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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Calpheon
Name: Quint Hill (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 25
Number Name and Details
1Troll Wagon (Troll Wagon)
2Troll Catapult (Troll Catapult)
3Troll Porter (Troll Porter)
4Troll Shaman (Troll Shaman)
5Troll Thrower (Troll Thrower)
6Troll Warrior (Troll Warrior)
7Troll (Troll)
8Surrendered Khuruto Soldier (Surrendered Khuruto Soldier)
9Surrendered Khuruto Elite Soldier (Surrendered Khuruto Elite Soldier)
10Young Troll Ox (Young Troll Ox)
11Troll Siege Soldier (Troll Siege Soldier)
12Troll Buff Tower (Troll Buff Tower)
13Troll Catapult (Troll Catapult)
14Troll Ration Depot (Troll Ration Depot)
15Troll Protection Tower (Troll Protection Tower)
16Troll Hut (Troll Hut)
17Dragon Protection Tower (Dragon Protection Tower)
18Troll Barricade (Troll Barricade)
19Ancient Troll Elite Warrior (Ancient Troll Elite Warrior)
20Troll Cow (Troll Cow)
21Troll Elite Warrior (Troll Elite Warrior)
22Ancient Troll Shaman (Ancient Troll Shaman)
23Ancient Troll Thrower (Ancient Troll Thrower)
24Ancient Troll Warrior (Ancient Troll Warrior)
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