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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Calpheon
Name: Quarry (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 15
1. Petrified Laborer Sculpture (Petrified Laborer Sculpture)
2. Half-petrified Miner (Half-petrified Miner)
3. Petrified Miner (Petrified Miner)
4. Rock Spider (Rock Spider)
5. Petrifying Worker (Petrifying Worker)
6. Golem Spider (Golem Spider)
7. Petrifying Berserk Miner (Petrifying Berserk Miner)
8. Petrifying Foreman (Petrifying Foreman)
9. Junk Pile (Junk Pile)
10. Petrifying Dwarf (Petrifying Dwarf)
11. Petrifying Bomber (Petrifying Bomber)
12. Keplan Catapult (Keplan Catapult)
13. Keplan Saw (Keplan Saw)
14. Junk Golem (Junk Golem)
15. Petrifying Miner (Petrifying Miner)

Tis senseless to the highest degree to think of establishing an alliance among those that nature her self has divided, by an inconciliable disagreement. Beside, that a foolish peace is much more destructive than a bloody war

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