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Valencia (Great Desert) (3 Energy) (21 knowledge)
1. Aakman Temple (Aakman Temple)
2. Oasis of Bless (Oasis of Bless)
3. Oasis of Time (Oasis of Time)
4. Dreaming Oasis (Dreaming Oasis)
5. Valencia Castle Site (Valencia Castle Site)
6. Ancado Coast (Ancado Coast)
7. Pilgrims Haven (Pilgrims Haven)
8. Desert Naga Temple (Desert Naga Temple)
9. Rakshan Observatory (Rakshan Observatory)
10. Ancado Inner Harbor (Ancado Inner Harbor)
11. Valencia Castle (Valencia Castle)
12. Valencia City (Valencia City)
13. Aakman (Aakman)
14. Pilgrims Sanctum: Fast (Pilgrims Sanctum: Fast)
15. Pilgrims Sanctum: Purity (Pilgrims Sanctum: Purity)
16. Pilgrims Sanctum: Humility (Pilgrims Sanctum: Humility)
17. Pilgrims Sanctum: Sincerity (Pilgrims Sanctum: Sincerity)
18. Pilgrims Sanctum: Sharing (Pilgrims Sanctum: Sharing)
19. Pilgrims Sanctum: Abstinence (Pilgrims Sanctum: Abstinence)
20. Pilgrims Sanctum: Obedience (Pilgrims Sanctum: Obedience)
21. Ibellab Oasis (Ibellab Oasis), Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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