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Type: Character
SubType: Special Trading Manager (2 Energy)
Name: Special Trading Manager (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 15
1. Karon (Velia Imperial Fishing Delivery)
2. Liff (Mediah Imperial Craft Delivery)
3. Bech (Calpheon Imperial Craft Delivery)
4. Pasvinder (Heidel Imperial Craft Delivery)
5. Lotz Pavarotti (Olvia Imperial Craft Delivery)
6. Hirio (Splashing Point Imperial Fishing Delivery)
7. Dius (Epheria Imperial Fishing Delivery)
8. Rai (Glish Imperial Fishing Delivery)
9. Mysterious Man (Olvia Smuggler)
10. Roig Mills (Heidel Imperial Trade Manager)
11. Radolf Hansen (Heidel Imperial Delivery Manager)
12. Mathias (Velia Imperial Delivery Manager)
13. Rosa Kloko (Velia Imperial Trade Manager)
14. Lamiro Iadans (Calpheon Imperial Delivery Manager)
15. Demiel Batian (Calpheon Imperial Trade Manager)

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