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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Serendia
Name: Red Orcs (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 17
1. Red Orc Shamanic Cauldron (Red Orc Shamanic Cauldron)
2. Red Orc Prison (Red Orc Prison)
3. Firewood Orc (Firewood Orc)
4. Red Orc Giant Altar (Red Orc Giant Altar)
5. Firebreathing Orc Cannon (Firebreathing Orc Cannon)
6. Red Orc Hut (Red Orc Hut)
7. Long Red Orc (Long Red Orc)
8. Red Orc Berserker (Red Orc Berserker)
9. Red Orc Fighter (Red Orc Fighter)
10. Orc Mushroom Brazier (Orc Mushroom Brazier)
11. Orc Large Cauldron (Orc Large Cauldron)
12. Young Red Orc Warrior (Young Red Orc Warrior)
13. Young Red Orc (Young Red Orc)
14. Red Orc Elite Soldier (Red Orc Elite Soldier)
15. Red Orc Wizard (Red Orc Wizard)
16. Red Orc Warrior (Red Orc Warrior)
17. Red Orc (Red Orc)

Man is the cruelest animal.

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