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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

People of the Mountain of Eternal Winter
Residents of Everfrost (2 Energy) (41 knowledge)

1Aerus (Stacking Stone Pagodas)
2Babgai (Leopard's Message from the Zvier Highlands)
3Jamey Drucker (Eilton Merchant of Black Spirit's Training Manual)
4Baira (Snowstorm Guard Post Guild Manager)
5Baturnil (Snowstorm Guard Post Archive Director)
6Runaway Worker (Runaway Worker from the Abandoned Iron Mine)
7Moritz (Repair of Abandoned Iron Mine)
8Ben (Sezec Priest from the Abandoned Iron Mine)
9Fabian (Sezec Prophet from the Abandoned Iron Mine)
10Pin (General Goods Vendor from the Abandoned Iron Mine)
11Theus (Slave Trader from the Abandoned Iron Mine)
12Luka Berney (Trade Manager from the Abandoned Iron Mine)
13Markis (Stable Keeper from the Abandoned Iron Mine)
14Poirot (Pilgrim's End Stable Keeper)
15Lamila (Innkeeper of Pilgrim's End Inn)
16Pipit (Mountain Top Guard Post Higgs's Assistant)
17Illichi (Mountain Top Guard Post Scholar)
18Meyers (Bronte's Bolt Conflict Zone Gang Boss)
19Vivich (Bronte's Bolt General Goods Vendor)
20Nergui (Bronte's Bolt Stable Keeper)
21Huan (Awina's Tail Trade Manager)
22Gunther (Repair Merchant at Awina's Tail)
23Arthur (Awina's Tail Stable Keeper)
24Viktor (Awina's Tail Shop Owner)
25Griffith (Goods Vendor at Awina's Tail General)
26Dallawalla (Erethea's Belt Fisher)
27Akanbayar (Erethea's Belt Fish Vendor)
28Shepeh (Charbonneau Villa Fish Vendor)
29Pluto (Charbonneau Villa Fisher)
30Santos (Altar Road Tavern Owner)
31Kior (Altar Road Stable Keeper)
32Rodrigo (Balacs Camp Cook)
33Jorg (Balacs Camp Trade Manager)
34Jorge (Drieghan Camp Manager)
35Ereden (Eilton Imperial Fishing Delivery)
36Aemag (Eilton Basket Vendor)
37Tulga (Eilton Material Vendor)
38Kunvich (Eilton Fisher)
39Ulan (Dragon Museum's Keeper)
40Sarangerel (Sommelier)
41Narangerel (Hill Tavern's Cook)

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