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Adventure Journal
Calpheon Journal
Southwestern Calpheon Adventure Journal (2 Energy) (11 knowledge)
1. King of the Otters? (Can be obtained through [Quest]Inside the Cave)
2. Nightmare in Crioville (Can be obtained through [Quest]Nightmare in Crioville)
3. Mansha Hut (Can obtain [Object]Treant Forest Ruins)
4. Hexe Maries Witch (Can obtain [Object]Books About Behr)
5. Witches and the Skeleton Servants (Can be obtained through [Quest]Find Traces of Black Magic)
6. Hexe Maries Hut (Can be obtained through [Quest]Empty Hut)
7. Trina Knights and the Baby Dragon (Can be obtained through [Quest]Baby Wyvern)
8. Bloody Ogre Tear (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Trent Ogre Training Site Villager)
9. Calpheon and Kamasylvia III (Obtainable through [Quest]Road to Kamasylvia)
10. Calpheon and Kamasylvia II (Obtainable through [Quest]Road to Kamasylvia)
11. Calpheon and Kamasylvia I (Obtainable through [Quest]Road to Kamasylvia) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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