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People of Valencia
People of Sand Grain Bazaar (1 Energy) (12 knowledge)
1. Xerxes (Sand Grain Bazaar Furniture Vendor)
2. Tavu (Sand Grain Bazaar Storage Keeper)
3. Roxanna (Sand Grain Bazaar Smuggler)
4. Berhie (Sand Grain Bazaar Cook)
5. Karashu (The Alchemist of Sand Grain Bazaar)
6. Bochlo (Sand Grain Bazaar Stable Keeper)
7. Buchrin (Sand Grain Bazaar Seed Vendor)
8. Godulateman (Sand Grain Bazaar Work Supervisor)
9. Binvane (Sand Grain Bazaar Jeweler)
10. Manal (Sand Grain Bazaar Blacksmith)
11. Kulahuth (Sand Grain Bazaar Material Vendor)
12. Waida (Sand Grain Bazaar General Goods Vendor) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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