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Type: Life Skill
SubType: Fishing
Name: Rare Fish

Knowledges in this Group: 60
1. Axolotl (Axolotl)
2. Burbot (Burbot)
3. Black Shiner (Black Shiner)
4. Granges D'or (Granges D'or)
5. Goliath Grouper (Goliath Grouper)
6. Golden Siniperca (Golden Siniperca)
7. Blackfin Sea Perch (Blackfin Sea Perch)
8. Skate (Skate)
9. Miho Spine Loach (Miho Spine Loach)
10. Greater Amberjack (Greater Amberjack)
11. Spotted Barbel (Spotted Barbel)
12. Bahaba (Bahaba)
13. Striped Jewfish (Striped Jewfish)
14. Luvar (Luvar)
15. Striped Bonito (Striped Bonito)
16. Blue Grouper (Blue Grouper)
17. Giant Squid (Giant Squid)
18. Giant Octopus (Giant Octopus)
19. Mackereltuna (Mackereltuna)
20. Spotted Sea Bass (Spotted Sea Bass)
21. Eyespot Puffer (Eyespot Puffer)
22. Killer Whale (Killer Whale)
23. Humpback Whale (Humpback Whale)
24. Tilefish (Tilefish)
25. Minke Whale (Minke Whale)
26. Moray (Moray)
27. Black Porgy (Black Porgy)
28. Saw Shark (Saw Shark)
29. Coelacanth (Coelacanth)
30. Whale Shark (Whale Shark)
31. Giant Grouper (Giant Grouper)
32. Galeocerdo Cuvier (Galeocerdo Cuvier)
33. Hammerhead (Hammerhead)
34. Pacu (Pacu)
35. Blue Shark (Blue Shark)
36. White Shark (White Shark)
37. Leather Carp (Leather Carp)
38. Sperm Whale (Sperm Whale)
39. Grouper (Grouper)
40. Porcupine Fish (Porcupine Fish)
41. Albacore (Albacore)
42. Yellowfin Tuna (Yellowfin Tuna)
43. Bigeye Tuna (Bigeye Tuna)
44. Bluefin Tuna (Bluefin Tuna)
45. Bottle-nosed Dolphin (Bottlenose Dolphin)
46. Beluga Whale (Beluga Whale)
47. Narwhale (Narwhale)
48. Hammer Whale (Hammer Whale)
49. Nibbler (Nibbler)
50. Smokey Chromis (Smokey Chromis)
51. Grunt (Grunt)
52. Sea Bass (Sea Bass)
53. Sunfish (Sunfish)
54. Cuvier (Cuvier)
55. Sturgeon (Sturgeon)
56. Snakehead (Snakehead)
57. Mandarin Fish (Mandarin Fish)
58. Piranha (Piranha)
59. Porgy (Porgy)
60. Tuna (Tuna)

Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said Goodbye and you were like no way and then I was all we pretended we were going to murder you? That was great!

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