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Adventure Journal
Kamasylvia Journal
Silvias Legacy Adventure Journal (3 Energy) (15 knowledge)
1. Forest Ronaros Riddle V (Forest Ronaros Riddle V)
2. Forest Ronaros Riddle IV (Forest Ronaros Riddle IV)
3. Forest Ronaros Riddle III (Forest Ronaros Riddle lll)
4. Forest Ronaros Riddle ll (Forest Ronaros Riddle ll)
5. Forest Ronaros Riddle I (Forest Ronaros Riddle I)
6. Light of Kamasylvia (Can be obtained through [Quest]Healing Light)
7. Fountain of Truth (Can be obtained through [Amity]Gyfin Rhasia Ruins Node Management)
8. Gyfin Rhasias Pact (Can be obtained through [Quest]Oath Made at the Fountain of Truth)
9. Tooth Fairy Wing (Can be obtained through [Quest]Oath Made at the Fountain of Truth)
10. Krogdalo Hoof (Can be obtained through [Dialogue] with Krogdalos Trace during [Quest] The Trace of Krogdalo)
11. Bow of Forest Ronaros (Can be obtained through [Quest]Oath of the Loopy Tree Forest)
12. Kamasylvia Threatened by Ahib (Can be obtained through [Quest]The Two Powers)
13. Black Star of Kamasylvia (The Great Library of Grana)
14. Birth of Kamasylvia (The Great Library of Grana)
15. Center of the Forest, Kamasylve (Can be obtained through [Quest]Kamasylve), Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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