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Life Skill
Primary Products
Mineral (39 knowledge)
1. Nickel Ore (Nickel Ore)
2. White Tin (White Tin)
3. Noc Ore (Let's help Dalian who's on the side of the general goods vendor in Trent to collect materials to make a weapon so we can ask her more about the situation.)
4. Hard Sandstone (Hard Sandstone)
5. Soft Sandstone (Soft Sandstone)
6. Mythril Ore (Mythril Ore)
7. Titanium Ore (Titanium Ore)
8. Vanadium Ore (Vanadium Ore)
9. Bloodstone (Bloodstone)
10. Andesite (Andesite)
11. Mudstone (Mudstone)
12. Sandstone (Sandstone)
13. Coal (Coal)
14. Volcanic Rock (Volcanic Rock)
15. Iron (Iron)
16. Gold (Gold)
17. Beryl (Beryl)
18. Diamond (Diamond)
19. Copper (Copper)
20. Biotite (Biotite)
21. Bryophyte (Bryophyte)
22. Diorite (Diorite)
23. Granite (Granite)
24. Feldspar (Feldspar)
25. Rainbow Stone (Rainbow Stone)
26. Black Quartz (Black Quartz)
27. Green Quartz (Green Quartz)
28. Red Quartz (Red Quartz)
29. Muddy Quartz (Muddy Quartz)
30. Clear Quartz (Clear Quartz)
31. Opal (Coral)
32. Zinc (Zinc)
33. Topaz (Topaz)
34. Silver (Silver)
35. Sapphire (Sapphire)
36. Ruby (Ruby)
37. Tin (Tin)
38. Platinum (Platinum)
39. Lead (Lead) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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