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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Academics
SubType: Academics
Name: Politics I (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 15
Number Name and Details
1Outlaws of the Slum (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Danielle Stimi)
2League of Merchants (Valley Lily Inn Hunts Knowledge)
3War and Mediah (Heidel Workshop)
4Honor, the Final Decision (Noble Candlestick Vendor)
5Comitia of Tantinis (Rights for the Lower Class)
6Rights and Shadows (Citizens Side)
7Crisis in Kalis (Calpheon Protest Leader)
8Kalis Parliament (Valks Lesson)
9Frugal Life (The Batian Familys Earnest Belief)
10Heidel Treaty (Quest from Isobelle)
11Hope of Peasants (Hannes Hope)
12Cliff the Old Timer (Quest from Jarette)
13The Grand Chamberlain of Heidel (Siutas Conviction)
14Xian Alliance (Quest from Grace Lauren)
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