide) 
19. Supreme Tough Hide (Supreme Tough Hide) 
20. Supreme Soft Hide (Supreme Soft Hide) 
21. Star Diamond (Star Diamond) 
22. Forest Emerald (Forest Emerald) 
23. Gold Topaz (Gold Topaz) 
24. Ocean Sapphire (Ocean Sapphire) 
25. Blood Ruby (Blood Ruby) 
26. Butter (Butter) 
27. Cream (Cream) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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