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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Topography
SubType: Valencia
Name: Valencia Entrance (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 24
Number Name and Details
1Abandoned Ferry in Shakatu (Shakatu Abandoned Ferry Node Manager)
2Fohalam Farm (Fohalam Farm)
3Valencia Plantation (Valencia Plantation)
4Erdal Farm (Erdal Farm)
5Altas Farmland (Altas Farmland)
6Shakatu Farmland (Shakatu Farmland)
7Bazaar Farmland (Bazaar Farmland)
8Ruined Rune (Ruined City of Rune)
9Pila Fe (Pila Fe)
10Kunids Shelter (Kunids Shelter)
11Rock Post (Rock Post)
12Altinova Gateway (Altinova Gateway)
13Abandoned Ferry (Abandoned Ferry)
14Rune Gateway Fork (Rune Gateway Intersection)
15Hope Ferry (Hope Ferry)
16Shakatu (Shakatu)
17Waragon Nest (Waragon Nest)
18Demibeast Zone (Bashim Base)
19Cadry Ruins (Cadry Ruins)
20Taphtar Plain (Taphtar Plain)
21Sand Grain Bazaar (Sand Grain Bazaar)
22Barhan Gateway (Barhan Gateway)
23Basilisks Lair (Basilisk Den)
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