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Type: Character
SubType: People of Serendia
Name: Serendia Villager (2 energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 16
1. Alzath (Moretti Farm Worker)
2. Acher (Extraction Mill Worker)
3. Diochre (Elda Farm Worker)
4. Jugruta (Lynch Ranch Worker)
5. Torres (Alejandro Farm Worker)
6. Anon (Brave Boy)
7. Hannes (Sociable Farm Worker)
8. Zara Lynch (Crazy Woman of Lynch Farm)
9. Mercianne Moretti (Moretti Farm Owner)
10. Ficy (Serendia Workshop Node Manager)
11. Fatoos (Incompetent Farm Owner)
12. Coco Elda (Young Owner of Elda Farm)
13. Amadeo Alejandro (Alejandro Farm Owner)
14. Murana Lynch (Man on Top of the Mountain)
15. Mael Costa (Costa Farm Owner)
16. Hunt (Valley Lily Inn Employee)

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