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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Life Skill
SubType: Alchemy
Name: Premium Elixir

Knowledges in this Group: 49
Number Name and Details
1Helix Elixir (Thuja Sap x6, Monk's Branch x3, Clown's Blood x2, Powder of Flame x2, Purified Water x3)
2Elixir of Fond Memories (Incomplete First Element x1, Arenda's Special Synthesis Base x1 Oil of Regeneration x1 Trace of Memory x2)
3Elixir of Deep Sea (Oil of the Abyss x1, Coral Crystal x2, Clear Liquid Reagent x5, Arrow Mushroom x5, White Cedar Sap x5)
4Elixir of Shock (Clown's Blood x1, Tiger Mushroom x5, Powder of Time x3, Cedar Tree Sap x7)
5Marking Reagent (Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Vision x1, Sinner's Blood x1, Herbal Gunpowder x1, Sticky Liquid x1, Black Stone Powder x5)
6Elixir of Training (Legendary Beast's Blood x1, Silver Azalea x7, Powder of Crevice x2, Pine Tree Sap x4)
7Elixir of Time (Wise Man's Blood x1, Fire Flake Flower x6, Powder of Time x2, Maple Sap x5)
8Khalk's Elixir (Fugitive Khalk's Skin x1, White Cedar Sap x10, Trace of Chaos x5, Purified Water x4, Oil of Corruption x2)
9Perfume of Swiftness (Blue Whale Oil x1, Powder of Time x4, Everlasting Herb x6, Purified Water x4, Clear Liquid Reagent x2)
10Perfume of Courage (Blue Whale Oil x1, Trace of Violence x3, Bloody Tree Knot x6, Purified Water x4, Clear Liquid Reagent x2)
11Whale Tendon Elixir (Blue Whale Tendon x1, Clown's Blood x1, Ash Tree Sap x12, Purified Water x5, Clear Liquid Reagent x2)
12Spirit Perfume Elixir (Loopy Tree Sap x10, Fruit of Nature x1, Violet Flower x2, Powder of Darkness x10, Dead Tree Essence x1)
13Looney Elixir (Moss Tree Sap x4, Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom x2, Powder of Flame x3, Red Tree Lump x5, Violet Flower x1)
14Weenie Elixir (Moss Tree Sap x4, Blue Umbrella Mushroom x2, Powder of Time x3, Monk's Branch x5, Sky Blue Flower x1)
15Elixir of Endurance (Pure Powder Reagent x1, Birch Sap x5, Bear Blood x4, Dwarf Mushroom x2)
16Elixir of Sky (Oil of Tranquility x1, Pure Powder Reagent x6, Emperor Mushroom x1, Trace of Ascension x4, Bloody Tree Knot x2)
17Elixir of Carnage (Oil of Corruption X1, Pure Powder Reagent X7, Tiger Mushroom X2, Trace of the Earth X3, Spirit's Leaf X2)
18Defense Elixir (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Ash Tree Sap x6, Pig Blood x5, Purified Water x3)
19EXP Elixir (Clown's Blood x1, Dry Mane Grass x7, Powder of Flame x2, Pine Tree Sap x5)
20Grim Reaper's Elixir (Oil of Fortitude x1, Pure Powder Reagent x4, Sky Mushroom x2, Trace of Origin x4, Monk's Branch x2)
21Elixir of Mentality (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, MP Potion (Small) x3, Ash Tree Sap x4, Purified Water x3)
22Elixir of Life (Pure Powder Reagent x1, HP Potion (Small) x3, Silver Azalea x3, Fox Blood x5)
23Elixir of Resistance (Birch Sap x1, Cloud Mushroom x3, Wolf Blood x7, Purified Water x3)
24Elixir of Fury (Ash Tree Sap x1, Dwarf Mushroom x4, Bear Blood x4, Purified Water x3)
25Elixir of Will (Pure Powder Reagent x1, Wolf Blood x6, Sunrise Herb x4, Purified Water x3)
26Elixir of Concentration (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Cloud Mushroom x3, Bear Blood x3, Wild Grass x2 (Weeds x8))
27Elixir of Detection (Oil of Storms x1, Pure Powder Reagent x6, Truffle Mushroom x3, Trace of Savagery x3, Old Tree Bark x2)
28Elixir of Assassination (Oil of Regeneration x1, Pure Powder Reagent x5, Amanita Mushroom x4, Trace of Memory x2, Red Tree Lump x2 (Everlasting Herb x2))
29Elixir of Seal (Birch Sap x1, Wolf Blood x4, Purified Water x5, Dwarf Mushroom x3)
30Elixir of Spells (Tyrant's Blood x1, Fire Flake Flower x5, Powder of Darkness x2, Maple Sap x3)
31Elixir of Hemostasis (Pure Powder Reagent x1, Ash Tree Sap x1, Cloud Mushroom x1, Purified Water x3)
32Antidote Elixir (Pure Powder Reagent x1, Olive Oil x3, Wild Grass x1 (Weeds x4), Pig Blood x2)
33Elixir of Burn Removal (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Wild Grass x2 (Weeds x8), Purified Water x1, Apple x2)
34Fisher's Elixir (Wise Man's Blood x1, Sunrise Herb x6, Powder of Flame x2, Fir Sap x3)
35Worker's Elixir (Sinner's Blood X1, Silver Azalea X6, Powder of Flame X2, Ash Sap X4)
36Elixir of Swiftness (Legendary Beast's Blood x1, Arrow Mushroom x5, Powder of Darkness x2, Birch Sap x5)
37Elixir of Wind (Wise Man's Blood x1, Fortune Teller Mushroom x5, Powder of Darkness x2, Pine Tree Sap x5)
38Elixir of Death (Oil of Tranquility x1, Clear Liquid Reagent x6, Ancient Mushroom x2, Trace of Death x2, Ash Tree Sap x7)
39Elixir of Wings (Ash Tree Sap x1, Silver Azalea x2, Purified Water x5, Bear Blood x4)
40Elixir of Energy (Pure Powder Reagent x1,MP Potion (Small) x2, Fox Blood x4, Purified Water x3)
41Elixir of Perforation (Oil of Corruption X1, Clear Liquid Reagent X4, Bluffer Mushroom X5, Trace of Violence X2, Pine Sap X5)
42Elixir of Demihuman Hunt (Sinner's Blood X1, Arrow Mushroom X4, Black Stone Powder X3, Fir Sap X4)
43Elixir of Draining (Oil of Fortitude x1, Clear Liquid Reagent x4, Hump Mushroom x3, Trace of Forest x2, Birch Sap x4)
44Golden Hand Elixir (Oil of Storms x1, Clear Liquid Reagent x4, Fog Mushroom x4, Trace of Hunting x3, Fir Sap x6)
45Elixir of Frenzy (Oil of Regeneration x1, Clear Liquid Reagent x5, Ghost Mushroom x2, Trace of Battle x3, Cedar Tree Sap x5)
46Elixir of Human Hunt (Clown's Blood x1, Fortune Teller Mushroom x4, Black Stone Powder x3, Maple Sap x4)
47Resurrection Elixir (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, HP Potion (Small) x2, Sunrise Herb x3, Purified Water x3)
48Elixir of Thorn (An Eye for an Eye.)
49Elixir of Amity (Legendary Beast's Blood x1, Fire Flake Flower x5, Black Stone Powder x3, Ash Tree Sap x6), Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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