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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Character
SubType: People of Drieghan
Name: Residents of Duvencrune (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 33
Number Name and Details
1Tammy (Duvencrune Herb Vendor)
2Demihar (Material Vendor of Marak Farm)
3Ahimo (Duvencrune Stable Keeper)
4Marak (Plantation Landowner)
5Hoberyn (Windy Peak Node Manager)
6Leon (Dragon Researcher)
7Ladar (Marcha Outposts One of the Oldest)
8Harak (The Affectionate Hunter)
9Gyor (An elder fond of mountains)
10Ankh Izja (Khalk Canyons Hunter)
11Dostter (Duvencrune Farmland Manager)
12Durgeff (Duvencrunes Chief)
13Emora (Sherekhan Necropolis General Goods Vendor)
14Kubo (Duvencrune Imperial Fish Delivery Manager)
15Atamohra (Duvencrune Luxury Vendor)
16Kyisa (Drieghan Hunter)
17Difu (Duvencrune Work Supervisor)
18Yeoh (Duvencrune Guild Manager)
19Siemo (Duvencrune Furniture Dealer)
20Aro (Duvencrune Basket Vendor)
21Maopan (Duvencrune Food Vendor)
22Gerez (Duvencrune Retired Mercenary)
23Tamasa (Duvencrune Marketplace Director)
24Lior (Duvencrune Stable Keeper)
25Derjeen (Duvencrune Material Vendor)
26Bamam (Duvencrune Innkeeper)
27Drexin (Duvencrune Imperial Craft Delivery)
28Heira (Duvencrune Imperial Delivery Manager)
29Rinta (Duvencrune Storage Keeper)
30Tikara (Duvencrune Trader)
31Hughol (Duvencrune Blacksmith)
32Seiri (Duvencrune Potion Vendor)
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