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Life Skill
Imperial Crafting
Simple Cooking (12 knowledge)
1. Delotia Herb Tea (Delotia Herb Tea) 
2. Exquisite Cron Meal (Serendia Meal x3, Special Arehaza Meal x1, Kamasylvia Meal x3, Ancient Cron Spice x1) 
3. Simple Cron Meal (Knight Combat Rations x1, Mediah Meal x3, Valencia Meal x3, Ancient Cron Spice x1) 
4. Seafood Cron Meal ([Balenos Meal x3 + Calpheon Meal x3 + Margoria Seafood Meal x1 + Ancient Cron Spice x1] OR [Balenos Meal x3 + Sute Tea x3 + Savory Steak x1 + Ancient Cron Spice x1]) 
5. Stonetail Fodder (Any 2 Farming Byproducts (20 each)) 
6. Refined Grain Juice (Highly Concentrated Grain Juice x3) 
7. Highly Concentrated Grain Juice (Concentrated Grain Juice x3) 
8. Concentrated Grain Juice (High-Quality Grain x1, Mineral Water x1 (Grain Juicex3)) 
9. Spirit Essence of Water (Water Spirit Stone Fragment x1, Purified Water x1) 
10. Spirit Essence of Earth (Earth Spirit Stone Fragment X 1, Purified Water X 1) 
11. Spirit Essence of Wind (Wind Spirit Stone Fragment X1, Purified Water X1) 
12. Grain Juice (Grain x3, Mineral Water x1) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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