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Type: Topography
SubType: Serendia
Name: Peripheral Mountains of Serendia (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 22
1. Bandit?s Den Byway (Bandit?s Den Byway)
2. Orc Camp (Orc Camp)
3. Eastern Border (Eastern Border)
4. Death?s Pilgrimage (Death?s Pilgrimage)
5. Monastery Riverhead (Monastery Riverhead)
6. Southwestern Gateway (Southwestern Gateway)
7. Bradie Fortress (Bradie Fortress)
8. Sanctuary Valley Path (Sanctuary Valley Path)
9. Veiled Labyrinth (Veiled Labyrinth)
10. Watchtower (Watchtower)
11. Western Cliff (Western Cliff)
12. Biraghi Den (Biraghi Den)
13. Bloody Monastery (Bloody Monastery)
14. Serendia Shrine (Kzarka Shrine)
15. Castle Ruins (Castle Ruins)
16. Eastern Gateway (Eastern Gateway)
17. Southern Neutral Zone (Southern Neutral Zone)
18. Central Neutral Zone (Central Neutral Zone)
19. Northern Neutral Zone (Northern Neutral Zone)
20. Southern Mountain Range (Southern Mountain Range)
21. Grain Belt (Grain Belt)
22. Southern Plain of Serendia (Southern Plain of Serendia)

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