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Type: Character
SubType: People of Serendia
Name: Serendia Merchant (2 energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 17
Number Name and Details
1Karin (Alejandro Farm General Vendor)
2Techthon (Heidel Blacksmith)
3Constante (Golden Toad Inn Manager)
4Siuta (Heidel Trade Manager)
5Melissa Brady (Izaros One-sided Love)
6Luciano Pietro (Heidel House Manager)
7Vangelas (Valley Lily Inn Manager)
8Lara (Heidel General Goods Vendor)
9Caresto Fonti (Northern Guard Post General Goods Vendor)
10Ornella (Heidel Arms Dealer)
11Flaviano (Heidel Material Vendor)
12Lebyos (Heidel Furniture Vendor)
13Olivia (Heidel Artisan Cook)
14Puia (Heildel Popular Girl)
15Joel (Heidel Worker Manager)
16Amerigo (Heidel Storage Keeper)
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