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Type: Topography
SubType: Mediah
Name: Southern Mediah (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 17
1. Awakening Bell (Awakening Bell)
2. Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance (Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance)
3. Abandoned Iron Mine Saunil District (Abandoned Iron Mine Saunil District)
4. Abandoned Iron Mine Rhutum District (Abandoned Iron Mine Rhutum District)
5. Splashing Point (Splashing Point)
6. Highland Junction (Highland Junction)
7. Kasula Farm (Kasula Farm)
8. Ahto Farm (Ahto Farm)
9. Omar Lava Cave (Omar Lava Cave)
10. Abun (Town of Refugees)
11. Abandoned Iron Mine (Abandoned Iron Mine)
12. Tarif (Tarif)
13. Altinova Entrance (Altinova Entrance)
14. Wandering Rogue Den (Wandering Rogue Den)
15. Asula Highland (Asula Highland)
16. Manes Hideout (Manes Hideout)
17. Altinova (Altinova)

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