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People of Mediah
People of Stonebeak Shore (3 Energy) (20 knowledge)
1. Melson Bandor (Abun Village Stable Keeper)
2. Noah Akam (Abun Node Manager)
3. Porio Investigation Chief (Porio Trio)
4. Porio Execution Chief (Porio Trio)
5. Zinor Denin (Abun Blacksmith)
6. Dino Laha (Shai Seeking Treasure)
7. Ramlo (Abun General Goods Vendor)
8. Difry Hussey (Abun Material Vendor)
9. Horio Tinya (Woman Soon to be Married)
10. Orio (Youngest Otter)
11. Cobrio (Taciturn Otter)
12. Tacho (Noisy Trade Manager)
13. Porio (The Three Musketeers of Porio)
14. Latro (Captive Guard)
15. Neffy Tinya (Abun Village Shai from)
16. Shir Waklo (Abun Village Mercenary)
17. Kesir Baum (Abun Trade Manager)
18. Sui (Black Market)
19. Captain Moguly (Splashing Point Skill Instructor)
20. Bavio (Splashing Point Chief) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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