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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Character
SubType: People of the Black Desert (7 Energy)
Name: People of the Black Desert (7 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 69
Number Name and Details
1Norald (Guy Hiding in Extraction Mill)
2Helm Structure (Node Manager)
3Eden Marsella (Node Manager)
4Delly Gatum (Arms Dealer)
5Clavi Song (Innkeeper)
6Lonahan (Girl Panning for Alluvial Gold)
7Kaso (Astrologist)
8Himbraim (Astrologist)
9Andolaha (Astrologist)
10Iser (Noble Woman)
11Rudanan (Blacksmith)
12Mohad (General Goods Vendor)
13Hanaan (Goblin Researching Desert Crabs)
14Baan Podrik (Helm Blacksmith)
15Dorin Morgrim (Blacksmith)
16Lavodhim (Frustrated Blacksmith)
17Daaqua (Troll Reading a Book)
18Dayaka (Archaeologist)
19Shahtun (Giant Looking for a Worthy Opponent)
20Iraadi (Shai Traveling with a Dwarf)
21Jamaal (Adventuring Dwarf)
22Barten Berk (Trade Manager)
23Haz (Goblin Soldier)
24Kalush (Quartermaster)
25Pierim Heban (Abun Village Mercenary)
26Graain (Man Living for Vengeance)
27Merr Tira (Abandoned Iron Mine Prisoner Rescue Team Leader)
28Iferin Ezin (Jeweler)
29Kyle Ceras (Arms Dealer)
30Riton Mete (Struggling Shai)
31Ayail Knok (Grumpy Old Man)
32Fuba Mett (Kid on a Walk)
33Silby Sadre (Kid Dreaming of Being a Swordsman)
34Ninfuby Eltum (Dwarf Dreaming About Adventures)
35Edatu (Luxury Vendor)
36Ardok (Imperial Delivery)
37Namisumar (Imperial Trade)
38Kerry (Elionian Priest)
39Alresh (Tarif Furniture Dealer)
40Yellow Stripes (Barbarian)
41Big Head (Barbarian Chief)
44Kamasylve Priest Garce
45Laharon (Saunil Fortress Stable Keeper)
46Derek Nimms
47Aliam (Calpheon Trader)
51Garry Weston
53Christopher Davis
54Ken Smith (Hungry Job Seeker)
55Benito Martino (Guy Who Covets Ruined Farm)
56Nelson Wise (Adventurer Interested in Ecology)
57Elizabeth Gardner (Priest Robbed of Sacraments)
58Arturo Whitehead (Man Robbed by Cultists)
59Lula Devila (Soldier Afraid of Fogans)
60Amber Garner (Lady Seeking Obsidian)
61Garlia Ahjut (Lady With Frog Phobia)
62Eleanor Broshu (Widow through an Accident)
63Dolve (Surveyor Without Sense of Direction)
64Kirre (Timid Goblin)
65Darin (Red Flag Investigator)
66Maum (Drawing Kid)
67Weehol (Shai Girl Who Loves Hiding)
68Toya (Curious Child)
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