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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Topography
SubType: Calpheon
Name: Southwestern Calpheon (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 29
Number Name and Details
1Southern Lake Kaia (Southern Lake Kaia)
2Northern Lake Kaia (Northern Lake Kaia)
3North Kaia Mountaintop (North Kaia Mountaintop)
4Phoniel?s Cabin Entrance (Phoniel?s Cabin Entrance)
5Hexe Sanctuary (Hexe Sanctuary)
6Behr Downstream (Behr Downstream)
7Phoniel?s Cabin (Phoniel?s Cabin)
8Witchs Chapel (Witchs Chapel)
9Longleaf Tree Forest (Longleaf Tree Forest)
10Longleaf Tree Sentry Post (Longleaf Tree Sentry Post)
11Lumberjacks Rest Area (Lumberjacks Rest Area)
12Tobare?s Cabin (Tobare?s Cabin)
13Marie Cave (Marie Cave)
14Mansha Forest (Mansha Forest)
15Calpheon Castle Western Forest (Calpheon Castle Western Forest)
16Catfishman Camp (Catfishman Camp)
17Gabino Farm (Gabino Farm)
18South Kaia Ferry (South Kaia Ferry)
19Rhua Tree Stub (Rhua Tree Stub)
20Crioville (Crioville)
21Abandoned Monastery (Abandoned Monastery)
22Rhutum Sentry Post (Rhutum Sentry Post)
23Rhutum Outstation (Rhutum Outstation)
24Behr Riverhead (Behr Riverhead)
25North Kaia Ferry (North Kaia Ferry)
26Treant Forest (Treant Forest)
27Calpheon Castle (Calpheon Castle)
28Behr (Behr)
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