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Theology I (2 Energy) (9 knowledge)
1. Road of Repentance (Quest from Balker Batian)
2. Bell Ringing from the City (Central Church of Elionisms Bell Tolls)
3. Tower of Will (Heidel East Gate Mysterious Man)
4. Will of Elion (Ottavio Ferres Knowledge)
5. Evil Gods in Darkness (Bloody Monastery Node Manager)
6. After Death (Velia Believer)
7. Birth of Faith (Quest from Lionel Riche)
8. An Elionian Definition of Heresy (Lionel Riches Elionian Doctrines)
9. Dragon Watcher (Wizards Altar Top), Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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