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Type: Life Skill
SubType: Processing
Name: Drying

Knowledges in this Group: 157
Number Name and Details
1Hard Hide (Hard Hide)
2Tough Hide (Tough Hide)
3Soft Hide (Soft Hide)
4Fine Fancy Reptile Skin (Fine Fancy Reptile Skin)
5Fine Thick Fur (Fine Thick Fur)
6Fine Thin Hide (Fine Thin Hide)
7Fine Hard Hide (Fine Hard Hide)
8Fine Tough Hide (Fine Tough Hide)
9Fine Soft Hide (Fine Soft Hide)
10Fancy Reptile Skin (Fancy Reptile Skin)
11Thick Fur (Thick Fur)
12Thin Hide (Thin Hide)
13Cheese (Cheese)
14Rare Jerky (Rare Jerky)
15Well-Dried Jerky (Well-Dried Jerky)
16Fragrant Jerky (Fragrant Jerky)
17Haystack (Weed x50)
18Golden Pearl (Golden Pearl)
19Inorganic Fertilizer (Inorganic Fertilizer)
20Dried Burbot (Dried Burbot)
21Dried Black Shiner (Dried Black Shiner)
22Dried Grass Carp (Dried Grass Carp)
23Dried Mori (Dried Mori)
24Dried Stickleback (Dried Stickleback)
25Dried Amur Goby (Dried Amur Goby)
26Dried Stone Moroko (Dried Stone Moroko)
27Dried Amur Ide (Dried Amur Ide)
28Dried Spined Loach (Dried Spined Loach)
29Dried Cherry Icefish (Dried Cherry Icefish)
30Dried Minnow (Dried Minnow)
31Dried Korean Loach (Dried Korean Loach)
32Dried Oily Shiner (Dried Oily Shiner)
33Dried Shuttles Hoppfish (Dried Shuttles Hoppfish)
34Dried Stumpy Bullhead (Dried Stumpy Bullhead)
35Dried Mackerel Pike (Dried Mackerel Pike)
36Dried Cuttlefish (Dried Cuttlefish)
37Dried Atka Mackerel (Dried Atka Mackerel)
38Dried Tongue Sole (Dried Tongue Sole)
39Dried Porcupine Fish (Dried Porcupine Fish)
40Dried Rosy Bitterling (Dried Rosy Bitterling)
41Dried Bleeker (Dried Bleeker)
42Dried Scorpion Fish (Dried Scorpion Fish)
43Dried Filefish (Dried Filefish)
44Dried Starfish (Dried Starfish)
45Dried Mackerel (Dried Mackerel)
46Dried Angler (Dried Angler)
47Dried Dace (Dried Dace)
48Dried Sweetfish (Dried Sweetfish)
49Dried Arowana (Dried Arowana)
50Dried Lenok (Dried Lenok)
51Dried Beltfish (Dried Beltfish)
52Dried Mudskipper (Dried Mudskipper)
53Dried Rockfish (Dried Rockfish)
54Dried Swellfish (Dried Swellfish)
55Dried Porgy (Dried Porgy)
56Dried Mudfish (Dried Mudfish)
57Dried Common Minnow (Dried Common Minnow)
58Dried Tilefish (Dried Tilefish)
59Dried Moray (Dried Moray)
60Dried Sandeel (Dried Sandeel)
61Dried Dollarfish (Dried Dollarfish)
62Dried Horn Fish (Dried Horn Fish)
63Dried Roundtail Paradisefish (Dried Roundtail Paradisefish)
64Dried Yellow-Head Catfish (Dried Yellow-Head Catfish)
65Dried Bubble Eye (Dried Bubble Eye)
66Dried Striped Shiner (Dried Striped Shiner)
67Dried Yellowfin Sculpin (Dried Yellowfin Sculpin)
68Dried Goby Minnow (Dried Goby Minnow)
69Dried Cherry Salmon (Dried Cherry Salmon)
70Dried Snakehead (Dried Snakehead)
71Dried Notch Jaw (Dried Notch Jaw)
72Dried Bluegill (Dried Bluegill)
73Dried Terrapin (Dried Terrapin)
74Dried Piranha (Dried Piranha)
75Dried Catfish (Dried Catfish)
76Dried Salmon (Dried Salmon)
77Dried Amur Minnow (Dried Amur Minnow)
78Dried Kuhlia Marginata (Dried Kuhlia Marginata)
79Dried Tapertail Anchovy (Dried Tapertail Anchovy)
80Dried Fourfinger Threadfin (Dried Fourfinger Threadfin)
81Dried Bigeye (Dried Bigeye)
82Dried Silver Stripe Round Herring (Dried Silver Stripe Round Herring)
83Dried Round Herring (Dried Round Herring)
84Dried Sardine (Dried Sardine)
85Dried Croaker (Dried Croaker)
86Dried Bitterling (Dried Bitterling)
87Dried Rosefish (Dried Rosefish)
88Dried John Dory (Dried John Dory)
89Dried Maomao (Dried Maomao)
90Dried Blackfin Sweeper (Dried Blackfin Sweeper)
91Dried Surfperch (Dried Surfperch)
92Dried Siganid (Dried Siganid)
93Dried Gunnel (Dried Gunnel)
94Dried Seahorse (Dried Seahorse)
95Dried Ray (Dried Ray)
96Dried Flying Fish (Dried Flying Fish)
97Dried Perch (Dried Perch)
98Dried Mandarin Fish (Dried Mandarin Fish)
99Dried Swiri (Dried Swiri)
100Dried Mullet (Dried Mullet)
101Dried Trout (Dried Trout)
102Dried Crucian Carp (Dried Crucian Carp)
103Dried Carp (Dried Carp)
104Dried Jellyfish (Dried Jellyfish)
105Dried Diamond Minnow (Dried Diamond Minnow)
106Dried Rock Hind (Dried Rock Hind)
107Dried Butterflyfish (Dried Butterflyfish)
108Dried Dolphinfish (Dried Dolphinfish)
109Dried Whiting (Dried Whiting)
110Dried Herring (Dried Herring)
111Dried Grunt (Dried Grunt)
112Dried Flatfish (Dried Flatfish)
113Dried Greenling (Dried Greenling)
114Dried Cero (Dried Cero)
115Dried Smokey Chromis (Dried Smokey Chromis)
116Dried Nibbler (Dried Nibbler)
117Dried Golden-Thread (Dried Golden-Thread)
118Dried Striped Catfish (Dried Striped Catfish)
119Dried Swordfish (Dried Swordfish)
120Dried Sea Bass (Dried Sea Bass)
121Dried Crab (Dried Crab)
122Dried Octopus (Dried Octopus)
123Dried Squid (Dried Squid)
124Dried Saurel (Dried Saurel)
125Dried Amberjack (Dried Amberjack)
126Dried Flounder (Dried Flounder)
127Dried Miho Spine Loach (Dried Miho Spine Loach)
128Dried Spotted Barbel (Dried Spotted Barbel)
129Dried Abalone (Dried Abalone)
130Dried Diamond Starfish (Dried Diamond Starfish)
131Dried Lobster (Dried Lobster)
132Dried Pearl Oyster Flesh (Dried Pearl Oyster Flesh)
133Dried Grayling (Dried Grayling)
134Dried Smelt (Dried Smelt)
135Dried Pacu (Dried Pacu)
136Dried Soho Bitterling (Dried Soho Bitterling)
137Dried Barbel Steed (Dried Barbel Steed)
138Dried Leather Carp (Dried Leather Carp)
139Dried Pomfret (Dried Pomfret)
140Dried Checkerboard Wrasse (Dried Checkerboard Wrasse)
141Dried Blue Tang (Dried Blue Tang)
142Dried Clownfish (Dried Clownfish)
143Dried Sea Eel (Dried Sea Eel)
144Dried Grouper (Dried Grouper)
145Dried Sandfish (Dried Sandfish)
146Dried Gurnard (Dried Gurnard)
147Dried Pintado (Dried Pintado)
148Dried Bluefish (Dried Bluefish)
149Dried Skipjack (Dried Skipjack)
150Dried Sunfish (Dried Sunfish)
151Dried Cuvier (Dried Cuvier)
152Dried Freshwater Eel (Dried Freshwater Eel)
153Dried Crawfish (Dried Crawfish)
154Dried Bass (Dried Bass)
155Dried Sturgeon (Dried Sturgeon)
156Dried Tuna (Dried Tuna)
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