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Type: Topography
SubType: Mediah
Name: Northern Mediah (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 13
Number Name and Details
1Ancient Fissure (Ancient Fissure)
2Shuri Farm (Shuri Farm)
3Stonetail Horse Ranch (Stonetail Hill Town)
4Helms Post (Helms Post)
5Ancient Ruins Excavation Site (Ancient Ruins Excavation Site)
6Elric Shrine (Elric Shrine)
7Canyon of Corruption (Canyon of Corruption)
8Kusha (Kusha)
9Sarma Outpost (Sarma Outpost)
10The Mausoleum (The Mausoleum)
11Mediah Northern Highlands (Mediah Northern Highlands)
12Stonetail Wasteland (Wasteland)
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