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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Life Skill
Raw Food (19 knowledge)

1Citron Candy (Citron x1, Cooking Honey x1, Raw Sugar x1)
2Fruit Sherbet (Translucent Ice x1, Apple x2, Sugar x3)
3Citron Juice (Citron x5, Sugar x3, Mineral Water x5, Cooking Honey x1)
4Chicken Breast Salad (Chicken Meat x5, Fruit x5, Vegetable x5, Vinegar x1, Cooking Wine x2)
5Delotia Juice (Delotia x4, Fruit x5, Sugar x3, Purified Water x3)
6Carrot Confit (Special Carrot x2 + Mineral Water x6 (or Purified Water x3) + Lump of Raw Sugar x3 + Salt x2 + Cinnamon x4)
7Prawn Salad (Shrimp x2, Fruit and Vegetable Salad x2, Olive Oil x3, Salt x2, Egg x3)
8Fresh Hunter's Salad (It is possible to obtain with a certain probability when cooking a Fresh Hunter's Salad.)
9Hunter's Salad (Soft Whale Meat x1(Crocodile Meat x1), Vinegar x2, Dressing x2, Garlic x5)
10Whale Meat Salad (Blue Whale Meat x1, Egg x3, Cabbage x6, Pepper x4, Dressing x2)
11Special Carrot Juice (Special Carrot x1, Mineral Water x4 (Purified Water x2), Wheat Flour x3, Sugar x3)
12High-Quality Carrot Juice (High-Quality Carrot x1, Mineral Water x4 (Purified Water x2), Wheat Flour x3, Sugar x3)
13Borscht (Fragrant Jerky x7, Milk x3, Mineral Water x2, Cinnamon x1)
14Oatmeal (Wheat Flour x9, Milk x3, Cooking Honey x2, Onion x3)
15Fruit and Vegetable Salad (Apple x4, Cabbage x4, Cooking Wine x2, Vinegar x1)
16Fruit Juice (Apple x4 + Sugar x3(Raw Sugar x3), Mineral Water x5(Purified Water x2), Salt x1)
17Lean Meat Salad (Pork x8, Vinegar x2, Pepper x3, Dressing x4)
18Fish Fillet Salad (Mudskipper x2, Onion x3, Cheese x2, Dressing x2)
19Seafood Mushroom Salad (Squid x1, Mushroom x1, Dressing x2)

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